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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 21, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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juliet: 7 people shot dead across the city in 24 hours. ben: comments made in the republican race, this time from ben carson and wie people are upset. juliet: it was a historic, the emmy's, it was a big show last night. viola davis won a significant award. >> ben: it is pope week 2015. it has arrived. good morning, it is here. juliet: i know.
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it for 18 months. juliet: it is a big week. look at who is in for mike woods. audrey. how are you doing? awed aid i'm doing good, just a little chilly outside. ben: it looked like fall and feeling like fall. audrey: you need a sweeter. it is chilly north and west of the city in the 40s. poughkeepsie 47. 48 sussex. 43 monticello. 61 central park. 50s in islip and bridgeport. montauk 61. checking out the about ins across northern new jersey 61 hoboken. good morning pine brook 55. 40s in berkeley heights. it is chilly in some of the suburbs. we have a northeast wind coming
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in 5-10 miles per hour on average along the coast and providing bit of a breeze. we have clouds rolling through in the area and that is the trend. we have the clouds coming in. it is going to be hugging the coastline or southeast of the coastline for the next 24 hours and more clouds rolling in and a slight chance of a shower across the eastern shores. today we are dry. temperatures in the low 70s and windy. grab a sweater. to the roads this morning, ines rosales is here with the traffic. ines: good morning, audrey. monday morning and things are off to a pretty good start. new jersey, morris county, fine
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now to the cameras and the long island expressway. trains off to a good start. they are running on or close to schedule. juliet: the latest poll is calling carly ricing up. ben: it is carson getting atenning for the comments he had. good morning, robert. >> reporter: good morning to you. the poll showed carly gaining support and donald trump and ben carson losing it. it is another reminder that
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every utterance is crucial. a poll is showing that wednesday was a good evening for carly and donald trump has the support of 24%. carly 15% and carson with 14%. it is showing how hungry americans are from an outsider. nearly a third of the republicans surveyed in the poll thought trump lost wednesday's debate. on the day after, trump failed to correct a man that claimed that president obama is muslim. >> we have a problem in the country, it is muslims and we know that the current president is one. >> i wouldn't advocate that we
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nation. >> congress is a different story, it depends on who the muslim is and what the policies are. >> the council on american islamic relations called on him to pull out of the race. >> something that could happen, would i be comfortable, it is something that could happen. >> jill biden would be on board if her husband decided to run. >> i have the greatest respect and affection for him and we ought to give him the space to decide wa is best for him and his family. >> six of the democratic candidates are debating in las vegas and that is not including
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back to you. >> juliet: the pundits are leaning to the fact that they think bide season going to run. ben: yeah. we'll see what happens. robert moses thank you. juliet: all right, so everybody is talking about the big appearance this week. ben: pope week 2015. juliet: the pope is head ed to the u.s. with the first stop in washington. ben: he's arriving in new york on thursday evening. the preparations are well underway. teresa priolo has the latest. >> reporter: the message of peace from pope francis and upwards of two hundred thousand packed havana's square and celebrating mass with the holiness. >> pope francis using his first
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cubans that quote service is neither neither i'd logical. after mass, the pope met with fidel castro. this is the only photo released. they exchanged pleasant ris and books. >> e the conversation was formal and familiar. >> the beginning of the nine day jaunt to our neck of the woods. he's headed to washington on tuesday and new york on thursday, where the schedule assembly. >> my concern is that there is a lot of moving parts and we know how to bring them together, we
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his holiness, the nypd is absolutely ready. >> also ready to greet the pope is new yorkers. >> this is an interesting moment in the church. this is a great pope and wonder for him to be here. >> teresa priolo "good day new york." >> for more on the visit, head to or download the mobile app for free in the app stores. juliet: three people gunned down in brooklyn and a total of seven shot dead across the city in 24 hours. p one of the victims a 76-year-old man. he was caught in a middle of a shooting in the courtyard of a us hoking project. governor cuomo blasted the gun violence and called for the lawmakers to intervene.
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>> the madness has to stop and it has to stop in washington and we have to tell the federal officials stand up and show the courage to do something about gun aconvenience once and for all. >> 11 is murders in the week across the city and that is up 2. >> airport screeners are accused of stealing money from a man. he took money from a wallet at a security check point and the victim noticed the money was missing when picking up the wallet. he's charged with possession of stolen property and larceny. >> former tennis star james blake that was tackled by a police officer is meeting with the mayor.
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showed an officer man handling blake to the ground. both the mayor and the police commissioner apologized to james blake. ben: emmy's now in the book. juliet: let's go to michele. >> game of thrones. >> it was a night of new winners and speeches and emotional moments. >> in support of my family, wife, i'm here. >> tracie morgan appears after his critical bus crash and giving thanks to the support he received and accepting best drama series game of thrones. >> a lot of it, we talked about
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no matter how well the show turned out, we knew there would be resistance. >> outstanding comedy series. >> vioa la davis outstanding african-american woman to win the top award. >> i didn't know everyone wanted me to win so badly. i keep saying the same quote over and over, stories never end. my story doesn't end here. >> lead actor in a comedy series.
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who whom i owe an incredible debt. >> these people i love desperately. >> >> overall this year's host delivered on his signature song, dance and comedy skit... as the new fall season begins, it is the brightest and the best on tv. >> thank you. >> ben: all right. did you watch? juliet: no i was desperate for sleep. ben: still ahead. juliet: it is going to be a cool day. the temperatures in the 70s.
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. audrey: good morning, it is a cool start across much of the tristate area and it is a cold one north and west of the city.
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48 sussex. 60s in the city and newark and down the shore in belmar. headed to the north, westchester 50s. bedford 47 there. 60 in the bronx. we have a couple of clouds rotating through. they are coming ahead of a system affecting the areas to the south and throwing back the clouds across the region. we have low pressure that the developing across the carolinas and passing just to the southeast and throwing back to clouds and a chance of isolated tomorrow. a lot of clouds will be moving in and tomorrow watch out for a couple of isolated showers and clearing the cloud deck middle part of the week. 73 today. 75 tomorrow.
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sunny for the second half of the week. track the weather with us with the app. now to the traffic and we are headed to ines. hello. ines: good morning, audrey. an accident on the wood penn bridge, one lane is blocked. looking good, no issues in westchester. now to staten island. the expressway by bradley avenue you are fine westbound and eastbound. to the bqe, moving fine here. no deleas this morning. ben: thank you. campaign underway to designate the stonewall inn as a national landmark honoring lgbt history. it was a major movement in the gay rights movement.
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to declare the stonewall a national monument. a vote would have to come later. juliet: joining us now the curtis sliwa. good morning, curtis. >> yes, victory, that's right. you mets fans, you park your cars in the demolition field. sweep, sweep. the only broom is the one you float on. ben: i'm surprised they let you in there. >> they took harvey out after 77 pitches in the 5th and in the 6th inning the tsinami comes up.
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>> no, nose bleed seats. mets fans, we remember waneright snapped the curve, oofa. ben: the last i checked, the mets are in first place t yankees not so much. >> they were outstanding. belltran smashed him. the ace the dark one. can't throw more than 77 pitches harvey. my arm might fall off. how is this guy getting you through the playoffs. ben: he had tommy john surgery. i don't hold him as an example after on excellent season. we'll wait for the post season. >> say i was right.
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>> one of the female employees taunted me twice. i want an a pology from her. ben: no sympathy from us. juliet: you saw our governor just like throwing down the kwaun let. he's enjoying kind of giving it to deblasio. >> no doubt that cuomo thinks that he's the mag es tri and your mayor should be subservient to imh. they used to be the best of friends when cuomo was in charge
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of hud, the mayor worked side by side and they hate each other and as a result the new yorkers are suffering because they are not on the same page. it is almost like me and my wives over the years, you don't even talk. ben: do you talk to any of the ex-wives? >> no, only when the check is late. juliet: you should be paying them. >> make sure this time the check doesn't bounce. juliet: can you imagine being married to this guy? ben: he's different not on camera. >> evilized cuomo, soon to be indicted, can't get along a guy that he was best friends with, notice, today if u asked your man, deblasio, what about the
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are a sifest city in america. ben: to be fair, it is not just new york that is seeing increase in the shootings, it is happening in the big cities across the country. it is happening in washington, chicago, it is not just new york. >> how come you exempted body bag city baltimore. juliet: i love baltimore. it is not my favorite city though. ben: curtis sliwa. juliet: still ahead, big blue blew it, the headaches for the giants fans.
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year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. audrey: good morning, the temperatures are el fooing cold north and west of the city, readings in the 40s. you have to grab a jacket. grab a sweater in new york city. 61. we have the same number in
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we have the clouds rotating in across the area this morning. no rain associated with them. we see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and watching an area of low pressure moving into the carolinas and passing to the southeast tomorrow evening and isolated shower along the shores. today is windy and feeling chilly in the shade. autumn starting on wednesday and high of 78. back to you. juliet: thank you, matt harvey taking the mound and approaching the innings limit. ben behe started striking out 7. he gave up one hit in five scoreless innings and pulled 1-0. it cost the mets, sloppiness defense and a double, the
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about aingerly with a 3-run homer. the yankees lead 5-1. top of the 8th yankees in control. the yankees win 11-2. football news now, the jets in indianapolis tonight taking on the colts. juliet: to the giants at home and a 4th quarter melt down and honoring the team that won super bowl 25. bill parcels carrying out the super bowl trophy. manning fumbles after being hit from behind. atlanta recovers. falcons going 91 yards. the ten yard touchdown pass. it was a night mare here. cutting the giants lead to 20-17. atlanta two yard liner. and that proved to be the
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