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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  October 23, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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no, sleep, damn you, sleep! captioned by the national captioning institute more than you probably thought considering buffalo. that will do it for this edition of "sports unlimited". "late edition" is nextt and it starts right now. >> i get worried, nervous. >> fired for speaking his mind. storm of controversy targeted at national radio. >> selling guns at schools. crazy. >> former sccool employee facing charges and the powerful weapon he is accused of putting up for sale. >> cars that get the most tickets. the vehicle at the top of theú list. >> different colorss %-level.g tattoos to a new why this guy decided to add a
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little colorrto his eyes. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am karen parks, jeff barnd is off tonight. complaints plug national radio after the firing of news analyst ron williams. as we hear, they explain why it fired williams and kept another reporter that wished god would seek revenge on a republican lawmaker. >> after firing juan williams npr came under siege like never. 7000 comments caused a partial collapse of the website. over we willning majority noted viewers are angry and want them to higher him back immediately. it was daunting to answer the phoneeand hear so much unrestrained anger. shepherd sspported williams dismissal citing comments the
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time he liken the new first lady tooa founder of the (inaudible)
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>> ma ny people don't agree with3 the firing of juan williams, ooline poll by poll position shows that 46% say it was wrong for npr to fire williams. 19% say it was the right move. and 5% have no opiiion.3 it was also our question of the day on thursday. and people are still leaving comments n our facebook page. most of you said that you do no3 agree with the firing of juan williams. 91 to 9%. on facebook, antonio writes. he was just saying what everyone else is thinking. why do people get fired for that? i will never know.
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94ra writes, you have freedom of speech, but not freedom from the repercussions of the speech. >> billionaire soros is stepping up with his wallet. donating $2 million to npr to hirinn 100 reporters at 50 stations. reporters are part of a project to report on state government. soros donated $1 million to the media matters ebsite. criticizing fox news. >> early voting in maryland's general election is off to a big start. more than 10,0000additional voters turned out at the pplls. then during the first day of early voting in the primary. randallstown community cenner. this afternoon, governor o'malley cast his ballot in northwest baltimore. and he said that he is encouraged by early numbers. >> yeah, the early reports are more people are taking advantage of early voting. that's a good thing.
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we need to have a bigger turnout than in the primarr. i think there is a lot of exxitement. people have focused on the race and two alternatives. >> ittcontinues tommrrow from 10 to eight. and there is no voting on sunday.ú but early voting will resume next monday and continue through thursday. >> and fox 45 has two specials to help you sort out the issues. for the record looks at the race for governor. the first congressional and slots in arundel county. it ayers at 2:30 and 5:00 tomorrow. and on the governor's race takes a look at the two men ruunng for the top office and how they differ on key issues. thattbe special is tomorrow at 4:30p.m.. and 10 a.m. sunday on fox 45. >> and stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the mid term elections. go to 2010. >> and the economy is the main concern among voters this ear, unemployment in maryland just went up.
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maryland'' unemployment rate went up to 7.5% in septtmber, up 2/10 of a% from august, the state added more jobs than it lost in september. but most of the hiring was government jobs. experts say unnmployment went up because more people started looking for work. >> and there is evidence that national immigration reform could get pushed to t back burner after election day. it became a hot issue this year when the state of arizona passed its own immigrationnlaw. republicans could make big gains in congress nnxt month. but theii pledge to america is stressing jobs and the economy, >> and that brings us to the question of the day. shoulddimmigraaion reform be a priority for the next congress? so ffr, 86% say yes. while 14% say no. christopher writes on facebook. there is no need for reform. we need to pay attention to the laws that are already on the books,,and enorce them. >> and we also found a very interesting video on immigration and poverty.
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you can watch that"raw news". >> first on fox, employee is accused of trying to sell an assault riileeon school property. it happened at city college high school. tiery miles had several duties at the school. including hall monitoring but he was not a teacher. according to charging documents, miles offered to sell an assault rifle to a school officer for $400. that triggered an undercover investigation. police arrested miles last week when he tried to ell the gun t3 the officer. it was surprising news for students. >> i don't think nobody should do that. guns bring trouble. damage to our city. and i don't think nobody should sell what brings harm to the city. to bring it to the city. why would you bring it in a school? crazy. >> acccrding to police, miles said that he tried to sell the gun to the officer, because he needed money for his son's
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birthday. >> and dennis tetso was found guilty of killing his wiff. even though her body was never found. here is a look at tetso leaving court for lunch tooay. it was the last time he walked out of this building, a free man. following the verdict, deputies immediately took tetso into custody. he showed no reaction in court. as the verdict was read. for tracy's mother, today offers some closure. >> it has been five years, plus seven months, some days ere. and we have not given up. it is just justice for tracy. all i can say. the day has come that no, wee3 don't have tracy, but that day will come too. >> her mother said that she will continue to search for her daughter. tracy disappeared in march of 2005, but it took prosecutors four years before they charged ddnnis tetso with murder. >> we're helping you fight back
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tonight. howwrd county police want your %-stolen credit cards.nthat use take a look at the photos. women used the cards at laurel mall, on the evening of oc 14. the cards werr stolen earlier in the day from a home on old columbia drive in laurrl. >> anyone with any information is asked to call police at 410-313-stop. >> a cool, breezy, fall day. what is in store for tomorrow? meteorologist emily gracey is here with a first look at the sky watch forecast. burit was a nice day. >> it was a nice day. it was cool, a ittle breezy. and tomorrow will feel warmer, and just very, very nice out there. so great weather all weekend. anddperfect weather for the game on sunday. feeling cool out there tonight. looking at some of thee3 temperatures. we have dropped down to low to mid 40s. 43 in baltimore. 48 in washington. down to 41 degrees in salisbury. so as you can see, many of us %-tonight.own to the 30s for
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-nd that mmans some patchy frost, s possible overnight toward early tomorrow morning. but we are waaming up tomorrow afternoon. and even warmer air on the way for the weekend. details on that coming up in the full forecast. >> google may have taken mooe than a photo when it drove by your home. google sed carr with cameras and other equipment to capture photos on the street view on the map. and passwords. thhs happened in more than 30 countries, iicluding the ú%t only on unencrypted networks. it failed badly and that it was appointing a director of privacy. >> ever wonder why you always speeding or maybe some of your friends always drive fast? but never seem to get a ticket? turns out it could be the car you are driiing. out which cars are most likely
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and least likely to be culled pulled over. most likely to be caught are mercedes benz sl convertible. camry salara, zion, and hummer. leass likely to getulled over in the buuck rennier. tribute, pickup and spectra. %->> and this is s far as you n >> looking into his eyes. yes, they are tattoos. >> ann the website that revealed 70,000 secret documentssfrom the war in afghanistan.
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>> the website wikileaks published nearly 4000 pages of secret iraq war documents from the defense department. described the war through the eyes and ears of u.s. troops from 2004 through 2009. -ikileaks claims it took out names on the documents and they got no help from the pentagon. defense department has assembled a group of 120 exxerts to review them. >> and former presidential candidate john edwards has agreed to testify in the lawsuit over who owns a sex tape he is featureed in with former girlfriend hunter. hunter is his former aideeand
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she said that he fathered her child. attorneys are now sorting out what informaaion should be made public. judge threaten jail time for anyone thattleaks information. edwards will ttstify next month. >> an anonymous gifttis getting a whole lot of attention. a manager at he september 11 memorial in new york city found $10,000 stuffed in a donaaion box this week. the money showed up just one day after museum officials announced an admission fee. offiiials called the donor an angel and say they would like to know their name to thank them personally. so far no one has come forward. >> 15 year old boy in boston is making quite the name for himself. as a sports announcer. people know his voiceebut they don't know the boy behind the mic ii blind. he expressed his interest to a
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veteran sports annooncer, two teamed up. the rest ii history. >> yeah, man. i have to make the girls stand up so they can hear it. and mainly have fun and do what is right for the fans. >> brian hopes to one day announce at the professional level. until then, he is an inspiration to others who are blind. >> looks like it will be a great weekend to get outside. emily gracey is back with the sky watch forecast. hi emily. >> hi karen.3 this weekend.ures to talk about but first weehave to deal with cold temperatures. in fact, outtide this evening we have the threat of some frost, the first of the season and coldest temperatures of the season. coming, or the coldest that we have seen so far this season that is. so frrst advisory in effect for northern baltimore county, carroll county and howard county. and that is through 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will be dealing with that threat of rost. cover up any of the sensitive plants that are out.
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and now watching the tropics, tropical storm richard is turning down in the caribbean. winds are at 46 miles per hour right now moving west at 6 miles per hour. and the track on richard is bringing it closer and closer to the yucatan peninsula. while that is nowhere near uss because while it crosses the yucatan peninsula it will be a tropical depression. then getting back into the warm gulf waters, this ttme of year, those warm gulf waters provide fuel to systems like this, that we will be wwtching richard over the next several days. it gets close to the u.s. back at home no ain to talk about, not in the immediate future. high pressure dominates our weather for the next couple of days. so winds hat were strong today. diminish tonight. and they will start to shift southwest by tomorrow. now when that happens, warmer temperatures come in. so add highh in the upper 50s and tomorrow, close to 70 degrees. and then staying in the 70s for several days after that. as we continue to see this
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pattern persist. clouds come in by sunday evening as well. then a chance of showers comes in by monday. for tonight though. just a clear, cool night out there. 37 degrees for that overnight low. we will have patchy frost across the area. and westerly wind. and then for tomorrow. while we start off cold, we will warm up quickly in the afternoon. 69 for the afternoon high. and warmmng temperatures throughout the end of the weekend. so if you are heeded out to the ravens game sunday. picture perrect weather. temperatures around 70 degrees. at kickoff at 1:00. reaching highs in the low 70s by the afternoon. so rain showers monday and tuesday with highs in the mid 70s. and staaing warm for wednesday with partly cloudy skies. back o you. >> by the year 2051 in three adults will have diabetes, according to the cdc. rowland owen's is a type two diabetic. who as healthy until the age of 29. his diabetes has left him bliid. owen saii that both of his
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parents haa diabetes. many medical experts say weight could be a factor for some %->> it is not some weird genetc mutations happening that make us this way. it s our life-style. and it is the level of inactivity that is happening. >> ddctors recommeed eat right, and exercise. >> one man takes body art to another level. his eye popping ink, up next. >> and ed reed has been placed on the active roster. find out what player t [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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>> get this. look closely at the man's yes. this guy really does have tattooed eyes. his name is matt gone. and get this. he actually injected the ink himself. estimates 98% of his skin is covered, so he moved on to other parts. >> picked different colors i have birth defects.
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>> birth defects left muscles under developed. obviously doctors say you should not try this. there is a very high-risk of infection that could lead to blindness. or even the loss of his eyes. >> you will ache say is owe. this week, several injured ravens, those placed on the physicalll unable to perform reinntateed and practiced with %-includes pro bowl safety ed rd off season hip surgery.g from now although reid has been able to practice it is still unclear how much or, if any, he will play on sunday. safety tom is out, so if reid doesn't play that leaves hamlin3 to step up. according to espn ravens place tackle jaree gaither on injured reserve to make room for ed reed. meaning jared gaither is out for the rest of the season. >> and the status is the same
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for linebacker brendon. coming off a quad except injury from last october against the patriots. testing out tte leg all week aad will meet with john harbaugh to determine the best way to proceed. but considering he has been sidelined foo a year, theethree time pro bowler is anxious to return. >> more than anything, i appreciate the game. %-watch the game.he stands. you know, see how respectable the nfl is. so it is changing my perspective. i feel like i am a rookie all over again. go out and play. got butterflies. >> it is now time for our high school game of the week. showdown on tte gridiron. between the undefeated franklin indians and 1 loss hereford bulls. fran lynn is in an early hold down 7-0. hand it to mark, that makes a great cut. and takes off. burned by the bull's defense, -inally tackled inno the end zone. 57-yard touchdown run.
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they miss the extra point. and trailed 7-6. franklin now loooing for a lead on the field goal. but it is a fake. dors see chased down by corey and indians cannot take advantage. more frrm the bull's defense. dorsey throws over the middle for franklin. but hereeord senior captain tim ú%istol makes the interception. bulls could not capitalize. on the enssing possession. hereford deep into the playbook. half back pass -- ranklin is not buying it. they pick off by wiley and go back and forth on this one..3 third qqarter. indians trail. another field goal, blocked by brown. hereford special teams come up big tonight. and then later n the quarter. hereford driving. they fake the hand off. keep it himself. and then walks into the end zone for the touchdown. bulls on top, 14-6. they hand franklin the first loss of the season. 14-6 the final.
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>> remember, you cannsee raw video of this game and every game of the week on our website3 [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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>> cold night tonight. warm up nicely tomorrow with a high of 69. 72 sunday. in time for the ravens' game. anddhold onto the mid 70s pretty much all the way through
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until the middle of the week before we finally cool down. by next weekend. karen, back to you. >> thank you emily. that's all for the "late edition".
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