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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 16, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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>> now on "chasing news." >> this morning i woke up and started chasing an alligator. >> let them get tired first. >> nypd. >> asked the officer to step aside just a little bit. >> back i can barely heard a goldfish. did you put them down? is the food? what happened food? what happened to this guy? >> we have chris angel in new brunswick live with 100-gallon water -- there trying to help him out. >> this does not look like it's part of the show. >> this is logo. >> we are going to raspberry ridge sheep farm which offers instinct hurting tests for dogs.
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>> we have got a winner. >> you will love it. >> are right guys are right now we had a super naturalist chris angel's group and he is about to do a water glide in new brunswick. four shows this weekend. 100 gallons of water. >> ladies and gentlemen i abide all of you to hold your breath. >> spencers being suspended into the water. >> you start drinking. >> now he is locked in. >> why would you do that? >> he is holding his breath. he is now not only not breathing but he is dizzy.
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>> can you get under the water? >> it only looks like 3 feet high. [applause] >> easteast otto the handcuffs. >> he is working on the ankle locks right now. >> you can't drink the water. >> why can you drink the water? >> such a killjoy. i'm never going to a magic show with you. >> he has now been under the water for two an app minutes. >> rohan tell me what's going on now. >> he's struggling a little bit and they are trying to help him. oh, oh. [applause] >> this doesn't look like it's part of the show. >> i have no idea if this is
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part of the show. [applause] >> apparently he couldn't get box. he was lowered and he lost his breath. he came out motionless. emts came to his side and they revived him. he was put on a stretcher, he gave the crowd a thumbs up and taken to the robert wood johnson memorial hospital. chris angel was supposed to address the crowd afterwards but he went to the hospital as well to show support. a pretty scary scene. i'm not sure what the show will bring but if you do that kind of weekend. i would ever get in there. >> high-speed chase. >> times square is known as -- he can't seem to stay out of the headlines even for one day. father with her to work. the painted ladies and her
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2-year-old letter were blackhearts across their bare chests. they eventually left their posts after an officer said please put a t-shirt on the little child. it is said that they left. >> a bronx woman was followed into the foyer of her apartment building by a man wearing a yellow shirt in white gloves. the video was released by police at 7:40 p.m. last wednesday. the suspect punched him in the face while trying to the bag from her grip and then flood on a bicycle. the victim went to a hospital with of racial -- facial fracture. the investigation is still ongoing. >> wait a second. >> let them get tired first. >> camera you are chasing an alligator in flushing. what have you got? >> i've got the alligator bill. it's a fantastic crew here with
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the parks department and the police nypd. they have gotten alligator out of the water. >> there are 20 people surrounding him. >> step aside just a little bit. >> he is skewed and he is safely out of the water. that's an alligator? bag i could barely heard a goldfish. how old is the alligator and where did he come from? >> do you know how old the alligator is? he's a juvenile. >> what are they going to do with it? do they put them down or is the food? what happens to this guy? >> they are allowing us to take pictures. they are taping his mouth shut so he can't hurt anyone. they are taking great care of this little guy. can i get in there? >> will they let you touch it? how is the story on how we got here?
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>> i got a call to come down and start chasing an alligator so i did. i had no idea what i would find because a it's an alligator and i am now in flushing meadows corona park a very big part. when i first got here went to the lake and found joe right there the guy who is holding the alligator. he is the original person who found the alligator. >> i spotted him and at first i didn't recognize what it was until i took a closer look and i realized it was an alligator. >> alligator got away. he's been an elusive little guy and no one has been able to catch him. he has been out here many times. they're taking it to the acc? cacp, thank you sir. >> what is that? >> that the animal control division of new york city. >> why don't they just leave them alone? >> they can't live alone because
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here. >> if he got bigger city become a threat for fishermen and kids? >> some of the experts i was speaking to set an alligator is lucky because it's the summer and they like the warm habitat but if it was in a colder this alligator is not able to survive the new york city winter. >> good job camera. tameron. >> hi guys, how are you? >> a philly cop got his wishes. he used the bathroom at starbucks a couple of blocks from city hall on chestnut. according to his facebook a young blonde liberal behind the counter shut him down when he asked to use the facilities and quote in aloud voice to the other their customers could hear that they bathroom us for paying customers only. i paid them a visit last night myself myself. and i can i use your bathroom?
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thank you, appreciate it. thank you very much guys, i appreciate it. >> i will have a coffee, whatever you have got, thank you. i've got in without ordering anything and if i wash-dot that made me wonder how the whole thing came down. >> they told me what the code was and i didn't order a coffee and tell after they let me in so i don't know. all this was the in the newsroom so maybe they are under instructions for heavens sake let anyone who wants to use the bathroom use the bathroom. >> understandably he that's what these mad about. this generation totally parades and disrespect cops. he adds that he hopes the other
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cops stay out of starbucks. the police experience was not consistent with the environment created and they personally apologize to those officer and they look forward to having him come back. where do you stand? do you run your own restaurant with the starbucks? you can let people use the bathroom or not. i have never had this issue but on the other hand i am slick. it will be changed by the time you go. >> i have a right to policies. if a police officer walks in you have to respect them. i would love to see a woman in an emergency, did you pay your taxes? i can't help you with your emergency. he is a police officer. starbucks has done this before. they had to issue an apology to an eight month pregnant woman. today's subway subway issued a
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statement. we fail to meet the customers expectations and we had to apologize them working to make it right. common sense was not applied. >> people should have respect for cops. they have to know they are probably a long ways away. if that were my policy, if it's a policy not to let people use the restroom i would turn my back on it. >> at my cousins cousin's baseball game during the rain delay. both teams broke out in a viral bans. dance. one of the parents caught it on tape and posted on facebook and its artegon 13,000 hits.
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>> which one is your cousin? >> in the red. we all make mistakes so if you are the number one new station in philadelphia you might want to know how to spell philadelphia. check out this picture from abcs newscast monday night. as you can see they spelled philadelphia wrong. so there is that. >> going to raspberry sheep farm. >> he looked at me while i chased him around like a.
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[laughter] i'm mike. this is lola. >> we have been best friends for half a decade. my constant companion. i take her to work every day. lola just celebrated her seventh birthday so she is thoroughly middle-aged and it got me thinking most humans change their careers more than once or twice during the course of their lifetime. is it the same for dogs? raspberry ridge sheep farm which offers herding instinct test for dogs they can see if your pooch has what it takes to herd sheep. come on, be excited.
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you will love it. carolyn. carolyn wilson is the owner of raspberry ridge and she has been in the dog training business for 30 years. she said it was her dog that got her into this business. >> i have a german shepherd dog and i wanted to understand the dog's breed. i created the instinct test and dogs really enjoy it. >> you get a couple hundred dogs visiting the farm every year. >> bill enough talking. >> right now you were going to run after them and try to get them going around in a circle and doing some stuff. >> i will be honest. things started out a little bit slow. i didn't know what to do with this small herd of sheep. they looked at me while i chased
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them around the pen. >> i'm doing all the work. >> i need you to come through here. >> apparently she has some sheep dog inside of her. she chased around and around and learn how to flank them properly. just like a border collie. great job. >> moment of truth, how did they miss go? >> really well, shockingly well. i did not expect her to do this well. >> neither did i. lola was sleeping on the way back. lola was tuckered out.
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the whole idea of a friendly camel does not exist. >> alexander the camel decided he was going to try to bite my entire face. >> right over there is the bench and i slept. >> how long were you there? >> three years. mrs. clinton county. one month ago he felt helpless and he was about to give up. in 2011 is bad luck started. he was hit by a car. >> the car turned onto the road and it hit me and it might career. landscaper. when he got into the car accident it destroyed his body
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and the work that he could have done before, he couldn't do it. he lost his job and his marriage everything was going wrong at that point. people do know clinton and they like him. >> i met mr. clinton kelly four years ago right over there on the bus stop. >> one day april and her boyfriend brian were walking and saw him badly beaten. >> i was on what avenue shopping and i saw him and he was beaten and battered and abused walking with a cane and the worst shape i have ever seen them in. >> i had to carry him and put him in my truck. >> they asked for help for clinton. after the page got started a lot of people got involved. hope foundation helping people every day.
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they got a medical treatment place to live and in the hotel for while so he could stay. they gave him clothing and food and the thing that mattered the most which is love. >> clinton is a fantastic man. he has been a member of the community and what we now call our family for four years now. >> clinton was beaten and robbed so badly and in the wallet was the address of one of his daughters had lived in carolina. the hope foundation found clinton's daughter in north carolina. she was looking for clinton. they reunited by telephone and now she has invited clinton to come to north carolina and lived with her full-time. another thing they learned is that he became a great grandfather. he was super excited to meet his large family and he couldn't be happier. >> one, two, three. >> good luck clinton.
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>> gibby have the address why didn't he try to contact her before? >> i think you isn't such a bad place. maybe he wasn't ready to reach out and maybe she didn't want a relationship at that point. the mayor of lending came down. >> we need more of this in our society. people are so concerned about themselves and we don't give enough of ourselves to others. >> this is a story that's heartwarming and she did the right thing. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need, helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> football season just started and eli manning is catching heat from fans that there's a group who want fans to bet on them. talking about the gotham city cheerleaders. i caught up with them and new
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york city at slate lounge on west 21st street for their simms said calendar launch party these girls may not be the official giants cheerleaders but they want to be and they are -- there was red carpet. i got pictures of some of the cheerleaders and i asked rhianna and kaitlyn the cocaptains of the team what was it like putting together the calendar? >> it was a blast. we were all over new york city. we explore different areas of the city. >> all of our swimsuits were custom-designed with our pink logo on them. >> the founder of the gotham city cheerleaders i asked her is this the year you officially become the giants cheerleaders? >> i wish i had an answer to that. >> these girls are doing this on their own time. they practice on wednesdays and saturdays with three hours each coming up with their own routine
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to perform. i know exactly what they do because i have performed with them. they have a fan banned this year what they are offering at the g16 section they have a grandstand and if you want to find them that's where you go. >> what was the reaction when he went there? >> people love them. families. they get a lot of attention. think about it, look how they are dressed. >> one of the oldest franchises in professional football and they were still owned by the same family. if they don't want to have cheerleaders they don't have to. >> these women are more impressive as part of an established cheerleading squad. they have established sources of funding and they are selling -- what they are doing is entrepreneurial and pretty impressive. >> if you want to get the calendars you can get them on line at gotham city or go and find
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them in the tailgate area. >> some constructive criticism. there are constructive criticism. there are no boxes to write anything anywhere. >> allison no offense but it's not the target audience for that kind of the calendar. >> women are serious -- furious. the drama behind the scenes on the boardwalk. >> millennials flocking. >> no iphone, no twitter, no thanks ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? whoa. another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? call time warner cable to get the internet speed you need. are you guys texting each other? whether it's 3 megs or 300 megs, yeah. for the right price. from $14.99 everyday low price internet, to 300 meg ultra-fast internet, we have you covered. even with wifi at home and on the go. plans start at $14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc to switch today. time warner cable.
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