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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 21, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'. now on chasing news. >> imagine in the woods people are getting injured they had a broken back. >> you know it seems like a lot of fun. >> not dying. >> if you walk down long beach island there's a whistle twirling tank tops, and awesome hair. >> this is the best. >> i'm gonna get out of the way before i get run over. >> new york city's carousel is open to the public it is located
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in battery and is located and it has the sea creatures which go up and down. >> can we bring the ocean back here it doesn't happen like it used to. >> your chasing a story which involve deadly rocks. >> that's about right, jump if you dare. nestled in the woods of woodhaven creek you'll find a swimming pool locals know it as the devils pool and for good reason. swimmers are getting injured in some dying. >> the video captures from two years ago he jumped from the bridge into the water estimated to be a 30-foot drop and he had a broken back and punctured logs.
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>> i could barely walk up the hill, doctors said it was good that i had to walk it could've been bad if i could walk whatsoever. >> others are not so luckily, one man is completely paralyzed for from his fall in 1990, while a father and father and son are both dead from drowning. you might be thinking, how how is this even legal to come here? well it's not, you'll seaside's broadcasting signs broadcasting the message, but that doesn't stop hundreds of coming to the swimming pool on a daily basis. >> i've been coming here for a long time. >> the city doesn't know how to and this problem. >> normally by the time we show up and it there'd be already know were coming and they're
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already gone. >> they talked about filling the hole with rocks. >> we decided that wasn't the right decision, so many friends and family gather and alter it permanently is probably an overreaction. >> there's they met this can be contaminated but take a look around it so popular and hot summer day, how often you come back your now question. >> maybe like once or twice a week. we jump off that little clip right there. >> you jumped off not by bridge,. >> i jumped into the water if you live in philadelphia have to go there one time. >> it is a little dangerous, it's secluded, you can have drinks there. but there is every opportunity to safely and legally swim in philadelphia, there are 72 public community pools, that is more than any other city in america. >> people who. >> people who don't live close to the pool or the beach. >> needless to say how dangerous
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the currents are, you're literally swimming in wastewater. >> you know it's a lot of fun, not dying. >> high-speed chase. >> third coming up with a plan to get the woman out of times square police are looking for clues. wednesday night they arrested chris, he was 25 years old and was a boyfriend of one of the women and had a outstanding warm for marijuana according to the police. >> things got a little out of control, the homeless were mentally ill they're picking on people writing their bikes and jogging, they're they're in a drug-induced psychosis. >> founder of new york city's guardian angels, they're known for patrolling tough areas and known for marching in their.
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>> so we went on patrol through central park and has been going on for two decades but because of the rise in homeless people and the rising crime in muggings, they're there back out there. >> there parts of this park at night that there are no lights, no cameras and no cops. and that's when mugging and strong-arm robberies are taking place. that's why we had to go back into the park and patrol these on incorporated areas that the nypd don't think are all that important. >> so they explained to me that there are two areas of this park, there's a touristy area and then there is a draw, dark, seedy area where the crime is taking place. >> many of these guys have been with me before here, this is where it starts to get dicey, especially this area where a lot of gay men come looking for love
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in all the wrong places. they get knocked upside the head, they take their money on their cell phones. >> so that was their warning to us as we proceeded in the dark. we followed a narrow path, the sun was going down, there was no light, we went up into the rambles. >> what you doing up there? , what you think you're looking at nature at 8:00 o'clock at night? are you looking for bald eagles? know your scope and victims. >> two decades ago this is where they would come to protect gay men and they started their patrol based off a two incidents. but then we are talking about the most dangerous area which was the north part of central park. >> it somas like ices in the bidding like oh it's no big
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deal, if you let it go then all of a sudden the thugs will rule the night and they'll take it apart from the police mml, take it during the day. >> he has actually challenge the mayor to come out on patrol with him and see what he sees. so i contacted the contacted the mayor's office and they gave us a statement that the chances of being a victim of crime is about one and 350,000 people that's on the crime in central park has fallen sharply in the last years. >> my fears right now we have such a big problem with police brutality and racism across the nation, they're attacking each other, will minority groups be able to trust these people and will they be loose cannons and >> by 1981 they're such a conflict with mayors and police that they didn't want these vigilantes on the street and they wanted people in new york,
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overwhelmingly said please stay on the subways, stay here because sometimes just the perception of having someone look out for you, that red beret became a sign of okay there's a some order here. >> continuing my walk down long beach island, i'm almost to the bridge down in surf city mi theater tire. maybe it's time to pay a visit to the old beach patrol. the first question i have for both of you guys is is it work both ways, do guys come and camp campout by the lifeguard stand open the lifeguards, you know yours kinda hope it worked that way back in my day. >> sometimes i guess, i don't
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know. nothing really special. >> when i was a lifeguard i was up by the edge of the pool and watch the kids in the shallow and and blow my whistle and act like i knew what i was doing. these people actually know. a. and they're busy so leave them alone. there lifeguards in every sense of the work, make no mistake, there's will withhold twirling, tank tops, sunglasses, they even has off some hair. make no mistake with people in though water is all business. >> was swimmer got trapped and within two minutes there people in the water, lifeguards, if they were and it could've been very bad but they got there in time and i got them out safely and in time. >> also well that ends well but it could've been pretty dicey there. >> it could've been a bad situation. >> that's a ground right there. >> okay so i cheated i came down
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to the south end of the island because people would not leave me alone. scotty donnie's is sunshine on in the rain, hit me up on twitter, if otherwise known as the check or wing night. >> you can get fried food in the morning, sandwiches, salads, mimosas, anyone on the south end of the island will tell you it's wings man. a nothing but the wings. >> this is the first time i've seen you. how do you get everybody in here like this? is like an overnight success, it's amazing. why why do you come here. >> because i love it,. >> how hot do you get the win.
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>> i get mild. >> what's it all about? >> atmosphere, fun, and great wings. >> and i can i can pry wing but i don't know if i can make it taste good. >> i to get out of the question be kitchen before i get run out of the kitchen by hungry people. >> it's one thing you run into on lbi, people who go to the south end of the island stand by and say this is where it exists. mm people who go to the north end of the island they said there still people on the beaches, we like it quiet. alright so so in north island, south island, take your pick which end of lbi do you go to if
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you do make it out for the summer? what what are your favorite things to do? hit me up on twitter on chasing hank or on chasing news. >> i went to jersey city to take check out a new a new dating site. >> edits for peo [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way?
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. >> regarding the twins born prematurely hayden and hudson were born at 24 weeks and unfortunately little hudson has passed. hayden is still fighting for survival and is making progress she had a weight milestone and is now 4 pounds. now that being said, her lungs are still struggling and she is still in an incubator. the couple, there's still facing expenses, their raising money on gofundme paid page. they have just over $51000. >> jason a story about the huge industry of dating, now it is gone into infidelity and who is not be a faithful.
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>> the bomb has been dropped, the cheating site at the tagline is have an affair on ashley madison today. it's where people in relationship sign up to cheat on their significant others, now cheaters are exposed. 32 million users. i went out to jersey city to check out a new dating site that is all about fidelity. it's basically a a site for people who have been cheated on called fidelity the cocreator told me about the site. >> at the dating website for people have been cheated on or betrayed or singles who are looking for faithful relationship.
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>> the most interesting part is they created this after a horrible relationship expands herself. >> i had an experience of being in a relationship with someone for nine years and then on the computer i found that he's been infant cheating. >> a user user of the site shared her story with me and how the site is actually help term a path that. >> i was to be married, living with a guy. i got out of work and went to his office and he was in the back with some other girl. so right away i thought something was going on. a few weeks later he was having dinner with that same girl but told me it was just business. getting her pregnant. >> how does that help remove her >> basically they're trying to create a social network of people who are there for each other emotionally as well. >> so they get it for support services and if you like someone on there you can actually go on a date with someone.
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>> blown away by something that the hackers when they distributed all this information, maybe they should have called the website sausage instead of ashley madison because hackers say 90 to 95% of the users and ashley made thousands of fake female profiles. so they were doing any cheating. >> now that we have 32 million people who got hacked, this might be a great opportunity for them what's gonna start cheaters for them to going on another website. >> i texted another web i texted her today and asked and she said i know, so sad but were here to help. >> today new york city carousel opens to the public. it's located in the battery has three different types of sea
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creatures that rotate, go up and down. the architectural and conceptual act of the care so while designer did the artistic area i was able to speak with them and asked why sea creatures. >> people have never seen marine animals like this, that was a real inspiration can we bring the ocean back to kids here. >> they also spoke with me about one of the things she found most rewarding about the project. >> i got to ride and said that was so beautiful. when do you hear 10-year-old say that so that was totally worth it.
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>> the project took ten years to make and cost $60 million. some of that money was privately funded and the other half was public. the carousel is $5 per ride and is open from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. >> check out this hilarious video of the gop presidential debate. sfx: music throughout sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing
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sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson, a family company.
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>> check out this hilarious harry video of the gop presidential debate they asked governor christie what his favorite snack was. >> i just won a regular potatoes but guess what so did other people,. >> and then he gets into a tip
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with rand paul. >> i i wanted it no genital warts. >> the video was posted on tuesday and also has already has 2 million views. >> this is an anti-drug psa psa on drugs, no you are not hallucinating that is a disembodied head of philadelphia police is photoshop onto the body of a 1990 executive. >> hi i'm police commissioner charles. >> whether you find this hilarious or horrifying must be cleared don't do drugs unless you want your disembodied head to appear on a cartoon. don't do drugs.
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>> there's no hope in dopes. >> there still more questions than answers on the shooting of 14-year-old about the american civil liberties union and the acu called upon the attorney general's office to release the names of those who were involved in the shooting. one trooper and one sheriffs ofc. doesn't look like it will happen. remember congresswoman, she said this about the attorney general's investigation into the herm shooting last week. >> that's what were asking for, were asking for justice, were asking for the information and what needs to happen. >> she had multiple phone calls and finally got herself a meeting to his office here on thursday. we stop by and try to ask a few questions, turns out she was unable to attend. they're facing weapons charges, this whole thing is moving in
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the course pretty fast pretty the families planning the civil lawsuit in the attorney general's is deciding whether the shooting was justified. giving you more as this moves forward. >> is this a religious weight. >> this marijuana activist wants to be the hype point. >> i don't think i'm bothering anybody. >> check out his new church. >> forget sports these are
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