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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> 5:00 on the dodge and, good morning. we are looking at temperatures in the mid 70s today, been is disagreeing it is sweater whether it. whether it. tell that to the people walking around with leatherjacket overnight. mike tells us what it really is. i trust him. >> it is still summer. we are two days away from the of rival of pope francis in new york city. today he arrives in our nation's capital, washington d.c. pop and circumstance will be happening this afternoon at andrews air
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force base greeted by the president which does not often happen. the president going down to do that, pretty cool. >> chaos that barkley center, a brutal beating, on camera, a bunch of kids furrowing down, we will show you what went on. >> chairman of the mta says he will cut the next phase of the second avenue subway if something doesn't happen. we will tell you what that is. >> i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is tuesday morning september 22nd, thanks for being with us, day two of pope week, not a lot of pope activity get. juliet: welcome back. >> meteorologist: it is all good, engaged again and this is where the week picks up.
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juliet: are we looking at nice packagers? i have a friday night event. >> meteorologist: you got the big one. the weather looks to be pretty quiet, call like and since we in are just one day away at the countdown to fall in starts at 4:21, less than 24 hours until we are officially at that autumnal equinoxes and we will be in the fall. feels like fall again, 62 at central park, n.y. 53 in belmar, 61 in islip, 65 in montauk, 54 in monticello, still more to least wind, not as high as it was yesterday but coming from the northeast at 3 to 14 miles an hour, pretty consistent, kept temperatures down a little bit here but high pressure in control, keep the rate of fired up today, most of the showers back over pennsylvania and the northwest want ulster and sullivan counties, we have seen
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light rain and/or sprinkle action but that is about it. most of us looking at moseley cloudy to cloudy skies in the tristate region, working their way from the south from an area of low pressure down there that will continue with the cloud cover through the day but as far as rain chances are concerned, pretty minimal side. especially in this city but still looking at cloudier skies with cooler temperatures and as we head into tomorrow more sunshine and warmer temperatures takeover with high pressure on top of us for couple days, highs get above-average but the next day or so rain has been on the cooler side, 74 degrees with macleod these guys, a few sprinkles and light showers possible to the northwest, backed 80 tomorrow and 78 thursday, temperatures that coming down at rain chances over
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and head out the door for your commute. ines: a couple things going on, let's start with a dilon county, route 9 northbound, accident involving a down pole shutting down route 9 northbound at the moment, expect some deep forest around their. as far as your commute goes westchester doing pretty good, no problem of of the tappan zee bridge to the sawmill or cross county. let's look at the long island expressway by lewis avenue you are fined eastbound and westbound, as far as the bqe goes all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge not affecting the bqe at the moment, across bronx by the bronx parkway a slower rise as you traveled westbound some construction going on by the sheridan closing one lane said that is the delay on the east bound, crossing the hudson, lower-level gwb closed, upper level we got to go so you were doing fine.
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most of the trains doing good. ben: one day closer to the pope's visit. >> pope francis leaves cuba headed to washington d.c. we will meet president obama. teresa priolo joins us live from the cathedral. the latest on the trip. >> reporter: you mentioned this is my second home. couldn't have picked a better place, quite pretty. good morning, everyone. the countdown is on. we are all waiting for pope francis not only to come to america but especially those who come to new york city and as we brace for the excitement that comes along with the pope's a rival we want to make sure our plans are in place and since we are getting an update on the security measures and word from the mayor do not be nervous.
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waking up in queue by his holiness preparing for three hartford to and our nation's capital this afternoon but folks in d.c. have been preparing for him for weeks if not months. thousands are expected to converge on washington over the next 48 hours to get a glimpse of all the father. his agenda includes a meeting with president obama and a speech in front of congress. >> we are absolutely ready. >> reporter: in new york the may remind the new yorkers that despite the unprecedented security operation involving keeping the pope safe at the same time the u.n. general assembly is in session state, federal and local law enforcement in sync and ready. >> no one is nervous, everyone is focused, they have the resources, equipment, personnel, a great deal of confidence. >> reporter: as for those on the road, gridlock will be at an all-time high with rolling street closures, temporary mass-transit shutdowns and all
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sorts of detours and delays, really no way around especially friday. after pope francis addresses the u.n. he will head downtown to visit the 9/11 memorial and then head out town and ride through central park and celebrate mass in madison square garden. all this in about 36 hours time but a special time for many new yorkers. >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing is such an inspiration to all of us and all the catholic schools in staten island. >> i'm doing some intense prayer because i said to the beginning night that he is an evangelist and apostle and wants to be the location of spiritual and moral renewal in the greatest city in the world. >> reporter: one other thing to mention this is the vatican flags and it will be raised for the first time on friday at liu and at the pope's visit to the united nations, when we arrived
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we have to see the exact same flag flying outside the cathedral. this will be raised outside the u.n. with the palestinian flag and they are the only two nonmember flags that will be displayed for the u.n. general assembly. outside st. patrick's cathedral, backed the when the studio. juliet: we will check back with you later on. five students from local catholic schools will be among those welcoming pope francis to new york when he arrived at kennedy airport, part of 200 members of the brooklyn diocese on the receiving line, they will present a spiritual but they filled with a list of careers and acts of kindness from all 86 catholic schools across brooklyn and queens. >> so special. if you are excited and special and lucky because they don't have a chance to see the pope believed >> reporter: students were
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chosen because of their dedication to the church, academics and volunteerism. for the latest on the pope's visit law and on to and you can also search for the weather apps in the itunes apps store. ben: violence erupts between teenagers outside the barkley center. check the video. that is disturbing to watch. community activist tony herbert's facebook page:teen-agers seem to have beaten up pretty badly. according to herbert advocates without borders network, one student stabbed a teenager from another high school and another teenager was arrested. herbert will be holding a press conference at 11:00 this morning to denounce the teen violence and urged anyone with information to call. >> reporter: staten island congressman michael griffin will surrender to authorities today to begin a eight month federal
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guilty to tax fraud, prosecutors showed the underreported $900,000 in receipts from his manhattan health food restaurant from 2007 to 2009. he may best be remembered for this, you probably do remember the moment on the balcony he threatened to throw a reporter off the balcony in january of 2014. reporter questioned about his campaign finances. the incident was caught on camera. ben: a surprise move as a former republican president dropped out of the race. >> scott walker suspending his campaign. robert moses joins us with the latest. >> reporter: scott walker had funding problems and his poll numbers were very low. select any nationwide appeals of with him and rick perry out, is slightly more oxygen for the remaining candidates that the republican field is still crowded.
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>> i will suspend my campaign immediately. >> reporter: scott walker urged other candidates for struggling in the polls to swallow suit. an alternative to donald trump rise. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters canfor focus on limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front runner. >> reporter: that front runner donald trump tweeted i got to know scott walker well. she is a nice person with a great future. even with walker at donald trump has many people nipping at his heels. in an interview that aired on fox news channel one of his challengers ben carson double down on his comments that he would not support a muslim for president. >> if someone as a muslim background that they are willing to reject those tenants and accept the way of life we have a and clearly wills with have to
5:12 am
their religion, not then of course they will be considered infidels and heretics, but at least i would be quite willing to support them. >> reporter: another of trump's main challengers carly fiorina showed her lighter side during an interview with jimmy fallon comparing donald trump to russian president vladimir putin. >> the a lot in common. we will leave at that. >> reporter: ted cruz also made an appearance on a late-night talk-show circuit with steven colbert who asked if there is a question he should ask donald trump when donald trump appears on his show tonight. >> i like donald tumwater and if you could ask if he would possibly consider donating to our campaign. >> reporter: as republicans do it at hillary clinton got good news in the form of a new cnn poll that shows her leading bernie sanders by 18 points, bigger than the ten point lead
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she had over him in a previous poll earlier this month. >> i want to revisit this tweet from of your i got last week, reacting to the debate tonight before he was as good as can be in foreign affairs, chris christie held his gun and scott walker collapse like a bad suit. he is done. you were right. back to you. >> pundits seem to agree. we will see what happens, who else stands in the race. awfully crowded. thank you. a lot more still to come this tuesday morning including dealing with inconveniences because of high don't know if you heard the pope coming. the 15 the mic is keeping track of the forecast this weekend. >> meteorologist: we're zeroing in on it, 62 with mostly cloudy skies if not cloudy skies around a tristate, a few quick showers out there, breezy, a cool fall-day coming up for the last day of summer, live interactive
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rate on the weather apps, download at the app maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands,
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make each day a little better.
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ben: we are back. juliet: the muslim student arrested for bringing up clock to classes full daughter of school. ben: not charged but suspended for three days after a teacher
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miss the clock in a briefcase for a bomb. this won support from around the country including president obama but mohammed's father says he is having trouble sleeping and eating so took him out of school with his other children. the family plans to fly to new york tomorrow to meet with dignitaries and the united nations. juliet: it did not look like a clock to me. is this one of these situations where all of a sudden it is lawsuits? i don't know. it looks like a clock to me. anyone answering questions when teachers were asking what the story was? he was very vague. different world we live in. >> meteorologist: a lot of people will see both sides. juliet: very diplomatic cancer. >> meteorologist: i should be running for office. one more candid day. anyhow, let's show you what is going on with the wet this morning, 62 degrees,
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newark, 63 in belmar, 60 in bridgeport, 55 in poughkeepsie, 56 in sussex, cloudy skies year, currently any breaks in the cloud cover and a few showers showing up on radar and satellite near the poconos call also around sussex and warren county, lighter showers showing up, a little of that sinking to the ground but not a lot because there is a layer of air not quite right in between so we are not expecting much to go on with the rain but you might see a few sprinkles year and fear. we will keep an eye on things, high pressure taking over with the weather as the primary influence the low pressure right here is doing interesting things and according to future cast it may continue to do so toward the end of the weekend, as it contains this heading altamira the hung up frontal boundary, sold-out frontal boundary. we will see clear skies in the tristate. once we get beyond today more sunshine tomorrow and the next
5:19 am
above normal at that time but the area of low pressure continues to strengthen and head into the mid atlantic near the carolinas bringing in showers by the end weekend, a little deeper into the weekend we could even be dealing with showers ourselves here. this would not be the worst thing, timing is not the best but we could use the rainfall, 74 is your high with mostly cloudy skies, 80 tomorrow, 78 thursday, a few clouds through the area friday and saturday and share our chance out there for sunday depending which forecast model you want to focus on. some say we got rain, some not so much but we will call in between. let's call in ines and see what is happening, pretty cooperative situation, cloudy and cool. 45 we had an earlier problem, have all lanes closed because of
5:20 am
open. .com county, 84, 684 looking good, new york dance talent heights, let's see how things are moving this morning on the 55th street bridge upper level doing fine, cross bronx we had delays because of construction. this is by the bronx parkway, traffic moving slow was down 15 minutes ago, traffic wraps up, delays eastbound you are fine and the parkway in front of jfk airport looks good in both directions. everyone talking about the pope coming to town, mike is asking about closures. go to which has everything you need to know about the pope. ben: first phase of second avenue subway is not open yet. the pope's visit, next phase could be dead. m.t.a. chairman says his agency does not get $3.2 billion from the city, it will kill the rest of the project.
5:21 am
board members would reportedly rather cut other projects that would benefit fewer writers. than they have a point in fat. second avenue subway is going to be bad for a lot of people because lexington avenue line is crowded. juliet: when the pope comes to visit we all expected traffic delays and extra security and we are hoping for that. ben: there are other inconveniences we could experience. kerry drew is live in the newsroom to tell us what we are talking about here. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about limited missile delivery and self-service. if you're looking for timely mail service with the pope in new york city be patient. fedex is telling us customers may experience service delays and the postal service has removed collection boxes in many locations where the pope will be for security reasons. on the technology front point digital gridlocks especially during the pontiff's trip to central park.
5:22 am
>> if he does something where everybody goes that is amazing and all funds go out and they start screaming on periscope or try to scare the video and data same time what will you see? everyone in the vicinity will just drop. >> reporter: everyone's also will be in the air but major cell providers are bringing in additional resources like ours on yield from verizon in case that happens. despite these inconveniences many new yorkers say they are taking it in stride trying to remember is only temporary. ben: you have seen big events with portable cellphone towers in the park, we will see if they do that. big concert festivals and those kinds of things so hopefully we can take connected. juliet: rapper snoop dog's project to get hot heads to come out of the project.
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ben: american dream the massive shopping complex in the meadowlands performer known as xanadu says ten retailer's going on, and lulu lemon, banana republic and the gap. will lead actor actually looked like this? juliet: the spotlight. ben: earlier this month, along with gordon taylor, the massive complex will include water and amusement park, 22 screen movie theater and endorse node down. it is allegedly set to open in the fall of 2017. juliet: that would be wonderful, that is right near my home. ben: will this ever be a refuge success? juliet: they have sex. ben: looking like the swamp out there. juliet: easy to get to, all the
5:25 am
really hard to get out to. moving on, snoop dog started the new media company targeting jane. the company will feature news about the pot industry including tips for smokers, celebrity interviews and even a couple show dedicated to it. he hopes the company will help pot smokers, quote, come out of the closet. it will debut into few weeks. ben: top stories when we return.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: another cool day ahead. mike woods woods a. would you say that? it is cool last full day of summer. fall starts tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow it will be fall. all fall like will the temperatures begin
5:29 am
boots and stuff like that. the pope is coming. today not to new york yet. he heads to washington d.c. today and then on to our city. we have a live update on his. >> james blake the police officer who tackled him to the ground fighting. hear what he is saying after meeting with the mayor and police commissioner. juliet: a place to go. nice to know. like to do this little guy's voice. vote rat. ben: pizza or at blowing up on twitter yesterday. juliet: this thing went viral. we love him. >> meteorologist: he didn't actually get a piece of pizza. juliet: did he come that?
5:30 am
the video ends with a cliffhanger. ben: i actually like rats. >> meteorologist: he made it down seven steps the guy said. juliet: that is a hard worker. not lazy. she works. >> meteorologist: didn't get a juliet: he tried. >> meteorologist: looks like he had a bite. team might have gotten tricked. might have thought he had the bite. go back and look at that video closely. juliet: what does his voice sound like? >> meteorologist: i don't know. that is fun to do. time to get you going on this tuesday morning, another cool start to the day, fall like.
5:31 am
park, winds at 10 miles an hour from the north northeast similar to yesterday, 62 for a start of temperature, backed down to close to where we should be so you might think it has gotten ridiculous we cool, we went right to winter, looking at temperatures at or above normal. 60 at pittsburgh, 48 in syracuse, we do have cloudy skies and a few showers showing up on radar, some as you head into interior sections of connecticut near hartford, light stuff might make it to the ground, some sprinkles or light showers, also around ulster county and sullivan county, orange county, sussex county in new jersey and warrant for the poconos, cloudy skies and there is rain falling from the base of the cloud but it is fairly dry in mid levels of the atmosphere so it gets soaked up before it hits the ground. another cloudy day coming at you
5:32 am
finish, high temperatures 74 today, 80s are back tomorrow for the first day of fall, 78 the day after. let's bring in ines rosales and look at what is happening as you head out there. >> meteorologist: the commute on long island doing good. ines: sums up on that, new jersey 82, 87, smooth sailing. let's see how things are going, rockland county by the garden state parkway, trevor, headlights moving north down south bound for the tappan zee bridge, the trains everything on or close to schedule. juliet: thank you very much. ben: pope francis wrapping up his trip to cuba and coming to america. juliet: preparations are underway for his drive for central park friday and the rest of his visit here. teresa priolo joins us from st.
5:33 am
patrick's cathedral with the latest. >> reporter: we need to queue up neil diamond's coming to america. that needs to be the song of the we play. good morning to both of you, he is inching closer toward new york city and certainly toward the united states, the pope is waking up in cuba, leading cuba today bound for the nation's capital. he is going to receive the highly unusual honor of being greeted by president obama and andrews air force base once he arrives. he is going to spend two days going around d.c. the big thing on his side when he is in d.c. is addressing congress and then he will come skier and the message from the mayors but we are hearing is although the holy father's trip coincides with blood un general assembly and presenting unprecedented security concerns, despite the fact there will be road closures and detours and delays there are parking restrictions that will be in place, that are already up
5:34 am
morning you where you can or cannot go the city is ready. listen not only to the mayor but cardinal dolan putting this trip into perspective. >> no one is nervous. everyone is focused, they have resources, equipment, personnel, a great deal of confidence. >> i said from the beginning becomes as a pastor and evangelists and wants to be an occasion of spiritual and moral renewal and the greatest city in the world. >> reporter: when the pope is here he will come to stand pat and address the u.n. visit the 9/11 memorial, visit a school in harlem, ride through central park, celebrate mass in madison square garden all in 36 hours time and when the pope arrives at the u.n. he will see something that has never been done before that happens to be the vatican flags hanging outside the united nations. this is the first time the flag will be displayed.
5:35 am
it will also be displayed alongside a palestinian flag. these are the only two nonmember states that will have their flags displayed during this general assembly. back to both of you in the studio. ben: interesting, amid midtown, the latest on the pope's visit law on to, you can start with the apps in itunes and google play apps store is. juliet: the search is on for the person who shot and killed delivery driver in the bronx. it happened early monday morning on beaumont avenue in the belmont section. please save the driver of the green livery cab picked up a suspected east 138th street and cyprus avenue. he was shot in the head when they reached their destination. the suspect is described as having a thin build, light colored shorts. if you have any information,
5:36 am
crime stoppers 800-577-tips. >> a college student, fraternity members, physically abused during a hazing ritual in the pocono mountains. they were charged with apprehension, hazing and criminal conspiracy. 37 men, 35 expected to be charged with murder. juliet: police officer pled guilty, lyndon police officer was in a staten island courtroom yesterday, the 27-year-old crashed head on into a tractor-trailer on the west shore expressway, after leaving a strip club, killed two passengers including a fellow officer, critically injured. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal women. he faces charges including vehicular manslaughter.
5:37 am
>> james blake met with bill deblasio about is mistaken identity arrest. mayor and commissioner apologized for that. he was pleased with the progress made during the meeting. >> we focused on that with the police officers and made a lot of progress and we are mostly surprise, feel like bohol team, both sides were on the same page looking to move forward. ben: he wanted the officer fired but yesterday he said he understands the officer has rights and he will respect that. >> let's have a look at the weather. let's look at the temperatures. >> nice and cool, some folks were too cool, we have a warm-up coming up, if you are ready for these cooler temperatures it is only temporary before it goes up.
5:38 am
first day of fall coming at us tomorrow with the changeover, the tunnel equinoxes at 4:21 just before we start the show, we kick in to fall officially ended is going to feel pretty nice, cool for starters tomorrow but it will end a form, 62 central park, same in newark, a lot of clouds around the tristate and showers showing up primarily to the northwest but in the interior sections of connecticut as well. a lot of light rain may not make it to the ground so you get a few sprinkles and that is it, not loaded up with moisture, a bit of a struggle to get rain all the way around. low pressure wants to keep things up toward the end of the weekend go to the weekend but for the next couple days it will be on the dry side. it is on the dry and cool even with mostly cloudy skies, high temperatures 74 degrees, back up to 80 tomorrow with more
5:39 am
sunshine, 78 thursday, saturday a high of 70 one, partly to mostly cloudy skies those two days, chances of rain coming up on sunday. a live interactive radar which you can check out, at the apple itunes store, google play store or put it to work. let's bring in ines, we get going through the rails. >> the pope, the u.n. general assembly, president obama. we are flying in queens, why, something going on, i want to see that, good thing juliet is not here, parkway and turnpike, did you see this? might take a break, it is a good thing, turnpike moving fine, let's go to the cameras and see how things are moving this morning on the lie by jericho turnpike you are fine eastbound and westbound as far as the bqe
5:40 am
delays in down this morning, across bronze on the alexander hamilton bridge smooth sailing both ways, that thing as a lot of legs, take a picture of it like a centipede run millipede. i can't reach it. ben: in juliet is not enjoying this. juliet: niece of a thing and it went under our set up here and it is over rivera, don't how it made its way, it is a tiny little thing. ben: the jets undefeated, duke has highlights coming up. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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>> european union interior ministers meeting in brussels today to discuss my current today. >> one less presidential candidate, scott walker dropped out, other candidates struggling to follow suit. an alternative to donald trump can rise. juliet: subway's newest station
5:44 am
not popular with writers, 7,000 people day in the train station at had isn't yard. ben: that means the station will stay clean. >> far below the 32,000 and a projected. ben: even rats can't get enough new york city pizza. the video has taken the internet by storm. a rat hauling a slice of pizza, i saw a line yesterday credited to our web guys is that even a rat knows you don't eat pizza with a fork. the guy who shot the videos that he took the footage monday at 1:00 a.m. on his way to the l train, fourteenth and first, hash tag pizza or at trending nationally yesterday because that video is pretty awesome. i feel bad for the rat because he doesn't get to enjoy the full slice of pizza.
5:45 am
juliet: maybe there's a nice straphanger that says that, took it down. i would have done that. that was true to me. rats i have issues with but i don't want to hang out with them but they're big, they won't flutter in your ear or crawl on your leg. i wouldn't mind that as much. molly the millipede over there, god knows he has got -- ben: duke is here. check out molly on your way out. duke: the 45 to anniversary of monday night football, jets and all impressed by the job. this jets team look so much more prepared and disciplined than they did. first score, first quarter no score, second and 18, going deep, pass deflected by andre johnson, a first career
5:46 am
helped set the tone. the jets put pressure in position, ryan fitzpatrick make it hurt, eric decker at the middle, 7-0, 10-0, third quarter, they got him, picked off, two fumble recoveries, one interception, five segways on the night, but first we to games, third quarter, the touchdown, 10-7. later in the fourth, brandon marshall, is he at talent or what? he muzzles his way to the end zone, jets 17-7, win 20-7 the final score, 2-0 on the year. >> great quarterbacks have bad games but defensively, the game plan, did a good job, got to be fortunate, got some breaks and made plays. duke: eric decker, eight catches from 97 yards in the first half
5:47 am
knee injury, faces a sprain that is posed ligament so he will have an mri, could miss some time. pcl much better than the acl. didn't look all that bad. he landed 2 feet, not , notgoofy , not , not going to be serious. they could be 33-0 by sunday. a huge first place in toronto, yanks went into this game two games by 9 toronto so big game picking things up bottom of the first, justin smoke smokes at him. over the head of carlos beltran, playing two runs making it 3-0
5:48 am
needed, they never threatened the other than a home run by greg bird. . case final score, 3.5 game is beyond first-place toronto, mets at city field taking on the braves, rookie named myra player of of the year. and michael proves why he was minor league player of the year, he has a great swing and he will get better and better with major league home run, his career so low bomb 2-0 mets and mets win it 4-0 final score increasing their lead in the nl east, their magic number 7. michael, really good player, greg bird with the yankees, great swings, huge upside, only going to keep out of it. ben: it will be an exciting fall. juliet: the dutch are playing in london in two weeks, go back to that game.
5:49 am
ben: you are a lucky duck. mike woods is here. >> meteorologist: good morning. it has gotten little cooler, a little taste of fall coming on this last couple days of summer. we have 62 degrees with mostly cloudy skies at central park, winds from the on north northeast at 10 miles an hour making it feels colder than it is. 62 in boston, 48 in syracuse, clear skies as you head up the northwest, for the most part, mostly cloudy skies, not a cloudy sky in the tristate and looking at a few sprinkles and/or light showers popping to the northwest near the poconos and catskills not much for us in the metro areas but fairly cloudy and cool today, less sunshine than we had yesterday, high pressure building back in kind of getting nose out for a while briefly but mostly cloudy skies today, high temperature up
5:50 am
to 74 today, tomorrow sunshine, is back, high pressure makes its come back, high of 80, tomorrow, 78 thursday, next chance of showers looks to the sunday of the coming weekend here. we will go in between and bring in ines rosales looking for molly the millipede. into your neighborhood soon. antwan: the commute things moving fine. looks good in norwalk and greenwich, long island fine in nassau county, let's look at staten island expressway, bradley avenue east bound and west bound smooth sailing, driving in to the city from new jersey our other cameras, george washington bridge, minor delays, and lower-level open, closed for
5:51 am
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ben: anna gilligan is here. christina: good morning. last night republican presidential candidate carly fiorina showed off her lighter side during at tonight show appearance. she sang a song about her lazy dog named snake. take a listen. my name is nick i am lazy
5:54 am
please don't take a walk with me i would rather stay right here i want to lie back down in my nice warm bed my name is snake and you are going to have to carry me ben: she was alone vibrate0 in there. duke: very nice, watching american idol, he knows his terms, formerpackard ceo often talks about more serious topics from donald trump to vladimir putin and delved into her platform. right now she is trailing behind donald trump after her well done performance in the debate. she got good reviews. the day after her big and the win for a variety sketch series amy schumer shows us what it is like to be friends with jennifer lawrence and it involves a lot of balloons. the two are relatively new bestys and they are riding at screenplay together, this victor says never told jennifer lawrence your room number.
5:55 am
she wants to share she got a congressional story text after accepting the award. oscar winners robert deniro and anne hathaway with their new movie the intern at the theater in the city yesterday. in the movie he discovers retirement isn't all it was cracked up to be and becomes an intern at an online fashion side. nancy meyers says she hopes the film will clear up the misconceptions of the older generation in the work force. ben: all right. juliet: what do you think the obsession is with america and the budding friendship between jennifer lawrence and amy schumer. duke: i think it is because any shimmers hot right now and jennifer lawrence is one of the most famous actresses of her age. juliet: she is 18. anna: they are both kind of like body and make like bathroom humor jokes. ben: it seems like they would be
5:56 am
anna: you want to have a beer here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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