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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: an aide to governor cuomo in critical condition this morning. he was shot while enjoying the celebration prior to the west indian day parade. we have an update for you. ben: bill deblasio has strong words for rudy guiliani when it comes to deal with a homeless. you will hear what he has to set at about rudy guiliani's record. juliet: s to the commute for those taking buses out of port authority, the gate could be different. be aware of that. we will tell you about it in just a second. i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, is november 8th, the day after
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labor day. juliet: happy anniversary to our wonderful partner and her husband, their anniversary was yesterday. ben: mike did not clear this day of with us but it is good to have you. jury duty doesn't begin until 9:00 a.m.. in other words he could be here until late:40 and then go downtown. >> why didn't we talk about that yesterday when he told me i had to come in today? ben: yet instead they. >> meteorologist: you will head out with you have jury duty or not, temperatures across the tristate area in the 70s across long island and central park 60s in monticello and sussex and it is feeling a little muddy out there because dew points are in
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the 60s of the 70s across much of the region. it will be a unit afternoon, a pershing control. on the backside southwest wind flow pumping up heat and humidity across lower regions joel looks like it will be half for much of the eastern seaboard as we watch this system coming from the west. ahead of that needed humidity building, this will affect the starting late afternoon tomorrow into thursday and could get a good soaking because we are a little bit of a drought across the region. plenty of sunshine to the head heating up numbers in the 90s later this afternoon in many locations, tomorrow hot and humid once again, was for scattered afternoon showers, more stores likely thursday lingering into friday and it is not the fourth of july friday, but some folks don't want summer to end so we will keep it warm, temperatures will stay above average. let's see the traffic.
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ines: problems in westchester, sawmill closed in both directions, accident northbound turning down the southbound lane for emergency personnel, try to find alternate route and in new jersey some trucks flipped over on the 100 in somerset county line, and that started where the traffic jams started, wouldn't be surprised if you have slowdowns with rubbernecking delays. let's go to jericho turnpike west bound and eastbound and the trains to the normal schedule everything on or close, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: and aide to governor cuomo's in critical condition. >> he was shot when taking part in this celebration prior to the west indian day parade. robert moses joins us with more on the story. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the cuomo administration says he
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did make it through surgery. and he remained at kings county hospital. and he was having a good time. and he got caught in the crossfire. governor cuomo says the 43 meg is a shining example of the american dream, he grew up in public housing, graduated from harvard and joy in the cuomo administration as a lawyer in 2011. >> could have gone to any law firm in this city and what he was getting paid for, he was all heart and wanted to give back to his community. >> reporter: he was walking with his brother and friends and joy in the celebrations before the west indian day parade yesterday morning when police say he got caught in the crossfire between two rival groups. >> a bunch of shots could 20 shots. >> reporter: one of those shots
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he was not the intended target. >> a sweet man giving back to his community, gentle man who had nothing to do with anything, just walking down the street. >> reporter: police recovered a weapon from the scene of the shooting but have not made any arrests. the shooting of carey gabay is another example of violence that plagued the parade every year, another man was stabbed to death an hour-and-a-half before carey gabay was shot. bill brennan says gains account for much of the violence. >> traditional crime unfortunately the we deal with all the time. it is unfortunate it occurred during this event, but no reason not to go forward with the event each year. >> reporter: bill deblasio was among those who visited carey gabay at a hospital. >> our prayers are with him and his family. another reminder of the bigger
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which is to get guns off our streets. >> reporter: police are still looking for still images and videos in the hopes those may help catch the person who shot carey gabay. as a powerful legacy is governor cuomo acknowledged in this instance he is powerless when it comes to comforting carey gabay's family. that is the latest, back to you. juliet: funeral services will be held for a family that died in the murder/suicide in their new jersey home. lyndon shot his wife and children before setting their house on fire and killing himself. services for all four will be in long branch. police have not released a motive for those shootings. ben: forest fire burning for new jersey, no homes are in danger and no injuries at this point but the fire has scorched
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several hundred acres in woodland township in burlington county in central new jersey. firefighters have been working through the night to contain it. no word went it started. juliet: the war of words between bill deblasio and rudy guiliani is heating up. we expected this to happen. they are duking it out over the homeless problems beginning with an op-ed in the new york post in which mayor guiliani said the homeless problem is best handled with intervention, not denial. >> i think he is delusional. if you think about what rudy giuliani did as mayor, homelessness went up 40% on his watch. juliet: bill deblasio said the nypd and the sanitation department are in the process of cleaning up 21 homeless encampments. ben: the nypd is cracking down on specialist oil that lets cigarette users vaporize
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arrested six dealers in recent months in brooklyn is became wax or honeycomb, looks like candle wax which federal drug officials say has massive amounts of t h c, in a to kill users. juliet: expects a changes if your commute include the bus from the port authority. ben: the port authority is restructuring dietz, moving buses around to reduce congestion. us. >> that might help the situation. >> reporter: writers and 55 bus routes for the port authority bus terminal are gearing up for what is expected to be some very confusing commutes. the port authority is reassigning its departure gates for transit and buses so you are you sticking your bus, has now been changed to a different the on a different floor. >> i might have to go to another gate. it is not that big a change, i will be fine.
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30,000 commuters to use the bus terminal on a daily basis. nj transit buses will be housed on the third floor in the heart of the building reducing the number of times buses must turn down the ramp allowing more buses to leave on time. all coach buses and its partners will move to the fourth floor. this essentials allows the act will bus company's to as one port authority executive put it be owners of their own states. >> reporter: buses get caught around those tunnels. >> the port authority get back up and cause all kinds of delays. >> reporter: the change part of the $90 million initiative to enhance the passenger experience. it was spurred by significant delays commuters experience in the summer when gridlock caused buses to miss their departure times. it is a time sunrise won't soon forget. >> we will wait and see. i have been to new jersey for it to 2 years and it is tough. >> reporter: teresa priolo, "good day new york". juliet: there is good news about
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new york city beaches, they will stay open an extra week. you can go to asbury park or wherever you would like. ben: as very park is not a new york city beach. maybe you can do some more hiking. a walk in this and. juliet: climbing up a gigantic didn't. this includes a recipe, stretches of rockaway beach. midland's and south beaches, orchard beach closed to tourists. orchard beaches in the bronx now remain open through this and they so police say big increase in attendance at city beaches, 19 million visitors for memorial day, the weather has been fantastic. maybe jersey will follow suit is
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ben: new jersey bj's are open, might not be guarded. you would be rattled with misinformation. still ahead on "good day early call" looking at the 60th they of 80 degrees. we will see if there's any relief from the heat in sight. juliet: the pope looking to change rules when it comes to an element. interesting. why you looking at me? we are going to look at oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule. welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling for $89.99 a month.
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>> looks like another hot day across the tristate area like yesterday, high readings in the 80s to 90s. check-poughkeepsie, 95 degrees, same number towards newark liberty airport, 92 in the city, 85 in islip, 82 the high toward montauk point. pretty muddy and smiled, 70s to the mid 60s and sussex. the winds are relatively light, but bumping up vote humidity and temperatures as you go through tuesday, satellite radar shows things are relatively quiet, a couple-clouds dominated by high pressure which is going to sit joy over the area in the next 12 to 24 to 48 hours as it slides
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east to allow the cold front to come in from the west to ignite some shower activity starting tomorrow through thursday into friday morning. you can see it double standard showers possible by tomorrow evening and the front will pass to the region by friday and things will get much drier and more comfortable across the region. great date to be at the beach, where your son screen. you can plan for plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the 90s in many locations, it will be a hot and humid day across the region. close to 90 in central park, thursday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, stores will linger into early friday and tryout by afternoon. so far the weekend looks great. we lucked out with great weather on saturday. sunday looks like for the most part we should see a relatively nice weekend with showers coming in late in the day sunday and you want to track the weather or any storms we are following you can download our weather apps
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iphone store with daily and hourly forecasts, it is called check the traffic, we will head over 2 hour traffic tracker. ines: checking an accident on the saw mill, northbound remains shutdown because of this accident, southbound close to emergency personnel. that has been cleared away. the other issue out there is 78 at the border. there is a dump truck that flipped over on the west bound side closing all lanes. no issues on the cross bronx, traffic moving flying eastbound west bound by the bronx parkway. as for the george washington bridge, and the upper and lower level. in the holland tunnel. ben: walmart truck driver reported the wants criminal
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charges against him dismissed. t m z reporting kevin roker, the high-profile nature of the case made it impossible for him to get a fair trial. p.s. the judge to drop the charges, roker claims there have been a ton of admissions over the accident, including wal-mart issuing a press release saying he was responsible for that crash in 2014, severely injured morgan and another comedian riding in that limousine. juliet: the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the law and leading to international backlash is headed back to work, walter palmer kept a low profile since reports surfaced that he killed the project lion during a hunt in zimbabwe in july.
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and fred in may against him. >> and demanding her freedom, they didn't agree with judge porter, third edition marriage licenses for same-sex couples or a lot deputy clerks to do so. is order was upheld by the supreme court which he continued to refuse on religious grounds was jailed last week for not failing to spot what the judge ordered and remains in jail while her attorneys filed an emergency motion to get her out. juliet: pope francis releasing a new set of procedures for knowledge marriages in the catholic church. and many catholics complaint and the current system is costly and and take years. without an annulment divorced catholics who remarry outside the church cannot receive communion. the new rules are expected to streamline and simplify the whole process. ben: tickets to see the pope's speech in philadelphia will be made available today. freedom in front on september 26th to.
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officials say 10,000 tickets will be available beginning at noon on the web site saturday after an isn't the tickets are available on a first come first served basis. there's a four ticket limit per person. juliet: still ahead getting ready for the family feud on the tennis court, serena versus venous happens tonight at 7:00 p.m.. i am going to go for serena. this is going to be -- ben: "good day early call" back in a minute. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home, so you can get access to the fastest internet and in-home wi-fi available. and fios gives you
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juliet: welcome back. very exciting about what is happening tonight. i will be there. talking about the u.s. open. talk about that and a second. let's talk about whether first , monday start and mile across the tristate, 70 degrees in central park, dewpoint and humidity in
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the southwest, bumping the humidity across the area. warm temperatures in the 70s across your queues and burlington and boston, 73 in d.c. 684 pittsburgh. it is nice and dry on satellite radar, showers to the north here, not to affect the tristate area today. if you are heading to the u.s. open say hello when you see me. 87 is the temperature at it:00, dress light, temperatures in the 90s later this afternoon. that is the case across the tristate area including new york city and portions of new jersey. unit with a chance of an afternoon shower and/or thunderstorm lingering into early friday. ben: tonight at the u.s. open. duke: of family battle, serena williams and venus williams face each other in flushing, no. one seed, serena going to for the
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majors in one calendar year, 1988 draft pick. venus, don't want to stop her street, 26 times with a reno willing 15 of those, they face each other in a grand slam final. including six of the last seven. and the men's side, kevin anderson taking on third seed in 2012. murray takes it out in his racquet after an extended rally and recovered and gave the rack and away. also won the third set. in the four set tiebreak, anderson's that murray 7-6-673-6-7-7-6, 4 hours and 18 minutes. i was out very yesterday, it was
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ben: it was a warm day yesterday. duke: number 2 si roger federer taking on john isner, take it to american 6, last match point hit the large after a short rally winning in straight sets 7-6-7-6-7-5-6-10. that is coming at you. now to baseball drama. there was drama surrounding the mets in matt harvey. matt harvey make the biggest stars of his career when he faces the washington nationals. bqe they went to the players tribune to let the fans know about the post-season a new report is shedding light, according to many reports after harvey's are today making one more start, in use in the regular season unless the mets need him in the final weekend
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against the nationals, national playoff party will reportedly star once her series, and there are no guarantees to the post season. >> i can't sit here and say he will be available through the entire playoffs, and what all of the considerations are at that time. went we get there we will figure it out. duke: the season is different from regular season with the firestorm that took on the nationals in d.c. jumping to a 3-0 lead. home run in the fourth, thirteenth being traded to new york. that would allow but mets, and david right, 6-5 lead. yankees and orioles, john ryan
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two run shot dead the pinstripes the lead and tied at five in the seventh, see a pretty swing. later on, shots go forward and bigger and stronger. and young guy, blue jays also lost, and for two weeks to do this. in the a.l. east. in the fourth of july fireworks, the giants yesterday for the first time since having -- jersey did the physical in new york and to look at his injury. and this season's 11 in the air.
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