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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  September 19, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the pontiff has landed. the pope has kicked off the ten-day visit. >> hello, i am christina park. >> i am antwan lewis. he is also credited with helping normalize relations between u.s. and cuba. fox 5's lidia curanaj is here to tell us about the plans. good evening, lidia? reporter: good evening, christina. one survey found that more than 90% of the residence identified themselves as cath thick. today that number is only 25% due to the restrictions placed by the castro regime t. the pope's visit is one many are calling a bridge between nations and a
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future to cuba. pope francis arrived in havana, cuba today. the first person to groat them as he stepped off the plane. cuban president raul castro in an efficient to rebuild the foundation of the roman catholic church there. the of visits one many cuban-americans say he they had to once in person. >> coming together as a family to see the pope just truly means a lot. everything we believe in, just to see it happen here was the focus, incredible. >> like dream come true. >> martha is battling pancreatic cancer and has not been to cuba since she was ten. >> i know the catholic church is making great strides. a moment decades in the mack newing cube base open to the world.
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pulley open cuba. ly to pope. i believe in this this pope. i believe pit is the union of the united states with cuba. yesterday, president president obama and president president castro had rare phone call reed guarding the pope's visit to the nations. both leaders are commencing the pope is beaning strewmental in thawing relation. >> pope fran hases been critical in brokering negotiations between u.s. and cuba and helping those countries restore diplomatic ties and take steps toward normalizing relations. >> tonight, the pope will rest, but tomorrow, at 9:00 a.m., he will be holding mass on the revolution scare, then he will be meeting againp with president oh rayual castro and has more masses scheduled in coon about a for monday and tuesday. tuesday afternoon, he arrived here in the united states at andrews air force base in washington. christina, antwan. >> thank. >> the pope's trip to
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change the isolatist policies of the past. >> and dan bowen shows. many cuban americans in the area hop the pontiff trip's reopen the doors to the homeland. 2:00. [cheering and applauding] >> inside of the restaurant in union city, home-style cuban dishes are servedded to customers with passionate views about their home country. >> there is always hope. reporter: this area described as little havana because of the large influx the island nation. >> things are change rapiddedly. so i am hoping, yes, there is a good change. >> cuban-americans fran sanchez and carmen are hoping the foalholely father's visit will produce produce results and the release of 3500 prisoners ahead of the visit is a good sign. >> he is a person who wants change and he represents the poor and these are strugglings so
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him visiting cuba. >> think has played a lot of pressure on the castro regime, as it is. now protecting the pope welcomes to new york will involve more than the nypd. >> fox 5's arthur chi'en is live on the east side to explain how homeland security. hi, arthur. reporter: hi, christina, if you look around the city, you may check the visible signs of preparations even though the opp's vet is not until five days from now. washington taking no chance sending the secretary of homelandp security himself to oversee this and kind muff to take couple of mince out to establishing to fox 5 to let us know how things are going and what to pecks. you know you a vi p when thed a advance team for the visit to new york city is not the nypd or the fbi but the secretary of homeland security himself. that is right, the secretaries in new york city today as pope francis' security stout. >> there are a lot of people that go into this. it is not simply the movement of one world leader.
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so we look forward to a safe and successful general assembly and visit by the holy father. >> we caught up with steak ry jon as he toured location the pope will be visiting, the united nations, st. at track's cathedral. they have destnated the pope's visit as national security special event which means unprecidented man power and he sorses to protect him. streets will be closed. concrete blocks have been deployed. snipers will be on rooftops. the pontiff will rest on 202nd avenue. residence women be screened. bags will be searched. i.d.'s are required to go to the own building. >> present extra challenge that the pope wants to be accessible. the pope wants to see the people and the people want to see him and i believe we have accommodated that to a lot of preparation and planning. pope frans' visit with time. on friday, he can speak before the ups' general asembly. a traffic might near on any normal year coupled with the people 'security logistics. they end toned sa low
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ever to rens, but you this time, it seems different. >> that will be inconient but worth it. >> a lot of people complain and they think it is not right. no i, they are aggravated but i just love it. that is why we winner new york. people come here baitses the best, the city and the best country. >> and how about that? how to give in this day and age, that are two ad cede core ty provisions that both parget division. within the pope hires. drones will be prohibited around them as well as get this. live at the united nations, arthur chi'en, "fox 5 news." back to you guys. >> thanks much so much. catholic school students are less than a week aphrase meeting the pope face-to-face. jessica went to east harlem school where the kids will be coming face-to-face with thoughly fath. next friday at 4:00. the holy father will be here and we get to meet the six students along with 1 others from three different catholic schools. the students just have excited to see them.
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catholic churches and um shall it is really excite because not a lot of people get this opportunity to see the pope. i am excited because the pope here both. reporter: they are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the green projects that will present to pope francis. >> pope francis wants us to take care of the earth. reporter: 8-year-old pedro hernandez calm up with an idea to save nern gin classrooms. eye put an open window in the classroom for the fans who wouldn't have to turn hem on and waste energy and pay a lot. >> i was a way of getting everyone involved in what pope francis' message has been and particularly for children. you know, stewardship is something that is ting catholic values. >> saving our common home and god made it so we can save that.
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we can be responsible people and so we can go to heaven with him. reporter: aside from showing pope their decision. each and everyone of them will get a chance to talk to him. >> what will you tell him? >> to pay for my mom. reporter: why? so my mom could have enough machine no i pay for our are apartment. >> i am tell him that my family and i have praying for the poor, and our r praying for the sick. reporter: our lady queen of angels in east harlem, i am jessica, "fox 5 news." >> governor crist christie has signed an executive order. he he declared a state of emergency ahead of the pope's ariflal to manage public safety concerns that authorizes the use of the messingal guard to give official the authority to change traffic flow when necessary. the pope will be stepping foot in new jersey but a lot of people will be coming to see him here in the city. n.j. transit will be adding extra service as well. >> for more information on the papal visit, head
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to our web site, fox or download the fox 5ny mobile app for free on itunes as well as google play stores. >> coming up, mayor is pushing for a pain crease for elected officials the city. a would include the call whether or not he deserves spit. a plane hit a fence and never made it off the ground. you may be surprised to hear two was onboard. >> hello, audrey. >> hello. >> it looks look we had the last fullle day that felt like sum merrill across the tristate area. high temperatures are mostly in the 70's and in the 80's but fall-like weather is
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so this is fall season. >> well, a plane full of passengers is ground fence. flight was about to take off this morning when the white ring hit the it happened as the plane was being pushed backing from the gate. none of the 276 people onboard were hurt. they were bussed back to the terminal pong those onboard was modelle tweeted "my plane hate wall. "mayor deblass see he of
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huawei for a race. it will determine if all city elected officials deserve pay hikes. it will be the first raise in more than eight years. de blasio earned earned $225,000 as mayor. they make about drar 112500t. the committee will give recommendation in november. governor cuomo came through on the proprom foys fund prekindergarten programs. he announced a plan to divide $30 million among districts. nearly 3300, three and four years old will be covered. the largest, grant about $12le million willle go to rochester. cuomo says the investment in kid cans today will pay off in years to come. >> kim davis could be heading back to jail. here is what we know. davis spent six days behind bars for refusing to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couple and claim she's wassing that because it violates the beliefs and released not interfere with the clerks but an tern for
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one of the worker says that davis did that when she altered marriage license forms. >> two massive wildfires are burning in california right now. at least five people have died. the fires have destroyed more than a 1,000 homes and still threatening thousands of others. many reresident there remain in evacuation camps. oh tasting say right fou. one of the wildfires is about 65% contained. while the second is 50% contained. as the ebolele la epidemic was in. the u.s. will be cutting back on screening passengers. starting monday. travelers from liberia would no longer be screened for ebola. screenings will continue for travelers gen hi as well as sir are a lee own. they say the virus is no longer spraying in liberia. the screenings began last october when the three west african nations were experiencing the worst in history. >> all right. were you up early morning far get cause. >> i helped keck off the annual big brothers, big sisters of new york city race another kids this morning.
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guess that they let me do? >> ah! [cheering and applauding] >> thousands of new yorkers. >> thousands of new yorkers take part in the 5k run walk at prospect park pa in brooklyn. >> they have been doing this for 11 years part of the world dave kids pray play. now the goals raised $16 million to provide one-to-one for young people with caring adult role models. in call is were wondering just over 17 minutes. if you remember why it was going on. the horn and they didn't tell know stop. >> i don't know how long i will hold it for. >> dude, dude, dude. >> you stated that. >> the kids are great. great, you know, the people were all cool. they were really cool time. like i was there to help the western when it came across. >> yeah.
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you were cheering them on. >> yeah. it was treat. >> beautiful weather. whether you are with and bran the 5k or out at central park. >> many people taking ten last of the sun. now hopefully weather will last through the weekend. let's check in with fox 5 with audrey puente. meteorologist: this is the season that officially end next wednesday. the warm weather is going to sort of cooldown as we go through the next couple of days. the high temperature made it to 83 that is above average time of year. this morning we start off with 68 normally we should be at 60 and closer to that number as we go further on in the next few days. so area wide. we're mostly in the 80's in many spots. 82 at newark liberty. he was 80 in suss ses. 83 poughkeepsie nin 70's across long line. was beautiful day out toward the point. right now, 77 in the park. it is 750 in islip. upper 70 in a bridgeport.
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toward poughkeepsie. low 70 now toward monticello. now the am with aer weather is courtesy of a south to southwest wind know which is continuing. the winds are coming in between 5 to 10 miles per hour on average. they will be breezy as we go through the daytime hours tomorrow. tonight, going for low numbers in the 60's and chely. we could see readings as low as the mid 50's. so a great night to open up the windows to let in the fresh cool air. it willle feel autumn like today. the season officially starts on wednesday morning. so we still have four more days of the summer season. satellite and radarring on thises are quiet now. we're starting to see clouds now. there is a cold front sitting off in that direction that is helping to ig tight couple of showers much? some of of those could make the way into the tristate area. the lines going to fall apart before it does. i am going to leave in a chance for isolated shower during the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. so we're going to increase clouds for the rest are of the night. early tomorrow, 6:00 or 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning.
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we could have a few lingering showers across the east end. most of us will wake up seeing clouds. those clouds should clear out by lunchtime. long island will be the last to clear as well as the jersey shore. everyone will see sunshine before it sets. we should have a clear evening as well. monday, we start out plenty of shoon. clouds will start to roll back in. we should stay dry as we go through the next several days. we have tropical storm ida. the winds at 40 miles per hour and expected to meander over the ocean waters. so threats to the land areas. tonight, i increasing clouds with chance of isolated shower. temperature read arings into the 50's. then tomorrow, we start morning. the sun should wreak through across the area by lunchtime. tomorrow. a bricks wind coming out of the authority west. 15 in m. that will make you feel chill in there shade. temperatures will be dropping in the 70's across the area. a few spots could squeeze out to 80 or 81 tomorrow. then monday. feel like fall as we head back to school and work with temperature of
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73 with sunshine. stays nice for tuesday. we start fall on wednesday with high of 77 plenty of sunny skies. it stays nice and dry for the majority of of the week. we have been look out with great weather. it will be continuing to next week with readings in the 70 anticipate a chance of shower late in the day on friday. nice check for those 2:00 if for the pal weather. will feel that way. >> so look, audrey. it has worked. >> yeah, i mow. >> good. 3:00. >> yeah. you look good. >> yeah. >> too good. >> okay. >> on the red carpet. rolling out in los angeles tomorrow for dell vision's biggest night. where we are talking about the 607th annual emmy award withs airing her on fox 50. we got a look at the shows and performers who expected to win and also coming up. we have this when we return. >> i remember looking down at myself thinking, you know, where goy? a dramatic prush b wish
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brightest stars will be honored tomorrow night on fox 5. >> simone boyce is out in l.a. and say twos
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stars of empire will be front and center for the show. hello, new york, simone boys here in downtown los angeles coming to you inside the microsoft theater where they are night finishing is on the stage for the primetime emmy awards doing with down on fox on sunday night. look who who has front row seat. this marks a huge year form the diversity television. you got henson nominated in the best lead ac trins a drama category, alongside viola davis from how to get away with murder. either were to win, it would be mystery being made. i spoke about what this award would mean to her on the visit to hell chicago set of empire. >> it means a lot. it means, i mean, well, the one thing is history being made. if myself or viola were to win, the first african-american to win in this category. so that is pretty dope. >> yeah.
6:22 pm
>> yeah. i was nominatedded before for the emmy. it is exciting because you are among your peers and the people you look up to and television so it is different from the os carnes so it is good. it is a fun time. well, i am honored. >> well, be more from shown and the favorite television stars this sunday night on the rhymetime emmys right here on fox. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. simone, thanks, tomorrow night's award ceremony starts tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on fox 5. if you want to see more. the new season we gens wednesday pight at 9:00. >> christina? >> the longest running variety show is going off the air tonight. if if if scoopp been on 26000 weeks in a row, that is 53 years, ladies and gentlemen, the wild
6:23 pm
hit in chili and spread to more than 40 countries. he missed only one show in 1974 when his mother passed this the show's final episode is tonight and says it will be historic. >> that show is you a tomorrow work. >> all right. beetle fans, a little width of history auctioned off today. the first recording contract for more than $90,000 and find in 1961 and three things make this special. wits for a rock and roll version of my bonnie lice over this ocean and released only in germany. they were not called the beet approximatelies so they became tony sheridan and the brothers and not ringo. >> okay. >> a reunion aboard the uss intrepid three of the four surviving june pirates who shared a room while serving in the war got together today. nothing unusual for the group, though. they became close during the war. the group kept a diary were they sharedded dale
6:24 pm
ty active it is, fears and trust racial ares, now they try get together every two or three years to catch up. >> the word in central park today was check mate. more than 7p00 chess players of all ages tried to out with it one another. is the largest, outdoor chest then it u.s. the grandmaster challenges all layers. the events partnership between the parks department and chess the schools which ploats among public school student. >> football took over red hook park in brooklyn today. the proprofessional we'll football team. the new york harks held the first open tryout force the 2016 since. the athletes were tapped in on the 40-yard dash and strength. >> the world's big pest beer festivallianserway. it is oktoberfest. the mayor kick off today by tapping the first with two blows. more than 6 million expected to attend the event this year t. the festival runs until october 49th. howdy end up reading that story?
6:25 pm
a teen is trying to spread the word about pediatric canner . tell you how you can get involved in the social media campaign she is hoping to have a huge impact. >> we meet the local teen about build the alter and pope francis will use during the mass. >> audrey coming up now. >> hi, antwan. well, watching a cold front sittingful to thest though if you have late night plans. this one could squeeze out few showerrance time
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>> pope francis has arrived in cuba. he landed in windy that zan a few hours ago while he was greeted at the airport. the pope then calling. an example of reconciliation for the ten tire world. praised by both countries for the role >> now in days before the pope comes to new york. fox 5 is taking a look at several large and issues. idea. fox 5 introduces us to a new york daughter dr. who says the, you with death changedded
6:28 pm
if. >> any time you have a an experience like this. it certainly makes you aware that there is something else. >> it is at the core of sour very being. aisle believe that something is more than what happens between our are birth and our death. >> reporter: a belief this life is just the beginning. >> that soul that was there, that is no long ler. it does not disaear. it doesn't just vanish into thin air. there has got to be something beyond. what we come to understand, consciousness does not become anilited. >> i don't think there is a day that goes by that in some way, i don't think about it. >> dr. and now in has experienced it. well, i was crincally death. >> a lightning strike back in 1994. the lightning hit though building and exited the looing the phone and i just happened to be in the way, so it hit me in the face and just sent me flying backwards. >> then, something
6:29 pm
unexplainable. >> then i was separated and i was going someplace else. >> sour rounds in a bluish white light. then in that white light was rule to little the most amazing feeling if you could imagine loot love and peace. >> practicing and successful orthopedic surgeon was revived in the two decades since, he taught himself how to play the piano, composition he says comes were the other side. >> you a man of science shall you a a man of medicine. how do you explain? >> well, you know, i struggled with this all my adult life. we also have clear evidence that in many examples where people have described these so-called near death and we call actual death experiences. their experience are not hallucination. >> dr. sam helped conduct the largest-ever study into near-death experiences. the people that i study are only those who have gone beyondp death.
6:30 pm
>> the doctor's study looked at 2,000 people worldwide who suffered some kind of arrest and it found that more than 40% describe some kind of awareness before their hearts were restartedded. if you look through culture and different are ages, children as young as 3 yers old. people from all hover world from japan, india, other places have all described eventually the sages pierce, feelings of peace, fell feelings of being a bright warm welcoming life and going through a tunnel and end counting a weeing full of love, come tation. >> is it enough to prove that there is afterlife? >> the evidence, so are fa, suggests at least when we die, the first period after death, that thing that mex us who we're does not become anilited. does it continue? i cannot tell you. the church else that i dying is the only way to cross over to the next life. what mean whens you come back from neath research shows for many people if they were not le religious ever. finding faith is a way to provide comfort and meaning. >> it changes the way
6:31 pm
you live. >> it changes your perspective says ready toham religious education professor dr. mary beth a.m. if you a person of faith. you believe you a spiritual being that sometimes the moments of stress and trauma can be entry newest conversation with the sacred. >> if this is all that there is. we live for 70 years, 80 years then, boom, gone. nothing, nothing. this is like, this is like playing theater. this is like, this this doesn't make sense. why fall in love? why sacrifice for your children? why, it doesn't makence you know, this, you know, it is life, life makes fence there is eternity. >> it took me a long time to realize that it is a mystery i will never understand. i don't have the capability of understanding. >> there will automobiles skeptics and always be reason ares to think history is convenient. it must m be a ha lose
6:32 pm
and convinced he will always be. >> i feel blessed in af amazing way because i have been given an opportunity to know that something else exists. that is one of the greatest gifts that could ever be jeff ton somebody and that is understanding and in knowing that, this is not all there is. dan bowens, "fox 5 news." >> head to the youtube page to hear more about what happened during the near death ex piece. >> all right. coming. kin new jersey is hoping to cash end on the pope's visit. >> created a unique beer that they hope get attention. >> it is difficult to try find the perfect lens of coffee for the pontiff but one master coffee this is he has
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>> when the pontiff celebrates mass next week he will need at, he pulpit. >> he will have all three thanks in part to the group of local teens. klaid ser ron ni spoke to them billion the special project. >> it has taken self weeks. it has taken several weekance countless hours, but they razz finally done. >> i am proud. >> better than i pecked it to be. i am still in hike this made this this. >> i feel proud of myself because i never
6:36 pm
thought i would do this this. >> three young men wilt this alter, the piece will be with seen by million ms when pope francis uses them during the upcoming mass at madison square garden. >> like an honor to do the alter and the podium. >> going to madison square garden seeing the pope give his misand hopefully get to shake the han and meet hem. >> byron and frank are all students here at lincoln hall in new york. all the young men who attend the school ages 12 to 18 are placed here by the family court system. only ins the school's associated executive director. >> what we do is provide them a the opportunity to succeed by development and community service and by believing in themselves and really the ability to, to focus on the future, not just tomorrow. reporter: catholic charities chose lincoln hall hat at the suggestion of cardinalle who visited the historic school several times teens were picked because they excelled
6:37 pm
given; however, a month to build both. >> we made if it every day. >> the pieces will be a part of history but building them testimony seems to have forever changed the young men as well. >> my mom is proud. she is really happy. so everything. it makes me feel good. >> as exiting as it is for the world to see their working. at this time is beloved reaction that matters most. >> she is like my mother. yeah. yeah. it is amazing. one of the big questions is what will happen to the pieces once the mass is over? well, the school is hoping they will be returned fact to them and then placed in their chapel but right now that remains unclear. reporting from are you chester county, lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news." >> beautiful. >> a different kind of labor of love for new jersey company. they have come up with a heavenly brew.
6:38 pm
okay. a limited edition beer inspire bid the pope's first visit to the united states and they got the name from yolo which means you only live once. so yopo means you only hope one. unless at this time is on tap or you brought a six pack. are prayinging for the pope of all people that he would notice their supreme sons. >> did a lot of research on the pope antres as it relates to alcohol. we wanted to do something that he will enjoy. he likes beer what we did we brewed a light ae with unholy amount a of hop. now the company says yo po pairs great argentinean steak bass the pope fries a gone on the. >> no word on physician the pope will get try that beer but we know with the coffee he will be sip during the visit to the u.s. he will enjoy a special blend created in kansas city by master coffee taster. allen traveled the world learning about coffee and has a lab that helps
6:39 pm
beter-tasting brews when the vatican contacted him to create brend for the open's visit. he perked right up. >> i heard that the is excited about what we sent over there, so i feel good about that. i heard, come ply men tariff it and looks look we're going to be roasting more than we had originally been contacted about. >> wow. >> allen won't get meet pope francis personally with you hap i knowing the bishop rome will be enjoying his creation. >> now, earlier pedro hernandez was one of the students we introduced you to who will be meeting the point person. pedro revealed to us. namesly is going into a tough time finally he plans to ask the uponive to pray for mother because he saided she doesn't have the money toll pay the ent are. we caught up with pedro's mom outside of this school and she was unaware what the 8-year-old told us. >> i am home from. my son thinks about m me. it is a beautiful thought. i tell them they don't
6:40 pm
need worry beep anything. >> pope francis will be visiting the school on friday. >> coming up, suspect is national pediatric cancer awareness month. >> about to meet the long island world encourage everyone with cancer. as you days here. hi, well, it looks look we had the last taste of summer. high temperatures were above average. in the upper 70's. low 80's tomorrow. they will take drop and start to teal like fall
6:41 pm
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>> watch me. >> well, one teen from long island took the hip-hop hit and start at social media campaign with it. >> fox 5 kerry drue explains how it is helping to raise money against pediatric cancer. its the latest viral a fund raising craze. >> it is called with pediatric cancer. people challenging each other on social media to dunes the song watch me whip. >> came up with the idea
6:44 pm
councilor at sunrise day calm. a camp with with kid for cancer. >> they wanted to 3:00 to half of the day. >> make campaign which with i hope to go viral. since then it has exploded. >> last year's viral ice bucket challenge raised $100 million for als research. jordan hopes the campaign does the same to pediatric cancer. donations are pouring in to memorial center. so far over $7,000. >> my goal was $10,000. think we could surpass my goal andp find cure for pediatric cancer. >> so i am not a dancer but we gave the try. jordan, show me how it
6:45 pm
check out the web site with pediatric cancer. >> then, something like that. did we git right? >> i was look at the weather map. >> oh. 3:00. >> aenae. >> well, we're watching the numbers and they are going to be doing with down as we do to the next couple of days. we were above average today with the high reading of 38 degrees in central park. we hit that at 2:00 earlier this afternoon. then, our average with about 47 and closer to that as we go further on through the weekend annex week as well. so area-wide. we're in the 70's. comfortable throughout with reading in the mid 70 in a islip and toward montauk. 78 bridgeport. still holding ton 80 in poughkeepsie. 77 at this hour toward sussex.
6:46 pm
northeast, we had some warm readings from boston thes this' cap tral dm chrism check in at 84 but deem toes are sitting to the west here. you can see detroit and buffalo. 3:00 and then the other side of a cold front that is borking the way eastward right toward our area. now, along that front, we can see that showers and a couple of isolated let's say bedded thunderstorms here across the northwestern portion moving toward the line makes the way closer. fall apart. there will be a threat of isolated shower through glover night but i don't think we see a steady rainfall across the area. tomorrow morning, we could actually see, a light shower or a little bit of light rain across the east end of long line. behind that front, high he pressure working the which though great lax and bringing in the cooler and the drier air into that part of the nation. we had bit of humidity across the region today and tomorrow. you will feel kif rens as that teaks a drop toward our sunday here. so you can see behind the front. readings in the 70's
6:47 pm
from minneapolis kansas city tomorrow. we see 70-degree readings into new york city as well. the hot weather will be suppressed to the south and the gulf coast region as well as to the west where vegap gist at 99 tomorrow. a look at the future cast shows increasing clouds today and squeeze out a shower then tomorrow afternoon after the sun rise we see clouds and still see light are in across the jersey he shore and the east end of long island but i think by lunchtime. the rain will be long gone. the sun will be break through from western portions of the area are. then out to the east the clouds will clear out for you. probably by dinnertime then monday, plenty of shoon. the clouds women start to roll back in due to disturbance ten south so not expecting any rain and clouds be break walk. increasing threat and isolated show we're. 3:00 tomorrow night, we start out with a lot of clowns have sunshine by the afternoon before it sets. it will be with! be windy tomorrow and feel cool in the shade. our temperatures will be droll k in the 70's with a couple of 80-degree readings.
6:48 pm
then looking ahead to next several days? a. nice fall start to the hyundai. high of 73 then tuesday, 71 with a mix of sun and little warmer wednesday. the first official dave you at tum then on thursday, we see sunshine with shies in the it upper 70's so look and feeling a a lot more like fall which is appropriate considering it is starting by the mild part of next week. >> fantastic. a all right. thanks. look who is back. you know how to work the fronter and everything? >> over there. >> she did that for me, antwan. >> all right. yeah. guys. talking some ways ball. the buzz in the city. look for revenge in game two. yanks seng mike deal the hill to cool off the bats and show you how it
6:49 pm
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>> well, after electric friday night. the mets and yankees were back at it this afternoon for game two of the subway series. mets' fans after friday meeting to's win. well well, today, the yankees said hold-up. not ready just yet. another sellout at the field. 44,000. putful afternoon in queens. yankees got know right away in the one. top of the first. third bater of the game. two on for carlos beltran. he goes deep. a 3-1 shot to right. yankees on it front. 3-0. he did settle down to the 6th. he catches him up. a 2-1 shot to right center. the 26 cath i rear high
6:51 pm
for him. was 5-0. the rally came in the sixth inning. base loaded. he gets a individual wright sipping this. then pinch-hitting. head the magic last night. not today. wilson gets him swing as well. struck out seven straight at one point. yankees take game two 5 on and the game is tomorrow night out at the field. all right. football now. they return home tomorrow for the home opener at metlife stadium. well, welcome to falcons to town as they try to repound ground the sunday night depock killen dallas. well, just looking forward it to. i know the fans are excite bt this season. we do believe in this locker room and that we have a great team. and we just needed to go out every sunday and every monday and thursday and prove it. >> big blue falafelled to thief in week one suffering a devastating throws cowboys. miscommunication led to execution that set the dwy and as home searching for answers this. the type of of loss, though, the coach believes there are
6:52 pm
positives this team can take in the giants' gain dallas. >> the challenge is simply to reck fy that, encouraging things that happened in the game. >> and then, loses the ball. >> the end of the play. rogers if cromartie get buys romo and goes in the zone. >> we got to get our x's and o's better. our offense execution. if. >> up at the goal line. jennings. not only protect the ball but score. touchdown. >> those little things that we need clean up. things that we all need to work on. and you to he, look forward toking that. executing this week. >> sunday football preview brought to you by open road auto group. life is an open road. >> so giants rig here on fox 5 tomorrow afternoon. keckoff at 1:00. over in jersey. jets meantime in indianapolis monday night to take on the colts.
6:53 pm
a duff one last sunday night. really need rebound tomorrow afternoon. >> how have youen? >> great. great. >> good size guy. >> nice tan. >> yeah. >> all right. >> all right. >> he looks familiar. yeah. >> all right. >> i gat little burn. >> everything worked all right? >> yeah. >> you make me comfortable. >> all right. >> all right. >> that does it for us tonight. am christina park. >> thanks so much for watching. we hope to see you again at 10:00. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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