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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  September 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> a new jersey family is open after being stranded in portugal for months, i am christina park. antwan lewis has the night off, well couple went overseas 4 months before their due date, but the mother unprime expectationly gave birth to twins, and one unfortunately did not survive. >> we're staning here today because of support that everyone has given us. >> reporter: they flew in back home in new jersey. >> we found out we were pregnant we did some research on when it
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would be safe to flying everything we read said, around less than 30 weeks you are safe. >> reporter: they had a trip planned to fort -- portugal long before they knew they were expecting twins they left in may, she went to labor on mother's day, giving birth 13 weeks early, both babies barely more than a pound, their son hudson did not survive, their daughter haden was too weak to fly back on a commercial plane, at first the insurance company would not cover the cost on fly home, but then the sprouts posted on line, and an outpouring of community change their heart. >> i got a call, they were paying for everything it was thursday night, they said, you are leaving on sunday. >> reporter: as soon as they landed, an ambulance took them
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and the baby to the hospital, i go fund me page has overs there are thousand in donation -- $50 thousand from friends for haden. >> she did well, she handled this last 4 months like a champ. different. >> reporter: the grandparents waited to finally welcome them home. >> i can't wait to tickle her. >> hole her. >> haden will be in the hospital, first thing we need to get her home. >> reporter: they look forward to bringing haden back to portugal when she gets older, to introduce her to the doctors who cared for her and the kind people that helped her family along the way. antwan: i wish them the best. >> this week marks unofficial
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end of summer, beaches were packed with people taking in beautiful weather, will labor day be just as nice, audrey puente with a look at the forecast. audrey: we have had a spectacular holiday weekend. right now we have temperature readings in 80 for the highs, we were in upper 70s in belmar. right now 80 in bridgeport. we're in 80s in sussex and mobt sello -- monticello, these numbers are running a few degrees warmer than at this time yesterday, they will go higher, into the holiday. the dewpoints are comfortable mostly in 50s, setting us up for a hot, and humid middle part of the upcoming week, high pressure in control over northeast and new england, it will give us a clear night tonight, and a beautiful end of
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the weekend with sun-filled skies, by noon we'll be at 81 in central park. in mid 80s at 3: 00. in the region we're expecting temperatures in low 80s, to low 90s. we'll have mostly sunny sky, i will let you know how long the trend will last coming up. christina: all right. thank you. and it is going to be the perfect day for tomorrow's westinian day carnival -- indian day carnival parade in crown heights, they are putting finishing touches on everything. celebration of caribbean culture will start at 11 a.m. christina: tens of thousands of refugees have 54ed to parts of europe, pope francis has asked can the licks catholics to help shelter the refugees. >> reporter: officials say this could be worse refugee crisis since world war ii, they hope to
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find a place they can live and work, the pope is calling on all europeans to do their part. as he prepares to travel to u.s. this month, pope francis used his weekly address from st. peter square to issue a call to action. amid the refugee crisis. >> from hunger and who are on road in hope of a better life, the gospel calls us and asks for hope. >> reporter: the vatican will shelter two families of refugees, he called on catholic parishes, monasteries and convents across europe to do the same. pope pop's pope francis' remark come as thousand arrive in germany
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today, receiving a friendly welcome, not all met as warmly this, pushing and shovings as tensions erupted, in hungary, exhausted migrants await buses to leave syria. >> we want to live peacefully, we don't' to intervene in this conflict. >> reporter: others not so lucky and had to walk through hungary as they head to germany. >> one man expressing relief. >> reporter: as for what united states is doing, we're much farther from syria, state department said that 1500 syrian refugees have been admit hire, 300 -- admit here, and 300 more
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expected by october. christina: the controversial iran nuclear program is gaining more support today, former secretary of state collin powell, and deborah wassermann schultz, backed the agreement, they felt it would reduce threat of iran gaining a nuclear weapon, secretary state under george w. bush called the agreement, a pretty good deal. >> i studied carefully the outline of the deal, what is in the deal, and i carefully looked at opposition to the deal, my judgment after balancing two sets of information, it a pretty good deal. christina: white house clinched necessary vote to insure that congress up holds that deal. >> and race to become democratic presidential nominee is heating up, with bernie sanders gaining, 9 points lead over hillary clinton, in july she was ahead
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by 10. senator sanders is closing ground on democratic front runner iowa. christina: former new york city rudy guliani blames bill de blasio for the city's home lets -- homeless crisis, he wrote the de blasioy belief that people have a right to live on the streets is unhumane, indesip, and dangerous. he claims, as mayor he removed most homeless people from the streets by providing solutions to their problem. it is a contradiction to describe the stance as progressive it should be regarded as retro gressive, so far mayor de blasio has not responded. christina: what should be a positive september for mitt --
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mets fans have turned 2 a possible nightmare. >> 10066 inning -- 166 innings, i don't know much more than what i have to do tuesday that go out bite the nationals. christina: the mets say harvey is okay to pitch through the play-offs, met fans are not happy with this, duke castiglione with latest on this drama. duke: that sudden under statement, this is a hot topic, mets fans are blowing up on twitter, they are not happy, more on that in a sec, but first he had a day off, wright captain talking to harvey on the bench for a long time, they could have been talking about golf or dinner. but, wright doing most of the talking, harvey doing most of the listening. many mets fans would like to a chance to talk to matt harvey
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and tell him what they think of things. in this innings limit, i asked on twitter, their react, here is some response. mets fans have an up pitching help boris is forcing matt out of new york city or toronto see how he likes that. he will not resign in new york in 3 year, deal off season for a bat. cargo, meaning, good school system in denver. diane, maybe matt harvey should take -- >> and mike said heed up set when -- upset when mets wanted to skip a few starts, now he wants to skip october, that is the biggest problem i have. he complained about 6 man rowtation. -- we'll talk more about this
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with "sports extra" present the by toyota, with jay jaffe, i would say, you may see him get traded in off season. christina: do you think that is going to happy. duke: i think that is only solution. christina: a tough crowd. duke: it's not good. christina: all right. thank you, duke. very unsportsmanlike conduct on the grid iron, what a pair of high school football players did to a referee that landed them in trouble. christina: remember that drone crash at u.s. open this week. a similar even at a sporting even this week. week. >> hugh jackman using his star poker to reignite the bucket challenge we'll be right back.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. christina: a texas school district is investigating after a football player slammed into a referee watching a game during a friday game in san antonio, after he fell, a second player jumped on top the official. both players were ejected from
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the game. the school district calls this video disturbing. christina: police investigating a drone crash at university of kentucky stadium, near the suite level right before kickoff. the drone's owner is a student, and being questioned by police, thankfully no one was injured, stadium. christina: last night's indecent comes days after a drone crashed into empty seats at u.s. open during the women's single 34567, no one -- sang el match, no one was injured there. >> scientists are looking at footage of a chimp taking down a drone that was flying over the zone. >> they climbed to where the drone was hovering, when it came
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back they were ready, their faces soic serring, not fear -- exertion not fear, they took it right down. >> gorgeous outside today, in little brazil, the annual brazillian independence street party, the weather was amazing, will the weather carry over? audrey puente with the forecast. audrey:y could not ask for better weather, our high in central park to 87. that was at about 1:00 this afternoon. right now 80 in the park. the winds are coming out of the south, we're at 70s across long island at the moment, 79 in
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bridgeport. and down the shore in belmar at 75. nice. winds are light at the moment, they will stay that way for the night, we're in store for a mile, and muggy evening across much of the area, with excepttion of northwest everyone counties, in the fifths -- in the 50s tonight. high pressure in control, that will keep it dry for northeast and much of new england to the midatlantic. to the west, as a system is igniting shower activity across the great lakes, this is a very slow moving system, it is really not going to impact the area until we get to latter part of next week. until that happens that area of high pressure will dominate, on back side a southwest wind flow will bump up our heat and humidity to mid week. lookinga the future cast, clear skies, a few high thin clouds starting monday, but it should
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be a nice sun-filled day. the same tuesday, but the difference is you feel humidity, that will take a rise. looking at satellite and radar to atlantic off of the coast of africa our next tropical storm, grace, making its way across the atlantic, it is to affect some leeward islands into end of the week. but by then it is to weaken to a tropical depression at that point. tonight, clear, cool in suburbs, where lows will drop in 50s. mostly sunny tomorrow, i think we'll stay cooler on south shore of long island, on tuesday mostly sunny, humid, 90. new york city schools return on wednesday, hot and humid, thursday, and high friday, afternoon showers and thunderstorms, but then dryer,
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nicer and more comfortable into next weekend. we lucked out this summer with great weather for weekend. we may have another one next week. christina: fantastic and plans for labor day? audrey: i'm going to be here with you. christina: sounds fun. >> a i accept the challenge, bridge it on. >> i love that hugh jackman putting his super star power behind 2015 als challenge. challenge relaunched at end of july, last year it helped als association raise over $115 million for research, and duke with sports. duke: hello, coming up after the break, news other than matt half
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i, steven mattes makes his returns, against the marlins,
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nation. have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. duke: down in miami, mets up 3-2, gives up a home run to justin, right field tying it at three, then 9th, this was an
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epic at bat, 12-pitch at bass, bases load one out, prado shot to left. the throw not in time. mets lose a heartbreaker 4-3, the lead is down to 4. they play each other starts tomorrow. >> yanks at home, tampa bay, mccann with a 3 run homer to right, tying it at three, the next batter alex rodriguez. a home run. yankees win 6-4, jays won so yankees stay a game and a half up. >> and u.s. open today serena williams beat madison keith in straight sets. that means serena will face venus tuesday. >> coming up on "sports extra" present by toyota we discuss matt harvey and mets.
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we talk it over with jay jaffe of "sports illustrated." >> thank you, duke. >> quite the competition on hudson today, coming up, the battle for top tugboat, when "fox 5 news" at 6:00 continues.
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christina: crews battle for title of top tugboat today in on the hudson today.
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nose to nose tugboat pushing and line tossing, when the pros were finish, amateurs got in on the action with their own contest, a beautiful day for that. that. audrey: fabulous everywhere. more heat tuesday and wednesday, and rising across the area, next weekend. it is looking really good with temperatures in upper searches to -- 70s to low 80s, and nice and dry. christina: thank you, imchristina this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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