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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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with volvo. >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. good day, new york. nice to have you back. tuesday, august 25th, i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. what did i miss, other than the economy collapsing? oh, my goodness. >> just don't look. >> it came back somewhat. weather wise, what? oh, it's raining outside. >> showers here and there this morning. >> some sun too. >> yeah. mike woods has the details for us. and it looks like, greg, you going to sigh a little bit more of relief because there are signs the market could rebound after that crazy roller coaster of a day yesterday. you would have lost your stomach yesterday at 9:30. >> i hope so.
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i hate it when the economy freaks out. >> i think we're going to be okay. just hold on. >> also that big bus crash in queens, a casino bus rammed into a building. he was cut off by an suv. one witness says it wasn't the bus driver's fault. no fatalities, but some serious injuries. >> new information on that young man accused of shooting an officer with a pellet gun outside of his apartment house which happens to be across the street from where the mayor lives. >> gracie mansion. he took a shot at a police officer who was guarding mayor de blasio. what's up with this kid? >> i don't know, we'll tell you all about it. plus, how much water do you really need to drink every day? glasses a day? >> well, i heard about that. we tried in kindergarten -- >> you spent more time in the you? but it was a good excuse. >> all those trips to the lavatory, unnecessary, because
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you don't need to drink eight glasses of water a day according to a new study. >> you know what i love about these studies? more research needs to be done. so whatever they said today may from now. >> drink when you're thirsty. that tends to work. all right. what do we think about the economy, huh? scary stuff. hopefully, it settles down. actually, rosanna, you had sound financial advice. >> thank you. >> i heard it from an expert, but you background it up. if you're invested, don't look too closely right thousand. >> yes. i called people, what should i do? >> calm down. >> everybody said the same thing, calm down. >> somebody told me, though, when the stock market goes down like this, hey, that means stuff is cheaper to buy. >> that's right. >> this is a good buyer's season. >> i have to tray -- tell you, i tried to buy a little bit more apple yesterday when it hit 90 -- >> because it's dirt cheap. and? >> couldn't get it. >> i hope the treasury secretary
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and the federal reserve chair, whoever that is, they can figure this stuff out because -- >> we can't. [laughter] >> not up to us. >> anyway, stop burying the lead. what did you do yesterday? >> it's so far ago i can't really quite -- >> did you -- what? did you relax? >> yeah. i just chilled. i have no good story here, rosanna. >> did you have an ice cream cone? >> no, that's it. [laughter] >> you know what i did. i don't want to talk about it. mike woods, what's up? >> i can see that. we'll get that out of him in a commercial break. i can see that. >> i just wanted to see what he wanted to say on tv. i know everything! >> she knows too much. >> you've got to be careful with one. we're talking about the possibility of showers and storms out there. right now it doesn't look so bad, but there is the potential that we could see some showers and storms firing up later on. here's what we have temp wise, you know, another warm, kind of sticky start to the day.
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storms came through early morning, so right now it's quiet. 73 in montauk, still 64 in monticello which is also your dewpoint. the dewpoint numbers are running between 65-70, 71 for you in islip and 72 in bridgeport. there's a lot of moisture in the air, but there's a cold front on the way, and that could scoop out a lot of the moisture, it will do so later on this evening, into tonight. keep an eye on the radar, we did have these showers this northern new jersey and up the lower hudson valley for a while. now things are much quieter, but that doesn't mean we're in the clear just yet. we need the cold front to completely clear the area, and it is still back to the west of us. they're still with us as we go through the day here today. looks like, yeah, we are probably going to see some here and there, but not everyone gets in on it. partly cloudy sky coming to you, 82 by midday and a high of 86.
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it is also going to be humid with some storms firing up even into the evening commute. and then the next seven days, a lot of sun. high of 83 tomorrow, 82 on thursday and friday, mid 8 08z weekend. right now it looks hike a dry one. let's get to aye he's and see what's happening with our commute this morning. >> good morning, mike. morning. finally cleared up an accident blocking two lanes on the lie, so delays are starting to look a little were the than before. the grand central parkway had late construction going on u that had two lanes closed as you approach the cheerview expressway. no problems with 80 or 287 in par sipny, the staten island expressway just wrapped up construction as well, by victory boulevard eastbound traffic, they had the left lane blocked. they're picking that up, so you have delays off the west shore. at least the trains are doing
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fine this morning, everything running on or close to schedule. jim smith is in fox 5hd to tell you all about it. >> good morning, ines. the problems are on the eastbound side of the belt parkway just after flat bush avenue. there was an accident, that has been cleared, but there is sill a fluid spill on the roadway that needs to be sanded down. as a result, two lanes are blocked off, that leaves only one lane open. eastbound side of the belt at the mill basin drawbridge, over a two mile delay beginning before knapp street. unfortunately, local streets are the only alternate to get around this. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> all right, jim, thanks a lot. wall street, what's going to happen today? who knows. china's market has taken another huge hit today. >> fox 5's liz dahlem is in the newsroom with details. what's going on? >> things are starting to point in a positive direction, so that
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is the good news. let's take a look at how the european markets are doing right now, everything in the green. so they are starting to move in the right direction. but asia, the shanghai dropped 7.63%, that was a pretty drastic drop. but, you know what? china is actually doing something to sort of help this process along. china decided to cut interest rates for the fifth time in the last nine months, so that is a pretty big deal which will hopefully help things and lessen the wild ride on wall street this morning. just five minutes after the industrial average down more why? blame china. the country's main index fell 85% monday, the biggest drop since february 2007. >> you've got to keep your head at a time like this, because as you know, these stocks move around all over the place. >> the selloff comes after fear of a potential global economic slowdown.
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china is the world's second largest economy. so what does all of that mean for you? that depends on your age according to adam shapiro with fox business. >> if you're in your 40s, you shouldn't even be watching the stock market. if you're in your 30s, boy, are you lucky you're going to be buying in at lows as opposed to when it was higher. if you're in your 50s, you're going to ride this out. shapiro says you should be planner. >> if you haven't had that discussion, it's time, because you're approaching retirement, and you don't want to have the majority of your retirement portfolio in stock. it's that simple. >> a drop in crude oil prices is also a factor which could mean a further drop for the s&p 500, stocks. but the current situation isn't all bad news for consumers. >> the price of gasoline is going to come way, way down. >> how low will it go? >> $2 a gallon by christmas, and a big drop coming in about three weeks.
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>> so the futures are ripping higher. the dow and the s&p, so that is a good sign as we head into the market opening in just a couple of hours. you can bet all eyes will be on wall street. greg and rosanna, back upstairs to you. >> i've always wongderred about the people there celebrating an ipo or something like that -- >> when they close the bell? >> on a terrible day. who is that guy on the right? we're all in agony, they're dancing. who is that guy? >> i don't know. they're trying to make the best of the situation. maybe they're just happy the day is over. anyway, yesterday bad day in queens. a casino bus crashed leaving a gaping hole in a building, and several people were hurt. >> real bad accident there. let's see, they just got the bus out of that situation or that scene a little while ago. teresa priolo joins us from regal park with more. >> good morning, everyone. wood haven boulevard is here, this bus rounded the corner and careened into the building behind me.
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you can see workers drilling into the brick wall, and then look at that second floor apartment. you can see right into it. you see books on the book shelf, a new york giants football, some pictures. one minute this building was fine, the next minute a piece of it was missing. >> i just heard a big crash, and i saw -- because i was coming down from there, and i just see the bus crash into the building right there. and then i rooked over at the bus driver, and he was in a bad condition because there was a whole bunch of bricks and, you know, glass covering his face. >> neighbors in this quiet section of regal park, queens, still in shock after this casino bus careened into the side of this building on 63rd avenue, injuring all five people onboard and one person who was inside of the building at the time of the crash. >> i helped people bust through jammed. and the driver, there was so much stuff on the driver. poor guy was pinned. >> crews spent much of monday
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stabilizing the building. it's unclear if it will need to come down. the crash happened yesterday afternoon around 2:30. the bus, traveling in the northbound bus lane of wood haven boulevard, was cut off by an suv attempting to make a right turn. the bus driver swerved to avoid an accident but lost control. >> this other lady was screaming, because she was scared. and this other guy, i think his leg got stuck, so i lefted him up and put him over the -- lifted him up and put him over the window. >> the driver of the sufficient was cited -- suv was cited for making an illegal turn. and, again, we hope to learn if, in fact, this building will continue to stand or if, in fact, it needs to come down. the extent of the damage is pretty noticeable from what we see here. although resorts world casino, the name was on the side of the bus, we are told that it was vendor. when you look into the safety record of that vendor, they
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haven't had any major, serious infractions. greg and rosanna, we are also told this driver was coming off of a long weekend, well rest ared, monday was his first day back at week. >> thanks very much. this is the guy police say shot the pellet gun at a police officer. >> police say he's 19 years old, and he used this weapon to shoot an officer with a bb gun. he was taken in handcuffs to the 19th precinct after being charged with assaulting a police officer and five other counts. police say he shot the officer from the window of his high-rise apartment this sunday. the mayor and his family were not there at the time. >> we all understand what we signed up for and, obviously, my family is the center of my life. but we have absolute faith in the nypd. they're the security experts, and we know they'll take care of the situation. >> the officer was treated and released from the hospital.
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police have reportedly had run-ins with michael since 2011 including for robbery and graffiti. and, you know, there's talk that there are other people who live in this very, very nice, new building that he lives in that their windows have been shot out in the last week or so. two of them, and somebody else was craning, a con ed worker was complaining -- >> they think he might be responsible? >> well, police are going to look into that now. >> all right, last week do you remember that plane crash on long island? it happened in bethpage. we have learned this, the pilot, joe milo who, again, was killed, when he reported he was having trouble, well, the air traffic controller gave him some options. the pilot said he wasn't able to maintain altitude. the controller said you can go to republic, laguardia, kennedy, west westchester, what do you want to do? when he said he might not make any of those, the controller
7:14 am
then started to direct the pilot to bethpage air strip. the problem is, it's a tv studio now. you can't land there. listen to this. >> yes, sir, there is a strip about five miles, bethpage airport. 10:00 and four miles, you'd just about wind up on the extended center one. >> wow. joe milo, who was 59 years old, was killed when his plane crashed right there, greg. and a passenger was injured -- >> remember, the controller is giving him options, not directing. when you have an emergency like that, you can kind of go -- you have priority. yeah, bethpage is not there anymore. so -- >> all right. well, jeb bush now is trying to figure out, clean up his comments. the white house is refusing, though, to talk about what's happening with joe biden -- >> joe biden, it looks like he's running for president, rosanna.
7:15 am
>> there's a lot going on in politics. >> so he had lunch with the president. it's a weekly appointment be, right? >> right, right. >> the reports are he told the president, look, i'm probably going to do this. are you okay with it? the president said, reports are, full steam ahead, joe! >> what was interesting, was that the president's spokesperson was kind of having fun with the media, and he said, you know, the president obviously has an affinity for joe biden. he did think he was the best man to pick for vice president. >> all right, listen to. >> he's going to collect all the information that he needs to make a decision. he's indicated that he would make a decision and announce a decision before the end of the summer. biden. >> okay, back to hillary, this would put her in a very tough on this thing. he's starting very late, doesn't have much of an organization right now -- >> right, right. >> and this costs money. big money. >> yeah.
7:16 am
don't forget, hillary clinton has to deal with polling numbers, her favorability has taken a hit with this ongoing controversy surrounding her private e-mail -- >> and every time she turns around donald trump says she was the worst secretary of state in the history of the country. >> stay tuned. mike woods, what's up? >> one threat of showers and storms at us today, and then it looks like we're in pretty good shape for a while. 82's the average high, 67's the average low. we drop asked it down to 76, so pretty warm start to the day, that's where we are right now, and it's humid too. 75 at newark, 67 in sussex and 64 in monticello. we had some showers roll through early this morning. yeah, some decent thunder showers, but they were in and out pretty quickly. now it looks better, but we still have the cold front to the west of us, and we still could see some more storms firing up later on. taking a look at the tropics, there's a few things going on.
7:17 am
danny's no longer an issue, showers near puerto rico, but this is the next threat, and that is erica. erica is now a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at about 45 miles per hour. it's moving to the west around 20 miles per hour. take a look at the forecast track to that storm, on a similar track to dan think. it brings it up through the lesser antilles, then it starts to hook up to the north into the bahama this is, right over turks and caicos. later on as we head into saturday and sunday perhaps as a category one hurricane this weekend, so we'll have to watch that closely. and then it starts threatening the southeast u.s. we'll definitely keep an eye on that one, it seems to be more of a threat than the previous storm. today partly sunny skies, high temp up to about 86. tonight the rain is out of here, and the humidity starts dropping down as well, lows dropping down between 56 and 68, and there's your seven-day forecast. again, after today's threat of showers, everyone gets it but some of us do, we're done with
7:18 am
the rain after that for the rest of this week into next week. we are going to be dry. all right, let's bring in ines and see what our backups are with the commute this morning. several issues, right? >> good morning, mike. a lot of problems. westchester, no major issues, traffic moving fine coming off the tappan zee bridge. there was a car fire way earlier on the thruway, that's moving fine. suffolk county, sunrise highway there's a stall eastbound there past the southern state parkway, so a bit of a delay but not bad. you're fine on the lie. let's take a look at your commute this morning u this is the bqe by hamilton avenue, you have some delays as you pass hamilton avenue. george washington bridge on the upper level, doing pretty good this morning, 80/95 expressway only has a 15-minute delay. 495 heading towards the lincoln tunnel, normal 45 minutes. the holland tunnel, 20 minutes. greg and rosanna. >> thanks.
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is it drizzling yet? that. what happened with those women gone? >> well, their still there. -- they're still there. they're having a great old time. later. >> well, the naked cowboy does it, right? school. >> all feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> looks like the sun's trying to peek out here. day -- >> i think he said spotty showers. day -- >> healthcare fish? >> mcfish. >> like the sandwich? this morning. >> hey, there are better things to do. [laughter] >> it's only 7:22. i think i it's okay. stay in bed, watch us. we'll tell you what's going on in the neighborhood. >> aruba, wow. >> pretty cool. >> so, folks, sad news. indy car driver justin wilson died from his injuries overnight. he was in a horrible crash at the pocono raceway. >> yeah. he hit his head by a piece of debris that had broken off from another car. it caused him to crash into an interior wall, he succumbed to
7:23 am
his injuries yesterday, and his death was announced last night. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. he was 37 years old. >> so old dominion university down in virginia, they put some really tasteless and offensive banners, one fraternity did, on the front of the fraternity house. take a look at what they say. can you make that out there? >> rowdy and fun, hope your baby girl is -- >> yeah. freshman dropoff, leave the mom too. >> ready for a good time. >> these banners were -- >> go ahead and drop off mom too. >> yeah. freshmen were showing up for college check-in. the dean there really upset, i believe they have suspended the fraternity for now. >> seems like a lot of these fraternities are getting suspended. i don't know, i think they these to look at them. anyway, let's talk about tips and stuff like that in times square. >> well, you know about the costume character debate. here's the thing, those
7:24 am
pedestrian plazas that they're thinking about tearing up, apparently has made times square a lot safer for pedestrians. >> that's according to new data from the department of transportation which, of course, you know, they have an interest in this, the department of transportation, right? >> it's their job. >> it's their idea. that survey was obtained by the "wall street journal." it says the average number of crashes with injuries in times square fell 14% since portions of broadway were closed. the news comes as the mayor's considering ripping up the plazas as a way to combat the so-called painted ladies who pose topless for tips. i'm concerned they'll go somewhere else if you take them out of times square. >> i'm not really worried about them at all, and i think tearing up that times square pedestrian plaza, there may be a reason to do that. i like what the times called it, prudish grandstanding, what we're seeing right now. all right, so, take a look at this. a teenager from new jersey, look
7:25 am
at how far she swam, from long island all the way down to the jersey shore. >> charlotte samuel, she swam 20 miles. this is charlotte after the swim, look how happy she is. she told the record that it was a beautiful swim and that she did it so people would know it exists. charlotte has been op our show before. -- on our show before. she hopes to do other open water swims like the english water crossing. >> how long did it take her? >> do you have food breaks and stuff like that? twenty hours? >> it was 20 hours? all right. she was a very impressive young woman. let's go back outside, please, if we can. not raining quite yet. there's jim and his statue of liberty, we love it, of course. >> all right. good day new york's coming right back.
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>> how are things moving in new york city? you know, this is the final stretch of vacation. >> rosanna, take a look. i don't think we've seen this before from this perspective, the footprints of the world trade center memorial. >> you don't think we've seen this before? not live.
7:29 am
i, i think they got the memorial just right. next month is the just the 14th anniversary. >> wow. >> the pope will be there. >> yeah. >> it's going to be busy next month. >> very busy next month. >> u.n. general assembly -- >> they're saying traffic in new york city is going to be crazy with the u.n. general assembly and, of course, the holy father being in town. he's really going to try to get around to see a lot of people. >> and, of course, overlooking the world trade center memorial, 1 world trade center. jim, you're just, you're almost right on top of that world trade center. one of the coolest field trips we've done in a long time, rosanna. >> we went to the tippy top. >> we ate some great food up there too. >> it was very, very good. it's not a big, big restaurant, but there is something there to -- >> saleswomen, watch out, you're -- jim, watch out, you're going to hit the antenna. how close are you, man? >> don't worry. we are well clear of the antenna. >> that is an amazing angle.
7:30 am
how far away are you, seriously? what would you guess? >> we're about 300 feet above it and, obviously, we're not directly over the top of it either. the camera we have is designed to shoot tight, so it looks closer than we actually are. >> i'm getting dizzy. >> yeah. vertigo. >> stop! [laughter] >> it's a wild perspective. thanks, jim. >> 7:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us. so did you have the sunday night anxiety on monday night? >> it totally evaporates when you don't have to work monday morning. >> interesting. >> feels like friday night. but you feel weird on monday because everybody's at work, and you like -- you're like, what should i be doing? >> what did you do? >> i hung out at the beach for later bit. oh, elvis was here, i understand. >> elvis sends his love. >> nothing to write home about, right? >> no, nothing. you completely safe. [laughter] >> all right.
7:31 am
>> all right. and, yeah, looks like we're in good shape here. not too much happening out there around the tristate. we have the threat of some storms, but for the most part things are dry right now, so only a few popping up here and there. partly to mostly cloudy skies out at central park, 76 degrees. the humidity and dewpoint, they are pumped up again, so it's getting a little sticky, and we have the potential for some storms, though i don't think we're going to see a whole heck of a lot happening out there. again, keep an umbrella close by just in case. you've got 75 in philly, 59 in syracuse. see these cooler temperatures back to the west and north? that's going to be sliding into the tristate region, and that will give us a couple of things. first of all, the potential for more storms like earlier morning. things are much quieter right now, so as that colder air displaces that warm, humid air, we could see some storms firing up, but we'll also see a drop in temperatures, and the humidity will get kicked out of the area.
7:32 am
that's good news the you don't like it -- if you don't like it humid. scattered storms trying to get going, but it doesn't look like the coverage will be impressive by any means, but there will be a little bit here and there. drier air will be with us wednesday and beyond, it looks like we've got a dry stretch of weather coming up beyond today. high temp this afternoon goes up to 86 degrees. tomorrow, sunshine back and drier air, 82 on thursday and friday, and it looks pretty nice over the weekend with sunny skies. highs above normal. let's bring in ines and, yep, we've got a lot going on this tuesday morning. >> good morning, mike. summer vacation's wrapping up for a lot of people, and we have some problems. cross island parkway, there's an accident southbound by northern boulevard blocking two lanes causing delays on the northbound side as well, one lane blocked with police activity there. staten island expressway,
7:33 am
residuals because of late going construction. you're left with that delay. then there's the belts parkway over by the mill basin drawbridge. only one lane getting through eastbound, westbound, you have rubber necking delays and traffic really backed up eastbound, miles of delays there. take a look at your commute on the 59th street bridge both directions, no problems on the fdr drive, at 96th, fine both ways. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> all right. i like this. allison morris is here. >> she's our business reporter. >> hi. >> yesterday on wall street, boom. >> is that crazy? >> when was this in the day? this is crazy. >> early on. it's just like it took a major, major tumble, and it kept coming back. >> it moves this fast? >> yesterday it moved that fast. we have not seen anything like this in years.
7:34 am
1,089 points right off the bat. >> things are going to, what, settle down, i hope? >> things are going to pick up today, that's the good news. china's still a mess, and i don't think we know the extent of what's going on, but the european markets had a nice day, u.s. markets poised for about a 300, 400-point jump at the open. money back. shape -- >> we're fine. >> we have nothing to worry about? >> when you look at the last couple of market crashes, we had problems. we had a tech bubble, a housing market problem, a financial crisis, we had issues here. china has a concern, absolutely. it's the second largest economy, we have to worry about that, but things here are good. the labor market is improving, we're expecting housing numbers, interest rates low, oil's low, that means that gas prices are going down. we have a great situation here, so we shouldn't forget about that, because the fundamentals in the u.s., very good. >> wow. okay. well, that's a relief are, i guess. my understanding of what's
7:35 am
happening in china, folks who shouldn't be playing the stock market are borrowing money for friends and family to buy stock? is that the problem? >> this is the problem. and the chinese government, to the extent that we know what they're doing, they're giving people money, and they're trying to prop the stock market up. it's like a house of cards. i expect that to completely crumble, and i think we're going to see more problems because people are putting in money they don't have, they're buying on margins. it's a bad situation. what they need to be doing is putting some money into the economy, into growing their middle class, into building china to a better situation, and so you have a stock market propped up with nothing to hold it up. >> are they day trading? do you remember what it was like, you know, very cool in our area to day trade? everybody i know was day trading, working at, you know, like, hey, i got a great penny stock for you. and then everything collapsed. and then we realized we should not be day trading, you know? >> we're not seeing people doing as much of that, like you said. yesterday this was not people at home going i'm going to sell my apple stock.
7:36 am
i mean, these were broader funds selling stocks, bigger movements. a lot of people probably woke up and said, oh, my gosh, look what happened yesterday, and they're scrambling to check their portfolios, their 401(k)s to see where they stand. but you didn't lose think money yesterday unless you sold something. our reaction when the market drops like this, everybody wants to get out because we panicment smarter move might be to start inching in and buying. >> by the way, it was very difficult to get stock at certain prices, because apple took a big fall yesterday, and if you tried to get in while it was low, it was impossible -- >> because everyone wanted a little piece. and so the thing to think about now, if there are stock that you wanted to buy and they're a little bit more reasonable, that's something to keep an eye on. an apple, a netflix, a google. but the thing to keep in mind is if you can sit on them for a little while, if you're looking to retire in the next couple years, weeks, months, this is not a time to start bedding.
7:37 am
>> let's see what donald trump had to say. markets are crashing all caused by poor planning and allowing china and asia to dictate the agenda. this could get very messy, vote trump. jeb is stupid. [laughter] no, he did not, he did not. >> he did -- has -- >> he's a nice guy. >> he's got no energy. he's -- >> however. you know, just something people need to think about, too s the big problem we had yesterday is people are antsy about whether interest rates are going to go up. i think yesterday had the fed piped up and said, hey, we're not going to raise rates if the world is a mess, i think that would have put a bottom. what's going to happen, are they going to raise interest rates? when people don't have answers, they freak out, and that's part of what we saw yesterday. >> take a chill pill and relax. >> breathe, and maybe look around, make some mr. chairmans. it's not a bad -- some purchases. it's not a bad time.
7:38 am
this is not the time to jump head first into the bathtub. >> i never take a bath on a weekday. [laughter] >> never takes a bath on a weekday. >> oh, your thinking -- >> not literally. do you take a shower? >> okay. >> just checking. [laughter] >> take what you can get, right? >> allison morris, thanks a lot. good information. >> don't freak out. that's my big takeaway, and something. >> he's going to be huge! all right, good we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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america runs on dunkin'. >> nailed it. yep. >> how did you know that, the windows? >> yeah. aqua-green kind of thing. my uncle kenneth used to work there in the press office. late, great uncle ken. he was cool. never married but he was, like, always traveling -- >> he lived life to the fullest. >> a marine, too, by the way. >> there you go. meanwhile, it's going to be very busy there next month. >> oh, gosh. the pope, the president. basically, anybody who runs a >> yeah. they're going to be there. and traffic, oh, yeah. buckle up, 'cuz it's gonna be really, really fun. >> rosanna, join me on the subway. you'll just be whisked around town. >> i may get one of those
7:42 am
scooters. can you see me? >> weave anything and out -- no, i can't. i sue you flyboard or try to, remember that? >> yeah, that was bad. >> what's going on, pal? >> so far a few showers earlier this morning, mainly over northern jersey and up the lower hudson valley. things are quiet, but we're not quite done with the risk of more storms just yet. here's what to expect today. warm and humid out there and a few showers and storms. not a a lot. we will be clearing out later on tonight, and the drier air starts taking back over, then we have a beautiful stretch of weather into the weekend, so things look good if you like summer mild weather. that's what we have. 76, central park, 75, newark, 64 inn't -- in monticello. it's warm, it's sticky. storms, well, we had a few early this morning, but that's not really a problem right now. some breaks in the cloud cover with a front in the area, there is potential that you could get some storms, some on the stronger side, as that front
7:43 am
starts to clip on through the tristate region, and it will be doing so. the future cast doesn't show a whole heck of a lot, just scattered showers and storms into the afternoon, ask that's it. so don't expect that everybody gets the rain, and even if you do get it, it should be in and out fairly quick quickly, and then the drier air takes back over. we're looking pretty good, temps come down just a bit, but the humidity also goes away. high temp today 87 in the city, a few showers and storms coming at you. partly cloudy tonight as the storms clear the air, less humid air comes back too, lows between 56-68. and there's the seven-day forecast, high of 86 today with the humidity, but it's gone tomorrow. 82's your high thursday and friday, and warm and dry over this upcoming weekend. the fox 5ny weather ap is available at the itunes store, you can use it, find out specifically what's happening in your neighborhood. all right, let's bring in ines
7:44 am
rosales right now and get the latest with the commute. >> mike, we've got a lot of headaches this morning. belts parkway especially, traffic jam heading towards the bill mason drawbridge because of a fuel spill there. there was an accident fuel spill, then they shut everything down trying to clean everything up. on the westbound side, you have rubber necking delays. putnam county, you're fine, no problems in carmel or brewster as you travel 84 heading toward 684. lie, this is by utopia parkway, westbound normal delays as you head towards queens boulevard, eastbound side, there's a stall in the area. george washington bridge driving into the city the upper level has a 20 minute delay from 80/95 expressway mostly. the local lanes, everything else is about 5-10, not bad. lincoln tunnel, 30-40, more like 30 minutes. exclusive bus lanes are doing fine.
7:45 am
holland tunnel, 15-20 -- >> hey, eye -- ines, can you go back to the map with the arteries? rosanna and i were talking about this. >> ways, have you tried ways? >> yes, it does all of that. >> exactly where they say the traffic is going to start, it starts and when it ends, it ends. >> it even tells you police up ahead on the shoulder, slow it down. >> my maps don't tell me that, but you're right, belt parkway. same information, all updated every few minutes. >> very nice, ines. >> that's so cool. thanks, ines. >> let's talk sports with duke. how are the mets doing? >> they're for real. mets kicked off a four-game series in philly, david wright made his return. he came off the disabled list in his first game since april 14th, and boy, oh, boy, did he ever make his presence felt. yes, first game back since being
7:46 am
diagnosed with spinal steno sis. mets' fans appreciating this, philly's going to jump out to a 3-0 lead, but wright his first at bat got all of this one. i mean, i was watching this game, it sounded like a firecracker coming off the bat. mets launch a longball assault, wilmer flores goes deep, two-line shot. now in the fifth, flores again, this time a three-run blast. he had five rbis on the night, he now has 14 home runs on the season. mets with an 8-7 lead. they weren't done. daniel murphy goes deep. the two-run shot, seventh of the game for the mets. that tied a franchise record. mets set a club franchise record, eight home runs, they go on to win 16-7. washington off last night, so the mets gain a half-game lead in the nl east. now to the yankees, and we may
7:47 am
have seen the last of c.c. sabathia. there's not a whole lot doctors can do for the knee. manager joe girardi hinted c.c.'s season may be over. watch this game, he was throwing 100 miles per hour this the eighth inning. wow. allowing just four hits, striking out seven. yankees threatening to score in the seventh, try to score, and he is out at the plate. it stays scoreless untilth. that's a former met. carlos beltran, no outs, that's a sac fly. yankees win 1-0, the final score. toronto off last night, so the east. they're now tied for first place
7:48 am
in the american league east. all right, football. it's been a month and a half since the infamous fireworks incident that resulted in jason pierre-paul losing his finger. according to the nfl network, pierre-paul is expected to report to the giants' training facility before the start of the season. hey, geno smith was back to jets practice yesterday less than two weeks after being punched. the gents' quarterback underwent jaw. smith took part many some light running drills. it is, you know, the jaw was broken in two different places, but he left the field for treatment, is expected to be out another four to eight weeks. the jets play their annual preseason game this week. this is time where we say counts the most because starters play the most -- >> of all the games that don't count -- >> exactly. >> count the least. >> right. >> yeah. >> we follow you. >> greg got me. >> all right.
7:49 am
7:48, we're going the take a quick little break. >> what have we got going out there, huh? ooh, upper east side. there's the neighborhood. my name is amanda and i smoked while i was pregnant. my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can
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and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
7:52 am
>> what have you drank so far? >> how much water comes in coffee? is. [laughter] >> i thought it was always dehydrating to drink coffee but now, apparently, they're changing the rules on us. >> dr. raj, the headline is you don't need eight glasses of water a day? >> this is interesting. really when you talk to doctors, most of us agree you probably don't need in the magic number of eight glasses. we do get a lot of water in fruits and vegetables and other beverages, even coffee. yes, coffee can potentially cause you to go to the bathroom, but overall, it probably isn't going to dehydrate you significantly. and the sort of notion that all of us are walking around significantly dehydrated is probably a myth. if you're feeling thinker citi, that's a sign -- thirsty, that's a sign you need more water. we see people walking around with huge bolts, it isn't necessarily the case. it is the healthiest -- >> what's the second best?
7:53 am
>> water with a hint of lemon, that's what i do. >> how about tequila? i heard that's very natural. [laughter] >> i'm not going to comment on any of those. diet coke not as good as we thought it was. yes, water is important, but having to do the eight glasses is probably a myth. >> so let me ask you, i've gone to the dermatologist, ooh, your skin is so dry. are you drinking enough water? >> yeah. another thing where the skin, when you notice the skin changes, that's really a sign of severe dehydration. so, again, probably not an issue that most people have to think about. you do want to high detroit your skin, but is drinking water going to be the cure-all? probably not. it can help your digestive system, i will say that. >> how many glasses? give us a number. not eight, how many? >> i would say try to get at least four to five. >> four to five. >> yeah. >> and what about, you know, i always heard drinking water as soon as you wake up, that's the best thing. >> well, i think it's good
7:54 am
because you're dehydrated overnight. you are producing saliva, but you do tend to get dry -- >> tap or bottles? >> i do tap water. new york city water's very good. i like myself water. it's -- i like new york city water. >> it's brown sometimes. depends where you live. >> that's true. >> thanks, doctor. >> thank you. >> let's talk entertainment with anna gilligan. he's been hot on -- she's been hot on the trial of harry stiles and the rest of them. >> i think harry might be the breakout star that there's lots of rumors that one direction is going to break up after news came out they're taking a hiatus. they basically are confirming there will be a break. tweet: we are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well-earned break at some point next year. louis tomlinson tweeted: your report is inscribe bl. it's -- indescribable, it's just a break. however, harry didn't tweet
7:55 am
anything, and i really think if anybody's looking for a slow low career -- solo career, harry would get it. the girls seem to love him. >> he's very charming. >> but a lot of fans will be heart broken if they really do break up, so we'll see if they get back together after this break. and it's all 1980 all week in central park, at least when it comes to the movies being shown for their film festival. they're showing movies that came out in the year 1980. tonight they're showing fame -- >> great soundtrack. oh, this is the blues brothers. >> that's tomorrow night 6789. >> another great movie. >> yeah. so the movies are all going to shown on the lawn between the 72nd street -- >> anna, they were on a mission from god. [laughter] >> you have incredible movie knowledge. >> they had to get the band back together. >> yes. >> all right. >> anyway, is this footloose? >> no. >> the blues brothers. >> gates open at 6:30, movies start at 8. we've got all the movies, airplane, raging bull and
7:56 am
superman 2. >> these are iconic movies. >> they really are. what a year, right? >> superman 2 is the only one i'd be like -- >> marginal. >> airplane? hysterical. >> classic. >> raging bull, iconic. >> all right. that sounds very cool. >> and in related news, tonight in williamsburg will be the first-ever bike-in movie. fittingly, they will be showing e.t. in honor of the scene biking across the moon. citi bike is throwing the event in honor of new bike stations they've installed in the hip section of brooklyn. you don't have to ride up in a city bike in order to get free valet -- >> it's like a drive-in, except with a bike. >> exactly. you'll get -- >> greg wants to go tonight, and he doesn't want to use -- >> you can use your own personal bike. >> i don't do that either. [laughter] >> well, you can't walk in. [laughter] >> car. i'm here. are you serious? you can't walk in like a regular person?
7:57 am
>> i mean, you're not going to get the full experience. >> you have a unicycle. >> see what they do with it. it's at the brooklyn space between kent street if you want greg -- >> a moustache on the unicycle. >> take pictures. >> when's the last time you did drugs? right now.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're coming right ba >> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> rosanna and i have an pointment next week, at same time, we're in the court at the same time. >> i have a parking ticket. you have a speeding ticket. >> moving violation. welcome to the show. tuesday, august 26th. we can carpool together. >> all right. i'm rosanna scotto. he is greg kelly in case you didn't know, by chance first day watching "good day new york." forget about wall street stuff going on there. meanwhile, humidity, it is so high. some parts of our area have a chance of showers. but after today rest of the week should be fantastic. mike woods has all the details. >> yes, wall street, man, what a mess. somewhat. china, still in trouble. major hit over there today. japan as well.
8:01 am
but, in the united states, we might have the experts say, a december day. >> u.s. futures and markets way up before the bell rings. meanwhile several charges have been filed against this young man. he is 19 years old. he is accused of shooting a member of mayor de blasio's security detail with a bb gun. they say he had run-ins with the police. he lives across the street from gracie mansion where the mayor lives. >> you heard about the fatal plan crash, one person died, pilot severely injured. you may have heard this, sending them to a runaway that no longer exists. it was a airstrip. but no longer. >> details on facebook could be used against you in family court, believe it or not.
8:02 am
a judge in westchester county will allow a mother's online profile to be considered in a wow. >> speaking of courtroom disputes, rosanna and i have two system. looks like we're in the court on the same day at the same time! times. >> so you, well, i was talking when i shouldn't have been, that is the allegation. not admitting anything. what happened to you? >> i dropped my son off for ice cream cone with his girlfriend. actually he dropped me off. he was there in the car. he got out. i was getting out back seat. >> you got a parking ticket. >> i wasn't parked. the engine was still running. >> the wild thing rosanna are due in court at same time next week. what do you say, huh? >> i think we should carpool it. hey, listen, my husband said are you going with the lawyers? no, i'm going -- >> funny i was thinking going in
8:03 am
with a lawyer to intimidate. i'm here. i'm representing rosanna. you're representing me. that should be wild. we'll probably be guilty but wheel see what happens. >> take your credit card just in case. >> right. same time. >> i know, exactly. >> are you available? we need someone to pose as our lawyer. what time are you in court? >> 10:30. >> 12:30. we could seriously go to each other's thing, for moral support. >> it's a little weird. >> maybe we shouldn't go. then it looks like we're in cahoots together. >> i don't know if you help me or hurt me. i'll think about it. >> anyway, mike woods, i think we should pay it be on our way. >> guilty. >> let's show you what is going on out there. we talked about possibility being storms. still the possibility out there. it still has been quiet through
8:04 am
the majority of the morning. looks like we have some potential as we get further into the day as the cold front gets closer to us. we're set up with all kinds of warm, humid conditions. 77 is your temp in newark. 72 in islip. dewpoints are real high, mainly around 65 to 70-degree range. once you go beyond 70 it gets process sieve. that's what it feels like. dewpoints in montauk will be fuel for the fire. there will be potential of more storms to fire up. why is that happening? well, we've got a cold front coming into town. it is right there. it will push down into the tri-state region, displace the warm, humid air already with us and that will pop up showers and storms. do we all get it? on futurecast it doesn't bring us a whole heck of a lot. looks like some scattered showers working through but doesn't look like anything too tremendous out there with
8:05 am
showers and storms. some here and there. high temp 86 for a high this afternoon. next seven days, 83 for you tomorrow. 82 on thursday. then yeah, same thing for your friday. nice and dry for the rest of this work week here. this is our only chance of showers and storms out there. perhaps we should get some, good for some folks. let's bring in ines rosales to get an update what is happening our commute. plenty of problems out there. >> good morning. traffic slow on the bells parkway, an accident before 7:00 and fuel spill. they had to shut that down a little bit. traffic still jammed. westbound side had rubbernecking delays sill there. your fine on van allen expressway. new jersey, slight delay on route 280 as you roach route 221. but you're fine as you get to the parkway.
8:06 am
on the lie, commute better. eastbound near utopia, it was that was cleared. as for the trains, our checklist, everything is running on or close to schedule. greg, rosanna. >> thanks, ines. wall street. we're keeping eye on things. chinese stocks continue to slump. most of the asian markets are rebounding which is a good sign. >> china is 12 hours ahead. they were down. china stock market down 7.6%. that is bad. you're seeing yesterday's time-lapse footage of ups and downs. mostly down. what happens today. not sure. liz dahlem has theories. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, greg and rosanna. experts say signs pointing in positive direction. that is good news. look at europe, everything is headed in the green up that is a good sign there. today. you mentioned, greg, the shanghai closing down pretty
8:07 am
low, down 7%. that was a pretty big deal. hopefully this is directional change and we'll not longer see a crazy day on wall street. just five minutes after the opening bell the dow jones industrial average fell more than 1000 points monday but why? blame china. the country's main index though dropped 8.5%, monday, the biggest drop since february 2007. >> you have got to keep your head at a time like this. as you know, these stocks they move around all over the place. >> reporter: the selloff comes after fear of a potential global economic slowdown. largest economy. you? well that depends on your anchoring to adam shapiro with fox business. >> if you're in your 40s, no sweat, you sit this out, you shouldn't even be watching the stock market. if in your 30s, are you lucky, you're buying in at lows as opposed to higher. this out.
8:08 am
>> if you're 60 or older, adam shapiro says you should speak with financial planner. >> if you haven't had a discussion and you're 60 or over. it is time to have the discussion. you're approaching retirement. you don't want to have majority of your retirement portfolio in stock. it is that simple. >> reporter: drop in crude oil prices is also a factor which could mean further drop for the s&p 500, home to many energy company stocks. but the current situation isn't all bad news for consumers. >> the price of gasoline is going to come way, way down. >> how low will it go? >> $2 a gallon by christmas probably. and a big drop coming in about three weeks. >> reporter: futures for the dow and s&p are up so that is good, suggesting a rebound heading into today. china is doing what it can to prop up the economy. the country has decided to cut interest rates for the fifth time since november after such a crazy couple of days on the market. send things back over to you. >> liz dahlem, thanks a lot. you heard about the kid in the
8:09 am
building across from gracie mansion who allegedly took a shot at a cop with a bb gun? here he is after the arrest. >> this is michael rabitsky, he is 19 years old. taking in handcuffs in the precinct. he lives in this beautiful building on east end avenue. apparently his family was away. he was in there, he was in there with his girlfriend it is alleged he was shooting at an, was it off-duty police officer? >> very much on duty, providing security there. let's go to ben simmoneau, outside of gracie mansion across from the building. what is going on. >> reporter: apartment building, end avenue. 170 east end avenue. police believe air pellets shot came from the 10th floor of this apartment building, very expensive apartments here. we're talking to the tune of 5, $14 million. take a look. we are right across from the
8:10 am
main gate, the main entrance here of gracie mansion. this is where that happened, about 7:00 on sunday night. police say that he was charged yesterday. we can show you video from after his arraignment yesterday with a number of charges. they believe he shot that pellet gun out the window, striking a police officer, a member of mayor's security detail in the back. so he was charged with assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief. a number of charges yesterday. here is what mayor de blasio had to say about that. >> we all understand when we signed up for and obviously my family is the center of my life. but we have absolute faith in the nypd. they're the security experts and we know they will take care of the situation. >> reporter: now, let's show you that pellet gun. it apparently is illegal to possess one of these in new york state without the appropriate license but you can buy these pretty inexpensively, about 30
8:11 am
bucks or so at walmart. there have been reports of a number of incidents involving pellet gun on east end avenue over past week or some so police still investigating those. that is the story for now. live on upper east side, rosanna, greg, back to you. >> thanks. we heard about. b gun, whatever, small gun. >> it could be confused for a rifle. >> we'll look at it one more time. apparently can get them at walmart ben said. >> if it is legal to shoot them how can you still buy them here? >> you can buy heavy weapons used at least at walmart. stay tuned -- >> for more information on that. >> you heard about the plane crash last week on long island at bethpage? pilot killed, passenger seriously injured. the pilot having trouble maintaining altitude, the controller, he was communicating with a air controller, he said look for the bethpage airfield.
8:12 am
however there is no airfield at bethpage. the controller, gave him through all the area airports. if you're having trouble this is option for you. they seemed to focus on bethpage where they made the lunar lander. used to be the grumman factory. there is no runway there anymore. here is the back and forth between the pilot and controller. >> yes, sir, there is a strip about 10:00 at five miles, bethpage airport there. if you want to try that one, you can do that. bethpage, 10:00, and four miles. wind up on extended center one. >> just so you know, joe milo was killed when his plane crashed. he was 59 years old. a passenger was injured. he was just about eight miles from republic airport when the plane went down. >> he might have been less than a mile where the bethpage strip used to be. all right. we don't have a definitive cause of that crash at this point. >> big change in police policy will roll out next month for
8:13 am
people stopped by police. starting september 21st, anyone frisked by police who is not arrested must get information card. the post says the card will include officer's name, rank, shield number. stopped. this sort pa of several mandated reforms approved by a federal judge following a class-action lawsuit by people who claimed they were unfairly targeted because of their race. >> we reached out to the union, pba, sergeants union to get their reaction. we expect to have one. they want to pursue appeal of lawsuit that brought about these reforms. >> number of stolen city bikes has jumped nearly 60% so far this year. that is according to the post. 476 city bikes have been taken this year. >> who would want one of these things? you can't even go fast. >> you ride them in one place. last year, 300 bikes were stolen. manhattan has the most thefts followed by brooklyn.
8:14 am
city bike officials blame riders. they blame you. you're not returning bikes often and not docking them properly. if you dock them properly very difficult to get the bike out without paying for it. so if you leave it on the street and start to run anker rand that will be a problem. >> need a bike lock. custody battle in westchester county may have set precedent. take a look at this. a mom could lose her four-year-old son because of what she posted on facebook. >> the "new york post" is reporting first time in new york a westchester county judge will let a husband use his estranged wife's facebook page against her. anthony di march -- martino has been traveling a lot and posted her adventures. they fought the ruling because what she posts on facebook is private and unfriended her husband. she is to hand over log-in information by september 14th.
8:15 am
traveling for work or pleasure or? >> seems like she is having a good time while traveling but hey, what is wrong with having a good time? you heard about the story in france, three americans rose up and stop ad terrorist gunman with his ak-47. we have identity of another american who helped out. 51-year-old mark guglien. he is living in paris. has dual citizenship, american and french. he was one who grabbed the ak-47 assault rifle from the gunman last friday but was shot by the gunman. >> he was shot in the back with another weapon. >> the gunman was holding a pistol as well. right. he is still in the hospital. his sister said he told "people" magazine he did what was in his heart and what he did came to him instinctively. >> he and three other americans honor.
8:16 am
army national guard specialist alex scolttoa, and university student anthony sadler. >> they were great. a british man helped as well. the other hero will all be given legion of honor. >> the guy who had the gun, he is 25 years old. he is now being questioned by police. he insists he was just going to rob the train. >> hmmm. remember train robberies? >> i was just going to rob the train. >> mike woods, how are you? does that put a paint job on it? we don't think so. >> he had a lot of weaponry with him. >> ad like 800 bullets or something like that. >> no. show you what to expect for the day today. we have changes coming up for us here. we have warm and humid conditions out there right now. a few showers and storms. already saw some very early this morning. a lot of you probably slept through it.
8:17 am
anyhow came through northern new jersey and up through the hudson valley. it is out of here for the time-being. we expect things to clear out with show is and storms with humidity later on tonight. looks like a beautiful stretch of weather for us tomorrow and lasts through upcoming weekend. our temps right now, 77 bridgeport. 70 in allentown. cooler to the northwest. that's where the cold front is, up to the northwest. that will come in here and try to get a few more showers and storms going. it looks pretty quiet with a partly cloudy sky here now. the cold front will swing through that and kick more showers up later this afternoon. that doesn't look that impressive. chances of rain only 40 or 50%. we have another tropical storm out there. this one right here. that is erica. latest info on it, erica at this point has winds of 45 miles an hour, rolling west at 20. here is the forecast track of that storm. forecast to remain a tropical
8:18 am
storm until we get closer to the weekend and strengthens into a hurricane. it takes it towards tuesday, and caicos saturday early morning and continues on to the bahamas as category 1 hurricane, in general direction heading towards the southeast u.s. it could be a threat to the mainland u.s. we're still on earlier side of the hurricane season. peak doesn't come until later on in september. high temps 86. a few storms possible. have an umbrella available in case you see something come to our neighborhood. 86 with the humidity. 83 for you tomorrow it is drier. 82 on thursday and friday. over the weekend high temps in the mid 80s both days. should be nice, warm and comfortable. want to say happy birthday to sherry. apparently she is a big fan of disney as well so, hope you have a great day. maybe go to disney too.
8:19 am
fox 5 ny weather app at android and google itunes play stores. apple itunes store and google play store. it is free. let's bring in ines to see what is going on with the commute right now. >> good morning, the commute has been a rough one. nassau county is doing fine. no problems on lie if you're heading into queens. things slow down as you get closer to the van wyk. here are traffic jams southbound and northbound. there is construction going on. long term construction by yankee stadium. it is just a mess. cross bronx normal delays through the bruckner and cross bronx parkway. cameras look at the commute this morning. wge -- b.q.e. , exiting slowdowns. there is accident in mid span. brooklyn bound you're doing fine. george washington bridge, upper, lower level no delays.
8:20 am
lincoln tunnel, 20 minute delay. route 495 after kennedy boulevard things slow down as you get closer to the weehauken exit. holland tunnel, 15, 20 minutes inbound. greg and rosanna. >> thanks, ines. mostly sunny. hang in there. >> we're getting ready for tennis, the u.s. open very soon. we'll have one of the best players in the world. i call her vica. do you know what her real name is? >> victoria aza ring can, i was at meeting this morning. she feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
8:21 am
call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
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fact. you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
8:23 am
>> all that economic stuff made very, very, very upset yesterday. didn't quite understand or figure out what was going on. >> you have to look on the bright side. there are positives to this. >> what? 7%, the shanghai exchange lost 7% percent. it is 8:00 at night. we already know how they did for the day. >> allison morris, our great
8:24 am
business correspondent on fox 5, she has been finding silver lining on that. >> reporter: don't sweat it. it will be all right. >> thank you for joining us. >> reporter: pleasure to be with you. >> seriously, not a big deal? >> reporter: this is big deal but good things for average person. the average person did not lose everything yesterday, if you left the money in the markets you haven't lost anything yet. first of all, we were expecting an interest rate hike next month. that is probably not going to happen. >> it is not going to happen? >> reporter: doesn't look like that. >> are you 100% sure? >> reporter: i'm not 100% sure but if i had to put my money on it, banks are saying march next year before the fed moves. you know what that means. >> no. >> reporter: good news, it will remain inexpensive to take out loan to buy a home. if you need to buy a car, running credit card debt. all the interest rates for debt should remain.
8:25 am
have you seen oil lately? 38 bucks. by september, new york will pay less than $2 a gallon gas. >> lore in new jersey. and they pump your gas for you. >> reporter: 12 states are below $2. we're heading that way. if not spending money on gas you have more in your pockets. if you're not spending more to buy a home. all food things. a. a lot of upside. we're not sure what is going on in china. they're not exactly clear what their problems r the economy there, we're not sure how bad it is and what kind of ripple effect it will be. >> here in america the economy is good. >> reporter: we're expecting good figures. consumer confidence later. home building information later. a lot of that could be very good. we saw earnings today. best buy, really good numberses. things are looking better. stock market will pick up a lot of what they lost. will pick up couple hundred points. >> should i buy gold?
8:26 am
it is there. you can see it. it is shiny. >> you want bullion? >> a big block of it. >> reporter: people are running out buying gold and burying in their backyard. i'm not kidding. people are doing that. >> that he is what i'm thinking off. >> reporter: better keeping money in cash. avoid commodities anything, it is too hit or miss. i think greg, you should put a little money in the market. come on. you're not retiring yet. >> buy a nice stock. apple is good. google. you like netflix? >> reporter: i do. it is coming back. more reasonable. netflix dominate content that could be a good bet. these are stocks you have to buy now. you have to wait a little bit. >> you know what i want? insider information. you let me know something. >> reporter: trying to get me in trouble. he wants me in jail. there is law against that, i'm sorry. >> shoot. >> reporter: looking at stocks. ge is nice pick. >> thank you so much, ail lesson.
8:27 am
coming up in the next few minutes we'll meet a lovely family, the clemente family. perhaps you remember five years ago what happened to their son tyler. he was bullied at school. >> they're starting a foundation. it could change people's lives. we'll be right back. (gong) marinate your steak with kikkoman to enhance its juicy, natural essence.
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(taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
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8:30 am
rosanna: 8:30 in the morning. lights, camera, action. happening on the streets of new york city. a movie or tv production. greg: what's going on? rosanna: filming something. greg: a lot of sitting around. craft services. rosanna: right.
8:31 am
greg: from the kraft people? rosanna: no. i don't think so. greg: a movie or a tv show is being made in new york. rosanna: employing people in the city and the trickle down effect is great and they pay taxes, even better. nice to have you with us. 8:30 in the morning. outside. mike: we have the opportunity for the showers and the storms in the area. we have a setup to get the storms but so far it is quiet out there with the exception of a few storms rolling through earlier this morning. right now it is quiet. here is the almanac. the record high is 95 degrees. not going to be that warm. but warmer than normal temperatures coming to us. 77 at newark. 73 belmar. 78 islip. 64 monticello. partly cloudy skies in the tristate region.
8:32 am
the dew points are high. 74 in montauk. fire. well, the hot and humid air is part of the fuel and therefore if anything rock and rolls the storms have a little extra kick. we had storms mainly in northern new jersey. we have a cold front up to the northwest. it has the potential to bubble up the showers and storms as we head to the afternoon. we may not be in the clear just yet. the futurecast information really department bring us a lot, but we have spotty showers fearing up here and there. they are scooting out later
8:33 am
today and tonight and dryer for wednesday and thursday. things are looking good for days to come. today we are up to 86. it is sticky outside today. but that is going away after the front passes by. after this evening with the storms we are going to dryer conditions. 82 thursday and friday. a lot of sun out there. now to ines and see if there's anything that is backing you up at this point. ines: good morning, mike. traffic is a mess. queens, brooklyn. the l.i.e. traffic is moving slow headed to nassau county. you are seeing the backup back to the van wyck. not bad on the east bound side. looking outside of the commute, l.i.e. over in suffolk county, an accident blocking two lanes and seeing that on the shoulder there. delays there. bqe headed to the brooklyn
8:34 am
bridge, traffic is jammed approaching the bridge. exiting delays on the bqe. gwb fine on the upper and lower. lincoln tunnel is fine 30 minutes headed inbound. with the trains everything is running on or close to schedule. fdr not so bad at 96th. >> greg: so we are coming up on the first day of school. good to get back to school. rosanna: parents are happy about that. greg: but there can be, that is where we are introduced to bullying and there is sa new campaign. rosanna: day one initiative and aims to stop the bullying before it even starts. >> in the fall of 2010, rutgers university student jumped to his death from the george washington bridge.
8:35 am
it is later revealed that he was cyber bullied by a roommate. he was found guilty for web camming the sexual encounter with a man and showing it to other students and now the parents and brother are hoping that no family has to suffer the pain they have suffered. there is a campaign aimed at stopping the bullying before it starts and it is picking up celebrity support. >> greg: well, we are proud to have the clemente family, joe and james. nice to see you all. roz ross five years since that tragic ending for tyler. you have done so much and now this new initiative, day one. how is this different from the foundation? >> when we started -- well,
8:36 am
first of all, thank you for having us. we are about raising awareness and now after talking to educators and families and psychologist and we have the programming to prevent bullying. greg: this is real stuff happening on the first day of school, the teachers are going to make a special announcement. >> yes, you can download a script and people of authority, teachers can read the declaration and declare what is and is not acceptable behavior for that classroom and that community and then have acknowledgment back from the students that they understand and then ebbing actually declare or pledge to become upstandards, not to be a bystander and watch the harassment occur, step up
8:37 am
and speak out. >> james, what is this like for you working on this initiative? >> it has been very difficult and painful five years for myself and my family and i'm proud of my parents and we have taken a tragedy and turning this around and offering good to other families. i just love that day one is focussing on prevention. it is not dealing with bullying problems after they have happened but stopping it before it is starting. rosanna: this is setting the tone from the beginning of the year and the teachers are supporting it? >> yes. as well as rutgers university is reading it to the freshmen class only saturday as well as teachers college at columbia university. we have great support. we have celebrity's support too.
8:38 am
>> yes, vip's, sarah jessica parker and caitlyn jenner, neil patrick harris, big names are embracing this as well. greg: the announcement is being made in class. the worst bullying seems to be online bullies, particularly the anonymous bullying and you are aware of that and tyler was a victim of that as well. how do you attack on that front? >> these days, people may believe there is an monty but it is not there. there are ways to report abuse on many of the social websites. >> greg: my sense it is increasing, so much bullying awareness, but we are a cyber bully nation. yesterday a couple broke up on plane and there was an audience
8:39 am
watching every step of the way. rosanna: someone was tweeting that in real time. >> it is taking a personal and private moment and making it public and tweeting about it, it is horrible. it is a terrible offense. i think that we need to create a kinder place within our culture and we need to make awareness to people to know they are, you know, making comments to the world that shouldn't be expressed. you need to have privacy and shouldn't be all out there on social media. rosanna: i'm happy you have nice things to celebrate. james got married. >> i did. i got married a few months ago and it is amazing. we have had a lot of pain, but also there's a healing process and i'm blessed to meet the love of my life and fall in love and celebrate that. >> that's awesome.
8:40 am
greg: your son and brother would be proud. the name of the campaign, which goes online, day first day of school varies, but the teachers are on board? >> yes, they are implementing the campaign for millions of students across the country. we are excited and grateful. rosanna: thank you for being here and sharing this with us and we hope that the parents get involved and if they have the knowledge they can talk to the kids. >> it doesn't have to be just in the classroom. scout troops, sports teams, managers at work places can use it. greg: it is not just the kids pushing people around online, right rosanna? rosanna: yes.
8:41 am
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greg: what is that? a movie being shot on the west side. rosanna: that is not a gaper. that is somebody that is, you know, moving stuff, right. greg: maybe he's on a break. okay, that is a gaffer?
8:44 am
rosanna: i don't know. is that a gaffer? is greg: the best boy in charge of the lighting. hey, it is the movie business. rosanna: it is. greg: it is bringing big cash to new york city. rosanna: maybe this is a tv show. the productions, it could be a movie. when you watch homeland, right, it is seeming like a movie. it is beautifully shot. intricate intricate. greg: i'm a season behind. rosanna: you have to hurry up, it is back out in october. we are getting down to health watch. dr. raj? greg: what's new? >> we are talking about cosmetic procedures for men this time, not the women. men are under going cosmetic procedures more than ever. in 2014 over a million
8:45 am
procedures were done on men ages 40 to 70. this is up 273% from 1 997. men arette ging these kos mettic procedures, botox, fillers, fot reduction procedures, creating a stronger jaw line and reducing the fat, interesting trend. men tend to do more extreme procedures less frequently. men are becoming vain as women it appears to be. rosanna: why not? >> some of the men feel like they have toe do it to compete in the work place and looking young to compete with the younger guys. rosanna: america, we have a big emphasis on youth. if you go the europe, they let it all hang out, the wring kls, the body.
8:46 am
greg: let it all hang out. they are 40% skinnier than we are. they are walking everywhere. >> they do walk a lot. rosanna: less preservatives in the food. >> mediterranean diet. greg: they dress better. >> like in france, italy? that's true. rosanna: dr. raj, have a beautiful day. greg: but we are staying in america. rosanna: we are getting the gossip, serena williams and drake an item. and a top tennis player will be here and may be playing against serena.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
rosanna: are you going to the
8:50 am
u.s. open this year? greg: i went last year because a friend had great seats and tickets. rosanna: so you only go if you are offered good seats? greg: you have a similar thing. rosanna: don't you want to see if drake is in the stands. anna: yes, drake has been spotted watching serena williams playing tennis and they say there are pictures of the two kissing. this is a fancy restaurant in cincinnati. tmsz is saying that's them. >> greg: well, tmz has good sources. rosanna: who took the pictures. oh, they can't kanoodle in public. anna: congratulations to them. greg: wait, congratulations? anna: she's being warned about him.
8:51 am
he's a lady's man. well, two more celebrity names have been revealed from the ashley madison hack. this is a website, here they are. that's snooki's husband supposedly signed up for the cheating website for married people. the email address was on there. you don't know, maybe someone used their email. they got married last year and she said he's not a cheater. another name from the hack revealed is the husband of real housewives of new york tar christine teakman. at first denied it. he came out released a statement and saying he opened the account
8:52 am
quote foolishly and ignore antly with a group of friends. justin bieber is no longer doing live interviews. the reps are concerned he's go toeing embarrass himself and he's only doing taped interviews. greg: he's talented but says crazy stuff. he's growing up before our eyes. he's 21, 22? anna: yes, arrested for a dwi and in trouble for throwing eggs at the neighbor's house. rosanna: and order pizza for the neighbor too? greg: back in the old days that was a prank. anna: he did an interview with elvis duran. greg: he was here yesterday.
8:53 am
rosanna: i heard it went. he's a nice kid add talented. anna: he's on the tonight show and performing at the video mudz music awards. rosanna: suspect that special. greg: wayne brady. listen to this. >> we know that the san diego padres are king. i'm just one flame looking for another. rosanna: he's got a new show.
8:54 am
when we come back. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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8:57 am
emily west is performing for us, victoria azarenka is here and the woman that wrote the book about being a party planner at a funeral home. greg: ever wonder what it is like working at a funeral home. rosanna: she's here and she's saw things and she's talking. "good day" is coming right back. since 1961, pearle vision has been providing
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