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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 15, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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don't, that's weird. the first ever dry spray anti-perspirant from axe. now on chasing news. >> howdy feel about that. >> did he really say that? >> it's good friday and it's a little shop and we are going to make watermelon and lemonade the ones you can make at home. >> there really good. >> your chase in a story started last week when a 14-year-old was caught from fleeing from police and now the politicians have
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gotten involved, a member of congress once a federal investigation. investigating a shooting word to troopers and one shares officer chased and fired on a 14-year-old. this is his mother, she was in a meeting at the church, those are her tears. >> for a son who she thought she may never see again, she was he was shot seven times and a leg friday night. >> this next to her is the lawyer, samuel who says. >> heat heat and have a gun on himself, he could be running on from police a place a gun summer where they can fight hours and please don't north at and they said they saw him with a gun. >> the 22 caliber handbook but they got later, was found way of their, the corner of ashley,
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that's a good 50 yards. >> attorney general. >> state troopers are helping out it's the most deadly year for homicides on record. the two were riding together and it minivan right after shooting was reporting from a housing project near by one of him was the boy to the people with him stay put, and and the boy took off. the boy made a move towards his waist as use fleeing from the officers and that's what they discharge their weapons. interesting. interesting to point out no charges were filed against the kids who were with the boy and no charges from the boy and sell. the mayor of trenton. >> we went to the prosecutor's office and we could not get it.
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>> of the entire did democratic medical establishment came out there trying to put pressure on the u.s. attorney's office to investigate what the u.s. attorney says he doesn't think he can. for now they're trying to get attorney journal more transparent, they stop short from saying it was justified or unjustified. >> were gonna try to find out more information a nail this down. the response team says they're going to do a full investigation which could take a while and they will report back. >> high-speed chase. >> several art dead and injured at a warehouse in china. the video was shot, it's amazing that the men number of casualties isn't higher. the authorities are investigating what caused the blast but the chinese media is a the warehouse
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clearly violated issues and will have more information as it comes out. >> you are chasing a story that is exclusive to our show, it's about a disabled woman who is being evicted from her apartment. >> absolutely, jacqueline frederick has been victim of a hit-and-run car accident a few years ago and leading to the temptation of her leg,. >> see i have a bad leg in the hip, it's nasty right. >> the state of new jersey and the department of community affairs have granted temporary rental assistant to help her paper her rent in section eight housing complex. two years ago there's a fire fire in the building after it was extinguished, during and expects expense they issued code
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violations in the building. >> they try to retake the floor but it bends like this,. >> that's one of the violations. that's when the landlord did not adequately address the issue in the building over the past year. despite numerous requests. >> he never responded and never came she kept telling us to write a list what was wrong so we wrote her a letter and told her about the floor and i was living and falling on the floor. >> the result is temporary away from jaclyn leaving her and her dog, brownie, homeless. >> now i have to move out of this apartment on monday and i don't have anywhere to go. >> i had to reach out to the landlord to catch her side. >> she doesn't pay the rent so
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naturally when you go to court and you stop pain you get evicted. >> so so this dra which is temporary rental assistant is is the way the government looks at it it's not so much the assistance of the tenant, it is a payment that that goes to the landlord it goes directly to the landlord. so they're gonna say were going to punish the landlord because she hasn't fix the problems, i guess the question is why would they expect the tenant would have to continue paying her poor shit if she's living in these conditions question mark. >> let me type out the conditions, while i was there she had a friend moving her stuff out. she was moving it out three flights, and entire stair just blew out and fell and had to be taken away in an ambulance. the chair came completely out. >> don't step on that one. >> what's next. >> she's trying to file for an
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extension in a new place to stay, but she's going to be homeless and a few days. >> all right, thanks. >> from candidates for office to sign the taxpayer protection pledge to be american people. the candidate pledges, in writing to quote a pose and veto any and all efforts to access. chris christie he decide the pledge. i had a chance to speak with him about it. >> it wasn't at, as governor both times he publicly repeatedly said i'm not going to raise taxes lbo taxes for the entirety of his term as governor he has not cited single tax increase. he has vetoed more tax increaases than anyone else in american history as far as we can tell. >> now that he has been signed
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the pledge some people asking how we will finance the transportation trust fund raise the gas tax in order to do so. we have's senator in with us via skype who might be running for governor in the next so election, did you really expect governor christie to pass this >> first while i think the pledge is as trustworthy as his pensions. i would take that with a grain of salt. governor has pledged not to raise is the millionaire tax. he cut homestead rebates, for citizens of new jersey's that raise their taxes. he cut and severely that earned income tax credit for low-income folks, and increase their taxes. so he has already raised taxes in the state of new jersey. yes it does jeopardize the safety of our motorists if we do
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not have a revenue source, to fix the roads and bridges that are in serious need of repair. >> if you look at capital investment tripled in 98 and doubled in 99 it's 99 it's all based on a capital gains task conversation in new jersey. how about we just say the right find the right taxes to cut]mq create jobs, and build revenue by expanding the base of taxes. i don't understand why that has become a partisan issue. is that some you would address question mark. >> actually, i have. governor christie has criticized my tax incentive to bring jobs and investment to the state of new jersey. first we have to address the excessive spending. we waste money and education and corrections, through administration echoes right out the window. we through administration echoes right out the window. we can do that, we can make government more and our criminal
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justice system waste a lot of money. we have to cut expensive spending that's unnecessary and that we can address the tax problem. >> let me, did i just hear the tax reform and then cutting spending? are you to be running as a publican in 2017 question mark. >> on partly, i am a progressive democrat and proud of it. >> don't worry, i knew it. >> three, two was our favorite day of the week, friday. >> is all good, do you want to beat the heat i but unit is no popsicle, earl grey with vanilla and black pepper, ricotta with pepper, ricotta with blueberries, they're not your average popsicle their cool ones. i'm at the little pop shop with owner and popsicle list, jamie's day we are going to make watermelon and lemony popsicles today. everyone everyone take them, they're delicious and marked so you can try all the dish different flavors.
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>> vietnamese ice copy off coffee. , watermelon, lemonade. >> clearly there's a fascination with popsicles. >> the first and most important part of a achieving the perfect popsicle is the ingredients of course. they have to be fresh, i used watermelons and lemons and put them into a juicer and then i mixed those two things together in a pure e machine and the last thing what simple syrup. popsicle sticks were placed in a mode and the liquid was placed on top of the mold and then i put it into the popsicle machine. you want to make that as well as you possibly can we as a freezer that freezes that within 20 minutes so the icicles don't develop. these are better than
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the ones at home because usually takes hours to freeze them and they don't taste as good because icicles form so these taste much better. >> these are really good. >> coming up in the fall, the next labors are to die for. they makes more popsicles, pumpkin spice, they sound so good. if you you want to try these it's the little pop shop in philadelphia, they're looking to expand to get a bigger freezer and you can either tweet us or comment on our facebook page. >> all right. >> is anyone else's chewy? >> it's really good. >> book of these road closures
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> the nypd is searching for a man in the bronx who followed a woman into an elevator of her building. he took out a knife and demanded she hand over over her wallet, thankfully the victim was not hurt but the thief made off with cash and credit cards in her wallet. if you see this man or recognize him call nypd crimestoppers. >> bill you and i have have been famous for a long time, you must
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know between chris christie and pres. obama right after hurricane sandy, people have been calling it a hug for a long time. a box channel they said can you explain why she apologized to the governor,. >> i concluded there was no hug. >> i was governor christie extending his hand to the president she even shows the viewers a video of a definite hug of president obama and florida governor. >> along with new jersey department of transportation revealed plans for their preparation the pope lands in philly from new york on september 26. >> right after the pope lands in philadelphia the first stop is right behind me he will conduct math at the cathedral basilica of saint peter and paul, right
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here in logan square. the second stop will be right here in independence hall. the symbol of freedom here in philadelphia. he will be speaking on religious freedom and on integration issues and there's another import from italy right here the italian stallion. the final staff on day one will be right here at ben franklin parkway, the art museums right across the way there will be a prayer vigil with the world meeting of families and also and it should be pretty awesome and there'll be a lot of people >> how do you feel about the pope coming to philadelphia? , i'm a catholic and i'm actually looking for to it. >> i run a dairy in philadelphia ever tried to get tickets for the pope's math on set timber 26 and give the tickets to the homeless. i'd. >> i it would be a wonderful
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thing if the homeless could take it and. >> basically he's going to have three events, to a benjamin franklin hawk parkway, there's a security line through the entire benjamin parkway that will be completely bock blocked off anybody coming in will have to go through a magnetometers the metal detectors to get aside there. >> i work in a hospital so it's not possible for me there. >> check this out, look at these road closures in new jersey. there's the turnpike, everything within 60 miles will be affected leading to the ben franklin bridge will will be closed onto pedestrian traffic so people can walk into the city. so a walking mac shows you just how far people will have to walk from parking on the jersey side. look at the traffic, five or six, seven hours. the new jersey department of transportation said if you don't
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think you can handle the walk, you should be coming at all. and he really say that? >> yeah. >> what is it with the incompetence of the municipal government of philadelphia and the administration here? i i don't be the first one here to sam annoyed at governor christie but i am completely annoyed. how is this a reasonable plan. jersey by the 2 million people expecting to travel, 42% of them are expected to go through new jersey. they leave they leave extra time wherever you go. >> $25000 in travel related expenses for world trade but
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>> 47 years old he actually assaulted his younger brother matthew because he ate three big macs without saving lovers older brother. he was arraigned on simple assault before being jailed at the washoe county correctional society, next time he gets a big macs he might want to save them for your brothers. >> share. >> he became famous for the jersey shore but is now being accused for not properly paint texas on $8.9 million in income. dollars in income. he tried to convince the judge in court that he doesn't have enough money to afford an attorney and should be appointed one. the judge told him he does not qualify and that he needs to make some lifestyle choices so he can afford an attorney. >> take me out to the ballgame, the tournament of world series
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champions next week in branson missouri. they need $25000 in travel related expensive such as food, bus, hotel. >> the kids, they know we have a lack of funds they are trinket taking it with strike, they are hoping at the last minute we are able to get enough funds to to go. >> they're not your average little league, they are world they just won the national amateur baseball federation in july. >> i just have to give them one instruction and they go with it, they are prepared to play. >> next week in branson missouri they will compete against five other world series champions.
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these tournaments take a lot out of your pockets, expensive take, expensive take a toll on the parents. >> a lot of family help us but it takes a lot. it's a struggle. as a team we do a lot of fundraising. >> they want to compete at the national level but they need the funny to get them there. >> if you don't focus you never going to be successful, focus then you're going to be successful. >> a gofundme pages set up to raise $25,000 there at 8000 so far. the tournament is around the corner but if they don't get the funding they won't be able to go. i spent the day learning about the team, i didn't have learning about the team, i didn't have any idea on how to throw a baseball. i was chewing sunflower seeds is that some elsie to baseball games. >> is spit out the shell into the sea. >> they'll be competing for the championship, that means the best in new york city and this weekend the trip to missouri is august 17. >> it's a great story but
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indicative of a bigger trend. were hockey dads and we spend more on turbotax and parents spent $671 per year per kid on sports, one in five and up spending more than $1000. it's only going up and people i play baseball your row now. >> this is a different, kids are rewarded for their great play, their teamwork and they have this opportunity to go but while $25000. >> are you done and don't even know it. >> she's alive now she's broke.
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