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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> get ready for a hazy, hot and humid day. will we have record-breaking temperatures? temperatures? doesn't really matter. it will be lousy humidity. mike has the forecasts. robert: commuters sweat it out as they try to get from point a to point be. juliet: down in tennessee, this
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on the beam of the brooklyn bridge. robert: take -- the return of one form of cancer. >> enjoying vacation in a warm place with his family but it is nice to be here. juliet: it is nicer in the caribbean and leaves as we get the heat wave. he won't complain. robert: talking backwards, forwards and sideways. >> meteorologist: probably too nice. this ocean breeze. >> meteorologist: he missed him.
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one more day, some changes on the way. some pretty big thunderstorms are showers coming down through parts of new jersey, somerset county, hudson county, to the south end of the cities and heavy showers are slow movers, put down water on a short period of time, or localized flooding and there is flood advisory, localized one covers hudson county, the south end of manhattan, and thundershowers popping up and slowly creeping north. and there they are. temperatures drop 5 degrees in the next half-hour or so, we're down 75 at central park because of thundershowers in the area, 78 at newark, same thing bridgeport, 65 sussex, and it is
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here is the radar and satellite. they usually don't hold together a long, the fact the they are slow movers means you could see localized flooding. high pressure locked in in the mid-atlantic region helping to guide a lot of moisture in southeastern states keeping us on a hot and sticky side. the warm moist air pushed into the tristate region. we don't have any major triggers in terms of what could help fire of showers and storms but doesn't take much, justin will instability and that is what we see out there. same basic conditions tomorrow but more cloud cover out at that time, shower chances picking up over the next few days. flash flood warning is will we are talking about, showers and storms producing localized flooding. probably annoy and a lot of people. it is 5:00 in the morning, 90
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temperature, it happened to me more in someone's. flash floods are possible with slow-moving thunderstorms. that is happening for a while the next few days. it is breaking news for the weather got. ines: we have problems with flooding related, an earlier accident route 22 west bound in springfield, accident clears the trying to fix that poll, the lie, accident closing all lanes eastbound by exit 69, between 69, and 70 multi car accident has all lanes closed. let's show you the george washington bridge doing pretty good, upper level fine, lower level they just wrapped up constructions of everything clearing, la guardia, grand
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trains on or close. robert: just the day after commuters face another round of new jersey transit delays chris christie scheduled to meet with the u.s. transportation secretary to talk about the new hudson river rail tunnels. juliet: the worst train problem since last month, did you reading conditions, the plan conditions, the plan they are set to discuss, $20 billion. in 2010 chris christie kill a tunnel project that would have doubled peak trains to manhattan, he was concerned about the design and cost overruns. robert: subway repairs end a few minutes ago as service is returning to normal.
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>> service disruptions are causing problems for late-night commuters trying to get around town, teresa priolo is at 71st and continental avenue subway station with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, russia hour isn't bad enough especially when you are trying to cram onto a subway car. now at construction to the mix, making life easy for a lot of people believe it is happening around the city including here along queens boulevard where trains are in some cases slowing down but in other cases shutting down completely. get ready to wait. new yorkers across this city feeling the effects of major subway repair work happening on the busiest lines, mainly the e f m on lines on queens boulevard and the 123 which carry new yorkers from the bronx through lower manhattan with the three ending in brooklyn.
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get where they go on time? >> reporter: construction work will focus on the express tracks which means trains will slow to 10 miles per hour through work zones which in turn means fewer trains can run. the mta says there will be no e service to or from jamaica 179th street. your best bet is to transfer union turnpike. for the next week to week on the 123 fast-track will feel more like slowpoke. this weekend next, all service out of 34th street is suspended from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. for regular maintenance. >> major airlines will affect a lot of people. >> reporter: you should avoid the 123 all together but if you can't, the one will be stopping in penn station for the most part the two will be running on the 5 tracks and the 3 will be suspended in manhattan but a shuttle bus will be available.
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keep in mind the work that is going to be happening in queens will take three weeks and the 123 line will take three weeks of this is not just the one bad week for people, this is an extended project so you should plan accordingly. that is elitist, the latest , of you mike: robert: david is being held without bond as a fugitive of was nabbed. she took the picture and posted it to instagram before the july 4th weekend, raised security concerns. he is held without bond and will appear in court again at the end of the month. his arrest follows several high-profile trespassing case is that the bridge over the past year. including russian tourists and two german artist and climbed to the top. >> best it approve new rules
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regarding cooling towers, building owners must register and test the towers within the next 30 days. inspections go will be required every two month. of the sample tests positive for the bacteria the tower must undergo an immediate disinfection. cooling towers in the bronx are expected to spread the bacteria which led to the large as legionnaires' outbreak in city history. 120 cases were diagnosed, 12 people died. robert: another two 20,000 americans may have had their tax information's:metadata breach at the internal revenue service. the ira's sending an is to those taxpayers and will give them free credit protection. this new figure is in addition to the 100,000 announced by the irs in may. the agency says he's gained access using an application called get transcripts which was used by taxpayers to see returns from previous years.
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turning to the campaign trail immigration is a hot topic as the republican presidential candidates continue stumping. juliet: the other candidates had tweeting their messages. kerry drew joins us to tell us more. >> reporter: donald trump back to the campaign trail, likely discussing his immigration plan, his first formal policy plan since announcing his candidacy and getting a lot of attention especially from his republican presidential rivals. >> see what happens, see what happens. >> reporter: as donald trump reported for jury duty monday reaction boarding to his immigration plan. the gop front runner unveiled his position over the weekend calling for mexico to pay for a while on the border with the u.s.. >> we are building a wall, a will be strong, solid, police. >> reporter: other presidential candidates weighed in. >> we have is huge problem on the border, we need to address
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it did can't be addressed just with a wall. that won't fix the problem. >> no question about the extension and enforce the law and we should be supporting illegal -- >> reporter: trump's plan calls for unprecedented crackdown end mr chamber afraid citizenship, guaranteed by the constitution which makes anyone born in the u.s. automatically a citizen. an idea drawing criticism from some who say it would lead to >> supporting 11 million, are you going to do it by bus or plane or bring the army? are you going to be in the business of deporting babies which is exactly what you wants. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign reacting calling from bad ideas, quote, extreme anti-immigrant positions. from remains at the top of the polls, the latest fox news poll has him leading by double digits among his rivals.
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he is expected to be campaigning in new hampshire later this week, we will talk about this plan a lot. >> alvarado's reporters out of the way. not an easy job. plenty more coming up. a big day for women to have a major impact on their love lives. juliet: michael keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: a few things going on, one thundershower affecting a lot of folks including flash flooding. we will probably see partly sunny to mostly sunny skies, 75 that central park with a store running through tell which is why it got cooler, hot and humid, another isolated storm. if you want to keep track of the storms download hour apps. this is a day it would come in handy, live interactive rate i you can take to the street level
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doing if it is coming for your neighborhood or getting out, it
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and google play store, we >> things got shaky for a meteorologist at our sister station in san francisco. >> you name it everyone, we have
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oh my goodness, oh my goodness, this is the golf. robert: he reacted to at 4.0 magnitude quake that hit the bay area yesterday morning, small by california standards but powerful enough for people in downtown san francisco to feel the joel. no reports of serious injuries or damage. juliet: have you ever been in one? robert: i have not. juliet: it is crazy scary. i was in the northridge earthquake, it was a big one. it was -- woke us up out of bed. the entire area, it was -- like poltergeist. robert: were you on the air when that happened? >> meteorologist: i've never on
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i did feel the one in 1989. 65 miles an hour away and still felt that and kicked out of class. found out all the happened afterwards. here it is what we have today, that small quake the other day, 2.5. big thundershower popping up over parts of new jersey heading into the city. it is pouring out on the upper east side. one of our folks that it looked like a hurricane. the pretty strong thundershower making its way through the tristate region. at first in somerset county it blossomed out and bought west coming through the south end of long island to the north, i am at in this will hold together for all little while, the lightning counter doesn't have a lot going on. more of a heavy wind and rain producer, wind storms move that
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slowly you get a lot of flooding. the green shaded area, direct shaded area, the south end of manhattan indicating a flash flood warning. and quite common along that path. somerset county, middlesex county you have that rain dealing with. 75 with rain passing through. a few isolated thundershowers are possible in the overnight hours. the same basic weather scenario as yesterday, high temperatures, 90 today still sticking with up few storms here and there, chances of rain pick up as we head into wednesday especially thursday and friday those look to be the wettest days in temperatures keep trending down through the rest of the week but those thundershowers out there right now, problems on the
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let's bring in ines and c. wishy is hearing about this weather and other traffic issues. ines: a lot of accidents. as far as flooding, here is what is going on, 22 west bound, lane closed, accident earlier, springfield avenue one lane closed, university turnpike a truck fire south bound by 16 blocking a lane but this is a new one, all lanes subject to closure northbound by country club road because of an accident and the lie accident investigation has roadways shutdown on the eastbound side by exit 69, traffic slowed, leans close with this investigation. west bound we are doing fine. the lincoln tunnel inbound traffic moving no katie are crossing the hudson, holland, doing fine as well as the trains. robert: release 30 scene at yankee stadium as pitcher ryan mitchell was hit in the face with a line drive, happened in
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and was bloodied bad day. every pitcher's worst nightmare. he got up under his own power and was told of the field, later went to new york presbyterian hospital suffered a nasal shortly thereafter. for concussions symptoms. juliet: in medical news this so-called female viagra will be approved as soon as today. the fda will decide if it is going to okay the pill. if it does get the green light it will be the first drug to fight low sex drive in women but there are side effects like painting, nausea, in some the odd but an fda advisory committee has approved the drug and said benefits outweigh the risks. do you have any commentary?
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antwan lewis would say something. for survivors of colon cancer, researchers a 42% of those patients who drink four cups or more at they were less likely to have their cancer return. the study which appeared in the journal of clinical oncology is the first to link caffeinated coffee with the recurrence of colon cancer. doctors say findings are encouraging but more research is needed. juliet: a lot more to come, real housewives house goes up for auction, it is her house, we
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juliet: parent company of home shopping channel qvc looking to reach younger shoppers, liberty interactive is buying flash sales for $2 billion.
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growth with that merger, has a network of 10,000 partners and offers thousands of products, 56% of its orders placed over mobile devices. moody's as both brands should benefit from combined sourcing distribution and technology. robert: could be your chance to own a real piece of reality tv, real houseflies of new jersey star's home in stafford township will be auctioned off at numb to be at the ocean county justice complex. the star and her husband bought the canal from home in 2005 for $345,000. joel will be sold as is. the minimum bid is $100,000 and will go up in $1,000 increments. peter hanson joy were convicted of bankruptcy fraud leading to the home being put in foreclosure.
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the real one. >> it is me, colonel sanders. sanders. i am the real colonel sanders. this is how you sell chicken. juliet: the fast food chain hired norm macdonald to replace campaign. one at, at going to take back his identity as the real colonel sanders. in another the as and all along joy of you can justin co. hollywood actor and put him in a white suit and call him the colonel. many of the ads are posted on youtube and. i have seen this story everywhere. is this like -- this is big news? a la the only one missing someone? i haven't had it in a long time?
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". robert: good morning. there was the monsoon outside while you were asleep but we are told that has ceased in this city. we are in for a hot day with temperatures close to 90 degrees. mike will tell us when the relief will come. juliet: police need your help catching a purse snatcher. this was caught on security cameras. we will give you that update. look at that. robert: comedian tracy morgan returning to saturday night live. anna gilligan will tell us when the former star will be back on tv. juliet: and. juliet: a wonderful surprise for a lot of stevie wonder fans
5:29 am
they sold out in 30 seconds, he performed a free concert in central park. very cool. robert: he is awesome. good tuesday. juliet: you are too young to be a legend. robert: juliet huddy, robert moses. juliet: i am just kidding. nothing. nothing. ines knows what i am laughing at. ines: yes. juliet: release wheat. you are a legend of. robert: you are a 28-year-old legend. juliet: robert moses in for ben simmoneau.
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. good morning. oh well. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on. we talked about there being some storms and they are still there. live radar, mainly coming in to morris county and heading basically to the north into hudson and essex county and bergen county some heavy thundershowers but not a lot of lightning with this but still putting down a lot of rain in a short time. a little interrupted as far as storms go. slowing down on a roadways, reports of localized flooding but primarily northeast new jersey being hit with heavier showers and storms at this time. the lightning counter never gets higher than 8. flood advisory in effect for green shaded counties, the red
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localized flooding happening with slow-moving showers coming through. 75 at central park, temperatures came down 5 degrees with heavier thundershowers coming for but we should make up to 90 for higher later this afternoon. more isolated storms possible later today, humid weather with us through saturday and rain chances pick up as we go toward the end of the work week. let's bring in ines rosales and see what else we have out there. ines: busy on the roads. haven't received much word but several inches construction accident, emergency construction until 7:00 a.m. by springfield, earlier accident left the dell pole and cut car fire on the turnpike south bound after 15 blocking the right lane. the bruckner all lanes closed by country club road because of an accident and the lie in suffolk county shutdown by exit 69.
5:32 am
going on, delays go back to the parkway. let's show you how we are doing this morning, fdr drive, the fdr drive slow construction wrapped up, delays northbound, on the southbound side you are fine, grand central parkway, wet roadways, fdr was wet, grand central joy ride, the rain is out there but the whole area fine this morning on the grand
5:33 am
ovn. ines: you have me. ha >> reporter: hymen morning to both of you. i know we all come and angood morning to both of you. i know we all come and an early hours, different times but remember what it was like to travel into the city at rush hour, packed rain sometimes delayed, get to work late, and construction work on top of all of that and that is happening around the city including here on queens boulevard, i have talked to a few people that tell me the trains were already delayed at 5:30 this morning.
5:34 am
in some cases the trains are very slow but in other cases not running at all. get ready to wait. new yorkers across the city feeling the effects of major subway repair work happening on some of the busiest lines. mainly in the lines that run along fleece boulevard and the 123 which carry new yorkers from the bronx through lower manhattan with the 3 ending in brooklyn. >> how are people supposed to travel and get where they are going? >> reporter: construction work will focus on the express track which means trains will slow to 10 miles an hour through work zones which in turn means fewer trains can run. the mta says there will be no e service to or from jamaica, 179th street, your best bet is to transfer union turnpike. on the 123, fast-track will feel more like slowpoke.
5:35 am
this week and next all service south of 34th street is suspended from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. for regular maintenance. >> three major airlines affect a lot of people. >> reporter: avoid the 123 all together but if you can't know that the one will be stopping at penn station for the most part the 2 will be running on the 5 track and the 3 will be suspended in manhattan but a shuttle bus will be available. something we should tell our viewers to make sure they keep in mind we of throw a lot of information at them so if they are concerned about their commute they should get to the mta website. they have all the details and they can decide which is the best spot for them and how to rerouting is while the construction work continues. that is the latest from queens. robert: police are looking for the man who snatched a woman's prayers on the upper west side but tossed it soon after.
5:36 am
just after 3:00 a.m. july 26th tube the man grabbed the 24-year-old's purse and ran off. police found a bad few blocks away. everything was still inside. still have information police would like to hear from you at 800-577-tips. juliet: hillary clinton cannot escape the e-mail scandal, growing by the day. the state department says they found 300 e-mails from when she was secretary of state that could contain top-secret classified material. democratic presidential candidate insists she never knowingly sent received classified information on her private server but some of this information seems to point otherwise. juliet: how about republicans? robert: donald trump's immigration plan is a hot topic on the campaign trail. juliet: statements are causing other republican candidates to address the issue and take
5:37 am
another look at their stance. kerry drew joins us with more. >> reporter: donald trump heading back to the campaign trail scheduled to be in new hampshire later this week and will likely be discussing his immigration plan. the gop front runner reported for jury duty in lower man and as reaction poured into his immigration plan. he unveiled his position over the weekend, his first formal policy plan since announcing his candidacy. recalls from mexico to pay for a wall on the border with the u.s.. the plan calls for an unprecedented crackdown ending birthright citizenship which has been guaranteed by the constitution since the teen 68, makes anyone born in the u.s. automatically a citizen. other gop presidential candidates weighed in with mixed reviews. >> we have a huge problem on the border, we need to address it but can't be addressed with a wall. that won't fix the problem.
5:38 am
>> no question about sanctuary cities enforcing the laws, no question we should be deporting illegals who committed major crimes. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign reacted to donald trump's plan calling the idea, quote, extreme anti-immigrant positions. a wall street journal nbc news poll released last month, 64% of americans said they support either a pass or permanent legal status for citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally. the latest in a newsroom, back to you. juliet: the weather is a little wacky right now because hour makeup artist went outside 25 minutes ago and said it was like a hurricane. mike went out withines and there's nothing going on. robert: that is the nature of these thundershowers. >> meteorologist: happens fast. national weather service put out a statement saying that thundershower that came through dropped an inch and a quarter. in lower manhattan.
5:39 am
a lot of rain in a short time. that happens with slow-moving thundershowers and they are still going on. in the northeast sections of new jersey around hudson, you are likely to run into quite a bit of localized flooding, then heading out for new work and morris county those thundershowers are still going on. in the city came in and out quickly. look for a pretty active morning for some of us. we have a flash flood warning in effect for that point and that is the south end of manhattan until 6:00. advisory's around that, if you have thundershowers in your neighborhood is likely to be putting down a lot of rain and try to get out there. 73 central park, 66 in sussex, depends where you are, some places are clear, some deal with those thundershowers in the area but look for more of that through the day, the same basic weather scenarios we had
5:40 am
yesterday, more cloud cover in the afternoon which will limit high temperature to 90 later today, 84 your high tomorrow, 83 thursday, biggest risk days with showers and storms thursday and friday. there is that weather apps you want to download on a morning like this, live interactive rate are you can check out and find out what is happening and the street level, download for free at the apple itunes store and google apps store. here comes ines and see if the weather is affecting folks on the road. ines: i have not heard about any flooding. no problems on the expressway toward the verrazzano bridge, some of the issues , accidents on not why kamal leans close eastbound by exit 69, investigation going on and broke her and bronx shutdown northbound by old country club road because of an accident. let's look at your commute, traffic approaching the brooklyn bridge living fine, you have
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normal delays all lanes closed on manhattan bound brooklyn bridge and traffic into brooklyn will be slow this morning. as for the trains with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99.
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patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted
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for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours.
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juliet: chris christie met with the transportation secretary, the hudson river railroad tunnels and possible tunnels comes a day after new jersey transit commuters faced long delays. >> register and test all holding our slicken for 30 days. inspections must be made every 90 days. juliet: the man who took a selfy of himself on the brooklyn bridge. david karnaugh is being held without bond as a fugitive from tennessee where he was nabbed. robert: they are serious. stevie wonder hit the stage for
5:45 am
juliet: central park center stage, it was pot of show basically to announce the stage for his new fall for and wasn't his first concert of the day. he started in b.c. and went to phillies before finishing in new york. we were told the concert would be a quick one but it lasted over an hour selenite street. good morning. duke castiglione. duke: the yankees taking on the twins, a see-saw battle back and forth, the main concern was brian mitchell. after a scary incident in the second inning with the yanks a 3-0 after an early home run, a line drive, he went down bloody and suffered at nasal fracture, taken to hospital but released shortly. i was watching this game.
5:46 am
mitchell by the way heading to that list. on the sixth, the twins with a 7-5 lead, carlos beltran built one joy left tying up at 7. we go to extra innings, chase headley with bases loaded. there he is to hit mitchell with a line drive, bobble the ball all the winning run to score, yankees when a crazy one 8-7 the final score, mark tiexiera did leave the game after falling a ball off of his right leg. x-rays negative,. jays were off yesterday, easily in bluejays were off yesterday, easily in the a.l. east. cc sabathia gets an extra day's rest. he was shown arguing with hecklers outside of toronto nightclub this past weekend. here is the video. this happened earlier saturday morning, before getting put into
5:47 am
a cab by friends and family. of world broke out. cc sabathia looked out and made a bad decision for getting involved in a shouting match. he says when hecklers were getting personal, he could have handled it better. cc sabathia was supposed to start last night and was scheduled, pushed back a day to get the extra rest and the yankees say it had nothing to do with the incident and he has pitched better, the first are after the all-star break. the nets have the night of started the two game series with the orioles tonight in baltimore. it looks like david right will return. next week with the phillies c reese which begins monday in philadelphia. juliet: really scary. back to mike for a check of the weather. wacky baseball games, wacky weather.
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>> meteorologist: crazy stuff this morning in the world of the weather, thundershowers coming through, so far central park, i am sure the numbers going up because we had heavy thundershowers in the next hour or so and doesn't hang out long in the south end of manhattan. here is where we stand, live radar coming farouk, union county, hudson county, this cluster of showers and storms into bergen county, passaic county, you're a getting bigger thundershowers out there this morning, slow movers, look at sky guardian 3d, they creep up to the lot north. when they move slowly it is lit up with moisture, and they put down a lot of rain in a short time, drops visibility, what if you run into on a roadway slow down or pullover because this could be a dangerous condition overall and it may hold together for a little while for the next few hours, be aware of that.
5:49 am
localized flooding is happening, we had a flood advisory which covered more on the south end of manhattan but we still had one flash flood warning in effect in the south of manhattan. there will be localized flooding along the path of that cluster of storms. as far as temperatures go if you have rain it is getting cooler, 73 at central park, 78 at newark, the number will be dropping since some showers are near are on top of you, rolling north at 5 to 10 miles an hour, slow-moving is the potential for more showers, isolated showers pop up through the day, high pressure in control, pumps a lot of heat and humidity in our general direction but bastion are chances don't get here for a while from today to tomorrow. we will see warm humid conditions but as we get into thursday and friday your shower chances go up quite a bit. we have air quality alert in effect for the majority of the tristate meaning leaders this
5:50 am
morning and 11:00 this evening you don't want to be outside of you have everything issues. other it than that partly cloudy to those the sunny skies, high-temperature 90, cooler temperatures in the next few days which our chances are out there. let's see what is going on with the commute. we have problems. ines: problems starting off this morning, good news, the lie there was an accident investigation closing all lanes exit 69, that wraps up all lanes open and delays easing out, the bruckner was closed temporarily with a crash northbound by old country club road that has been cleared away. some things still working on the turnpike, caught fire south bound by 15 after 15 the right lane is blocked at route 22 emergency repairs from an earlier accident there was the downfall so they're trying to fix it where you have one lane blocked. this show you fdr drive at 72 street, northbound bumper-to-bumper wrapping up
5:51 am
construction, two lanes closed northbound by 86th street clearing everything out. in the meantime your left with delays northbound to 96th street, south bound fine.
5:52 am
minute delay, earlier gilligan. another person. attending. this is a response, check it out. well done. 42-year-old mom of 4 proving she's still smoking hot and has a great sense of humor. she is gorgeous. robert: he is an equal opportunity offender. at the 2 and a teenager would be happy to look like her. major milestone for tracy morgan making his way into the public eye after the devastating car accident that left him seriously injured and killed his friend. the forecast member is going to get post on october 17th.
5:53 am
quite some time and he was absent from the 42 anniversary show. nbc announced monday cyrus will return on october 3rd as host for the third time and any schumer will post on october 10th. one part movie legend plus one part music legend equals totally awesome. anna: if you wonder what that is that is johnny depp performing with gene simmons during a charity event in hollywood. simmons offered anyone to come on stage with $1,000 to donate, apparently did not speak a word and joined the band playing the alice cooper classic, never played with him before and he and the rest of the performers improvised the show. initially was just jean simmons, not all of them.
5:54 am
i did not know he could shred guitar. duke: multi talented. robert: a couple minutes from anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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