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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 3, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> good day, new york, i'm ben simmoneau. >> and i'm teresa priolo. greg and rosanna are off today, and we might be in for day five of a heat wave. listen, it's summer. this is what we have to the deal with. hazy, hot and humid, they continue today. mike say it is holiday weekend is looking fantastic. >> embrace it, because the cold weather will be here -- >> hey, hey, hey! >> the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease once again found in the bronx. >> football practice and games at staten island high school have been suspended after several players have been accused of hazing. >> if you want to see pope francis make his way through central park, you can enter the ticket lottery beginning this morning. >> and a new report says the subways are in terrible shape. you probably know that if you ride them.
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at the race they're going, this survey says it's going to take at least 50 years to fix them. we'll tell you where the shabbiest lines are. >> this morning we're going to talk about yesterday's lirr mess, we also have damon wayans. >> we have the impractical jokers, and anna's going to be doing something with crazy ice cream that nobody understands, but we'll figure it out -- >> very popular. apparently, they have long lines. i think it's down in your neck of the woods actually. >> oh, is it? >> yes. mott street. >> is that by you? >> close enough. it's ice cream. you've got to take a walk, so that way you deserve it. >> burn off the calories. >> exactly. >> you know what you said about, hey, listen, the cold weather's going to be back soon? somebody said i had a post that said i'm sorry for the things i said about winter.
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>> everybody gets tired -- after a while, most folks get tired of it. looks like it's starting to wear thin -- >> i'm enjoying it. >> except for mr. happy. >> yeah, mr. personality, mr. happy, he's excited. >> i love it. >> seriously, though, we know how quick the season changes. >> i know. it is that time of year where the days are getting shorter, temps start coming down. every day that we've had so far in the month of september has been at 90 plus. oh, yeah, that's been two. anyhow, we're going to keep it that way for one more day, and then we'll start to see a backdown in temperatures. the other thing that goes along with these high temps and takes a hit. if you've got a problem like emphysema or asthma, these days can be difficult, and we have this air quality alert in effect for most of the tristate region starting at 11:00 this morning evening. you want to take it easy on a day like today.
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make sure you take it easy, especially if you have one of those issues. look at that fog, it popped back up in islip, down to one-itth of a mile. elsewhere doesn't look so bad, monticello down to one and three-quarters of a mile. the temps are the same general range as yesterday, 60 in sussex, 66 in allentown and 61 in monticello with a mainly clear sky. if you don't have the fog, you've got plenty of sun coming at you here today, and that's what we're going to keep for a while. back door cold front will change things up later on, but that means a better chance of showers trying to pop through here, but not until late tonight, and i think most of us have to get away without having to deal with rainfall. after the patchy morning fog we do have especially in the long island area, we'll head up to 86 by lunchtime and a high temp of 92 later on, back to 89 for the ride home. shower chances not really a
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problem during the day. but late tonight into tomorrow morning, that's when you could see a few showers. again, i don't think there's going to be a lot of it. down. high of 82 tomorrow, same thing on saturday. all right. now there's get you over to ines quieter side. >> right now we do have an incident on the bqe approaching the lie, that eastbound. there's a stall blocking a lane. if you're taking the long island expresswayway, normal drays towards queens -- delays towards queens boulevard. no problems on the parkway or the turnpike. let's go to our cameras, the staten island expressway, we have problems here. the construction has been such an an issue the last couple of weeks. doing fine on the eastbound side, but westbound traffic moving slow because of road work, so off the verrazano bridge expect delays. as for the trains, doing great
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this morning. no problems with metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit or the path trains. >> thank you, ines. there's a new case of legionnaires' disease in the south bronx. >> health officials say the melrose houses tested positive for legionella bacteria. fox 5's robert moses has the details, he is in the bronx with the story. good morning. >> good morning to you. residents tell me the hot water remains off this morning, so a whole lot of people are taking cold showers. and that is because the hot water distribution system here in this building tested positive for the legionella bacteria. once again anxieties are running high in the south bronx. beginning today the new york city housing authority is expected to install water filters that eliminate the legionella bacteria in every apartment at 681 cortland avenue in the melrose houses. the hot water distribution system in that building tested positive for the bacteria.
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the health d. says the hot water will be turned back on once the filters are installed. two other buildings tested negative. results at five other buildings in the complex are pending. according to the city's health commissioner, there has been four cases of legionnaires' disease in the melrose houses this the last since months. only one person is still hospitalized. those who live in the building that tested positive wonder why are they just finding out about these cases now? >> they already had an inkling something was going on. why didn't they let us know? why wait til the last minute to tell us that it's here? so everybody's panicking. >> we just find out today, and it's a shame. got me scared, because i'm up in age. i'm 77 years old. >> not long ago the city delareed the legionnaires' outbreak vanquished, but then came this news in the melrose houses and word that an all
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girls' school on the upper east side tested positive for the legionella bacteria a, and once again the city is up easy. more than 120 people got sick in this summer's outbreak, 12 people died. and it does not appear that the small cluster of cases here in the melrose houses is at all related to that earlier outbreak that swept across the city this summer. the health department says that the cold water many this building is safe, and those i've spoken to this morning tell me those filters will begin to be installed today and, hopefully, once that happens the hot water comes back. that is the latest live from the melrose section of the bronx this morning, ben and teresa, back to you. >> let's hope. robert moses, thank you very much. 7:07, firefighters are are battling a blaze that has spread to several homes in the kensington section of brooklyn. >> mike weinstein, what's going on? >> this is 1312 glenwood road. it was a fire that started in
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this house on the left, and it spread to this house on the right. both houses sustaining some damage, at least five injuries although we are not sure the extent of those injuries. it did go to a fourth alarm, so still a very large fire department presence on is scene. ed around 4:45, new york's bravest now saying this fire is under control. >> thank you very much. police are searching for a man they say raped a 19-year-old woman on sunday. >> take a good look at this surveillance video. the man walking with his shirt partially off, the sketch shows the shirt around his face, is the man they want to question. they say the woman was approached by a guy who said he had a gun. he pulled her into the back of a building and raped her. the suspect is described as wearing blue and white hawaiian shorts and that white tank top which was covering his face as well as a t-shirt. if you have information, call crimestoppers, 1-800-577-tips. football games and practices
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suspended at susan wagner high school on staten staten island. >> at least one parent says upper classmen targeted freshmen by shooting them with bb or air pellet guns, hitting them with broom sticks, drawing lewd pictures on them with magic marker and remembering their rear ends, rather, in the faces of the players while they were sleeping. however, many players and parents say they're being unfairly targeted. >> it's really disheartening in a way because of all the work we've put in. >> i just don't think a whole team should be punished for something that these few individuals did do. >> a special investor is now investigating. the nypd is claiming this has been the city's safest summer in decades. >> from june through august the number of murders and shootings were at the lowest level since the early '90s.
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shootings are down nearly 1.5% through the first eight months of the year compared to last year, assaults and burglaries also down. while the summer was safer overall for the year, murders are up 6%, and sexual assaults have jumped more than 5%. all right. did you hear? the pope is coming to town. >> it's a busy time for the pope's visit later this month. the top priorly, deeping the pope -- priority, keeping the pope protected. a new poll shows the americans really do like pope francis. >> liz dahlem joins us from midtown, and she she has more on this. good morning. >> good morning, ben and teresa. thousands and thousands of new yorkers are going to come face to face with pope francis as he makes his way through this historic procession through central park, you're doing to need a ticket to get there, and those tickets are going through this lottery process which is going to start today. here's some stuff you need to know if you're looking to get
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that special ticket to see the pope. you have to be a new york state resident and apply online, and you could receive two free tickets through this giveaway contest. we have got the link on forbes -- fox you can apply now until september 7th, and the winners will be announced on september 10th. we all know protecting pope francis is going to be a huge undertaking. the nypd is going to have a massive security plan in place from officers on the ground to the secret service who will be in charge. a former secret service agent who was assigned to president obama's protection detail says the pope will get the same take a listen. >> there's simply no way to secure someone with the threat footprint the pope carries with him with a discreet profile that he likes to carry around. >> after central park pope francis will celebrate mass at madison square garden, and this is the chair his holiness will sit in.
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cardinal dolan unveiling it yesterday. it's very simple, and am immigrant worker actually built it. the pontiff wanted it that way. he wanted to keep it very simple, simplicity and humility philosophy for the time that he has been in this role, and it seems to be working. americans actually saying they love the direction the church is going in. 18% of those questioned, a recent quinnipiac poll, said they are very favorable to the pope and 48% saying they are favorable as well. so it seems he's getting very good reviews ahead of his historic view to new york city. we're live in front of st. patrick's cathedral this morning. >> when you talk to people, especially young catholics, they are very encouraged by pope france sis. >> very dynamic individual. liz dahlem in midtown, thank you. all seven buildings that use the jfk high school campus in marvel
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hill will be open for the first day of school. >> the building was damaged by a gas explosion last month that injured three workers updating the science lab at the time of the blast. the building is structural sound and air quality poses no risk to students and staff. >> the citizens budget commission says it won't be until 2067 before the entire subway system is fixed. it found that 25% of all infrastructure like stairs and platforms and columns are in major disrepair and that doesn't even include the actual tracks and the signals. most of the worst stations happen to be in queens along the n and the q lines. the story line and the flushing line which runs the 7 train. the commission is recommending that the mta focus on repairs, but the hta says -- mta says it
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needs to expand. 7:13 now. the empire state building has refused to go gold for childhood cancer. >> many parents and organizations have pleaded with officials to light up for one night in honor of september being childhood cancer awareness month, but the famous landmark is standing its ground despite being slammed for not going gold last year. the building says it cannot light up for all organizations and says in the past the skyscraper has lit up for world cancer day, breast cancer research. >> this is something that has a lot of people upset, we light it up for the super bowl when the yankees win, every sports team, but for childhood chance -- children. >> and those parents very passionate about the issue. all right, let's turn our attention back to the weather, a much lighter topic here. a pretty nice week -- steamy.
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i am starting to notice more and more of the complaints on the heat and humidity. >> oh, really? >> yeah. any from ben simmoneau at all? not one. >> not at all. >> how many, you you are gloating. >> i have two work days. >> he made a bet that he will not complain -- >> they say i complain too much about the cold weather. >> i want to talk to your wife and see if you're complaining at home and not doing it here. >> she's probably mad at us because he takes it autoon her. >> no. that's not true. i'm just an affable, likable individual. [laughter] >> happy, happy. >> anyway, just do the weather. >> all right. 35 degrees, that's your temp, central park. same thing, newark, 66 in allentown, 6 of in poughkeepsie and dewpoints are again pretty high. 64 in central park, 70 in islip and montauk, even worse as you head out to the east, surrounded
7:16 am
by the water it does tend to hold that moisture up a little bit more. let's check out the wellness forecast. allergies, it's mainly the molds and the rag we'ds, so keep that in mind. uv index is up to 7, and unhealthy levels of ozone across the majority of the tristate. we do have an air quality alert, so a lot of times people want to talk about allergies and breathing issues in the beginning of the warmer season, now we're heading toward the end, and we still have issues. and ragwield is one of the more -- ragweed is one of the more problematic culprits out there. anyhow, lots of sunshine coming to you, but a back door cold front will come in and change things up, bringing in more cloud cover by tonight. look how much rain comes out on the computer models, not too much at all, just a few spritzes of rain here and there is all we should get out of it. the main thing that we're going to see is high pressure building in with much cooler high temperatures.
7:17 am
hey, if you happen to be heading out to the open today, high temp up to 92 for the afternoon session, the day session. the night session still going to be on the warm and sticky side, maybe an isolated shower out there, but i don't think there's going to be too big of a problem in the city or near the stadium. anyhow, a high of 29 tomorrow -- 92 today, 82 tomorrow. fantastic for labor day weekend, and the humidity takes a short break. let's bring in ines rosales and see if we're catching a break on the roads a and rails. >> not as big problems as we had yesterday and the day before with the long island railroad, the day before it was the bruckner. trach a look this morning -- take ooh look there, let's go to our cameras, take a look at the cross bronx, normal delays westbound heading towards jerome avenue. on the eastbound side you're final as for the george washington bridge, upper level
7:18 am
it's about a 10 minute delay, not bad, mostly from 80/95 express. mike did say it's hot out there, about 30 minutes inbounds, the holland tunnel, a 15 minute delay. >> does look quite hazy. all right, ines, thank you very much. >> yeah. it's going to be warm, but i say embrace every minute, because we know in about five weeks -- >> i'm going to be out there bundled up complaining about the cold. >> look at that, sky fox hd looking at the empire state building. tough to see new jersey. >> yeah, but listen, as long as you get a little bit of a breeze going, you'll be just fine, especially if you're going to the open today. especially. >> right. plenty of beverages as well. >> and just try to move from one side of the stadium to the next. try to stay away from the sun. >> let's take a break. good day is back in two minutes.
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>> only if it's taking me someplace else. >> maybe the eastern end of long eye rand. >> oh, yeah, potentially. you're right. ben, we'll just go anywhere. get on a boat and go. i don't want to do any of the work -- >> well, it's not easy, it's hard work, but it's going to be a beautiful weekend to head out should you so choose. >> all right, the search is expanding for three men wanted in the fatal shooting of an illinois police officer. >> hundreds of law enforcement officers are look for the killer of charles glen wits gunned down yesterday morning. the 52-year-old officer was pursuing three suspects when he lost radio contact. he was found a short time later laying in a marsh with his weapon missing. he was a 30-year veteran of the department. all right, that kentucky county clerk who is refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, well, she will have a court date today. >> kim davis is her name, and she's facing a contempt of court hearing based on religious objections. the attorneys from the aclu say
7:23 am
she should be tined, but they don't want her jailed. days has refused to issue any -- davis has refused to issue any licenses to gay or straight coup 8s. president obama appears to have gained critical support for the iran deal. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski, a democrat, announced her support. that makes her the 34th senator expected for president president -- to vote for the deal. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework that we have put forward will get the job done. >> president obama said the crazies will vote no. let me tell ya, you're crazy if you vote yes. >> the senate is expected to vote on the agreement later this month. a former state department staffer who helped set up
7:24 am
hillary clinton's private e-mail server has pleaded the fifth. >> brian baggily january know was subpoenaed to testify before the house committee on benghazi. his lawyer sent a letter saying by pleading the fifth, he hopes to avoid are incriminating himself. the fbi is investigating whether clinton's personal e-mail set-up jeopardized sensitive national security information. she will reportedly testify before the house committee next month. >> the republican national committee is asking presidential candidates to sign a pledge that they will not run as an independent. associated press this is directly aimed at donald trump. >> yeah. the gop front runner has repeatedly threatened to run on his own if he doesn't get the republican nomination, making it all but impossibility for the republican party to win the white house in 2016. the rnc chairman is set to meet with trump privately today to agreement. see if he can reason with him,
7:25 am
perhaps. >> we will see. all right, it is coming up on 7:30 on this thursday morning. pretty nice thursday morning out there, and it's certainly a better morning for commuters. >> yeah. for those who are running on the lirr, you're going to probably notice it's a lot different today than it was yesterday around this time. yesterday's massive meltdown has a lot of people concerned about the aging system and if, in fact, we're ready when the pope comes to town. we're going to talk about all this coming up next.
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>> in the running for song of the summer, that's for sure. >> i think so. have you read the book about that light? >> no, i haven't. >> the little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge. >> is that a children's book?
7:29 am
>> it is. >> that's on my reading level, so i should definitely check this out. >> i think it came out either in the '30s or '40s, my daughter loves it. we took a bike ride up there. >> tell me about it, ben, tell me what i need to know about the little red lighthouse and the been -- >> great gray bright house. >> the little red lighthouse -- >> this sounds like an amazing story. >> however, the moral of the story is it's still needed, because one day its light news not shine, there's a storm, and without the lighthouse, some ships crash upon the rocks that you see there -- >> so you're telling me -- >> even though this it's not the biggest thing in the world, it is still necessary. >> what you are saying is size does not matter. [laughter] >> way to take a nice children's moral and turn it into something like that, teresa. >> why not?
7:30 am
[laughter] >> wow. >> because, you know, that -- you were thinking it too, i'm sure. >> i blame this on rosanna, because she's clearly -- >> she would say that. >> exactly. >> is it the seat? >> and, actually, greg kelly's the one who would come up with that obscure little fact. [laughter] so i see it's contagious. >> he is seated this morning -- >> that's true. >> he'd be hovering around or walking around -- >> crashing into things. >> i get it. >> yeah. competing with the cameras for space. you know, anyway, i will be sure to check out that book. >> it's interesting. >> yeah. i like the bridge. i use it all the time. >> you do like it? >> i actually do. and my favorite time to travel over the george washington bridge is when they hang the giant american flag. >> do they do that on labor day? >> they do. >> yeah. >> it's coming up. >> we will see anytime a couple of days. >> here it comes, this weekend. >> what's going on? >> looks pretty good for us here. actually, i think a lot of folks
7:31 am
are getting out of town, so maybe a little quieter at least in the city. school's back for some folks, but everybody's back next week. anyhow, what we had for the month of august and leading into september, so far this summer 90 degree the days, let's talk about that. one of them, we had one in the month of june. that's not that big of a deal. five in the month of july, eight in the month of august. that's quite a few. two so far for the month of september, but we've only had two days so far, so it's been a very warm start. the average number of 90-degree days is 15, and we've already had 15, looks like we're going to have at least one or two more, last year we only had eight. that was a cool summer. i know a lot of folks weren't happy with that. here's what we have this morning, central park 75 degrees, dewpoints and humidities pretty high with a partly to mostly cloudy sky here in the tristate. there should be some cooler air working its way down to the south, and that's going to change things up and bring us some more cloud cover by later
7:32 am
on tonight and eventually some showers. but not so much during the day. during the day we've got another hot and humid one. high up to 92. storm chances late tonight, early tomorrow morning and a high of 28 tomorrow, but it stays on -- 82 tomorrow, but i stays in the 80s over the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales and check out the conditions with the roads and rails. >> good morning, mike. it's not so bad out there. of course, sop problems. 78, there's a problem westbound as you approach the garden state parkway. late running construction causing a headache as you get off the verrazano bridge, one lane closed, so causing a problem westbound. on the eastbound side you're fine. of there's queens, just your normal delays on the lie, the van wick's slow have and the wge -- bqe, a slowdown there.
7:33 am
on the 59th street bridge, doing fine on the upper level. as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule this morning. >> thank you very much. 7:33 now. it was a mess yesterday morning on the long island railroad, there was no way you can sugar coat it. raising a serious red flag about our infrastructure, especially transit problems. >> what is worse is that this is certainly not the first major issue that we have had -- >> no. >> even this summer. and it's not just the east river, it's also things that are going on getting from new jersey into new york as well. but let's bring in veronica vander pool with the tristate transportation campaign which is an advocacy group, and you were telling us you essentially are encouraging people to take mass transit and not drive. transit. >> well, we want to provide transportation options for people in the tristate region. we recognize not everyone can option. that's what we work to do.
7:34 am
>> let's be honest, frankly, it looks like our train infrastructure whether it's the lirr, the problems we've seen with metro north, the issues with new jersey transit and amtrak, doesn't matter which direction, the train system in this area is a mess. >> well, one important thing to keep in consideration is our transit system and infrastructure is incredibly old. the portion washington branch which fail -- port washington branch was built in 1864. our subway system, 1904. we've not seen the level of investment over the decades needed to neighbor this aging -- maintain this aging infrastructure. >> so many riders say we are paying for it, our prices keep going up. we are doing our part. we are told to use mass transit is, we are told that's an effective way of getting around, and we're doing it and we're willing to pay for it, but it's not being kept up. only one person is keeping up their side of the bargain, to so to speak. >> that's absolutely true. i'm a transit riders, and what we've seen is, yes, we're
7:35 am
constantly on the hook when state or federal officials are not investing enough or cutting back on funding. new jersey has actually reduced its funding for new jersey transit by 88% over ten years. that's significant. >> all right. who do you place the blame with? is it with governor cuomo in new york? is it governor christie in new jersey? is it the federal government in washington? you know, the mta has said that the city, mayor de blasio is not contributing enough. is everybody to blame enough? >> we're talking about the hudson rail tunnel especially. >> everything. the situation with the lirr. >> this is a historical problem, and it goes beyond the today. this is congress' problem, new problem. what we've seen over decades is an inadequate level of investment, so this certainly goes beyond cuomo and christie and president obama. where we are right now is these are the elected officials who are in power who should be showing leadership and championing more funding for these transit programs. >> but again, we can't just say
7:36 am
that it goes beyond the president. yes, one person has been kicking the ball down the road, right? but somebody has to do something at some point. i remember when we were doing a story about the new hudson rail tunnel and all the problems that nj transit was having, it was senator schumer saying this is going to be armageddon for those people who rely not only on nj transit, but also amtrak on those rails. if this fails the way people expect it will in the future, very near future, we are done for. >> that's absolutely true. 200,000 people come through those tunnels every single day. 3300,000 people use -- 300,000 people use lirr. if we continue to see the level of crisis that we've seen on our transit system so far, we're in bad shape in days ahead. >> and i think people say it's only going to get worse. we've got a very busy september coming up, u.s. open going on now, fashion week, i think, starts next week. we've got the pope coming to town, the president, the u.n. general assembly, school is
7:37 am
going back into session for just about everybody. we asked governor cuomo yesterday if new york is prepared to handle this, especially the crowds for the pope, and here's what he had to say. >> i hope there's a lot of energy and a lot of excitement, and the mta is doing everything that they can do to be ready for it, but it's going to be, you know, one of those great new york moments. and it'll be very exciting. but whenever you have millions of people mobilizing throughout the city, i mean, it's not going to be an easy, it's not going to be an easy task, but it's going to be a great couple of days. >> do you think our mass transit system can handle the crowds we're going to see in the next couple of weeks? >> any of these events put tremendous stress on our transit system. i think preparation schedule, a lot of contingency planning needs to be put in place, and i know that the city and state are working on that.
7:38 am
that is really the key. new jersey transit underestimated the amount of transit users for the super bowl, and we saw what happened there. tree times as many people used the system than was projected. i think what's important is making sure there's p contingency plans in place. >> let's hope they do it, because it's getting out of control. veronica, with the tristate transportation commission, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks. still to come on good day new york, why the men's number one seen, djokovic, was dancing at yesterday's u.s. open. that's coming up. [cheers and applause] >> the doubles team. [laughter]
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call 1-800-341-9716. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> oh, welcome back. all right. here's what to expect for us today. we've got a heat wave that's going to continue -- i thought you guys were going to throw it to me. [laughter] we've got temperatures getting up to 90 plus here.
7:42 am
this will be the fifth day in a row, so it's probably the longest heat wave that we've seen or at least tied. does not look like temperatures are going to be as hot tomorrow, coming down probably close to ten degrees from what we have today. labor day weekend, we've got a sunny, dry one coming up, nice weather altogether if you like it on the sunny and dry side, we've got that coming at you. we could use some rain, but it's do? 63 in poughkeepsie, 69 in bridgeport and 73 in montauk. we do have some fog out there still, down to one-eighth of a mile visibility in islip, some areas it could go down, so if you run into it, headache sure you slow it -- make sure you slow it down. high pressure's in control, here's the back door cold front with the cooler canadian air that's going to drop through. it doesn't bring much other than some more clouds and a few patches of rain early tomorrow morning, that's it, but it will
7:43 am
down quite a bit. heading out to the open, another hot one for the afternoon session, it peaks out at about 92 degrees this afternoon. storm chances almost nil. so don't worry about that, but it will be hot and sticky. cooler tomorrow with morning showers and then dry as we head into the upcoming weekend. temps from the lower 80s to mid 80s by the end of it. daily and e hourly forecasts are available at the apple itunes store, the fox 5ny weather app, and it's free, and it comes in handy. let's go over to ines. >> problems on the long island railroad yesterday, right now we bridge westchester bound. there's a stalled tractor-trailer, but it's on the northbound sowed. the guy blew out two tires, there's no incident, so you can
7:44 am
see delays on the thruway, going back to the palisades. as far as your commute in new jersey, the parkway doing fine crossing the driscoll bridge, no problems on the turnpike. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the long island expressway by deer park avenue westbound, mauving slow. about it. eastbound, you're moving fine. george washington bridge, upper/lower level looks good. 495 backed up to route 3 and the turnpike, 45 minute delay of holland tunnel about 10-15. if you're taking the trains, no problems to report. ben, teresa is, back to school this week and then next week, going to pick up in volume, but not that bad. >> wait until tuesday. >> i think it'll be thursday. >> it's accumulating slowly. >> oh, boy. >> get a lot of sleep this weekend, ines. >> duke? >> debate on talk radio and twitter who should the mets send
7:45 am
to the bullpen, noah send guard, barr toe hoe cologne, very, very interesting. they need to fortify that bullpen. mets' rookie steven matz will get the start this sunday. this a change to manage sippedder guard's innings and work. i can hear all the old school baseball guys going, no, no, we can't do that. meantime, last night at citi field, mets and the phillies. bottom of the second we go. score, 1-0, and here's something you definitely don't see every day -- [laughter] goes over the right field fence, and the ball, you know, goes all the way -- let's reuben tejada score all the way around. michael come fortoe, two-run homer. access by december, he just kills the ball. he's changed the complexion of
7:46 am
that a lineup, he really has. everybody's a tough out now. 9-4, that was your final. washington did win, so the mets stay six and a half games up on washington. yankees, did they bring up the lumber yesterday afternoon. top of the second we go, rookie greg berg, henry owen deep and gone. 2-1, yanks and then next batter john ryan murphy, deep, and that is gone. 3-1, the yanks win 13-8. toronto refuses to lose. yes, the blue jays win again, so they stay a game and a half back in the al least. down at the u.s. open, andy murray, roger federer. novak djokovic taking on mauer, and third set. djokovic dominating. he's going to attack the net and makes the ping-pong return and hits it overhand, and that's not what impressed me the most.
7:47 am
only, he won straight sets, 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. did you guys see this? cotton-eyed joe? [cheers and applause] >> good for him for getting into it. >> yeah, into it. >> rafael nadal in second round action against diego schwartzman. you were at this match. >> i can't comment on his swing, his serve, because i'm still learning the rules of the game, right? what i don't understand and as a spectator i can comment on is his ritual of touching his ears, then his nose and hen removing his -- and then removing his shorts from his backside. >> there you have it. >> every single time. that is impossible. >> nadal wins in straight sets. serena williams continues to advance in her quest to capture the calendar grand slam, but it was far from a walk in the park. her opponent, burton, was
7:48 am
leading 4-0 before serena prevails. she just wasn't comfortable. something she definitely want toss achieve, the granted slam. in the second set, more herself. she won in straight sets. how about this, this is blowing up twitter right now. epic meltdown. look at this. yes! it's the racquet's fault! i'm mad. she reacted to the crowd, and she wound up losing. bad day for coco and her racquet. take it out on our -- >> i guess. throw something across the room. >> i don't do that. >> you don't do that? >> no, you're very calm. >> i have wanted to do that with a golf club. i'm sure you have -- >> i've seen them go in the water, i've seen golf people throw them off trees. i don't. i know i stink. i'm a 22 handicap, if i shoot an 89, it's a great day. >> 89 does not stink, dude. >> i know.
7:49 am
but i'm usually, like, 99. >> that's, like, pretty good. anything under 100 i think is good. anyway, we've got to run -- >> how about multigaps? >> coming up. >> singer justin bieber skateboarding on a manhattan sidewalk. >> and nobody noticed. >> no one cared.
7:50 am
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this is pearle vision. >> in today's health watch, a new case of legionnaires' disease in the south bronx has been detected, and a lot of people are concerned about this. >> dr. raj here with details. we were told outbreak is over -- doctor and it is, because this is not technically part of an outbreak, but they did find one of the water coolers did test positive for the legionella in the melrose housing complex, and this is in the south bronx. so there have been four cases in this particular area, in this cluster. it's not an outbreak, and the most recent one was recently diagnosed. it is contracted through contaminated water systems, cooling systems, even hot tubs potentially, so they do want to do remediation in this whole complex. >> if you have kind of
7:53 am
symptoms -- >> fever, muscle aches, chills, yeah -- >> what do you look for that says this is a red flag beyond just bad cold or perhaps a mild flu? >> el, certainly f you're in this area in the bronx and you're experiencing fiver fever, chills, muscle aches which could be a press pa story -- respiratory infection, you do want to be checked out by your doctor. you want to be careful especially for the elderly, pre-existing lung diseases at more risk. >> i just want to make one thing clear, if we can. i remember when the initial outbreak occurred, the health commissioner and members of the cdc were saying legionella bacteria is very common. it's when people start to get sick in clusters that we really should be worried, right? >> exactly. >> is that the way this is supposed to work out? >> true. but we really don't want that bacteria in our cools systems. when it's in an air-conditioning system, that can potentially
7:54 am
expose a lot of people. so they are cleaning up the cooling system. >> dr. remarks aj, caffeine obsession. >> definitely over the last decades people have been drinking more and more caffeine, and now the fda is warning of caffeine powder which is extremely concentrated n some cases one teaspoon be has the equivalent of 28 cups of coffee. >> wow. >> very difficult to gauge between a safe and unsafe dose, so they're warning that these powders are dangerous and potentially a big health risk to the public. so death you don't want to add them to shakes or to meals. we are seeing an increase in e.r. visits due to caffeine overdose, poison control centers in the first half of this this year reported about 1600 reports of energy drink related issues, and the majority were people under 18, kids actually. so definitely want to be wary of your children consuming caffeine whether it's chocolate milk, energy drinks, whatever it is. >> i was going to just say how
7:55 am
do you know if you have a caffeine overdose? >> well, it starts with the heart rate -- >> okay. >> that's a common side e effect. but when that persists and it's not getting better, you immediate to have -- >> let's go over to anna for a check of the entertainment news. >> we've got some video of justin bieber skateboarding around new york city yesterday. this all went down outside of the timelife building in rock center, our own ryan asselta captured the seen for us. -- the scene for us. he basically skated -- he got back into a car. no one's noticing him here. he got out again and skated his way to one of the late shows, so this may have been been he might be collecting his own video. he seems to have a new obsession with this. so he's getting some viral video. >> maybe. he's actually looking around to see if people are watching him. >> right.
7:56 am
there are to other pictures of him outside of radio city music hall, he even stopped some fans and asked to see their pictures. and taylor swift has a new music video, and it's drawing backlash for its portrayal of africa. >> there's a lot of criticism of this video. a lot of people saying it romanticizes the content and doesn't have enough black people starring in it. the director say it is video depicts a love story on the set of a period film in aftera ca in -- africa in 1950, but it would have been, quote-unquote, historically inaccurate to use more black actors in the actual video. he says there is no political agenda. >> yeah. sometimes things are just music videos, right? >> yeah. >> something for the art of it. >> if they had put more black people in the video, people
7:57 am
would have said he was rewriting history. >> one way or another, it's just a music video. you can critique it -- >> it's a good song. >> anna, thank you. >> she's donating the proceeds. >> that's good. >> to supporting parks, it has something to do with the african park foundation. i don't know if that was decided before this or not d. time now for the facebook fan of the hour. it is will jackson. >> >> we're this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'. switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their 1 hour appointment window.
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> "good day new york." it is thursday, september the think. i can't believe we're already on the 3rd of september. would you, i'm teresa priolo in for rosanna scotto. >> and i'm ben simmoneau in for greg. they're on extended holiday. if you like hot and steamy weather. the heat wave could extend into a fifth day. we haven't had september day that hasn't been in 90s. >> mike has the details coming up. the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease turns up in another building in the south bronx. several people there have gotten sick. one remains hospitalized. >> nypd are looking for a man in this video wearing green shirt.
8:01 am
he punched and kick man there so violently it killed him. >> if you're one of many hoping to see pope francis's proseggal in central park. now is the time to enter the lottery. we'll give you details how you can do that. >> a long island student walking again less tan four months after he was paralyzed in an accident in jones beach. this is a incredible story as his goal is to be able to play lacrosse coming up in the spring. we've got day man wayans coming up on the show later in the hour. >> we'll talk with the impractical jokers. doing something a ice cream. >> popular place, 10 below. they hammer it all out and roll it up. >> it tastes like ice cream. that is all that matters on a hot summer day. >> that is true. it will be a good day for ice cream today. >> here's the question. do you want to hear?
8:02 am
>> number that unfortunate, we were open for that. apparently we're not getting any ice cream. >> i think this is process. i don't think it is like scooping ice cream out after cart giving it to you. there is way they do it. >> put it on cold slab and make the stuff. >> nothing would beat the ice cream cookie sandwiches on july 4th. >> with different players, right? is that the different flavors with jalapeno. >> it was good. one was the black and white cookie. i never forget it. >> people that book for the good day cafe -- >> do good job. >> do outstanding job finding fun and interesting restaurants and food groups typically a twist on what we normally love like ice cream. >> who doesn't like ice cream. once again we'll need ice cream here today. but once again the heat and humidity is hanging tight. this is it or at least the last of it. looks like our high temperatures
8:03 am
getting up into the 90s. one more time. that is five in a row. then we're done. look what happened yesterday. we were thinking we would get there and we did. 91 degrees, was high temp central park and newark. but then everyone else you pretty much saw high temps in 80s. 83 in bridgeport. for the tri-state we have air quality alerts in effect, gray shaded counties. expanded from what we had yesterday which was primarily new jersey. it is all five boroughs, lower hudson valley and connecticut. they could pose problems if you have breathing issues, like emphysema and allergies. this is the days of high levels of ozone makes it more difficult to breathe. take it easy outside. 76 in central park. 64 degrees in monticello and sussex with mainly clear skies. we had fog out here in long island.
8:04 am
but it should be backing down by now. we're looking mainly sunny start to the day. clouds start popping up later on as this cold front continues to drop into the tri-state region this is what will happen. a study at beginning of the day up to 86 degrees by midday. a little hot and humid for your taste. high temp up to 92. back to 889 for the ride home. more clouds coming in on ride us. next seven days, 92 for the day today. 82 tomorrow and 82 on saturday. that is a 10-degree drop. that is pretty significant drop. one thing about the showers tomorrow morning i think only a few here and there, not a big deal at all. as we go through the weekend should be nice and dry with sunny skies saturday, sunday and monday. on labor day, high testimonyp 87. couldn't write it much better than that let's switch it over to ines rosales.
8:05 am
we deserve a break today. >> especially with long island railroad and the bruckner, yes, it has been a bit after busy week. traffic on the tappan zee bridge slow to rockland county, back to the parkway. there is a stall on the rockland side of the tappan zee bridge. causing rubbernecking delays as you head towards westchester. new jersey commute on parkway. route 3 by 280. didn't hear anything going on. just traffic moving slow. accident on southbound side by exit 138. garden state parkway westbound are slow because of an accident. new jersey transit and path trains running on or close to schedule. ben, teresa. >> there is new case of legionnaires' disease to talk about in the south bronx. >> health officials say a water system in the apartment building at melrose houses tested postively for the liege nell la bacteria.
8:06 am
>> reporter: good northern morning to you. this is the building behind me tested positive 681 court land avenue. the new york city housing authority is expected to install filters in every single apartment here to get rid of that legion nell la bacteria. residents gathered last night for a community meeting. received flyers notifying them of the issue. they were told the hot water distribution system here at 681 court land tested positive. the filters are installed in each apartment. once that happens the hot water will be turned back on. i spoke to the people. they only still have access to cold water here. the health department says four people that live in the melrose houses came down with months. three of the four was treated and released. one remains hospitalized. people that live here told me
8:07 am
they are on edge now that doorstep. >> everything and sketchy. i just had a son, he is four months. that is water, you know, that is like costly to life period. this is a bad situation but, i'm pretty sure it can be fixed. >> now i'm worried because they say it is deadly. i don't know what will happen. i have small kids. >> reporter: we thought that this outbreak had been vanquished but earlier this week we learned that the convent of the sacred heart, an all girls school on the upper east side tested positive for the bacteria. now we have this news here in the bronx. in that outbreak earlier this summer 12 people died, more than 120 people were sickened. as we come back out live in the public housing complex the health department wants to emphasize yes, the cold water is safe to use. it is safe to drink and those filters are said to be installed today. that is the latest.
8:08 am
live from the melrose section of theresa, back to you. >> robert moses, thank you very very 8:07. police in brooklyn on the hunt for a man they say kicked an killed him. >> this is video of the two men apparently arguing before the fight began. this happened early monday morning in bush wick. he is described as having blonde hair and glasses of the other man on the right is 42-year-old jose guzman. he was taken to a nearby hospital and later died from his injuries. all seven schools using jfk high school campus in marble hill will be open first day of swole on september 9th. >> you may remember the building was damaged by a gas explosion last month injuring three workers. they were upgrading the science look at the time of the blast. new york city officials say the build something structurally sound and poses no risk to
8:09 am
students or staff. nyu removed bill cosby's name from the popular workshop it holds for high school students. >> they told "the new york times" that the decision to change the name of future film-makers workshop came to light because of recent events, end quote. nyu joins other schools that distanced themselves from cosby after other women accused him of sex you'll misconduct. he has never been charged with a crime. nypd is claiming this has been the city's safest sumner two decades. >> crime stats show june through august the number of murders and shootings were at the lowest level since the early '90s. despite a rash of shootings at the beginning of summer. stats also show shootings are down nearly 1 1/2% through the first eight months of this year compared to last year. assaults and burglaries are also down. while the summer was safer, overall this year the murders
8:10 am
are up 6% and sexual assaults jumped more than 5%. all right. have you heard? maybe you have. it is a very busy time as the city prepares for pope francis's arrival later this month. >> top priority of course keeping the pope protected from a possible attack. also the enthusiastic crowds. a lot of people like this guy very much. a new poll this morning shows how much the americans really like pope francis. let's go to midtown, st. patrick's cathedral. it is shiny on the outside. sparkling white. liz dal lump is there. she has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, ben and teresa. the it looks brand new and absolutely stunning. what we're hearing for more and more americans majority saying right? that is what the new poll came out with the latest stats. we've been catching up with a lot of people here outside of the cathedral and they have said, they are hoping to get some tickets to see him during the very special procession through central park.
8:11 am
but you know what? you will need a ticket. today is the day to enter the lottery. we have information you need to know. you have to be a new york state resident and apply online to receive two tickets through the giveaway contest. we have the link on fox 5 you apply through september 2nd. they will be notified by september 10th. we caught up with folks out here. they hope to get the tickets. take a listen. >> i'm catholic and i'm shape to see him and we are ready to see him. >> reporter: do you think you will try to get tickets to central park? >> sure. >> i was watching the chair being made on television. it is exciting for new york city. >> reporter: are you going to apply for tickets? >> yes. i will try my hardest. i always try to do it but i never got them. >> reporter: protecting pope francis will be a huge undertaking. nypd has massive security plan ready to roll out from officers on the street to secret service. a former secret service agent
8:12 am
ago signed to president obama's detail says the pope will be treated just like a president. we're told the see he will be sitting in, the pope, that just recently arrived. yesterday cardinal dolan unveiling that. it was very simple. no real major designs to it. very basic oak chair. workers in port chester built it. that is exactly what the pontiff wanted. he wanted to keep it very simple. simplicity and humility have been the main pillars of this pope's mission that he has been carrying out over the past few years that he has been in this position of power. and we should tell you that recent poll done by quinnepiac university said that, you know what? a lot of people are loving this pope. 18% say they were very favorable of him. 48% say they are favorable. no, doubt a lot of love for the pope ahead of his new york city visit. we're live outside of st. patrick's cathedral. back to you. >> liz, thank you very much.
8:13 am
a non-profit watchdog group says you might be long gone before the subway system actually gets all repairs it sneads. >> isn't it depressing? >> it is. >> the citizen's budget system says won't be until the year 2067 before the entire system is fix if there are no more delays and nothing goes wrong. the stairs and platforms and columns are in need of major repair. that doesn't even include tracks and signals. most of the worst stations were in queens, n, q, astoria line and flushing line which runs the 7 train. commission recommends the mta stop expansion projects to focus on much-needed repairs. mta says it needs to expand to keep up with growing ridership. republican nominee committee is asking its presidential candidates to sign a pledge, you may have heard about this, asking they will not run as independent. >> yeah. no shock here. sources tell the ap aimed directly at donald trump. he is the one who hemmed and
8:14 am
hawed, said i might run as a third party candidate if i don't get gop nomination. they don't want him to do that. it would likely siphon votes away from whoever the republican might be and then the republicans could end up losing. rnc chairman is set to meet with donald trump privately today here in manhattan to see if they can reach some sort of a deal. meantime a little further north construction of the new tappan zee bridge mark ad new milestone. it reached the halfway point. >> work has begun on eight towers that stand as high as 42 stories to span it across the river. engineers say they are making tremendous progress. take a listen. >> it is fascinating to watch the construction advance at such a rate. we now have several sections of structural blue steel girders in place as well. there are approaching the rockland shoreline. >> the tower should be completed by middle of next year. the 4 billion-dollar project won't be ready until 2018.
8:15 am
it is incredible to see it built right next to it. i dare say that is one of the prettiest drives when you go over the tappan see. you have expansive view. it is gorgeous on a clear day. >> the river is huge in this section. >> especially the fall, see all the leaves. fall is long way off. we'll not talk about that because that signals the start of winter. >> not too far away. >> mike woods? >> maybe should make our next bet. >> because you lost this one? >> what do you want it to be? >> i'm trying to think. when does the first fall color come. hmmm. >> complaining about the colder weather coming do not include robert moses and i in that. >> because you guys will be out there in it first. >> we'll be in it. >> anyways, show you what we have out here on the almanac, averages for today. 80 is average high. 99 is record high temperature. we keep taking off the minutes here on the front and back side. sunset time is now at 7:25.
8:16 am
sunrise time, well that was at 6:24. days are getting shorter. better appreciate the sunshine while you've got it. 77 in newark. 73 in bridgeport. 75 degrees in montauk and 72 in belmar. dewpoints are around the mid 60s for many of us here. some a little bit higher. 7 is degree dewpoint at islip makes it uncomfortable range. sticky and uncomfortable range area. we expect that to continue. high pressure parked to our south. it funnels up heat and humidity and runs up against the cold front. this cold front is not really strong one. the air behind it is significantly cooler but not going to come in here to really pop up showers and storms. we don't have enough going on dynamically to fire up a big amount of shows and storms. if we had area of low pressure come through as well we would have bigger rain day. that is not happening. we'll see a few light showers, late tonight, early tomorrow morning. bigger change is cooler air coming in. also the northeast wind takes
8:17 am
your temperatures down a decent amount, about 10 degrees by tomorrow. 92 is the high today. five days in a row of the 0-degree plus heat. that is end of it. stays in the 80s over the holiday weekend and nice, sunny and dry as well. if you want to check out weather information, get daily and hourly forecasts on fox ny weather app. itunes and google play there for to you download free. search out fox 5 weather and you will be good to go. get to ines rosales. tell you what, looks like sleepy time a got pardon of the tri-state. >> it does. we have light traffic out there and some red. take a look. start off with queens traffic. jammed on b.q.e. lie is slow westbound heading towards queens boulevard and eastbound. for those traveling in the bronx there is the cross bronx, always slow westbound approaching the parkway. deegan you have delays towards
8:18 am
yankee stadium. new jersey, 780 and 287 no problem there. staten island expressway by clove road. construction slowing everything as you get off the verrazano bridge towards slossen avenue. eastbound. no potholes there to worry about. check out the george washington bridge, upper, lower levels. no delays as you head inbound. if you're taking the lincoln tunnel, 495 doing fine off route 3 and turnpike towards kennedy boulevard. as you approach the wee hawken exit, slowdowns, 20, 25 minutes. holland tunnel has 10 to 15 minute delay. trains doing great this morning. noticing the port jefferson branch some delays, some trains are being delayed. heads up on that. check on your trains. ben, teresa. >> good advise, ines. morning. perhaps a little bit more than your standard classic doggie paddle. we'll check out local dogs who like to, well, not hang 10. >> right.
8:19 am
he is part of comedy's first damon wayans. making a splash. he is performing in town. he is coming to "good day." he will chat with us a little bit. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
8:20 am
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>> can you pinpoint this location based upon those awnings? >> yes i can. >> of course you can. >> saks fifth avenue. the world. >> is that where shoes are? >> it is. strategically place the cafe by the shoe department. you need to walk through the shoe department to get something to eat. money. refuel and spend money on the way out as well. >> i see. >> great staff in the shoe department there.
8:23 am
they watch us all the time. >> that's nice. >> they are quite helpful. they are "good day" viewers. >> excellent. >> holiday weekend is coming up. maybe you will hit the beach or perhaps a lake. take a maybe barbecue or two. whatever you do you will be spending more than last year. that is the word this morning. >> mostly because of air travel. the u.s. travel association says labor day travelers will spend average of $380 each this weekend. up 2% over last year. good news for the economy i guess. travels. but the association says real boost in spending coming from airplanes. air travel up about 5% last year fox means business. >> roller coaster ride on wall street. we're getting used to this lauren simonetti. good morning to you. >> reporter: forget about the roller coaster. for time being think about smooth waters in the caribbean "are we there yet?" >> we are there right now. >> reporter: i don't think the
8:24 am
market is there yet. but it might be. the dow is up almost 300 points. up about 70 this morning. no one is saying we're out of the woods. in fact folks say expect the volatility to continue at least for two weeks when the fed meets again if they decide to hike interest rates. but maybe through the first part of the fourth quarter, right around the holiday season. nonetheless we see back-to-back gains. unbelievable. you might want to take a peek at 401(k). >> don't do it. don't do it. wait weeks, a couple more weeks. it is still going to be down from where it was. >> let it rebound a little bit. >> reporter: we need to talk about jobs because this is the other big, big, story. we get a couple of reports on job market today. we got one from challenger, gray & christmas. you know what? from the beginning of this year 82,000 direct jobs have been lost in the oil industry because oil prices have gotten so cheap essentially. that is why more people are traveling for labor day because we have money to do so and
8:25 am
filling up is not so painful. 82,000 jobs lost. that doesn't include indirect jobs lost as well. get jobless claims five minutes from now. a big jobs report for august tomorrow morning. look if we're creating more than 200, 220,000 jobs and unemployment keeps falling for right reasons and wages are going up, our federal reserve might say, all right, you can afford a higher rate on that mortgage or that car loan, or that credit card balance. >> let's be honest they will not jack them a couple points. what, a quarter or half a percent, something like that? >> reporter: it happens, big if, if it happens in two weeks it would be a quarter. the second question if it doesn't happen in two weeks does it happen in december and by how much? >> i agree with you. get rid of uncertainty. rip the bandaid off. >> reporter: others are saying you do that in this type of environment so jittery and volatile, moving 300 points is like nothing that could really shock the markets elsewhere as well.
8:26 am
>> we have the numbers from adp. their numbers were down too in terms of jobs growth. >> reporter: just a little bit. teresa, i'm on -- >> i pay attention when you talk. >> reporter: 190,000 private jobs in the private sector created a little less than expected. >> i'm paying attention. >> catch lar lauren on the fox business network. on "fbn:am" which starts 5:00 a.m. throughout the morning find her there as well. go to >> coming up on "good day," they can make you cringe and make you laugh sometimes same time. the guys on the popular show, "impractical jokers" about a stunt in new york city.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
ben: it almost doesn't look like the rush this week. >> everyone is on vacation. what'd we do? >> ben: we did right. it is thursday morning. it is a sleepy week of summer. teresa: it is wonderful to travel into the city and you are getting to every place you want to go. yesterday. but getting around. mike: i looks like a sunday morning out there. ben: soak it up. september is going to be a traffic night mare. mike: yes. ben: and soak up the temperatures. we know, give it three weeks and lows of 38 degrees. mike: i'm looking forward to
8:31 am
opening the windows and letting the cool fresh fall air come in. teresa: i realize all the things i wanted to do in the summer and trying to get them off the list and busy end of the summer. mike: i did a lot. teresa: places to go, movies to see, restaurants to sit outside. ben: i can't relate. i have a kid. teresa: you don't sit outside? no. well, there was a time you did. ben: it has been a nice week. mike: i enjoyed it. i slept through most of it. ben: i don't like the loss of the day light. mike: yes, oh no, it is happening. well, what we have today shs , well the last week of summer unofficially here.
8:32 am
we have hot weather coming at us again. today is number number five of the heat wave going to 90 plus. that is what we have seen for the first few days of september. today should be number five. a brief shower coming through later tonight and tomorrow and bringing in the clouds and the temperatures not as hot. 77 degrees at newark right now. 76 in central park. 75 montauk. a lot of 70s, a few 60s up to the northwest. we have a few problem spots out there, the mold and ragweed moderate levels. uv at 7 because this time of the year the sun angle is not so great. it is not as big of a problem.
8:33 am
the air quality high levels of ozone. when you have the heat and the humidity built up, the air hit. this is a back door cold front. the high pressure is nosing down and bringing in cooler air headed to tomorrow and dropping significantly. down 10 degrees. headed to the open, high of 92. side. the storms shouldn't be a problem. they wouldn't be a threat until tomorrow morning. quick morning shower for a few folk tomorrow and 82 then. we are staying in the low 80s over the weekend and labor day is high of 87 degrees. all right, now to over to ines rosales and we are seeing are where the backups are. ines: a lot of red on the cameras.
8:34 am
the traffic is jammed here headed west bound, the construction is causing delays, this is by bradley avenue. eastbound side is fine. long island commute, delays on the southern state parkway and after. no incidents, just a lot of people on the roads this morning. the l.i.e. is slow there. if you are travelling in queens, l.i.e. delays approaching gwens boulevard. bqe extra slow. new jersey, take a look at the garden state parkway southbound delays, an accident by exit 138. two lanes are blocked. northbound side normal delays. more people on the parkway. getting back to it. more and more volume throughout the week. westchester doing okay. the tappan zee bridge headed to
8:35 am
westchester county. fdr northbound is cars are slowing down. there is an accident in the area. southbound side the fine. george washington bridge that is a delight this morning. upper, lower, no deleas. lincoln tunnel 30 minutes. holland tunnel 20. trains are running on or close to schedule. >> thank you. football games and practices are susz pended on staten island after hazing allegations rocked the team. ben: it happened upstate at a football camp. upper classmen targeted the freshman and shutting them with bb guns and hitting them with broom sticks and drawing on them and rubbing their rear ends in the players faces while they were sleeping, however, they are saying they are being unfairly targeted. >> it is disheartening in a way because of all the work we have
8:36 am
put in. >> the whole team shouldn't be punished for what a few individuals did do. >> the investigations is continuing. >> high school senior on long island is beating the odds and walking again. >> 17-year-old dove head first into a sand bar at jones beach back in may and broke his neck and the bone pushed against the spinal chord and the doctors feared he wouldn't walk again, after four months after intensive therapy, he's walking with a walker and taking a few steps on his own. >> after two weeks of being in the hospital and i started get a positive attitude and realizing, i can do this and i started to
8:37 am
get the strength back. >> he wants to be well enough to play for the lacrosse team in the spring. i bet he'll do it. >> i hope so. >> special needs kids getting a treat on long island, hitting the waves with norm, the surfing dog. >> he inspired them to test the waters. >> meet norm, a four-year-old pyre bred and those familiar with the breed know they are natural swimmers and norm surfs. a surfer dog wasn't the calling until later in life. a volunteer for k-9 companions adopted him after a career change in the program. he already had the training and loved helping people. he was destined for bigger things. >> they put him on the surf
8:38 am
board and the rest is history. >> a program for children and adults with special needs. >> as soon as we got here, he jumps out of the car and runs to the beach, so he knows, once he sees the board he's all excited. >> he doesn't surf for the fame and fun, they tried it and succeed while doing it. >> just the confidence he's got getting on the water and standing up, it is just an absolutely wonderful experience. >> he's standing there waiting to be pushed out again. >> norm has cut the line, loves cookies for rewards and belly rubs. see norm on lincoln boulevard this saturday on long beach.
8:39 am
he's raising money. >> now to down to washingtond and they have a baby panda and it is starting to get the black spots. this is a great zoo and it is free. >> that is awesome. >> it is part of the smithsonian. >> this little one is adorable. >> it looks like a rat. >> this newly released video of the panda with the mother, two pandas born last month and only one survived. it is starting to get the plaque and white markings. >> you can faintly see it on the arms there. >> the panda doesn't have a name. it is named after one hundred days. >> i think the governor of >> really? >> yes. >> maybe potentially, i don't
8:40 am
know i a blue whale? >> yes. look at this, he was at the aquarium and touting a boost of summer tourism in connecticut and a blue whale swam up behind him and hung out for the entire press conference. apparently it is not out of character for the 13-year-old whale. he's a people watcher. >> maybe he was interested in what he was talking about. >> it is not his first taste of fame. a few years ago seen with a band. that is at the mystic aquarium in connecticut. >> highly intelligent animal. >> yes, they are. still to come on "good day new york", a hit at the box office, the producers of war room are joining us live. >> >> we are meeting the kendrick
8:41 am
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>> this song to me instant mood booster. ben: yes, it is a good song. blue skies in lower manhattan this morning. >> it is a gorgeous day, hot, enjoy it. ben bep yes, back to school, back to the daily grind for a lot of people that may be on vacation. it is feeling like a slow summer sunday morning. not a thursday morning. >> one of the favorite things in china town and going to the parks, they are exercising in the park all together, 50, a hundred people all together.
8:45 am
i would like to join in but i don't know what i'm doing. i watch from the side. ben: smoking could be banned in motel and hotel rooms in the state of new york. >> the bill is under consideration in albany and closing in on the clean indoor act. smoke comes through the vents into the nonsmoking rooms. the decision on smoking rules should best will up to the individual businesses. >> pie pediatricians are talking about alcohol before the age of ten years. that is young? >> it is young, but these are the new guide leans and they are posted and saying that we should be talking to the children starting at age nine about alcohol use and this is based on studies showing that between the ages of 9-13 the children are thinking positively about
8:46 am
alcohol and 21% of the children thought about alcohol use before they have tried it and had a sip before the age of 21. we are getting more and more people interested in alcohol at early ages. how do you talk about to children about alcohol and providing positive images about your own use. ben: well, that is tough, a lot of parents drink alcohol. > they do. they didn't get into the best ways to do it. but it is illegal under the age of 21. you don't want to be a parent hosting the parties and encouraging the young people to drink. certainly, yes, parents do drink, not being intoxicated in front of your children, that is something to avoid. show drinking responsibly. >> it is tough for them, you see the celebrities going to the clubs and partying as well. those are role models.
8:47 am
>> that is right. they talked about the images in the media and glamourizing it. ben: more bad news about the kids and beverages, sodas. >> yes, we finding another reason why it is not so good. the cholesterol levels for children 8-13, those that drink more sugar sweetened beverages had higher cholesterol, they found when the children actually cut down on the sugar drinks one serving per week they increased the hdl, that is the good cholesterol. so small changes make a big change and reventing heart disease risks. another reason to discourage the sugar beverages. >> did you grow up on soda? >> i did.
8:48 am
>> i don't remember it. >> yeah, people are more educated now, that is good about the dangers of sugary beverages. >> yes, remember throwing in the two liters in the cart. we were limited to some extent on drinking it. with water, dinner, water and milk and lunch. soda in the afternoon. >> we still want to limit those. >> yes. >> thank you, dr. raj. >> coming up on "good day", we are going to check out food and fashion at the us open. i got a taste yesterday. there is a lot to offer there.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
it is an app,via. >> it is a car service? >> car pool app. i have seen the vehicles. we are looking at 5th avenue. >> chocolate maybe? chocolate covered strawberries. >> rfrnt they like $8 a piece. >> just enjoy it. >> anna is on assignment. we have the report. >> there are reports that tom brady and gi sel is on the rocks. >> okay magazine is saying that she consulted a divorce lawyer but tom is thinking it is a threat. tom is becoming nasty and acting
8:53 am
out on her. other sources are saying that the marriage is fine, but sometimes gizelle is feeling left out. >> hand of god is getting mixed reviewed. >> take a listen. >> many of you know my family is in the middle of a very difficult time. >> this follows a crazed and daurl. the way that the script is written, no way it can go on for more than one season. the cast delivers. >> it is sounding depressing. >> yes, but you know what, good tv is good tv. >> that's true. >> may the force be with you, if you want your hands on the latest goods z.>> the force
8:54 am
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teresa: the song of the summer. we appreciate you tuning in and being the facebook fan of the hour. >> it is simple, like our facebook page. >> so much going on at 9:00. >> david is starting off the hour with us. >> talking ice cream, jokers, war war, art. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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