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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  May 16, 2012 12:30am-1:05am EDT

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our investigation.... iitooan ...alleged .../ p.. bribery scheme .../ has... lawmakers... demanding.... t knoo more..../// welcome ... to the late edition, i'm jeef barnd. barnd. and iim jennifer gilbert. &pwe have new details tonight &pabouttthe probe at the department of uman resources.... 3 last week, our cammras captured a state contractt worker, wwo cclllcts child support in aryland, accepting what appeared tt be a bribe..... he'd allegeddy promised to wipe
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away oneemmnn child support problees for 155-ddllars.... our cameras were rolling when the envelopeeexchanged hands. and tonightt....some lawmakerr are demanding an invvstigation. 3 "the fact thta people fraud and depriviig children - of money iis an abomination. there should be a full, full, investigation and i think legislatively we shoull step innand look at cause its somethinn we did wwth all the the wooker waa fired shootly after our video aireddlast cooperate with any state s it -3 investigationn 3 &p anddin annther story we've recent, high-profile . reports of violence haae caused concern among tourists and politicians. occurrrd on saint patrick's day weekend - including one &pincident caught on cell phone camera and then posted online. since then, police have
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increased patrols downtown and at the inner harbor. but some are calling foo even moree crowd control.ddlegate pat mcconough says visitors should be warned - to be on allrt - mobs.">>,3 the mayor says she believes safe... but is working with pooice to better control the crowds downtown. in baltimore on saint patricks the moot vivid representation of what released policeedispatch tapes show......this attack was just a small part of the chaos downtown. "wait a minute. i don't need no one on the air. please just listen uu. i need somebody to go to pratt and lightt a medii isstrying to stomped a ale in the crowd. the ambo just ppssedda large group of kids assaulting the
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male with one child on he ground. who do i have at light?"9-1-1 was flooded with more than 500 people converged oo downtown baltimore...picking fights... ...and staying ahead of ppoice. 3 & e have breaking news oot of baltimore county to. tonight.baltimore coonty police and agents from the drug enforcement agency raided a pain clinic in lutheeville.. agents were seen taking boxes houses the healthy life medical grouu t 1114 york word on what the agents wereelooking for, butt the medical groups website says a quote high percennage pf teir busiiess is from rrpeat customers and referrrls. and we've jjst rrceived confirmation from county .../ florida mom.../ shoo and killed.../ her... ffur chillren.../ before killing herself. herrelf. this.../ the... scene .../ with... swat teams ...trring to secure .../ the area...// in... brevard county, .../ áápooiceáá say... 33 yeaa
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old... tanya thomas.... shot... her... four children.../ ages.../ 12... to 17 ... this morning...../// ááneighbbrs áá say... 3--kids.../ came... to their home.../ saying... their motherr.../ p shot hem..../// áátteáá mom... called thh neighbors.../ and... called theekids back.../ to ...the house.../ p ááwhereáá she... fatally shht them.../// 3 peputies began to set up a perimeter, they bbiefly saw someooe at the door whoowent as the swat team arrived. teams, entered the residence through the back sliding door area and in clearing the residenne &pfound 4 persons fatally wounded inside. inside. no word ...on a motive... at this hour. a ormer fredeeick county teacher is charged with old james ways f westminsterr foorth degrre sex oofense. ways allegedly had a sexual relationshhp with a 17 year old from may to september of iffthe teen was a boy or a ord -
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girl or if they were a student of mr. ways. two universityyof &pmaryland, baltimore county employees were forccd to resign after a state audii uncovered around nine thousand dollars in questiioablee &pspendiig on their corporate credii cards. cards. reports iidicaae that the attorney general's office is looking into the spending but no criminal ccarges are on of the employees allegedly bought 44 hundred dollars worth of gift cards, a violation of universitt pplicy and then lacked nn invoices or records to show what happened to the funnss the audit is part f a larger review that started over connerns that students were being over or undercharged on tuition bills. hazmat teams are called to baltimore counny to nab two suspects accused of stealing metal right out of the wwlls from a condemned and hazardous facility. it hhppened at the spring grove state hospiial in condemned since 1974. it's ee
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hazmat teams weet into the . - building, foond the suspects, got away. after swat teams - threatened to send in the ddgs, the other suspect gave himself up. we believe the suspects were in tte building to steal the copper and othhr metals. metals. both suspects were found unarmed and were arrested. tonight they face a number of charges including theft. 3 changes .... in... the purse... of races.../ at... pimlico.../ áácouldáá effect... your wallett./. in... a... good wwy. some ...of the revenue ... from... maayland casinos... is... used... to... increase pursss.../ in the mmryland racing industrr...//. ááforáá example,.../ on....reaaness day,/ áá theáá purse ...for the ... 'dixie race'.../ 300 thousand dollars.../ due... to slots..../ ááárackáá workers...// hope.../ it'll... give a booot... to... businees. (worker)"hopefuuly hen the
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slots oen at anne arundel us wwrking cause a lot of peopll depend on this.. they been here years!" years!" 38... thousand jobs... in maryland... / depend ... on... the horse racing ndustry. find all....the information neee.... about thh preakness ...on our websiie...//.fox-baltimore dot &pcom ...sslsh preeknnss 3 there'sáá... a... new product ....n the market.../ that... .../ faster...../ ffster...../ann tonight, a drug and alcohol expert says that could mean trouble for drinkers. miller lite has created the new punch top can. it has a soft spot on top.. that oocc punctured.. then opened, the air pressure forces the plcohoo out faster. critics believe thh product targets teenagers and young adults.. who simply want too get drunn faster. (gimbel) "no adult carrssabout you drink a beer. itts only r - young teens who are drinking to get drunk that like to have it come out, like a shotgun." shotgun." on the consequences of excessive and
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underage drinking.... according to a recent federal suuvey... nearly 2-thoussnd colllge students etween the ages of 18 and 24 dde each that brings ps to our qqustionnof the dayy ii miller... targeting underage drinkers... with its on thhs one... with a wide variety... on opinions...// . head to our facebook page and let us know what you can innovation and how it'' being marketed. a trip to wwlmart nets one man low prices, a trip to the emergency room and an unbelievabbe ssory. story.. mica crrig was shoppiig at this clarkston, washington walmart verrthe weeekend when he as bitten by a rattllsnake. he was reaching doon to check the stick against the sign. s a - turns out t as a very angry
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westerr diamondback, a common venomous snake in the area. 3 "i went to sling ii off and it stayed on. i jjst hand to sling it off twice and whhn it hit the ground it currld up." "i had a hero here who kkew exactly what to do." p theehero was a fellow shopper wwo saw ccaig fling the snake across thh store. she rushed him to store. he hospittl. they go there in usstenough time to the anti-venom. craig says he owes his hand and life to her. heights is finalll ready for the city held an open ouse renovated under he "vacants rid of bandooed buildings. this property on violet avenuu has been trrnsformed into a nee home for a howard county homeownerrwho's moving to the city. the mayor said its proof that her six-point plan to revamp baltimore neighborhoods... is workingg srb:"its wonderful, you see this block and its cleerly in transition, and you have this
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new investment with more on the way- yyu have aahomeowner who's currently in howard ballimore city. its exciting." exciting." phe "vacants to value" plan to absentee landowners... and offers incentives to homebuyers who renovate vacant homes. an... eight... ponth old baby... is... recoveringg.../ ááafteráá crawling out.../ of... a car wwndow. police ssy... the father .../ eft... his infant son... áaloneá this van.../ by... a lake...// in... callfornia.../// the baby... crawled out.../ - the brokennwindow ....nd... landed head first.../ was.. flown to the hospital...///.áátheáá father,.../ mmrr mcmurrian, ...remained at the lake.../ , whereehe was questioned... by reporrers..../the heated confrontation was caught on camera. nats: "can you please move that somewhere lse...move don't need to be videotaping me right noww" now." &precords show ... dad...// was arrrsted ...on... last year.../ áandáá
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spent... more than two months jail.../ áátheáá baby's... in the custody ...of child protective services a rainy start to the day, but finally some sunshine this afte. affernoon. is it goinggto ptick aaound or are more storms on the way? way? et's go to chief meteorrlogist vytas reid for a 33ok at what's happening now. 3 common sense says, don't tryythis at home..
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why age is only a number for this woman. mark zuckerberg is deeinitely clicking like on this one. why facebook is going to be worth nearll 100 billion dollars onnfriday. call in the cowboys. why thess buffalo are roaming freely across paerica's highways tonight.
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facebook is getting ready to friend a lot of nvest. investors. it's... alreedy expected bb... initiil public offering... for... an... internet company..../ ááshibaniáá joshi...// explains why... the web giant.../ is... raisiig the cost for you .../ to... ggt in.../ on... tte ground ffoor. floor. faccbook's initial public offering n friday has wall street -- and main street --
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think he company will be "i - worth more than 100 billion dollars by the end of the day, for sure."beeng a publii company will be a change of pace for facebook --- known for keeping its businnss practices out of the public eye.shankman says: "we're of what they're posting, we're going to see a lot of their to keep close to the vest, ble whhn you're a public company you have to tell these things." the company, growing to some &p900-million users worldwide i the last eight years.and with more than 40 percent of american adults logging on -- its i-p-o customer base, already familiar with the product.kerpen says: "the and your phone company and the one faaebook."on tuesday, only - facebook lifting tte expected 28-to-35 dollars to 34-andd38 apiece.some nalysts calling the áasking priceá ..."wwy tto rich":khalfani-coo says: "facebook, what they're askkng for ii terms of the pricc, would really be aboot 66 times earnings, or about 5 times what their revenues are. the
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typical tech compann has a of abbut four to ten times tteir revenues."afterrthe selll..there's so much more to says: "come monday morning, an they're goiiggto haae to investors, and it'ssgoing to on- go from being 'hey let's creatt this great thing' to 'we have o pleese a bunch off peoole.'"(joshi on cam tag) facebook founder mark zuckerberg will remain the company's single largest shareholler. controlling the commany through 577percent of its oting new york -- shibani joshi - fox business. 3
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ccmmon sense says you're only as old as you feel. how this yogg master wound up setting a world's record. 3 it's once again a home where the buffaao roam. what catch fugitive bison loose on the highways tonight.
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looking for incentive to lose
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peight? try thii for size. eiihing 300 pounns - was... not coaster ... at... kings dominionn heme áábecauseáá tte &pharness ...wouldn't... fit him../ posing a safetyyrisk.../.ááambboseáá saad he waa pmbarrassed.../ pand... decided to.../ make... some serious changes...//ááheáá lost... á105 poundss... in nine monthh!ááheáá and... rodd the oastee.3 p common sense
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says, you're only as old as you feel.a 99- year old woman prom new york is still lynch has been declared by the world's oldest yoga teacher uinness world records. sheeteaches classes four days a week in harrsdale -- aa ssburb of nnw york city.lynch says her doctor told her she wouldn't beeable to do yoga after getting a hip replacement...but she showed that doctor. 3 3 to their home, home on the ck range.. why these buffalo are now classified as one ton off for their home on tte range.
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range. drivers in the heartland beware, there's a buffalo crossing ahead. ahead. "they'rr theyygoo they just, ah, hey have pretty much free nothiig really stopping them." phem." these buffalo escaped from a farm in noothwest iowa. tonight they are roaaing freely around the coontryside. about 2500 buffalo are on the loose after escaping from heir pen on a ranch. mmst of the herd ranchers and modernnday volunteer cowboys, hoping for a chance to rope a real buffalo. ttnight 35 are still running wild, which is why he tate is warning drivers to look out for
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buffaao crossing, that coull do some damage. 3&p a rainy start to what turned into a beautiful da. dayy whatt' the rest of our week looking like? let's go to vytas for yoor extended 3 thh nation'ssbest high school lacrosse league is closer to crowning a champiin...bbuce cunningham has the semi unlimited.xt in sports the late edition, i'm jeff barn.
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barnd. 3&and i'm jennifer gilbert. the orroles look toobounce back againsttthe ynkees fter last niggt's loss in the rain. rain. ruce cunningham shows you if the birds got payback right ow with sports unlimited. a nice bounceback for the es, 3 lot offthe credit o two guys...the veteran centerfielddr and the first year lefthander... lefthanderr.. wei-yin chee threw a beauuy...7 innings, 4 hits, 4 striieouts...this one of robinson cano...heegees the win to go 4-0 on the season... mound for the yankees..he'd suffer hiin firrt loss of the season..adam ones here with his 11th home run of the year..his 5th in may alone...and the oriolls win on getaway night, 5-- over the yankees... he was the original raven. he team's first ever draft piik. and now he's heading to the colllggefootball hall of fame...jooathan ogden got the call thhs morning... morning... 3&ogden, who played collegiatel &pat ucla, was the dominating offensive lineman of his was a unanimous first team all
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america selection...the ravens used the 4th overrlllpick ii the 96 draft on him and he pegan showinggthat dominance oo the pro levvl, 11 seesons with thh ravens,,ogden went to 11 pro bowls and was a 9 time all pro selection..he 2010, the nfl selected it's in top 100 players of all time. ooden was 77nd on that list.he football hall thii summer...he's eligible for the professional vvrsion next year. 3&satuuday night, we'll televis on wnuv the champiooship gaam of the miaa..the finest highh school lacrosse league in the natioo..tonight we learned who'll be playing for the title. ttile... pemifinals...4th ranked boys calvert hall..and the lakers pridemore left open..he makes them pay..6-4 lakers at the half...but back come the cardinals...they executeethe and tey win a ttriller..calvert hall 111boys latin 10...cardinals to the title game...scond gaae...a pig night for #2 looola against 3rd ranked
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gilmaa..deemer class spots alec dauses in fronn..and net....ons with an early 3-0 lead...,,and they kept pooring it on...mike distler virtually unchalllnged as he ttkes ii in...,,and they kept pouuing it on...mike distler virtually unchhllenggd as hh takes it in...dons led 13-5 in the 4th..a lightening delay..they suspended resumes tomorrow afternoon at 5:30 witt 7 mmnutes to go...'ll see the tttle game saturday on the cw it's another tuesday night, and around here, that means player of tte week honoree the rea's finest high school athletes since way back in 1991...this week, we're on track... 3 ttat'll o it for this edition of sports
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unlimitee...i'm bc....and be suue to tune in to fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. starting at 5-am.goodnight. there's been a whole lot of talk lately about internet speeds...
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let's shed a little light on the subject. unlike cable, verizon fios is 100% fiber-optics -- so it's powered by light... that means it's faster, and has vastly more bandwidth capacity. for video chats with grandma, downloading hd movies, and uploading home videos. all the internet you need for all your devices. verizon fios is america's fastest,


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