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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  August 31, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it is 10:00 p.m. m. do you know where your children are. right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00: >> the last dave august was sweltering and it could get hotter as we usher in september tomorrow. you might even see another heat wave as thousands of area kids go back to school. and just a few hours, well, yeah, it is september 1st. steve: all right. they will be sweating out at the bus stop. make, incredible stuff. 86 degrees at 10:00 p.m. that is amazing. >> meteorologist: is. you think you are back in the mild of july. you are right. >> potential heat wave here. we hit 91 today. that put august into the third category, number three as far as the hottest august we have seen in new york city since 1869. and we are are going to be starting september the same way likely to be 90 or greater tomorrow. 91 in ice cyp. 94 the hot spot at newark. close to 90 for the rest of north jersey. all right.
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right now, 86 in the city. the newark temperature, 84. 70's to the north and west. a little bit more come for there. upper 70's out across long line. mid 60's you start to feel uncomfortable. 70 or greater it feels uncomfortable. there you a couple of 70-gree dewpoints. warm and humid but dry. fox 5 is not showing anything going on here. we don't expect anticipate thick. the future cast shows generally dry weather. the sky is clear. sunshine is back tomorrow. is hot again greater than 90 and push 90 for the next couple of days. 65 in some spots well north and west, but muggy tomorrow. 70's in the morning. middle 80's by lunch time. we top 90 or greater. dari, receive. dari: thank you. mayo de blasio has plan to help find housing for the growing number of homeless adults. steve: put them up in private apartment house. lidia curanaj is here. lidi sna.
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reporter: you cannot walk a block without seeing a homeless person. the numbers estimated to be in the thousands. as of this month, approximately 17,000 people were living in city shelters, and with so few beds available. the mayor has authorized an emergency measure. even park avenue is not amoon to the seemingly growing homeless population new york city. in a ineffort to can be the problem. the mayor issued an emergency measure toll provide rental assistance to adults facing homelessness. >> it is expensive. it is ridiculous. reporter: the renal somebody dyes would allow resip yens to ren long-term fining apartments within the program's $1,200 a month cap will not be easy but doable according to lindsey davis with the coalition for the homeless. >> but i think that am is reasonable amount to expect and i think it is obviously going to be work for everybody involved. the $10 million initiative is expected
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to provide rental aid to as many as 1,000 adult and recruits landlords to participate in the program. myron which is the man hat han institute. >> $1200 may not seem like much for a manhattan apartment but for single room with a kit kennett in outer boro, is good money with landlord with a crummy building that is poorly maintained, so the landlords actually did like this program and many landlords who have grown rich on it. >> new yorkers we spoke to say regardless of how you feel about the homeless moving into your community, some things needed to be done. >> we should not already discriminate. we don't know what they went to to be homeless. >> they need fig gutter out the methed to get the homeless people who want to get off the street off the street. reporter: the emergency measure will give rental assist toons those facing eviction and survivors as well as discharge from treatment and so forth, the mayor
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is expected to detail the plan on thursday. dari? dari: thank you, lidia. meantime, the mayor is hoping to have a social media presence the first open on-line chat. the mayor answered questions twitter and had hashtag. the im proprom tu line town hall included questions on hot button issues such as rent freeze. some offbeat topics were also discussed including whether, well, peas should be added to woke moly. whole thing. something president obama has gone on the record being against. steve: all right. the state department released 7,000 new pages of they mails. 150 are said to cob tain information that is considered classified these e-mails were sent to a private server and e-mail account she set up during the time as secretary of state. dari: nypd has a lot of on their plate. the city's top cop says the nypd never had a huge security call length.
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lisa ever tells us what the department is doing to make sure the popep's visit to nyc is a safe one next month. >> protecting the holiness pope francis during the visit to new york in september, is a massive undertaking just by itself. but it won be the only major security concern of the nypd in at the unprecedented time. since commissioner william bratton. >> unprecedented in the sense that, we have a the extraordinary live u.n. delegation coming in am we have the pope coming in for several days after leaving philadelphia and washington and the security as it relate has to. as the pope is leaving simultaneously, the president of the united states will be coming in. the pope's visit combined with the other even has prompted homeland security to dechair the national security level event which will also provide the nypd and the city with federal resources. nypd deputy commissioner for counterterrorism, john miller, plains. >> in today's day and in, you have the threat
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of terrorism, so we are going to have a significant deployment of uniform personnel and a significant counterterrorism overlay on the part the counter terrorism bureau and a significant partnership with the secret service. the nypd officers we see on the streets will be out in full force, that is a of given but also lot of planning that has been going on without losing sight of the special nature of the! 's visit. >> we are going to work very hard to make sure that as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness while putting layers of security in around that. >> nypd is not just coordinating with other law enforcement agencies this. they are, wooing with building owners and transportation and communication specialists so that the city continues to function at this important time. then newsroom, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." steve: the search continues for prisoner who escaped were police custody yesterday. tef think neumans with arrested for lars sy on
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saturday and taken to manhattan central booking where she complained she didn't to the hospital. that is where the cops say the 23-year-old slipped out and walked out of the hospital. the officer assigned to watch her is now suspended. dari: new car seat rules go into effect tomorrow in the state of new jersey so children under two who weigh less than 30 pounds must wear or in a rear facing seat. kids two to four could be in front or rear facing seats. ages four to eight, kids can be in a forward-facing seat or a booster and children that are eight and up need to wear seat belt. >> six of seven teens accused of hazing four teammates in new jersey are you now on prohibition and ordered to serve 50 hours of community service but will not have to register as sex open feps under megan's law leading to the school to cancel the rest of the football season to fear the coach. the case is still ben peng in family court. a federal judge could
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make a ruling as early as tomorrow. last minute settlement talks two in the pat's quarterback tom prid iy and roger goodell appear odd have failed. gooddeal uphell last month saying that quarterback knew he was using area in inflated footballs during the afc championship game. steve: all right. brey yid came out look better today the few of courtroom sketch artist jane rosenberg. we knew the brouhaha that evented at the first deflate hearing. brady must have liked the new sketch better. it is hard to believe saw it. he says that rosenberg says he gave hear quick wave and thank you. she gened herself the first sketch saying it was done are from memory and didn't have a lot of time to work there and hundreds of e-mails most of them negative. dari: will smith mass big movie coming out later on this year about a controversial subject. it is called concussion. and the first trailer debuted over the weekend.
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after seeing it, the nfl it. matt king tells us why. >> i found a disease that no one has ever seen. reporter: the movie "concussion" tells the true story found in patients suffering from dementia and the brain autopsy of a former pittsburgh steeler. man think argue the mational football league attempted to cover up that discovery. >> he does not want to talk to you. >> you turn on the lights. reporter: mfl declined to comment but sent fox 5 a statement calling player health and safety the leg's top priority. >> we have to listen to it. this is bigger that in they are. >> it is really only been interested in the past five years or so, that we have begun to really look at concussion as a long-term problem. assist and clinical professor at weill cornell medical college, dr. cornell, says the real life discovery made
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by will sheet's character to force the medical community to reconsider the long-term impact of the injury. >> i did min issued memory, diminished recall, and some changes in the personality. >> if those sim am toes file disappear, concussions can lead to depression and some think more seriouses case of dementia. according to corenel, we still know little about why concussions make them suffering from them feel to act the way they do. this new will smith movie will not reflectbly on the nfl and the care it gives to the players. in harrison, new york, matt king, pox 5 news. >> with emotional memorial in central park to hon oar brilliant young broadway actor. they gathered at the fountain to remember the actor who died friday at the age of 21 in a tragic federal the brk are in fire escape. he made history last month as the first african-american to star in les miserables.
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>> for the first and i have never been so proud of anyone my entire lir life and we hung out and it was beautiful night. beautiful might. steve: the last performance in les miserables was hast thursday and set to yon the cast of "the color purplele." dari: well, there was shark sight in san diego. who spotted who first. steve: why kayakers feared for their lives after drawing unwanted attention from a hammerhead. dari: when is the ability time to give your kids the talk. we're talking about alcohol and why it is probably much younger than you thought. steve: yeah. a player has win against raphael ma dl under her belt how baruch shemtov is there when he went >> reporter: what are youing now? >> jen is at it again. time she is a busy bee. >> all new you jen at work, coming up.
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steve: okay. it is a job that is not for the feint-of-heart. we're talking about bee keeping. dari: somebody has got to do it, right. why not our jen law merse? jen lahmers >> what are you doing now? eye done want to touch that. reporter: bee keeping, hate witness legal new york city since 2010. believe it or not, a lot of rooftops high like this one all over the city. today, we headed to bush wic to meet up with the guy who run ares most of the city's hives, the king bee, andrew coteau. >> okay, clearly. there is a bakery below us. tell me what the bees are doing? >> the bees are doing what bees have done for 100 millionars. they are gather arear
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and pollen and taking care of young. reporter: today, am in charge of make shoring the bees are doing their jobs. >> probably about 50,000 bees per hive. >> 50,000 per hive. >> so about 150,000. >> walk me through what exactly i need to do. >> okay. we have a lot of fun with this. but we are on rooftop. there are tens of thousands of stinging venomous in secs in each of the boxes where shall so i do think take safety carely. >> as beekeeper i would be in peck each hive to make sure the queenp bee is healthy and laying eggs. >> once we get in there, you will be fully suited up. you will have gloves on and have the smoker and go through carefully and calmly. >> when i open up the hive, there is not going to be like 1,000 bees flying at my face, slight. >> mo, there will not be 1,000. many more than that. >> okay. real life now. >> game time. >> i am not ready nor.
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>> at all. >> you have. i. show the >> this does not look like honey. >> it is hard to inspect from back here. >> here we go. >> i am fully protected. i am fully protected. are pulley licensed. >> yeah. oh my god. oh, my god. >> okay. >> nice and calm. nice and call. >> andrew help med lift >> okay. okay. >> so many of them. >> bees are almost all workers meaning females. >> yeah. the women do all the work in the hive. there is a drone that is a hale. see how he is larger. >> oh, yeah. that doesn't have to be that close to me. >> the queen is a lot large hearn the worker
10:18 pm
bees and upon much closer inspection than i am comfortable with. she looks healthy and judging by the egg she's has laid very fertile. what do do to get the honey out my question. >> wee take the honey. this has brewed ap other thing. you take the honey trim and we pit in a centrifuge. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> these hard work bees produced hundred of pounds of honey per hive per year which gets sold at markets all over the stin including here at the farmer's market in the union square. this is a less frightening experience than i thought it would be. i am impressed by how calm these bees are when they are working. they really just don't care that we're around. >> i am not at all offended. >> what would you grade me if. >> i think considering all aspects of today, i would have to give you a b? >> you know what? i think that is pretty sweet.
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get it? thank you. nice to me meat you. >> at work, putting the b in brooklyn, jennifer lahmers, "fox 5 news." >> pretty brave. >> all right. many lifeguards have returned to school leaving some long island beaches with labor day weekend still ahead. the state parks department says the lifeguard shortage is happening early because the holiday falls later forcing school districts to start class earlier. so many beach and pools don't have lifeguards staffed during the week but a full compliment through labor day. >> pass nateing to me. >> talk about a close encounter. that is a hammerhead shark. how often do you see hammer head snooker thankfully not often. >> look at these people in a kay back. they are a couple. this is of the coast of san diego. it happened last weekend. they claim the shark even followed hem as they paddled back to the beach. the lifeguards say the shark was at least eight to ten feet listening and may have been stalking this he two men
10:20 pm
pause they had fish onboard. they had rods in the water with which scared me the host when i saw it this weekend. fortunately nobody was injured and the shark has not been seen. look at them. steve: crazy. we get to see and look that stuff at the cameras being so small. we never had before. dari: i feel like that is cool as long as it didn't tip me over. i mean a hammerhead shark. that is he is onlyic. steve: all right. pablo escobar fittingly has a lot of people watching. dari: simone is here netflix series. steve: i think i will use that show to learn from that. the new numbers from ashley madison that proves the site is still ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely.
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dari: well netflix rolled out another fabulous great story. the great time of year. steve: pablos khobar, sy boyce zone. everybody raving about this show. reporter: oh, yeah. netflix is killing it? i like to think of it as mix breaking bad, the wire, half written in spanish. they are fascinating. one of the most fascinating aspects of history.
10:24 pm
after several vert soing roles in done with girl, kentucky native is front and center as dea agent steve murphy. nar rating the violent rise of the notorious lord and lord and ensuing war that rage rages on today. >> i imagine you were born in a poor country and by the time you were 28 years old, you have so much money you cannot even count on. >> the new netflix binge that tells the story of colombian cocaine kingpin and the dea agent that took him down. tied am meeting up with the actor who plays the dea agent and taking him for some columbia food at 38rd and lexington. >> the show is fantastic. >> there has never been a film about pablo escobar in the two-hour i done believe you can
10:25 pm
put that into that sort of framing that is in. i hi what we have done is, on this first season has made like a ten-hour film. >> he invented that industry of cocaine and very much is an industry. >> talk to us the cracker that you play. he actually cook down escobar. >> i am steve murphy. drug enforcement agent. >> something that is coverage rage bows the character that you went down there and basically, i don't know if you call it the lion's den. >> this is really your show in a lot ways. are nar rating it. >> what is great about steve is sort of per noon, he keeps at it and so much note hen character and also, strength en that sort of a thing. >> how did colombians respond to you guys doing this project there? >> people were ap planessive about exposing something that is probably not the
10:26 pm
bright and shiny and nice thing to say about. you know? history came from but people are also fascinating with it, so it is, it is a tough situation to sort of be in. columbiaation beautiful, gorgeous culture. >> so does any of this look familiar? >> yes. probably by far the greatest combination food which is a sweet plain tain, that if you put that with anything, that is going delicious. >> so boyd because he playing an american didn't have to learn that much spanish but the lead who plays pablo escobar. he learned spanish for the role and speaking almost end poorly in spanish. they lived in columbia. you can tell because it is just so immersive. woot have been easy to do english with like a spanish flair and accent. the fact there is so money subtight tells makes it feel that good. >> yeah. >> i am in. all right.
10:27 pm
>> am in. >> i am in. >> i think the binge watching starts tonight at 11:15. we're rolling in and exhausted tomorrow. >> for everyone who stars. don't stop. >> yeah. another house of cards. >> yeah. is available on netflix now. >> it is a treat. >> love it. thank you, simone. >> all right. kids and drinking. a a conversation you think you need to have around 14-15-16 yers ol. not the case. why it is so important these days to get an early jump on warning kids about the danger of alcohol. running between a drizzly ber and a go pro. who ge guess who wins this one.
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steve: all right. pretty common dilemma for parents what age do you have the talk your child. we are not talking about sex, though, we're talking about alcohol use. the experts are weigh in. they say nine years old is a good age to start educating them in the danger of drink. dari: all right. if that sounds young, you need think again. linda schmidt explain us to why it is so important to warn kids before they even get middle school. ites the american academy of pediatrics that is making that recommendation. the reason it says children start to think
10:31 pm
positively about alcohol by age nine. >> i think it is never too early probably to start teaching kids about the dangers of alcohol or drugs. >> how old are you going to be when you have your first zane over 21. >> you know already? >> yeah. >> yeah. well, this ten-year-old definitely has per marching orders. the american academy of pediatrics says parent and pediatricians should start having theorbos talk with their children by the age of nine. experts say its the age when children start exploring. dr. harris straightener is the vice president of care and treatment centers that is the largest substance abuse program in the country. >> we know that a lot of kids have the first drink at the age of 12. >> doctor and the american academy of pediatrics say the more that young people are pokessed to alcohol advertising and marketing, the more likely they are to drink. >> i think social media has a lot to do with the fact that youngsters are
10:32 pm
being exposed to chat room and peer pressure, et cetera. and as a result, it he is getting younger and younger all the time. once had a 9.5-year-old who was addicted to crack and they were not born addicted. >> if there is a tamly history of abuse, he says conversations should be had earlier than nine. >> if somebody has the dyceives i addiction in their family ap being exposed to it. it could be a 7-year-old you have to talk to them about it. the same mom or dad get drunk then they need to hear what is going on that it is a disease. >> here is another sober thought. studies have found that 21% of young people have tried more than a sip of alcohol by the time they are 13. linda schmidt where i "fox 5 news." steve: the cheating web site ashley madison claims to be adding new custer ms despite a personal hack attack. some 37 million users was compromised last month the ceo resigned after the e-mails get
10:33 pm
out showing he lied. despite the preach, the company claims hundreds of thousands of new subscribers last week many of them win. dari: grizzly bear in alaska dis covers he is being filmed and doesn't like it very much. look. >> the bear knocks that go pro and see if we can site achina ground. >> very delicate dance to the camera. >> yeah. >> like, oh no, i can not eat that. >> yep. so boom. >> all right. it was but this with i would a naturalist who specializes in biology and ecology. it is has racked up 1 million view on youtube because it is cool to see it. >> amazing. >> yeah. you mo he. pretty much the job was achieved. okay. so go pro didn't really mine though. they got so much attention and over 1 million views. you know, it is on the youtube page.
10:34 pm
>> our time to look at the off brand and off brand. on pa are po the course as the live broadcast. two california men who broadcast an armed door knock at a romantic rival he home. fire in the handgun to prove it is real has been taken off periscope and not before the pd could place both men who you see here. >> off brand, everybody over the age of 25 tweeting last night about how they are too old for the vma's. yes, you are. that's the point. if a 50-year-old loves it. mtv is doing a poor job marketing cull tour and now go back to netflix where you belong. on brand, earn which knows there is mo such thing as bad publicity teamed up to run a new limited edition and cavs during seattle's game and convention. you cault and go end on
10:35 pm
the app and the mad max vehicles show up to bring you to the convention center. >> kind of cool. yeah. >> i am confused about the choice of it being offbrand. >> off brand is anyone over 25 who is tweeting look i feel so old. >> yeah, you should. >> you know what i mean? >> they were surprised about it. >> oh, okay. no surprise. i its meant to mack you feel old. >> that is out of touch. >> yeah. that is on brand. >> right. we can get lost in that forever. >> fair enough. >> good point. >> i feel old. >> it makes you feel old. okay. well, one tennis star rafael nadal loses a match it is another great player to another one. >> right. when you took on the new york native right here in cable ten vis, it ended in a rare defeat even though she was only 11 years old at the time. wow. >> and organic fruit and veggies are rip-off the new info why they may no be worth the extra money. but first here is tonight's new york minute.
10:36 pm
>> members of the family spent the day bowling with soldier's station in brooklyn part of the ongoing military initiative which fear features free ticket for veterans. >> golfers it the links today at the huntington country club on long island to raise machine my for mark's dogs. the organization trained service dogs for injured u.s. veterans. >> each dog is trained to match each veteran and not only for their disabilities for the life-style well their active if they live the city and country. >> i was looking to emotionalport that i get from him as well. he can tell as soon as i get uncomfortable in environment. he will get up to try to get me out of it. can get more info on vet dogs. org and that is
10:37 pm
your new york minute. >> all right. hot out now. be sure to check out the fox 5n weather tapp features dal i willing and hourly forecast and live radar and tracks storms storms where you and get storm alert and even warnings when lightnings in the m neighborhood. search fox 5ny weather with in the i tune store or google play.
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thirst for the extraordinary. ahhh perrier! >> a bad ending to abysmal august for the 401(k) am the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all plunging. was the dow's worst august since 1998. meanwhile blue bills making a comeback. the company selling eye ice call in texas and alabama monday with more states to come. it was nearly five month agoing that production was halted and a scare caused the nationwide recall. and with a new school year, upon us, mississippi getting named the state with the best community college system. the study looking at things like the cost of in-state tuition, the student to faculty ra ty. want to own a piece of the titanic ? now you can. the lunch menu which was
10:41 pm
saved bypass in ger is going up for auction on september 30th that is expected to fetch anywhere from $50,000 to $70 howe. some items served that infamous day corn beef and dumplings. that is bus mess. am stewart railroading. a mu study weighing on whit paying 50 percent more for organic produce. here is why they say markup far ek seats ideational cost of grow things organically and make aing it a luxury good that people may have stay a steep remiam for. the report cites the modest difference are in nutritional benefits and potential environmental impact of using heavy machinery for lower yield organic crops. >> all right. once again, raphael ma dal one of the top players heading to this year's u.s. open. >> he was, well, out matched by this little girl? how the schooled im up the final points at just 11 years old. all right. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for
10:42 pm
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dari: rafael nadal is one of the best in the world. when it comes to table tennis, not so much. about a rum shemtov introduces us to the local ping-pong star. >> with all eyes as he competes in the u.s. open, one spectator will be watching with the satisfaction of knowing that she beat him. here is the then. she is 14 years old. she terns the first year of high school, ranked number win table tennis in the inner 15 cat for are in new york state and number six in that category nationwide and beat raphael ma dal at pink pong machine she was 11. >> washingtons it like to beat nadal? >> well, when i found out i was playing him, i was super excited. i felt confident base am training dy and night. had a blast. >> what kind of discipline does it take for to you be that level? >> well, it is very hard, has, to balance when am going to high school. will do homework and the
10:46 pm
long car rides at night and i hope i will succeed at both. >> after she beat the end nis star. he went ton win the u.s. open. >> i think if i tram i could be the good luck charm. >> i height have. yeah. s that true. >> do that for me, all right. >> okay. let's go. >> all right. >> and it seemed as he did ef of of elevate the game if only for a moment. >> ma dal had a fierce competitor in here. >> i feel his pain now. >> about a rum shemtov, "fox 5 news." news. >> that is intense. >> yeah. impressive. >> it is hot out now. >> hot and humid. heath meat yeah, it is. 307's-80 he. it is sultry. oh, that is what it is. we are talking about the movie. the christopher movie when they thatted a ping-pong match. >> yeah. >> the whole ing. >> yeah. >> 2007. not a long ago. >> george lopez, all right. there you go. >> le with shall where
10:47 pm
it is uncomfortable and going to stay that way the next couple of days so the heat is going to carry us to september as we say goodbay to august making it the third warmest august on record. today we hit 91 and 75 for the high and the low. 76 and i will git right. then, we will be right around those same numbers ohm. 80 and 66 is where we should average time of year. 100 the record high 50. the sunrise, 6:22 and you will see it set at 730th a all of it tomorrow. humidities right about where it is. dewpoint held to the middle 60 he a in the city. westerly wind, a few clouds. pressure on the rise. then, a few clouds nothing happening. fox 5 sky guard win well will see this. it is a cry night and that is a good thing. if you got vacation plans, excellent. if you want the lawn to turn green, bad because we have not had a good amount of rain in awhile. we're almost at least six inches now in the rainfall for the year. the good news is the reservoirs are still holding their own pretty well. all right.
10:48 pm
low 0's around the city to islip and poughkeepsie. 89 and suss ses fo to their high. 87 at bridgeport. warm around the city now at 86. 70's to near 80 across long island to bridgeport. low 307's hudson rally to 66 and bellmawr. so mid upper 60's most dewpoint temperatures uncome forrable. anything over of 70 you start to sweat. we seize that humidity be a real factor here the next cowl of day. the wind light out of the best and that is where it will stay. becoming northerly tomorrow. 80's boston to philly. 70's else else today. sat slight in the clouds in away. it will stay clear. high pressure will sit here for two or lee days. that will allow the west southwesterly airflow to continue? you can see a line of clouds that will be a weak cool front here thursday then see more comfortable weather. 104 phoenix tomorrow. that is not too comfortable. 90's texas to chicago and we'll top off about york. our day planner shows 70's in the city.
10:49 pm
mid 8 he a lunchtime. 90 the high tomorrow afternoon under the blazing sunshine. there is the high. you see nothing going on. there's the front i spoke of to the fort. we see if it kicks can off a late day the chance row. north-south earl winds 2 to 3-foot waves. uvi is 7. clear tonight and am abouts clear. it is muggy hoge, too. 65 in the bubs. 75 in the city. back to 90 tomorrow. a little cooler at the coast in the afterpoon with sunshine. all right. 92 wednesday. humid day. they 92 at least thursday. we may see mid 90's on thursday with late day or evening isolated thunderstorm. i don't pecks to happen. better were i day. 85. then even better for the holiday weekend. it is 60's at night. that is really, really nice. great 7-day forecast. >> enjoy. you have a dentist appointment. >> yeah. >> right. >> right. >> correct. we are going to be talking about. >> i yeah. a bad winter. >> okay. they always are for the most part.
10:50 pm
yeah. you got break time. won't be as cold. i don't think. >> yeah. >> it may be snow hearing. >> i tell everyone this. >> you need more precipitation. >> we shall see. >> all right. not yet. good deal. >> russ are is in next with sports. reporter: i he nes rosales. in edison tomorrow, construction going on. both direction one lane will be closed at exit 3 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. tune in to good day new york starting at 4:30 in the rng m and will keep you updated on your commute.
10:51 pm
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call 1-800-341-9716. this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right. how are you doing, everyone. today was day one at the u.s. open. with all the big talk being about whether or not serene maiams can indeed come plot three grand slam. what do you say we begin with serena here today in the opening match against battalion and despite all the heat and humidity, serena never got to workup a little sweat and playing anded about and can he'll where shall no match for serena whatsoever. ser lean in taking the first set 6-love with
10:54 pm
serena leading in the second set and called it a night saying she could no longer continue so advances in a real breeze. also win withing earlier today was serene pa big sister venus in a three-set victory. novak djokovic blew away in straight sets. 6-1, 6-1, 6-1. all right s. staying in flushing, we know of the diamond a at the field tonight. bottom five go. game scoreless. the look kin loads on jared, bye-bye, so long, farewell. number four for michael makes it 1-0 then three batters later. following a single from bartolo cologne, bye, so long, farewell. number 23 for consider is. a 2-1 job to increase to 3-0. mean while on the mound tonight he had it all going on. throwing eight innings allowing no runs and four hits and one walk while striking out nine
10:55 pm
to improve the record to 12-11 and 3-1 was the final. meanwhile up in fenway park. yanks leading 1-0 when he tees off. bye pi, so long, farewell. number 39 this season and 2-1 red sox. not for long, towing. top four, bases loaded, nobody out, one of the four hits on up the might and this one a solid sin bell at the center ends in brian mccann pulls the yanks even up at a deuce bru this escaped would you tell further damage. mind you leading of of the bottom the fourth. david ortiz supplies and bomb number 29 opp the season for big poppy making it 3--2 red sox and now leading it 4-3 in the ninth inning. one other cranky note here. it is not good news. mark ty shara sent back home to new york today to have his shin examined. >> for sure. yeah. >> all right. thank you, russ. >> all right. in case you missed it last night.
10:56 pm
kanye west announce he is running for president in 2020. hot time around. >> ow serious he is really? >> went coknow but the fans seem to like the idea in fact one twitter user came up with a campaign slogan yes we kanye with the hashtag 202. all right. someone else poe together showed with the caption united states of yesus. and pecked the running mate west swift. >> that would probably be pulled off. >> finally, a fan envision of keeping up with the kardashians then white house and kamye ever get ease elect, heaven help us all. >> yeah. think of that reality series. you think the trump serrie hases been something else. naut in. >> yeah. >> wow. >> wow. >> i wouldn't watch that. right. >> yeah. >> like snoop doing or something. >> maybe taylor swift. >> that is early, that is early speculation. >> lots of time until 2020.
10:57 pm
the vma's is good for late summer foolishness. then you forget. >> i right. >> right. it is perfectly timed like the next to last day of august. were you watching? >> i actually didn't. >> i didn't watch it. >> yeah. >> i didn't. i don't care any more. >> all right. >> i all right. i didn't watch it either. >> the mimes in a couple of weeks? >> that is so much better. >> fox a news is not over. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted and smooth finish. ddperks members dark roast coffee ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'.
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