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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 18, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> hey, now >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> good day, new york. tuesday, august 18th, i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, everybody, i'm greg kelly. weather wise, day two of the heat wave, if we hit 90 -- hey, mike! day two or day three? >> well, we've had day three, this would be day four. >> okay, we've got a full-fledged heat wave going on. >> we'll find out. and might be a little tougher over the next three weeks for many people who take the subway. several subway lines already service disruptions and delays because they're doing repairs. >> all right. a man who raped a woman at gunpoint in brooklyn, we have surveillance video of the guy police believe did it. >> also donald trump all smiles, he went from campaigning to jury duty yesterday. >> i heard it was the apprentice meets law and order, huh? >> you know what i noticed? people were taking pictures in the the jury room which, greg,
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that is a no-no. but i guess when donald trump is around, that's okay. >> just chill out, it's only jury pool time. it's okay. but how about that? everything he does right now, it's almost like he's president all right. >> i know. >> does that scare some people? >> i don't know. meanwhile, the female viagra is expected to get fda approval this week. we'll talk about the pros and cons of the drug coming up. >> all right. have you heard about hamilton? it's the t hottest show in time. >> yeah, you can't get ticketings. didn't the president go to see it? >> it's a hip-hop version of history, and rosanna and i, we're having the guy who plays george washington on the show in a little bit. it's too hot, we haven't seen gli. no, i really want to go see it. it just moved from the public theater to broadway. >> we're coming up with our own hip-hop version of this show. videos couldn't be weirder, turn
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the theater. >> together secretary -- [laughter] oh, together. we have to rehearse. i'm sorry. >> we've got two hours. >> we've got two hours to not be a total fool in front of christopher jackson. >> he sounds like a founding father. >> anyway, mike, have you seen it? he's on all the cool lists first. >> i'm trying to -- >> how did i know? >> i'm going september 6th, labor day weekend, yes, i am. thank you very much to my buddy, darren, he's got the tickets lined up. you guys going to check it out? >> let's talk to darren. darren knows it all. >> in the meantime, mike, it is warm outside ask raining this morning. >> it is. well, depends on where you are. right now, yes, showers and thunder showers in the area, but it's not like it was at least here in manhattan earlier this morning, man, that rain was really coming down. this is what it looks like right
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now, we still have a few thunder showers out there. this is fox 5 sky guardian, and primarily northeast new jersey, the coverage with those storms is a lot less than an hour or two ago, but there's still some action x some of it is pushing into the lowerrer hudson valley, orange county, rockland county, you'll be at risk, and it already came through the bronx, it's heading into fairfield county, westchester as well. that's the only action in town when it comes to the storms, and it really did a number on our temps. at 4:00 this morning it was at 80 does. it came down -- 80 degrees. it came down to 73 when the showers came by. depends on where you are as to what you have in terms of cloud coverage, but let's just call it partly cloudy here. not a lot happening with the storms as of yet, but there's still the potential to see more what's going on? is high pressure's directing a lot of moisture up our way, it's that southerly flow.
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we're going to see even more funneling into the tristate from today into tomorrow and tomorrow into thursday, and it looks like your shower chances will be picking up as time goes on. there's a cold front that will be approaching us, but that's going to take thursday into friday to get here, and that will be your greatest risk time for showers and storms. so today kind of patchy, just a few spotty storms here and there. 86 by midday and a high of 90, that would be four days in a row. 84 tomorrow, 83 on thursday, and friday is your biggest risk day for showers and storms. finally dries out after that. now let's bring in ines and see what's going on with our commute. i guess it could have been worse. >> yeah, right, mike. with the flooding, it could have been worse. let's start off with new jersey, route 22 we'vebound by springfield, energy -- westbound, emergency construction. westchester looks good this morning coming off the tappan
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zee bridge from rockland county, no delays on either side of the bridge. take a look at route 80 by exit 56, you can see the roadways are wet, but construction on the eastbound side in the area. you can see it's not affecting the commute. just watch out for areas of ponding out there. as far as the trains, very good for the most part. some delays between hoboken and the world trade center. greg and rosanna? >> all right, thank you very much. donald trump, he's got a media horde following him around like he's already president of the united states. it's wild. this was the scene yesterday down at the courthouse just showing up for jury duty. >> yeah. but probably to nobody's surprise, donald trump was not chosen to sit in on a case. of course not. this morning immigration and running this country takes center stage again. fox 5's carrie drew joins us with the latest information on mr. trump. hello, californialy. >> good morning, greg and rosanna. donald trump is heading to new
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hampshire this week, he will likely be discussing his immigration plan. it's getting a lot of attention the, especially from his republican presidential rivallings. >> what would you do if you're select ised as juror? >> see what happens. >> reaction poured in to his immigration plan on monday. the gop front runner unveiled his position over the weekend, calling for mexico to pay for a wall on the border with the u.s. >> we're building a wall. it's going to be strong, it's going to be solid, it's going to be policed. >> other gop presidential candidates weighed in. >> listen, we have a huge problem at our border. we need to address it, but it can't be addressed just with a wall. problem. >> donald trump has part of it right. is there a question that we should be deporting illegals who have committed crimes? >> trump's plan also calls for an unprecedented crack dowrntion
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ending burt right citizenship currently -- birthright citizenship. that idea drawing criticism from some who say it would lead to mass deportation. >> you going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants? by bus, by plane, or are you planning to bring the army? are you going to be in the business of deporting babies? it seems that is exactly what he wants. >> and on the democratic side, hillary clinton's campaign reacting to trump's plan calling his ideas, quote, extreme anti-immigrant positionings. as for voters, well, in a "wall street journal"/nbc news poll released last month, 64% of americans said they support either a path to legal status or citizenship for immigrants living in this country illegally. back to you. >> thank you so much, carrie. well, the state department says they found more than 300 e-mails from hillary clinton that could contain top secret or classified material. >> all right.
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donald trump cruising there, but seems to be engulfed right now in not a scandal, a big problem. 300 e-mails from hillary's private account have been flagged, this is from a federal court filing revealed yesterday. >> so far the democratic presidential candidate encysts that she never knowingly sent or received any classified information on her private server. >> legionnaires' disease, have we turned the corner on this? the state has now approved new rules regarding those cooling towers that were the source of the bacteria. >> building owners must register and test those towers within the next 30 days, inspections required every six months. the tower must immediately be disinfected. cooling towers are suspected to have spread the bacteria which led to the largest legionnaires' outbreak in city history.
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more than 120 cases or -- were diagnosed, 12 people died. >> subway service, they try to do it on nights and weekends, that could change. they're thinking in august lots of folks take vacation, so they might be able to get away with some of it during the week. >> commuters waiting for long periods of time on hot subway platforms, and teresa priolo is one of them. she's at 71st street and continental avenue. hello. >> good morning, everyone. my crew and i went downstairs to talk to some of the riders, man, it really is hot here. that was at five a.m. i can't imagine with all the people coming and going how much worse that's going to get. if you are somebody who's going to rely on the train especially during the rush hour commute, it's going to be running slower than normal, and in some cases your train every day won't be running at all, so you have to plan ahead. >> we're stuck. i'm not going to walk to work. >> get ready to wait.
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new yorkers across this city feeling the effects of major subway repair work happening on some of the busiest lines, mainly the e, f, m, r lewins which run along queens boulevard and the s, 2, 3, which carry new yorkers from the bronx into manhattan. for the next three weeks in queens, construction work will focus on the express tracks which means trains on all e, f,m and r tracks will slow to 10 miles per hour through work zones which in turn means fewer trains can run. >> i'll have to leave my house earlier, 20 minutes earlier, or drive into the city. >> there will be no e service to or from jamaica 179th street. your best bet is to transfer at union turnpike. and for the next two weeks on the 1, 2, 3 fast track will feel more like slow poke. this week and next all service
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south of 34th street is suspend from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. for regular maintenance. >> 34th street, and there are three major lines. it's going to affect a lot of people. >> you should try and avoid the 1, 2, 3 altogether, but just know that the 1 will be stopping at penn station, for the most part the 2 will be running on the 5's tracks, and the 3 will be suspended in manhattan, but a shuttle bus will be available. that's it, the bottom line are, if you are somebody who's really concerned about how it's going to play out, you can go to the mta's web site. they have all the planned service changes, greg and rosanna, and it'll help you make your way to and from work every day. that is the latest from forest hill section of queens, back to both of you. >> all right, teresa, thanks a lot. early last month a guy took a selfie on the brooklyn bridge, and he got in a lot of trouble for it. a tourist from tennessee and, actually, he's opinion arrested. >> he is being held without bond
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as a fugitive of new york in chattanooga where he was nabbed. trouble. >> anyway, posted it to instagram just before the july 4th weekend raising security concerns once again. he will appear in court at the end of the month, his arrest follows several high profile trespassing cases at the bridge over the last year including a russian tourist and twoier artists. -- german artists. >> meanwhile, last night a pitcher beamed in the face at the yankee game. watch this. >> ooh! line drive. >> that's bryan mitch mitchell, and he was hurt pretty bad. >> yeah. he did get up on his own and was helped off the field. he went to new york presbyterian hospital, he suffered a nasal fracture, he was released shortly afterwards. team doctors are monitoring him for concussion symptoms. the good news is the guy who hit
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the line drive later bobbled a hit that led to the yankees' e p eventual win. >> bryan is 21 years old from north carolina, how long has he been with the team? about a year or so. get well soon. >> ooh. and then in that heat on top of that. >> all right. we've got to stop there. michael, what's going on? >> well, we've got a little break temp wise this morning from the thunder showers that came on through here, but they're now out of the area for the city in any event, and our startoff temperature which is degrees. 83 is the average high, we are going to be much warmer than that. 94 is the record. yesterday we did tie the record out at central park which was 95 degrees. anyhow, here's how it looks right now, just a few scattered thunder showers primarily through northeast new jersey. they're definitely he weakening in intensity as well as coverage. some have come up through the bronx over toward fairfield county in connecticut here.
7:14 am
here's fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, and that shows you the general trend. they're losing their punch as we speak, but that doesn't mean you're in the clear, it just looks like the greatest risk for some showers will be up the lower hudson valley. generally speaking, high pressure's in control, and that usually gives us a quiet weather scenario, but it also directs a lot of this moisture in the mid-atlantic region right to us in the tristate, and that keeps us stick sticky. that will go on for days. 76 in islip, 75 in montauk with a partly cloudy sky here, but again, we don't have any major triggers to kick those showers and storms into action, so it just takes that heat and humidity which sometimes happens in the overnight hours, that's what happened for some of us today. now it looks a little quieter according to the future cast, but there's always going to be a small risk today into tomorrow, but there is more and more moisture becoming available. it won't be until a front comes
7:15 am
through the area that we have a better chance of scattered showers and storms. there's the air quality a alert, that does not include long island, but it does include the lower hudson valley over into new mexico, -- into new jersey, all five boroughs. not good. if you have everyone my seem ma, asthma, you don't want to be a part of it. a few storms possible here today, and then as we go into tomorrow, we're going to see partly cloudy sky with a high of 84. shower chances actually pick up thursday and friday especially as a front stars to crosby. humidity's all the way into friday into saturday. man, it is going to be hot again today, four days that row, 90-degree heat. all right, let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going on. bad. staten island expressway, looking good with, the entire stretch no delays.
7:16 am
you do have delays on the gowanus heading onto the bqe. great ride on the lie heading into nassau county k all green there. meadow brooke also doing fine. let's look at our cameras, on the cross bronx, normal delays traveling westbound, on the eastbound side towards the bruckner interchange, coast is clear. driving into the city from new jersey, 495, traffic backed up to route 3 on the turnpike, it's about a 45 minute delay inbound. the holland tunnel is 15 minutes, from the new york bay extension, it's more, there's exiting delays for the port. gwb at 20 on the upper level 5 on the lower evel -- 15 on the lower level. >> the roads are pretty packed up, you're right? august? >> august, i thought it was a blowoff month. >> i thought so too. the coast is not clear over there. >> what are you doing? let's take a look outside, shall we? forest hills -- oh, there's one of those green cabbies that the yellow cabbies don't like.
7:17 am
>> well, they serve a purpose, because they work the outer boroughs. they can't pick up in the city, by the way. >> the yellow cabbies, they've got beef with the green cabbies, everybody seems to have beef with the uber. >> yes. >> the uber. >> the uber. all right, good day, new york.
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>> those 2345eubg r naked girls still walking around times square? >> we had them on the show yesterday. >> they seemed very, very nice, don't you think? >> we're talking about those girls in body paint, some tourists have criticized el as one big hustle, others say this has become a new york institution. >> and a legitimate way to make money just like elmo does. >> the big question we had, where do you put that money? [laughter] they said everybody asks, where do they keep it? >> in their thong? >> no. they said in their hand. they just keep it clenched in the hand. i thought it was a good answer. >> anyway, let's talk about this. this weatherman got a little shaky. it happened at our sister station in san francisco. watch this. >> oh, my goodness. >> an earthquake? >> yeah. all right. >> is that it? >> ooh!
7:21 am
>> that's steve paulson. can i see one more time? i think mike woods would have hand aing -- handled it -- >> he would have been running for the door! >> panic and hysteria. give it up for -- >> oh, my gosh, we're having an earthquake. oh, my goodness. this is a good one. >> definitely move out of san francisco. >> it's such a beautiful place to live, by the way. it was a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. >> that sounds significant. >> yeah. by california standards, they say it was small. it struck near oakland but was felt across the bay in downtown san francisco. luckily, nobody was hurt or no damages. >> so remember the furor over cecil the lyon? there's dr. palmer on the left. he has not showed up for work, but z his office is open once again. >> people were so outraged after he admitted he killed cecil last
7:22 am
month and, basically, cecil was lured out of a protected area, so he wasn't even hunted legitimately, you know? it was lured in a sanctuary. anyway, his practice is now open for business security guards in front of the building, but dr. palmer's not been around, he's still in hiding. the dentist says he did not know the lion was part of a research project and regrets what happened. >> okay, tracy morgan will be back on snl. it's terrific. you know, he's been struggling after that accident several months ago, the injuries -- >> yeah. he's going to be guest hosting on october 17th at snl. he's been recuperating for quite some time, and he even missed the 40th anniversary show at the snl. nbc also announced that miley cyrus will return on october 3rd. amy assume or, of course, she's going to -- schumer, of course, she's hot. she's going to host on october 10th.
7:23 am
>> an australian model who happens to have downs syndrome will be walking in new york's fashion week. >> she's 18 years old, and she's had a positive impact sharing her story since she was discovered in the spring, and we're told she will be the face of accessories brand, and she has signed a contract for an active wear line as well. good for her. >> google is making something called the atlas robot. take a look at this, please. ooh, it looks like a pony, a mechanical pony. >> it's 6-2, 330 pounds -- >> this one looks more humanoid. >> by the way, they say it's significantly improved over the last time we saw it. early this year it stumbled through a robot olympics event and earned mockery over that. they were shaming, shaking my head over the -- >> smh. anybody see that show humans yet on showtime, oh, boy, about the robots are basically humans. >> yeah. we had one of the cast members on.
7:24 am
>> we had the main human, the girl. >> yeah. she was very good. all right, coming up on good day new york, greg and i are getting ready to take on hamilton, the play. we have our own little rap. we have to rehearse right now, so talk amongst yourselves. we'll be right back. >> lots of rehearsal. we may or may not be able to pull this one off. all right, you ready?
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. >> yo. when's seen hamilton the musical? >> i haven't, but i want to see it. i hear it's a rap version of history. >> rosanna and i put this one together. we think it celebrates, it celebrates the performance. >> do you think we'll impress the cast? >> let's try it. ready? here we go. >> you go first. >> the videos, they couldn't be weirder, turn off your cell phone and head to the theater. >> hamilton. >> no screen is ors or buzzfeed peoples, this is a play, it'll feel like you're there all -- >> hamilton. >> ain't no cgi, you may sit next to a hollywood guy.
7:28 am
dress up, not down. maybe even wear a crown. >> look left or right, malia obama, hanging with her mama, i don't know say, bruno mars arriving in long black cars. >> too much for you? go see penn and teller and enjoy yourself in the cultural cellar. >> all right. >> well, i don't know. what do you think? [laughter] >> they'll either be honored or horrified. >> let us know if we're on to something. if you have a line you think we should add -- mike, you seem completely repulsed. >> hamilton is the hottest show in the world, it's a hip-hop version -- >> right. so we have christopher jackson who place, actually, george washington in this play. everybody's talking about it. it's great for the whole family. >> we haven't seen it. we can't say -- hopefully, fingers crossed. >> i hope you guys represent us well, because what i just heard -- [laughter] , no i'm actually impressed. i have no idea what you said. [laughter] >> we've got to --
7:29 am
>> in a lot of songs, that happens. >> exactly. >> maybe we'll put the words up on the bottom of the screen. >> there you go. that's a good idea. that way we could sing along. >> i like that idea. >> all right, mike woods -- hey, by the way, at 5:00 this morning, i don't know, i thought we were under attack. >> it rained. >> no! my phone went off. >> the phone went crazy, everybody went nuts -- >> a test of the emergency broadcasting system, but it wasn't a test. >> it wasn't a test. it was a flash flood advisory. >> scared the heck out of me. >> it's raining. >> yeah. localized flooding. very localized flooding, but everybody goes crazy, because everybody gets that alert, whether you like it or not. anyhow -- yeah, i know a lot of folks got that rude awakening. now things are much quieter, now that the storms have quieted down. of let's show you what's happening right now. here's the live radar, actually looks like nothing's happening. the thunder showers we had earlier this morning, they
7:30 am
pushed up into the lore hudson valley, rockland county and orange county just a little bit of action, but even that seems to be weakening. also some trying to head into fairfield county, but i don't think anything's going to hold together so well from this point forward, but we will have more possibilities of showers and storms a little later on in the day. high pressure is in control, and we have to to kind of wait and see what happens with weather later on in the day because right now we have the hot, humid air still with us, but no major triggers in terms of showers and storms. let's see what the temps are doing, 76 in bridgeport as well as islip and 78 in montauk with, again, a lot of cloud cover coming tomorrow. today is not so bad, high temp up to 90, a little sticky all the way through the end of the week. your best chances at rain are later thursday and into friday and, again, that heat wave, today would be day number four of 90-degree-plus heat, and, yeah, looks like that would be
7:31 am
the end of it. cooler temps start up tomorrow. let's bring in ines rosales and check out what's going on as we hit the roads and the rails. doesn't sound like it's been too terribly bad compared to yesterday. >> no, it's not. just dealing with flooding, we had some rain, so route 80 eastbound flooding, two lanes flooded by exit 56, so there's a minor delay there. everything else looking pretty good in new jersey. queens, normal delays on the lie, bqe slow directions approaching the bridge and the whitestone, throgs neck bridge, both looking great. let's look at the 59th street bridge, upper/lower level, no delays manhattan bound. as for the trains, newark to -- sorry, hoboken to world trade center you have delays. everything else running on our close. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. police say the guy you're about to see brutally raped a woman in brooklyn.
7:32 am
>> this guy followed this woman near putnam street early yesterday morning and threatened to shoot her if she didn't follow him. she was assaulted and raped. this guy is described as being in his late 30s with a muscular build and could have bite marks on his right hand. take a look. i mean, i think you could get a good idea of who this guy is by looking at this picture. if you know who he is, please call 1-800-577-tips. >> all right. you've heard by now the new jersey tunnel, the tunnel that goes under the hudson river, is a mess, and it needs to be ore placed or repaired. it's about 100 years old. an important meeting today between governor christie and federal head honchos. >> yeah. the u.s. transportation secretary. they're going to talk about this new hudson river rail tunnel. u.s. senators cory booker and robert menendez will also join them to discuss two proposed hudson river tunnels with an estimated cost of $15-$20 billion. robert moses joins us from penn
7:33 am
meeting. hopefully, they'll get on it right away, because every day the people who are commuting from jersey are really feeling it, robert? >> greg and rosanna, recently getting to and from penn station has been a whole lot like running an obstacle course through wet cement; that is, very slow and difficult. but hopefully, this meeting will start to change that. this morning at 11:00 in newark four men, four very powerful men, will meet in a room to discuss new hudson river rail tunnels. and we mentioned them, governor chris christie along with new jersey's two senates and transportation secretary -- two senators and transportation secretary anthony foxx. notably, andrew cuomo will not be there. the meeting takes on new urgency as new jersey transit commuters experienced yet more delays yesterday. a train broke down inside one of the tunnels which forced people to revert to new york waterway ferries or path trains.
7:34 am
that followed recent amtrak electrical problems which also stopped riders in their tracks. governor christie has taken heat for nixing a project five years ago that would have increased hudson river rail tunnel capacity at the time he said he didn't want new jersey taxpayers overruns. the new proposal on the table is for a pair of new hudson river rail tunnels that, as we said, could cost between $15-$20 billion with a b. but there is a whole lot of ground to cover before those two tunnels become a reality, and many questions to answer. namely, who would pay for it? how much would the federal government kick in? and what sorts of headaches would commuters have to endure to get to that point? some of those questions will likely be discussed at that meeting at 11:00 today in newark. and that is the latest live from new york penn station this morning. >> all right. good luck with the meeting. i mean, years away from anything, right?
7:35 am
>> i know. but they've got to do something quickly. they've got to stop talking and take action. >> you hear that? rosanna has thought about running for public office before. don't make her do it! let's go outside, shall we please? >> i don't think anybody would vote for me. >> [laughter] did you -- vote for me. [laughter] >> you know better and, unfortunately, i do too. [laughter] >> all right. good day's coming right back.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> okay, we're or working on our hamilton rap lyrics unspired by the play -- inspired by the play, hamilton. mr. hamilton, large and which charge, until he took the nj barge. vp aaron burr was waiting, this guy bad like satan. >> you gotta be a fool, no drive-by at night. >> pick your weapon and start stepping. one, two, three, turn around, shoot the other guy down. hamilton now a skeleton. >> these are original, by the way. >> greg has outdone himself with the lyrics. >> how about the last part? >> i but he was cool and chill with a license to ill, please don't take him off the $10 bill? >> yo.
7:39 am
word. what do you think? [laughter] >> one day good day, the next day broadway! >> rosanna, you're very gangster. excellent. [laughter] >> anyway, you know, you never know who's watching, you know? probably the producers of that broadway show. we might get, like -- >> a nasty letter? [laughter] yeah, that's possible. >> what do you think, mike? maybe we could be a stand-in -- >> do your little show? >> if somebody calls out sick and they're really desperate? >> something like that? >> yeah, we could sweep up the heater after they close. [laughter] >> good morning to you, gang. been a little busy with the weather this morning, but now things are a lot quieter. showing those showers that rocked and rolled through the city, northeast new jersey, but they're dying down rather quickly, so things look a lot better, but that doesn't mean we're all in the clear for the storms today. we still have high pressure in control and no major triggers to get those showers and storms going, but you know what? it's so hot and humid, we can
7:40 am
always see storms popping up here and there when our conditions are like this. 74 at central park, 78 in newark, 75 in montauk, and your temps will be jumping up quickly, especially once the sun really gets to work here. but it looks like the majority of the moisture is still to the west of us. over the next few days more and more of that cloud cover comes into town, and that's part of the reason why your temps are coming down as well. today's forecast high, 90, that would be the fourth day in a row. we're already in the heat wave technically, looks like we make it again just barely. 8 3 on thursday, best chances of rain are thursday and friday, and then on saturday still a little sticky, but the storms are pretty much out of town. by the way, we have the fox 5ny weather app, a live interactive radar when you've got some storms that may affect you, check it out right mow and it's free at the apple itunes store, google play store. search the fox 5ny weather, and
7:41 am
you'll find it right there. and, again, it's free. all right, let's bring in ines and see what's going on, trying to get around town. what's happening, ines? >> a few things going on. actually, not a lot. putnam county, there's a stall on 84 traveling westbound by 684. just watch out for that. you're fine if you're traveling in new jersey, union county route 32 just wrapped up construction westbound by springfield, didn't leave my the problems, but you do have some delays on the new york bay extension. not as bad as before, things are look better if you're heading towards the holland tunnel. let's take a look at your commute over by the meadowbrook, you're fine eastbound and westbound, the bqe, normal delays. northbound you always have delays as you approach the brooklyn bridge, traffic backed up to the belts parkway on the gowanus, george washington bridge, upper level 30 minutes,
7:42 am
15 on the lower. mention the holland tunnel from the new york bay extension, about a 10 minute delay from both approaches. greg, rosanna, question. what's the chorus? what are you saying -- >> secretary hamilton. >> oh, secretary, i couldn't -- >> we need to change that. >> we're getting it a little -- we're modifying it. >> yeah. we shouldn't take that license. [laughter] >> all right. >> maybe -- she can't understand us. >> well, now that you know -- >> thank you. >> ines, thanks a lot. duke, what's up, bud key? >> the yankees taking on the twins, this was a seesaw battle back and forth, but the main concern was for bryan mitchell after a real scary incident in the second inning with the yanks up 3-zip. after an earlier home run, eduardo nunez hits a line drive right off the face of mitchell. he went down, suffered a nasal fracture and had to be taken to the hospital, released shortly after. i was watching this game on tv,
7:43 am
this was very, very scary. twins would score on the play. all right, skip ahead now to the sixth, twins with a 7-5 lead, carlos beltran belts one to left. he's getting hot. a two-run blast, ties it up at 7. we go to extra innings in the tenth, chase headily with the bases loaded --headily with the bases loaded, that allows the winning road to score, yankees, 8-7. mark teixeira had to leave this inning after fouling a ball off his leg. x-rays negative. blue jays off last night, so the yankees lead in the al east now one full game. pitcher cc sabathia who was originally scheduled to start last night but pushed back to get an extra day's rest is speaking out about a video that showed him arguing with he hecklers outside a toronto nightclub this past weekend. this happened early saturday
7:44 am
morning, c.c. shouts at hecklers before being put into a cab. he says, quote: he flipped out, made, quote, a bad decision for getting involved in the shouting match. he said the hecklers were getting personal over his dad, but he could have handled it better. he was supposed to start last night but pushed back, the yankees say just for rest -- >> anybody get hurt? >> no. and we know c.c. well. >> he's such a gentleman, you know? sometimes -- i could have a fight, too, if people hit you the wrong way with a worthed -- >> or they get you on twitter. >> the twitter thing i'm getting good at. block. >> he's 30 pounds. >> you know what -- he's 300 pounds. >> he's a gentle giant. >> except last night. >> he didn't throw any -- >> i don't think it's that big a deal. yeah, yeah. >> there was a little pushing, right? >> no, he didn't -- >> they didn't do anything. they pushed him in the car.
7:45 am
he's not watching the video. >> met had the night off. and baltimore, it looks like david wright will return next week for the mets as they take on the phillies in philly. football now, the jets had an altercation in the locker room. geno smith with a broken jaw. some pundits and critics blamed geno. brandon marshall yesterday on "fox & friends," fox news channel, he said, no way. >> i was sitting right there and, you know, i will say this, you know, without going into too many details because we already moved past it, geno smith did nothing wrong. he did nothing wrong -- >> we've been hearing it, that no one jumped into his defense. how could a quarterback be a leader and not have is anyone defend snit. >> because he's young, he's 24, it hasn't been his team. there's been a lot of question marks, but i don't care about the past. i care about what he's done this off season in otas and camp.
7:46 am
and toe m -- to me, he's been a leader. it wasn't his -- >> the past is the very recent past, duke. >> i'm with you on this one. finally, greg, rosanna, if i'm ever at a game with baby charlie and do what this fan did, you won't see me for a while. take a look at this guy. he's got his baby in one arm -- >> you kidding me? >> and a glove in the other. tries to grab the ball and almost falls over the fence. right there she would have just killed me. >> everybody's okay, right? >> yeah, but -- the usher, he stiffs him. >> you know what? that serves him right, right? >> that was bad. >> it was bad. gives it to another fan. the fox sports west staff broadcasting the game felt bad for the original fan that fell over the fence, or almost did, and gave the guy a -- >> i am sorry, that is just reckless. >> i agree with you. >> rosanna, are you going to shake your head? >> i'm smh.
7:47 am
>> smh-ing. why don't we wage a twitter war on him, that'll be productive. give the guy a break. time. head. was the kid -- >> what would you do if -- >> all right. >> you don't want to know. >> exactly. hi wife would kill me. >> it's not for tv purposes. >> well, millions of people are now abusing them the internet, isn't that fun? [laughter] >> what else, buddy? is that it? >> i'll see you guys at 9:40 for spider-man's workout. >> oh. i thought maybe you'd start a little earlier when we do our hamilton rap. >> you ready? >> we're not ready. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back. we're not ready.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
[laughter] >> oh, no. >> one more time? >> we taking it from the top? where are we going with this? >> want to go from the top? yo, when's the last time you've been to broadway? >> i don't know, maybe before it was cool to be gay. >> go to a show, make a night of it. secretary hamilton.
7:51 am
>> videos couldn't be weirder, turn off your cell phone and head to the theater. >> secretary hamilton. >> no screens or buzzfeed peoples, this is a play. yeah, it'll feel like you're there all day. >> secretary hamilton. >> ain't no cgi, but you might be next to a hollywood guy. it's the hot ticket in town. dress up, not down. maybe even wear a crown. >> look left or right, malia obama, hanging with her mama, i don't know say, bruno mars, arriving in long, black cars. >> too much for you? maybe go see penn and teller, and enjoy yourself in the cultural cellar. to be continued. >> yes, to be continued. what do you think so far? first of all, i think that you have put together a rap that is beyond all -- it's the rap of all raps. >> it's a collaboration. the it was a g-rock production -- >> and she needs her rap name too. >> and don't give us a hard time about being slightly [laughter] you've got to push the envelope.
7:52 am
>> that's what you've got to do. speaking of pushing the envelope, hey, viagra's not for guys anymore. >> no comment. [laughter] i'm staying well within the safety envelope. dr. raj, i understand you have some medical news. >> we do have. the fda is supposedly announcing today whether or not they will approve the so-called female viagra. it's made by sprout pharmaceutical, and it treats hyperactive sexual disorder, end meaning that women who do not feel sexual desire as much as they would like could take this bill. it would need to be taken every day. this drug was rejected twice by the fda, but this past june an fda advisory panel actually recommended to have it approved, so we'll find out the news today. it was a mod itself, in studies it had a modest improvement over placebo in terms of increased sexually-satisfying events for women. but even though it's a modest result, it's still something.
7:53 am
this is so many drugs for treating men with sexual dysfunction and zero for women, this would be the first fda approved for this condition. >> i have a question. >> yeah. >> if it's been denied twice before, what makes it -- >> well -- >> what makes it better the third time around? i hate to disturb you. what's going on? >> what could be more important than female viagra? [laughter] >> what was your question? >> why is it better now -- >> well, more years of research under their belt and more experts -- honestly, this has become a very controversial topic. a lot of feminists have said this is something good for women, and they've put a lot of pressure on the fda, and a lot of people said there are some side effects to this drug -- >> what are the side effects? >> nausea, sleepily pns, some people say it's up to a woman -- >> do you notice rosanna's impatient? she wants this product available now. >> do you lose your hair with this stuff?
7:54 am
>> no. there didn't seem to be much hair loss. it's not a perfect drug. >> vie is agra for the guys, there is some hair loss. >> it has that effect, right. this works very differently than viagra for men. it really affects more of a mental situation than blood flow -- >> you snort it? i think sanaa would like to snort it. >> no, it's not for -- >> a big dish of pasta -- >> and a lot guy. who's that guy you like from that movie? >> which one? >> she's got a lot! >> the french guy that you kissed. >> oh, yes. >> you kissed him in. >> kissed him on the lips. >> on lips? >> i didn't think you'd do it? >> anyway, let's find out. [inaudible conversations] >> anyway -- >> yeah. [laughter] >> all right. anna, do you care to weigh in on this? >> this is all so wholly inappropriate, i'm just going to
7:55 am
go on to something very appropriate. stevie wonder, we love him. last night he hit the stage for a free concert in central park. let's take a little little little listen. >> he's so good. the free pop-up show was to announce dates for his new fall tour. the free tickets online reportedly sold out in 30 seconds. you still needed a ticket to get in, and it wasn't his first concert of the day. in fact, he started the day in washington, d.c., then went to philly before finishing here in new york. >> just excited. i had, you know, the vision of doing this, getting with everybody, and some people said, well, come on, one day, come on, forget it. i watch tv. [laughter] but i just believed it could be done, so here we are. [cheers and applause] >> he pulled it off, rave reviews. it was supposed to be actually a quick concert, but it lasted for over an hour. very happy -- >> superstitious. >> love that song. >> i believe he did. and today could be your chance
7:56 am
to own a real piece of reality tv. teresa judy chi's home had been auctioned off at the ocean county justice complex. it's a 1300 square foot home on the canal front. they bought it back in 2005. you actually saw it on their bravo show. >> she doesn't need it for a while, she's in jail. >> right. joe, her husband, will be going to jail because of bankruptcy and mortgage fraud. now, the bidding will start at $100, and it will go up in $1,000 increments. so the sale price could be quite low. >> this is sad, i'm sorry. i don't want to see anybody lose their house. >> it depends who shows up. >> exactly. and, actually, police were called to this beach house over the weekend because joe's neighbors called the police on him. his rep said it was because he was having a party, and she didn't like it. she, i guess, had said he was yelling at her daughter. trouble. >> anything else going on? >> all right. >> by the way, the reviews are
7:57 am
coming in. royal blue has tweeted me, rap genius. put lyrics on the cite. steve says remember the movie white men can't jump? well, white men/women can't rap. [laughter] think eminem. >> yeah. rosanna, she's a gangsta. all right. >> all right, vanessa, it's all about you. thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook page. >> be right back with a little
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> i get that now. >> fox 5 nice this, is "good day new york." >> i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. did you think it was end of the world t was just a little rain. the heat wave will continue. hazy and humid conditions across our area. temperatures climbing to around 90. >> i remember it sounded something like this. 5:00 in the morning. >> yeah. >> it really felt like we were attack. >> it is all okay. mike woods says we'll get a bit of relief tomorrow. >> commuting via subway could be extra pain in the neck. all kinds of repair work. weekends. they will do it in the middle of the week for a while.
8:01 am
>> donald trump out of jury duty, back on the road to the campaign to become president of the united states. >> here he is shows up for jury duty yesterday. look at that mob scene. who would love the coverage? how about senator rand paul. mike huckabee? >> any of them. why did he say something about heidi klum? we got heidi's reaction. it came out of left field. >> he is picking fights. >> heidi klum is no 10 anymore. >> heidi had something to do about that. what else? >> nypd needs your help to find this man in the video. accused of stealing a woman's purse on upper west side. >> starbucks, they are starting at least one of them, beer and wine service as well. at least in williamsburg. >> in williamsburg? >> not everybody is happy about this. >> i feel it coming on. what do you think? >> that's where they live. oh, my gosh, if you want to feel uncool, walk around there. >> you have a new outlook. >> it is cool.
8:02 am
i have to get some tattoos next time i go back. >> and facial hair. could you do that? >> i could pull it off with a thereof. look outside as we get psyched up for "hamilton," the musical. what is happening outdoors. >> hazy, hot and humid. >> hazy, hot and humid. >> "hamilton" is hottest musical play in the world. >> christopher jackson is here. he plays george washington. >> we have not seen it yet. we understand a hip-hop version of basically early american history. >> right, it is. >> shall we? >> we decided we would do our own little version. as you may know alexander hamilton was killed with dual with -- >> aaron burr. >> vice president aaron burr. we'll skip to that part of the rap. alexander life couldn't be grander. >> yo, he started the money. he had lots of honeys. >> don't say that word yet.
8:03 am
that word is under debate. >> it is? >> go for it again. yo, he started money. >> he had lots of honeys. right when you own a bank you ain't hanging with no skank. >> secretary hamilton. >> we have to massage the lyrics. >> 9:00 is the hamilton hip-hop debut. >> say it if you can. if you must, if you care. >> what do you think? >> coming together. you put a lot of work into that. >> foes on for a little while. >> yes. yes. i think christopher jackson from the show will be very impressed. in fact, i feel sorry for some of the people in the play because they could be -- yeah, you never know. too bad for them. anyway, talking like this again? trying to make some point? i don't get it. >> more on that. in an hour or so. see what is happening with the weather outside.
8:04 am
all those bigger showers and storms we had earlier, yes they have settled down. my phone went crazy too with that flash flood thingamajig. we're looking at the live radar. out in long island, right there south of stoneybrook, 68, exit 70. one little thundershower right there, back towards southhampton. everyone else it is a lot quieter. this is what happens. every time you get occasional showers and pop-up storms. this is fox radar 3d. these are the storms over the city and jersey earlier. they have settled down. up. looks like some firing up to the right now. anyhow, here is what your temps look like. 74 central park. 77 in islip and same thing in montauk. 76 degrees in allentown. kind of a mixed guy around the tri-state. some folks looking cloudy skis, some are looking sunny.
8:05 am
off to the west there is a lot more moisture and a lot more in terms of showers and storms. doesn't look like a whole lot of that makes it to us until we get to tomorrow. really thursday and fridays we deal with majority of the moisture. more clouds gather as we head into tomorrow. by 8:00 in the morning that is part of the reason your temps coming down wednesday, thursday and friday. then as the frondal boundary gets closer we'll have better chance of showers late in the work week here. today still mostly sunny skies with a few patch think storms. high temp up to about 90. heat wave continues again. it started yesterday. this may last of it. 84 tomorrow. 83 on thursday. 82 on friday. used to general trend with emits coming down through this beak. let's get over to ines rosales to see what is going on with the commute which sounds like we have a few problems but not really that bad, right. >> compared to yesterday, no. what i heard was not too good yesterday. facing normal delays on
8:06 am
long island expressway and queens and b.q.e. we did have some earlier flooding on route 80 eastbound by exit 56. that subsided. you have a bit of delay on westbound route 23. go to the cameras to show your commute. staten island expressway by bradley avenue. no delays to the verrazano bridge. eastbound and westbound. as for the train, some car equipment problems with the path trains. so you have delays. didn't get a number. there are delays over by christopher street between journal square and 33rd. the rest are running on or close to schedule this morning. much. if you take the subway will have to contend with more delays and service changes. they will do summer repairs and not do it during off hours. >> seems they try to do the on nights and weekends, forget about weekend service.
8:07 am
during summer a lot of people are on vacation. >> not if you're in the subway right now. >> theresa is if. good morning. >> good morning everyone, quite busy in forest hills. the thinking with the subway service change and construction going on in order to maintain the line to make sure it is running year-round you have to do repairs now. people here are telling us they don't need anymore delays when it comes to the refresh your recollection hour commute. -- rush hour commute. as far as they're concerned the trains run slow or not at all. >> i'm not going to walk to work. >> reporter: get ready to wait. new yorkers across the city feeling effect of major subway repair work happening on some busiest lines. e, m, f, r, lines along wines boulevard and one, two, three, which carry new yorkers from the bronx through loyer manhattan with the 3 ending in brooklyn. >> it is ridiculous. how are people going to travel to get where they go on time?
8:08 am
>> reporter: next three weeks in queens, construction focus on express tracks. trains on e, f, m, and r tracks will slow to 10 miles per hour through work zones, which means fewer trains can run. >> i will have to leave my house earlier, 20 minutes earlier or drive into the city. >> reporter: mta says there will knob e service from jamaica to 179th street. your best best to transfer at union turnpike. for next two weeks on 123 fast track will feel more like slowpoke. this week and next all service south of 34th street suspended from 10 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. for regular maintenance. >> 34th street is three major lines that will affect a lot of people. >> reporter: avoid 123 all together, but know that the top at penn station. tracks. 3 will be suspended in manhattan but a shuttle bus will be available.
8:09 am
>> you're a new yorker. you have to deal with it. >> reporter: that is a lot of information we threw at you. if you're concerned say in forest hills, go to mta website, see it all, greg and rosanna. they have everything you need. latest from forest hills. back to you both of you in the studio. >> thank you so much, theresa. police are looking for a man who snatched a women's percent on upper west side but tossed it soon after. >> this is video. just after 3:00 a.m., the man grabbed 24-year-old's purse and ran off. police found the bag actually a few blocks away. everything was still inside. if you know anything about this, call crimestoppers. 800-577-tips. >> donald trump back on the campaign trail yesterday. he was fulfilling his civic duty. >> jury duty at this. look at the media hoard around him. >> does that happen when you go to jury duty too? >> like he is already president, huh?
8:10 am
president trump. some people were dismissing this as a farce a month ago. you know what, it is it could happen. >> it could happen. by the way, in case you were wondering donald trump was not chosen to sit on any case. in fact that whole pool of jurors was dismissed yesterday. not much going on in the courthouse in august. good time if you want to do jury duty and not really do jury duty. lawyers take off. the judges take off. i don't know. >> go there be brutally honest. i don't want to do it. i'm judgmental. i'm not open minded. >> it doesn't work anymore. when you sit on jury -- >> you have to be truthful. they swear you in. i feel, i hate donald trump -- thumbs up. >> kerry drew, thumbs up, kerry. crowd. good morning, greg and rosanna. after reporting to jury duty campaigning.
8:11 am
trump will likely talk about his immigration plan. it is first formal policy plan since announcing his candidacy. like most things donald does it is getting a lot of attention. as, jr. record. see what happens. >> reporter: as donald trump reported for jury duty, reaction poured into his immigration plan. gop front-runner unveiled over the position over the weekend calling for mexico to pay for a wall on border with the u.s. >> we're building a wall. it is going to be strong, it is going to be solid. it is goings to be policed. >> reporter: other gop presidential candidates weighed in. >> we have a huge problem on the border we need to address but it can't be addressed with a wall. that will not fix the perform. >> [inaudible] there is question we should be deporting people that committed major crimes. >> reporter: trump's plan calls for unprecedented crackdown ending birthright citizenship,
8:12 am
guaranteed bit constitution, which makes anyone born in the u.s. automatically a citizen. that idea drawing criticism from some who say it would lead to mass deportation. >> you're not growing to deport 11 million undocumented people. will you do it by plane or bus or bring in the army? will you be in the business of deporting babies. that is exact letter what he wants. >> reporter: a few more questions about birthright citizenship. children born to immigrants even illegally in the u.s., since the 14th amendment was adopted in 1868. ending birthright citizenship as trump would want to do, would require a constitutional amendment. greg, rosanna, ba to you. >> thanks a lot. donald trump over the weekend said something about heidi klum the supermodel. >> came out of nowhere, out of left field. >> look at donald trump as he was showing up. everything this guy does people are hanging on his every word.
8:13 am
he is talking apparently to the "new york times." what happened? >> basically out of nowhere -- by the way heidi klum is not a 10 anymore. so, heidi klum hears this. she has a great sense of humor. she poked at him. she has this video. check it out. >> oh. >> very cute. that's it. see the guy with trump tum mask behind her? >> couldn't really tell. that was cute. i have thought she would say something. a war of words! >> she is terrific. she is an entrepreneur. got four kids. >> never met her. used to be with seal i know that anyway -- >> has a younger man now in her life. she has on "america's got talent" with our friend howard and howie. >> i got it. she is rich and famous, you like her. seems like a nice lady. >> she has sense of humor. could have said something disparaging but had a little fun with it.
8:14 am
>> you did she tweeted anything? >> that is what she tweeted. >> also known as vine video. >> vine video is different than a tweet. >> rosanna going on 18. anyway. sorry. hillary clinton let's get serious. >> let's get serious. >> there are issues for her in this campaign. you heard the controversy about her email. we heard from the state department from the private server there may have been 300 plus emails that were classified secret or top secret. you want have that stuff on private server. >> the emails were from clinton when she was secretary of state, part of 1500 documents that have been analyzed so far. the democratic presidential candidate insists that she never knowingly sent or received any classified information on her private server. >> all right. earlier this week there was horrific explosion in bangkok, thailand outside of a popular shrine. you see it right there. it startled everybody. this happened during rush hour.
8:15 am
>> 20 people were killed. >> now they are looking for somebody you can see in this segment of video. >> yeah. he is wearing a yellow shirt with a backpack. >> they think he might be responsible. 140 people were also injured in the downtown rush hour blast again. the prime minister, they are not ruling out terrorism. it has all the earmarks of terrorist attack. >> all right. and in indonesia, officials say they have recovered black box and all 56 bodies from the plane that crashed into a mountainside. >> rescuers reached the crash site earlier today, navigating rugged terrain and bad weather. they say the plane was totally destroyed. the bodyies will be identified. contact was lost during a storm minutes before it landed. >> indonesia's third air disaster in eight months, following a passenger jet crash in december and military jet crash in june.
8:16 am
after 11 years on the run police caught a man who they say killed another man outside after wedding in long island. >> it was a cold case. they aired him in the shooting death of 19 abdul khan outside of a ma sonics temple in hicksville in 1999. he spent many years on the run and used many aliases and names until captured in trinidad singh pleaded not guilty and offered apology to the family. >> the destruction to the family i'm sorry. >> my heart is so pleased that they have got this -- bring him to justice. >> if convicted mr. singh could face life in prison without parole. all right. 8:16 in the morning. mike woods, what is happening outside? did the rain pass our area? >> there are indications we he could see stuff refiring. >> could we get another buzzer alert on our phone?
8:17 am
>> it could happen. flash flood advisories seem to pop up on emergency alerts, if you got that 5:00 this morning. sorry, i didn't do it. here is what is going on around the tri-state. averages for today. 83 is average high. 68 is average low. record high for today is 94 degrees. that was set in 2002. i don't think we're quite getting to 94. even if you get 90 this is an extension on the heat wave we already have in action. this is the live radar. it is showing pretty quiet conditions across the tri-state. there is one thundershower out in the central and eastern sections of long island. it is not really moving much at all. as a matter of fact it is just to the north there of the lie and northern state there. looks like we've got a few show is and storms. look at that earlier this morning pretty much died out. that is the only one going on for the time-being but there are some indications stuff is starting to refire near staten island and out near hudson
8:18 am
county and back towards middlesex county. we'll see if it happens. usually get them. things settle down. heat gets going an you get more popping up. 74 degrees at central park. 69 in sussex. bridgeport you're at 78 with a mixed sky throughout the area. high pressure is in control. that usually gives us fairer skies and not too much happening with the storms. you see the majority of the moisture is back here in the western sections of pennsylvania. slowly but surely makes its way towards the tri-state. tomorrow you have cloud cover in the area. that helps keep temperatures down since we don't get sundown into the ground to heat things up. i don't think we have our highs as warm as what we have out here today. still will be very humid over next few days. even worse than what which v eventually another front passes through here later thursday into friday. one other thing we talk about, the air quality alert. from 11:00 this morning until this evening.
8:19 am
high levels of ozone. high temp going up to 94 here in the city. 84 is the high tomorrow with less cloud cover and more showers. humidity hangs tight until saturday. by the way, that app, fox 5 ny weather app, with live interactive raid today to use any point in time. find out where the storms are specifically. go to apple itunes store or google play store. it is free. let's bring in ines going on with the commute. it is a little bit of this and little bit of that but nothing too crazy. >> westside highway traffic jams southbound at 96th street. multicar accident blocking a lane. fdr drive. as far as commute from long island, doing pretty good on the lie. into nassau county patches of slow spots. not bad at all. go to the cameras, take a look at commute from the bronx. cross bronx heading towards the bronx river parkway looks good. east bound towards the bruckner
8:20 am
you're fine. metro-north to the harlem line there is police activity. expect five to 10 minute delay. delay with the path trains. there are equipment problems with christopher street. this is affecting journal square and 33rd line into hoe becken. >> thank you very much, ines. christopher jackson is one. broadway stars of "hamilton." >> he plays george washington this is the hottest performance in the world. >> he is really good in the show, by the way. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
8:21 am
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> reviews are coming in. the reviews are coming in. practicing. >> we're in previews. we have not debuted yet. that is different. >> the people want more. >> gilligan has spoken.
8:24 am
>> she has spoken. sounds like working concentration camp. >> i don't know. bezos yesterday said that is not the place he knows. and, he would like people to come out and say if they're having a bad experience working there. >> actually that sounded like a very positive blessage. there is no obvious equation between what i said and that, but was a compelling story in the "new york times." >> sometimes there are always a few people don't like the way things are run but, is it systemic with the whole corporation? we're going to find out i guess in the next few weeks. >> one wild thing they have there, peers kind of, can go to the boss about a peer anonymously, you know what i mean. >> don't they do that here? >> you think? i guess some oh, boy. not you. >> i'm too busy. with my g-rock rap. >> lauren simonetti, what else is going on? news about the irs, internal revenue service?
8:25 am
>> the tax agency might send you a letter in the mail. don't think audit right away. think fraud. a hacker might be stealing your information, your social security number, your annual income, your investment information. all these critical he details you never want in anybody else's hands. what they do with the information is file a false tax return and steal your refund or open a credit line in your name. this is like the worst possible thing that could happen to you. if you look at the 2013 year alone, the agency sent out almost $6 billion in phony refunds. people are out to get your money. they're stealing your information. so back in may, because this story has just blown up, the irs said look, we had many hundreds of thousands of attempts to get into our system but hackers got away with -- 114,000 taxpayers information that was may, 114,000. knew that number increased by 200,000, to 334,000 taxpayers with their information at risk. if you are one of these people,
8:26 am
more potentially affected. those are ones where there was at least partial success. you will get a letter. they will give you a special pin. use that number for future filings. they're revamping the system. get your free credit monitoring and all of that. but, come on, once a hack hears social, income data and all other information about you, there is really little you can do to fix the situation. >> as long as i get my refund, boy, oh, boy, isn't that a great little prize. >> feels like a prize every now and then. thank you, lauren. you know what happened to me? got a letter from the irs. says your address has been changed confirm your address has been changed. i never changed my address. called number on paper. on hold one hour. i literally put it on just like the loud speaker, i was like cleaning up the apartment. >> just be happy. >> for an hour. >> rosanna, you could have been audited. >> been down that road already.
8:27 am
>> could happen again. not again. >> is boos happening at
8:28 am
starbucks in
8:29 am
call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
8:30 am
breg greg greg: okay live in hipster world. everyone is hip over there. rosanna: even if you have a kid, you are hip. greg: the kid probably has something on the t-shirt. let's see. ymca. rosanna: they are a nice family. greg: who else? rosanna: there is a cell phone in hand. greg: classic new york family. rosanna: he's got the baby as the accessory. greg: they are seeming normal.
8:31 am
coffee. good. greg: rosanna, you are sounding accusing right now. rosanna is sitting at her desk, wearing a blouse. rosanna: we are just having fun. around the body, hipster. where's the cup of coffee. greg: what about the ink? right? rosanna: yes. greg: higher concentration of hipsters but just a few. rosanna: we needed more facial hair. oh, wait, coffee. the ear pod. greg: he's a cool dude. how about here. the anchor woman and the power suit. wif a tv anchor woman. rosanna: you have to fit the bill, right.
8:32 am
mike, you are not looking so hipster right now. i have seen you on the weekend. mike: it is not raining right now. but now things have settling back. you have to head out to long island specifically along the l.i.e. and perhaps down toward the southern state. we have a little thundershower right there. anyhow, it is quiet in the majority of the tristate. there is a thundershower. most of the storms that we have seen so far for the day not a lot of thunder and lightning with em this. over the city we had a flash flood advisory earlier this morning and now things are quiet for us. that doesn't mean we are clear for the showers and storms. 74 central park.
8:33 am
78 in bridgeport. 77 montauk. 70 in monticello. it is a iks manied sky in the tristate. we are going to see more sunshine and once it is out there, the temperatures are going to respond. the high pressure is in control and blocking the majority of the moisture to the west of us, however, it is sliding on to east and headed out to the atlantic waters and allows the clouds to the region by tomorrow and that means more clouds, less sunshine, cooler temperatures. that's happening tomorrow into thursday and friday. and then later on thursday and friday the best chances for rain. now today, we had some earlier this morning and quiet in the day and more could be firing up in the afternoon. high up to 90. it is sticky outside. the high down to 80 tomorrow. 83 on thursday. 82 friday and saturday. again, the best chances of rain on thursday and friday. okay, now let's switch to ines rosales and yeah, i tell you
8:34 am
what, the morning commute is a breeze compared to yesterday. man, yesterday was a mess. >> this morning we have hiccups. west side highway jammed up. an accident blocking two lanes. fdr normal delays headed to 72nd. queens, normal stuff. l.i.e. slow westbound heeded to queens boulevard. eastbound slow aproching the cross island parkway. now to cameras. staten island expressway bradley avenue is great. no problems leaded to the verrazano bridge. crossing the hudson, george washington bridge delight right now. upper lower delays have eased out. 49530 minutes headed to the lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel 10-15. back to you. >> rosanna: thank you, starbucks
8:35 am
get free wifi there too. greg: how about wine and beer, that is happening, rosanna. you have to pay for it. it is a pilot program. is it widespread yet? it is starting in brooklyn. rosanna: we sent out our hippest reporter. juliet huddy is out there with the people. juliet: so here's the deal, they have been doing this for five years, in development. they have had test stores throughout the country. in 70 locations in several cities, seattle, portland, los angeles, chicago and atlanta. they are feeling confident about the success potential and did well with the test stores in the other places and now maybe it is time to expand here. what's happening starting tomorrow, that number is going
8:36 am
to increase to denver, miami, orlando, northern california and williamsburg. starbucks evenings. starting tomorrow late afternoon and into the evenings choose from ten types of wine, craft beer and the alcohol is getting all of the headlines here. that is not all, including a menu with small plates, mac and cheese. bacon wrapped dates. again it is the alcohol getting the headlines. it is all happening in sort of a less corporate cafe environment. it is a more warm environment. not everyone is thrilled about this, particularly in williamsburg. the bar owners are not happy. like this woman. listen. >> they say that starbucks improves the neighborhood, that
8:37 am
is doing the opposite. they are taking away the business from the smaller businesses that need the revenues. >> starbucks says though this is the statement, we focussed on bringing the highest and best experience to the customers. they are passionate about coffee and the local businesses and it is community where the independent stores and the small chains can continue to grow along with the starbucks. right next to starbucks is a dunkin' donuts and down the street is a frozen yogurt chain. test it out for yourself and sigh what you think about it. you can come to brooklyn or to
8:38 am
to other location serving the booze in the macy's in herald square. expect the number continuing to expand. they are trying to get more liquor licenses across the country. back to you. greg: we met the boss of starbucks once, the guy came in here. cool dude. what'd we think? rosanna: you know what, i think they are targeting the areas a lot of single people and this could be a meeting place for them and not such a pressured environment. you do to bar, you are on guard. this is like sit back, use your computer and have a drink and meet somebody. greg: that makes sense. rosanna: i hope that makes sense to my daughter too, jenna? >> greg: nj transit and the
8:39 am
problems they have been having. rosanna: yesterday was the worse. drawing attention to the der tier rating conditions of the tunnels. the plan is including two new hudson river tunnels with a cost of 15 to $20 billion. back in 2015 christie killed the plan. he was concerned about the cost and the overruns. greg: okay, earthquakes in california. check out this weathermannon tv, the reaction of earthquake on tv. >> oh my goodness. this is a good one. this is a good one. rosanna: it was. 4.0 magnitude earthquake hitting the bay area yesterday. but by california standards that is not that big. greg: it was a big deal for him. rosanna: rosanna: he was rattled.
8:40 am
greg: they are talking about him globally. mike woods? rosanna: he would be under the table. greg: duck and covered. rosanna: it was felt across the bay and downtown san francisco. greg what else? google. a driveless car, atlas robots. this is looking like from star wars. rosanna: 6-2, 332 pound bounding through the woods. this is an improvement. greg: remember the robot that kicked the ball at president obama in japan. that was terrible. this looks like it can search and destroy. rosanna: google is searching out the challenges in the lab. it carries 5 hoses and drives a car. greg: do we trust the google guys? are they nice guys? rosanna: non.
8:41 am
greg: they know everything about us. rosanna: they do. b boy legend with the dance ewe dynamic with a live performance. greg: cool. a prominent cast member from the show hamilton. rosanna: and spot the hipster again. let's see what's happening in williams williamsburg. greg: everyone is cool there.
8:42 am
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rosanna: hipsters. look, the bag, the facial hair, the sunglasses and phone in the hand. greg: clear plaic cup. rosanna: that is so hipster. greg: iphone in, ear buds. rosanna: this is good. greg: t-shirt. classic. rosanna: it was a good morning. dr. raj, how are you? >> things in health land are going well. we are talking about the fall and kids going back to school. rosanna: no fall. >> when you aped school did that cause you stress or excitement? >> rosanna: as a child, stress as a parent delight.
8:45 am
greg: i liked the school clothes. the first day of homework and covering the books. i didn't know how. rosanna: i'm still not good at that. >> a new study looking at headaches in children and er visits for children spike at this time, because of the strs of school. tension headaches related to stress, fatigue and anxiety and children 5-13, 31% increase to the er for the headaches at this time. make sure your child is getting enough sleep and drinking enough waternd talk to them about how they feel about returning to school and minimize the stress if you can. look at the activities they are doing and give them time to relax. it is anxciting time but causing headaches for many of the children. greg: i don't remember getting a headache like that.
8:46 am
rosanna: i got a stomach age >> yes. greg: i looked forward to seeing the kids again and changg over the sum iru --summ. rosanna: we have an australia pop star. he's goingo . n coad. 's goi to sing on "good day." coming up.
8:47 am
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na wme azy aturday night l as a gos on17 bn reoping t jufered
8:50 am
je turikrash t lled his friend. c is r tobeto14thmy schumer is mang h hosting det.bu combsped up f the first timerrt at his son's coege. he rertedly swied be coch. he said tat tettl bell y wa a misunderstanding and 's confirming tt he not e aices now. say is n and h i t pleamfhe bes ey ell o thousandndon
8:51 am
o ami womanith big breasts big hip ar his dress. youre aesia want to wees ifourleag is l you are and don'tspike them you e25 w bcbg that os s he's notnut okesperson and calling the en shockin appalling. >> >>obby dos rh e screens.
8:52 am
uledit theatresep18 gregndosan arechanging, but, thean that tests the teend willingn toeeit er tre's a theire i on th we'ldiscuss if thiss a good
8:53 am
si, arlen edghbo wi e re r.tanl p vi
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mike: you are the facebook fan of thehour. thank yofor saying nicehings on o face ge. if you want to be our facebook fan of the hour, gond say nice things. to what's happeningere wit the showers and storms, we had a lo happening in north east jersey and now it is quieter. we'll see more popping up later
8:56 am
in the day. 78 central park. 79newark. ssex wh partly cloudy skies here in the tristate it i fairly quiet. not much happehi p timoundof the showers and stormssrn is theal, mo in etristate r anot ofor omes a storms ty pic up thuy a . ds s geth mi stmsal thuda id is d eerin wel beig bk.
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