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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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african descent, blacks and latinos are more likely to be sicker and die younger than white counterparts is due in large part to the impact of high blood pressure. >> the city board of health voted unanimously today to require this salt warning symbol on menus and menu boards in chain and fast food restaurants. >> all in favor? >> reporter: the symbol, which is a black and white salt shaker, means the item contains more than the recommended daily limit of 2300 milligrams of sodium. that's about a teaspoon. but the new york state restaurant association says the overreaching. the association points out that fast food restaurants had to buy new menus indicating the calories of each item. now the businesses have to buy new menus again for salt labeling. quote, this is just the latest in a long litany of superfluous hoops that restaurants must jump through.
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every one of these laws makes it tougher and tougher for restaurants to find success. we asked folks what they think. >> good to have information about what you're eating. >> a lot of people are not aware of how much salt an everyday meal has or things that are supposed to be healthy, like a salad might be chock full of salt. >> i'm not sure how useful it will be. >> reporter: the icon has to be on the menus and boards by december 1st, three months from now. it's for chain restaurants and fast food restaurants. back to you. steve: lots of salt. thank you, linda. an italian ice cart doing brisk day today. dari: this one pushed us to the limit. once again, the thermometer hit 90 in some areas, but showers have rolled in to help cut through the heat and humidity. nick has a first look. i understand we'll have a bit of a cool down tomorrow? nick: we'll be in the 70s tomorrow. that will be a big change from where we've been. it's going to stay more seasonal
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beyond this period. that means upper 70s to 80. the humidity was much higher today. today felt the worst of the week. 94 poughkeepsie. 91 newark. 88 jersey shore. mid 80s across long island. we have temperatures hovering around the 90 degree mark. 80 in the city. wind off the ocean. we've had a shower and thunderstorm move south of town. 86 towards bridgeport. 94 as you head out to allentown. dew point numbers in the 70 degree range or higher. that's the highest numbers we've seen. that's why it's been very oppressive. there's a cluster of thunderstorm activity that's moving south of the city. now strafing jamaica bay. there will be more showers and thunderstorms to follow. there's a line of showers and storms. that's with the cold front marching our way. more showers and storms tonight. we'll see them tomorrow. some could produce heavy rainfall, particularly in the afternoon into tomorrow night.
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the drying trend comes in for friday with more comfortable weather to take us into the upcoming weekend. dari: all right. advocates for the homeless are accusing the nypd of going too far when it comes to cracking down on the city's homeless, particularly the encampments. steve: jennifer lahmers was in heard. >> reporter: the homeless say they've been pushed to the edge. rallying from the train station at 125th and park to the police precinct, dozens of the city's displaced say they're outraged by what they call mayor de blasio's policy of police harassment. would you say you've been harassed by the police? >> definitely. this is unnecessary harassment. we don't mind them being here. they've got jobs. now you're telling me i don't have rights to stand here. >> let me see your id. they run your name. and then before you know it, they're like, yo, you got to move it. that's it. >> i feel i'm getting ambushed by the police.
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>> reporter: the city plans to raid 21 homeless -- raze 21 homeless camps. candle cameras were rolling as they cleared mattresses and clothing from this one. >> people are directing their attention to the wrong place. the problem is not that these people are on the streets. the problem is why are they on the streets >> reporter: the mayor says the city plans to increase funding for mental health and create affordable housing. folks say gentrification is the real priority. that the neighborhood homeless are getting pushed out to make room for high-rise residential towers and higher income tenants. >> there's no money for housing here but billions to give tax breaks to luxury developers building over there. it's those same luxury developers that don't want homeless people gathering right over here. >> reporter: we reached out to the nypd, who said simply multiple agencies are working together with a priority to offer outreach and services to
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the homeless in the city. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. dari: sky high rents are shutting minimum wage workers out of city apartments. a new study that was released by street says there's not a single new york city neighborhood where a worker making 8.75 an hour can afford the median rent. coming up at 5:30, we'll break down how much you'd need to make to afford the rent in various neighborhoods throughout new york city. four workers were hurt when an old cargo hangar collapsed at newark airport. skyfox hd was overhead. officials say the united airlines hangar had not been used in 10 years. nine workers were inside trying to get ready for demolition. two of the four men injured were seriously hurt but are expected to survive. engineers are investigating what caused that collapse. no word if the demolition will continue as scheduled
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steve: governor cuomo's aide continues to fight for his life. he was caught in the crossfire at a gang shootout. police have yet to make any arrests. dari: the city of baltimore will pay more than $6 million to the family of freddie gray. the settlement is coming five months after gray was injured while in police custody. his death happened a week later, which sparked days of violent protests in the streets of baltimore. >> our city's attorneys came to the conclusion that the $6.4 million settlement is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers. i ultimately agreed with that recommendation. dari: today's settlement could affect the upcoming trials of six baltimore police officers that were charged in gray's death. a judge is set to decide whether the trial should be moved out of baltimore. steve: this is putting it mildly. tense moments for people on a british airways jet yesterday after an engine burst into
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flames at the airport in las vegas. the flight, with 157 passengers, was preparing to fly to london. a passenger inside a terminal captured this video showing thick black smoke billowing from the plane's wing. passengers were sliding down emergency slides and running across the tarmac away from the plane. >> started out the flames. then it turned into a massive puff of big black smoke. i cannot even begin to imagine what that would have been like, the fear. they had let the slides out so the people could escape. steve: 14 passengers had to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries. mostly from the evacuation itself. ntsb officials trying to figure ? kentucky county clerk kim davis is expected to go back to work. she's spending time with family and she is expected to go back friday or monday. davis was arrested for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, saying she had a religious objection to doing
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so. the chief deputy clerk says the office is going to continue to issue marriage licenses to anybody who is seeking them. steve: the u.s. preparing to take in migrants from the middle east and africa. secretary of state john kerry telling members of congress that the administration will boost its world wide quota for resettling refugees, expecting to jump to 75,000 next year with a fraction coming from syria. the news comes as the u.s. has vowed to help european allies with the escalated migrant crisis. dari: people in the south bronx were rattled by a large explosion this morning. david carlos captured the black smoke that was rising on this video he shot from his apartment and posted on twitter. it turns out there was nothing to worry about. the explosion was not real. the city's office of emergency management says it was actually a simulated blast for a film that was -- a shoot that was happening near where he lives, and it had put out a warning on social media ahead of time to let people know.
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steve: 68 scary to see. it was a hot day for starting back school. dari: the mayor visited schools in all five boroughs. jessica was there as he welcomed them back. welcoming students and parents to the first day of school, mayor de blasio spoke about what it takes to succeed in public education. he says parent involvement and childhood education are two key factors. summer is over. students traded in their beach towels for the books this morning. >> i want to go back to summer. it's disappointing. >> reporter: it was the first day of school for more than 1 million students across new york city. mayor bill de blasio visited schools in all five boroughs. he was joined by the school chancellor and the first lady. he started at ps 59, and then get set kindergarten, the ymca in queens, the bronx at jfk kennedy high school and ended up
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at ps 9 in manhattan. >> i was really struck by the ability of these kids, the energy, the fact they were so excited to be in pre-k and were anticipating from the very beginning. >> reporter: de blasio high fived prekindergartners, welcoming them to school. this year, 65,500 four years old are enrolled in universal pre-k, more than half the number enrolled when he took office. >> when we came into office, 20,000 kids had full day pre-k. today, 65,000 plus and growing. it's growing by the hour right now. for the first time, any child anywhere in the city, any four-year-old, can have full day pre-k for free. it's going to grow from here and make our children and families >> reporter: the mayor talked schools. he says to succeed in public education, parent involvement is key.
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teachers and parents will now be more connected. >> 40 minutes every week parents are connecting with teachers. teachers connecting with parents by phone, e-mail, in person. building a real working relationship. >> reporter: the mayor also announced there will be a seat available for every middle school child to attend after school programs. as for universal pre-k, he says it is not too late to enroll your child. you can do that by calling 311 or logging on to the web. outside ps-9, i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: when you're on line, we hate the internet ads. dari: so true. apple is adding ad blocking technology to the new operating system. we're going to take a look at how much money ad blockers are costing companies. switch now, new york and get installed as early as today. mom switched. we switched. i switched to time warner cable
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dari: it was an early christmas for tech geeks as apple unveiled its big news surrounding the iphones, the 6-plus and the 6s-plus. both have sharper cameras and will hit stores by september 25th. there will be a larger screen, ipad pro, that will go on sale in november and the new apple tv is coming out in late october
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and will feature voice controls and more types of apps, including games. steve: apple taking -- apple taking steps to help internet users avoid being inundated with ads. we hate them. dari: this is exciting. alison morris is here to explain what's at stake. >> reporter: it's never that simple. ad blocking has been around a while. when apple gets involved, it takes everything to a whole other level. they're upping the game. ios 9 is due out next week. it will allow ad blocking apps. it will be easier than ever to avoid annoying mobile apps which eat up your data plan and it will get tougher for advertisers and content providers to survive. once a tool for techies and gamers, ad blocking is big business. a survey estimates that nearly
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200 million people around the world are using some sort of software to block annoying advertisements online. that's shutting down nearly $22 billion in ad revenue world wide. >> we estimate our users at 60 million. we're averaging about 2.5 to 3 million per week. that's been the case way back since 2013. >> reporter: how does it work? >> we are a browser plug in, which you can install into your browser that blocks annoying ads. and we are available for every major browser, chrome, fire fox, you name it. >> reporter: ad blocking is so popular, apple is announcing ios 9 will allow for ad blocking apps. >> what apple is telling users, we want your experience, your user experience on your mobile device, to be as nice as possible. a lot of people don't mind advertising. as long as it's smart, it's entertaining and it's not going
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to be a nuisance. that's a positive for both marketers and publishers. >> reporter: source point, based in new york and created by ad veterans, with $10 million in funding, source point is trying to help content providers and consumers find common ground. >> reporter: it's a platform that enables media companies and publishers to create dialogue with consumers about advertising preference. some of that might be to watch a single ad in return for 24 hours worth of content. you might choose to watch advertisements of a specific category that is more to your preference or you might choose to subscribe to a service that allows you to access content across multiple sites over a period of time. >> reporter: source point hopes to be the spotify of digital content. >> if you think about your music experience, for example, if you're a spotify user, you might
5:18 pm
spend $10 a month and get access to music across a wide spectrum of labels. we want to do the same thing for digital content. >> reporter: if you read about ad blocking, the press pits ad blockers against companies like source point, but they really want a lot of the same things. to get rid of annoying ads, make advertising more effective and to protect the free internet. ads enable a lot of the free content we love. the pressure is on now. advertisers and measurers need to come up with smarter ads. people love super bowl ads. they hate pop-ups. steve: that was the deal with the devil the way the internet was laid out before we were using it on the phone. that's the deal. there's a movement to get back to pay for it and avoid the ads. no one wants to do that. >> what people do with netflix, they pay for content. people may pay to avoid ads. steve: that's a good point. thank you. let's talk about the weather. it's 80, which means it's dropping fast.
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nick: we had the rain, the through. that cooled the atmosphere a bit. the rain is off to the south and east of us. there's more showers and storms coming tonight and tomorrow. we did touch 90 one more time today. maybe be the last time for the season. we'll have to see. we will be cooling it down the next few days. 76 the low this morning. notice the average high should be only 78 and the average low around 63. we'll be around those numbers moving forward from here. maybe not the 63. that will happen towards the weekend. the dew point high. highest of all week. it's the most oppressive day. clouds out there. pressure 29.82 and holding steady. where did the area of rainfall end up? along the south shore, south of merrick and the rockaways and extending as you head down the garden state parkway. some good downpours are coming through. notice spotty stuff up in the
5:20 pm
hudson valley and further to the north and west. here with the 90s, if sussex and poughkeepsie, 94 up there. 94 at allentown. 88 at belmar. middle 80s across long island. temperatures have cooled to about the lower 80s around town out to the east end. 86 at bridgeport. 92 poughkeepsie. 90 at sussex. and 81 towards belmar. dew point numbers feeling the humidity. around 70 or greater. it will stay humid tonight into tomorrow. wind will stay out of the south and shift to the west and around to the north tomorrow with the approaching and passage of the cold front. you can see the cluster that came across lower manhattan and doused staten island and brooklyn. that's gone right on to the east. there are more showers to the west. look at the line of showers and storms from burlington through the binghamton new york area extending southward all coming in our direction as you'll see as the southerly wind will give way to the cold front as that slides along and makes a move eastward.
5:21 pm
around tomorrow. some in the afternoon could produce heavier downpours. 70s in the morning. 78 in the afternoon. that's now seasonal for this time of year. tomorrow. localized flooding tomorrow afternoon into the first part of tomorrow night. there's the futurecast. there goes the front. you can see as the front passes, there'll be the threat of rain. then it improves for friday. most of saturday. this system comes in from the west and could kick off showers by saturday night into sunday. showers and storms tonight. and humid conditions remain. 74 in the city. 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow, showers and storms. watch out for heavy rainfall in the afternoon and evening. staying in the upper 70s for tomorrow. morning showers. afternoon. most of saturday is fine at 80. later at night, showers may move in and stick around off and on sunday. not a washout, but off and on showers sunday at 78. then nice monday through wednesday.
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upper 70s to 80. weather. nick: really nice. that's what september offers. dari: humidity was awful today. nick: that's going away by tomorrow is still humid. steve: thank you. dari: thank you. pope francis will have a posh place to stay while he visits the city later on this month. steve: we'll take you inside the pontiff's home away from home on the upper east side. dari: and the start of football season means the start of fantasy football season. the new ways to play that are attracting a different type of player. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app.
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dari: law enforcement officials gathered at one police plaza to talk about security plans. pope francis is coming at the end of the month coinciding with the u.n. general assembly. president obama is expected to arrive in the city that week as well. the nypd is calling the visit a, challenges. that's right. look at this. a beautiful home on the upper east side will be pope francis' headquarters when he comes to new york. dari: liz dahlem is lively on east 72nd street to tell us about the history behind the building where the pope is going to stay. >> reporter: good evening. this is a really special place, a special part of the history of new york city, and this is where the pope is going to spend his
5:26 pm
city nights, right here on 72nd street between madison and fifth avenue. not bad. the catholic church owns this property. we spoke with the archbishop who lives here full-time. he will be one of the first to greet the pope when he arrives in two weeks. the archbishop is someone pope francis will be spending a lot of time with in new york city. he is the vatican's representative at the united nations and his holiness will stay with him at his residence on east 72nd street between fifth and madison avenues. >> when the pope is in new york, he lives there. that is his residence. >> reporter: the home was built by the then mayor, hugh grant, in the 1890s. his widow and three children gifted the home to the catholic church. during our interview with the bishop, he told us about the intricate woodwork in the home. >> the chapel is all wood. in the library, et cetera and in
5:27 pm
the main dining hall. so it is a very precious gift the grant family has given to the pope. >> reporter: one spot that was not on the original itinerary was the 9/11 memorial and museum. pope francis insisted on going. >> it was not included. i could reveal that without any problem. because it does underline how much the pope wanted to visit the ground zero. >> reporter: pope francis will see the united nations. he will speak with the staff in a town hall type meeting and address the general assembly. >> he would talk about the overriding and overarching goal of eradicating poverty, in particular, extreme poverty. he will talk about universal access to health and education. he will talk about climate change. >> you have met the pope personally. can you tell us something about him that we may not know? >> he is really a very simple
5:28 pm
man and is very easy to talk with and very -- he can be pugnacious and he's very fatherly. i think everybody should feel very relaxed about him. >> the archbishop said one other thing is the pope is very much a spontaneous man. just because he has a schedule does not mean he's going to follow it word for word. who knows, maybe there could be a couple of opportunities for new yorkers to see him outside of the scheduled events. we will see. live from the upper east side, back over to you. dari: he showed up in an eyeglass door. he wants to get a slice of pizza. steve: a big challenge. thanks. dari: the growth of fantasy football continues to be nothing sort of amazing. steve: it takes over the world. dan bowens takes us inside fan duel. their offices are in new york. it's one of the hottest businesses in the country. dari: you're not imagining things. it gets more and more expensive to live in nyc.
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dari: minimum wage won't even get you close to making enough money to rent an apartment in new york city. steve: a new report says you need to make four times minimum wage to rent the average place in any of the five boroughs. sharon crowley has more on the city's affordable housing crisis. >> lower the rent. lower the rent. lower the rent. especially for people that have been here so long. you feel like you're getting robbed. >> reporter: paying high rent is something new yorkers are used to doing. >> the rent is way too high. it's been high like that for years. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: where do you live? >> in the bronx. i've lived in the bronx, manhattan, brooklyn. it's high everywhere. >> while it can be a struggle to make the rent each month, a new study by street easy shows one group, minimum wage workers, are being priced out of living alone in an apartment in the big apple. the study found there's not even one neighborhood here where a person earning the state minimum
5:33 pm
wage of 8.75 an hour can afford the median rent of 2,700 a month. >> wages aren't keeping up with the cost of living. >> reporter: scott with the says one of the reasons rents are so high, supply and demand. there's only so much space on the island of manhattan, for example. add to that many foreign investors are scooping up prime real estate. >> you have a lot of money coming in from overseas that is pushing the price of not only rentals, but also condominiums up. >> reporter: living alone and earning minimum wage may be out of the question in new york city, but many make it work by getting more roommates or finding a job in another city. or a new job, one that pays you at least $44 an hour if you want to live in manhattan. sharon crowley, fox 5 news. steve: looks like someone
5:34 pm
tossing away charcoal is to blame for the fire. it scorched more than a thousand acres. it is still smoldering. it's unclear if anyone will face criminal charges. dari: millions of artifacts will be returned to the ellis island national museum tomorrow. they were placed in storage three years ago after the building suffered major damage during superstorm sandy. the artifacts make up 50 percent of the museum's collection and should be on display in a month. steve: giants fans will not be seeing jason pierre paul anytime soon. he's not ready to play after badly injuring his hand in a fireworks accident. one finger was amputated. coach coughlin says there's no timetable for his return or if he'll sign a contract to play with the team. he has returned to florida to continue getting back game ready. dari: fantasy football, you're good to go. steve: had my draft last night. dari: all right. it's a huge business for
5:35 pm
companies and also individuals. steve: that's right. dan bowens takes a closer look at the growing popularity of fantasy sports and how it continues to change and evolve. >> reporter: tom is the cofounder of fan duel, the fantasy web site. we got a tour inside their manhattan offices where they have a countdown to week one of the nfl season. this is our fantasy team. we went heavy on the local stars. we can build the rest of the team any way we want. beckham, jr. >> this is the most exciting week of the year. all of the preparations since january has been building up to this. >> reporter: here's how it works. every user has a budget and every player has a price. build a great team and you could see instant gratification. one league is running every sunday that pays the first place winner 1 million. >> you can choose to play head to head against a single player for anything starting at a dollar or you can play one of our 50-50 formats. it might be five bucks, 10
5:36 pm
bucks, where you need to finish in the top half to double your money. >> reporter: fantasy sports are as popular as ever. this is the next generation. teams you can create weekly, daily or when you want. a model fantasy gaming experts say is challenging traditional year long leagues like the one you have with your college buddies or co-workers. daily fantasy, if you want to make a buck, that's going to be popular. i don't think that's going away. i don't think the commissioner league season long leagues will go away. >> we think of people playing daily fantasy. i think what people enjoy about this is it's a new season every week week. >> last year it broke the one million active user mark. this year will grow bigger. our team looks like we're ready for week one. dan bowens, fox 5 news. steve: a coffee company in washington heights is in the action of giving back. dari: how one business woman is helping others find work. steve: plus the unique
5:37 pm
architecture used to create the world trade center's new skyscraper. take a look at tonight's new york minute. >> nassau county firefighters museum honoring the victims of 9/11 on friday by opening its museum for free. it will be open to the public from 10:00 to 5:00 friday. saplings from the 9/11 survivor tree were contributed across long island today. 100 saplings were grown from seeds taken from the original survivor tree which stands at the world trade center and will become living 9/11 memorials. >> not only does the tree represent that life goes on, even in the midst of tragedy, this tree is a way of the older generation to teach the younger generation about 9/11. these will be around for many, many years to come. >> today is very important to us as we lost lieutenant martin on 9/11. two of the trees will be going to our village monument. one will be staying at the
5:38 pm
stationed. >> reporter: new trees were grown and cared for by students at the john brown high school in flushing, queens. and that's your new york minute.
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5:41 pm
of steel that survived. one agent who built the case says he did it to honor those who lost their lives that day. >> i designed it. we built it. it it was very honored. i lost friends. steve: that steel beam and the wooden base can be seen at the tsa office, which is in terminal b at newark liberty. dari: mean time, a new building at the world trade center is taking shape. steve: teresa priolo shows us the unique design of three world trade center. >> you'll be able to view the surrounding buildings. >> reporter: whoa. so cool. you can see out. rising in the shadows of one world trade lies the framework for a building that rounds out the revitalization and the progress report new yorkers hoped to receive. >> it hasn't been easy. now we can see all this activity coming together.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: 14 years after terrorists attempted to bring new york to its news, larry silverstein is back to say it is back and better than it was before september 11th, 2001. >> new york is resilient, resourcefulness, determination and look what we've done. >> reporter: people living, working, visiting lower manhattan in ways they didn't before. 60,000 new families now call lower manhattan home. towers one, seven and four are completed. tower two is in planning stages. after significant stops and starts, tower three is on its way up. tower three sits at 175 greenwich street diagonally from our position in tower seven. it is expected to open in 2018. it will stand at more than 80 stories. what makes it so unique is the open floor curtain free layout once designed with financial institutions in mind, now
5:43 pm
creative companies are clamoring for a chance to be part of the complex. >> when we started building the building, i realized the huge paths we had to cross, the mountains we had to climb. it was daunting. but i said to myself is it worth it? i said yes, it's worth it. it's needed. it's necessary. >> reporter: there is three? inside the building, the progress is palpable. we saw steel being hoisted, electrical wiring being laid, and a special fireproof coating being applied. his people say that will prevent the steel from melting the way it did september 11th. perhaps what makes this job so special are some of the men and women working it. when you stand here, what do you think about? >> i think of what was and what is. >> reporter: the superintendent of world trade center 3 watched the planes attack the trade
5:44 pm
towers from an antenna on a neighboring building. he watched as the scene unfolded not knowing if he'd survive or if he'd be back. he came back after that day and every day since. >> it's all right to look back at what happened. but it's great seeing all the progress that's been done. >> reporter: tower 3's progress is a chance for silverstein to reflect on the significance of the complex, how it came to be and where you will go from here. >> when you think of all the properties you've developed, these are legacy properties. >> no question about that. this is the ultimate achievement of my business life. i hope, i presume, i'll be able to look back and say it's worth every minute. imminently worth it. steve: pretty spectacular what they've done for sure. all right. she's used to landing punches. now rhonda rousey landed a big movie deal. dari: you knew it would happen. she is going to star in the
5:45 pm
remake of an '80s classic. we'll tell you which film is getting a reboot. steve: and how one local coffee company is brewing up jobs for those in need.
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. steve: turns out oysters may play a big role in the stomach flu. the shellfish are a huge breeding crowd for the highly contagious bug. joining us, dr. manny alvarez. >> don't they look beautiful? dari: i've got to tell you something. steve: this doesn't surprise me. dari: i tweeted out this picture of my kids on instagram eating
5:48 pm
oyster. they love them. i love them. i'm devastated. >> you don't have to be devastated. everybody knows the oyster is a natural incubator for the nor owe -- norro virus. the reason they became contaminated, we have contaminated waters in the u.s. especially in the summertime -- this is a summer story. in the summer, the water gets very warm. there's more incubation processes. things happen in shorelines where there's fecal matter in the water and that gets in the oyster and you can get sick. however, if you worry about the oysters, you could cook them, steam them or whatever, oysters rockefeller. then you kill the norovirus. if they're coming from good
5:49 pm
sources of water -- steve: that's why you pay 3 bucks -- >> exactly. then it's perfectly fine. be careful with small children. be careful if you have immune disorders. and be careful if you have -- if you're very old. sometimes the norovirus can do a number on you. but i love them. dari: okay. great. what's new about this message. surgeon general says get walking. what do i need to know? >> surgeon general, get over it. surgeon general says we have to walk more. he's going back to the 1960s. there was a big outcry by president kennedy who said we have to exercise more and put challenges out there. the surgeon general is saying everyone should walk 150 minutes a week. he's quoting statistics two-thirds don't exercise at all. he wants to start soft. by walking 150 minutes a week, it's good for your mental health and heart and blood pressure. so he is encouraging everybody to do so.
5:50 pm
it's not a bad message. steve: yeah. >> the winter is coming. where you going to walk? ask nick. it's going to snow. dari: it's too humid and yucky. >> get a treadmill. have you seen the price? afford them. but we appreciate you trying to hijack our show and doing this nice segue to nick. >> i only get one segment a week. what do you want? dari: my goodness. he only has another profession. doctor. nick: i'll take the segue. nicely done. we aren't talking snow yet. but winter isn't that far away. let's see what happens when we get to winter. it will be snowier, but that's down the road. the 90-plus weather is -- it was near 90 at pittsburgh and above 90 washington, d.c., to the city
5:51 pm
up to boston. there is a cold front coming our direction. that's causing showers and storms. it's a cluster hanging right around sandy hook through atlantic highlands to belmar and points south to toms river and a couple of pop-up showers moving through. we'll look at the other radar source. we can zoom into this cluster. i wanted to do this. maybe it will. maybe it won't. there we go. we'll zoom in and show you the rain extending through asbury park. that's going to continue to slowly moving off to the east. we'll put this in motion. you can see another cluster of showers and storms off to the north and west. this will be arriving tonight. we expect to see this continue into tomorrow. notice how it's lining up from northeast to southwest. that's following a cold front which will make the change in temperatures but produce heavy rainfall into tomorrow afternoon. we've cooled off from our highs in the city. it's 80 now.
5:52 pm
still 92 at poughkeepsie. 90 sussex. 94 at allentown. showed the rain at belmar. about 80 across long island. we're down two to 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. that's a change. wind out of the south will become westerly and northerly tomorrow. you can see that line marking the cold front moving in our direction. once it passes, we'll have a return to nicer weather. that will be by friday afternoon and through most of saturday and then trouble will come back after that. 60s appearing in minneapolis. that's a change for them. 69 tomorrow. it's 80s to 90s in the plains states. we stop in the upper 70s tomorrow. it's 98 in l.a. the heat continues for them. showers and thunderstorms tonight. more tomorrow. notice this in the afternoon. heavy rainfall potential into tomorrow night. then it disappears. showers to start friday with drier air coming in after that. it's humid -- boaters, two to three foot seas. uvi is a 5 tomorrow.
5:53 pm
74 in the city. 60s in the burbs. it's humid. 78 tomorrow. heavy rainfall possible in the afternoon and evening. showers friday morning. sunday. most of saturday is fine. a few showers on sunday at 78. 70s to 80 monday through wednesday and nice. steve: got to love that. thank you. ufc champ rhonda rousey will star in the remake of the movie road house playing a bouncer. that was made famous by patrick swayze. it's one of four projects she's working on. she's appeared in the summer blockbuster entourage and still makes me bummed out patrick swayze is no longer with us. dari: hard to believe. robin williams. good gravy. it's not very often that we get a chance to talk about the doing. a coffee lover from manhattan has decided to chase her dreams. steve: she's launched her own start-up and wants to use her
5:54 pm
business to help victims of domestic violence. antwan lewis has the story from washington heights. >> reporter: nine months ago, diana left the corporate law world behind, going into business for herself. >> i really love the idea of an espresso bar. for me, coffee is -- as an attorney, a mom, swb who pulls pulls -- somebody who pulls all nighters, i love coffee. >> reporter: the company will produce 40 pound batches. >> it's good. it's really good. what will make it unique are the employees she plans to hire, victims of domestic abuse. >> my goal is to provide job training and employment opportunities increasingly as the company grows to at risk individuals with a focus on domestic violence survivors.
5:55 pm
i see it broader as the company grows and more opportunities are created. >> reporter: she further plans to give back to the community by being based in washington heights and the bronx, close to her latino roots. >> these are communities that have high spanish speaking populations and i think, you know, a sense of latinos getting into entrepreneurship and business. >> reporter: she is working with a number of city-based organizations to find the employees she can give help to. high bridge cold before you will be available in the city this fall. reporting from washington heights, antwan lewis, fox 5 news. dari: very nice. we'll see you at 10:00. steve: we will. here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you for that. we are on top of the news for you. tonight a unique take in fighting the heroin epidemic. why people can bring their drugs into one police plaza without worrying about being arrested. and also, helping the homeless get the help they need to get off the streets. it's all coming up next live for
5:56 pm
you at 6:00.
5:57 pm
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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ernie: it's wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us again. and we start tonight with a story that impacts a lot of people. heroin addiction. it's still a huge problem in our country and in our area. the numbers are staggering. here in new york, heroin deaths outpace any other drug. because it's cheap, it's easy to get. the problem is everywhere and there is a light to tell you about. as linda schmidt tells us, there's a unique approach that might help turn the tide. watch this. >> it is an epidemic. >> dr. manny alvarez has seen how heroin is destroying lives. >> when you look at emergency room visits of drug overdose, those numbers are increasing


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