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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  August 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: in the meantime, students and faculty left in limbo. christian is an incoming freshman, nervous about starting a new school, let alone high school. >> i was planning to come here. i was comfortable with everything. i got to know the principal and the guidance counselor. when i found out that i might not be coming to the school, it was a little nervous for me. i didn't know where i would be going. >> reporter: you still don't know? >> no. >> reporter: the department of education says students nor faculty will be allowed in the safe. the chancellor said if it's not safe, the students and faculty will be relocated to a different building and school will start at planned on september 9th. that's the latest information i have. >> thank you. a gunman opened fire on a train traveling from amsterdam to paris. three people, including an american, among the injured. the gunman is a 26-year-old who
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was overpowered by two american passengers, who may have been marines. and he was arrested in northern france. investigators from france's anti-terror police are leading the investigation. >> isis' second in command is dead. government officials say he was killed tuesday while traveling in a vehicle near mozul, which is north of baghdad. he is a senior deputy to the terror group's leader. >> stocks on wall street and around the world taking a beating. the dow closing down more than 500 points, the big drop since 2011. we'll take a closer look at what caused the sell-off in a minute. >> how about this? a mama bear and her cubs decided to have a pool party in a new jersey backyard. >> linda schmidt has more of the bears trying to beat the heat. >> first of all, this house is not in the middle of the woods. it's a development. it's surrounded by a fence that's about four feet high. but somehow this mama bear and
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her four cubs made it over the fence, dov into the pool having a good time and one of them, you're about to see the video, it's adorable, one of the cubs slid down the slide. this family of bears decided to have a pool party earlier this week in rockaway new jersey. at one point, you can see one of the five cubs going down the slide. timothy, his wife and two little girls were inside their home recording their six visitors. you can hear the children reacting to the excitement. but she's not too happy when the cubs get ahold of her floaty. >> they took my floaty! >> reporter: sam has lived next door for 50 years. >> it's natural. we see them at least three times a year, three, four times a year. really. didn't bother me. >> reporter: chris lives just two houses away. >> they knocked my fence down on
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the way to go swimming. >> the mama bear and cubs have been around all summer. he has pictures of the mother in his backyard and of the cubs playing with a neighbor's jungle jim. >> you just keep your is distance and let them be. >> reporter: did it scare you? >> not really. no. >> reporter: some of the pool toys didn't survive this pool party, but the family sure does have a great story to tell. in rockaway, new jersey, linda schmidt, fox 5 news. >> something needs to be done about the painted women posing for pictures in times square. steve: what that is, they can't agree. dan bowens is live in times square to discuss the latest proposal. dan? >> reporter: these women that have stirred up so much controversy in the last few days appear to have taken the night off. no sign of them in times square. whether or not they'll be banned forever, that's still up for debate or if this plaza will be here in the future. city leaders are discussing that.
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familiar faces in -- i'm the naked cowboy you got to do what you got to do >> reporter: nobody knows nudity like the naked cowboy. so what does the long time times square street performer think of a new proposal to make toplessness illegal for everyone? >> you want to work, you want to be here, you want to come every day and take care of the customers, put on a top. >> reporter: state senator ruben diaz isn't laughing. his proposal coming on the heels over the debate of the paintless topless women walking the square. >> we have an angry elmo. immorality is coming back to times square. >> reporter: mayor de blasio and governor cuomo think the women should go. this grandmother agrees. >> it's not morally value for everyday life. i am glad they're not here today. >> reporter: the city is considering a proposal to get
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rid of the pedestrian squares altogether. tourists don't like that idea. >> it's a great place to go. a destination place. the fact there's a place to sit and relax in the middle of the chaos, it's a good spot. >> reporter: two advocacy groups speaking out in favor of the pedestrian plaza. the times square advertising coalition saying, quote, it would be a terrible mistake to eliminate them as the no. 1 complaint from visitors before their construction was the lack of pedestrian space. the broadway association also thinks they should stay. but wants action on the other issues. quote, ambiguity has created a vacuum filled with aggressive panhandling and garish behavior. steve: that was dan bowens. he's in times square. >> take a look at this. two police officers found and confiscated a boa constrictor yesterday. i hope dan wasn't abducted. this precinct tweeting a photo of the gigantic yellow and white reptile saying the officers did
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a good job. unclear how it wound up in times square or exactly what part of the square it was confiscated. better them than me. well, it was a very rough end to the week for investors. >> we'll take a look at what was to blame for the massive sell-off on wall street. steve: and contact lens users, you're probably not about as good as changing the lenses as you should. why it could put your eyes at serious risk.
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markets. this is a correction with a capital c. take a look at the dow close. it dropped over 530 points. that's officially correction territory. we haven't seen this kind of a day in four years. what's going on? there are major concerns about the global economy, particularly in china. news that factory activity there slowed down big time has everybody worried that china's weak economy could trigger problems everywhere. all of that has people questioning when the feds will raise rates, something we thought would be before the end of the year. that has everyone jittery and selling. another big issue, oil.
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it dipped below $40 a barrel. that hasn't happened since 2009. oil did close back up above $40, but oil prices have been on a losing streak for the summer. that's something we haven't seen since the mets last won the world series and pacman was cool. >> more uplifting business news, a & p's bankruptcy issues hitting close to home. they gave layoff notices to 4,000 workers in its new jersey stores. they effective thanksgiving day. it affects 45 days in new jersey that they're selling as part of their bankruptcy plan. they have told 900 workers they could face layoffs in september. steve: and contact lens wearers' warning. sharon crowley shows us. >> do you wear them in the shower? >> all the time. i can't see in the shower. i have to shave and stuff. that's why.
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>> reporter: if you're one of 41 million american who wear scold you. a survey proved what doctors suspected. most contact lens users have dangerous hygiene habits when it comes to their contacts that could lead to eye infections. >> reporter: do you ever swim in your contacts? >> yes. >> reporter: his excuse? >> they're already in. >> reporter: the cdc says you should never sleep, shower or swim in your contacts. >> i had an infection like seven years ago. it was really bad. so from then on, every night, i will take them off. >> reporter: others admitted to rinsing or storing them in tap water instead of cleansing solution. another mistake, keeping the case longer than three months or waiting too long to get new ones. >> people tend to forget that a contact lens is a foreign object eye.
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if you don't have the proper hygiene, you're going to get an infection. >> reporter: the good news, those surveyed are good about washing hands before putting their contacts in. trouble is very few said they wash their hands when it was time to take the lenses out. you can see why there's a problem. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. alison: an independent film celebrating new jersey culture hosted a meet and greet with the actors today in jersey city, heights. the deli opened making it the perfect place to promote the comedy the last american quido. as we learn, the film's roots go beyond the story line. >> i grew up in nutley. vido is my director. he's from jersey city. when i auditioned, i didn't know the jersey connection. everyone that worked on the film knew each other before we worked together. there's a huge familial connection going on with the film. alison: the film was shot in
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jersey city, hobby oken and nutley. steve: who could forget her? it was awesome today. it was a amazing. especially in the morning. how much cooler and less humid. it was a different world. >> right. temperatures didn't change, but the humidity did. we had a big drop in the number. it made for comfortable conditions across the tri-state. the east end of long island, you've been suffering today. let's talk about the number in central park. it was 87 degrees. we hit that just before 2:00 earlier this afternoon. this morning we started off with a muggy 71. this morning, we had rain that came through starting after midnight. we had a third of an inch of rain in central park and higher amounts across northwestern new york. we had rain in belmar and we're continuing to put on the rain gauge out towards montauk point as we're seeing shower activity
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out there. temperatures right now, once the sun came out, they rose into the 80s across many locations. we're at 77 in monticello. right now we're 86 in the park. we're just under 90 at newark liberty airport. belmar looking good at 82. islip, more cloud cover here. we have a temperature of 77. montauk, you have a muggy and mild 84 right now. it's all about the dew points. you saw a big drop in numbers today. check it out from new york city inland, we find readings in the 50s. that's nice and comfortable. different across long island. we have dew points in the 60s and 70s. this is why we see more in the way of cloud cover and rain showers today. with readings in the 70s or near 70, it is uncomfortable across the east end. inland are basking in very nice dry air in place. here's a look at the front where it sits now. it passed through the area last night except for long island. it's hovering right over the suffolk county area. that's where we're finding the shower activity. it's mostly light rain showers.
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we have seen a couple of downpours this morning across the twin forks. we have light rain heading towards the hamptons and green port. it is moving ever so slowly out to the east. it's going to linger over the east end. i'm not expecting much in the way of relief or clearing for you for the weekend. inland sections, different story. that front that's to the east but out to the west, it's plenty of sunshine across new york city into new jersey as well as up towards the hudson valley. that's courtesy of high pressure that is nosing in from the west. a look at our futurecast shows you can see the east end socked in the cloud cover as well as scattered showers. that's going to be the same case saturday. that front will linger just to the east here. doesn't look good if you're heading to the hamptons or much of long island beaches. out towards the jersey shore tomorrow, we'll wake up with a few clouds. now, on sunday, different story. i think that front is going to retrograde back inland. we'll throw back more cloud
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cover into the new york city area and northern new jersey and the catskills. towards the afternoon, there is going to be the chance of a couple of scattered showers towards putnam, westchester and rockland, connecticut and long island, you'll be under the gun with cloud cover as well as scattered showers. jersey shore may escape the rain on sunday. i think you'll see more in the way of clouds than sun. mostly clear tonight. it will feel less humid. nice temperatures, too. we're going in 50s north and west. with drier, less humid conditions, you may want to open up the windows and give the ac a break. it will feel cool. mostly sunny and warm tomorrow. feeling pretty dry with temperatures in the 80s. the except of long island. the hamptons not looking good. we'll have mostly cloudy skies, chances of scattered showers. not a washout, but not fabulous. if you want good weather, go to the jersey shore. monday. plenty of sunshine with highs in the 80s. tuesday there's a chance of a couple of scattered showers in the afternoon.
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we go into kind of a quiet weather pattern next week. we're not expecting any blazing heat. temperatures will be average for this time of year and mainly dry conditions. steve: it did scare me. if it feels this chilly 72, scary what comes. you get used to the tropical weather. doesn't last. >> we're going to update you on hurricane danny in the next half hour. alison: hundreds of federal workers could be in trouble for using government networks to access ashley madison. their accounts were made public. many work in national security. they're not clear if they'll face punishment. cheating, just the suspicion of infidelity, can destroy a relationship. that's coming up at 5:30. lidia curanaj looks at the psychology behind people compelled to check up on their partners. steve: tough commutes on the gwb. lower levels will be closed during the week and from 11:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m. on saturday.
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workers will be removing temporary construction platforms used during the upper level deck installation. drivers can expect similar closures through mid october. alison: the first female soldiers to complete the u.s. army's ranger school graduated today, capping off a historic week for women in the military. the two received their black and gold ranger tabs at the ceremony in georgia. they graduated alongside 94 male soldiers after completing an intense nine week training program. they opened the program to women this week. steve: first she tackled a trapeze. now simone boyce is ready for a new adventure. alison: see her conquer the
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alison: theme park lovers may want to try a treetop adventure. steve: simone boyce checked out a zip line course on long island. island. >> reporter: how would you describe the adventure park for someone who's never been?
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>> amazing. so much fun. anything from swinging bridges, rolling elements, trapeze, zip lines. lines. >> reporter: should we get started? >> let's do it. put this on you. this is for your zip line. >> reporter: i picked the worst day to run out of contact lenses. four eyes are better than two. >> one is locked and one is unlocked. if you look at the back, there's three holes. you're going to take both your thumbs and push on the bottom hole. when you do that, one will move and one will not. the one that moves is your unlocked clip. then open the gate. this is how you open the clip. if you try it on this one, it's locked. >> reporter: one is always locked in? so you don't have to worry -- >> that's why we're not up there with them. someone is always on main
5:23 pm
platform making sure every customer is clipping in. you come on over here. we make sure that you clip in. you clip in. this one is now locked. it's impossible for you to take that off until you get to the end of the course. >> reporter: this is harder than it looks. feels like walking on ice in the winter in new york city. >> we rate the courses kind of ski slope style. it starts with the yellow. you progress to a green. then you can do a blue to black diamond and double black. >> reporter: what's the best way to walk across? like the balance obstacles? do you turn your feet out or keep them straight? >> just the way you're doing there. >> reporter: cool. >> there's no wrong way to climb. however you feel most comfortable. >> reporter: how did you get into this? >> the first time i climbed one of these was in europe.
5:24 pm
in college, i majored in outdoor recreation. and i was a tour guide for teenagers in europe. when i came back from that last summer, i heard about the adventure park that opened up. it's hard to believe i'm climbing trees for a living. zip line action. >> reporter: yeah, baby. zip line in three, two, one! whoo! >> awesome. >> reporter: whoo! that's so fun. steve: looks pretty cool. you can catch simone in the city saturdays at 10:00 a.m. or check it out again at 7 p.m. alison: information on millions of ashley madison users has been exposed online. steve: we'll look at the psychology of cheating and trust issues in relationships. alison: it's been 20 years since a massive fire tore through the pine barrens. we'll see how well it's managed to recover.
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100 meg internet, hundreds of hd channels, and unlimited calling to the u.s., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card plus tv equipment and epix included. get installed for free as early as today. call 1-800-341-9716. steve: ashley madison's secret
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is out. hackers posted millions of users' information on line. alison: people are wondering about trusting their relationships. >> this is for the fidelity challenge. >> it's betrayal. >> reporter: on tuesday, hackers made good on their threats to post sensitive information of the 32 million users. to find out if your partner is one of them, you can go to a specific web site and type in your partner's e-mail address. >> i understand the inclination to want to go on the web site and search. yes, the best way to handle that situation where you're doubting something in the relationship is to really sit down and have a conversation with one another. >> reporter: this is a relationship expert who says if you suspect your partner is cheating, there's usually underlying issues. >> whenever there's a cheating situation in a relationship, it doesn't just take one person for that to happen. there's something going on in
5:29 pm
the relationship that is not serving both people. so really having a conversation from the space of this is what i've noticed in our relationship and we haven't had sex in years or months or whatever it may be. >> reporter: even if you suspect your spouse of being a cheater, you might want to rethink the relationship. >> if i have a doubt or i'm starting to suspect, it's going to be over. >> it's not good. you shouldn't have to do that. you should be able to trust somebody. if you don't, don't be with them. >> reporter: most of the people we spoke to admitted to checking on their partner by looking at their cell phones. the relationship expert we spoke to says sometimes there's a good reason for spying, but oftentimes, the person spying may be a cheater himself. steve: interesting. thank you. the pentagon says american's annual military exercise with south korea is back underway after being halted due to the country's reignited tensions
5:30 pm
with north core korea. officials say it's fired dozens of round. anything. alison: the iran nuclear deal won an endorsement today. nadler is backing the agreement. chuck schumer and other jewish members have already denounced the deal, which seeks to keep iran from building a nuclear bomb in exchange for billions in international sanctions relief. congress is expected to vote on the agreement next month. steve: it's been 20 years since wildfires destroyed thousands of acres of the long island pine barrens. alison: environmentalists were confident everything would grow back. here's how everything recovered. >> the 1995 wildfires burned for more than a week and destroyed 7,000 acres of long island's pine barrens. >> once the fire gets in the trees, the treetops, sounds like
5:31 pm
a freight train. creates its own wind. >> reporter: this chief spent nearly two days working to put out the fires. >> what you saw was a glow in the sky. >> 2500 responders from fire departments throughout long island and the surrounding areas as far as upstate new york battled the worst wildfire on record. 20 years later in west hampton, where the fire was put out, pitch pine trees have grown new pinecones and new trees have grown. >> it was designed to burn and regenerate. in 20 years, all of the areas that were burned have recover. >> the executive director of the pine barrens society says the ecosystem bounced back. but technology is still not where it should be. >> long islander firefighters fight structure fires, houses and businesses. what they need is different from forest. >> reporter: state officials proposed a wildfire plan october.
5:32 pm
it includes the trimming of trees and scheduling of controlled burning to give firefighters easier access to the dense forests in the flanders community. it is a step in the right direction, they say, but it's a small portion of the more than 100,000 acres of pine barrens. the recent rain will help offset wildfires. strategies put in place will prepare responders if and when it happens again. in west hampton, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. alison: soho has a new attraction for grownups looking to feel like kids. steve: a giant ball pit is inside an office building. we'll take you inside whether you dare to go there. here's tonight's new york minute. minute. >> the streets of brooklyn cleaner thanks to the work of dozens of teenagers for the second time this year, kids came together to clean the area around bensonhurst park. the goal wasn't just to pick up trash. >> it's important to make sure
5:33 pm
it's clean and we spread the message not only are we keeping it clean, but setting an example for people. >> we've done this for years. every time we do it, i think people take note of it, and it helps keep the neighborhood cleaner for the future. steve: the 11th annual competition was whittled down today. finalists in the event will compete in the finals tomorrow, but regardless who wins, the competition will pay off for everyone. >> it's also shown that students who participate in events like these and who also study music do better in their everyday life steve: and that's your new york minute.
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steve: breaking news right now. manhattan. a federal agent's been shot. the single shooter has been shot and we're told is in custody. the fdr drive shut down right now during the investigation. we have crews on the way to the scene. we'll get more as soon as we have it. alison: a company wants to help adults feel like kids again. steve: we sent baruch shemtov to check out the giant ball pit set up in soho. >> reporter: it's time to have a
5:37 pm
ball right in the middle of soho. soho. >> my daughter gets to play in ball pits. i never. so i've always had ball pit envy. >> it's harder than i remember as a kid. >> reporter: jump is in the brain child of pearl fisher where this ball pit coexists with employees hard at work in the new york offices. the company's ceo and cto are jumping in, too. >> it was the idea of how we can creativity. it was like going back to what it's like to being a child. >> there was an incredible plethora of creativity. you saw people coming out with talents you never knew they had. >> we've got an environment we really open. and this was in a way quite a big step. >> reporter: during the limited play
5:38 pm
station on the company's web site. they're helping people embrace their inner child. >> the closest thing i can get to the beach. >> reporter: jumping will be open until september 21st. click the link on to sign up. reporting from soho, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. alison: i think he did a vault. steve: the old-fashioned way. what a craftsman. we'll go into this operation which is kind of a big deal.
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steve: breaking news right now. once again a federal agent's been shot in lower manhattan. it happened at hudson and varex streets. the shooter has been shot. we don't know the identity of the agent or shooter. we can tell you that the fdr drive is shut down as the investigation continues. again, a federal agent shot in lower manhattan. the circumstances surrounding that, though, remain unclear. >> and fox 5 health news, new guidelines for treating morning sickness. they've been updated now. expectant mothers can get safe and effective relief with a
5:42 pm
drugs. alison: this is dr. devi from the nyu school of medicine. nice to see you. >> there are two drugs. one is vitamin b 6. symptoms. antihistamine. you think of it in terms of allergies. it blocks acid production in the stomach, which can help. a lot of times the acid or acid vomiting. steve: that's a huge problem for many women. the morning sickness thing. a lot of people are trying to eat healthier, more organic, get rid of the pesticides, the fruits and vegetables. experts say when it comes to trying to clean off the vegetables, tap water is the best way to get the job done. alison: this makes me feel better. i barely do that. i'm terrible. >> you don't need the fancy washes. you can use the water pressure from the tap water to get all the dirt and mold and other stuff off. but the balance, the danger, is
5:43 pm
that if you get a lot of organic foods, perhaps they also have a little bit more bacterial contamination or mold on them. steve: you need to clean them more. alison: you can't win. steve: i think there's an instinct that we want to do more. i'll buy another product. it will be cleaner if i spend more money. at the end of the day, it's the old-fashioned stuff your parents were doing. >> actually, you know, just in terms of the tap water, you don't need to use a bowl and put everything in the bowl. it's cleaner to just keep it under the running water. if you use the bowl, the water takes it off, but the dirt and everything else -- like a bathtub versus a shower. steve: all right. makes sense to me. alison: me, too. i've got to remember them to wash them entirely. steve: right. got to remember to do it. we appreciate it. thank you very much. all right. let's talk to audrey. audrey, what a remarkable difference in weather today compared to yesterday and the previous several days. audrey: true. because of the humidity.
5:44 pm
the temperatures didn't drop much. we had a drop in humidity. that made a big difference the exception? east end of long island. you've been socked in with the clouds today as well as the shower activity, which we'll take a look at. speaking of rain, we had .3 of an inch of rain in central park this morning. today's high was 87. we hit that just before 2:00. right now we're at 86. humidity, dew point, very comfortable levels. it's going to stay that way tomorrow. right now we're sitting at 80 degree readings in poughkeepsie, sussex, just under 90 towards newark liberty. we're in the 70s towards monticello, bridgeport, islip and montauk is checking in at elsewhere across the northeast, we're in the 70s in boston. it's 80 up towards the capital district in albany. 81 in williamsport. we have cooler, drier air working in behind the front that tri-state area.
5:45 pm
we're seeing the effects of the dew points in new york city. we're in the upper 50s. same for albany, philly and d.c. readings in the 40s towards the west. we'll get a taste of that tomorrow. the exception, east end of long island. this is where we're finding dew points in the 70s. same thing up to boston and bangor. you're on the eastern side of a cold front that has yet to exit the area. we can see showers running from main to massachusetts and suffolk county. unfortunately, looks like the front is going to linger across the twin forks of long island. not a great beach weekend or a sunny weekend towards the hamptons. jersey shore looks good for the weekend. much of the catskills will be fine tomorrow. sunday could be an exception as the front moves inland. nice dry weather across the great lakes and ohio valley. that's edging towards our region. our next focus is on this system coming out of canada. it will take a dive into the u.s. over the next several days. that will give us a chance of a couple of afternoon showers tuesday.
5:46 pm
until then, it will be warm across chicago all the way to raleigh and atlanta. 90 in miami, san antonio, as well as new orleans. still hot in vegas. not unusual. over 100. san francisco will be at 73. a look at futurecast shows the front over the east end. that's where we'll see the cloud cover tomorrow. more in the way of sunshine as you go further west like across new jersey and towards the hudson valley. same thing for tomorrow night. clouds linger across the east end. a couple of showers will be in place. on sunday, that front kind of moves further inland. we'll throw back more clouds across new york city into northern new jersey and the hudson valley and late in the day there's a chance of a couple of showers moving into connecticut as well as areas east of the hudson river. a quick check on hurricane danny. it's in the atlantic. it has strengthened into a category 3 hurricane. it will be weakening as it heads towards the islands by the beginning of next week. we'll keep an eye on to it to
5:47 pm
see how it will be affecting the lesser antilles and the dominican republic. tonight, mostly clear, less humid, nice night across the region. mostly sunny, warm temperatures tomorrow except for the east end where we see more in the way of cloud cover. water temperature feeling good tomorrow, into the low to mid 70s. sunday, there'll be the threat of a couple of showers east of new york city. monday, we'll start off nice with plenty of sunshine. here's the front. it will give us a scattered shower on tuesday. looks good for the second half of the week. over to you. steve: thank you. we continue to follow our breaking news. federal agent's been shot in lower manhattan at hudson and varek street. the shooter has been shot and is in custody. >> the fdr is shut down during the investigation. dan bowens just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is an active investigation unfolding at lower manhattan. this just happening close to houston. that's close to the holland tunnel. it is impacting rush hour
5:48 pm
traffic. traffic is dead stopped. something to keep in mind if you're trying to head home and evening. as for the investigation itself, we're told the shooting happened at 201 varick street. a federal officer was shot. appears the suspect was shot and has been taken into custody. unclear the condition of the federal officer. hospital. unclear the condition of the officer who was shot. people around here posted several images to social media saying that they've seen officers with their guns drawn. an accountive investigation unfolding in lower manhattan. this is affecting traffic close to the holland tunnel. that's all we have for now. steve: thank you, dan. the shooting, according to reports, happened just after 5:00 tonight. two people shot.
5:49 pm
it was varick near king streets. if you are in the area and you see the commotion, that is all in relation to the shooting. alison: want to avoid the area. it will be a mess. we'll stay on it and find out what's going on and have more tonight at 10:00. steve: all right. what next? we'll be right back after break. >> amazon made news after an expose of horrible managers and working conditions. tonight why they and others have problems like that and who bears the responsibility. and get ready to have your idea of a museum turned upside down. it's next at 6:00.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to >> a long island man is an unlikely maker of baseball bats. alison: mac king shows us how
5:53 pm
his business got started. >> mine are just as good or anybody in the major leagues. >> reporter: this 55-year-old stashes some of the most coveted ash, birch and maple in the world. >> it has to be hand split. that goes along the grain. >> reporter: five years ago, you online business. he knew he'd retired early from a career in telecommunication infrastructure. he loved the game of baseball. he owned a lathe. when a neighbor brought him a broken bat asking for a copy, he fashioned one by hand. days later, the kids' coach showed up. >> said he needed 100 of them. i turned to my wife. i go it took me 2-1/2 hours to make that bat. >> reporter: he founded the beaver bat company and upgraded to a computerized lathe that allowed him to create the bat. >> i don't read the instructions.
5:54 pm
>> took him eight months to bats. this year, the company expects to sell 12,000. >> there's more to bats than just turning a piece of wood. there's grains and straightness of the barrel. you've got that nice bright fire engine red. >> reporter: last summer he crafted practice bats for the slugger alex rodriguez. he says he prefers to deal this to a minor league or amateur lineup of clients. >> i'd rather, you know, sell to the two or three million kids playing baseball than 300 guys in the bigs. >> reporter: when the same town where peter learned the game -- >> catcher. i'm paying for it now. my knees are killing me. they kill me. >> reporter: he spends seven days a week inhaling sawdust and building baseball bats, marvelling at the material. >> i get this wood.
5:55 pm
it's the best in the world. there you go. beautiful mlb grade mike trout maple bat. >> i'm mac king, fox 5 news. alison: awesome. well done. steve: we'll see you at 10:00. alison: christina has the news
5:56 pm
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call 1-800-341-9716. christina: hello and good evening. i'm christina park. ernie anastos is off tonight. we start with breaking news right into fox 5. a federal agent has been shot in varick streets. well. dan bowens joins us on the phone with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a chaotic afternoon in lower manhattan. the shooting happened close to 5:00 near the intersection of varick and houston, close to the holland tunnel. as emergency personnel work, there's the rush of rush hour traffic. several vehicles here in this area have been stopped at a standstill as emergency workers do their jobs this evening. this is an active investigation unfolding. here's what we know. the shooting happened at 2:01 varick street. lots of federal buildings here. this is an immigration office
5:59 pm
and post office. one federal agent has been shot. unclear the condition of the agent agent. she or he was taken to bellevue. the shooter has also been taken into custody. we're working to gather new information. the nypd has started to let some vehicles move through the area. again, it's rush hour, around 6:00 this evening. the shooting happened an hour ago. cars were at a standstill. people were out of their cars only the street trying to get a glimpse of what was going on. officers had their guns drawn working the seen, this near varick and houston street. one agent was shot and taken to bellevue hospital in unknown condition. custody. that's what we have. get it.


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