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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  CW  October 31, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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on this special editionf ur world" wi black enterprise,he mid-term elections are d away i'm her in harlem, nework, to find outf thealan in washington may sn change. that's what's going onn "our world" startg now. >> with the m-ter elections coming up voters have a lot of issues to weigh before casting theirbas. joinin me today to discuss some of these isss at harlem'sook store are david webb, co-founder of the tea party 365, har var
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new rk urban lead and keith,he editor and chief of the daily voice. we're a couple days awayrom the mid-term elections and the esn't em toe to be the sa kind of energ as there was in 200 election 2008.tking about not much now. at's the reason forthat? keith, what do you say? ou never get the same amoun of energy in the mid-term eltion as in the presidential eltion because you don't have the y at the top who's running. what's different about this, is that there is a little energy on the right what they call the enthusiasm g with the tea party ople. people are feeng upset. they're concerned about their jobs, they're cceed aut the ecomy and they'reot thinkingboutolitics becau they're thking about ming it from day-to-day existence. that's havg a driving impt >> don't these issues run economy and joblessness conct to the elections? shouldt people be thinking out e elections as way to >> pple arvery conce very concerned about the economy and the survival mechanisms are
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kicking in for ople, but they also need to be connected to how their vote has an impac directly on their ves, on their dato-day issu. we're not seeing as mh connecti and why we're doing work at the grassroots lel, knocng o doors, callingolks saying you need to get out there. weeed thave as long line in this mid term as votg barack obama two yrs ago. one thing people don't feel the need to vote as much, peopl don' thi -- president obama that , has done an adeate job. th issues on health care and education and housing and everything else, aren't ing dealtith in a proper fashio what do you say to that? >> agree wit keith there is a difference between the mid-terms and general election thatas a hisric election so we're going to get a lot of that. there is a big ehusiasm right now, thenthusiasm i around the concn, jobs is number o economis numbe one. people looking at their pocketbooks and estioning with a trillion dollars almost spent where are thejobs, where is the
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economy, and rhtfully or wrongfullyhat will drive aot of peopl to the polls. >> i tnk bla people are me and more willing to giv barac obama so time about this because they know that you can't fix eightears of mess in one and a half, two yearsf his term in office. they're willing to give him some time. the unemployment rate is 9.5% basically, b among african-americans it's 16, 17%. and higher than tha ifou consider pple uer employed. >> has he done enough for black it see to me the black rat e going upnd se are sayin he's not tarting black people th policy? >> i don't think hes rgeting. that's not the type of person he is, not the type of president he wants toe. he's the predent of the united stes of amera. he's tryg to do everything he can. health care will have a huge impact o african-americans. 42 million who don't have health insurance dispportionately a lot are african-amican. the stimulusill a lot of those jobsunded were african-americans. educion, the reform, theac to the top, will at
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afcan-ericscols. a t of it is messaging, tting the word out this is having an impt o our commity and let people know th. >> it's not just ssaging. because itpolicy. you jus said the stimulus had a larger effec on the rican-americancommity. but they have a hher employment rate. you c't have it bo ways. >> yes, sir you can. african-american -- african-american unemploymt rateas always been higrhan the [ inaudible ] uneloyment rate. that's never change >> to be fair, the unemployment rate is highern the black communy, the graduate unemployment rate for college thing u talk about hlth her care, you have corporations and -- tt arealking about waivers or they'll he to take people off their health care plan wellat aects disproportionately the black community. you' right, 's the president he united states. black population is 12%f the country. so, if 97%fhem ved for barack obama and they're not seeing the results whether it's
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fair or fair, they're not seeing results in 20 months, ey're going to haverious concns. >>re y suggestinthat black people are goingo vot against decric party? >> there are over a dozen black conservaves running in races this ye. they're also goingo get an we have a split ithe black counity in some respts, the theuburban tend to be me coervative and -- >> there is noplit in the black community. 97% of bck peoples you acknowledged voted for barack obama in the elon. they're g to support the -- they're going to sport the democrat can datesn 2008 and 2010 and sport barack obama in 20. party, they're not even trying the only people are tryg is the democratic rty. >> i think there's also an issue wi havin a probl with bara obama and then also that translating into votes so republicans are voting for the tea party. you can have isss with your representatiut that's n
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going to move t value on what yo decide. >>alk about some of the values. one of t tngs president obama s maned to do is interfth with th urban league an naccp and otherhingsike harlem action neork. wh types o cversions are you havi are your nds being t? >> we're pusng him arod his urban agenda. think that barack is not just the president of bck america, the president of unitestates of americ ther are things with urban centers hurting andhey're he should be putting in place, s conversations he should be ving with the africanmerin mmunity and he's doing more of th with oers hags more of there's more to be done. weunderstandhat you can't ase eigears of the past ministration in two years just like you coun't erase 20 african-americans have bn eated in this countryith one term of an african-america president. >> what do you say to das point, not jt about repairing what's been done, b we mit be moving in the wrong direction with health care, wh our
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economic anda and education. what do weay to th? >> i don't think we're moving in the wron direction at all. barack obama when he spoke at the congressional black kau cause he talked about how he inherited a car stuck ie ditch and he is working to get this car out of th ditch. the repns are standing on the si going move thear this way, that way while sndin on the side. >> if w could get past bumper stickloga and points -- >> and sounds cute. let'talk about policy. theconomic problem in ts couny is about 30-yearead up. it's not just the last eight years when the republicans actual overspent and grew government, became big government. the probleishat we a now growing government even fast. it's o steroids. at is notorking becsehat just removes wealth from t ecomy. we need priva sector growth. economic empowerment in the blk community stas with education, start with familial
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structure that builds that a then get better economicand empowerment. >> keith you want to jump in. hold yr thoughts. converon and talk tea party. ste stay right there. we'll be right back. >> georgbush and the republican sent us iowe bliv von. it's not just george bush. i d't like the idea that barack obama in less than two years has bankrupt r country when our economy is not bankrupt fit all. - lafayette, what're you doing? - musiplaying )
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vid,av and keith.we're here with we're disssing the elections, what issues are at stake.i wod e bit of the tea party. one of the chaple have wh th party when you po sometimes t party members and conservatives on the one ha they largely favor smaller government but favor veterans nefits, social security, mecaid a medicare. >> we need a restructuring of ou entitlement prrams. system, we need to take care of them. >> what doeshatmean? do y want to cut them? eliminate medicare? is that what you're saying? make a claim. >> we are going to have to restructure -- >> do we have to cut social curi? >> we have to restructure part for th people coming io e syem. >> what es that me? talabout the restructurg. i thk one of the issues that
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ornizations like the urb leaguere faced with, how to hold ono these social programs and entitlements as you call fiscally rponsib government. a howo hold on to the things that poor pple need, black deerately as we keep in mind crisisuntry is in an economi >> the conditis that barack obama ierited with the collapse of the ban and it was just really something we lad not seen in decades, and i think it's important that we as an american people, continue to ort our basically o sial neing and tbe abl to pride that for individuals and just bause those folks who need support and help are black and brow in 2010, doesn't mn they don't need the same pportseeded by peoe who we immigrants back in t '40s and '30s. why is the need different now? the wives and wows were cherished and needed to be helped and sported but now they're blackndrown a may not speak youranguagese are fks on welfare and on -- ople who are -- >> thats so -- so blatany
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misrepresented. 12% ofhe pulatio of america is black. most o the pple on entlements are nblacks. you have goto get off the talking points andn to the >> hold on. i think with allue respect that's the point. the word public has been racially coded against all evidence the contrary. that's the argument that people are making. >> stay on the numbers. we have totay on tnumbers. % othe people on welfare are noblack i amica. that's roughly that number. the tea party -- [ talkingt theame time ] >> theeaso pple are anti-welfare, antigovernment spi to black people and minories anpeople who they not part of. they don't reaze social serity and medicar which they love a veteran benefitwhh they love are benefitin them. problem from day one.ging i blame baracobama and the decrats forot getting the messe out, not defending the
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republicans have hijacked the reality is.tord what the >> imean, what do you say to people who say that they've racially coded the mesge o thoneand and therati i'm taking our country bk is racial coded and daerous. >>t's not riall coded. the t parovemt didn't come out of an reaction to ama. it ce out of a reaioto government which had a 17% rating in congress and to be fair t nancyelosi we've increased the debt und her by $5 trillion, more tha a other speaker. you can't put all o that on he doubled the national debt after ad a surplus. you're putting talking poin. >> you bla nancyosi and at's not a talking point but i n'point to george bush as the president of the united ates. that's ridiculous. that makes no sense. >> but congress apppriates and congress spends. and the president has to the president c veto.
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george bush didn't vet -- >> i did ever ab sol him of sis responsibility. he's guilty. dotry to acc me o using talking points i say the samehing you said. george bush and the republican -- -- i don't like this idea that years hasow bankrupt our country when oconomy is not nkrupt first of all. the recession started in december 07. th rsi staed december 2007, ended in june 2009 six months after barack obama too office. >> you said you want facts.- >> hate to break the bubble with you startith the repel of glass degreele in 1998 changed the way banks operate a institions, chds the way the econicubble grew and built we he the hsing proem wh faie mae and freddie mac. that vested almost, what, $160 billion of taxpar money. ju bound to oba, not just ot
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bound to bu. >> that'not what caused the deficit. the deficit was caused by funding two wars a two tax cuts that cost trillions of dollars and doubled our national debt and we not paid r. that'shy we have a defici that had happenednder bush's administration not under barack ever proposal has been paid for. >> we have to take another break. conversation a talk more tea party and moreolic and get what's going t happen in the next couple days. wel be right back. >> they d't see the progressive policie as rking. we're not tryg t blame obama for not being ableo fix it in there is a huge probm.
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closed captiing for "our world" is broughto you by -- welcome back. i'm here withavid bb, arvar and keith, still talking about the elecons, talng i t wo i'm going to use. much tocontes seems there'so ju in this conveation right here sh hotly being debated. are people asivated as you the polls in a couple days and makehe same decisions? >> i tnk they are. as a matter of fact, i know ty mothers who are a big part of
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the health care issue,hey take care of theome, it's nis, th largest and most consistent voting block and the youth vote is going back and forth. whether it will or won't work for e democrats. om apuly analytical point of vw we he a huge enusiasm g between t pele w feel that wed to get ck t a centeright governancediffence betwe what we are andha we're not, they don't s t progressive polies as working,hey -- wee n trying tolame obama 20 able to it in ere is huge probm. >> talk about that a little bit. clearly is an enthusiasm gap. th right isorganized, they have tea paies, or organizations, coming to the lls, like christine o'donnell five years ago ty wouldn't and have been on the ballot. a lotoing onight now from what i the left doi to ganize? are they dng enough? >> wheour organizationhe reverend shaton and naacp put together the march on october
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2nd there wasn't as much attention and wasn't as many pelenvolved as some of the things going on in the tea party. it's itant on the grassots level that we eourage peopl that were once deemed three fifths of a pson that tir vote count and we make sure that they com out and voting and weon't demize young people for not bng involved in the process but theymatter, their vote mters and make sur they're there, see them staing in lin and cting their vote. >> what abt the messaging part of this? what is the leftng? >> i think there not really an enthusiasm gap out ere, there's aiaype gap. the media keeps telling people the democts aren't going it to up, liberals aren't gng to show up, black pple and his hispanicaren't going to show up. those people are going to show up ant icould make a big difference. there are three statewide african-ameran caidates running, south carolina probably not goin to win, but will have an impact in florida in terms of the gornor's race, massachusetts electing the black governntovernor and
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califoia a texas and illinois and pennsylvania the black vote could make huge differce. afamericans have to know they want to suppt barack f obame needs people there to sh his agenda and tseeople in those states >> whate hav to doecause we'running out of ti. i need predictions. to win, are we going to los or power in washgton?e balance o will dem sustainit? what's going to happen? startingith you keith? >> i wanted to be last >> i know you did. >> i definitely think the democrats are going to maintai control of the senate i think there going to los seats in the house. i'm not sure they' going to lose the house itself. i'm hoping the don't. i think the republi will pick up seats in e gubernator positions but don't be surprised if there is some surprises out there. look for russ feingold in sconsin as a possible surprise, joe sesk in pesylvania as a possible surprise, alex sink, governor can da in florida a a possible surprise. is too high the rent who kns. >> what do you say?
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>> ihink that the democra will maiai ctrol as well. i think that the gubernatori ses are absolutely rtant, paicularly ithere's a push for feral moneys to come down to thetate level. that's importantnd african-americs and others need to bearticularly mindful of thatnd its impact. and i definitely amking for a democratic goverr in new york where i'm from, so i look forward tohat as well okay. and dad? >> i think realistically we're looking at about 43 to 53 seats by the republica in the use. senate goingo be a tough race. seven looks possible. don't think they're going t get i b nobody can tl the fina vote. 37 governors races are up right now and that's very impornt for 2012 iter impornt for redistricting process and other things i k theeplicans look to pickp probably 11 to 12 gubernatoria sea in tt range. t here'something important about this elecon there are 20-something races and e congressional level that will be decided bybout 1500 votes. you know, that's a very tight
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be a fun going to >> it's going to be an exciting night. competitivone and come down to whether or not people vote. hopefully people will support the democratic process ande'll see what happens. we'll be rht back. ♪
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