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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> interesting to see where this victory puts him in the world golf rankings now. >> a hug from his coach. since he was 12, mike shy. his caddie this week until 18 holes were in the books earlier this morning. what a week. impressive. all phases of the game. that walk with confidence we've been watching all week. he's the winner. bryson dechambeau. come back with the trophy presentation after this. to create a more advanced vehicle, you use the most innovative technology available. to craft a more luxurious vehicle, you use the most skilled hands on earth. like ones that spend 38 days creating a lexus ls steering wheel. or 2,000 hours calibrating an available mark levinson audio system. the high-tech, handcrafted lexus ls. luxury, uncompromised. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> fox sports coverage of the united states amateur championship is brought to you by -- >> what an impressive week it was for derek bard. he loses 7-6 here today. but he should be so proud of himself. let's go down to scott mccarron. >> thanks, joe. i'm here with derek. derek, a tough day but a wonderful week. what do you take out of this week?
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>> i take a lot. first thing is, learned a lot about myself. my game. i realized i can play with people at this level. just realized that, you know, if you're down and out, never count yourself out. keep grinding away. see what happens in the end. i did the first few matches. fell my way. today was a different story. >> was there any point of the match that you thought, man, i can't stop this guy right now? >> the second afternoon round, on hole 8, i hit in the hazard off the tee. he hit it in the bunker and made it on top of me. i figured after the putt, i could salvage the match. he poured it in on me. >> obviously a tough break. but after this week, you get to play in the masters. what will that be like? >> a nice consolation prize. it's been a dream since i was a kid to play in the masters. now it's here coming in april. it's fantastic.
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>> thanks very much, derek. back to you, joe. >> gets a chance to play in the upcoming u.s. open at oakmont. time for the trophy presentation. down to the president of the u.s. golf association, here's tom o'toole. >> i'm tom o'toole jr. join me in welcoming the 115th amateur champion, bryson dechambeau. we've had a magnificent week here at olympia fields. our fifth usga championship at this field. the north and south courses have tested the best amateur golfers and identifying the champion.
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the likes of chicago's own chic evans, the great bob jones, arnold palmer, jack nicholas and tiger woods. america's first national championship, the u.s. amateur, remains a pinnacle of amateur golf. this is a special site that has served as an excellent host of that historic championship. [applause] bryson, i'm honored to present two distinguished awards. first, a u.s. amateur championship gold medal presented to every united states amateur champion since 1895.
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[applause] second and certainly more identifiable, i present to you the havemeyer trophy. the time-honored emblem of our united states amateur championship. congratulations. [applause] >> please welcome from fox sports, holly sonders. >> amazing week. you started out the final 18 from the trees. you ended up on top as you always do. what is it like to hold that trophy?
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>> it's an incredible honor. i never thought in my wildest dreams i would win this championship. with all of the dedication and hard work that i've put in to making this possible, it's finally realized. i'm so excited and honored to be everybody's champion, the us amateur champion. >> that's right! i spoke to your mother and your brother on the last hole. they summed up this year as surreal. do you agree with them? >> absolutely starting out with the ncaa win and then going and playing in a couple tour events with the big boys out there. it was an incredible experience. to top it off with the ebb pitome of amateur golf is incredible. >> people doubted you. the way you played your game. you're unconventional and unapologetic about it. where have you learned this belief in yourself? >> honestly, from god. he's helped me understand that golf isn't the most important thing in my life. if i'm able to do my best for him, that's all i can do.
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thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 u.s. amateur champion. bryson dechambeau. >> thank you. >> holly, thank you. congratulations to bryson dechambeau. derek bard was i thought very well-thought out in defeat. when you talk about bryson dechambeau, he has it all. he's got the game, a golf historian, smart. an analytical kid. he comes at it from a unique direction. the question is how good can he come? we'll see big things from him. >> i think we will. definitely -- he believes he's going to get there. what impressed me the most here listening to him just then and the process of this week, he mapped it out, worked hard. yes, he's unconventional but he mapped his way to get there.
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he executed each and every task that he had to put himself under. he came back off the poor shots and kept pouring on and keeping up the pressure. when you sit back and think about a kid of this age, being able to have the capability of mapping his path to win this championship, that's when i say yes, he has a good future ahead of him. >> look at the players that have won recently, both the ncaa championship and the u.s. amateur. obviously tiger, phil. what impresses me about bryson, he's a people person. everybody that is around him he's liked, polite, uses mister and misses. there's a uniqueness that is hard to teach. he was upset after lunch. carried it through on the first hole amount terrible tee shot. somehow found a way to bounce back.
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he shot 32 on the front nine going out after a bogey. how good could he putt and chip? beautiful. >> five members of the walker cup team, here's five more to be named. here's the five we know. bryson dechambeau. bo hossler, hunter stewart and for the next five, let's go to tom. >> tom, what a great week here at olympia fields. >> it was, it was fabulous. the sunshines today. a great match won by the hottest player in amateur golf right now. bryson. what a great job by the club, this is our most special championship. it certainly came off fabulous this week. >> sure did. i understand you have a little announcement to make for the walker cup team. >> as you know, scott and the rest of the team at fox, we
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announced a few weeks ago, bryson dechambeau, beau hossler, lee mccoy, maverick mcnealey and hunter stewart. to round out the ten, is scott harvey from greensboro, north carolina. denny mccarthy from rockville, maryland. a recent university of virginia graduate. mike mccoy from des moines, iowa. jordan nebergy, an oklahoma state student and robby shelton from the university of alabama. that rounds out the ten players that will play in the walker cup in less than a month. >> tom, thank you. over to you, joe. >> thank you very much. thanks for watching what was a fun week of golf here at olympia fields in olympia field, illinois. the south land of chicago. had a lot of rain this week. they did a tremendous job of getting a beautiful golf course ready.
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in the end, it's bryson dechambeau winning in the championship match. 7,047 entries. over 97 sites to qualify. 312 made it here to olympia fields. after stroke play, there were 64 remaining. after six rounds of match play, it's bryson dechambeau in this tremendous year of golf from smu. the ncaa individual champion and he's rolled that forward to the united states amateur championship. he will be a member representing the united states in the upcoming walker come. for all of us at fox sports and fox sports golf, we congratulate bryson dechambeau. he wins here today. he is the u.s. amateur champion. so long.
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>> just a day after state police visit times square, the topless painted ladies are missing in action, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis, the topless painted ladies created quite a controversy in the crossroads of the world, yesterday they were approached by state labor department.
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christina: we sent our camera to heart of times square to talk to those who bare it all, there were a cast of characters on hand but no painted ladies, what gives? antwan: arthur chi'en with details. >> reporter: the topless women of times square presented quite a dilemma on local politicians last week, who wanted to crackdown on them, the crackdown was this weekend. this was times square, topless ladies exchanging cash for pictures got attention of tourists, media and mayor. >> i am unhappy with some of what is happening in times square. related on costume characters. and the painted women. >> reporter: thursday the mayor threatened to uproot the pedestrian plaza, seemed to handcuff enforcement. but look at our video of times
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square today, notice who is missing? governor cuomo sent state cops to times square, and instructed to make sure that ladies who were working crowds for cash are in compliance with tax laws and workers comp requirements. >> they were just out here, that is fine, but for money that is crazy. >> reporter: their tax be obligations aside, a show of unbridled support, women were joined by men in the campaign, held in new york and worldwide to coincide with women's equality day to remind women that going topless not just legal in new york city but something to be proud of. >> our mission is open people's minds that women should be created equal -- treated equal, and should not feel embarrassed or suppressed when going topless topless.
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>> reporter: federal government got al capone on tax evation. antwan: new video showing moments after a gunman was subdued on a high-speed train in france, he is the floor after being taken down by three americans, they are credited with saving lives of fellow pattings, -- passengers, they moments today. >> reporter: they are hailed as americans, three american passengers disarming a gunman on a high-speed train in france friday. >> most of us would run away, spencer, alec and anthony ran into the line of fire, saying, let's go. >> reporter: u.s. airmen spencer stone, and alec car latos, and an moroccan national. >> ran down tackled him, we hit
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the ground, alec grabbed gun out of his hand while i put him in a chokehold, it seemed he kept pulling more weapons left and right. >> reporter: the americans and french and british passengers took on the suspect av his gum was jammed. >> he would have been able to operate through all of those magazines we would have been in trouble, probably not here today along with a lot of other. >> he seemed like he was ready to fight until the end, so were we. >> reporter: the suspect's lawyer said he planned to rob the train not commit an act of terrorism. >> it does not take 8 magazines to rob a train. >> reporter: they are now questioning the 26-year-old suspect, he has ties with
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islamic terrorism, and has ties with syria. christina: the tolliver from deadly air show crash in u.k. is to rise, a fighter jet crashed on to a busy road after it failed to pull out of a loop maneuver yesterday afternoon. the deaths occurred on the road, the officials are still removing the bodies today, the pilot remains in critical condition in the hospital. antwan: another chemical plantic ploag explosion to tell you about, new contamination has been detected. unlike the explosion in august. the disaster raised concern about effectiveness of china's regulatory bodies. christina: 2 police officers were shot, a suspect dead in upstate new york, officer klein and josh suffered gunshot
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wounded from an attempted carjacking suspect with a gun, the officers fired back hitting the suspect who died in a year hospital, the officers are in stable continue. antwan: two people hurt in a high-rise fire at an apartment in harlem, the two alarm fired started on 16 floor of the builds, on broadway and west 125 at about 11:00 this morning, they got the flames under control in an hour. the cause of the fire is up investigation. christina: police released a sketch of a man for attacks a woman with acid-like chemicals in queens, it was wednesday, a man called to her from behind, she turned, he threw an unknown substance in her face. she was later taken to the hospital with third degree burns. the suspect is in his 30s, about 5-8, if you have go information cull crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips.
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antwan: former president jimmy carter is keeping the faith, he taught a pair of sunday school classes in his hometown this morning and game one lesson to several hundred people in at a small baptist church he regular aterns with his -- attends with his wife, he urged visitor to remain faithful when faced with failure or disappointment. christina: pierre-paul, showing he still has a sense of humor, tweeting out this message, my bad, i lost a finger, laughed out loud, this is first time pierre-paul commented on the accident, and he said that god has greater plans for him, no word on when or if jpp will be able to return to jiebs giant this year. antwan: a tough commute for commuters tomorrow, lower eastbound lanes from "9 to 5",
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and 11 to 8 monday, saturday, workers will remove temporary construct platforms for upper level deck. the drivers can expect similar closers in mid october. antwan: one newborn was not going to let traffic slowdown her entrant to the world. christina: they were headed to the hospital but got trapped in beach traffic, rose's contract shun became over powers, started screaming two women heard her and came runs from the sands buy beach club, and delivered bella rose right in the car they are doing great. antwan: right madison square garden, a championship even today. christina: does not involve the knicks or rangers, we'll tell you where the stands are pack. antwan: and rapper wiz khalifa in trouble with the law, why he said he was busted at a los angeles airport.
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christina: it is championship day in madison square gardens,. antwan: gamers packed msg for north american final of world's biggest video game, the league
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details. >> reporter: thousands of fans packed garden today for championship finals of one of the largest on-line gaming competitions in the world. these fans are screaming for players who are not even in the areara. -- arena. in a multiplayer battle game called league of legends they control teams of champion who batter other teams for territory. >> i have been playing it for a year, all my friend -- one of my friends got me into it, it was just like so much fun. >> reporter: sponsors the north american final say that game is played by 65 million people worldwide, once players get years. >> with all games out their what one? >> still popular i play with all of my friends. it is really competitive.
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>> reporter: there is an element of magic and special powers that can help one team beat other. >> so much fun, i meet so many government friend -- different friends here it is nice, that is why i love it. so many friends i know play it, we just get together and play it. one of those easy games that just 45 minutes, a quick game you can play with friends. >> reporter: another reason for popularity of league of legends, you can participate in a competition, even if you are a beginner. lisa evers, "fox 5 news." antwan: rapper wiz khalifa posted video on-line showing him being handcuffed at lax he said because of a hover board. >> stop resisting. antwan: as you can see, video shows customs border control agents taking khalifa down as he
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insists he is not of resists, he did not want to get rid of his hover board, he did not want to ditch the technology, law enforcement is not commenting on whether khalifa was arrested for faces any charges. christina: a brave and very cute american soldier demonstrate today new jersey how he operates to fields of combat, k-9 shoulder, staff sergeant rowan is a german shepard that served in iraq and afghanistan, sniffing out bombs and explosives they visited morris animal in today, as part of a fundraising campaign for u.s. war dog association that brings home character of k-9 veterans. >> many common household products have to be dispose of carefully like auto fluids, and batteries, so department of sanitation holds a series ofs is a disposal events -- safe
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disposal events, a one stop method, today's event was held in union square, one will be held on staten island last month. antwan: we walked in you saw the clouds but it fell cool, i thought it was a nice day samantha. samantha: it has been a great weekend, we have not had much weather today, i think there is just maybe one or two pop up showers, that our temperatures did rise to about 80, buhumid high of -- but humidity of higher, looking at today's high, normal high is 82, in central park we were on 84, islip at 0, more clouds from bridgeport to montauk highs 80, we'll warm up a little bit tomorrow, and humidity will be sticking with us as well. pretty good even stock out and about we have scattered clouds but we'll be partly cloud to mostly clear overnight tonight. central park right now at 81, and up to north, it is a little


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