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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 7, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning, the search is on for a white van that hit add killed a woman and drove out. ben: we are getting ready on labor day to celebrate a big event, the west indian day parade but over night violence marred that event. >> matt harvey is saying don't count him out from the post season if he makes the playoffs. ben: i was in d.c. over the weekend and people are on edge about the nationals, which i like.
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all though the mets lead shrunk to four games now. >> we'll be okay. ben: good morning, michael. very patriotic. mike: why not. happy labor day. juliet: are you awake yet? ben: he saw hamilton last night and was out late. mike: it was a great show. ben: it is hard to get the tickets. mike: yes, they cost a lot and you have to wait a long time. thank you to my pal. happy labor morning, folks. changes are coming at us here. it was sunny and warm over the majority of the weekend. 71 is the current temperature at central park right now. 68 newark.
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here is where the changes are taking place, the dew points are creeping up again. we had a break and now it is working back up. 64 dew point at central park, not too bad but on the sticky side again. winds are coming from the southwest again at 3-8 miles per hour. late last week we had a northeast wind and bringing the temperatures down and now they are going back up and high pressure is sliding offshore and allowing for shine and southerly flow and bringing back the heat and the humidity. the storm chances won't with be a problem for us. it is going to be sunny and a hot. we are going up to 88 degrees and a lot of sunshine.
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9d 0 tomorrow. 88 on wednesday. thursday is looking to be the messy day. oh, folks, tomorrow, everyone is returning to school tomorrow. ines: or wednesday or started last week. mike: all right. enjoy labor. it is humid. let's bring it to ines rosales. ines: all right. problems on the roads this morning involving overturned vehicles. 280 east bound a flipped over car. let's go to the cameras, staten island expressway, victory boulevard moving fine. all construction is suspended. let's talk about the trains, as
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of course, holiday schedule or sunday schedule. as far as the subways, sunday schedule, you have the trains bypassing because of festives the going on. street cleaning rules are suspended as well as the meters. ben: 4:34. police releases a surveillance video for a hunt of a hit and run driver. juliet: they struck and killed a 59-year-old crossing the street yesterday morning and crossing while using a walker and carrying groceries. 1-800-577-tips. >> preparties are marred with shooting and stabbings. two people left injured.
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the shooting victim is in stable condition. meantime meantime, those marching in the parade were busy putting the finishing touches on. celebration of caribbean culture beagains at 11:00 this morning. juliet: the migrant crisis in europe is not slowing down and thousands are fleeing the middle east. ben: there are growing calls for the united states to do more. >> thousands of mie brants are continuing to make their way across shore and trying to escape war and poverty in the middle east. austria and germany are taking in a number of the seekers and many of whom are stranded for days and are hungry. >> we just want peace. >> despite welcoming thousands
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of mie brapts over the weekend, us a degree ya is rolling back the measures for allowing people into the country and calling it a matter of security. >> the conditions are difficult. >> many of the migrants are from syria, and some are saying that the crisis is not resolved until the civil war that ends. >> it is a failure of the international powers, including the united states and russia and saudi arabia and iran and coming to grips with the civil war. >> some are calling for the u.s. to accept for syrian refugees. but g.o.p. candidates with saying that is a mistake. >> united states can't relax the entrance criteria, we have to be careful about what enters the
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>> tins 201 # -- 2011, 4 million people have fled syria. >> yesterday colin powell and head of the democratic national committee backed the iran agreement. >> i studying the outline of the deal sapped what is in the deal and carefully looked at the opposition of the deal and my judgment after balancing the two sets of information is that it is a pretty good deal. >> president obama secured the support to complete the deal, but schumer is not among them.
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mayor giuliani and deblasio. giuliani blasted deblasio for the homeless crisis. he goes on to claim as mayor he removed the homeless from the street by providing solutions to problems, it is a contradiction to describe this city as progressive. he also bought them bus tickets to florida or something like that. >> fret and kim separate going on vacation to portugal four months before giving birth to twins. >> we were at the airport when the family returned home. >> we are standing here because of the support. >> the separate flying in
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after a bittersweet four month ordeal. >> when finding out we were pregnant and did the research on when it is safe to fly. >> fred and his wife kim had a trip planned to go to portugal and left when kim was six months pregnant after four doctors gave her the okay and she went labor on mother's day and giving birth. the son hudson didn't survive. at first the insurance company refused to cover the costs to fly home and the separates were posting about the ordeal on line and there was a change of heart. >> when i got the call, they said you are leaving on sunday.
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miles on a medical equipped plan and when they landed kim and the baby were taken to the hospital and a gofund me page has over $50,000 for the road of recovery. >> we were nervous, but she's doing well. she handled this last four months like a champ. >> the grandparents are welcoming them home. >> i can't walt to hold her, play her and tickle her. >> she's in the hospital for a little bit and the first thing we have to do is make sure that we are continuing to support her. >> fred and kim are looking forward to bringing hayden back
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>> wow. 4:40. still ahead, get ready for a hot labor day holiday. mike has the forecast. ben: tom brady talks about the suspension that was nullified, that suspension [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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[ cheers and applause ] is rolling into dunkin'. tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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mike: welcome back, everyone. all right, we are getting going on this labor day forecast, this monday, folks having a chance to relax and sleeping in. yesterday, warm stuff. up to 87 degrees for a high in central park. 90 in poughkeepsie. 85 sussex. 77 in montauk. pretty nice in the tristate region. a little cooler on saturday. yesterday it started to warm up. we are going to see humidity trying to pull back up again. right now the current temperature in central park 71. 68 in newark. 59 in poughkeepsie. 55 in monticello. not looking so bad at all. the dew points are starting to creep up. 55 dew point in monticello. 64 is sticky for you in central park. that is for today and several
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days to come, the humidity will be making a come back to tristate. high pressure is in control keeping us nice and quiet. clear skies out there right now. here is the cold front, that is not in a hurry to get us to. we are not worried about the showers for the holiday itself. we could use some of the rainfall and behind for the year, six and a half inches or so. to the futurecast, not much going from today to tomorrow. the next 24 hours very little change out there, just a southerly influence coming to us, high pressure is hanging tight and we are pulling up the humidity levels and and the dew points are going up. some of the showers are flirting with returning to us here in the tristate region and coming to us later on wednesday and thursday. the beach and the boat report
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temperatures between 74-78 degrees. rip current risk is moderate and be aware of that. high temp up to 88 degrees. sticky out there today through thursday and then after that catching a break from the heat and the humidity. we have the app too. live interactive radar is there. checkette check it out. it is free. all right, to ines rosales. ines: nice job. mike, a few problems this morning with the roads. we have an accident investigation going on in westchester. the cross bronx two lanes are blocked. another accident there. minor delays. traffic will be lighter than normal. to the long island expressway, no issues there. the george washington bridge
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looking good. upper, lower level no problems at all. no construction. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel doing fine. ben: quarterbacking tom brady is speaking out after winning the court battle. juliet: cheater. ben: the suspension is lifted for cheating, and they are getting ready for the owner on thursday and thinking of new ways to cheat now and she's thinking about the future not the past. >> it has been a long 7 months for everybody but now the goal is focussed on what my job and what i have to do to help the team win and you know anything that's happened over the past 7 months, you know, i have a lot of personal feelings and i don't care to share those but go forward.
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ways to cheat. he said he's feeling sorry for the others suspended in the roles for the deflategate. juliet: joining us is curtis sliwa. >>al beit going to the kwar bean parade and shooting the guns up in the air look you just don't care. the more crime you commit and the more you cheat you can go to rutgers or the patriots. did giselle give him permission to speak. juliet: are they together?
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>> you are reading the star magazine. giselle said tom time to go out and lie, lie, lie. you are the best, not the rest. you bet the nfl commissioner and cheat your way into a world championship and another super bowl. ben: well, it worked out for him. >> he destroyed the evidence and the two that helped him are suspended. is he under writing their pay? ben: maybe a contribution. talk about mayor deblasio and the homeless problem, the mayor admitting there is is a homeless situation in the city. giuliani is saying that the mayor is falling asleep on the job here. >> he's smoking the curb. i'm telling you on the back porch of the mansion every night. when you wake up drug
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indegreesed at 11:00 in the morning and there's no morning. they are everywhere. how do you ignore that and the homeless people, yeah, deblasio you make it easy to be homeless, when rudy was the mayor. juliet: what you are hearing on the streets, are you hearing from the cops they are standing down on this? >> the cops are pounding the donuts there and marking off the time and 20 years and half pay and full boat load until they die. the white shirts are not telling them to do anything. if aur copper and busting your shoes and pounding the donuts, you stand back and do nothing. the homeless and mentally ill
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they should be on the back porch and smelling the k 2. juliet: you know a lot about the different types. >> of course. you never separated the seeds and the stems growing up? juliet: no. ben: the end of the tourism season at the shore towns at the jersey shore and long island. juliet: i was on long beach yesterday. beautiful. ben: busy in jersey is up. it is up in long branch. a pretty good year by all accounts, with one exception, atlantic city. >> seaside heights, no longer the arcades and the steeple chase. chris christie not there mooching the food up and down the board walk with the two
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greg: he's -- ben: he's at the iowa state fair. >> time to come home shamoo. did you go to belmar this summer? juliet: no. >> gq ben you love to hang. >> we are getting a wrap. we have to go. ben: your mets. >> i hate the mets. juliet: what? ben: they are going to the playoffs.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. july welcome back. duke is headed u out to the us open. we are doing the sports for him. ben? ben: after being pretty noncommittal about the pitching status, matt harvey is saying he's going to be available for the mets playoff run should it happen.
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the players tribune in part saying quote i once the risks and full away of the opportunity that the mets have and winning the division and getting to the playoffs is the goal, once in, i will be there. speaking of theette manies they are in washington today. juliet: yes, in miami yesterday matts came back. they couldn't hold the lead in the 8th. here he gives up a home run to pinch hitter to right field and tying up the game at three and moving to the 9th. prado lined one. and allowing the winning run to store and the mets losing this 3-1 and the met's lead is down
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>> the yankees at home against tampa bay a. 3-run home run. the next batter a-rod and followed that with a home run of his own and this time to right. his 28th of the year. the yankees win it 6-4. the jays won and they are a game and a half out of first place and playing the oerlz. >> to the us open. the williams are going to bat it out. >> serena battled keys and won. the williams played each other 26 times in the career, serena leads 15-1 is and venus is years.
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