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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. it's over. are you feeling a little melancholy? >> yeah, we're back. no more summer, that's it. >> all right, but we're here together, this is good. it's september 8th already. >> yes. back to the drudgery of work. >> good day, new york. let's think positive. i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. we're going to make it a good year. actually, it's going to be crazy hot again, above 90 degrees. i heard it could feel like 100? >> yeah, yeah. audrey's in for mike woods today, she'll have the info. meanwhile, breaking news. major delays at the lincoln tunnel. one of the tubes shut down, not a good way to start the workweek. >> also a shooting in brooklyn in the runup to the big parade, and a senior aide to governor cuomo is in serious condition. 43 years old, he's 234 very,
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very -- he's in very, very tough shape. shot on the streets of brooklyn. they don't know who did it yet. >> and be sure to check your gate for the port authority, big changes coming today. >> who's mayor de blasio feuding with this time? look like former mayor giuliani is giving him a hard time about how he's handled the homeless issue in new york. major op-ed in yesterday's new york post. mayor de blasio says mayor giuliani is delusional. >> guess what? you can still hit the beach, but not the pool. the beach season has been extended for a week, which is great -- >> here in the city, yeah, lifeguards will be in duty. >> but the pools are shut down. >> look, it was a good summer, and one of the highlights, we did go swimming, and we went flyboarding, and we head new friends and, oh, my gosh, ideal it's all over!
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>> i know, where'd the summer go? >> this was back in june. >> we went to the john jay pool on east 79th street. >> what else? oh, we went with that fancy machine. remember this nonsense? >> yeah, that flyboard. >> it was very cool. at one point we actually made it work for a little while. >> you got up there for a long time. >> unfortunately all we have are the crashes -- [laughter] what else? it's back to work, back to school. rosanna, i've got a full-proof plan to make this year sweet. >> what are you going to do? >> school supplies! i got something for you. >> i always look forward to the lunchboxes. >> here's one for you featuring frozen. >> does it come with a they are has? >> yes. you can pour your hot soup in there. i've got a transformer -- would you like some crayons? [laughter] >> are there new colors in here? didn't you like to smell the crayons? >> don't smell the glue. there's glue.
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of -- >> thank you. >> all right. so we'll be cutting class by friday, don't get me wrong. [laughter] in the meantime, we're enthusiastic. >> meanwhile, if anybody needs school supplies, it's audrey. because her kids are in school. >> starting tomorrow. >> do you need some crayons? >> i actually have not done the shopping. [laughter] >> is that right? >> the line is going to be -- >> take all this stuff. >> we'll give it to you afterclass. >> i don't need it until 8:30 tomorrow morning. you know, some schools are last week. as you send the kids out this morning, dress hem in lightweight clothing because it is going to a hot one as everyone heads out this morning. temperatures are in the middle to upper 70s across much of the area. we are expecting it to be hot and humid later today, and temperatures will be in the 90s and a lot of sunshine, so
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shorts and a t-shirt not only for the kiddies, but also the teachers. you need to be comfortable. 60s in monticello and sussex, 76 in central park. 74 in bridgeport and 71 in islip. dewpoints making it uncomfortable this morning, most readings are in the 60s, they're going to stay high for the next couple of days. the wind direction is out of the southwest and relatively light, but it's that southwest wind flow which is helping to bump up the heat and humidity. no rain on the radar, just a couple of high, thin clouds later this afternoon. high pressure is our dominant weather feature, and it's going to protected us from rain at least until tomorrow. today hot and humid. it'll be breeze city, but we're going with high numbers mostly in the 90s. 92 for central park. the actual record for this date is 93, so we could tie it possibly. tomorrow still warm and humid, same thing for thursday, but we will have the chance for rain
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which is hutch needed because drought. this morning. ines is here. >> good morning, audrey. let's start off with the lincoln tunnel. joe bierman is in sky fox hd, where you have a major delay. what's going on? >> port authority finally telling us it's a three-car accident with five injuries south tube. you can see they have completely closed that south tube. they actually backed up the cars that were stuck inside the tube, so that's an indicator it'll be a while. you have well over a one hour delay on your way to an hour and a half inbound lincoln tunnel. you want to head over to the holland, the gw or the tappan zee and avoid this whole mess. it's just going to be gridlock back to you. >> you can see it on the local road, a mess traveling inbound. other issues, the bqe westbound,
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there's an accident by queens boulevard, one lane blocked. the grand central approaching the q gardens interchange, only one lane getting through with an accident. traffic backs up to the northern state parkway, and the cross eye hand parkway, traffic slow northbound by northern boulevard. we have an accident. as far as staten island, crossing the verrazano bridge lower level there's a crash, stick with the upper level. let's go to the holland tunnel, if you want to take this instead of the lincoln tunnel, this is the turnpike approach, they're stopped at the light there, but you're fine inbound. as far as the george washington bridge, upper level 30 minutes, lower level 15-20. trains also a great option, everything running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are back in effect today. >> ines, thank you so much. the west indian day parade, one of the highlights of labor day weekend. and unfortunately, a terrible, terrible shooting happened, and the search is on this morning
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for the man who shot this aide to governor cuomo. >> yeah. kerry gabetu43 years old, a harvard law graduate. he was enjoying the festivities with his brother when apparently he was caught in the cross fire, seriously injured. it's not looking good at this point. he was shot in the head, and whoever shot him, they don't know who he is yet. let's go to robert moses who has more on this. >> greg and rosanna, good morning to you. i just spoke to police, and kerry underwent surgery, and police say that he is still this critical condition morning at kings county hospital. his wife has been all about overcoming challenges to achieve great success. now, he paces the toughest -- faces the toughest challenge of all as he fights to survive. governor cuomo says that the 43-year-old is a shining example of the american dream can. he grew up in public housing, graduated from harvard and joined the cuomo administration as a lawyer in 2011.
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>> could have gone to any law firm in this city and made quadruple what he was getting paid by the state. he was all heart. he wanted to give back to his community. >> he was walking with his brother and a group of friends on bedford avenue enjoying the celebrations before the west indian day parade early yesterday morning when police say he got caught in the cross fire between who rival groups. >> there erupted a bunch ofshots. a good 20 shots. >> one of those shots hit him in the head. police say he was not the intended target. >> this was a beautiful man, a sweet man, a man who was giving back to his community. gentle man who had nothing to do, was involved in nothing, just walking down the street. >> police recovered a weapon but have not made any arrests. the shooting is yet another example of the violence that plagues the west indian day parade each year. another man was stabbed to death
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about an hour and a half before the shooting. gangs account for much of the violence. >> it's a traditional time, unfortunately in this area, that we deal with all the time. so it's unfortunate that it occurred during this event, but there's no reason to not go forward with the events each year. >> mayor de blasio was among those who visited kerry at the hospital. >> our prayers are with him and with his family, and there's another reminder of bigger fights we are engaged in every day which is to get guns off our streets. >> this is a really well-loved public servant, and you can see that on twitter. this from attorney general eric schneiderman, my thoughts and prayers are with kerry, he is a wonderful public servant. and this from city councilwoman melissa, the gown violence must end, hashtag peace. greg and rosanna, back to you.
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>> thank you. the governor, actually, is in puerto rico this morning. he went on a high-level trip accompanied by numerous elected officials -- >> except -- >> mayor de blasio. >> right. >> there's tension between the two. puerto rico is in a financial crisis right now. >> yeah. it's $72 billion in debt, and yesterday the governor called on congress to give the island the power to declare bankruptcy. among those joining the governor are bronx borough president ruben diaz jr -- >> they look very much alike there. >> i believe he's -- >> puerto rican official. sorry we don't have his name. yes, the mayor is not on that trip. >> all right. right here, starting today, changes for those who take the bus home from the port authority. >> the port authority over there on the west side. yes, big changings. by the way, it desperately needs renovation. let's go to teresa priolo outside the bus depot with more. hi, teresa.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'll tell you more about those plans in just a minute. if you've ever been in the bus terminal especially during the evening rush, you have likely experienced the throngs of people racing toward their gates in order to catch their bus home, and it really is the difference between knowing your gate and not knowing your gate. that's basically what it is when it comes to making your ride home. well, for 30% of the 110,000 people who rely on the bus terminal every day, they will be scrambling today. but the port authority is telling us really this short-term chaos will hopefully lead to long-term improvement. >> it's confusing now, as it is now. that might help the situation. >> riders on 55 bus routes traveling through the port authority bus terminal are gearing up for what is expected to be some very confusing commutes. the port authority is reassigning its departure gates for nj transit and coach buses, so where you used to catch your bus has now been changed to a different gate on a different
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floor. >> i might have to go to a different gate. if it's not that big of a change and i have time to adjust, i'll be fine. >> the rejiggering should affect more than 30,000 commuters who use the bus terminal on a daily basis. nj transit buses will be housed on the third floor in the heart of building, allowing more buses to leave on time. all coach buses and its partners will move to the fourth floor. this essentially allows the actual bus companies to, as one port authority executive put it, be owners of their own state. state -- own fate. >> the buses get caught up in the tunnel and get backed up and and cause delays. >> the change, part of the $90 million initiative to enhance the passenger experience. it was spurred by the significant delays commuters experienced last summer when gridlock caused buses to miss their departure times. it's a time some riders won't soon forget. >> we'll wait and see, you know? i've been living in new jersey
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for two years, and it is kind of tough. >> i just talked to one commuter who told me he is expecting it to be mayhem later on today, and he's hoping to get out of work early just to make his bus. the port authority has people handing out these pamphlets this morning telling people their gates have changed, it lists all the different bus routes and where their new gates will be. as far as the building is concerned, because we were just talking about that, later this year the port authority will be discussing plans to redo the entire building. they expect it to cost upwas of $10.5 billion, and it may take 15 years to complete the project. that's the latest from midtown this morning, back to you in the studio. >> say hi to the jackie gleason statue over there on your way home. see you later. >> let's go across the pond. a british drone strike has taken out three isis terrorists who had been planning to kill queen elizabeth ii. >> and other members of the to royal family, yes. we just heard this from british leadership yesterday.
7:14 am
a drone strike in syria back on august 21st. the plot, apparently, was to kill the queen, other members of the royal family on the 70th anniversary of v-j today -- >> which is next week. >> that was thwarted, and the british prime minister says the terrorists were taken out, again, by a drone strike back in august. >> meanwhile, europe's migrant crisis worsens. in hungary, thousands of refugees broke through police lines, hundreds of thousands of migrants have been flooding into europe, and as they try to get away and escape war and poverty stricken countries including syria, iraq and afghanistan -- >> you heard the pope is taking in ref due gees. >> yes. and there's calls for the united states to take as well. we'll see how that works out. >> all right. we have the ongoing saga of that clerk in kentucky, the one who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay comes. kim davis is still this jail.
7:15 am
her lawyers are seeking to have her freed today, but they've got a fight on their hands. >> yeah. they disagree with the order to force ms. davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or allow her deputy clerk to do so. his order was upheld by the supreme court, so when she continued to refuse on religious grounds, she was put in jail for failing to comply with the judge's order. she remains in jail while her attorneys file an emergency motion to get her out. >> all right. it's hot in new york city. the beaches, the city beaches will remain open for several more days. this is a new thing. it usually closes, they close right on labor day along with the city pools. >> who knew it cost almost $700,000 just to keep the beaches open for another week. >> well, there's, gosh, there's clean-up, there are lifeguards to be paid, so this is new. they will be are open -- when do they actually close? after sunday. >> sunday. >> this includes the rockway beach in queens, coney island,
7:16 am
midland and south beaches in staten island, orchard beach in the bronx -- >> that's a good one. >> so they're going to be open through sunday. officials say there's been a big beaches. closing. and, boy, wouldn't it be nice on this 93-degree day that's going to feel like 100 to have the pools open? >> apparently, it costs $900,000 the week. and by the way, not that many people go to the pool compared to those who go to the beach. >> that makes sense. hey, one more plug for the pool, we had so much fun. i don't know why i'm treating you like a 4-year-old girl here. >> i know. i didn't want to get my hair wet, which with you around -- >> you were all about the hair. that was fun, but the summer is over. audrey? >> too bad. >> yeah. well, you know what? it's still going to feel like summer even though it's unofficially ending because, as greg mentioned, temperatures are going to make it feel like 90-degree range.
7:17 am
the actual reading will be in the 90s, and it'll feel even hotter. 76 in central ark, dewpoint and humidity very uncomfortable courtesy of that south/southwest wind flow which is relatively light. no rain on our radar, most of the shower activity's happening on northern tier of the state. high pressure's going to keep us dry for tuesday, but wednesday this is well off towards our west, and that one will are help ignite a couple of showers especially north and west of the city starting tomorrow night. tropical storm grace is headed for the leeward islands, but by the time it reaches that area, it will be downgraded to a tropical depression. uv index on the beach is high at a 7, so wear your sun scribe. rip current risk is moderate. mostly sunny today, hot and humid. temperatures will be in the mid 80s along our shore points, low to mid 90s in inland locations. we're going for a high of 9 92 in central park. the record on this day is 93, we
7:18 am
could actually tie it, we'll have to wait and see. and tomorrow more heat and humidity on wednesday, and the chance of rain comes back into the picture. we're in a little bit of a drought. the rain ends friday morning, and we expect sunshine and nice weather for saturday with temperatures of 82. let's head over to ines rosales who's been very busy with traffic issues this morning. >> yeah, a lot going on. be prepared to pack some patience. queens, we had an earlier accident can still there on the bqe westbound by queens boulevard, cross island parkway jammed north northbound. there was an earlier accident by exit 17, these two problems enough to cause a delay back to the meadow brook. traffic's slow past jericho turnpike as you approach queens boulevard. picks up a little bit but then slows down as you approach the cross island parkway. new jerseyness watch out for a couple of accidents on the
7:19 am
garden state parkway, avoid that. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the lincoln tunnel because this is the biggest headache. 90 minutes inbound, traffic on ruth 3 and -- route 3 and the turnpike backed up for miles. they closed the south tube. it's a multicar accident with injuries there, so everyone has to use the center tube. they're trying to use one of the tubes just for the buses heading into port authority, but this is still going to cause delays heading into the city. hold land, gwb, about a 20 minute delay each. route 3, this is how far back that delay goes. this is by the doeland -- meadowland, it starts slowing down towards the western sur. so traffic just a sleet mess from new jersey. if you're taking the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna, welcome back, guys. >> thank you, ines. looking good in blue. >> you too. you guys look nice and tan.
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>> did we miss anything while we were gone? >> greg, do you want to tell her? >> what. >> greg and his hoverboard. >> my son wants a hover body. because he saw you. >> be careful on that thing. >> did you get hurt? >> i still haven't returned it yet. >> go to modell's, they sell them cheaply. anyway, ed sullivan theater, big goings on. >> stephen colbert takes over. >> coming up later on good day new york. wendy williams is stopping by. she's getting ready for the seventh season of he we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready.
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if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> oh, remember this guy? we were all outrage ared at him for about a week and a half. >> yeah, the dentist from minnesota. >> he shot that lion. well, guess what? it's time to go back to work effort dr. walt e palmer -- walter palmer, he's basically been this hiding, but he's going back to work. >> yeah. he and his family were in hiding after he killed a protected lion during a hunt in zimbabwe back in july. dr. palmer says that he thought the hunt was legal, he didn't even know that the lion had a name. threats have been made against his family. he's very concerned about that, but he says he feels safe enough to reopen his practice. >> over the weekend he talked to the associated press, he said he never would have taken out that
7:24 am
lion if he had known the lion had a name. you know what? he really was kind of cyber-bullied by the entire planet there for a little while. >> you have to wonder, if he really knew that lion was protected -- >> he said he did not know, and if he did know, he wouldn't have. he didn't kill a person, i feel bad for cecil, but the guy's got to move on. >> and the guy has a family, and they need to be protected too. >> all right. so take a look at this, a football game in texas, and somebody tackled the referee. >> oh, no. two high school football players could be facing charges for hitting a referee from behind during a game last week. it was an ugly scene near san antonio. you can see the first player hitting the ref on a play, then the second player leading with his helmet, hitting the man again -- >> how is the referee, by the way? you take a hit like that without equipment on, you might be in trouble. keep going. >> the two players that hit him have already been suspended from
7:25 am
their school and their team. and, hopefully, the referee is doing okay. >> all right. so the pope, he is coming to town. and all over the united states, philadelphia, new york. but there's news from the vatican about marriage, and ending marriage. >> yeah. new set of procedures for annulling marriages in the catholic church. the move comes after he and many catholics complained that the current system is costly and take years. and without an annulment, divorced catholics who remarry outside the church cannot receive communion. the new rules would allow for fast track decisions and remove automatic appeals -- >> annulment. now, that is in the church's eyes the marriage almost never happened. >> right. >> wow. so you can get an annulment a little bit easier and, i think, less expensively. of details, check 'em out. >> also, greg, everyone wants to see the pope. and there's a big, big mass that he's going to do in philadelphia later this month.
7:26 am
and tickets for that mass are going to be made available today. >> basically, if you don't have a ticket for my of the new york -- for any of the new york events, you're probably not going to get them. >> the pope will be giving a speech on immigration and religious freedom in front of independence hall on september 26th -- >> that's in philadelphia. >> right. officials say 10,000 tickets will be available for that event beginning at noon. >> all right. by the way -- >> the world meeting web site. >> the general -- the central park, come meet the pope time -- >> yeah. >> -- all the spots have been taken. >> oh. >> yeah, it ended yesterday. and you'll be notified by thursday if you're going to have access to central park or at least that area where the pope will be. anyway, it's going to be exciting coming up in a couple of weeks. >> all right. 7:26, we're going to take a quick break. it's going to be a hot and steamy one, going to feel like 100 degree cans. welcome back.
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>> your kidding me. >> we've been in discusses for years. jim, looks like you're in brooklyn, but i can't tell for sure. >> just coming down flatbush avenue down towards the rockaways. >> that's what i thought. i once walked from manhattan to breezy point. >> stop it. how long did it take you? >> well, i stopped for two meals. >> how old were you? >> it was a few hours. it took about eight hours. all right, so are you psyched about your new school supplies? >> i am. i particularly like the crayons. where's your lunch pail? >> it's over here. i told i would share with audrey. >> i got rosanna a lunch pail from frozen, featuring the frozen movie. >> i have to say, i'm not going to bad mouth it, but it did not come with a thermos. >> they're extra. >> they don't come anymore. >> am i not thermos-worthy?
7:31 am
>> i am so psyched about my transformers lunchbox. i'm not going to quibble -- >> you need a thermos. the chicken shoup. did it smell after a while, that thermos? >> well, if you didn't clean it out. >> even if you did, it had a an odor to it. i kind of miss it. [laughter] welcome back to good day new york. tomorrow public schools are back -- >> it's time. >> up and at 'em. get those notebooks now. >> oh, boy, yes. don't cut class until at least october. what's going on, audrey? >> which is only two or three weeks away. we're at september 8th. >> now, when is the jewish holiday? >> it's early. >> friends of mine say -- is it next week? >> yeah, the 14th, 15th. >> because friends said their kids are off monday and tuesday. i'm like, what? you just went back to school for three days. >> yeah. it happens around the 24th. >> wow. early this year. >> nice gig being a kid this
7:32 am
these days. [laughter] >> when do we get the break, the parents get a break? looks like if you're heading out to school, should be already getting there. should be heading towards the school bus, it's getting late. wear lightweight clothing today because it's hot and humid as we approach record heat. the high temperature for central parenting today is 93, that's the record high, we could reach it this afternoon. we're expecting some showers and storms, but that doesn't happen until tomorrow night into thursday, and we need the rain. we're in a little wit of a drought. cooler and less humid air will be in place just in time for the weekend. right now sitting in the 60s in monticello and also up towards sussex, new jersey. we're in the 70s across the island and 73 in belmar. feeling muggy with the dew points in the 60s, it will stay that way today and tomorrow. we have a system sitting out towards our west, a couple of showers toward the north, but we're dry right here, and we're
7:33 am
going to stay that way for your tuesday. a few high clouds later this afternoon, it's going to be about the heat and humidity across the area. then tomorrow sunny skies, clouds coming this ahead of the frontal system that will ignite some showers possibly in the afternoon. then on thursday i think that's when we'll see more in the way of good rainfall. not today though. sunny skies will help heat things up into the 90s, tomorrow at 89, 86 for thursday, and the rain tapers off early friday morning, another chance of rain rate on sunday. let's see how it looks on the roads this morning, it has been rough for a lot of folks. >> the commute's been very rough this morning. let's start off with what's going on on long island. take a look, traffic slow between the meadow brook traveling westbound, exit 17, then as you approach the cross island parkway, there's an accident on the northbound side
7:34 am
by northern boulevard. queens commute, grand central parkway there was an earlier accident by union turnpike leaving only one lane open, traffic backed up to the northern state parkway, and you can see how the lie has those slow spots. bqe westbound queens boulevard, you have a crash there, and stat isen island expressway, slow approaching the verrazano bridge. the lower level has an accident, brooklyn-bound, so try to stick to the upper side. let's go to the lincoln tunnel. that's another big headache this morning, this is by the tube. they've reopened the south tube, they had that shut down for an accident, it was shut down for about an hour and a half, 90 minutes heading into the lincoln tunnel. if you want to use the george washington bridge, 20 minutes on the lower level, 30 on the upper, holland tunnel's 20 from both approaches. trains are doing fine, back to a normal schedule. street cleaning rules back in effect. >> thanks a lot.
7:35 am
just about everybody says homelessness is on the rise this new york city. you see it everywhere you go -- >> people are complaining left and right. now, is it any worse than it was a few years ago? people are perceiving that it is. >> yes. and mayor giuliani, by the way, made news over long weekend in an op-ed in the new york post. he is blaming mayor de blasio and his policies for this problem. >> yeah. then cardinal dolan, you know, reached out too also in an p ode this the -- op-ed in the daily news and talked about love and cam compassion for these people. >> let's go to juliet huddy live from madison square garden. hi there, juliet. >> hi there. yeah, there's this pedestrian seating area over here, and typically especially early on in the morning you'll see a lot of homeless people out here. you know, you mentioned the homeless population, the homeless problem. the desnudas, the shootings, you know, we've been hearing a lot over the last several months,
7:36 am
references to the bad old days of new york city, remember, the squeegee men, the dirty and seedy times square, the homeless rob. inevitably, when we talk about that, the name rudy giuliani is mentioned. the former new york city mayor many credit with cleaning up the city, making it safer, more livable. but as those who lived here then remember, giuliani's tactics were controversial, his policies to deal with the city's homeless population in particular be blasted by critics who accused him of being heartless and not liking black people. in that sunday op you would, giuliani accuseed the current mayor of bringing the city back to the bad old days as in the real old days, the dark ages of western civilization by, quote, letting people live and relieve themselves in the streets. yesterday mayor bill de blasio responded. listen. >> i think he's delusional. if you think about what rudy giuliani did as mayor,
7:37 am
homelessness went up about 40% on his watch. >> but giuliani did respond yesterday. he felt it was a shame that mayor de blasio has resorted, as he says, to defensive personal attacks on him. he also said de blasio was clearly taking a defensive stance. he also mentioned the violence that happened the night before the west indian day parade saying that yesterday was not a day to go on the attack, suggesting that mayor de blasio should be focused on what happened with the parade, the violence, the shootings, the stabbings instead of attacking him. we are live outside of madison square garden, i'm juliet huddy, back to you. >> all right, hey. juliet, thanks a lot. we've got to go upstairs to the sky, the helicopter flying around. let's see. ooh, he's cruising the beach. long beach, joe? >> yes, sir. [laughter] >> joe, the beach looks a little empty right now, but it is only 7:37. >> and, hey, it's back to work and back to school season. let's see, what's out there?
7:38 am
>> yep. all the schools back to school -- kids back to school, always the buses back on the road. maybe we could get a little chorus of wheels on the bus? >> well, 20 -- >> you know that song, the wheels on the bus. >> you know what we sang? we will rock you, by queen. >> we sang 99 bottles of beer. all right, we'll be right back with more. >> coming up later, from the highly anticipated scream queens, we're chatting with it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new
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tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning, everyone. it's a mild and muggy morning across the tristate area. we're in the 60s in monticello as well as towards sussex, 76 in central park. 70 in belmar and 72 in islip and 74 towards montauk point. these numbers are running warmer than this time yesterday, another day with above average temperatures. nice and dry on our satellite and radar, a few high clouds will rotate through this afternoon, but high pressure will keep things dry for us today. tomorrow different story. this system is sitting off towards our west making its approach over the next 12-24 hours and give us the chance of rain especially authority and west of the city starting tomorrow afternoon. no rain in the forecast today,
7:42 am
just hot and humid with temperatures in the mid 80s along the shore to the low to possibly mid 90s across interior new jersey. 89 and humid tomorrow, watch out for rain in the afternoon. thursday we could see a good soaking, we do need it, and the rain should taper off by friday morning setting us up for another great weekend across the tristate weekend. track this weather with our fox 5ny weather app. download it for free at the google play store as well as the itunes store, and it is called fox 5ny weather. let's see how it looks only the road this morning, ines is here with the traffic update. >> good morning, audrey. take a look at the bronx, traffic slow on the bronx river parkway heading towards the cross bronx, slow past the george washington bridge. your new jersey commute, you're fine on 78. you do have delays on 280, mull hi-mile day -- multi-mile delay.
7:43 am
the parkway, a little slow in both directions north and south of the 80. on the 59th street bridge, nine, no problems, upper or lower level. route 3, we told you about the lincoln tunnel problem where there's a 90-minute delay, but this is by the berries creek bridge, traffic slow due to that accident. the 90 minute marker stops around patterson plank road. make sure you indelude this in -- include this in your commute. >> thank you. you know, the summer did seem to last forever. >> it did? >> memorial day seems like it was a year ago. >> i know. but all of a sudden it just went by. i wasn't ready to say good-bye. >> here we are, anyway, back to work. how are you, duke? >> sources tell me you joined a gym because you're scared i'm going to beat you in that push-up contest? >> why would you start -- >> i've .waiting to tell you. >> waiting to tell me what, duke?
7:44 am
shame on me for confide anything the boss. i told him some stuff. [laughter] when he's not being a great boss, he's being a gossipping little girl. >> the word is you were afraid after you challenged me -- >> stop. can we talk sports? i want to know about my friend, steve weatherford -- >> saw him over the weekend, he's doing well. >> he's okay? >> yeah, he's doing well. >> he's the punter for the giants, he got cut from the team. >> it happens. we didn't expect it -- >> do we have an idea of where he'll go? >> he's gotten some calls. he's thinking about broadcasting, thinking about some other things. >> meanwhile, i've got a great knock knock joke. knock knock. >> who's there? >> do your job. [laughter] hey, you'll lose. >> duke? >> tonight at the u.s. open, it'll be a family battle. serena versus venus, of course, they face each other in flushing, and world ranked number one serena going for the
7:45 am
grand slam, winning all four majors in one calendar year. hasn't been done since 1988, stephanie graf. they play ared each other 26 times with serena winning 16 of those, including six of the last seven, and 13 years ago on this very date, serena beat venus at the final at the u.s. open. so we'll see what happens tonight. 15-seeded kevin anderson taking on the third seed 2012 u.s. open champ andy murray. forehand sails wide, and you know what? it's the racquet's fault, that oh! [laughter] then recovers to take the third set. >> yeah. did they give him a hard time about that. >> >> no. actually, he ended up winning the set, but anderson -- >> that was calm compared to the john mcenroe are days. >> i know, right? forced that tie breaker, murray blasted. anderson upsets murray, four
7:46 am
hour, 18 minute match. all right, six-time u.s. open roger federer taking on 13th-seeded john isner. isner, you know, he's 6-10? serving. he blasts the serve too, but federer, oh, he's up for the challenge. the point right down the line. and then federer takes the second set 7-6. match point, isner hits it wide, federer wins in straight sets. now to baseball and the drama surrounding the mets. matt harvey. remember, tonight he makes what could be, i think, the biggest start of his career when he faces the nationals. i mean, i know he started the all-star game in 2013, but this is bigger. all right, derek jeter owns, and matt harvey is a new york borough chief. >> he basically had this big surgery, and his agent said, look, you can only play 180 innings.
7:47 am
>> his surgeon is the most respected in the country, one of them. he said relation 180 innings -- recommendation, 180 innings. >> now, this is after a season of tough talk -- >> yeah. you're right about that, greg. >> and how anxious -- >> you are right about that. >> -- he was to pitch in the world series, the pennant, but now it's all about him is ask, not about the team. >> i understand his point because it's a business. and, look, at the end of his contract, he could be up for, what, $200 million? understand he's thinking about his long-term future. he's still a young guy, 26 years old. greg is right. he complained about a six-man rotation. then all of a sudden he's not the tough guy anymore. you can't have it both ways. >> it's all about him and his career and not about the team, not the about the mets, not about the championship. >> and mets fans don't want to hear that right now because of all they've been through -- >> what's the lamest city in the country with a baseball team? that's where he should be pitching. >> ooh, look at you.
7:48 am
>> i talked to the mets yesterday, they're not going to trade him. he's like a-rod. he loves the drama, the limelight. you know, if you sent him to milwaukee -- [laughter] >> milwaukee. >> i mean, come on, he's not going to enjoy that. you know? he can pitch. >> does buffalo have a nice baseball team? >> they have the aaa team. >> enjoy buffalo, matt what makes a subway footlong the biggest,
7:49 am
bestest sandwich? you do. 'cause it's all about your choice. of freshly baked bread. tender meats, melty cheeses, and everything in between. the handcrafted subway footlong. it's got your name all over it.
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7:51 am
there are. >> yeah. we were trying to figure out school today, school tomorrow. depends on where you go to school. >> where you live. we all do it in our own way. dr. raj joins us. >> you have three children. >> i do. one of them is starting tomorrow. >> you pretty much aced school. she went to harvard. [laughter] >> back in the day. we're talking about the health checklist for back to school. this is the time where parents have a lot of issues. their kids are going back to school. make sure your children are up-to-date on their vaccines. this alies to any age -- alies to any age for the school, there are vaccines you need to think if you're sending your kids off
7:52 am
to college, including meningitis and tdap. bullying, we know, of course, is a big issue, can occur with any age school children -- >> and adults. >> adulters as well, but make sure your children are open with you if they feel like they're being bullied, and it can come in many forms including teasing and cliques and feeling left out. >> the computer. >> speaking of online screen time, this is a time where you talk to your children about making sure they're limiting the amount of time they're using on their devices -- >> good luck with that one. >> this summer people may have been lax wit, but it's been linked to school performance and even depression in school-aged children. so you want to limit the screen time. >> the good thing about getting bullied when we were growing up, rosanna, you got bullied or you bullied on the playground, and that was it. it follows you around now. >> your mother or father would go go back to the play ground, hey, you such a big guy, pick on me.
7:53 am
>> and then sleep as well. over the summer a lott of sleep schedulings were off, and now it's tough to get back to that sleep schedule, but we do know proper sleep is linked to better school performance as well as better mental health for children, so you want to make sure they're getting at least eight hours and up to ten hours every night. diet, of course -- >> ten hours of sleep. >> yeah. >> wow. >> young children, yeah, they're so active during the day. and speaking of activities, physical education, physical activity's really important, but you don't want to overschedule, so give them time to just be kids and play and enjoy their childhood. >> and annoy us. >> that's part of childhood too. [laughter] >> that's it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> anna gilligan, nice to see you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> it was a big night for tv tonight. stephen colbert will be making his debut as the new host of the late show. he'll be dropping his conservative pundit persona to be himself sitting at the desk occupied by david letterman for 33 years.
7:54 am
while he definitely will have hollywood a-listers as guests, including george clooney tonight, it looks like he will have some more serious interviews as well when you take a look at his guests -- >> jeb bush is going to be on tonight. >> yeah. the other guest. >> he better kick up his energy. >> what are you, donald trump? >> donald trump, i mean, he made be a good point about that guy. >> he'll also have the ceos of tesla motors and uber, as you said, presidential candidate jeb bush tonight, he's also booked bernie sanders, vice president biden, and then he's got author stephen king, scarlett johansson, amy schumer. he officially takes the reins tonight from the ed sullivan theater at 11:35. >> we're going to give colbert a shot. >> well, the late night wars are ramping up. three competing at the same time. >> by the way, if we're up watching late night -- >> right. we're dvr-ing it. [laughter] and, actually, some sad news.
7:55 am
actor jon hamm and his longtime girlfriend are calling it quits after 18 years together. >> what happened? >> they were just boyfriend/girlfriend, they weren't married, right? >> they were longtime married, common law marriage at that point. >> these things happen. >> they didn't give a reason why. there are reports she wanted kids and he didn't. their relationship was rumored to be on the rocks for a while. he went to rehab, and there were reports they were breaking up then -- >> they both appeared on good day new york once, and they were very nice. >> they released a statement to people magazine saying, quote, they will continue to be supportive of each other. and singer sam smith has confirmed he is a co-writer and performer of the theme song for the upcoming james movie specter. the song is called writing from a wall, it will be released on september 25th ahead of the movie's u.k. release in october. it gets released here november 6th. >> we don't know what it sounds like, we'll find out closer to the movie.
7:56 am
here's the classic james bond tune. >> here's the hint that he dropped yesterday on social media after denying it. okay, now we're listening -- [laughter] >> here we go. can you see james bond walking around a casino? how does he get his drink, shaken, not stirred? >> right. >> let's see -- >> was that the dr. no theme song? >> i'm not sure. but i always loved goldfinger. >> we've got that one. >> hit it. >> right, right, there we go. oh, boy. this guy loves gold so much. his plot was to rob fort knox, actually, destroy the -- listen -- >> goldfinger! [laughter] >> all right. >> i also think the live and let die theme song is probably the most recognizable to most people. do we have that one? >> paul cartny and wings. mccart knit and wings.
7:57 am
>> there we go. it's about to get cool, watch this. >> if you see him in concert, paul mccartney, he does this song, and he has fireworks. >> right. >> my law enforcement fantasies, i think of this sock. >> you do? >> and a great one for skytall. [laughter] >> don't you ever wonder what it would be like to be an agent or something? >> i guess so. che reese, it's all about this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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test test. traffic jammed inbounds. if you're taking a bus into port authority they're experiencing 30 minute delay. holland tunnel as an alternate 20 minutes inbonged. 30 upper level. 20 on lower level. greg and rosanna back to you. greg: thank you ines. violence surrounding west indian day parade in the heart of brooklyn this weekend. stabbing apings shooting of a high lifl aid to governor cuomo. >> they're looking for the gunman right now. kerry who is seen in that fir is in critical condition as we speak. he was shot in the head with a stray bullet before the west
8:08 am
indian day trade yesterday. robert moses has more this morning. what's going on? >> he made it through surgery we're told and fighting for his life in critical condition this morning. the governor asked new yorkers to pray for him, his wife and rest of his family for a man who was overcome many odds to achieve success these are the tallest odds of all opinion. governor cuomo says that 43-year-old kerry is a shining xeample of the american dream. he grew up in public housing, graduated from harvard and joined cuomo administration as lawyer in 2011. >> would have gone to any law firm in this city and made quadruple he wanted to give back to his community. >> walk in bedford avenue enjoying celebrations yesterday morning when police say he got caught in the cross fire between
8:09 am
two rival groups. >> interrupted a bunch of shots. a good -- 20 shots. one hit him net -- in the head he was not the intended target. >> he was giving back to his community. a man who had nothing to do with -- involved in nothing. just walking down the street. police recovered a weapon from the scene of the shooting but have not made any arresting. shooting another example of the violence that plagued each year. another man stab ised to death about an hour and a half before he was shot. police commissioner bill bratton says gangs account for much of the violence. deal with this all of the time. unfortunate that it occurred during this event. but there's no reason to not go forward with with the events each year. mayor de blasio among those who
8:10 am
visited him at kings county hospital. >> prayers are with him, with his family, and there's another reminder of a bigger fight we're engaged in every day to get guns off our streets. >> now you heard governor refer to him in the past tense he's still alive in critical condition. the governor the most powerful man in the state admitted that he was utterly powerless to comfort the the family. greg and rosanna this is such a great event every year it is more violence like this. >> so bad because you know what, the people who work with that parade, they put so much time and effort into it. costume, dances it's a shame. thank you robert. greg: we've got this on long island, a plane made what looks like a hard landing, jim beerman is over the scene right now. a small plane i think it might be a c plane.
8:11 am
this is bay port, long island joe, what happened? >> hey, greg we first got word of a plane ditching in the great south bay a little after a 7, and pilot was not injured and good observation boy you, it is a c plane. the the pontoons have been rip ared off that as they dragged it to shore. there's a little bit of wing damage. where they are and where the airplane went down was south bay and fire island. suffolk can want marine units went out to rescue the pilot. then they hooked up a line, dragged that c plane on to the beach here at bay port we're hearing there were no injuries reported. no word if it was taken off landing or why he ditched here in the south bay. back to you guys. greg: looking at that will plane it looks like it was made from an erector set that is a very small plane. i don't know if it is a piper cub or c plane what --
8:12 am
but it looks delicate rosanna. rosanna: it does. we wish everybody well. meanwhile starting today, there's going to be some changes for those who take the bus home from the port authority. greg: port authority is redoing the whole terminal. let's go to teresa priolo with more. reporter: you'll be getting a pamphlet like this from a port authority volunteer telling you ofier gate change supposed to make things a little bit easier, chaotic but i tacked to commuters they tell me they're anticipating utter mayhem later today. riders on 55 bus routes traveling through port authority bus terminal are gearing up fur what is expected to be some very confusing commutes. the fort authority is reassigning its departure gates for nj transit and coach buss so where you used to catch your bus has been changed to a different gate on a different floor. >> i had my other gates now packed already.
8:13 am
you know, depending on what bus i was planning to take but you i have to prove it all over again. >> should affect thousands of commuters. now new jersey transit buses housed in the heart of the building reducing the ramp allowing buss to leave on time all coach buses will move to the fourth floor this essentially allows call bus companies to its one port authority executive put it owners of their own state. >> mayhem coming here. on my way home. i don't know why i have to go. 2k3w5e9 back to secaucus i have to get out early but my job won't let me. >> change apartment of the 90 million initiative to enhance passenger experience spurred by the significant delays commute terse experienced last summer when gridlock caused buss to miss their departure time.
8:14 am
a ride riders won't soon forget >> wait and see. what can i say? i've been in new jersey for two years and it has been tough. easier is better. >> one other thing to mention typically same bus route will leave from the same gate at the same time. that's not the case with this change. so you really do need to check this schedule because different buses leave from different gates at different times. that is latest from midtown. back to both of you. greg: thank you very much. rosanna: a lot of questions yet to be answered in the race for the white house. greg: joe biden is that guy running per pet? if i feel like hetion. >> running for sure. literally but the top job. ben simmoneau has more. >> i have to tell you after what i saw yesterday it looks like a candidate. he was at this labor day trade. p but it is been back and forth with him. at first going to run, and then maybe not just a week ago he said he had to make sure the
8:15 am
family had thinge nearing for the run. he was getting a lot of own couragement from the crowd. listen here. he said he was going to run for this stretch of the parade. he said he was getting encouragement because it was his native state born in scranton. the crowd enthusiastic for him. he's had support yelling throughout the day yesterday run joe, run, he responded again by saying he's going to run. you know he may have good reason to jump into the race. primary opponent was hillary clinton keeps falling in the polls and nbc merit poll has bernie sanders up 9 points 31, 32 points new hampshire without doing anything joe biden is at
8:16 am
16%. here's vice president sounding like a candidate yesterday in pittsburgh. >> it is not fair. it simply is not fair. used to be one america. everybody was in on the deal. i'm hot, i got -- i acknowledge that. i'm mad. i'm angry. >> drumple meantime on the republican side facing a new controversy comparing expensive burling school education to military service. the "new york times" reporting he told the author about the new york military academy it is an expensive prep school and received, quote, more training militarily than a lot of guys that go into the marl. this was a press conference last week. >> say hello to rosanna and greg, great people. >> in the middle of a national press conference.
8:17 am
i start getting texts because i was at my friends' house donald trump mentioned you and greg. [laughter] i'm like what? then call work, are we in trouble? what happened? >> frequent guest of "good day new york" he likes this show. greg and rosanna said hi. great guy. [laughter] we've got -- let's -- >> there's a book coming out this week. greg: i haven't heard. gloalz former nypd commissioner ray kelly has a memoir out today that is called vigilance my life serving america and protecting empire city getting great buzz by the way. in it he describes how the curtailing of stop and san frisk hurt the city, and a walked away from a routine and useful policing tool in an interview with the "times" ray kelly said murders are up, and if you have a propensity to carry a gun and
8:18 am
there's a policy to de-emphasize frisk it is only common sense you're going to see more people carrying guns and more crime. greg: by the way -- i'm in the book a couple of too manies. rosanna: did you write yourself in when your dad wasn't noticing -- longhand or computer? >> computer. collaborated with him. rosanna you're in the book. you are. page 324. a book event. i'm trying to get an invitation. >> maybe pull a few string for you. audrey: warm and muggy start 60s in monticello. sussex 77 dplation central park at the moment. good morning in bridgeport 77. 76 in islip. same no totalk point. you can see we're in the uncomfortable range here and see numbers drop to more than
8:19 am
comfortable readings into the weekend. in the meantime nice and dry in our satellite and radar to the mid-atlantic. under the influence of high pressure which is going to keep us rain free today but as that high slides to the east it is going to allow this system to come from the quest to spark off shower afnght activity and thormings across the ohio valley. getting our if chance late tomorrow. tomorrow hot and humid. a high for 92 central park. record was 93 see if we reach 89 and humid tomorrow with a threat of afternoon showers especially north and wetion of the city. more of a widespread rain event thursday. clear out by friday afternoon and nice and dry for sunday. trab e-track the storms with fox 5 weather and check our daily hourly forecast and a rain systems get it free at the google play store. quick happy birthday to anna marie, she's actually a sister of our own fox 5 teresa priolo we want to wish you a very happy
8:20 am
birthday today. let's say hi to ines rosales who is here she hassier traffic update. ines: been a headache and we continue here. newburgh here normal delays because of that long-term construction but you have traffic jammed here on eastbound side at 84 as you approach taconic because of a accident involving flipped over car. nassau county an earlier accident but you have traffic slow westbound there as you approach jericho turn turnpike more delays with the northern state parkway traffic jammed into queens. as far as your new jersey commute goes, here's a new one garden state parkway local lanes two earlier accidents into express lanes 117 and express lane now local laneses by cheese quake service area and a rule the 9 had an accident approaching park way been cleared but delays are still there.
8:21 am
cameras take a look at the tappan zee bridge. westchester bound sluggish but below the speed limit not a bad ride, though. trains great this morning. everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are back in effect. greg and rosanna. greg: a sneak peek out there. what's happening? rosanna: all about stephen colbert but all a [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? cream, two sugars --
8:24 am
see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. greg: hi. rosanna: time to talk business fox means business. >> adam shapiro in today. what's up adam? >> if you see people walking with their cell phones like this they're going to start going like this. it is called go 90 has to do with going 90 degrees to flip the phone so you can digital products. verizon expected to announce you can do that with their go 90 service for free they're not going to charge remember at&t and direct tv that merger is going through of to striping service for which you pay money. this will be free to include live sporting event. nfl games always for free to get millennial who is walk like this all of the time and watch their
8:25 am
stuff on a mobile device. 70% start on a mobile device before they go to traditional cable l or tv outlets so this is announced this week that it is free and have web original web content as well as some of the sporting events and then they'll build up from there perhaps charge you for it. right now it is free. remember, though, if you don't use wi-fi you're eating up your data and that is not free. >> yeah. what is the difference between this and sling player heard of that? >> sling box? >> so with sling i think you're talking about directv sling or go through your phone. >> the phone through cable. >> seen my brother with a ipad you can watch tv wherever he is. >> sling he can do it via what he's subscribed to through his cable tv at home. this stuff is brand new streaming which will have original content for the web that doesn't come through your cable box at home.
8:26 am
so you have to pay for original stuff once verizon starts charging for that in addition to free through cable at home. >> another reason to be distracted thank you so much. appreciate that. greg: not just millennials troughs that -- she's totally checked out. rosanna: i'm listening to american authors i like them. kind of based in brooklyn so, of course, i have support for hem. hit new single for us in the 9:00 hour. american authors coming up.
8:27 am
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you can too. this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: all right, hot and steamy but back to work. greg: there were things i wanted to do. rosanna: like what?
8:30 am
greg: learn french. start a nonprofit. that is what the fall is for. rosanna: i wanted to read go sket a watchman. i couldn't get into it. greg: here are highlights, i was there, well, we went to the swimming pool, of course. a public swimming pool. by the way, they are closed today. 93 degrees and the pool is closed. roz ross the kids are back to school and a lot of people not going to the pools. they are keeping the beaches open. greg: remember the parade of the kids in the water. we tried to fly a board in the water. this is cool. rosanna: you were up a bunch like, i don't know, a minute or two.
8:31 am
i was up 30 seconds. greg: maybe. rosanna: give or take a few seconds. greg: it was a great summer. memorial day seems like two years afwoe to me. rosanna: you know, labor day was late in september. the weather was fantastic. usually that week is three days of rain. this year gorgeous. greg: how about that. aubrey is here. mike woods is on jury duty. rosanna: well the courts are open at 8:30 in the morning? audrey: yeah. rosanna: he remembered he had jury duty. audrey: and he's missing out on
8:32 am
a nice start to the day across the region. we are starting mild. the temperatures in the 60s and 70s across the area. it is a warm start to a hot afternoon across much of the region. it is courtesy of a southwest wind flow and that is helping to bump up the heat and the area. the satellite and radar is showing it is dry. the high pressure is keeping it that way. to the west, thunderstorms across the western great lakes and headed in our direction and bringing in rain to our area tomorrow afternoon. tropical storm grace is out over the ocean. in our area, plenty of sunshine and heating up to the 90s. more of the same for wednesday. the threat of rain in the afternoon. thursday we could see a good
8:33 am
soaking, which is needed, wur in a little bit of a draught across the area. the weekend is looking good. high of 82 on saturday. clouds on sunday and a chance of rain later in the day. that is a check on the weather. ines? >> ines: it is a hectic morning. we are starting with the newburg area. normal delays. construction going on eastbound. jammed up from route 9 approaching the taconic. the lane is closed. jammed up approaching the saw mill because of an accident. long island, nassau county, back to delays. right now traffic jammed up into queens because of an accident by springfield boulevard. take a look at the jackie
8:34 am
robinson parkway, grand central cams. jersey side a lot of red. 280 with earlier problems. the parkway with an accident earlier by 124. route 3, problems headed to the lincoln tunnel, traffic jammed. route 17. 90 min us to the lincoln tunnel as well. springfield traffic is slow westbound because of the delay. 495 headed to the lincoln tunnel, earlier accident, 90 minutes for you. 20 minutes traling to port authority. holland tunnel 20. george washington bridge 30 upper, 20 lower. trains are doing fine, running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg: thank you. as we wrap up summer, rosanna and i have been thinking back to the books we have read, and actually not that bad. reading the fundamental. rosanna: absolutely.
8:35 am
i loved to read as a kid. as an adult i love to read but i get disstrakted with magazines. you know. some of them have lengthy articles, vanity fair. right? greg: they are fun to read. going back to literacy. rosanna: you have to know how to read. greg: pencils of promise, it is start add couple of years ago and adam was inspired with a trip to india and an interesting campaign under way to promote literacy. adam, welcome back. rosanna: you have big goings on tonight, empire state building is lighting up the colors with your organization. >> yes, it is a gleaming pencil in the middle of manhattan. >> what is the principles? >> every child deserves access to a quality education and we
8:36 am
are helping lit ri si for the children. rosanna: is this happening around the world? >> yes. >> are there areas more worse than others? >> yes, we work in four countries and three kuvents of focus. they are in the poverty zones. we work with rural communities on primary education. greg: there is a really cool social media campaign being unveiled today, this isn't just fun, you are raising real money. >> so we are calling it wear ivory ivory -- i read campaign. you read and for every post, photo that goes up with the hashtag a dollar is donated up to $50,000 and helping to build two new schools. rosanna: where are the schools
8:37 am
going to be? >> ghana or guatemala. >> nice, you can read any where now with technology. rosanna: adam, what about in our area, off global look on this, we hear about these kids that are coming out of high schools that can't read and write at grade level and that is a real serious issue here. >> we are working with the teachers and schools, if there is a teacher or a member of a school community that wants to work with us, go to pencils of and one of the most power ways to get a child to value education is understanding how fortunate they are to have a school to go to. we are running a number of campaigns around the country.
8:38 am
you will see the activations across new york city. greg: hashtag where i read. one buck per picture goes to building a school? >> yes. greg: what happened in india? >> i was backpacking as a college student, i asked a child, what do you want most in the world, a boy was begging on the streets and i asked him and the answer was a pencil. i gave him my pencil and he lit up and realized he had never been to a school before. rosanna: wow, that is amazing. you are doing great work and getting a lot of support, by the way, your brother is scooter brawn. greg: wait a second. rosanna: he's behind justin bieber and who else? airinna grande. they are supporting you and your mission. that is fantastic. >> yes, we are keeping it in the family.
8:39 am
>> it helps to have a celebrity associated with something to people are opening their eyes. >> the founding belief is everyone has a voice or a purpose. whether a 7-year-old or a celebrity with millions of twitter followers, everyone person made a contribution. greg: hashtag where i read. by the way, tell rosanna it is not polite to read in a meeting with others present. she's on her phone and reading the tweets and instagram. rosanna: don't believe him. he's distracted as i am. it is amazing. starting today, if you don't know about the promise of a pencil, get involved today. greg: there is the book. a promise of a pencil. adam, thank you. rosanna: congratulations with the empire state building.
8:40 am
we petitioned one year for us. greg: we sent the facts over. rosanna: tvs "good day new york"'s anniversary. they snubbed us. greg: they snubbed mother teresa. rosanna: adam, congratulations. continue the success with the company. greg: we are peeking outside. it is going to be steaming out there. rosanna: i'm pining for summer. greg: you have it, rosanna. rosanna: wait a second, i hear a song. this was our "good day" band. greg: this is back in may. the school of rock team. we came together and meated something beautiful. depending on how you look at it. we'll be right back.
8:41 am
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rosanna: all right, dr. raj is back. greg: what are you up to when you are not here? rosanna: swabbing the airplane seats. greg: what do you down stairs? >> i look into the stories, the health news of the days. greg: today? >> the germy places. we know there are places in the airplanes and the airplanes, like the bathrooms. testify tested a number of spots in the airports and airplanes and found that number three was the over head air vents. the knobs you turn. those had a very high number of
8:45 am
colony forming units, bacteria there. greg: i hear it is the cleanest air you can breathe. >> it is filtered. people worry about it. it is actually filtered more than most office buildings. greg: think about that, it is cleaner. sometimes it is cold. >> but touching the knob has a lot of germs. number one are the tray tables. they are not cleaned as well as the bathrooms in between the flights. don't put a piece of fruit or food right on the table. rosanna: it is amazing how we survive. greg: our body has way to put it off. >> well, a lot of people feel they get sick after travelling. you are not sleeping well and off the exercising and eating
8:46 am
routine. greg: yes, we eat redick yous lis when we travel. rosanna: we have a special performance by american authors. brooklyn guys. greg: very cool. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
8:47 am
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greg: greatest song ever made. rosanna: i know. it is a september song. greg: earth wind and fire were on the show. i saw them once, they are awesome. rosanna: we have to play it on september 21st. greg: yes. what is that guy doing? is that a tractor? rosanna: they are cleaning up the beach. reason.
8:50 am
we are talking entertainment. stephen colbert is beginning the run on the late show. greg: yes, tonight is the night. we are going to anna outside of the ed sullivan theatre which is colbert's home. anna: yes, you are seeing there is an new marquee. we know that colbert is going to drop that parody of a conservative pundit he played for so many years on the steven colbert report on comedy central. take a look for the tease. >> hi, i'm host of the late show starting this fall. nailed it, three seconds. >> we need 30 seconds. >> what? >> 30 seconds.
8:51 am
how are we going to fill that? watch the late show this fall. starting september 8th. bring the puppies, you are the interns now. anna: well, not playing a parody of himself, but he's got a dry sense of humor and keeping with the theme of covering politics. tonight's guest is jeb bush. he's also got booked down the line ber si sanders, joe biden and going to mix it with hollywood a-listers, george clooney tonight, scarlet and amy schumer. the ceo's of tesla and uber. a defining point for him, david letterman shied away from social
8:52 am
media. steven is active on that front. he's going to have some of the viral hits. fallon his karaoke. so to celebrate tonight they are giving out these from the truck behind me. we'll see it tonight airing tonight. we are setting the dvr's, but we are dishing about it, the initial reviews will be harsh and he'll find the stride. back to you.
8:53 am
greg: thank you, anna. rosanna: that is an unusual looking bottle. it is fun. greg: i think jimmy kimmel is the king of late show. rosanna: i like fallon. he lives close to where i live. we are giving him the benefit of the doubt. greg: there he is. celebrating himself. rosanna: we are going to celebrate wendy williams. she's coming up. greg: what is she up to now? rosanna: i don't know. season 7. she's killing it on tv. wendy williams coming up.
8:54 am
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introducing starbucks small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. greg: thank you for watching "good day." rosanna: she's looking good. greg: this song by the way, the sixth graders played it on the school bus. i was in the front. they would do it in the backseat. i'm over it. you have seen this in the uk.
8:57 am
well, they have found another stone stonehenge down the block and buried. rosanna: they have found more fuel to the add to the foder. >> it is called supper henge. they have been found under ground. they are in a c shape. they have used a special radar. rosanna: they are estimated 4500 years old. 2,000 years older than the stonehenge.
8:58 am
[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage,
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