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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: good morning, and troubleshooting for guinier a public pool. won many is dead, two wounded. we will tell you the story. in the historic in cuba, officials are getting ready to raise the american flag over a restored united states embassy. juliet: bill deblasio's wife wants to get out of jury duty. we will tell you her reasons coming up. good morning, i'm juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, it is
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juliet: a lot of tweets from people. there was an earthquake in new jersey. ben: i didn't know you could feel 2.5. in the meantime let's turn our attention to the weather. spectacular day to be off yesterday and have to say. >> meteorologist: you are right, it was. ben: you guys are running out of time quickly. juliet: crazy. just kidding. >> meteorologist: glad you enjoyed it. it was nice yesterday, looks like today will be warmer outside but still very nice around the tristate region. 70 right now central park, 67 in newark, 53 in sussex, a touch colder than it was yesterday, 52 in monticello, we have clear skies in the tristate region, high pressure sitting on top of
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pressure starts to drift off shore here of a little bit. eventually that will pump up the heat and humidity. it is up a little bit the next couple days it will go up quite a bit. 83 by lunch and high of 86 later on this morning. now we go to tomorrow and we have a high of 89 degrees. still a chance of an isolated storm, not too worried about it but high temperatures in the operatings to low 90s. if we get both 90 degree days we have a heat wave but we are on the cusp, a humidity coming back too. let's bring in ines rosales with a look at what is happening around town. it is friday. >> here is what is going on this morning, things are fine in morris county, 287 queens, watch out for an accident on grand central parkway westbound.
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your commute, rockland through weighed towards the japanese the bridge southbound you are fine, no problems on the northbound side. bqe we have delays, construction always causing delays, if you are approaching the brooklyn bridge, one road closed with roadwork and a manhattan bound brooklyn bridge, no problems. joy we know more about this earthquake? ben: breaking news this morning. juliet: two miles north, up in new jersey. this happened that 3:41, a quake that low on the scale usually doesn't produce any damage all the lot of folks tweeted what is going on? a bunch of us felt something was shaking. the united states geological survey classified it as 3 on its intensity scale meaning it had week shaking. we will keep an eye on this throughout the morning. ben: one person is dead two
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in brownsville, brooklyn. juliet: it happened in saratoga avenue a few blocks from public school. the shock spotter system picked up gunfire. when police arrived they found three men with gunshot wounds, 20-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. and the king-year-old and 20-year-old were shot in the arm. they are in stable condition. no arrests have been made. ben: shootings are finally dropping after weeks of increases for the first of the year through yesterday morning there were 701 shootings. last year the number was 711, that is down a little over 1%. shootings have been up as much as 8% in some weeks leading up to this point. the rise prompted police to begin this summer all program in june putting after officers on foot patrol. so far appears to be having mixed results. won precinct 67 saw shootings drop 46%. 75 to start shootings guy rocket 75%.
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juliet: of returning the death penalty in the state, big news. ben: the 11 men currently on death row will not be executed. includes two and made sentenced to die for killing a mother and her two daughters in 2007 home invasion, it was horrible. robert moses joins us now in the newsroom and i am sure we would get a lot of reaction from families of the victims in these cases. >> reporter: we already have. connecticut has never been a hotbed for executions. the state has only put one criminal to death since 1960. still, this court ruling could have wide-ranging implications and it is another signal that this country has soured on capital punishment. the crime was shocking and heinous. home invasion in cheshire, conn. in 2007. jennifer hoch had it was raped, strangled and murdered.
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inhalation after the home was set ablaze. joshua and stephen presentence to death for the mergers but now their lives and the lives of ten other men will be scared. the state supreme court ruled 4-3 that the death penalty is unconstitutional. writing for the majority justice richard palmer said the state's death penalty no longer comports with contemporary standards of decency and no longer serves any legitimate and a logical purpose. is evidence of a growing national opposition to the death penalty although only applies to connecticut, it could be cited in other states that a grappling with capital punishment. for those whose lives have been torn apart the ruling rubs salt in wounds that never fully healed. dr. william pettit his wife and daughters were murdered in the cheshire home invasion criticized the ruling in a statement saying the death penalty and its application is a highly charged topic with
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profound emotional impact particularly on the victims and their loved ones. in 2004 new york's highest court declared the death penalty unconstitutional, new jersey legislatively abolished capital punishment so with this ruling in connecticut the tristate area at affectively has no death penalty at all. that is the latest from the news room this morning. back to you. ben: seems to be the trend nationally. thank you very much. 4:47. today we will see an event that will go down in the history books at least for our lifetime. secretary of state john kerry will be there as the stars and stripes rise over restore cuba. juliet: this after decades of tension as the two countries tried to reestablish diplomatic ties. >> reporter: for the first time
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in half a century the american flag will fly at the new reopened u.s. embassy in havana, cuba. john kerry will be there friday for the event which comes after the u.s. and cuban governments officially restore diplomatic relations last month. the white house faces criticism for its efforts to normalise ties with cuba which allegedly had a history of abusing human rights. >> they have been very frank, nothing will change in cuba. this week alone a round in a and the rest of upwards of 90 or so dissidents, beat people up, on sunday of this week. >> reporter: despite those claims john kerry says the u.s. will push for democracy on the communist island. >> our preference is for democracy, a full embrace of the freedom of the cuban people to choose their future. >> reporter: in havana kerry will take a tour of the city and meet with several public officials but he is not slated to meet current president raul castro or his brother former president fidel castro who
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millions in damage from the u.s. caused by the decade's old embargo. >> there are lots of issues and i am not saying this is one of them but lots of issues that in the process of normalization aspect will be discussed. i have seen nothing that would indicate that is one of them. >> reporter: despite the embassy reopenings a rookie issues remain between the two government including character terrorism efforts, drug smuggling and trade. juliet: pope francis's visit to new york is a month away but officials have been busy planning for it for awhile now. the pontiff will address the u.n. at madison square garden. at the u.n. general assembly, a visit by president obama. this city will be before the feeling. it will create a security environment that police commissioner bratton. >> meteorologist: trenton to
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and many of whom will get an up close and personal -- >> comingle a lot more than we used to. we advise personnel to do that while we are here. >> new jersey transit will add extra trains and buses and urging people to stay off the roads during the pope's visit and try to use public transportation. ben: it will be an interesting week for sure. juliet: maybe a good week to take vacation. ben: i don't think we will be allowed. juliet: definitely not. when i was putting in my vacation request, that weekend, no. i said i didn't remember. still ahead on "good day early call" looking at a warm warm weekend. ben: mike woods has your forecast, find out why bill
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warmer than we had yesterday. we have high pressure in control, clear skies, the frontal boundary in offshore waters hanging out, not a problem. we did not get the storms yesterday and looks like today probably the same, mainly sunny skies will be eventually things change up on us as we get into the week and. high pressure still with us keeping skies clear. as we head into tomorrow, we concede them popping up on future cast but doesn't look like much makes it to us, a chance you could see something pop but but it would be isolated primarily to the northwest and not so much everyone else. here's what we have today, sunny skies, with start close to 67 degrees, high temperature of 86 with mainly sunny skies, 89 is your high tomorrow, there's the isolated storm in the afternoon possible, don't look at it, mostly sunny, emitted in makes a
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that he does too, high temperature 89 to 90 through tuesday and we have a better chance of showers and storms coming back tuesday in to wednesday but sticky at that point badly he is back here this weekend. let's talk about that apps, even download for free at the apple itunes store and google play store. if there's any severe weather in the area lightning too it will let you know in a jiffy. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have as you head out the door this morning. ines: the commute is doing great, staten island expressway no problems for the verrazano bridge. if you are traveling in westjustin looks great on the tappan zee bridge, westchester, sawmill, bronx parkway looks great, let's see how things are moving this morning on the cross bronx, slight slowdown as you travel west bound, construction going on eastbound, expect delays on the holland river drive with construction south
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bound by the triborough bridge. the hudson river crossing, lincoln tunnel looked good, and the gwb and holland. >> bill deblasio's wife has been excused from a federal jury duty, she went to brooklyn federal court yesterday asking for a postponement until the end of her husband's term in 2018 citing her busy schedule as first lady but turned out she will not have to serve anyway because it is well-known she resided graze dimension in manhattan which is not the eastern district of new york, but the southern district of new york. she is no longer eligible to serve in brooklyn. when asked bill deblasio said his wife can serve in october when she has gotten kids off to college. >> joining us to talk about this and so much more is curtis who has been attacked by a drone. show them the drama going on. that scratch right there, the drone attacks you. >> attacked me and came at me as
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second time. downwind the drone. instead of worrying about the blood coming out of my neck, you hurt my jerome. juliet: the drone is worth more than you are. >> charlene. ben: her name is shirlaine. >> the point being the both in brooklyn have to serve jury in the eastern district, you serve when you vote. function. >> who is more of an expert on this? i have been forced to move around a lot. every time one of my old axes decides to kick me to the curb. you vote and then that is where you surgery duty, that is where you get your letter that tells
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she would sit in the jury pool, reading a book. bqe two days they would dismiss her and she would not be called back for a month of sundays whether it is state supreme court or civil court. ben: i served in june in manhattan. >> a case about antiques and whether somebody got ripped off because of the money, you would be perfect for that. ben: it was a drug case. from the alphabet city area. as soon as they were like you are on tv, i forget. you are excused. >> you know how many times i have been picked for jury? zero. ben: you would say guilty regardless. >> death penalty. we don't have a death penalty. juliet: if it was a woman you would be hitting on her. >> just that she would call and say i am too busy. ben: she is --
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ben: she is working on a plan on mental health and vogue problem connected with that and homelessness. ben: her spokesman >> they claim there are less homeless people. juliet: complaints are up 60%. >> they are everywhere. these people must wake up at 11:00 in the morning after smoking on the back boards a great demand in and they don't see what everybody else sees. homeless people and mentally ill people running all over the city. ben: they do seem like they're everywhere, doesn't matter the neighborhood or the borough. everywhere. >> according to bill deblasio crime is down statistically, statistically homelessness is down and they say the nypd is aggressively enforcing quality of life, guys are whipping it out in the public. ben: i don't think this is a bill deblasio issue he can be
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i noticed this when mayor bloomberg was in office, they seem to be everywhere. >> they are in denial. and administration cannot deal with the problem until the recognize with ever-growing problem and we will prioritize this. juliet: i know what you will say about this, the beautiful women in cuba, i can't wait to go to havana and dance the night away with the beautiful -- the u.s. embassy opens in cuba today and anything besides that commentary went to make? >> you would think cuba was isis and isis was cuba or hamas. there is no more war, the cold war is over. that was 50 years ago. marco rubio and joy but don't call me bush, this is no good, this needs to happen. the moment cubans can travel back and forth you think they're
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going to want to go back 90 miles through shark infested waters to live in a totalitarian regime under third world conditions? they will want to come to america and with jimmy carter being ill, castro's celebrating his 80 ninth birthday he should die tomorrow and the room temperature, it is not like it used to be. it has changed. i can't wait to go to cuba. would you like to go with me? ben: 770 wabc, we will cut you off. juliet: kind of unfortunate and ironic that this thing -- it did not get a major artery. >> almost got the jugular. john gotti jr. operating that jerome. juliet: you never know.
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>> meteorologist: let's take a look at what happened yesterday. did we make up to 83? that is exactly what happened. 8 your high temperature, central park and 85 at newark, 80 degrees in allentown, same thing in sussex. norm, nice friday, nice and
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comfortable. 70 degree central park, chris kyle, winds are calm. looks like a beautiful start to the day. will be fantastic, high pressure in control and we have another day off, not much going on with humidity just yet but we are about to see some changes as high pressure shift offshore. we will start to bring back with humidity over the weekend not so much tomorrow but on sunday so today a lot of sun, 73 by 9:00 a.m. 83 by noon and i have 86. tomorrow 89 for high, small chance of a warm-up to the northwest, could be anywhere around the tristate but primarily to the northwest, humidity makes the come back sunday monday tuesday, share our chances to stay in to wednesday. ben: duke is off. we have sports. juliet: yankees were in cleveland. ben: i saw the ball park, 15 feet away. kerry: hoping to snag a five day losing streak, two men and brian
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mccan. he does all the way. kerry: didn't know that. 3 run blast to the right. the yankees a 3-0. they go on to win beating the indians 8-6 snapping the skid half-game behind toronto. ben: net 7 early start looking for a four game sweep, bottom of the fourth, curtis granderson right here, two runs shot right center, 20th of the making it 6-3. mets dominating the pinch hit, three run blast to left center. that one is out of there, 126- the final, washington lost. they have a 4 game lead. the end of the nl east. i got to tell you is not an easy division. the jets open their preseason
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last night in dramatic dram0 a >> he had his jaw broken by up punch. enemkpali. the lines mascot for the nice y,atchees5 yards for 73- lions, on the jets' side, ryan fitzpatrick rweelaced smith as starting quarterback, ohe ny played the first quarter completing two of three passes. brandon marshall covering saw 85 events to beat the jets 23-3. enemkpali is showingtwemorse for the locker room punch that broke quarterback geno smith's joy of >> a should have walked away
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