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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 7, 2015 6:00am-6:35am EDT

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now as we look at the >> good morning manhattan. a nice way to ends the week. low 80s. mike is watching the full forecast for us so the weekend looks peaceful. >> good weather for long beach. the gloves came off. the top ten republican candidates duke it out in the first prime time gop debate. whole lot of donald trump defending himself. >> legionnaires' outbreak in new york city is growing. ten have now died. what is being done to try to contain this? we'll tell you.
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robert: senator chuck schumer says it is no go for the nuclear program why he's going against his party and opposing the deal? juliet: white house really needs support. all right good morning everybody i'm jute juliet. ben: i'm robert moses. by the way i wanted to thank you for sharing your golden grams with me today. juliet: i have shared mine with many today. robert: nice and french, crunchy. juliet: tweeted one of the most underrated, sleep per cereal. mike: delicious when it came out as kids, the reason it is delicious is because duke castiglione hasn't gotten his paws in it. juliet: he has. mike: if you leave it open, it gets rotten. he knows i'm right. here's what we have with our tmps. 50s, 60s and a few spots sitting at 70.
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70 there in central park. 56 degrees in pip seen poughkeepsie an 54 monticello speak. more clouds in belmar, in fact, they saw sures light stuff in the overnight mors. but things are quieter as cloud deck breaks up for us altogether that's the general trend for us through the day here today. morning clouds for southern sectionings of new jersey perhaps out into long island. an reason being, well we have that area of low pressure which is coming through mid-atlantic region pushing some of the its moisture up in our direction. but now it is heading offshore and looks like drier conditions taking place for us. area of low pressure not strong enough to come up into the tristate region and stir up troubles here in terms of clouds and showers. that should not be a big problem for us today. clouds shifting out to sea and moisture hang out there. yeah, mid-atlantic region not so
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good in the carolinas and down to the south. but for us we're good. high pressure is doing a decent job keeping us nice and dry. maybe not completely sunny but mostly sunny skies today into tomorrow. and even sunday, and comfortable temps too. yay we with like it. 79 by noon high of 83 degrees that's a hair below normal believe it or not, but hanging 3, 84 with mainly sunny skies. shower chances are trying to come back later monday into tuesday, tuesday looks like the wet one. let's bring in ines rosales, all a set up for us for the friday commute and a the weekend i'm sure. >> good morning mike. absolutely. but we have to get to work. westchester an accident on saw mill closing grant street incline in new jersey turnpike southbound if you're taking the truck lane, head to newark bay extension closed because of a overturned tractor trailer
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attack the car lanes at the cross bronx no problems eastbound or westbound it quickly cleared away. into the city fine upper and lower level no issue. same for lincoln tunnel. helix all a though traffic 3weu8ding with volume only a five to ten minute delay. same for holland an trains on or close to schedule. juliet and robert. juliet: ten republican candidates, the top ones in the polls, they all got there out there on the podium. they were grilled some say unfairly. others say no they needed to be asked the tough questions. robert: ben simmoneau was there and watched it all unfold an joinses live from cleveland with more on last night. what was it like to be inside that arena? reporter: crowd was huge, and was fired up guys 4500 people inside the quicken loans arena behind me in downtown cleveland the home of the cleveland cavaliers usually it has king
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james lebron james taking center stage. last night no doubt, the man at the center of the stage was donald trump. >> raise your hand now -- [applause] raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> make no mistake, that first question was geared for the man in the middle. donald trump. he was the only candidate who would not promise that he would not run as his third party candidate if he's not the gop pick. >> we want to win and we will win. but i want to win as the republican. i want to run as a the republican nominee. >> what's wrong? this is what's wrong he buys himself politicians of all stripes. >> given him plenty of money. >> may have a lot of sound bites. >> we have a president who did you want have a clue. >> but he was not at the center of every heated exchange. new jersey governor chris christie mocked senator rand paul for not supporting the records.
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>> that's a -- that you know that's a completely ridiculous answer. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists, but less records from other people. megyn? what are you -- how are you supposed to? >> i tell ya -- >> get a warrant. judge decide with a warrant. [inaudible] >> governor christie make your point. >> senator when you're sitting in a sub committee blowing hot air a about this, you can say things leak that. when you're responsible for protecting lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure, to make sure that -- supposed to work. >> here's the problem governor you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights you gave mr. obama a big hug. if you want to give him a hug again, go right ahead. >> the hugs that i remember are hugs that i gave to families that lost their people on september 11th that's what i remember. >> why the country should elect a third president bush. >> i'm proud of my dad and
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certainly proud of my brother. if florida they call me jeb because i earned it. >> pressed donald trump on his business habits pointing out that atlantic city casinos have gone through multiple bankruptcies he says he only took advantage of the laws available to everyone. >> i had the sense to leave atlantic stip. which by the way caesars just went bankrupt. every company chris can it tell you every city went bankrupt. >> 7 republican who is did not qualify for the prime time debate took the same stage, and even though he wasn't present, they also could not escape a donald trump. former hewlett packer head carly fiorina performed well tried linking him to clintons. >> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before i jumped in the race. did any of you get a phone call, i didn't maybe because i hadn't given money to the foundation or donated to the wife's senate campaign.
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>> you know, carly fiorina getting props for her performance yesterday and may get perhaps biggest bounce out of this so far because not really a clear winner in last night's prime time debate. i'll tell you, though, that chris christie, rand paul exchange that was the most talked about about exchange threetion on facebook. this debate was a partnership between the fox news channel and facebook, and as far as the top five candidates tacked about last night at the top of the list, donald trump in second place was ben carson, new jersey governor chris christie, did make it into the fifth spot as far as being tacked about on facebook. but no sign of jeb bush a lot of folks wondering about his performance last night. robert and juliet. juliet: ben i have a quick question for you. so there's obviously a lot of media out there. and if i covered a lot of these types of thingings you sitting there and talk with each other. watch what's going on there. what's the buzz ben within the media and observers that are in the media or somehow tied to the media. what are they saying about last
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night who really stood out -- who didn't? reporter: i think donald trump stood out because he was frankly the elephant in the room before this debate. but i really think that among reporters here that as far as the maybe second tear if you want to call them that candidate. there was not a breakout moment by anybody. i think people think that chris christie did pretty well. he may have been age to elevate his candidate city a little bit an carly fiorina in that earlier debate. as for everybody else is didn't seem like there were any shining stars. >> interesting. ben we look for the to talking with you later and seeing you on monday. thanks, ben, good job. prchtion see you in a bit. robert: social media has been on fire with reaction to the debate to say the least. juliet: stacey delikat is in the newsroom or rather -- liz dahlem is breaking it down for us. stacey delikat out in the field we'll talk to her a little bit later on. liz, good morning.
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reporter: good morning gop debate that is hashtag that has been trending on twitter all night, all morning and a it is still in the top spot. we got a lot of responses from people out here this woman emily wouldn't watch the debate but shoutout to everyone on twitter for the update she was able to get all of the information there. and then some people pointing out favorites jeb bush and ben carson 2016 to making sense hashtag gop debate. now as soon as the lights went on and this debate started, you can imagine the tweets that started rolling in. >> who was the winner of the first republican presidential debate. here's what voters had to say. >> i look walker. >> why? >> because he stated specifically what he was going to do in domestic and foreign policy. whompleg thought trumple addition appointed you this evening? >> donald trump triggered most reaction on social media. katy couric asked i wonder what ratings interest would be in the live gop debate if the real
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donald trump wasn't participating. former select aa paren ties contestant tweeted, watching the gop debate makes me feel like being back in the boardroom. threens is with trump two years with clinton i have a unique perspective. things got interesting when moderator megyn kelly asked trump about his comments toward women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals -- [laughter] your twitter account -- >> only o rosy o'donnell. >> o'donnell quickly took to twitter to respond saying, quote, try explaining that to your kids. twitter was also if a buzz over the first debate. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina clear winner. montel winner tweeted two candidates from early gop debate red for prime time. perry and fiorina others belong at kids table. >> okay, so while debate was going on clinton was with the kardashian west jenner clan outs in l.a., and a a campaign fund
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raising event. kim tweeting out this picture got my selfie, hashtag hillary for president. this event was actually held at the home of scott brown he's the manager of justin bieber and a ariana grande getting a lot of buzz on social media with thousands it have retweets and favorites. back to both of you upstairs. >> liz thank you very much. 6:12, 100 now diagnosed with legionnaires' disease as death toll rises to ten now. >> a concerning situation, city officials are also beginning to inspect cooling towers across the city. we'll have much more on this coming up in a live report with stacey delikat in just a few minutes. she'll also talk about how the cdc is now getting involved. ing for now, though, we have plenty more coming up. including startling number of americans who say they drink and drive. >> yeah, and mike on a note is checking the forecast for us.
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mike: beautiful out there. clouds arranged for the morning hours that's really for folks over central and southern section of new jersey, an over into long island. but even those clouds are breaking up. so another warm, dry day coming 70 central park. end up in lower 80s. by the way we have the fox 5 weather app at apple itunes and google play store. get great stuff including headlines and alerts, which will let you know if there's anything severe going on in the area be it flooding, lightning detection all sorts of things like that. all you have to do is serge "fox 5 ny" weather download for free, today. we'll be feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back happy 36th birthday to franky. happy birthday. happy birthday. robert: a don't look a day over 28. >> juliet: not so good for his age. maybe a little kid. robert: his birthday you be nice. mike:my part. happy birthday franky it is beginning to be nice outside, in fact, we've got comfortable temperatures this is what we had yesterday an today is a repeat of that. there you go. 83 that's your high temperature from yesterday for central park. 808 brim bridgeport. 94 monticello.
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65 montauk and 76 islip. but more likely to run into clouds over southern section of new jersey and you have seen showers in the central and southern sections of new jersey in overnight hours but now getting out of town. high pressure is trying to take over and that will do so deeper into the day. so what that means for us generally when high pressure comes to town you have fair skies. partly cloudy mainly clear skies that is what we're going to see here, and areas of low pressure that are off the shore here don't really come into play for us here in the tristate. things don't change that much at all so we're in good shape here. things are pretty much staying steady weather wise. high temp today up to 83 in the city after morning clouds and then sun in the afternoon. partly cloudy tonight with lows dropping between 58 a and 68. there's your seven-day forecast. high of 84 tomorrow. 83 sunday. shower chances come through monday sphwiewz.
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tuesday bring in ines again and a see what's going on if trying to get around town. >> issues this friday morning no problems in long island. westchester saw mill northbound closed grand street because of an if act aive investigation and new jersey turnpike southbound ramp from truck lanes to new york bay extension blocked because of overturned tractor trailer. staten island expressway by richmond avenue construction wrapped up only within lane open there. all lanes have been reopened but as you can see telling you there are delays heading to slaws opinion avenue. delays there approaching the brooklyn bridge, construction wrapped up, manhattan bound are ohm. no problem or delays with the gwb lincoln or holland. robert and juliet. juliet: thank you. robert: we mentioned death toll from the legionnaires' outbreak
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has risen once more. juliet: stacey delikat telling us what health officials are saying about it today. stacey. reporter: well juliet and rornt this is now largest outbreak this city what is ever seen as a the numbers an continue to grow. city officials do believe they've identified the source of the deadly legionella bacteria in five cooling towers in the bronx but mayor de blasio said yesterday he wants every cooling tower in new york city tested to make sure there are no other outbreaks. >> largest outbreak we've seen in new york city, and our thoughts are with the ten families -- and people who have lost their live it is. >> as number of legionnaires' cases continues to climb 100 successened. ten died. ramping up efforts to stop the spread the disease. legionella bacteria can cause pneumonia like disease in some
6:20 am
has been identified in the water of fife cooling towers atop buildings in the south bronx. >> we remain confident that the source of these current cases has been remediated cooling towers in the city -- >> any building that does have one of these cooling towers will be subject to this order. ed or or or instructs the owners or managers to test and disinfect their cooling tower within next 14 days. they don't know where every cooling tower is and how many there are city wide. current estimates put number around the 2500 according to the health commissioner. most are larger, industrial or commercial buildings. governor cuomo says state health department will offer free testing for buildings between now and october.
6:21 am
>> scary for everybody. >> they need to find solution quick. quick as possible because kids about are to start school. >> in the south bronx for the disease concentrated anxiety remains high. >> a lot of concern you know especially for our children. and for our elderly people. >> victor saying he's confident in the city's efforts. >> today just the department of health one of my facilities asking to find out if there was any cooling towers you know in my building. so it shows me that, you know, that the city is paying a little attention to our community. >> of the people who have contracted legionnaires disease 53 released pfts ten who passed away officials say they have preexisting medical condition perhaps complicated by age. city officials continuing to stress early a detection. they say if you have any symptoms, flu-like symptoms. defendantty breathing be sure to seek help immediately, and
6:22 am
juliet i do want to adds that free testing it that the state is offering we've put the hotline on our website where people can call building owners, landlords and so forth to arrange free testing of their cooling towers. back to you. juliet: thank you very much stacey. chuck shiewmer is speaking out about the iran nuclear agreement making him one of the most prominents in the to do so in a published essay he believes the risk is too great for iran to use the agreement for what he describes as a goal. new york representative elliot angle has come out with the duel with republicans o opposing the policy it is important that democrats get support for this. white house says it has been in regular contact with schumer and a other jewish democrat this is weekend and said it is confident that eventually support the agreement. all right we have a lot more coming up including how your child's earth start times for school could be impacting their health. robert: this is a great song. i live this -- i love tai or color swift song
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opinion let's rock out to this
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and tell you that good day juliet: welcome back in today's "health watch" if you think you're middle oar high school student isn't getting enough sleep you're probably right. officials say they need more academic performance don't we all a. report by the cdc sayser than one in five middle schools start start time. we started a like 7:20 i think.
6:26 am
ferlg i started earlier. average start time is 8:03 a.m. where's that? data shows that two out of three high school students sleep less than 8 hours a night. we know drunk driving kills but that did you want stop many americans from doing it. close to 2% of american adults have admitted to driving drunk at least once over the last month. that 2% pee qawls 4.2 million people. rates varied by state and often change on state drunk driving laws but midwest reported kick consistently higher rates of driving while impaired. your top stories coming up when we return. >> including multimillion dollar plan to combat the city's growing homeless problem. we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> good morning everybody. happy friday. tgif if you're in for a bit of a weather treat today. usually you know question say you're in for a bit of nasty but no a treat. mild temperatures. nice start to the weekend will it continue throughout the weekend, that's the big question we'll be updating you. >> the glove came off. top ten republican candidates duke it out in the first prime time gop debate. that involves a whole loft that himself. >> mayor de blasio launching plan to help the city homeless. people off at streets? >> malaysia is handling of the recent discovery of debris from that missing plane -- coming under scrutiny why french officials are denying new has
6:31 am
been found at least for now. >> that's interesting. good morning everybody i'm juliet huddy. robert: i'm robert moses in for ben simmoneau you will see him live from cleveland covering that debate last night, and in bangup job doing it. juliet: he always does. we have an you want on franky the 36-year-old changed his picture he's a legitimate 36-year-old and wifes christina is in the picture along with their two-year-old. i love it. happy birthday. >> birthday -- rk you know for his present we should put that picture up because you've been you know -- mike: the queen says so. happy birthday, franky finally learned. 7 o central park. 52 in monticello. dew points are in a comfortable range. crept up a little bit. but most of us around master's degree to upper 50s. low 0u something like that. still pretty comfortable. as long as it stays in low 60s
6:32 am
or lower than that we're pretty good. high pressure is in control. a little more moisture up this way because that area of low pressure is trying to force it up and squeeze in showers over southern and central sections of new jersey that made a little bit come out but that's it be. now it is looking like we have a nice day forward. 83 today. 84 your high on saturday and 83 again on sunday so hanging right in the seam temp range through the upcoming qeengd. looks beautiful. let's bring in ines rosales again and see if we have anything going on with the commute a big show stopper. good morning. >> serious accident westchester this morning shutting down saw mill northbound. an accident northbound by grand street all lanes are closed. traffic backed up to manville video. traveling in new jersey on turnpike southbound expect delays trying to get on to new york bay extension eastbound because of an overturned tractor trailer. cameras see things this morning on staten island bradley avenue traffic moving slow. construction cleared away half
6:33 am
an hour ago leaving this delay along with regular delays as you head to work. be prepared as you approach verrazano bridge things are better. as fors metro and path trains are running on or close to schedule. robert and juliet. robert: top ten republican candidates were with clustered altogether on that stage in cleveland last night but they did everything they could to separate themselves from each other. during last night's debate -- juliet: a lot of folks tholed they would be attacking but donald trump but television more of the i guess focus on donald trump came from the moderators let's go to ben simmoneau live in cleveland covering the debate and he has more on what went down, hey, ben. reporter: good morning to you guys it got somewhat heated right out of the gate. bret baier asked the first question that was a show of hands, he said it was gengs to be only time they have to raise their hands because a lot of candidates don't like those kiengdz of questions if they don't get the gop nomination,
6:34 am
they would not run as a third party candidate. nine of the candidates took that plj only one who did not was donald trump he got it from the crowd here inside the quicken loan it is arena 4500 people or so, and then there was a heated exchange easer that with rands paul who accused donald trump of buying and selling politicians to suit whatever his interests are at the time. it continued pretty much nonstop guys for two hour it is. even up into the candidate's closing debates here's a sample of those. have a listen. our country is in trouble. we don't beat china in trade. we don't japan with millionings and millions of cars coming into this country in trade. we can't beat mexico at the border or in trade. >> i ran finish governor because i was worried about my kids'
6:35 am
future and union bosses and we won, they tried to recall me, we won. they target us again, and we won. >> i haven't said anything about me being only one to do anything, so let me try that. i'm the only one that separates siamese twins. [laughter] >> only one to operate on babies in the mother's womb and you would think that someone beat me to it to operate on a brain. >> that would be dr. ben carson accomplished neurosurgeon you mentioned mod ray force they did not pull my punches but questioned everyone difficultly. chris christie got a tough question right out of the gate involving state's economy and finances. have a listen. under your watch new jersey has nine credit rating downgrades, state's 4 4 9 in private sector
6:36 am
growth, you face an employee pension crisis, and the garden state has third highest foreclosure rate in the country. why should voters believe that your management of the country's finances will be any different? >> if you think it is bad now you should have seen it when i got there. what did we do? we came in and balanced an 11 billion deficit on a $29 budget by cutting $28 programs in the budget. >> and whoever eventually gets the oregon nomination in the end they'll be back on the same stage in cleveland inside the quicken loans arena where republicans are holding their 2016 convention live in cleveland. juliet and robert don't have too much fun without me. >> don't worry we're not. juliet: ben great job. see you on monday. all right moving on now 6:36 mayor de blasio is launching major 22 million plan to help
6:37 am
those affected mental illness among city, health officials an police officers. mayor is hoping to better identify those mentalling with disorders but better identify those who could be a threat to themselves or others. this follows several cases of violent attacks including the high profile case of a bronx shelter director who was killed by a former resident. >> many of the cases that we all read about there was somebody who worried about that person. but didn't have a way to act on it. [sirens] a lot of these folks out on the streets not being monitored there are overall an estimated 53,000 people in the city's homeless shelters. robert: authorities in malaysia taking heat after making statements about missing malaysia airline as flight 370. yesterday country's prime minister confirmed that a wing fragment found and linked to the flight, however, french, u.s.,
6:38 am
and australian officials are saying it was, quote, leakily this add ad to confusion after a lash sha transport minister said more debris sent to french investigators but they aren't away of any new debris malaysia has been criticized for jumping gun and giving inaccurate statements. terrorizing to family members of the people. >> horrible. >> fox means business. >> joining frugs the fox business studio is lauren simonetti, good morning. >> tgif. good morning. what are you going to cover today on this wonderful friday? >> robot and electric car tesla. because their famous ceo elon musk who builds electric cars and some are hardest to build in the entire world and sends rockets into outer space with his spacex company and made stern comments on robots before saying that they could be used for nefarious purpose and banned for humanity he has a robot of his own.
6:39 am
it is that silver metal thing on the right side of your screen. it is actually going to bend down and a charge up the 70,000 dollar plus olympic model red car that you're looking at. use agrobot no details which this charging station will hit the market if it ever does. how much it will cost or anything like that. here's my input i can charge that car faster doesn't that snake look like it is beginning to kill somebody? it is so sinister looking. [laughter] right? >> it is creepy. >> you don't know which direction it is going. >> it is like very slowly into the gas tank. [laughter] >> lauren -- >> what do you call that gas tank in electric car? charging tank what do you call it? >> i have no idea. i don't know, someone help me. charging input. >> a fillup module. >> have a wonderful weekend lauren simonetti. >> see you monday.
6:40 am
catch lauren each weekday morning fbnam on the fox business network 5 a.m. >> if you're not sure where to find fox business find fox >> watch this channel finder. thftion a brush, and you can long story til show you, tell you offair on the twitter. >> no hair in it. >> a brush but you can leave it in and take it out and have your hair -- to >> curl it. to go into the weekend we have good looking stuff municipal for us here. clouds are around for you if you're down to the south and out to the east that's where you're going to see them for the most part. in the afternoon a everyone gets the sunshine here. a greats weekend with sunny skies. high temps in lower 80s and then next chance at rain doesn't come to us until lates monday into tuesday.
6:41 am
we're looking good up until then. keep that in mind. all right let's bring in ines, and see if there's any major tripup with the commute this morning. we have some -- >> good morning mike. saw million that is closed northbound. grand street rest of your commute you have normal delay on cross bronx by bronx river parkway new jersey side and new york bay expension from the turn pike southbound. that ramp is blocked because of a overturned tractor trailer. trains great this morning no. everything on or close to schedule. >> glorified curler is what you called it. you get it. like a bunch of the brush part. [inaudible] >> coming up in sports -- >> rex so question of dog biscuits?
6:44 am
>> why chowing down >> checking the headlines at 6:44 the top ten republican candidates took to the stage last night in a first prienl time presidential debate. donald trump stole the spotlight for much of the night. >> senator chuck schumer says after considerable soul searching he will not support president obama's iran nuclear
6:45 am
teal. he's one of the few democrats o opposing this plan. >> city will spend next two weeks inspecting all of the cooling tower it is in nyc this comes after the tenth person has died from the legionnaires' outbreak. >> hamilton if you haven't heard about this you've been living under a rock hot test new show on broadway. >> baruch shemtov takings us to the star studded it red carpet for the opening night. bringing early a american history into the present i have one question for stars walking the red carpet if you are one historical figure who would you choose? >> this is lincoln because she was leak insane. oprah. >> fantastic. oprah, the pope elizabeth taylor. most glam use wol in the entire world ever. >> who would you be? >> ben franklin . >> why?
6:46 am
>> why not? scoundrel. >> revolutionary, and delicious. >> which pope? >> pope francis. >> why is that? because he's made amazing changes, he's a blessed man. >> alexander hamilton to be married to eliza hamilton. hamilton the musical is taking broadway by storm. using the legacy of america founding fathers with the rhythm and beats of hip-hop. after a becoming a run away hit off broadway the show is now on the great white way thanks to creative force who brought us musical in the height. lynn manuel miranda, and with hamilton reintroducing audience as to founding fathers who would make for a great musical a couple of hundred years from now? >> i can't wait to see donald trump the musical. >> who would play donald? >> himself because he'll freeze
6:47 am
himself to stay famous. >> a great music hall on the way >> me. >> laverne the musical. >> as the stars filed into richard rogers theater the impact of this new musical was palpable. >> extraordinary. a new chapght in the american musical. >> i'm not a history buff. that cast including leslie, has createssed something where people that are not into history can get into history. just getting started i'm baruch shemtov "fox 5 news." >> you could have his own musical he's leak a really, really amazing guy. qents to harvard. yeah has like a tie, necktie line. guy achieved so much at such a young age. >> i feel so tin adequate. >> so do i. >> let's say sports anchor for next couple of minutes.
6:48 am
>> starts in the bronx american league east hosting rival boston red sox on the board with this -- double to left field. yankees go on to win it 2-1 they face knuckleballer at the stadium. now, i'm sure you're wondering about first place mets they are writing a six game win streak they'll open up a a three game set with the tampa bay rays tonight in the road. >> second place nationals beat diamondbacks 8-3 that moves them to within a game within half of the mets. hot on heels. meantime buffalo bills head coach rex ryan is must see tv. >> just because he's in above low doesn't mean we keens listen to what he's saying he took to the podium at bill's camp yesterday. and then he did this. >> these rattle small. i said lap-band size i have no idea on the flavor.
6:49 am
oh, that's terrific. going to get one more. >> you saw that right he ate a dog biscuit and then ate one more -- because he can and he's rex ryan part of the change an awareness campaign organized by eerie county sppca. >> i assume it is safe to eat dog biscuits. i did when i was young. >> good? >> yeah, it was actually. >> tourists got to see spied or man taking down the bad guy but this was not an act. >> bairchgly a free for all down there in midtown. check out spidey putting men in a head lock. he was antagonizing the guy but the other guy antagonizing bunch of the street performers apparently spider-man had just had enough. so spidey decided to step in so
6:50 am
far no word on any arrest as. let's talk about the weather. sunday i'm going on a boat how do we look for sunday? >> boat action. still looks good. if you're boating till tews that might be a problem. [laughter] i don't think that will be the case. >> she'll be back before then. otherwise we have to send out a search party. 56 in poughkeepsie. 68 in newark and going to be a preet pretty nice day out there. forcing clouds that we have over long island even that's breaking up right now. but it is still kind of hanging with you in the central and southern section of new jersey. you saw light showers in that area. in the overnight hours now that should be shifting tout sea as a area of low pressure also shifts in that direction. mainly to south of us. high pressure doing a decent job on future cast nice and clear with mainly sunny skies today. as well as tomorrow, and into sunday as well a nice dry weekend coming up with comfortable temps just a little
6:51 am
cooler than normal. here's your boat and beach report. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. uv index is very high range, and a rip current risk is at a moderate range so watch out for that potential out there later today. morning clouds i should say high temp up to be 83. 84 your high tomorrow. good looking weekend forecast there's the showers we're speaking of not here until late monday into tuesday. nice weather to follow. by the way, we have the "fox 5 ny" weather app next we have to click that back on. at the apple itunes store and google play store, and a it is there for you to download for free, all right right now you can pull out really cool information including an interactive radar which you can take down to the street level in anything comes to town. apple good and play store juliet and robert over to you. >> his morning hiccups.
6:52 am
>> he's all right. he'll survive he does this every day. entertainment news coming up next. epic show. final guests on that show -- and good day coming back right after this. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back 6:54 problems in saw mill closing all lanes serious accident so an information going on northbound shut down by grand street. use taconic as general alternate. trains fine. metro-north, long island railroad and path trains are running on or close to schedule. robert and juliet back to you. juliet: thanks very much. anna is on vacation so we have headlines for you. late of an era in late night television. nothing ends. it is just a continuation. a pause in the conversation so rather than saying good-bye, or good night, i'm just going to say i'm going to go get a drink and i'm sure i'll see you guys before i leave. so that's hour our show. i thank you so much for privilege to perform for you for the privilege to be able to do it so here it is.
6:56 am
>> wow. with that jon stewart signed off on the "daily show." for the last time he leave after nearly 16 years hosting late night show on comedy central a host of shows join him for that final show including stephen colbert. bruce springsteen on hand to bid farewell performing born to run. trevor noaa takes over "daily show" september 8th. >> crazy. >> it is official jennifer aniston is off the market. friends star married fiance justen throe wednesday night at their bel-air mansion it was private, 70 people in attendants including chelsea hanged handler and throe has been engaged lead ers but they did it.
6:57 am
congratulations. it looks leak we're getting more empire. >> show's costar -- cocreator lee daniels say there will be a spinoff to focus on cookie the my tree ark no word when that will happen. season two of empire premiers september 9th. >> benjamin become on monday.


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