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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 19, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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now on chasing new. >> a family-owned business when butch turned his back the customer snaked his cell phone. the next day they returned with a box with the cell phone and a handwritten note. >> it captivated the interest, my friend detective telling about a call he got that said there is a man behind bars. >> an innocent man behind bars for 36 years. >> was just about to say i was there.
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>> the classic stolen cell phone story. at a family-owned's notice. they had a consultation when butch turned his back, they customer snag the cell phone. it was on the desk) of the computer. the family called the police. so what did the family do. the daughter went to facebook and posted the video on facebook. >> i think it was him coming back and the police not even coming. and i thought fine fine i will take it on myself and post it. it kind of went viral. some of my friends shared it. >> the next day it was returned
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a cell phone thrown over the defense with a handwritten note. i'm sorry, i'm in a desperate situation. i am sincerely ramose full. sincerely remorseful. i'm not that type of person. >> i wish he would come and apologize in person. if he is that desperate for work or money, all you have to do is swallow your pride and don't get in the way and ask people for a dollar. >> the close-knit families all about making amends. however they are out $200. >> so once you report the phone stolen it becomes useless. the insurance company says you can't get a refund and you can't reverse what you did. >> so that $200 is for insurance and they can't get it back even though they have the phone book. he said i have an idea. >> if he wanted to he could, and work it off. were not mad at
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him. everybody deserves a second chance. >> basically that's their sense of security. >> some people say oh it's a cell phone who cares. it's not about the cell phone. >> i don't know if it will help their sense of security to re-invite a a criminal back into the place. unless they watch them. >> that's really unfair to say, i read the letter, it was sincere. it was like i beg you with all my heart. >> 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the united states. if i'm not mistaken that even happen to all your chasing. >> yeah my phone was chosen on a chase. they then tracked my iphone with the police. >> that note reads to me like not a guy who has a criminal intent. who has no moral compass, he
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especially if you read that no. >> we mean you no harm, only know at this point is we needed money. >> please in philadelphia are searching for two suspects on september 14. you can see them punch the store together. they they fled and a gold holiday sonata. call philadelphia police if you recognize them. >> the zombie is not dead. the organizer and founder said he couldn't handle it with his personal life, there is the
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they will be taking the park and watching it himself on october 3. everyone go. >> you're not going after all that? >> i hopped on a bike to new hampshire, i went to the watch ester recreation center. over 3000 people went to hear donald trump speak and take questions at a town hall. the hall. the audience rose to their feet with applause. [applause]. mr. donald trump [applause]. >> there are people all around mr. trump. in front front of him, behind him.
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even bleachers behind him. i never saw anything quite like that. after he touted his success such as issues with veterans, he open [inaudible] >> not the style was very different from what i have seen at town halls. he took an answer the first three questions within less than three minutes. >> it was rapidfire. >> it was full of soundbites, one-liners. >> i will be the greatest president that god ever created. >> if you like oreos i'm not eating oreos anymore.
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nabisco is moving to mexico. >> you think it's hot enough in this place to and then he yells at somebody. >> how about the man with the beautiful red hat, stand up. >> wow. >> [applause]. >> this room is so hot in here i might leave myself. >> he's a character. >> and he answered some questions and then answered others. >> i heard that yesterday, not a good situation. one more one more question.
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word. it was less than an hour, and shockingly transparent. transparent. i thought it was nothing about him. >> he's not there to do stand up comedy. >> will people loved him. >> while you're shaking your heads but you look at the polls and people are excited, standing and cheering, it's working. i think. >> three, two, our favorite day of the week is friday. >> what, i thought this was your fruity friday. i literally know nothing about this. this is something you do.
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putting on my cookie smock? because i have to chase news tomorrow. >> our favorite day the week, fruity friday. the finest deer hunter is here tell me what you got. >> in new jersey part of last week took a year and a half though. i think you had a venison bergen with some mail on it. hank thought it was disgusting. >> soden michael. >> so i decided to show you my favorite red recipe with venison. it is half hellmann's mail, half sour cream, garlic and herb seasoning, some pasta. >> pots on the bottom.
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>> michael are you going to try it? >> okay, who's going to try it? >> give it to veronica. >> it's delicious. >> what do you do with the me? >> this means from the field, it was in the freezer to cool it down. >> if you didn't tell me that mayonnaise, hank said he was going to throw up in his mouth from it. >> how did you hunt this dog? >> bow and arrow. >> where. >> where were you. >> i was in chesterfield. we were on goodtimes
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show you how to do it. it's 45 minutes last night to pratt. >> awesome. >> i thought my best friend morgan and i were the ultimate best friends but my story is going to tell that. my kelly the irish setter and the basset hound. two friends best friends, they reported the two went missing a week ago. turns out phoebe had falling into a concrete cistern, when she couldn't get out kelly didn't leave her side. they came into the woods to find both the dogs. they're both cold and hungry but okay. >> did you torture, rape, and
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cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >> alex you are continuing the chase of a murder that happened back in the 70s of a wealthy
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you caught up with the convicted killer in the prison. >> let me explain to help myself in the detective were able to go to new jersey state prison. he is serving a life sentence for being convicted of murdering emma jane. she was brutally tortured and murdered in 1979. at the end at the end of the segment i asked him point-blank did you kill emma jane? >> did you torture, rape them and murder her. >> no sir. >> was mentioned that emma jane had a drawing of herself in a tied up position on a desk where she worked. we talked to keith about how he had a casual sexual relationship with her and they did drugs together.
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able to fulfill fantasies. >> do you remember where you were when you found that emma jane was murder question mark. >> what did you think? >> i just kept right on going. >> it wasn't a big deal. >> it wasn't a big deal. >> he says he knew the 67-year-old who is who is also serving a life sentence. >> anime was 64. >> so another lady was older and was actually married. she would come by and pick me up. >> so let me get this straight. keith keith admitted to us that he knew two women who are both horribly murdered murdered of
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feelings about their murders. >> i felt indifferent. >> have you always been like that. >> always. >> with a homicide detective for ten years brought himself into the equation. >> i met you, i worked here. an ice set helped me never get mail and you said real clearly. >> we try to really plumb psychology and talk about foster home. >> i was in foster home so we never grew an attachment to anything. >> there is one point where he's sort of looked up.
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homicide was tied to a bed. in front of me. >> washes carefully. >> yes i know i had the file in front of me. >> did he just say i was there when. >> the other time when i asked him to show emotion is when i threw this across the table at him. >> yet it is what it is. it looks like it,. >> that's emma jane. >> it is okay. she is a frozen there forever.
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>> with the picture. >> we left shocked with my eyes open. this is revealing interview. this may be something that was about truth. the truth is more complex, more scary and terrifying than any bedtime story. this is a red riding hood tail. she may have made decisions that brought keith alford into her life, it's not as simple as a pair tear. >> let me ask you, you have probably seen the worst of the worst, is this typical of someone who is convicted of murder. someone who has exercise great evil or is with great mental disconnect. >> well i think keith is a special circumstance. he has a a complete disconnect from his crime. i'm a firm believer that the
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he started off, and he was giving us the name of very detailed and then i went to jail for this hamilton thing and the next thing you know they're giving me truth serum and i don't know what happened. >> it took months of his life to tell me how he did it. >> is fascinating, there's so many times when situations happen and whether it's background or mental illness. >> i'm bringing you the very latest in the battle between diblasio. just today a proposal was not that would divide the area into
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>> these are beautiful thing. seth rogen, jimmy fallon, our producers. not all romances are fit for this world and have to come to a fiery end. check out this i roll breakup of the seventh-inning bloke last sunday saying he is no longer friends and is now best these. they finally filled us in on the reason for their separation. they were a good friend until september he reported my pic on facebook and now he is alone and i have so many friends and i was right.
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the only one we care about. >> i'm in times square to bring you the latest on the battle that rages on between good and evil. between diblasio. just today proposal with an ounce that would devise the area into the three zones. what three zones would be behind these dividers. an activity zone, a flow zone for pedestrian movement, a civic sound zone. >> it swear that you have to be thrown into the naked zone to tell your show. >> right now the proposal and the mayor said he's happy about it. the naked cowboy isn't alone, i have some questions of my own. like how does diblasio administration aim to divide the cross of around the world?
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and what about that panhandlers, if there really is a problem shouldn't there just be one additional zone to the flow zone for those aggressive people it should be hustle and flow. the battle between great and
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