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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: all right hi everybody welcome it is wednesday september 9th i'm greg kelly. rosanna: i'm rosanna scotto nice to have you with us dealing with one with more hot and humid day before rain and cooler weather moves in. highs in the 90s. yesterday i think it hit 97 but felt like i don't know -- we were in heck. [laughter] audrey puente has the details. i don't to staying in because kids are getting ready to go to schooling now. greg: hopefully there's air-conditioning in the schools some do some don't. a million plus kids go back to school on a hot day you mentioned it is inevitable a three day weekend soon. >> next weekend. this weekend coming up. meanwhile a scary cannel at the airport in vegas. a british airlines plane caught
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fire as it was getting ready to take off forcing passengers to escape on the emergency slides. what happened here? how did this happen? greg: everybody is alive this could have been worse, though. at the u.s. open serena williams is doing well. she beat her sister. what's that like to play venice, the williams sisters it has happened before serena won that was anticipated. and heck if she wins the thing she won the grand slam. meanwhile steefnl colbert makes streak taking over stringing of the late show for those of us that had to be tucked in and at least in our first rem sleep. >> nice suit, tie, by the way. >> wait a second do you something on similar? what is going on? i noticed. greg: pretty standard. blue suit.
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rosanna: big night last night if you don't mind hit the music. take a look if you watch this show, you know by now that ray kelly is related to me, right? rosanna: again -- that's your father. greg: new book is out and a book party and former mayor threw it. rosanna: what was the who's who last night. and then former pc gave a speech. what he was wild? rosanna: a drum set there. first i thought mike bloomberg was using it as emphasis points during his speech. greg: my dad plays drums many he was playing in the basement. mike had this drum set, set up went to town. pump up the volume.
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not bad. >> ringo starr is watching right now. >> interesting twist to a cocktail hour type of thing. >> it is. i got my coffee. i started reading it last night. page 160. >> okay. you told me 3 something i said to my husband i think greg said 3 something so i'm going wait a second that little -- this is like the -- >> you're reading book don't quit. >> the end of the book and then the index there he was. whew. >> don't about the page. you're in the book. anyway, thank you. >> it was some book party. second. >> no time for me because there terse there. but it was cool. i had to time nor you. i had to work the room. good morning. yes hello it feels leak a little
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evening. what a book right from the very first chapter. you are drawn in. talks about thwarting a 9/11 attack after everyone in and i did know details on the brooklyn bridge thing. >> 16 more chapters to go proud of you of this first one. anyway hello. audrey: in store for another hot and humid day across the tristate area folks not quite as hot as yesterdays. that broke the record of 93 in central park. here's the high numbers from yesterday we broke records in many locations. high numbers in 90s across much of the tristate area, and looks like exception was montauk at a warm 87 degrees. so right now we're sitting mild and muggy in the 60s to north and west here in poughkeepsie and sussex and monticello. 77 degrees right now in central park. our dew points are still high mostly in 60s low 70s.
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they're going to stay in this range for at least another day. satellite and radar show it is no rain picked up across the immediate tristate area but off to the west here there's a bit of a line of rain across the western new york into the great lakes, and that is headed in our direction. under the influence of high pressure as it slides to the east it is geng to allow this cold front to approach from the west. later into the evening there's threat of a couple of iceolated showers but it will stall over the area and area of high pressure will bring in rain more substantial rain across the area tomorrow afternoon a into the evening. tlg be slow to clear by friday morning but in the afternoon start to see high pressure moving from the west that is going to set us up for a drier, cooler weather pattern across the area. so we're going to squeeze out one more hot and humid day todays with low 90s across the area. hot with a high the 80. you need your up l brel la
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thursday. rain will linger into friday. temperatures become more average mostly in low 80s upper 70s and l feel significantly drier as our dew points take a drop as well. we will see the roads. ines is here with your traffic situation. ines: we have problems out there. start is off with long island first wantagh northbound. traffic jammed by old country road an accident causing delays back to southern state parkway. l.i.e. slow because of an accident. past that, you have your normal delay. northern state and westbound l.i.e. heading into queens moving slow. new jersey, commute is pretty good. 80, 287 things slow down on route 80 approaching 287. bqe is not looking good especially gowanus. right now an accident over by excuse me brooklyn battery tunnel earlier a stall by atlantic avenue. here's the gowanus by prospect traffic moving slow eastbound. cleared away because before it
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wasn't moving. now it is moving better, though, bridge. george washington bridge not bad of a ride. you have a normal 30 minute delay upper level. september summer is over. but 15 minutes lower. lincoln tunnel not as bad as yesterday. standard 45 minutes inbound. holland tunnel has a 15, 20 minute delay from both approaches. greg and a rosanna. greg: plane on fire a british airways jet about to take off and engine erupts and they have to evacuate in a hurry. nobody seriously hurt but a bad situation there. >> smoke and a flame it is parrelled out last night at mccarren airport. it came from left-hand side all 13 crew members able to get off the plane within minutes using emergency slides. 14 people suffered minor injuries. the plane was supposed to fly to london no word yet on what caused that engine to catch fire.
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into it. >> back in the city it is first school kids. a million of plus, a lot of those schools don't have air-conditioning. gloalz how did we survive? air-conditioning back then. >> schools don't have it today. make it is uncomfortable but exciting too. >> mayor de blasio at the harvard school in the st. george section of staten island that is why robert moses is warming things up this morning. hello, robert. reporter: hello greg and rosanna good morning to you. mayor de blasio has taken some slack for not visiting staten island enough. so it's probably no texas that he will be greeting students here at pc59 a little bit later on this morning. despite forecast highs near 90 or above today, it's time to hit it the not. >> judging from this video
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released by city mayor is -- eyeing the the school year excitessedly upon cleaning and organizing a classroom with vim and vigor may yore made way for the professional. greets those at jf high school in the bronx parts of which were seriously damaged when a worker tested a newly installed gagsline last months. more than a million students awake today with a pervading sense of dread as summer ends and reading writing, arrhythmia tick begin by first lady an mayor look at this day positively using the start of the school year to tout pre-k program which boasts about 65,000 kids. >> never been doing anything like when i came into office 25,000 were in. this is tehran transcend --
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>> the rest of their life. allows woman or parent who is at home with the child to go to work. s that's priceless. does reasons considered failing in much of this year attempting to turn them around. to do that city is trying to transform the school into places where families get other services like medical and dental care an counseling. schools chancellor carly says it is key to involving students and a schools. >> let's make this the best one ever. >> not any official fox 5 head shot but from my days in grade school. a lot of good memories from elementary, middle, and high school. this can be an anxious day for students but ultimately school year will turn out well. good luck, to all -- that is the latest live from
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st. george this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. greg: have you had some work done? >> same cute little smile. >> identical to me. i have that turtle neck. >> just last year. [laughter] you all right? >> he looks good. greg: we have this head of united airlines ceo has resigned rather suddenly tieed to a federal investigation. ceo name is jeff. he's been there since 2010. well, he's out of a job. >> yeah, with his resignation is reportedly linked to an a investigation into company dealings with the port authority and former chairman david samson now you know him he was reportedly involved with "bridgegate." u.s. attorney office in new jersey said to be looking into sampson votes on united projects at newark liberty airport around
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at the same time to south carolina. >> had a house in south carolina and to curry favor with him an united had a flight basically just for this guy. >> from newark -- is that a problg? >> rosanna not for him but for -- >> for shareholders were for you i've heard your rant i think when you were on the tarmac about united airlines service would you like to know that a plane was taken up for that. it's complicated. >> the people on the flight. >> i parentally underattended flight. >> that's the problem. what else? >> city board of health is set to vote today and possibly putting salt warnings on menus. >> salt is bad for us. >> you mean there's salt on french price. chicken i think centers >> going to minimze this ?oir >> first city in america to require this warning label but how much is too much? >> and how does it affect
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priolo. >> seems so obvious, teresa. >> seriously let's find out how financial interest. >> maybe she doesn't put salt on her food potentially. but when you order a salad at uno you wouldn't expect a lot of salt in it. but i'm checking min ewe and classic cob salad has 2,000 milligrams of sodium in it. that might not be something that you would expect. daily limit for people. so this is what city is talking about. board eve health wants to put this sticker on -- chain restaurant menus where the sodium intake would be really, really high almost your entire daily limit. on second thought don't pass the salt. serving up food regulations aimed at curtailing your salt intake. will vote requiring a salt
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shaker emblem on chain restaurants dishes that contain more than recommended daily lament of sodium. if it passes you'll see icon on your favorite whopper from burger king, spicy italian foot long if from sub away and tji strips. >> it is okay for me. it is reminder, so ping it's good in a way. >> korgts cdc your day sodium intake shouldn't exceed about a teaspoon. the average person, takes in 3400 millgrams of salt. 90% exceed the salt guideline and consuming too much can pose pressure. chart on the cdc website shows just how much salt is hidden in common foods. a slice of white bread can sodium. slice of deli meat over 1,000 milligrams and a piece of cheese
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pizza up to 730 milligrams. the chain eateries want the issue lift to the usda but this isn't the first time new york city has attempted to blaze the food trail. forced calorie counts and tried unsuccessfully to limit the size of sugary drinks. l >> i think it's always a good idea whether it's calorie or fat or salt you should know what you're buying. >> would it deter people from consuming that item? >> most people not. but even if it is a few to get this down welcome it is a good idea. >> vote will happen today and if it passes which is k3-789ed expected to pass it will go into effects this december. that is latest from upper west side this morning. back t back to both of you. >> see that warning label you got it right there. get it -- one second. like a triangle. warning label look like -- >> a skull and cross bones. salt on the menu.
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thanks treetion. meanwhile presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle if making the rounds on tv show it is this week. >> jeb bush low energy candidate according to donald trump showed up on colbert show u how did he do? let's go to kerry drew was he funny? >> a little bit hear from him in a little bit. we'll see that appearance. good morning to you greg and rosanna start, though, request hijt e-mail and continuing to speak about the use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of states. first with abc news and last night she said she could have been done batter job answering questions earlier. but in relate to spect serge as i look back at it now even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts one for personal. one for work related e-mails.
7:17 am
as i possibly can. >> posted an poling saying it was a mistake not to use two e-mail addresses and a that she's sorry she said that's why i provided all of my work e-mail to the government to be released to the public and why it be testifying in public in front of the benghazi committee later knicks month. clin takes an appearance on the ellen show right there set to air tomorrow. meanwhile on the republican side donald trump taking more jabs at what he calls low energy jeb bush he posted this on his instagram account. take a look. i think the norm ought to be jeb for all of your needs. [laughter] >> oh, my -- >> well speaking of bush he made an appearance on stephen colbert first night as host of the late show. here it is.
7:18 am
your campaign poster is jeb, with a j -- exclamation mark why the jeb -- >> because i've been using jeb since 1994. it's -- excitement, it's -- many of us when we get excited you can just go jeb. i ran. in florida they do when they see me most of them out of happiness [laughter] >> people in florida saying jeb. back to the democratic side in a new poll joe biden is comes in second among democratic candidates and not officially in the race. this is a new poll at the mammoth poll shows it clinton down from 52% from last month. bidessen up from 10 points. that's up 10 points rather from last month. interesting not even in the race but he's rising in the polls.
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>> jeb. excitement or anger. >> meanwhile trump is dome exciting. make america great again. >> man. >> all right audrey what's going on? >> starting off a mild and muggy across the tristate area. 77 degrees in central park but our dew point and humidity is pretty high. staying that way the rest of today as well as into tomorrow. our satellite and radar show it is nice and dry. no rain on it yet but it is coming ahead of this cold front affecting our area for today and tomorrow. if you're planning to go to the u.s. open it is another hot one. temperatures around 90 degrees probably for evening session a chance of an isolated shower maybe a thunderstorm. so today high in central park 91 degrees not quite as hot 97 of yesterday but uncomfortable. tomorrow numbers drop to 80 but humid and we have a threat of rain in the amp into evening. also some thunderstorms too giving us a good soaking. rain into friday and dry it out by afternoon. things great for saturday.
7:20 am
plenty of sunshine with a high of about 79 degrees another chance of rain on sunday with a high of about 78. let's see what your chances are getting to work on time. ines is here with your traffic update. ines: slow spots out there because of earlier accident. take a look at the mess staten island and gowanus earlier accident over by atlantic avenue brooklyn bat roy tunnel exit and left this delay. all lanes open but left on gowanus to bqe and delays on the accident. as far as your commute crossing tappan zee bridge traffic backed up to 287 and westchester side you're fine. cameras by powells lane crawling. this is past jericho turnpike there's an incomes the area that has threetion one lane closed on eastbound side you're fine. as for trains metro-north. long island railroad, new jersey tran are sit, and path trains running on or close to schedule.
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is deliciously roasted and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: you're not going to believe this in broad daitle on electioning ton avenue, a man tried to rob an upper east side deli with a shotgun.
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right in the middle pflt day. it is so amazing when somebody would be so brazen to take out a shotgun. >> gun jammed again here's the suspect this is on lexington avenue and 64th street. okay, 8:15 in the morning actually rosanna, and let's see listen to this. >> and then he say [bleep] and he tried to pom out the gun, and then he try two, three to the back. rannthat way. >> guy is talking to our reporter jen. if you know anything about this cops would love to hear from you number 1-800-577-tips. tips. >> kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses is out of jail and thank supporters.
7:25 am
in jail for five days as you know she refused to i3sue marriage licenses to same sex couples to all altogether and cited religious beliefs as a christian and doesn't support gay marriage but in violation of god's will a huge rally after a her release. and she addressed supporters. [cheering] people -- she may be out of jail that was former governor of arkansas a. the judge gave her a sterner warning saying you be not interfere with issues of marriage licenses you can't get involved or try to stop it. her lawyer did not make that promise, though. >> one of her lawyers says that any license issue ised while she was behind bars are nots valid. instead of her name on the licenses, it just says roland
7:26 am
county. meanwhile big day if you love apple into all of these new tech revolutions there. going to issue new products including iphone 6 plus. >> remember they have the 5, and then 5s so what we don't know they're pretty good at keeping secret there is. >> camera and flashes and processors also a talking about apple tv. something new on that maybe something new on a supersized ipad. >> on the right side of the screen take it full . that's the west side a physical store. inside it is always so clean, and atmosphere is perfect. and people who work there are so smart. geniuses they have even a bar. >> they are gene uses is there a line? >> a 24-hour story. a peek outside if it is geng to be warm today. 7:26 today hot today.
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>> this is it. good times are over. and all of the moms are are singing the most happiest time of the year. greg: what are kids saying that was an a intimidate scene. right outside of high school. of all of the girls will walking in trying to be cool like book bag cool. what about my -- all about fitting in. >> true. true. you ruled it the roost. >> i went to all girls high school. so actually we had one boy at one point leak coed one guy in the class. poor guy. but you know, i think it is single sex that takes the pressure off a little bit. what do you think? greg: pressure off? >> single sexings takes pressure of going to school.
7:31 am
>> there was a sacred heart academy they dated college guys they have no time, no time for us high school chumps what is cool with this -- look at that -- >> queens. >> frank sinatra school -- got here? >> i want to read that. the frank sinatra school of the arts. tony bennett. yeah. he raising money for that school. >> tony bennett founded -- rtle raising money for that school for arts. founder. astoria. friends across the river. hoboken. nice to have you with us this morning it is hot outside already. school? >> mine was coed. >> that's fine. >> end of story. >> traumatized by that?
7:32 am
>> i don't know. i always wanted to. >> when i was in college boys cheatedded off of you. >> therm that desperate. as a theater major -- >> he was a brownnoser we know that. >> it is warm, muggy out there this morning and relief from the heat . temperatures in the u 70s in most locations in knox out across long island. north and west of the city in 60s like in sussex, monticello. belmar what, might be a good day to be at the beach today if you don't have school. 758 your reading right now. dew points uncomfortable in the 60s and 70s. they'll stay at this range today and tomorrow. and then drier air will be in here for the weekend. if so our satellite and radar
7:33 am
shows no rain picked up across our area but to the northwest of us around great lakes a line of rain showers associated with a cold front impacting next two days. late this afternoon into evening there will be a threat of isolated showers north and west of the city and tomorrow expecting rain across the region. a cold front will stall out east of new york city tomorrow and be an area of low pressure riding along it to ignite sphant rainfall across the year. we're below average for this time of year, and rain will be slow to exit friday morning but drier air will be in here for the weekend. we're below average for this time of year for rainfall swoa with need it coming in here. sun and clouds today hot and again. term to drop it down to 80 degreings for a high but it will be a wet day across the region. friday start to see clearing skies. saturday great plenty of sunshine with a high of 79 degrees. another chance of rain sunday and temperatures stay normal for this time of year into gibing t beginning of next week.
7:34 am
let's see the roads this morning. ines is here with a traffic update. >> commute this morning, extra slow. everything back to work. summer is over. van wyck southbound watch out by atlantic avenue. delays back to q garden interchange. traffic slow approaching queens boulevard in bqe we have delays as far as your commute in new jersey 280 eastbound watch out bid exit 14 block a lane and parkway jammed about a three mile delay northbound approaching exit 135. let's go to long island expressway, take a look at that by powells lane here brake lights are turning on here slow because of an accident in the area blocking hov lanes that are fine. eastbound sued no trouble there. as far as george washington bridge is concerned this morning 30 to 40 minutes on upper level. lincoln tunnel not as bad as yesterday it was a 90 minute delay. this morning 45 to 50 minutes inbound. holland 20 from each approach. trains good this morning. back to you.
7:35 am
greg: in september 11th, 14 years since the september 11 terror attacks in the run yum in the occasion there have been frr hearings in the museum and memorial. you see peter king and rutted did i joule is i can knee may yore on that day and spoke with the police commissioner i don't think they've had this before, rosanna. >> mr. jude i giuliani called for security and denounced nuclear deal. >> america is sitting back and not taking action . to prevent it. instead it's negotiating an agreement that is a nuclear iran will make it a bigger empire. aggressive approach.
7:36 am
>> federal hearing there. a u new portion of it will be open later this week. world trade center three, new building rosanna we've been in world trade center one. >> to the top of it. spectacular but not as tall. but let's find out more. >> teresa priolo is there with progress from lower manhattan this morning. hello, teresa. wow so cool you can see out. >> framework that lines the revitalization and progress report of new york hope they would receive. >> at the same time we can see all of the activity coming together. 14 years after terrorist attempted to bring new york to its knees. developer larry civil e very seen here to say lower manhattan is back and better than it was
7:37 am
before september 11, 2001. >> and look what we have here. >> people living, working, visiting lower inapt in ways they didn't before. he says 60,000 new families now call lower manhattan home. towers one, 7, and a 4 are completed. tower two is still in planning and after substantiate stop and starts tower three is on its way up. tower three at 175 greenwich street diagonal from our position in inside of tower seven expected to hope in early 2018 an stand at 80 stories tall request 2.8 million rentable square feet of space. what make it is unique is open free carpet layout now creative expreans a chance to be a part of this special complex. i realized a huge path that
7:38 am
question of to cross. the mountains that we have to climb. it was enormous. daunting. but i said to myself, is it qort it? and i said it is needed. it's necessary. >> this is three -- >> inside building progress is palpable as we walked around, we saw steel beams hoisted loil wiring laid and a special fireproof coating awe plied. silverstein said that will prevent it from ever melting the way it did on 9/11. but some that makes it so special are the men working it. >> what do you think about? >> l i think of what was, and a what it is. >> watched plane attack the twin towers and watch as it unfolding not knowing if he would survive or if he would be back. but he came back after that fateful day and every single day
7:39 am
since. great to see progress that had been done. >> a chance for silverstein to reflect on significance of the complex, how it came to be, and where he will go from here. >> when you look around and think of properties that you have developed in your life, these are legacy properties. truly no question about that. this is the -- this is really ultimate achievement and say every minute, eminently qort it. york." >> that larry silverstein guy he likes to match people up. he's working on it. let's take a live look at the world trade center please. 2020. >> that's 3. but we know one is open, and observation deck is spectacular. the food is pretty good tutu. we're going down there i guess
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7:43 am
behind that system cooler and less humid air a will be here just in time for the weekend. right now we're starting off in the 60s north and a west of the city. 77 degrees in central park. islip checking in 76 same number in bridgeport out to montauk point. dew points are still uncomfortable an stay that way today and tomorrow. we're dry on the radar no rain just yesterday but a front lingering to the west and starting later this afternoon to pig night isolated showers north and west of the city maybe isolated thunderstorm. before that happens sun will dos its work to the near 90s across many locations today. tomorrow will drop it down to 80 degrees if after high but we have to watch out for some rain. temperatures stay average into the weekend with high mostly in low 80s upper 70s. that's a check of your weather now the the traffic situation with ines. >> kind of been a busy morning a lot going on this morning. take a look we have a lot of red here. cross krongs right now there's a stall over actually on bruckner
7:44 am
as you have approached the bronx river parkway and that e slow here in the cross bronx 280 trying to clear by exit 14 a lot of problems this morning. let's go to our camera 59th street bridge no problem there. you're fine. bqe to brooklyn bridge slow as usual but you have extra delays. traffic jammed back because of an a earler accident by brooklyn battery tunnel so peb be prepared for extra delays. crossing brooklyn bridge you're fine this morning. eastbound side you're fine. >> let's talk sports. >> here is duke. >> use the membership yesterday? >> what are you talking about? >> first things t thing you do qhu sit down? >> tell everybody what you're talking about. joined a gym. >> had things to do. >> duke wants to fight me.
7:45 am
that's the vibe i'm getting if you want to take it outside duke, i'm ready. >> i don't to be in the middle of this one. you can stop to. let's talk about the mets -- >> rough for the mets. talk about innings pitched and limits he didn't maybe it out of the 6th inning last night didn't have to choir about going nine. taylor hits the rbi single past, that's three more runs score. 7-1 nationals. gave up 7 runs, 8 hits and has no idea when he'll start again. so -- there's that. all right for mets came back, in the 8th kurt, how about this final. this could be the year, i mean, it really could have been. 6 game lead on the nationals. yankees -- bottom of the sixth. a-rod ties thingings up with a shot that squeaks over the wall. left 30 9 home run of the season
7:46 am
and it is a 1-1 ball game. still tied. thought yankees were going to full this one out. chris davis, and that is -- going own first, orioles win it 2-1 and yankees were a great performance by tanaka 8th inning ten strikeouts one run for the yankees they lead just a game and a half. yankees trail a game and a half in the al east. all right u.s. open now, and match everyone has been waiting for. serena versus vee nils. quarter final serena looking to continue her quest per the grand slam. first venice cools to the match. lob to drop just in inside the line takes first set in 33 minutes. 6-2. serena, and bounce back.
7:47 am
she's got the crowd. back hands winner there. and hits the great forehand. and then match point hard to serve at the end. 122 miles per hour. max she moves on to semifinals now. two victims away from the grand slam opinion all right football news two scathing reports came out yesterday basically saying nfl commissioner rouge tear goodell came down hard on tom brady because other executives in nfl were not happy with the way he handled the whole spy gate situation spying on too manies basically with new england back in 2007. basically both stories go into serious detailing length the patriots go to push the envelope or routinely walk over the line. breaking in the locker room with serious, serious stuffy read both reports one by "sports illustrated" two great writers
7:48 am
i've heard two rumor it is from players. but court to this report it was worse than i ever imagined. the espn reports -- >> basically this report what was going on with patriots cheat ling and spying on teams alleged was way worse than i even thought. official version? >> that is -- what they talk about. talked to 90 people pmg not one just had a grudge. all right finally last night at a metlife stadium he was busy. last night was a premier of the camp commitment video. online video of o'dell and eli and director dave, with an new camp commitment. a fun video. eli and odell beckham junior has commitment on the field we know that on screen as well.
7:49 am
i caught up with o'dell and asked him it be the sunday night open per. >> excited about it trying to not prengd leak it is not coming around the corner but i can't wait to get in the balance, and i think it all the hit me. you've been so much stuff has been -- here. >> giants open up sunday night. metlife stadium. >> my husband and i are now wrestling over the tv. >> it happens in my house now. it goes down to one tv that we both want. that's the one in the bedroom.
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> we have one in the lab are are hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
7:52 am
introducing starbucks small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. >> oh, how cute this is nicholas john one of our viewers going back to school today. >> what does it say, my first day of pre-k. pre, pre-k this year --
7:53 am
nicholas two little girls on their way to schools. two blond sisters on their way, and thanks to their parents they watch "good day new york" they like our "fox 5 ny" facebook page. >> like melissa malon sisters. if you have a picture of a kid send it on our facebook page and we'll put it on tv. in the meenl time it is anna gilligan's turn to be on tv. >> stephen colbert debut as new host of the late show here he is give a tour of the revamping set in the ed sullivan theater. >> incase guests get busy they can watch over the shoulder. i've got sports. i've got news, and i can watch -- it is on. what's that? i've got to remember to tivo this for later.
7:54 am
put that there. off to a good start back and forth and meet each other after a session. >> mention kimmel? >> yeah. >> mr. handsome clooney only on the show. colbert poked fun at the culture of celebrity and forced nature of interviewing celebrities. >> that's to remind you that you don't know each other. we need to pretend we know each other and a pass that on that you have to pretend you know each other. we don't know each other. perfect tell me how you're -- you're working to help people say in arthur because you were where i found that. how did somebody who was in the business where generally camera is not on you're looking for your reflection in a shiny surface? >> different take than late show hosts have.
7:55 am
>> for a second, i don't know, mother or mother or morphed sometimes interview segments you throw away. he's brilliant funniest stuff happens in interviews. what happened with jeb bush? >> well they have an earnest discussion about his running for president he came out and said there's a .01 chance i'll vote for you. so he's frank -- >> right now a .01 chance that he will win. are you seen polls? >> jeb with an exclamation point? >> funny you never know it is early in the race. in politics. >> other select news last nights was a star stottedded event at the u.s. open. a lot of celebrity it is turned out to watch the williams sisters duke it out. oprah, anna wintour. donald trump and his wife showed up. other celebrities also to see posted kim kardashian and
7:56 am
kendall jenner saying sister supporting sisters also queens nate i have nods, and our own dr. ozs there. dr. oz was on our show yesterdays. what a day he had. time for our facebook fan of the moment it is marcus -- say nice things on our "fox 5 ny" facebook pang and you too can be fan of the hour. good day is coming right back. this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
7:59 am
>> wednesday already "good day new york" september 9th i'm rosanna scotto. >> l i'm greg kelly all fun monday. flying by. weather wise hot yesterday. going to be hot but not aside hot as yesterday. >> like a sweatbox yesterday. right? >> broke a couple records. mike woods on jury duty actually. what's that all about? [laughter] on trial no, he's in the jury box. inch public school students back in class. this morning -- that is a hot one it is their first school year also that
8:00 am
monumental day. a plane on fire in las vegas. jones beach there and see it in a moment. joans airways engine caught fire catastrophic situation but everyone made it off the plane. only if minor injuries. rosanna: are you an apple fan? today is a big day they're holding lottery anticipate ad media event today in san francisco we're expecting to hear details on the new ipad. a physical apple tv. phone. think. >> nuances get lost on us. >> what is it going to do this this can't do? they know what they're doping over there. they make a lot of money. >> two brave men left the earth to get onboard international space station and this morning we're going to have a
8:01 am
conversation with them from out per space that's scott kelly on the left from new jersey and a cosmonaut but in outer spacing right now. we'll take to them live from the international space station. >> it is a greats idea. ask them to do backflips stuff like that. >> weightlessness what it has like. scots kelly has been in outer space or will be when all is said and don for a year. enjoying coffee break with them in a little while. >> let us know what you would restaurants. everybody is curious. >> we don't have the sphutle. we have to go with the cosmonauts we have to take their rocket ship. per space. pretty fun. >> i'll do that while you're talking. anything to know?
8:02 am
>> know that it is one more hot day across the tristate area. xting drier, cooler weather into the weekend. folks for those of you who can't stand heat we're going to get relief. start off with the morning temperature it is right now in the 70s in many locations with a current reading at 78 degrees. 70s along long island. 75 down the shore in belmar. up to 73 now in poughkeepsie and 67 at the moment. dew points high in the 60s and 70s and this is making it uncomfortable across the region and continue to be at this level through today and tomorrow. along at drier air in here late in the day on friday. sat looght and radar shows it is nice and dry right now. no rain seen on the radar. but we see rain off towards the west here arnold great lakes. that's associated with a cold front that is beginning to
8:03 am
impact us today and tomorrow. tomorrow a good amount a of evening. friday. drier air works in behind that system setting us up for a nice and comfortable weekend with temperatures in upper 70s for saturday, and into sunday. let's see the roads morning. traffic update. rng good morning audrey well busy out there. start off with new jersey two problems 280 an accident and accident westbound by 14 that westbound accident is causing rubber necking delay. traffic jammed between 378 as you head to route 3. essex toll plaza around that area normal delays around there. nassau county earlier accident by jericho turnpike been cleared away but moving slow there as you head into queens. wantagh had anier accident and cleared left that delay for you. new problem here on southern
8:04 am
state wsh by 110 an a accident. as farvan wyck through q garden interchange southbound slowing down there after jackie robinson parkway by atlantic avenue. as for trains everything on or o close to schedule. greg and rosanna by the way looking for the apple announcement. >> what version do you have? >> 5s you need to be updated. >> android ising an option too first day of school. 1 million plus kids going back to school. >> school chancellor joining on staten island. may yore will be at ps589 harbor school in the st. george section that's where robert moses is this morning. what's up rob? reporter: hey, greg and rosanna been hanging out with parents and students as they've been
8:05 am
arriving heerp. backpacks look beautiful. outfits look great. the nerves festive hire and these kids get ready for another school year, and they are chancellor and first lady. students. but for mayor as well. he will visit students at schools in all five boroughs beginning here on staten island. one of those visits will be to jfk high school in the bronx. you'll recall damaged in a bad explosion some thought it might not be ready for the first day of school but it is. more than a million students say good-bye to summer and hello to a brand new school year. the city is offering full day students . it is notable because this is the first year that city is offering spots in its pre-k one. mayor says it is important to get kids off to a fresh start and speaking of those kids i
8:06 am
spoke to them this morning in the girls and boys were of few words. >> noel what grade are you going into? >> kindergarten. >> wow. >> are you excited for the start of the school year? >> yeah. about? >> making new friends. >> tell me what you're most excited about today. >> gym. >> did you have a good summer? >> now are you bummed the summer is over or excited to go back? >> excited to go back to school. >> good attitude how about how hot it is outside today. today? >> drinking a lot of water. >> i told you they were of few words but once they see their friends they'll find some stuff to talk about. the mayor expected to greet students and then a news conference at 9:20 this morning.
8:07 am
we talked about the heat that is really very little air off a the water here. we're right on the harbor in st. george but not really much breeze, so for those school it is that don't have air-conditioning, these kisdz and temples are going to be sweating it out. roberts thanks. >> usually they don't give you home work but more like covering your book. >> we could not do. still to this day, the folding, tape, anyway good luck. >> today city will finish installing speed cameras around schools and when it's done 140 cameras will be in operation including 106d cameras and 40 portable camel are as. >> beginning and run until one hour after dismissed. i was almost in an accident this weekend. you have to slow down in
8:08 am
general. descractsed. i do cats arrest. >> it is too late. more red light cameras and speed cameras all over the place. >> police in the bronx on the hunt for robbers accused of cutting a hole in the roof of a jewelry store making off with more than 140,000 in cash and jewelry. here's the surveillance video this guy police say is responsible. happened on tuesday of last week at about 1 in the morning on east fordham road crime stoppers please call 1-800-57 a 7-tips. >> we have an update on kerry -- and a aid to governor cuomo he's in a coma after shot in brooklyn. >> let's say -- it says that -- he's surrounded by loved ones.
8:09 am
this is goods. you know there's talk that they're looking at this preparty before the parade. how much money was given, what kind of security is involve ptd because apparently there's a lot of violence associated there. >> there is 12,500 reward for any information leading to an arrest here. they think that he again a senior aid to the cuomo administration a hafortd law graduate was caught in the cross fire. bystander to gang violence. there he is 43 still in critical condition. if you know anything call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. >> british airways jet about to take off from the airport in las vegas when suddenly it erupted in flames. smoke and flames poured out of the boeing 777 jet at the karen airport. >> on its way to london fortunatelly everybody meads it off but about to take off
8:10 am
happened on the ground not in the scwie. we with don't know how this happened left engine caught fire on this boeing 777 as you mentioned. newscast southbound they're looking into it. >> that dentist in minnesota that killed cecil the lion is about it. >> he's a dentist and you have to go back to work his patients and staff support him but look that the media frenzy outside. couple of months ago boy this guy was cybertormented after he killed cecil and he actually told the -- associated press this weekend that i never could have killed it this lion if i knew it had a lion or precious. but what i did was within the >> right. anyway. see if his dental practice survives this. >> hillary clinton what is she up to now?
8:11 am
she was explaining whole e-mail situation. i'm sorry tour. >> apologizing. apologizing. the president has enough support, though, for the -- to survive a vito iran nuclear deal will go forward for a political rap let's go to jeb bush. hillary clinton apologize what had did trump do? >> good morning to you greg and rosanna hillary clinton is addressing e-mail controversy this week in a series of interviews she continues to speak out about the use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state then posted a a facebook message. last night interview with abc she kowfn done a better job answering questions a little bit earlier. >> but in retrospect certainly as i look back at it now, even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts. one for personal one for work related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm soirl about that.
8:12 am
i take responsibility i'm l trying to be as transparent as i can. >> say it was a mistake that she dpght use two e-mail dreyses saying, quote, that's why i released to the public an why i'll be testifying in public in front of the benghazi committee later next month an taped an appearance on ellen show that will air tomorrow. meenl whriel on republican side jeb bush first night on the late show. take a look. your campaign poster is joab -- why the jeb -- >> i've been using jeb since 1994. >> yes. >> it has excitement welcome it keynotes -- jeb.
8:13 am
chrgs get chitted and out of deep anger or happiness. what does jeb stand for? >> might be i'm not sure -- jebidia we have to look it up. not sure on that. >> jebua. donald trump is taking jabs at bush called him low energy and posted this on his instagram account. take a look at this. >> too much energy. need some low energy? have an hsa in some companies. some don't. i think the norm ought to be jeb. for all of your speaking needs. how much energy? chghts that was on donald trump of attention.
8:14 am
real name is john ellis bush. >> joe biden will be on colbert tonight. see what he has to sigh of course mulling, considering a run for president. >> excitement. audrey doesn't key note excitement but exudes it. stand right there. let's talk about this a new biography of donald trump. have you heard about this? >> guy sat down with druch for six hours more on that in a second. roll the video of president nixon. former late great president nixon. he wrote a letter to trump many years ago, obviously, after former first lady pat nixon saw him on the donahue show back in 1987. dear dunld donald what does it stay? >> as you can imagine she's an a expert and predicts wherever you decide to run you will be a winner.
8:15 am
>> he lived on 64 t street off lexington after he was president for a little while. what else? >> saving that letter, obviously, making an inspiration behind the you know thoughts on running. donald trump associated with ronald reagan. >> they say he's a closet democrat. >> compelling whether you like him or o not he watching "good day new york" we appreciate it. pmpleg talk about audrey because she's going to be huge. >> thank you. you're expecting a day filled with 90-degree heat so we're going to add to total of the 90-degree day so far of the year. so far 19 probably add another one todays and average is about 15 so running above average with the heat across the if region. right now we're sitting in the 70s across the area. we're 78 central park. same in islip. 77 number in montauk and 60s
8:16 am
in monticello over to the radar. there's a potential for couple of showers north and west of the city into the early evening hours. courtesy of a cold front making and tomorrow. that front will stall eetion of new york city tomorrow. we have thunderstorms too. need of rainfall below average for this time of year so it is welcomed across the region. today it is hot and humid once again expect your high readings around 90 degrees. tomorrow we're going to drop down to about 80 degrees and then stay in the low 80s upper 70s for next several days which is actually normal for this time of year. if you want to track the weather download our weather app "fox 5 ny" weather, and track the rain in our area with a live interactive radar for the next couple of days. now the roads this morning and head over to ines rosales. hey. >> good morning stop in on
8:17 am
staten island. expressway traffic slow approaching verrazano. brooklyn side bqe combo normal delays approaching brooklyn bridge. rock land county delays on throughway here from the garden state parkway fast pal said crossing tappan zee bridge a normal routine there. saw mill across westchester doing fine. go to cameras first the road stop and go i'm noticing moving below the estimate westbound. eastbound sued you're fine. george washington bridge upper level 40 minutes lower 30. 495 to turnpike that's about a 45, 50 minute delay. if holland 20 from both approach. >> thank you. we're very excited that the -- director he's very good he did the 6th sense. >> my goodness he creeped me out did wayward pines. his new movie is called the
8:18 am
visit, and very accomplished talented filmmaker we're excited he's coming. bringing ashts on apparently ting these grandkids go to visit their grandparents on vacation. i saw one of the grandkids kids into the -- grandmother does could you look into the soap for a second she pushes her in. cooks the kid? >> i don't know how it ends, i just saw the trailer we'll find out. >> not rated pg. don't worry. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> back to school. 5th grade good luck this year. >> what do you remember? >> oh -- multiplication tables. i love these people. but they're posting their
8:22 am
picture to our facebook page. they have their school clothes on. they're ready and smiling do you have some -- prnlgt well who's this kid? who is this kid hanging from the monkey bars already. whoncht is that? >> that's me in kindergarten. at gym class bang out pullups back then. new york jets -- that's sweet. down to business because fox means business. good morning to adam shapiro. >> people lining up hoping it will be released today. tim cooke will take the stand to start to talk about latest greatest gadget from apple upgrades names probably something like iphone 6, and 6s plus from io8 loaded on to
8:23 am
iphone 5 and operating apple watch that is upgraded. getting upgrade for a siri apple interface but more a a it will tv gains so they need to be buying joy sticks to make your apple tv -- new apple tv work. but the big question mark the large, giantaye with the 12.9 inch screen. that's not 100% given that we're going to get that today. but if we do it is expected to cost about $1,000 up to you. >> ios8 upgrade i have an ipad 2 and 8 made the thing crash slowed it down dramatically that's what you hear with older apple products. >> so you're in the market for a new ipad. >> statistic with just iphone. >> i continue using rosanna you're amazingly trusting.
8:24 am
>> let me see -- whew. adam thanks a lot. coming up on "good day new york" we're going outer space. pledgets literally going to meet scott kelly along with his if kyle, friend in outer space since march and be there until next march. no kidding were intermajor space station is overhead right now. getting close we're going to talk to these guys. go to our facebook page. what do we ask?
8:25 am
this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do... to keep us all doin' what we do.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. dunkin' donuts'
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dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. >> hi, welcome back. this is around the apple store. yeah, they are going to sell the new iphone 6 plus. rosanna: just an announcement. greg: well, they are going to get it pretty soon.
8:28 am
rosanna: i was having problems with my watch and i was going to talk to one of the gene wases there? >> rosanna: i feel bad when they do it in 30 seconds. >> that is the one 67th and broadway. not open yet. some are open 24 hours, not that one. rosanna: it is 8:28. it is a sweatbox again today. how'd you stay cool? greg: avoid the heat. we dropped by a cocktail reception. rosanna: it was hot in the book party. greg: through the elements, please. if you watch the show, this guy and i are related. rosanna: yes. greg: the former police commission, vigilance, his life serving america and the empire city is available now. and mayor bloomberg through a party.
8:29 am
rosanna: i have to say, it was a who's who. greg: a lot of cops too. it is telling the story of my dad's term as commissioner and his life. he was a victim of a yiem at 8 years old and helped to redesign the world trade center. one of the high lights was the music. rosanna: yeah, really, unexpected at a book party. greg: he's there and playing the drums. there he was. turn it up... he's got the beat. rosanna: he does. does he still play or practice? >> he's got bongo's in the apartment. he breaks them out from time to time. rosanna: your mom was going wild she was into it.
8:30 am
greg: forgive me for plugging the book but i'm proud of him. rosanna is in the book. rosanna: page 150. greg: i'm surprised how nasty he was to you in the book. rosanna: no he was not. i'm honored. greg: remember, based on what my brother told him. rosanna: that jimmy. i heard you are the favorite son. he was like... greg: that gets us fired up. rosanna: sorry, i have to work with you. greg: thanks for going. rosanna: the book is fascinating. i can't put it down. greg: audrey, what's going on? audrey: we are anticipating a hot day across the area and then we are finally going to see the cooler and dryer air working into the region. we are looking outside, we are
8:31 am
at 78 in central park. dew point and humidity are both at uncomfortable readings and it is staying that way today and tomorrow. we have a southwest wind at 12 miles per hour and helping to heat up the northeast as well as bring up the dew points too. the readings are in the 70s. no rain in the immediate tristate area, but a line of showers working into portions of the great lakes, coming in along a cold front and sweeping into the area tonight and tomorrow. that front is stalling out over us tomorrow and an area of low pressure and bringing in evening. by tomorrow evening we expect a steady rainfall and heavy at times and bringing in the much-needed rain. we are below average for the rainfall for this year. today that is not the case. it is hot and humid. the temperatures are soaring up
8:32 am
to 90 degrees. tomorrow down to 80 with the humidity. for if weekend, dryer and dropping down to the 70s for the highs beginning of next week. let's help you get on the morning commute this morning. ines rosales is here. ines: well, it is a rough commute this morning. staten island expressway, slow approaching the verrazano bridge. everyone is headed to work right now. a couple of issues on 280, eastbound an accident by exit 9, westbound exit 14, deleas back beyond the stickel bridge here and travelling eastbound rubber necking delays. the parkway here, delayed from 78 to the toll plaza and even 24, just a lot of traffic. a little slow headed eastbound towards 287. now to cameras, looking at the
8:33 am
commute, long island expressway, deer park slow bound eastbound. george washington bridge right now an accident on the upper level here blocking the right lane so an hour delay headed to upper. 30 lower. 495, moving slow. 50 minutes inbound. bus lanes noticing slow downs. no incidents. just heavy traffic. holland tunnel 20 minutes. trains are running on or close. >> greg: thank you. so, salt and food. dangerous. they say. you need some. too much is a problem. rosanna: the city's board of health is thinking about putting the warning signs on packages and it would be the first city in america to require the warning labels. i think it is obvious. if you are getting french fries salt, pizza, salt.
8:34 am
greg: some food, white bread, salt, you don't know how much is in there? rosanna: you eat white bread? oh my goodness. greg: come over, i will make you a peanut and butter jelly on wonder bread. rosanna: that is so old school. greg: we are going to teresa priolo. hi, teresa. >> reporter: to the point, you know about the french fries, but what about the salads, a cobb sodium. of course, you mentioned the pizza, this deep dish, 3,000 milligrams of salt, so what the city is doing, they are going to place this icon if this goes through on the chain restaurant menus where the item has a significant amount of salt.
8:35 am
pass the salt, second thought, don't. there is a dose of food regulations. the board is voting today on a grouventd breaking rule requiring a salt shaker emblem on the dishes that obtain more than the recommended daily of sodium. the foot long from subway, the smoke house from panera or says me jack strips. o it is okay for me. it is a reminder. it's good in a way. >> reporter: the daily sodium intake shouldn't exceed a teaspoon. about 90% of americans exceed the salt guideline and consuming too much can post health risks, like high blood pressure. the chart is showing much salt
8:36 am
is hidden in the common foods, a slice of white bread 230 milligrams of sodium, delaysi meat a thousand milligrams and a milligrams. the chain eateries want it left to the u.s.d.a. in the recent years banning the transfats and limiting the size of sugary drinks. >> it is a good idea where the calories or the fat or the salt, you have to know beforehand. >> will it it defer the people from eating it? >> probably not. >> >> if the vote passes today, it is implemented in december. back to you. greg: thank you. we are now going to outer space.
8:37 am
last march, rosanna, scot kelly blasted off destination, the international space station. scott is in the international space station for a year. they are not getting back until early 2016. isn't that wild. scott is from new jersey. his brother mark is also an astro naut. we are going to the space station now. welcome to "good day new york." how is it going up there? >> it is going great. welcome aboard the international space station. rosanna: fantastic. what are you doing today. there is a little delay. of course, a little delay, you are in outer space and we are
8:38 am
down here. '>>the signal is bouncing off the satellites and we have nine crew members on board right now and that is a lot for the space station from five different countries and we are doing scientific research and i'm getting the japanese air lock to deploy small satellites in the next week or so and we have other kinds of experiments going on. what is on your schedule? rosanna: oh no. >> this is houston, the mic is off. rosanna: we have you now.
8:39 am
>> yeah, so he was saying -- he was speaking in russian any ways, he's doing medical and biological e experiments. >> greg: why a year, that is a very long time, you have been up there five months so far and why a year, and give us a demonstration of weightlessness in the international space station and floating around and we'll watch you, that would be really cool. he's thinking about it. >> so the reason we are doing this -- so the reason we are doing this for a whole year is that this space station has some incredible scientific capability and even though we have flown people in space before, that was
8:40 am
a long time ago, the technology improved so much with the d.n.a. and the imaging, that didn't even exist and there are things to learn here that helps us travel further and further away from space and going to mars one day. the previous stay was six months and going to mars takes longer than a year and having the space station with the capabilities on it, it is paving the way to mars one day. >> do you get nausea and being in the small quarters, what does that feel like? >> you know, it is surprising what you can get used to.
8:41 am
we are falling around the earth. it is like on top of a roller coaster and the stomach feeling and floating, and you get used to it. i don't feel nausea now. some people feel sick in the beginning and they adapt. we have people throwing up here at times, but they get used to it. as far as the closed quarters, the space station is pretty big, so all though, i never feel like i'm kind of would like more room, it is clear that you never get to leave. you can't go outside. that is very, very obvious to us. greg: well, we wish you a safe journey.
8:42 am
how safe are you going, how fast are you going right now and seeing the somer salt again. >> yeah we are going 17500 miles per hour. i have no idea what part of the earth we are over. rosanna: hey, when do you wear the space suits? i see them in front of you. >> one of my colleagues and i we are doing a space walk, actually two at the end of october and beginning of november, spread out over a little over a week. those are the first two planned right now. >> it is looking like over africa right now, scott. boy, it is casual up there. you are wearing polo shirts.
8:43 am
do big space suits every day. no flight suits either. you are chilling up there and comfort at times, right? >> yeah, it is pretty comfortable environment we have up here, all though, it's pretty rustic living with regards to taking a shower and things like that, so it is sort of like camping. - n sync with you, we have ice cream. greg: scott, i would love to know how is the food up there? good. i was listening to the show about the soda reductions you
8:44 am
are talking about in new york city, and we went through that and scrubbed the whole menu because of the sodium on board and we had a big reduction in the amount of salt content. you know, it's obviously, salt affects the taste, but it is surprising what you can get used to. with the less salt, you actually after a while get used to it. i hope people that are looking at adjusting the salt intake there have the same experience. >> greg: scott kelly a hero, thank you for being with us. sorry about the delay but you are in outer space, safe travels and see you next year. take care. rosanna: thank you. they are listening to us in outer space. greg: great guys. sorry about the delay.
8:45 am
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traveling through seas of oats and berries peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries i say to the bowl are you trying to temp me? the bowl says " plenti." yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. goodness.
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>> well, in just a few hours, reigning. greg: hail to the queen. good for her. what does that mean for prince charles. he's waiting to become the king for a long time. >> rosanna: she's beating the record. at that time, the 89-year-old reigned for 63 years, 7 months 23226 days and 36 minutes. greg: see how queen victoria was not wearing a crown. he used to get migraine headaches. good for the queen. what else?
8:49 am
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anna: greg is eating the ice cream. greg: what happens, how many people are going to like it? rosanna: i don't know, we'll see. you are going to town on the ice cream. greg: we have astronaut ice cream. anna: you may see bruno mars
8:53 am
during the super bowl half time show. he drew the second biggest audience performing in 2014 and only beat by katy perry. sources connected to the nfl are saying he's asked to perform for the 2016 super bowl and curerate the show and choosing the fellow performers. this is all speculation. the reps are not commenting. the group survivor may consider a lawsuit over the eye of the tiger. that's kim davis, jailed for refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in your state and she used the theme song as being released from jail. the survivor members department approve her using the song. the front man wrote on facebook,
8:54 am
quote, we didn't grant kim daves to use the tune eye of the tiger, i wouldn't grant the rights to use charmin. greg: i don't think it is up to him. anna: yes, we are seeing this over and over. greg: i love this song. rosanna: songs are for everyone. greg: that is deep. rosanna: carry on. greg: okay, the film director,
8:55 am
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