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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 26, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> all right hi everybody. welcome back it is wednesday august 26th just a few days left. enjoy it. nice little breeze this morning. did you notice? >> i got my white pants on. let's see. rosanna scotto greg kelly with you weather wise rosanna said it is very nice. rosanna: less humidity. there's a little a breeze right now. highs are going to reach mid-80s. audrey is in for meek she has dea lots for us this morning. >> off the coast of new jersey a boat capsized reportedly sunk again off the coast of new jersey. at this point, though, no people have been reported missing hopefully everybody accounted
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>> feds bust a male escort service in the world. accusing of it prostitution they arrested ceo, sel employees of rent in other news rosanna, this guy doesn't like red light cameras. he went out with a stick and pushed a camera so it would look at the sky not the intersection. guess what you're not supposed to do that he's in big trouble right now. they arrested him. >> donald trumps in the news again for a confrontation with the univision anging anchor jorge. >> you haven't been called. go back to univision. dog and pony show first remove thed from the room and then
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i don't know. >> we know when we can poke the giants and get a reaction. >> i think donald trump could have handled that a little bit better. >> but allowed him back in. >> why into the room? >> why kick him out of the room? people ask all a of the time. >> it is all a for attention. didn't wait your turn. >> getting media attention it will go viral. >> is that what he was thinking? >> that's what i'm thinking. >> gotting our attention. >> not incensed by it. >> plenty of problems to choir about . i know that you know what i'm talking about. however, i know it is two months until halloween. we're planning our costumes. every year rosanna and i go as something.
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actually years ago i went in as a red had redheaded donald trump. if that was pretty good, huge. >> genius and i was kim kardashian. more recently you dressed as me, i dressed as you. did not get the hair down right. >> especially on your legs. >> two months ago, though, before halloween and one of our reporters saw who is doing who and costume people are selling costumes. >> donald is back in the equation again. caitlyn jenner by the way. that's a little bit controversial. >> oh. pmpleght leave that alone for now. >> let's talk about the weather it is glorious this morning. in for mike woods -- >> he's under the weather or enjoying the weather one or o the other. >> official excuse?
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>> i have it right here. my tummy hurts can you come in. >> you stop saying tummy when you're four years old. >> i'm a mother. >> so listen folks hope he's enjoying this fabulous weather and hone you are too. beautiful across the tristate area. we feel the difference in the dry the or this morning when you head out it is going to feel significantly different than yesterday and the day before because of the low dew point across the area. it is also feeling cool north and west of the city in 50s and monticello 67 in central parng. same in islip. 71 is current reading to montauk point. these numbers are running let's say average 10 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday. you feel the difference when you step outside. a cold front through the area, till it brought in cooler air pl brought in the more importantly drier air across the region. so we're in store as for a very comfortable wednesday.
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nothing to choir about. high pressure nosing from the west bringing beautiful weather from the great lakes to ohio valley and right here into the northeast and into new england. temperatures nice in the low 80s and more is expected for your friday as well. brk out the sunglasses it is a sun filled today with temperatures in the low 80s which is normal for this time of year. more of the same for thursday, friday, saturday, hey let's throw in sunday too. in fact put in more clouds on sunday. temperatures will rise in middle to upper 80s. overnight lows nice, mostly 60s low 70s so a nice stretch of weather for next five days. see how initial itly nice it is for the traffic update. good morning. >> couple of problems start off with westchester. first rockland county approaching tappan zee bridge, and then 287 cross westchester,
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exit 6 eastbound blocking a lane. southern state parkway pretty good suffolk county not a lot gong on. watch out for a stall. westbound. westbound because of that. one thing staten island expressway traffic wrapped up but approaching victory boulevard. metro-north and the path trains on or close to schedule. >> thank you ines. so we're thinking this is what we're hearing that there was a capsized boat off the coast of sandy hook, new jersey. there's a massive search going on. but they haven't found the boat or anybody on it. >> we have robert rornt on the scene san dhiek not far from here. >> greg and rosanna that's the big question and report from multiple witnesses here but no siphon that boat and search is scheduled to resume today and now the search has been centered here at the a coast guard
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station in sandy hook. i want to show you a picture now shows piece of did i brie floating in the water perhaps a cooler. this photo, the coast guard believes shows an object that the agency thinks came from a boat although there's no confirmation of that. a witness spotsed 40 foot steel fishing boat taking on water and then sinking at 4:30 yesterday. that witness notified coast guard a huge search ensued and stretched into the evening. a multiagency search. npgd dive team was involved. they were using sonar to try to spot this vessel underwater but no sign of it. vessel last seen near buoy 14 in the sandy hook channel. there's no word of any distress
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and a authorities have not said may not know. the search for the vessel will resume today. as you have heard ad dried talking about all morning long, weather is absolutely perfect. so that will not get in the way at all of the search. we're hoping to learn more. as soon as we do, we will pass it along. that is latest live from sandy hook in mammoth this morning. back to you. >> robert thanks a lot. meanwhile wall street yesterday was not a great day so far in asia, though, things seem to be settling down that means good thingses for us rosanna. >> after a rocky star asian stocks are up after china's decision to cut a key interest rate to stibblize financial markets. the dow what is gone down 6 days in a row. losing about 1900 points during that period.
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but futures are indicating a higher opening so let's keep our fingers crossed for today. pmpleght so one of the large fest busted wide open yesterday. based here in manhattan. rent the not so discreet website name. >> apparently head quartered near union square a number of employees were arrested including the ceo. prosecutor the say the site made more than $10 million in the last five years. charging fee to advertise to perspective clients. ceo jeff is rei and his lawyer insisted his business was a legitimate companionship service. >> we bring good people together. each faces up to five year of prison of conspiracy to promote prostitution across state lines. >> legionnaires' disease has
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come to manhattan. we heard about it in the bronx, now we have a kiferled case at new york presbyterian cornell center. everything working to identify the source of the infection and hospital has cleaned its own water supply as a precaution. no word yet if it is connected to the legionnaires' outbreak in the bronx that killed 12 people. and the source of that outbreak traced back to a air conditioning unit at the top of a hotel. >> donald trump got into it with jorge ramos the latino network. >> jorge tried to ask donald trump question about immigration before called upon and that set off the mr. trump. >> who is next, yeah, please -- excuse me sit down you weren't sit down. sit down -- sit down.
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go ahead. [inaudible] no you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the right -- >> go back to univision go ahead. [inaudible] go ahead. >> not deformality -- >> you cannot deny citizenship. >> sit down please. you weren't called. >> one of trump goons came out. look jorge was out of order he could have waited his turn. supposed to wait our turn. >> this is what happened to the mayor press conference you get called upon, and it is all very, very gentile but he never ordered journalist took kicked out. >> could have stopped that big guy from interceding. ferghts he was reed a a mitted into another argument about
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his pop popularity among hispanics. [inaudible] i don't think i will. i haven't even started. actually at least that was a issue, substance so they brought him back in. it is nice maybe they shook hands? >> they have a history of getting into arguments and this year earlier ramos resident mr. trump a handwritten letter asking for an interview. mr. trump posted letter that included mr. ramos phone number on instagram and deleted it. so they go back. >> meanwhile that is to be continued. subway crime is up. dramatically up in the last year. >> we're at the union square in prospect park station topping the list. fox 5 teresa priolo is in the square this morning. >> good morning everybody. take a look there's people come
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and going on their way to work exercising those coming out of the subway station and people that like to hang out here. especially overnight into the early morning houring. this is a place that brings people from all walks of life and all times of day one of the busiest subway stations in the city. and now we're hearing new data and it has been confirmed by nypd this station ranks number one city wide for felony assault. kind of news no subway rider. thes to hear. >> people come out every influx of people so many people, and there's all walks of life qawtion through here. >> according to new york post felony assault on subway are surge up 24% this year. crimes that may involve the us yoof a weapon or dangerous object assaults in which victims
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nypd confirm its that 151 assaults reported through august 15th that is compared to 122 some time last year. >> it does make me concerned but i'm aware because i'll be out like three in the morning come all the the way from the bronx. of the time. >> paper says prospect park increases. that is due in large part to the influx of people from all different walk of life. >> do you feel safe riding through here? i do i feel protected. i couldn't protect myself but there's enough police presence that that makes me feel comfortable. >> so union square ranked number one. prospect park number two. third most dangerous subway stop when it comes to felony assault is simpson street in the bronx. latest from union square this morning. back to both of you. pmpleght dangerous at 14th
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street an teresa if you can check this out. go downstairs if you can. the platform that moves -- so train comes in on a curve and fairly significant gap between the platform and the train so this great kind of comes out. that if you're not careful, it could well crush your leg. you know if you step up. it is a little -- that. >> you have to be cautious. the -- artery i think you know what i'm talking about. meanwhile a man from long island busted for tampering with red light cameras. >> here he is. steve ruth ronkonkoma, here he is kind of actually describing what he does. he tacks a stick, he hits one of the red light cameras and points away from the intersection into the sky. therefore can't get a picture of them. >> you like that steve. >> guess what cops don't. [laughter] that's a problem.
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>> he's been arrested. [laughter] >> why? >> here he's happy it be, though, he looks happy. >> posted this video on his facebook page when police saw it they arrested him. officials say he was with traffic cameras along the long island expressway south service road in ronkonkoma. >> couldn't be prouder, though, look at that picture. >> obstruction of governmental administration, so are misdemeanors. he did it forked good of people on long island. thank you, steve for all of us on long island. >> rosanna who likes those red light cameras, do you. >> you going to dismantle them. >> steve did it already -- [laughter] greg: all right. >> i don't to encourage anybody to do it audrey. ferlings quest 10 and 66th. >> he'll be happy to do it. >> happy to be in the neighborhood he can help you out. [laughter] all right folks if you're out o
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your car hey this is a day to drop the top on the convertible nice and dry. 63 degrees our dew point and humidity very comfortable. it is courtesy of a north, northwest witness stand flow 7 miles per hour in the park. but getting nice dry weather across the tristate area. 40s in belmar and montauk muggy with 6 5 degree dew point but further through your wednesday. a look at our satellite and radar high clouds north and west. but expecting mostly sunny skyings. high pressure for next several days. temperatures about about average for this time of the year. same for thursday, friday, and saturday and warm it up. that's a check of your weather
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ines has your traffic. >> so late running construction again. not as bad as yesterday. you have delays as you pass the richmond avenue. expect delays continue to move slow to bradley and delays by verrazano bridge. couple of thingings up north first tappan zee bridge you're fine crossing bridge everyone statistic in traffic before that on rockland side of the throughway accident by exit 11 pushed off to shoulder there. and then westchester side lanes blocked by exit 6. 59th street bridge traffic moving slow here. queens bound there's a stall. and lower leaflet in a roadway. also outer roadway you have delayings into manhattan. a little slow but it is moving. george washington bridge driving into the city 15 minutes, 20, 15 to 20 upper level no delays lower. 495 to lincoln tunnel right now a 30 minute delay.
7:19 am
>> look the family of alleged tamperer to know he's on his side and will help meet his bail. >> i -- yeah. rosanna endorses it pmg. >> i don't know but i'm happy that he did it. next picture he's happy. allegedly pointed a red light camera with a stick up into the sky. >> people in his neighborhood that are happy that he did that. >> you have to love it. "good day new york" is coming right back. join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows
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patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars.
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including four of ours. learn more at cheers for fears. mid-80s you're looking at union square. chess players are they out yet? >> they do that speed chess. >> play against the clock we're going to meet at couple at 9:00 37 what else is going on? >> a gorgeous day a man who once jumped on to white house grounds is dead this morning.
7:23 am
in pennsylvania. >> he made headlines when he jumped white house fence back in march. but more trouble for him and now his life is over he allegedly stabbed a guard and then another deputy shot him. he did, he was accused of crimes courthouse fence and he had a important message for the president at the time. -arrested but was out on his own. agreement that he had to check in with authorities on a weekly basis. >> meanwhile how many people love faa schwartz? all right it could be back. the future owners of the building in times square are reportedly negotiating an toys are us. you know they're owned by the same company. fao schwartz left their beautiful space last month. own o per toys"r"us plans to move out of pits own spot from times square. >> so it is a famous building
7:24 am
there in times square. >> where carole king wrote many of her hits. >> sinatra cut tunes in there. >> big music building. don't they have that big piano that you can stand on. from big sure. work out perfectly. kostume causing controversy they're migrates according to reports down to battery park. >> many at the statue of liberty spotted in midtown now, and a before bath battery park downtown for tip. some have gotten into physical confrontations and new turf wars since panhandling is not allows in arks people living there are help them out. >> there's a place in mexico called send your frogs. >> that was -- happening what's that place i
7:25 am
>> cabo. and they have a big send your troughing there is. one is opening i believe today. i don't know what that was about. so we'll be the 12th restaurant an second largest of vegas just so you know incase you're hankering to get the party started early. that's perfect for us. 5:00 somewhere isn't that what we like to say. all right. there's a nice fishing boat. looks like a big hassle cable, rods things to worry about. >> you have to love quarter to have a boat. >> best arrangement is if a friend takes you boating. 7:25. taking a quick break.
7:26 am
>> oh he's your friend? >> soon to be.
7:27 am
chess players playing down at union square. now some of is these guys are very, very good. so many of them act as if they're not so good. you want to play some chess? maybe lose the fist game. >> they try to suck you in. >> i don't know about these guys. money on it? >> sometimes there is. we're celebrating chess today we got the idea last week when we saw them in union square playing chess. having a chess tournament. >> fantastic coming up at 9:00 today. do you play? >> i love chess. my favorite board game. >> i'm a backgamon girl. chris elliot 13-year-old birthday. he'll pick up something later. he and his mom watch "good day new york."
7:28 am
>> chris christian elliot. >> saying something nice about you a different color? >> vice versa. hi audrey. >> happy birthday also to justin turning 16 years old his mom is daniel. an you rosanna. >> wrong for you to charge everybody 25 to mention their name. i have a ethical problem with that. trchg going up to 30 in december. get your request in now. well you know what speaking of numberings we have good ones out there this morning not just with temperatures but dew points. get excited about this. good stuff. >> i love a good dew point too. >> temperatures right now across the yarr good. 67 degrees in central park. that's the same number in islip. montauk at a milder 71. but check out north and west of the city in 50s in poughkeepsie as well as sussex out to monticello so grab a sweater out the door.
7:29 am
west of the city this morning. mid-60s to montauk but number is coming down further through the day. radar showing cloudy skies through our wednesday but nothing of major consequence. nice and dry behind a sold front that swept through the area last night. and that helped to bring in that cooler dry ire air for the westing and high pressure is sitting off to the west here that is our dominant weather future through the second half of the week. also an eye down to the tropics erika located right here. east of the lesser headed right for islands expected to overspread puerto rico and parts of the dominican republic through the weekend. then -- national weather or excuse me national hurricane center keeping a close eye on it through beginning of next week expected to increase in intensity to category one
7:30 am
and affect south florida into sunday, monday keeping a close eye on that one. plenty of sunshine and temperatures about average for this time of the year. 80s and same for tomorrow and friday and attack that good weather into the weekend. few more clouds on sunday. temperatures rise nicely mid to upper 80s starting off next week. humidity will come up a little bit as well. a scattered shower into tuesday. to the trop tix this morning. ines has an update. an a accident by the u throughway blocking lane off to shoulder now but traffic backed up to garden state parkway on westchester side of the tappan zee delays approaching exit 6 because of an accident. see delays back to the saw mill. even causing some exiting delays there on saw mill. cross bronx traffic slow westbound.
7:31 am
eastbound sued delays by jerome avenue. cameras tack a look at your commute on staten island. expressway by bradley avenue construction late running construction wrapped up so a delay not bad actually. most have these eastbound, westbound side you're fine. as for trains, new jersey transit and path trains on or close to schedule. >> we heard about that spectacular american kind of stoppage of that terrorist attack on the train in europe. well form charges cooling to the suspected terrorists. they don't believe this is any kind of train robbery attempted train robbery sz suspect is saying this was a premeditated terrorist attack. >> well planned out as they say as well. prosecutors say that his attack was well prepared 26 years old. he claims to be homeless but a first class ticket for the train and watched a jihadist video before pulling out his weapon
7:32 am
last friday. bea new phone as well. >> might be an isis connection here. meanwhile heros one of them returning to -- the united states. anthony 23 years old. air force airman spencer stone 23, and national guardsman alex he's 22. sadler had just returned home stone is in germany undergoing treatment on his hand injured in the attack. >> when france gave them the legend of honor and they have issued more. there they are. awflg those guys, they didn't hesitate that is spencer and they go back to childhood. friends -- by the way in their hometown of sacramento mayor kevin johnson talking about home coming parades for the heros. >> there's sandler he's the one rosanna is already backed in the united states. they deserve -- on speaking circuit if they want to.
7:33 am
it is been noted everybody is saying, we'll see an influx of homeless right all of a sudden thar all over the place. >> acknowledged even by mayor that it is increasing. what's going on? it is particularly bad apparently on park avenue. ms. evers has more. >> business is brisk for drivers. it is like they're collecting unofficial toll there's no shame to the game as they panhandle, knowing our camera is right there. a man who say hewings an army vet workers corner by day and city shelter by night. some are generous somebody gave me his lunch. >> shows his id and has no other choice at the moment. >> trying to get housing and a job.
7:34 am
says they come into the store, shoplift and stick their hands in the buffet. [inaudible] >> about the people they ask money, they asking about food. they come in -- called 311 and got no help and police arrive with 9-1-1 but it keeps growing and hurting business. >> store owner is a problem with them. now competition is getting fierce among panhandlers we learned from the nypd that two pan handlers arrested for fighting in the newsroom lisa evers fox five news. greg: what do you see increasing and is may yore blasio responsible snow? >> pointing finger at mayor bloomberg from two years ago. now you know people are seeing it more and more.
7:35 am
i had someone send me a picture this morning. of 63rd street and central park west she claims that anywhere from 4 to 11 homeless congregate. she's concerned walking her dog. to those who are homeless our heart go out. but maybe a siefnt economic times we want no one to be in this position. but why is the problem getting divorce? let us know on our -- we have a problem where they congregate 5, 6, people so street is very narrow and closed in and they get aggressive they punched a a woman in the face at 12:30 in the afternoon tried to grab her bag. thank goodness construction workers were there and grabbed the guy. but people are concerned that it
7:36 am
situation. that maybe there's drugs going on there as will. >> well that's troubling. let us know. i don't know -- >> send pictures if you see it. keeping an eye on the situation we want to get them help too. >> that's right. >> let us know on our facebook page. >> probably going to get scolded by his parents. take a look at that painting right there. this is called flowers 350 years old by italian master -- take a look at this a hole in the painting caused by this kid. watch this. here he is in his puma t-shirt with a soda and boom took a trip and right hand there went through the paijting. >> oh, no in taiwan, rosanna an painting by the way is worth $1.5 million. that's the moment of truth actually looks like both wept to
7:37 am
with a puma shirt and soda. now -- >> done that not to a painting but totally tripped. able to restore it. the kid, family that you are not going to charge him 1.5 million. not anything. this was an accident. business. >> he tripped like it came out of nowhere that scaffolding area. i don't know what is that? barrier is on the wawlg. he did nothing wrong but glad he's at the museum. apparently london big ben having a bit of a problem. a fit maybe. giants fox tower running a tad late like six seconds. nice chime. over 150 years old. to it is running about 6 seconds late clock is old.
7:38 am
how do they notice it rosanna on tv over there in the u.k. -- at the top of the broadcast they play the big ben going off live. they realize at 6:00 producers wait what's up? and accumulating over past few month now six seconds late. the reason it could be running slow is as simple as temperature and barometric pressure don't tell audrey about that. seems mechanics use pennys they add penny to take away from the massive pendulum to speed it up or slow it down. >> it is become on time. six seconds isn't a big difference. >> never have a problem if we were seconds late. outside if we can. 7:40, going to be pleasant out august. >> awe -- i'm getting a little melancholy. >> i tug at that word.
7:39 am
i started using that word now it is your favorite. >> now my favorite word. well. pmpleght right?
7:40 am
7:41 am
man a catamaran when those thing it is go fast up on one side. show us a little bit more of that thing? >> scared love to be able to do that. you know who does that. he does everything that richard branson guy who owns his o own airline. has a spirit of adventure. where are you right now? we're just off the end of sandy hook so this boat is making its way out of the bay and heading to the ocean. >> can the -- man i would loved to that get the registration number. we have to invite them on the show. we tracked down surfer so cool. >> in the rockaways maybe get
7:42 am
surfers what do you think, jim? >> might take time to get over there. try to get the registration on this boat. >> better get it quick. >> jim i think they're from germany. gee man flag on the back am i wrong, could be. that or -- >> i can't see it. not the confederate flag whew. >> while we're looking at that boat happy birthday to vince from the bronx and fall watching as well this morning. thank you so much. >> it is the flag of germany. >> not like one of their company flags that >> that's germany, right -- got a loud speaker there, you in the boat. come, stew you there in the boat. >> might be sleeping in.
7:43 am
there in the cockpit. hello. beautiful day to be on the boat or anywhere outside for that matter. dry across our area with temperature and humidity and temperatures all at comfortable levels. courtesy of that northwest wngd wind flow and beautiful weather across the northeast into boston 7 right now. and 63 number we're finding in burlington. orange out to syracuse with temperature of 60 degrees. we're 68 in philadelphia. 67 in d.c. and pitts pittsburg this morning. going to keep us pretty comfortable through next couple of days courtesy of this area of high pressure from the ohio valley straight to the mid-atlantic into the northeast. with us for next few days so we have a great second half. colloids filtering but staying dry and rain free.
7:44 am
so break out sunglasses today. temperatures in low 80s with low tiewmedty more of the same for next couple of days right into next weekend. check of the weather plus check of the traffic. ines -- i have weather ines has traffic. >> throughway delays between garden state parkway to the tappan zee bridge shoulder 11 slowing everyone down. southbound and then across west chest or jammed approaching exit 6 two lanes blocked. queens lower level you have delays an accident in inner roadway. everybody is trying to use outer but that single lane has everything moving slow. cameras at route 80 westbound before exit 22. traffic crawling here an accident eastbound side you're fine. check out that camera shot to brooklyn bridge normal delays there.
7:45 am
nothing out of the ordinary. stalled truck upper level inbound blocking that right lane so delays upper level about 30 minutes. lower level 10 to 15 with. 30 inbound not bad of a ride this morning. holland 5-20. we're filling in for duke he's elsewhere rosanna. >> try it you attend same meeting i do in the morning. i'm pretty sure. >> mets try to make a five strailgt win in philadelphia. well noah syndergaard. this is why we dongt do the sports. department have his best nights but beat phillies 6-5. sought your hand at the yankees see how you do on that one. they lost big time to astros. >> don't want to talk about -- at the game. 15-1 a total blowout.
7:46 am
no longer in first police station. years last major a tennis tournament starts on monday. serena williams is seated number one only the women's side followed by romaine and men's side sses novak. >> i like when you eliminate the last names you can't pronounce. a great technique. >> problem is that you and i -- have a lot in sports world just going to shorten it. >> at the same time kirk schillings tweeting nonsense on -- twitter account. >> he said it is 5 to 10% muse limbs are extremist in 1940 only 7% were nazis how did that go? espn says that is unacceptable
7:47 am
little league assignment and said he could take further action. >> he tweeted that he accepts suspension and he made a bad decision. >> coming up not around corner but halloween october 31st. >> on some people's radar. >> 350e78 in the costume business they're selling costume some are controversial. some are logical pl call me carat linn expected to be hot but also kind of controversial. i mean, is it offensive, insensitive what about donald trump that's a hot tiblght. >> matt king takes look at the new costumes. >> august, skies are clear. natural many of us have started thinking about halloween. [laughter] no.
7:48 am
about a unisex caitlyn jenner which many hate calling it transphobic. >> tony managed halloweened a adventure. >> pitchfork, vampires. but addition to kos too costumes with something else. >> so celebrate caitlyn jenner to mock and further marginalize and reduce our experience and our identities. >> identifies herself as a transfeminine gender advocate and started a petition against the costume. >> others that need to be addressed as well. >> 60 dentist that kilted cecil the lion anyone anywhere who may create a home made costume 6 ray rice or whomever else.
7:49 am
>> native americans with or a row to their heads they could find offensive. >> not politically correct. union square i'm matt king "fox 5 news." >> what are we going to go at? >> getting ideas from this? >> done classics over the years classics per us. let's see. you're pretty good at doing kim kardashian we have picturings handy, don't we? >> it's coming. we did it to quack in each other's shoe. next up i think we have -- >> kimmy kardashian in church for some reason and donald trump soirl sorry about the hair it is not right. the business i did well. >> you were huge.
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call 1-800-341-9716. all right anna gilligan what's happening in your world? >> bobby brown returns to the stage for the first time since the death of his daughter bobbi christina. he came out as macey gri's surprise guest at the hollywood
7:52 am
ball on sunday night they performed real love and he spoke briefly saying thank you for all of your prayers everybody. his daughter with late whitney houston died a month ago in a coma after a found unconscience in her bathtub in january. dr. dre poling to women he's hurt in the past has gotten a mixed reaction from those women. back up, new movie straight out of compton tells about the rise and a positive light not movie. >> i saw it last night by the way. a gripping movie. entertained learned stuff i didn't know. >> led to some people questioning why dr. dre violent past with women wasn't part of the movie. three women have been outspoken about drai hitting them an only oned to has apology acceptable. ful aa lewd to it like on briefly in the movie. illusion. >> terry bment who once shared a rap label.
7:53 am
said i think, quote, it would have had a greater impact had he mentioned women he tacked by name. saying he hurt women not the same fern them. he didn't say who it was. nape the journalist got attacked by him in a club she seemed to think it was a good stem in the right direction but his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son felt like it wasn't that sincere. suge knight needs apologizing.
7:54 am
thank you for like us my name is amanda and my baby was born two months early and weighed only three pounds. this is the view i had of her in the nicu. my tip to you is speak into the opening so your baby can hear you better. you can quit. talk with your doctor. for more help call
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7:56 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right, "good day new york," wednesday august 26th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> this time next week will it be september? >> yeah. >> all right. well anyway, life goes on. hi, i'm greg kelly. weatherwise it is very pleasant out there. >> thank goodness life goes on because if it didn't that would mean something else. you would be dead. >> very profound, rosanna. and uplifting. >> audrey puente has fantastic forecast. we'll talk to audrey. the search is on for a fishing boat that authorities believe capsized off the coast of
7:57 am
new jersey. >> 40-foot vessel is missing from sandy hook. >> nobody is reported missing. nobody found the boat. i don't know where they got the information from. >> for some reason authorities holding back on this one. wall street, let's hope for some improvement. yesterday was not good but not as bad as it was. asia is off to pretty decent start. they had a decent day. things stablize ad little bit. analysts tell us that is important for what happened here. >> also donald trump got into another war of words with a journalist. this time univision anchor jorge ramos. he got tossed out of a press conference when he tried to ask the donald a question. >> no you don't. you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> oh, was that a dig? >> it wasn't a very nice thing to say. jorge was out of order.
7:58 am
he didn't wait his turn. >> but jorge was allowed back in the room. he asked another question. >> here comes the big guy. mr. ramos, you're through, pal. >> that was funny. >> they let him back and to the into it a little it about. donald trump, the fun/outrage continues. >> yeah. meanwhile the controversial costumed characters are not just in times square anymore, greg. they are picking up some areas in like battery park there in coney island. woods now. you can hang out with mini house on the way home. how do you like that? you an elmo could have a beer together. what is place you like in battery park on the water? >> peer a. battery garden is very nice. a lot of watering holes. >> what time should meet you there? >> early p.m. hours. guys. we went down to times square.
7:59 am
didn't see anything outrageous. huh? >> some people don't like them because some are a little aggressive. we think they work very hard. we had no with them. there are other reports. are other ones with no tops on going around. >> sounds like we covered all of our bases. let's go live to union square, rosanna. i believe the chess players are out there in force. >> why are you so fascinated with them? >> i do find them intriguing. i would like to know about them. we invited chess players to "good day new york." some play with the clock, the speed rounds. >> the guy so exhausted playing background. played a speed round. [laughter] what is that all about. >> audrey is about to have a stroke, think she is so funny. i have a feeling rosanna, may not be a chess player but down on his luck. >> oh, boy. i thought he played chess with
8:00 am
>> is there a drinking version of chess. >> i want to play backgammon. that is complicated. >> more complicated than chess? >> checkers! >> checkers. i did that at brooklyn day camp. >> we'll do it again. all those pieces in chess. rook, knight, this, that, checkmate. i have never he can checkmated anybody. what you say a good game of checkers later? somebody gave them to us. checkers. >> madam giggles, are you okay? >> this is exactly doing at home watching. now you guys -- [laughter]. >> thank you, good to have you here. michael is under the weather or enjoying it, we're not sure. jury is out. >> i hope everyone will be able to enjoy today's weather because it is going to be fantastic outside. if you have not been out there refreshingly dry air mass sitting in place, setting us up for a wonderful wednesday all
8:01 am
yes, it will be less humid today. it will be nice and warm. beautiful summer weather will stretch right into the weekend. we'll not even see a chance of rain until early next week. right now, temperature reads are in the 50s across parts of the area. a cool 54 in sussex. monticello 57. new york city checking in at 69. we're up to 70 out towards newark liberty airport. 70s across long island where it will be a beautiful beach day. dewpoints, these numbers measure moisture in the atmosphere. we see reads in the 50s. it is very dry out there and very comfortable. that is the case all across the region. montauk is 63. your number drops as we go through the rest of the afternoon. cold front swept through the area. that ushered in cooler and drier air. setting us up for a nice second
8:02 am
maybe a few clouds towards the hudson valley. thursday, mixture of sun and clouds across the region. no rain in the forecast for thursday or friday. we're expecting mostly sunny skies once again. humid. that is important. temperatures about average this time of year, mostly upper 70s, low 80s. more of the same for your thursday. more of the same for your friday. let's take the good weather saturday and sunday as temperatures rise into the mid 80s. temperatures in the high 70s, loy 80s. let's check the traffic with ines. >> long island expressway doing a lot better than it did. everything cleared around at 7:00. you're moving fine. a little delay approaching verrazano bridge. there is accident heading into queens. in the outer roadway heading into queens.
8:03 am
westchester, accident at cross westchester, exit 6. rockaway delays from earlier exit, 11 southbound on the through way. over on route 80. traffic a little stop and go with this accident. it was blocking two lanes off to the shoulder. fine. if you're taking trains everything on or close to schedule. >> thank you, ines a great big fishing boat off sandy hook apparently sunk. it is about 40 feet underwater. out. >> that's what we're hoping. massive search is going on. hook. what are you hearing? you. that search is centered around hook. i want to show you new video from skyfox hd earlier this morning. the search is underway.
8:04 am
we have seen boats not only from monmouth county sheriff's office but nypd and coast guard as well again out there for a second day searching for this elusive boat. late yesterday the monmouth county sheriff's office tweeted a photo of an object floating in the water. the coast guard believes that the debris found yesterday did come from that missing trawler. a witness spotted the 40-foot steel fishing boat auld el jefe sinking about 4030 yesterday afternoon. they notified the coast guard -- 4:30. a multiagency search involving not only coast guard but nypd. in fact a nypd dive team was trying to use sonar to locate the missing vessel unwater but to -- underwater but to know avail. it was last seen near buoy 14 in
8:05 am
no word of a distress call before this went down. authorities have not said how many people they believe to be on the boat. we know of no one who has been reported missing at this hour. again, the search for that missing trawler, back underway this morning. we have no new developments to report so far. as soon as we do we'll let you know. that is the latest live from sandy hook, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you so much, robert, for that update. meanwhile a worker has died after falling down an elevator shaft on a constructionside on the westside. >> ninth avenue and 42ed in street. worker was trying to walk across a beam when he fell 40 stories down the shaft. he was taken to bellview and later died there. it is under investigation but work at the site stomped for now. this photograph for some became rather iconic after 9/11. the so-called dust lady after collapse of world trade center. she has died.
8:06 am
that is one of most iconic photos from the day. >> she is holding the photo. >> she was completely covered with head and dust. she was working for bank of america as a lawyer's is assistant. her office was 81 floor of one world trade center. she made it down the stairs when the south tower began to fall. the mother of two had been year. she was 42 years old. she went through a lot after that tragic terrorist attack. she fell on hard times. she had posttraumatic stress. became addicted. and then she wound up getting stomach cancer last year. >> gosh. just 42 years old. so much happened to her. i'm very sorry. >> meanwhile city law bakers are upping efforts to get synthetic marijuana, also known as k 2 off the streets. >> have you seen people on this stuff, k-2? we've seen video.
8:07 am
makes people crazy. city council wants to pass legislation to impose serious penalties that stores or bodegas that sell the drug. a woman near lay died from smoking the marijuana. she bought it from a bodega for five buck. >> i didn't know it was going into my body. i kept smoking and got sick and wound up in the emergency room. >> yeah. officials say the city saw 220% increase in emergency room visits last year because of k-2. some people wonder if some of the homeless are on that. that's why their behavior seems to be so aggressive these days. >> some of the homeless. >> some. homeless. >> donald trump, what is the latest in this saga? take a look. >> whose next? yeah, please. >> mr. trump, i have a question. >> sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. [inaudible] >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called.
8:08 am
>> man he was so, kind of harsh with that guy. jorge ramos, very prominent anchor from univision, did kind of jump in line. wasn't his turn to ask a question. >> we've been to many a press conference. unfortunately the protocol is wait until you're called. >> the big guy says, mr. ramos, let's go. you're done. after give-and-take, security escorted him out, he was allowed back in. they actually had a decent dialogue. >> juliet huddy picks it up from there. >> good morning, guys. arguably the most famous latino journalist in the world, one of them. he was featured on cover of "time" magazine world's most influential people issue. he has been a very vocal critic of donald trump's immigration proposal, accusing him of spreading hail. let's see it again. >> who is next, please? >> mr. trump, i have a question. you weren't called. sit down.
8:09 am
sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> now don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> go back to univision. go ahead. >> you can deport 11 million people. you can not deport 11 million people. you can not -- >> go ahead. >> you can not -- >> sit down, believes. you weren't called. >> i have a reporter -- >> trump isn't saying he did not order the guy out. said go ahead. >> that was the look. >> exactly. you've been talk about this all morning. to be fair breaking protocol to keep yelling out questions and commentary without being called upon first. apparently other journalists in the room became incensed when trumps security escorted ramos out of the room. capitulated. room. the feud once again reigniting. >> you said that you're going to >> i think so. because i'm going to bring jobs back.
8:10 am
>> >> it's: seen the polls. 75% of the -- >> i don't think i will. >> nationwide. nationwide -- >> i haven't even started. >> he was saying that he insists that he is going to win the latino vote. ramos as you heard or saw disagreed, citing recent poll showing 75% unfavorability rating among latinos. tomorrow trump's feud with the easter bunny. >> we were talking about this. you know this is going to happen. both sides know it's going to happen. they want it to go viral. >> shall we pick a fight with him, is that what you're saying? >> it is easy thing to do. >> make headlines if you do. >> the other thing, juliet, i know this morning mr. ramos was getting just a little flak, whether he was more of an advocate rather than a journalist. there was that. then of course there are people picking apart what donald trump said. go back to univision, go back to
8:11 am
>> by same to in-- journalism, in a lot of ways like it or not has evolved personality driven and opinionated -- >> really? >> i doesn't know if you noticed that. >> all i know is donald trump was on this show when he said, if he wins he will make us ambassadors. >> we said somewhere fun. controversy. we want to have good time. >> he suggested italy and ireland. >> okay with me. thanks, juliet. >> crazy costume characters, crazy, i say that in a fun, positive way. ones in times square, rosanna get a little worried. >> they're moving. spreading their wings. >> down to battery park. the statue of liberty guys have been there a long time. >> but minnie mouse? >> i haven't seen minnie mouse? >> elmo. >> apparently they're migrating as well. i want to say something about the statue of liberty guys. they're interesting or cool. i never seen them disruptive or anything like that. >> did you take a picture with
8:12 am
them. >> no, that is tourist move, a out of towner. >> the makes up, ben simmoneau from battery park, is that really happening? elmo and others following you downtown? >> reporter: nothing yet, guys. it is obviously pretty quiet in battery park, only after 8:00. there is concern should there be crackdown on characterrers in times square, mick any, mini, elmo, spider-man. we've seen them follow around in times square. should there be a crack down? should they headother tourist spots across the city? "the daily news" has a big piece. apparently couple weekends ago in battery park, mickey and minnie mouse were spotted along with spider-man and luigi from the super mario brothers. there was altercation between minnie mouse and one of statue of liberty guys. the statue of liberty characters have function in battery park,
8:13 am
of course this is where you catch the boat to liberty island or to ellis island. it fits the mold here. it is illegal to aggressively panhandle on city park land. so the characters, should they be doing that they would be breaking new york city law. they also apparently spread to other places across the city, including a couple of locations in queens and coney island in brooklyn. this according to "the daily news." a lot of folks are concerned what the future might hold for the other tourist destinations if city officials proceed with a crackdown in times square. we'll see what happens with that mayor de blasio convene ad task force to deal with the costumed characterrers in times square. not clear yet what exactly they're going to do there. that is the story for now. live in battery park, rosanna, greg, back to you. >> ben, one more thing on the statue of liberty guys, they're like mimes. they don't bother anybody. they barely talk. we go undercover.
8:14 am
one year ago -- >> i don't know how you talked me to this. >> once you put the helmet on. >> i felt anonymous. i could dance and sing and be myself. >> look at that nobody really knew. nobody knew. >> spilled that woman's coca-cola. i did. >> i forgot about that. rosanna became a wild, crazy elmo. >> i just wanted to have a little fun in times square. >> you thought since nobody knew it was you could break the law. you stole a woman's soda. >> i gave it back to her after i took a sip. >> you kick ad little boy. >> you tried to take that cop's gun, which definitely crossing the line. >> you did take the soda though. >> i did take the soda. leave everything, a quarter of to -- >> that is great. >> dress up as a character. >> your alter ego came out. folks.
8:15 am
get addressed at -- dressed at moment. little cool northwest of city. 57 the current reading in monticello. 63 in poughkeepsie. park. we're at that number out towards newark liberty airport. get ready for a really nice beach day. quiet. west. no rain being picked up by the radar. we'll stay dry today and next several days courtesy of high pressure is from the west. bringing weather from the great lakes towards the mid-atlantic right up here in the northeast and new england. it will dominate our weather for next several days. we have a great second half of the week ahead of us. not so great in the caribbean. all eyes on tropical storm erika. making its way towards the lesser antilles. it will cross over puerto rico and dominican republic through the weekend. then our focus on south florida. the storm is expected to increase in intensity to a
8:16 am
category 1 storm before it reaches south florida, sunday or monday. we'll see how it will be affecting that part of the u.s. meantime across our area, no rain in our forecast. plenty of sunshine. temperatures warming up to seasonable levels. highs in the upper 70s, low 80s. more of the same for your thursday, friday and saturday. a few more clouds on sunday. overall dry and beautiful for the next five days. overnight lows will be nice, mostly in the 60s, to low 70s. see how nice it is on the roads this morning. ines is here. she has the traffic update. >> the commute in new jersey this morning if you're traveling along 82, 87, you're doing okay. once you're past 280 traffic is jammed eastbound and westbound. accident by exit 52. eastbound approaching exit 52, westbound you have the slowdown. queens fine on the whitestone and t hr ogs.
8:17 am
bound, 59th street bridge. not too much of a delay. let's go back to the cameras, long island expressway. no problems eastbound or westbound. george washington bridge, no delays at the moment. enjoy it while it lasts. back to school starts soon. you start seeing delays. upper level, lower level look 495, lincoln, 20 minutes. holland tunnel, 15 minute delay. greg and rosanna. >> you remember ja rule out of jail and making music and making sneakers. >> he is hanging out with steve madden. where did those two meet? >> i know what you're thinking. >> they both is something in common by the way. feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99.
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8:20 am
>> all right, in about an hour from now the markets open again in new york. >> you know he what? i'm not worried about it. i decided not to be worried about it. >> don't look. >> let's go to lauren simonetti. at the fox business network. you can drive yourself crazy looking at that stuff. >> maybe you're right, greg, you shouldn't look. nobody would have predicted what happened final 15 minutes. market was indicates much higher open yesterday.
8:21 am
we got the much higher open. stocks were rallying, up on the cheap. everything was feeling looking good again. in the the last 15 minutes dow went up from up 200 points to down 400 points. you can not predict that. people doing this thing for a while have never seen volatility like that. this is big boy market if you will. for somebody with a very strong stomach. it is highly unpredictable and highly volatile. what do you do? you don't look, right? also you have to remember you have computers and algorithms and all these fast trades that humans can't keep track of, happening at same time. set you up for today. that was unyesterday. unexpected drop. market in august, market given up 2,000 points, 2,000. set you up today with good news again. dow futures are surging 270 points s i speak. we can expect in an hour the market to open higher but we can not expect it to close higher.
8:22 am
>> you know there is some hedge fund guy who probably figured out a way to make money on this. it. hedge your bets however it work. dollars. will. >> really is it manipulation or just insight? i don't know. >> stick with insight for now. >> all right. thank you. >> lauren, have a good day. >> thank you. you too. >> "good day" take as quick break.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
greg: this is awesome. i am hearing it for the first time.
8:26 am
rosanna: robin thicke. greg: the blurred lines guy? rosanna: yes, robin thicke. greg: he's got like a 18-year-old girlfriend, good for him. just kidding. rosanna: you can date someone half your age plus 7. greg: what's your formula? rosanna: same thing. audrey: whatever yours is? greg: that is not mine. that is emily post. or maxim magazine. audrey: all right. greg: forget about it. us.
8:27 am
hence mike is sick and audrey is here. greg: i hope robin thicke is okay. rosanna: we don't know him. we have enough of our own problems. greg: i'm doing damage control. what's going on, audrey? audrey: let's talk about the numbers, temperatures, dew points, those numbers are come down nicely and redry air that is settled in over the tristate area. looking at the numbers for central park. 69. dew point and humidity good levels and because of the northwest wind flow coming in at 7 miles per hour. barometer is rising. we are seeing that on the satellite and the radar. much of the northeast is quiet. that is courtesy of the high pressure, that is dominating
8:28 am
it is bringing in great weather today and over the weekend. nice and dry and sun and clouds. if you are going to the beach today, i am, wear the sun screen. the waves 2-3 feet. sunny and warm today. less humid. low 80s. tomorrow more of the same. we are rising temperatures over the weekend. a few clouds on sunday. turning up the heat and humidity next week. now to the roads this morning. ines is here. ines: good morning, the traffic, delays, you know what, for the summer traffic is not bad. staten island expressway is looking good. delays on the brooklyn side and the bqe. in queens, l.i.e. is slow. westbound, east bound side.
8:29 am
the accident on the lower level. 287/80 slow here and there. we had delays early past 280. east bound delays cleared away. west bound activity on the shoulder. let's go to cameras and looking at the commute on the l.i.e., moving fine. george washington bridge all smiles. upper and lower no delays. holland 10-15. trains running on or close. >> rosanna: we are getting word, subway assaults are going up dramatically in the last year according to the police. greg: it is a dangerous place. more so than last year. we are going to teresa priolo as union square and they saw a particular spike. >> reporter: good morning.
8:30 am
people out and about, all shapes and sizes and all walks of life and a lot of people here to use the subways. it is a very crowded subway station. we are hearing from the police, the amount of people coming and going, it is a dangerous subway stop and the most dangerous in the city. in the news that a subway rider doesn't want to hear. >> i wouldn't doubt it. >> why is that? >> because of the number of people coming in and out. there is a heavy influx of the people. even this time of the morning so many people. felony assaults are soring. assaults in which victims are seriously injured. a 151 assaults reporteded through august 16th, compared to 122 for the at the same time last year. >> i am concerned.
8:31 am
i'm aware. i come from bedford park. i'm awake and aware all of the time. >> reporter: the prospect and yuan i didn't know care are seeing the biggest increases. do you feel safe coming through here? >> i do. i do. i feel protected. in one form or another. i feel like there's enough police presence i see that makes me feel comfortable. >> reporter: union square and prospect park and simpson street in the bronx. >> greg: one other thing, a hazard there -- rosanna: shake shake? >> greg: the subway grating that moves out. see that? rosanna: oh, yeah.
8:32 am
greg: know what i'm talking about? rosanna: i didn't know, but other people did and saying greg is right. greg: i'm fascinated by this. it is based on the age of the flat form. there is a sizable gap when the train pulls in. it is escalator style and moving out. rosanna: be careful. the scaffolding is coming down at st. patrick's cathedral and just in time for the pope's visit next month. greg: they have been working on this three and a half years. it is beautiful. the cardinal spear heading the efforts and new yorkers denoiting time and money and ready for the pope. rosanna: it is looking beautiful. just in time. >> we are having a special visitor, and our holy father is
8:33 am
coming to our house and we want things nice. rosanna: construction was supposed to happen through the end of the year and now looking good for the pope when he comes. greg: the pope is coming. senior frogs has arrived. it is a chain restaurant. i went to one of those once. it is a crazy theme. rosanna: it is. it is 21,000 square neat on 8th avenue between 41st and 42nd street. greg: check this out. it is a row fwot bot. rosanna: it is has really big drinks. greg: this is early in the evening. once the robot shows up the party starts. rosanna: okay. you got me. greg: i saw this is cabo.
8:34 am
every day at 11:00 a.m. >> and today is national dog day. greg: we have dot com and dot dog and going online right now related. rosanna: oh, that is good. greg: what about dot cat. rosanna: today is bring awareness to dogs that need adoption. lulu will be treated like a queen that she is today. greg: spike was adopted. spike, we miss you. a great dog. rosanna: greg, i know you love halloween and you are planning about the costumes. what are you planning this year? i don't want to go as a lion killer. i don't. greg: some of the ideas, well offensive. rosanna: they are controversial.
8:35 am
greg: what are we going to go as?
8:36 am
we'll 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
8:37 am
rosanna: so is this one of your top summer song picks? greg: this is the first time i heard it, i think. didn't she go into your restaurant once? rosanna: she's before around. she's been on our show. she's overcome a lot. she's back and in full force. greg: it is catchy. whatever. meanwhile, back to issues with halloween. it is coming in two months and retailers are getting ready
8:38 am
rosanna: of course. greg: costume requests are coming in, including the lion king killer. rosanna: it costs 60 bucks and 50% of the proceeds is going to the african wild life foundation. greg: a gag call me caitlyn halloween costume sparked outrage on twitter. the retailers is saying it is going ahead with the sales and provided updated picture of the caitlyn corset. this is from spirit halloween. and others are getting in on the act. rosanna: by the way, they have not sold a single one of the costumes. greg: rosanna and i are open to suggestions. a couple of years ago, we
8:39 am
dressed up as each other. this was two years ago. rosanna: what is it like to walk in greg's shoes. it was cake. greg: you are looking comfortable. rosanna: i look like regis though. greg: let's see, you dressed up like kim kardashian once. this is donald trump complaining about england. we like the english but the weather is terrible and the food sucks. rosanna: meanwhile, i'm glad i'm not related to this young boy. some young boy decided to get cultured. he walks into the museum. greg: set this up. flowers. rosanna: it is 350 years old, by the way. greg: the kid fell and made a
8:40 am
hole in it. he's a kid in taiwan and out with the family. there he is. casually holding the soda. he broke the painting. rosanna: he looks so innocent. how'd he do that? greg: being a kid add tripped. making a hole in the painting. the museum is cool. they are not giving the family a hard time about this. rosanna: that is great. it is looking new. greg well, this is before the hole. the hole is not that big and they are going to fix it. rosanna: that is something i would do for sure. the streets of spain are running red, celebrating with tomatoes. greg: what is that? rosanna: well, 70th annual festival and thousands of people wait for the 175 tomatoes.
8:41 am
it out. greg: the idea come from i love lucy? rosanna: i don't know. they celebrate spain and have outdoor showers and then clean up the square. it is really a mess. greg: we love spain. but they have interesting rituals. this and the running with the bulls. the tomatoes? rosanna: yes. the tomatoes. greg: that doesn't look like fun. rosanna: they are having a good time. greg: no women in the picture. strictly dudes it looks like. rosanna: any way, coming up on "good day new york.".. greg: we just talked about him. rosanna: have you ever heard of this song? donald trump is using it at a campaign stop.
8:42 am
the creator doesn't want donald to use it.
8:43 am
greg: price are a little much at times. rosanna: everything is organic. >> greg: the lines are efficient. boom boom boom. rosanna: they do. greg: i'm a little intimidated by it. i feel like i have to dress up going to the grocery store. where'd you go? rosanna: i have a lot of places in my area. fairway, whole foods.
8:44 am
have toe -- to shop a lot? rosanna: rosanna: rosanna: valitino. they have great fruits. i don't like to keep them out for days to ripen. anna: i go to a matter of health. they have very good produce. rosanna: you don't look like you buy apples. greg: what's up. anna: donald trump. he's tied into all of the stories coming up. a song writer doesn't appreciate him using her song on the campaign trail.
8:45 am
take a listen... all right, this time the song is you're the best. trump walked out to at an event in detroit two weeks ago. now we are listening to neil young. he's not happy about using the song. greg: you make a song, you can't determine who likes it or makes it. good-bye and good luck. anna: you can license the songings without the approval. greg: they should be flattered. anna: in other trump news, he's taking a page out of the tv book for the campaign. tonya in the third season of the apprentice. greg: her, right? anna: we have a picture of her. there she is. she's now the iowa co-chairwoman and using the competition to
8:46 am
the voting precincts. greg: so on the third season and fired by donald and rehired and coordinating the political efforts in iowa? anna: exactly. she's engaging the enthusiasm and county leaders compete in the public speaking, organizing and salesman ship and a stopwatch is involved. the leaders help to organize the volunteers. she's involved. here is how trump is fitting into another story, jack nickelson stealing lara. spade opened up about it, nicholson asked her out in front of him and boyle got made spade didn't stick up for him. she had said no way, he's worse
8:47 am
but however, she liked him enough she was caught out with him. greg: this is approximately 17 years ago. anna: yes, it is a long time ago. it is interesting story, jack has a story of being a womanizer and he stole a woman from david spade right there. no one else is amused? all right. greg: they were smoking weed together? anna: yes. rosanna: you have a few pairs of steve madden shoe?
8:48 am
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