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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> fox college football presented by -- >> gus: 45-31 cal on top of texas. under nine minutes in the fourth quarter. texas going for it on fourth down. the cal defense stout. that's what this team talks about more than anything in california, how their defense has improved. they're trying to catch them up with this offense. >> joel: last year, the team scored over 38 points per game. obviously prolific on offense. their defense also gave up over 38 points per game. one of six in the history of the
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fbs, gus, to score 38 and give up 38. now this defense comes in improved. this puts the whole pac 12 conference on alert that this cal bears team is not the same team that they have seen. >> gus: they're not your average bears. second down and 8 at the 46. goff sets up the screen. great tackle by the freshman, john bonnie. >> joel: one of the things with this offense, every situation in football calls for a different tempo. this is one of those situations. call it four minute offense. you want to milk the clock for everything that it's worth. take it all the way down the 10. cal is not built for that. leaving too much time on the clock.
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they're going to try to do it from the line of scrimmage here. >> gus: goff slowing down the pace. on third and 7. goff in trouble. fires incomplete. texas brought everybody on that play. that will force the bears to punt it away. goff limps off the field. i love the play from the defensive coordinator and charlie strong. in third and long, seven plus, you want the ball out of the quarterback's hand as quickly as possible. they were able to do that with the blitz. now the dangerous man back to receive the punt after vance bedford fouled up the pressure. >> gus: the first punt for cal. cole leininger comes on.
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quarterback and the punter. >> referee: time out for cal. a 30-second time-out. >> gus: 7:07 to play in the fourth. daje johnson, boy, he would love to get his hands on the football. >> gus: welcome back. 7:07 to go. how about this? fourth down and 7. leininger, the punter, on the
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side line. now jared goff, are he pooch it or go for it? he will pooch it. a nice job by the quarterback. it takes a cal bounce and inside the 10. 45-yard punt. let's go to los angeles for a game break. >> number 2 alabama hosting ole miss. cooper bateman started the game. finds richard mulaney. the rebels lead 10-17 at half. back to you. >> gus: thanks very much. hugh freeze has done a great job at ole miss. >> joel: and chad kelly, the transfer quarterback. he's added another dimension to the offense. great to see treadwell back on
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arm strength, they can threaten the deep zones. that's something they didn't have a year ago at ole miss. >> gus: first and 10 at the 8 yard line. heard to throw it. steps up. wants to run. has some room. he gets across the 10 up to the 14 yard line. michael barton. as well as james looney combining on the tackle. >> joel: you have to sink everybody back in coverage now. you have a 14-point lead. you'd love for heard to have to run on every pass attempt. >> gus: heard now near side. daje johnson. johnson gets up to the 25. heard has rushed for over 100 yards on 20 carries. two touchdowns rushing. >> joel: almost thrown for 300 yards. getting near that mark.
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they need to score quickly. >> gus: here's heard on the play fake. with time. incomplete. johnson crossing the field with the intended receiver. he wanted the flag. won't get it. mcclure defensively for cal. >> joel: i thought mcclure arrived a little early. the problem is the ball was so far out in front, i don't think you can make a reasonable argument that johnson would go down and catch that ball. he was already running as fast as he could. still way out in front. even if he dove, i don't think he would have caught that ball. >> gus: second and 10. heard. bounces out of the pocket. turns it up. goes down at the 27. gaining a couple. >> joel: offensively, have to break the game down in sections.
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you need a touchdown. you need a touchdown somewhere around the four minute mark. 3:30 to 4 minutes so you're not forced into an onside kick situation so you can utilize your defense, kickoff and still get the ball back. that's the goal of the offense. >> gus: heard again. looking. throws out of the pocket. great move. he slides down. picks up a first down at the 37, maybe the 38 yard line depending on the spot. he gained 9. >> joel: this near sidelinesman just gave him a horrific spot. a horrific spot from 50 yards away. he's all the way the opposite side. running in there, trying to put him a yard short of the first down. they're having a conversation right now. hopefully the linesman on the other side will win this argument. here's heard as he's running. he needs to get to about --
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field the quarterback was down. fourth down. >> gus: i think the official did a nice job. >> joel: the pellets didn't kick up until right there. the ball is behind it. i made a mistake there. i was looking at his knee, not the ball. the linesman did a nice job, gus. in real time -- >> referee: texas has called time-out to challenge the ruling. >> gus: maybe we were wrong. it did look like jerrod went down a little early. mike periera is our rules analyst. what are your thoughts, mike? >> you know, we call it cross-field mechanics. that's where the official on the opposite side --
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>> referee: after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field of the quarterback being short is confirmed. fourth down. >> joel: mike, i made the mistake. from up here, it looks like he gets to the 35, slides. first down. but like you said, that ball was clearly behind -- >> referee: university of texas is charged with a time-out and that was their one and only challenge of the game. >> gus: there you have it. the ball is behind the first down marker. >> joel: i was all over the official. he was all over it. excellent job. >> gus: so that makes it fourth and 1 at the 34.
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you fully expect jerrod heard to run this football. good blocking up front. >> joel: and now with the time-out ripped away, they have to move with a sense of urgency and pace to what they're doing to get the score and give them enough time on the back end of the score to try to get the ball for a second possession. >> gus: five minutes to play. third down, texas. heard. sideline. nice play. the catch by burt. >> joel: love how he steps into that throw.
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after the fake. burt has so much speed, the corner on the opposite side. white has to honor the deep ball as he should in this situation. the underneath routes will be wide open for a guy like john burt all the way down the field. >> gus: what is the philosophy for the secondary at this point in the game? deepest. >> gus: don't let anybody get behind you. >> joel: don't let anybody get behind you. >> gus: and the hand-off. foreman, first down texas. clock stops at 4:07. >> joel: it's beginning to be an issue. now you get towards three minutes and inside that. you think about having to onside kick it if you can score on this possession. a sense of urgency needed for
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>> gus: first down midfield. nice throw. good catch. the longhorns get out-of-bounds. armanti foreman makes the reception. the sophomore from texas city. >> joel: any of these plays that you can get out-of-bounds with the ball, you can do it. an excellent job by foreman. >> joel: hasn't been used much. i don't know why the clock is rolling. he was out-of-bounds. still with his momentum going forward. >> gus: first down. heard slide down at the 35. 25. excuse me. >> joel: so the clock is going to continue to run here. >> gus: texas still moving the ball. 3:10 to go. >> joel: cal was trying to
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they bailed them out with a time-out. >> gus: each team with one time-out left. back to austin after this. i'm here to prove once and for all that i am the real colonel sanders. ok, just a couple test questions. is this $20 family fill up meal enough delicious hand prepared food to feed a family of four? yes sir, it is. mmhmm. and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. >> gus: remember, this game was tied at 24 at the end of the first half. going into the half time period, jerrod heard threw an interception interception.
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it seemed as if the longhorns had lost all momentum. >> joel: cal took advantage with the 21 points in the third. >> gus: the hand-off. gray breaks free. touchdown! foreman gets in. a 27-yard run. with three minutes to go, texas >> joel: that's exactly what they needed. i said they needed to score before three minutes. they hit it on the button. now they have some light. making it a one possession game after the long run from foreman. the big fellow has some moves at 240. point. it's good. seven-point game. texas still fighting till the very end. an onside kick may be coming up after this.
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look at you. aww look at him. one look can change the way you see the world. look at you. look after them with the protection of life insurance from new york life. get started today. >> gus: 45-38. cal with the lead three minutes in the fourth quarter. what is coming up here? >> joel: they're lining up for the onside kick.
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have to think to yourself, this might be our one chance to get the ball back. number 16 has been surgical. three scores. charlie strong wants the football back in his quarterback's hands right away. >> gus: so nick rose, how does he want to hit it, joel? >> joel: you have to hit it with a little pace towards the 50 yard line. right where charlie strong is. charlie strong is his marker. he's waving to his kicker there. there's charlie strong. >> gus: the big bounce. recovered by guess who? stephen anderson. on the hands team. he's got soft hands. and cal does a nice job defending the onside kick. >> joel: you put your most trusted player in that position on the hands team for cal. everybody up front just goes to block. it's totally on number 89.
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anderson, former walk-on to secure the football. >> gus: so if you're texas -- >> joel: i'm sending the house. >> gus: do you think cal will throw the football? >> joel: at some point they will. you have to be ready. >> gus: enwere, running on first down. longhorns with one time-out left. >> joel: how big was that time-out taken away on the challenge when jerrod heard slid? >> gus: second and 7. no rush. another hand-off. enwere. tries to get outside. hot to the football.
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enwere back to the line of scrimmage. now texas using their final time-out. so if you're sonny dykes, you have a decision to make. do you run it, play conserve tiff football, if you don't get the first down and you let the clock run out, try to kick the field goal or throw it? >> joel: you run it. even with goff in the backfield, you run it. you may pop free for a first down. at that point, you'll end it. if you get stopped, you're going to pooch kick this ball and you have a red shirt freshman quarterback with jerrod heard. think. has to go with 1:20 to 1:25 left with no time-outs. then you're forcing him to go to the length of the field. i'll take my odds in that
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an incompletion. >> gus: sonny dykes is not conventional. i'll say that. third and 7. goff. he's going to throw it. over the middle. wow! sonny dykes and a fumble. incomplete. stephen anderson had it. but he got popped. >> joel: and the gamble backfires. they go to their sure-handed tight end. stephen anderson. he dropped it. took his eyes off the ball. he had not only the first down but this game would have been sewn up for call. now goff will have to pooch it once more to try to pen them
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>> gus: 45 yards on the last pooch. this is time-out left a good one. and it dies at the 20. downed inside the 20 with 1:51 to play. texas still with life. uh-oh! >> joel: and now how big are those 30 seconds for jerrod heard and this texas offense? this kid loves it. >> gus: he does. when we talked to the coaches at the texas training facility yesterday, they said memorial stadium that seats 100,000 is not a big enough stage for jerrod heard. >> joel: these are those moments
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now he has a chance to drive 81 yards to try to tie it. >> gus: how do you drive 81 yards without any time-outs? >> joel: you need a first down. >> gus: on first down, heard to throw it. and incomplete. definitely not the worse thing in the world. the other thing you have to be cognizant of, completing it inside the numbers. that will take a lot of time off the clock to get back up there and snap it. >> joel: look at the numbers on heard. 328 yards passing. 118 yards rushing. 446 yards in total offense. second an 10 at the 19. heard. with time. sets up. drops it off. jonathan gray has to get
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does at the 35. >> joel: the most effective completion on a two-minute series is the first first down. heard gets it there with a simple check to his running back. >> gus: a marcus mariota-type play by heard thinking he was going to run it and dropping it off. it's been effective. here's heard again. puts mustard on that one. gets them to midfield. i tell you what, folks -- they have a big player here at the university of texas. >> joel: as the excitement builds. cal is playing extremely soft coverage against these fast young wide receivers from texas. that type of completion will be all day.
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number 2, darius allensworth. >> gus: and 1:25 to go in regulation. >> joel: and being a young quarterback, it's about learning lessons. in a two-minute situation in the first half, heard tried to force it down the field. threw an interception. what is he doing here? taking what cal gives them. if it's a check down to the running back, take it, get out-of-bounds and snap it. >> gus: second and 4 at the 45. heard. looking. for the sideline. a little high. intended forward. >> joel: not the worst thing in the world. he has two more downs to try to get the first down. again, remains true. the ball cannot be completed inside of the numbers short of the first down marker. >> gus: can heard take off and run it? >> joel: only if he can make a first down.
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>> gus: third and 4. remember, the clock stops if texas gets a first down. >> joel: they're going to blitz. quarterback draw. >> gus: here's heard. they blitz. first down. heard. whoa!
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oh, he missed it! unbelievable. unbelievable. the poor kid. >> joel: bless his heart. i didn't think it was blocked.
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he just chunked it to the right. even if you're a cal fan, that makes you sick. >> gus: yes, it does. the reaction from the texas sideline that they learned that nick rose missed the field goal. and even jared goff. >> joel: still 1:11 left. >> gus: the point after. excuse me. >> joel: as sick as you have to feel for nick rose, he has to execute another on-sidekick. he's a senior. out-of-bounds at midfield. >> referee: kickoff
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kicking team, five-yard penalty. first down california. >> gus: 1:11 to play in the fourth quarter. the most inconsistent part of college football is the kicking game. >> gus: texas out of time-outs. goff takes a knee. here's the dr. pepper one of a kind play of the game. >> joel: this is where i thought the momentum all changed. the first half two-minute situation. heard throws the interception to jefferson. led to the 21 points. coming out of half time. cal had all the momentum. credit texas and this young roster, including red shirt
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freshman, jerrod heard for coming back, getting into this game. charlie strong has to be just devastated. >> gus: and goff takes the knee. that will do it. what a game in austin. cal surviving 45-44. strong. jared goff putting up grace numbers again. threw for three touchdowns. the two coaches shake hands. jerrod heard rushed for 164 yards. he had three rushing touchdowns. accounted for 528 yards in total offense.
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cal with 559 for a total of 1,210. molly? >> molly: this i wasn't easy. how did you fend off the two touchdowns? what was going through your mind? >> we just assumed we would get overtime. we were trying to come up with overtime plays. texas fought hard. we couldn't put it away. our guys played hard all day and did what we needed to do to win. >> molly: your offense started off slow. how did you get him going? >> took us awhile to get on track. we played great the third quarter. struggled in the fourth. we have to keep getting better. >> molly: you have a lot of memories here. now a win. how special is it? >> pretty special. especially the way the game ended. i'm shocked. a great way to win. >> molly: congratulations, coach. back to you, gus. >> gus: how about this? although texas lost in dramatic
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fashion, their fans giving them a small ovation. 45-44.
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>> gus: 45-44. what a game tonight in austin, texas. cal survives. will move to 3-0. their best 3-0 start since 2011. and the first time in the history of the series that they have defeated the university of texas. gus johnson and joel klatt. >> joel: what a game. i thought that that last series encapsulated everything that tonight was all about. one is that, you know, goff was sensational all game. you have this electric red shirt freshman, jerrod heard that has infused life into this texas program. he goes out there, two scores down. they get a score and get the ball back. he takes off for a 45 yard


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