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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: a controlled those terror terribly wrong as a plane is forced to make an emergency landing in new jersey leaving two people seriously hurt. the cessna 172 was patrolling the hudson when the pilot reported engine trouble and tried to land in cresskill, new jersey. >> dan bowens has more. reporter: that's right, the two members on board are being treated at the hackensack university medical center and you can see behind me the mangled wreckage of this cessna 172 visible here in cresskill, new jersey. on the other side of the trees there is a big apartment complex nearby and there is a busy and popular pool and several fields
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where kids are always practicing nearby and many are saying that the actions of this pilot during this emergency are nothing short of heroic. >> you could tell that the power wasn't moving at all. and all of a sudden it was terrible. reporter: it was terrifying. the crash landing at the far end of the soccer field in a busy sports complex next to the community pool. >> it was really surreal. you didn't want to believe it was happening. >> it came around and crashed in the middle of the field or 2 official say that the coast guard crew was running in river. normal at 4:30 p.m. commend in 20 minutes later something went wrong. >> it didn't have any noise him and it wasn't running. the kind of turned.
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that is when it hit the field. >> they were going to try to make it to the hudson river. reporter: joe says that it appears that the pilot saw the danger on the ground, the high school, a residential complex nearby, made a quick decision. >> they somehow can get airborne over here, which was the only place that he couldn't possibly have put it down. >> i think that's the most heroic thing that he could have reporter: police chief edward brixton says that this field would've been filled with kids practicing. you are taking a live look here at cresskill, new jersey, bergen
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county, 10 miles northwest of the george washington bridge. we are expecting investigators to arrive in the next 24 hours to take a look at the two of hillary members, members of the coast guard and that means that they were unpaid volunteers who dedicate their service in the mission of the coast guard again, they suffered serious injuries that are being treated tonight at a local hospital. back over to you in the studio. >> breaking news at the u.s. open. a drone flew into an empty seat at louis armstrong stadium shortly before 9:00 o'clock, nobody was hurt him in the incident right now is under investigation and so far there are no arrest. but the nypd is investigating. steve: a 19-year-old construction worker killed. seven other workers were hit as well and two of them were hospitalized, the rest are expected to be okay. fire officials say that it's possible that the three adjoining buildings could collapse. structural engineers are now
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doing their work the best they can. >> unusual accidents in new jersey. two cars round were cut off by this red car and both ended up smashing into the restaurant. the driver of the red car got a ticket for reckless driving. >> five rutgers players have been suspended from the football team. the head coach is facing an academic investigation. lidia curanaj has more about this story. reporter: on game day saturday come in the stadium is going to be packed with students. we spoke to many of the students who plan on being here and many of them had no idea that five players are facing criminal charges. >> just days away from starting the new season, the rutgers football program is now in shambles after five of its players were arrested on serious criminal charges.
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>> i'm a little bit in shock and ashamed. reporter: entry box is facing two home invasion charges. ruhann peele ,-com,-com ma nadiro barnwell ,-com,-com ma razohnn gross and delon stephenson are facing aggravated assault charges for allegedly attacking a group of individuals in april including one student whose jaw was broken. in a statement by julie hermann, the players have been suspended indefinitely, we will have no further comment as this is a legal matter. four other students are facing charges for similar things. ruhann peele's according to a report is at the center of an investigation as to whether the coach violated ncaa rules by allegedly sending an e-mail to a faculty member in wiring about
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the players academic status. despite their football program being in turmoil, students are hopeful that the season will not be affected. >> hopefully we will be okay. >> do think that they will when it? >> i hope so. reporter: the coach has reportedly said that he has no reason to believe that he will not be coaching on saturday. but that was before the charges against five of his players were announced. that's the latest here from the stadium. back over to you. steve: tom brady was not in uniform tonight when he played the giants in their and their last preseason game. he had already scored the biggest. a federal judge tossing his four-game suspension in the deflate gate scandal and that means that he will be under center next week. the judge says that roger goodell went too far with this punishment. the attorney we spoke with said that he got thought the decision would actually go the other way.
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>> this surprises me and i think community. it's rare for a judge to accept the arbitrator's decision. steve: and surprise the nfl which has promised to repeal the ruling. >> donald trump through his 2 cents in, sending his support writing congratulations to tom brady on yet another great victory, he is my friend and they total winner. steve: donald trump took the stage at trump tower, pledging his loyalty to the gop saying that he will not run as a third-party candidate. here is linda schmidt. >> this was donald trump during republican presidential candidates were asked to raise their hand if they would not pledge to run as a third-party candidate. and right now donald trump has after meeting with the
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republican national committee that the best way for the republicans to defeat the democrats is to be loyal to the party and support whoever is the republican presidential nominee. >> for that reason, i have signed the pledge. reporter: and here it is, signed today by donald trump. the meeting between the gop front-runner and the chairman at trump tower before this conference was delicately choreographed. donald trump has been viewed as a thorn in the side of the rnc. >> once i ran i became an outsider because i wasn't supposed to run. but i'm not supposed to be running for office. reporter: if he doesn't win the republican nomination he could have decided to run as a third-party candidate which could threaten any chance for a republican to win the white house. experts say that that is the reason that the rnc needed to secure his pledge. and so as a man that loved the
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art of the deal, did he receive anything for his pledge? smacked absolutely nothing other than the assurance that i would be treated early. >> he was also asked if there's any possibility that he could end up changing his mind and he said no, this is it, it is a done deal and i'm sticking to the pledge. that's the very latest. linda schmidt for "fox 5 news". steve: some of hillary clinton's aides are urging unemployed to testify in front of the house, on the use of her private e-mail server. but the man who helped to install the system says that he will plead the fifth and not take the stand. mrs. clinton denies any wrongdoing and is expected to testify next month in front of the house select committee on benghazi. >> cory booker has joined dozens of democrats in support of the iranian nuclear deal. he admits that the deal is flawed but says that the
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alternative is worse. just yesterday senate democrats got the votes they needed to ward off any presidential veto. senate republicans struck down the deal. >> state of south carolina is going to seek the death penalty for dylann roof. he is accused of killing nine african-american senator austin he is also charged with hate crimes and we will see him back in court next month. >> a piece of wing found in july in a remote island in the indian ocean, definitely came from malaysian airlines flight 370. it disappeared in march of last year, 300 people were on board. steve: the governor announcing a review of the program after criticizing the state education department.
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the government has been taking recommendations as to how to approve common core. the problems associated with synthetic marijuana continues to be a major problem. now moving from bodega to the internet in an attempt to choke off the supply on the streets. >> and trying to find a friend in the big apple can be pretty difficult. how one website is trying to bring new yorkers together without the pressure of dating. steve: and "star wars." what has stands waiting for the clock to strike midnight so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. too. so everyone in the house but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month.
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for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. steve: synthetic marijuana. spies, call it what you will, it's a headache for the constant. >> delay dealers are adding entirely new wrinkle to the way
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authorities crack down. >> he won't just find a synthetic drug apodaca. at a news conference today, lawmakers released the results of an alarming regulation as to how this drug is being pushed on major commercial websites like ebay and amazon and craigslist. >> we are sending out letters to these sites, demanding that they take down these advertisements and then monitor for drug sales that have led to hospitalizations. i think everyone knows 16 deaths. >> jeff klein says they even have branded bags of the stuff that has turned up on city streets. >> it's not even hard that to find. reporter: the ads are geared towards new yorkers using keywords like k2 and legal weed. on craigslist you can click on links to take you to the dealer's website.
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even worse, investigators say that many of those dealers say that the k2 has been sprayed with toxic chemicals that have been banned in new york. >> i took it upon myself to show them a picture of my son. >> senator klein introduced regulation criminalize the sale of synthetic marijuana. sellers could get five years in prison, the first offense is a 2000-dollar fine and the second is $5000 in the third would cost cigarette, alcohol and lottery licenses. steve: deputy clerk say that they will begin issuing marriage certificates to gay couples and she refused to hand out marriage certificates thing that ever
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violated her religious leaves, but the judge said that she took a oath and she is not doing her job. [cheers] >> they do not deserve to be like them. steve: many gay and lesbian couples say that they plan to be at the office tomorrow to get their licenses. jennifer: it turns out that this man was trying to stick a charger and a cassette deck. naturally, someone snapped a picture and posted it online. cassettes are making a comeback,
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but apparently this guy did not get the message. and a new roller coaster coming to six flag flax great adventure. it's called total mayhem and is expected to make its debut next spring. it lifts riders 12 stories high for flipping over head over heels, creating a feeling of weightlessness. and this is what you might look like after years in the wild. going for a new record, 89 pounds and it's hard to tell. there he is afterwards recovering.
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looking shellshocked. that is incredible. >> we have all heard of people using dating websites to find true love. there is now a website for new yorkers who just want someone to hang out with. stacey delikat introduces us to the go find millions. but it can get lonely. >> wolter moved here two years ago from oregon. after a breakup he says he was looking to expand his your social circle and found that making friends wasn't that easy. >> i searched how to find friends in new york. >> he found go find, one of several online friending websites. if it sounds a lot like online dating, it is, but instead of booking romantic dates, you can
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book activity days. >> running, walking, the high line. >> we are living in a time of constant connection, snapshot, facebook, commenting on instagram, but these founders say that that's reason that we need a reason to get together face-to-face. >> so many people are spending a lot of time online and not off-line. we see that they are having trouble making real-life connections. >> it has become much harder to walk up to someone and say hi. >> why's why is it so hard to meet new people in the city. >> i feel like everyone is on the go. >> making friends as an adult can be tough, but not all were sold on trying online friending. >> it isn't for everyone, at least not go find friends. it's only available in new york
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city and limited to 20 something, although the founders say that they plan to expand in the future. stacey delikat for "fox 5 news". jennifer: ralph lauren taking workout wear to a whole new level. the brand-new smart shirts that could revolutionize how you state that. jennifer: and bringing out the most rabid "star wars" fans tonight.
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steve: some lucky people will do more in then get the chance to visit pope francis. many will be blessed by the holy father. representatives from cap attorneys are hoping that the pope's words and actions will spread the message of compassion to help the poor. wearing the right clothes could be the most to getting out of your workout. jennifer: recently ralph lorenz debuted the smart shirts that create the ultimate customized look. this is like wearable technology >> exactly, and that is a very big trend in fitness and now hello and ralph lauren is using fitness and fashion with this new shirt. >> this is a game changer. the idea of fashion and technology coming together.
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>> with this new polo texture, the brand is taking wearable technology to a whole new, more fashionable level. >> everyone is trying to figure out how to measure information on how to live a healthy and better life are in and fashion can help do that, that's great >> it transmits the data to your smart phone or tablet. the company has taken it to the next level offering a virtual trainer to leverage metrics towards the optimum workout. that goes with it which adapts to your conditioning to help you improve the way in which you are feeling. >> yes, i gave it a try. >> with the application adjusting the workout based on my performance. >> chris is going to count u.n.
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>> nice and light, nice and light. >> a really great workout in the middle of this shop. >> what's really crank it. five, four, three, two, one. >> nothing is going to stop me. >> you have to earn it. >> that is what i am talking about. great job. >> is your cost $295 and the company suggest that you should have many applications for this
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technology. >> it is really tight. >> it moves with you. what do you think the next workout? >> thicker material. >> it's certainly interesting, it can monitor your body. this is the future. i don't know if i'm going in on it right now. i'm skeptical. all right,. >> new york city going on the offensive against the growing homeless problem. cameras were on hand as a homeless camp was raided in the bronx. >> and why this guy did exactly what he deserves when he picked on the wrong woman.
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steve: an exclusive, the city moving to battle the growing homeless problem. jennifer: cameras were there as a homeless camp was demolished that officials they needed to go.
10:31 pm
lisa has the story where the camp used to stand. >> in this video taken by "fox 5 news", you see the bulldozers mattresses and other items from abandoned area below is tree level. the action came a day after bill de blasio to it aside and said that a homeless and cannot like this has no good news in the city. >> there are tons of homeless people. it's really sad. >> the police on were on hand as they cleared away the items which also included dozens of hypodermic syringes. >> ambulances come up and pick them up all the time because they overdose.
10:32 pm
>> an estimated 15 to 20 men lived in the encampment, the city's department of homeless services says five men requested shelter and services. in this statement, they said that we have set aside beds for the individuals living here and are working closely with the nypd and sanitation to quickly and safely clean up the area. >> it's great. i'm happy and i feel blessed to. >> the president of the coalition for the homeless says that this does not represent the vast majority of homeless people in the city, most of who are not drug abusers and urges suffering in silence. we are hearing that the city plans to bust of similar encampments and other locations. >> mayor bill de blasio will not be traveling to puerto rico on monday with governor romo. it turns out that he wasn't invited. the governor says the group is going to talk about puerto rico's financial health care problems.
10:33 pm
neither of which are the mayor's expertise. sparring over to the legionnaires outbreak. >> bill cosby hosted several benefit concerts for these workshops in the 1990s. dozens of women were accusing him of being sexually assaulted over the years. he has not been charged with anything at this time. >> a scare in the air when a training exercise goes wrong. one of the soldiers parachuted in open sending him spiraling to the ground. he landed on a residential street that somehow survived. he was conscious while being transferred to the hospital and is now in stable condition. steve: you don't mess with an mma fighter. learning the hard way. a female resilient fighter on her way to the gym to workout,
10:34 pm
two men stole her cell phone, she then put him in a triangle choke hold. causing the guide to cry and beg her to let it go. and there is a great shot right there. he can even be heard calling for his dad and mom. >> it is time now for on brand and off brand. off brand, this 20-year-old losing her license after refusing to take a breathalyzer after a concert. she is getting around town on this toy jeep which tops out at 5 miles per hour. and justin bieber doing
10:35 pm
something that i find kind of cool. as you can see he followed that clip, not to shabby. this is going for 20 to $35 per pint depending on where you can get it in the city. >> i am not a lobster guy, that sounds gross to me, i appreciate people that are passionate. it's just not my thing. steve: several months away from the release of the new "star wars" movie. jennifer: but only 90 minutes away from the new "star wars: the force awakens" merchandise. a sneak peak of what has people so excited. >> having some extra cash for that holiday weekend?
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call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable. enjoy better. >> making those high schools kinds that make math teachers proud. completing degrees in science and technology and engineering and math over the past five years or it is a lot more as well. in the meantime if you are in the market for a home it is cheap to borrow the money for it. the average rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage taking up slightly this week to just around 3.9%. and the jolly green giant, general mills selling this iconic brand. it's known for its frozen vegetables and of course classic foods. and if you're checking out for
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an early labor day getaway, gas prices at a dollar less than this time last year, the national average $2.44 per gallon of regular unleaded. that's business and i'm no guru no. >> it looks like playing video games for a living is about to go mainstream. steve: espn looking for an editor. the reporters will talk about the action-packed world of videogames. last month they aired a championship and the winners walked away with $6.6 million. that's a big deal. >> the world's best travel jacket will be a lot more usable with more pockets. the fourth most funded project ever it aims to simplify
10:41 pm
traveling and features plenty of room to stash her things. steve: leave the car at homecoming you are looking at the first drivable suitcase called the moto back. created by a guy in chicago. kevin o'donnell says he got the idea after seeing kids jump on rollable suitcases arrived and he took it to the next level. >> you could see some familiar characters hanging around your local toys "r" us. what has fans counting down the minutes to midnight. steve: and keith richards. pulling the punches per usual. what he had to say about today's music that has everyone riled up on social 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water
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>> in just over an hour, toys "r" us will be open for the midnight madness. >> we are taking a look at times square. here we are, lines are set to buy their "star wars: the force awakens" merchandise. our reporter gives us a sneak peek.
10:45 pm
>> the anticipation of the december release of "star wars: the force awakens" from the world has been in england says of these new toys with this grand unveiling on friday. >> they are keeping it out until midnight. >> and here it was a family affair with fans across generations celebrating "star wars." >> we grew up with "star wars." i would love to see my kids get into it like i was when i was a little kid. 2. reporter: for some, the choice could offer insight into the film and its closely guarded plot. reporter: and these two had chosen their favorites already. see that princess leia. do not issue your favorite? >> yes. >> i love every one of them
10:46 pm
because they are all cool. >> if you want to get in on the action, wal-mart, target, and others are celebrating at the release of the new "star wars" toys. steve: a limitless and bottomless appetite for all of that stuff. they are already lined up and ready to go. and this is the final hot night. to an end. our last 90-degree day for a wild. park earlier this afternoon, that is our average for this time of year and we will actually be close to average if tomorrow. a drop in the number will happen for friday. temperatures of about 74 degrees and today's highs mostly in the
10:47 pm
80s and 90s. say goodbye to these numbers with readings mostly in the 70s to about 80 degrees. pretty mild across the region and towards montauk point. we are at 83 in the city. this is the same number that we have at your. two points pretty high in the 60s and 70s ring us that muggy feel. we will see these numbers drop his go further into the weekend. tonight it's going to be muggy and mild and temperatures in the 60s and 70s and they won't recover too much as we go into tomorrow. courtesy of a cold front that is igniting showers across more than new jersey towards the hudson valley. and then we are picking up cloud cover with a couple of showers, being picked up by the radar. action coming from north to south out of the hudson moving into new jersey and we are getting some downpours, it will
10:48 pm
be moving from north to south and i can't leave out the chance for a couple more isolated showers. courtesy of a cold front light up northwest of us with the cloud cover, a couple of showers passing through as well getting very slow to move out of the area unfortunately. if you have plans tomorrow, be aware that it will be mostly cloudy for much of the area and slowly that front will make its way south and in high pressure will come in from canada which is going to set us up for a very nice holiday weekend. future cash owing partly cloudy conditions. tomorrow morning we will have mostly cloudy skies and a couple of lingering showers along the front earlier in the day. a couple of isolated showers especially west of new york city until about two or 3:00 o'clock in the morning. more sunshine along connecticut and long island and the jersey shore and then tomorrow night things will improve with the exception of the jersey shore as the clouds linger across the
10:49 pm
area as front comes to the south. i clouds across the region to the north it looks good. i pressure dominating the weather and then along the jersey shore we could see cloud cover from delmar oblate cape may. then we will see more in the way of sunshine, something to be aware of as you plan your saturday. isolated showers, muggy and mild, temperatures and low 60s to low 70s. then we will start with cloud and sun breaking through from time to time. shower activity mostly in the morning and it will be windy and cooler with temperatures in the upper 70s to low '80s which is exactly where we should be for this time of year, if you plan to go to the u.s. open tomorrow, take me with you. temperatures will be in the 70s and it will be comfortable compared to the last seven days. it should stay dry and then will be clear by the evening session. plenty of sunshine for everyone, temperatures and low '80s, upper '80s for labor day and then the heat and humidity returns.
10:50 pm
we are expecting readings in the high 80s to low '90s as the gun tuesday and wednesday in its human, it will stay dry as we go through the next several days. steve: if you take her to the u.s. open, you have to take at least 100 pictures. [laughter] jennifer: tweets and everything else. audrey: it's worth every minute. >> traffic tracker is brought to you by toyota. >> i'm ynez rosales would your traffic tracker. 109 both ways from south of north avenue and elizabeth to north of mcclellan street, construction tomorrow in the local from 10:00 a.m. until we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. russ: how are you doing, everyone? as we told you earlier in the show, and the latest episode of the placates soap opera, this judge nullify the four-game suspension of tom brady handed
10:54 pm
down by roger goodell. and the nfl will of course appeal the ruling but that will probably take anywhere from six months to a year to figure out. the future hall of famer is going to be the starting quarterback for the patriots all season long in 2015. i am not a lawyer or expert but while the commissioner is being severely criticized for the way this room going against him and the league, let me remind you of a few things. he wasn't the one who beat his wife. he wasn't the one who beat his kid with a switch and he was not the one who deflated the footballs. if you don't like the punishment that he's hands-down, fine, but he is not the guy committing the crimes. the players and their players association need to remember that. meanwhile, today's ruling gave the patriots head coach bill belichick and robert kraft plenty of good reason to be all
10:55 pm
smiles prior to tonight's preseason finale against the patriots in foxboro and boy oh boy, was this one a boring football game. picking for the giants, making good on this his fourth field goal. giving the giants a lead, 12 to nine would be her final in new england. and then over at metlife stadium, connecting with chris place. and it was seven to nothing in here in the second quarter again, finishing off a 14 play and 90-yard drive making it a 14 to three jet score. and now we start playing for keeps. over at the u.s. open today
10:56 pm
roger doing a great job. that is it for sports. steve: let's talk about the legendary keith richards. having everyone all fired up today. saying that rap music is her tone deaf people. he also called metallica and black sabbath jokes. and also saying that some have a mishmash of rubbish. one individual says that he attacked the foundation of modern music are dead. steve: okay, brian says i don't agree with him, but the guy is allowed to have an opinion. he's the foundation of modern rock 'n roll. if anyone gets any leeway for me it's keith richards, he can say what he wants to be one i like looking at him the way that i
10:57 pm
like looking at willie nelson. steve: have a great night, everyone.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers,


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