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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 22, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's september 22nd, i believe, right? >> yep. 22. >> i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. hey, it's fall and, technically, mike woods, this is the last full day of summer? >> it is. >> so if something happens, mike will tell us. all right, i'm ready for the fall. it's cloudy, by the way. >> and i'm ready for the pope. he's coming to america today. he's going to land in d.c. this afternoon, then it's off to new york on thursday. >> all right. so there are, like, 18 people rubbing for president and one less -- running for president, and one less. scott walker dropped out of the race, governor of wisconsin. first rick perry from texas, now scott is walker. 47 years old, he could run again someday. >> yeah. he's got plenty of time. >> they say he was the first real political casualty of donald trump. he took a lot of his thunder. >> the jets, they are hot, baby.
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they beat the colts 20-7 in that monday night matchup. /. >> all right. so this is some video that's gone viral from the new york city subway. look at this. the rat trying to deliver the pizza, huh? >> now, that's gone too far. now we have rats delivering pizza? >> this has been viewed about 85 million times throughout the world. i wrote some commentary, are you ready? >> you did? >> tell me if you find any of these funny. he's only slightly worse than that delivery guy from domino's. >> keep going. >> needs work. just how to i like my pizza, cheese, pepperoni and maggots. [laughter] >> cute. >> all right, let's see here. hey, you can take a break, but if i don't get it in a half an hour, it's free, right, domino's? you guys are lame! hey, it looks delicious, but what's with that triangular
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piece of bread? okay -- >> you were so ready for the a catskills, they're calling your name. >> no, you came in with a bad attitude. by the way, domino's happens to be one of my favorite pizza establishments. >> i'm not going to hear that, that's good. >> mike woods had a cold. >> what was something, and then mike's on his back. >> mike, are you drunk? >> no, not exactly. >> so mike took a bad fall in his chair. too many moving parts? >> i was sitting back, relaxing, and sam, she took my feet as a joke to try to lift them up, what if i just tipped you over? well, she did. she flipped me over -- >> oh. so you're blaming it on sam? >> who's sam? >> she's my weather producer. maybe she should fill in for the rest of the day since she gave me a concussion. did you hear that? >> yes. >> that would be my head hitting the ground.
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>> greg immediately thought you were hitting the sauce. >> wouldn't be the first time. [laughter] >> nice to have you back. >> thank you. i had to have an extra something-something. >> he was off for a day. it's no big deal. welcome back. >> you cutting him off? >> it's time to go. >> i went extra long on my rat commentary. too bad you weren't drinking, that would have been funny otherwise. >> oh, well. thank you very much. here we go. we're ready for it, we're ready to wring the pope into town, bring in some fine weather at the same time. feels like fall on this last full day of summer. there it is, there's the countdown to fall, one day away. in fact, it's tomorrow morning at 4:21 is the official autumnal equiknocks. and that's when we're talking about, you know, a day where they always try to balance that egg thing. i think greg's going to be doing it for sure tomorrow. fall's about to begin, 62
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newark and bridgeport as well as islip, 55 in poughkeepsie and winds coming in from the northeast at around 3-14 miles per hour. still breezy outside. maybe not as windy as yesterday, but it makes a difference this terms of the temps overall. we have cloudy chis throughout the tristate -- cloudy skies throughout the tristate region. a few sprinkles in town, not out of the question, but it doesn't look like we have a lot going on in terms of rainfall for a while. area of low pressure is driving up that moisture, high pressure's trying to block it out. we will see mostly cloudy skies today, 70 by midday, high temp up to 74 by about 3 p.m., and it's going to be breezy too. so feels like fall, for sure. tomorrow it's kind of a pushback to summer even though it's the change over to fall. mostly sunny skies, 78 degrees on thursday and over the weekend
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back in the area by sunday. all right. ines rosales and, boy, that's kind of a bumpy start to the cay over there -- to the day over there. >> yes, a little bumpy. as far as your chute, some hick pups. let's start off with route 84 by exit 19, tractor-trailer fully engulfed in fire, so expect delays. as far as your commute in queens, let's start off with the bqe westbound, you have an accident -- actually, stalled truck blocking a lane there. grand central, i do have this accident on the camera, just watch out for that past 9 92nd street. let's go to the tappan zee bridge, there was an accident earlier, but traffic coming towards us westchester bound moving slow there. you have a lot of volume. that accident was on the westchester side of the tappan zee bridge. the the grand central parkway,
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it was blocking the right lane, this is the exit towards 92nd street on westbound grand central, and then the bqe, some delays there still. as far as your trains, everything's running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna. morning. >> and it looks like he's landing in central park. all right, is he here yet? no, but it's getting closer. he arrives on thursday, he'll be this washington, d.c. later today, and the whole world is kind of going nuts about this. >> yeah. he's going to be greeted by president obama. preparations well underway for the pope's drive through central park on friday. >> there he is again with fidel castro. the president of the united states is driving out to the airport outside of d.c. to meet him. the pope is getting extra potential treatment. >> well, that's nice. fox 5's teresa priolo outside st. patrick's cathedral. what's going on? >> good morning, everyone. yes, we are inching closer to
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the day that the pope arrives here in new york city. now, of course, there's so much excitement. people really want to see him and hear his message, especially here this new york city. but we also are getting an update from city officials who are telling us they are dotting every i, crossing every t when it comes to our security plan that's in place. pope francis is on the move again, waking up in cuba this morning, his holiness preparing for a roughly three hour trip to our nation's capital this afternoon. but folks in d.c. have been preparing for him for weeks, the if not months. thousands are expected to converge on washington over the next 48 hours to get a glimpse of the holy father. his jam-packed agenda includes a meeting with president obama and a speech in front of congress. ready. >> here in the mayor's reminding new yorkers that despite the unprecedented security operation that's involved in keeping the pope safe at the same time that the u.n. general assembly is in session, state, local and federal law enforcement are in
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sync, and they are ready. >> no one is nervous. everyone is focused. they have the resources they need, they have the equipment, the personnel. i think there's a great deal of confidence. >> as for those on the road, remember gridlock will be at an all-time high with rolling street closures, temporary mass transit shutdowns and all sorts of detours and delays. there's really no way around it, especially friday. after pope francis addresses the u.n., he'll head downtown to visit the 9/11 memorial. he'll then head uptown to harlem to a school at 4:00, he'll ride through central park and then celebrate mass in madison square garden. time. >> it really is a once in a lifetime thing. he's such an inspiration to all of us. all the catholic schools in staten island. >> i personally am doing some intense prayer because i've said that our holy father comes as an
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a case of spiritual renewal in this greatest city in the world. >> your looking live at -- you're looking live at the vatican flag, the reason why we're showing you this is because this same flag will be flying outside of the u.n. come friday morning. it is the first time that the vatican's flag will be raised outside of the u.n. it'll also fly with the palestinian flag. greg and rosanna, these are the only two nonmember states to have their flags displayed. that's the latest from outside of st. patrick's cathedral, back to both of you in the studio. >> i think technically it's a country so, good. we've got to take it easy when the pope comes here. do you remember a couple years ago when he was in south america, in rio? rosanna, the crowds rushed his little popemobile there. you don't quite see it here, i think it's coming, where you have throngs -- >> oh. >> it got totally, totally out of control. >> i don't think that's going to happen here. >> i hope not. we've got to keep our emotions
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and our joy in check. >> yes, exactly. all right, we'll have all the information on the pope's visit including street closures. everybody wants to know about that. go to fox or check -- fox or check our app. >> take a look at this, pretty wild video outside the barclays center. it's unclear when this happened, but it was posted on a facebook page. at least one teen beaten up pretty badly. >> according to tony herbert's advocate without borders network, one teenager from a high school stabbed another one from another high school. that person was arrested. mr. herbert will be holding a press conference at 11:00 this morning to denounce the teenage violence and to urge anyone with information to come forward and give information. lots of concern because people there didn't seem to break up the fight, they used their cell
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phones. brawl. i believe one person was stabbed in the stomach. that person's okay, but, yeah, this was not your average kids fooling around outside the bar >> okay. in the meantime, it looked like scott walker had a real shot at becoming the next president of the united states. it's not going to happen. he dropped out yesterday. his campaign had plunged in the polls. he was at 1, 2% in iowa, and he's from right next door in wisconsin. you know who really took the >> donald trump. >> yep, bigtime. >> mr. walker is urging some of the other candidates to consider doing the same thing. fox 5's robert moses joins us. misery loves company? everybody drop out now, it's time. >> well, and we're going to talk about this, but scott walker wants all the republican candidates to coalesce around one or two who may have a chance, according to him, of
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scott walker was once a budding star this the republican party. he had support in the midwest, as greg mentioned, especially in iowa, but he never enjoyed nationwide appeal and he was, frankly, running low on money. walker is out but the republican field is still very crowded. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. >> wisconsin governor scott walker urged other candidates who are struggling in the polls to follow suit so an alternative to donald trump can rise. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front runner. >> that front runner, trump, tweeted: i got to know scott walker well. a great future. even with walker out, trump still has many people nipping at his heels. in an interview that aired last night on fox news channel, one
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doubled down on his comment that he would not support a muslim for president. >> if someone has a muslim background and they're willing to reject those tenets and to accept the way of life that we have and clearly will swear to place our constitution above their religion, then of course they will be considered infidels ander he hectics, but at least i would then be quite willing to support them. >> another of trump's main challengers, carly fiorina, showed her lighter side during an interview with jimmy fallon. she compared trump to vladimir putin. >> the two of them have a lot in common, actually. but we'll just leave it at that. [laughter] >> texas senator ted cruz also made an appearance with stephen colbert. colbert asked cruz if there's a question he should ask is trump when trump appears on his show tonight. >> i like donald a lot, and if
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you could ask him if he would possibly consider donating $1 billion to our campaign. [laughter] >> as republicans duke it out, hillary clinton got some good news in the form of a new cnn/orc poll. it shows her leading bernie sanders by 18 points. that's big enthan the ten-point lead she had earlier this month in a previous c, this, this poll. back to the republicans now, trump had a twitter discussion yesterday during which people could ask him anything using the hashtag asktrump. not surprisingly, that discussion went off the rails at times. for example, one person asked are you secretly just the great performance artist the modern age has ever seen? trump didn't answer that. tonight he will answer questions from stephen colbert. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> let's find out what country he's going to make us ambassadors to. remember that? >> you know? because he's in number one talk about that.
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>> he's in first, we should leave him alone. >> real quick, scott walker. what do we think? no big deal. 47 years old to. one interesting biographical fact, never actually finished college. he would have been the first president to have not graduated from college n i think, in more than a century. to oh, no, truman. he's got time to complete that degree. >> there you go. let's talk about former tennis star james blake. he met with mayor de blasio and the police commissioner yesterday about that arrest where they actually brought him to the ground outside a hotel in manhattan. >> remember this? the mayor and commissioner apologized, and mr. blake seemed satisfied with what he heard. >> accountability and making sure we focus on that with the police officers in general, and i feel like we made a lot of progress, and we were all pleasantly surprised. i feel like the whole team, both
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sides of the table, were on the same page looking to move forward. >> mr. blake had said he wanted the officer fired, but after meeting with everybody yesterday, he says he understands the officer has rights and will respect the process. >> all right. so today's the last day of summer, tomorrow's the first day of fall, and that means the leaves change. and you know what? you've got to take advantage of this. it's really nice to drive around the hudson valley, take a train, a car or bus and look at the leaves. >> we used to do this all the time on the 10:00 news. we used to have a fall foliage report. back. >> who's bringing it back? >> new york state. they are going to have a kind of conditions. and by the way, every year i'm later. come the end of october, all the leaves to are gone. >> anyway, that sounds great. by the way, if you have never been to red hook, upstate new york, there's a place calls greg's farms which i used to
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take my kids to. we used to go apple picking, and they would have cider and fresh doughnuts, and it's a cool thing to do on a saturday or sunday. >> all right, cool. sounds kind of romantic. >> no, i'm taking you as my child. >> that sounds weird. >> it's called greg's. >> it's spelled differently. >> a lot ofs do that -- of gregs do that. >> i think if you go up to the adirondacks, you might see a little changing starting up, but for the most part, it's been such a warm summer, it's going to take a little longer for the color to start showing up. hang in there, gang. 62 at central park. it feels more like fall this morning here as it did yesterday. 61 out at bridgeport. 57 in allentown, and we still have that northeast wind at around 3-14 miles per hour.
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through the tristate region. other than that, there's a lot of clouds but not much going on with the radar. there are some showers showing up especially up to the northwest, but most of this not making it to the ground. maybe somewhere around the catskills or poconos, there are some pockets of rain, but here in the tristate it's just mostly cloudy. we are going to see the cloudy skies hanging with us as they continue to come in from that mid thrint region and that area of low pressure, but eventually it's going to bring us some wetwet, but it's going to take a while. today into tomorrow we're going to see partly to cloudy skies here, high pressure starts to take over more so as we head into tomorrow. so wednesday and thursday both looking sunny here. but by the time we start to head into the weekend, clouds start making a comeback, and we could see some showers by sunday. today mostly cloudy skies, high temp of 74. it is breezy. tomorrow 84, 78's your high on
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thursday, and then cooler temps and more clouds on the weekend including shower chances sunday. let's bring in ines now and see what's going on with our tuesday morning commute. >> good morning, mike. right now the problems, well, we have a few. putnam county, there was an accident, actually, tractor-trailer caught fire that 18. you have a three-mile delay as you approach exit 19, so heads up on that. as far as your commute to staten island, the expressway normal delays between bradley avenue heading towards the verrazano. take a look at the long island expressway by oyster bay road westbound. stalled tractor trail partially blocking that right lane. the cross bonks, delays westbound because of this school bus by the sheridan that's blocked, traffic backed up to the bruckner interchange on the cross bronx westbound, the eastbound side not affected. if you're taking the gwb, upper
7:20 am
good option. 20-25 on the upper level, the lower level is about 15-20. lincoln tunnel, standard 45 minutes inbound. the holland tunnel 20 minutes from each approach. >> thanks, ines. live look outside, i think we've got -- let's see -- the flag of the vatican. and, rosanna, you and i are boning up on our flags to get ready for the u.n. general assembly. >> we have to. we're going to be tested by, i don't know, ban ki-moon. is he going to test us? >> we need a lot of work. do you know this one? >> give me an idea. >> niger. remember this one. oh, boy, this could be denmark -- >> denmark! >> lucky guess. >> mongolia. i think i know this one. yes. >> very nice. >> all right, one more. one more. >> one more. oh, boy. >> that's a lovely, interesting flag. >> do dominica, small island. all
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dogs? >> oh, they're going for a walk. it's walking time. >> a big difference between city dogs and suburban dogs. suburban dogs are constantly at war, but city dogs are used to ore dogs. >> and, by the way, the mom and dad end toes up the door, and there they to go.
7:23 am
here they need to be walked. >> all right, folks, we've got some stuff to talk about. do you remember last march a couple of cops from new jersey were this staten island? they went to a strip club and had a few drinks, apparently, and they were in a terrible accident, a fatal car accident driving the wrong way on a road in staten island are. well, the driver, you just saw his picture, a linden, new jersey, police officer was in court yesterday. he's 27 years old to. he pleaded not guilty to various drunk driving charges. the crash killed two of his passengers including a fellow officer. >> his blood alcohol was more than three times the legal limit. he faces a number of charges including vehicular manslaughter. well, it's official, mayor de blasio has a challenger in the race for mayor. his name? michael faulkner. >> unfamiliar. let's see, he's a harlem minister. >> he's the face of the jets. >> he wasn't that well known, he was cut in 1982 because of a leg
7:24 am
injury. unclear whether he played any republican. virginia tech. >> he says he wants to announce now because getting elected will require a full-scale political movement rather than a conventional campaign. because as you mentioned, not a lot of people know him. >> he ran for congress back in 2010 against charlie rangel, got about 10% of the vote. we'll see what happens. we have a candidate at least more or less officially. >> let's talk about what's happening on our city streets. for those of us who live here, tried and true new yorkers, a rat carry aring food, well, you know, it's not that unusual. >> oh, yeah? this video has gone viral as they say, rosanna. this is near the l train, 14th treat and -- >> a perfectly good slice of pizza. >> it's impressive, it's kind of amusing. >> we watched him take the slice of pizza down three stairs before i started even recording. i know that what i saw was so
7:25 am
strange that i couldn't not record it. >> pizza rat, was the hashtag. it was trending nationally yesterday. >> now, do you like some of my comments? i think this is pretty funny. >> give us another one -- >> boy, that looks delicious, but what's with that triangular piece of bread? [laughter] you know, and it would help a little polite laughter. >> he can't be wortherred, he has an appointment to get run other by a train. that was mean. back to the drawing board. >> no, you're on to something. >> shall we go back outside? what do we have out there? cloudy day, not too warm, not too chilly either. >> when the holy father comes to town, it looks like the weather's going to warm up a little bit, it's going to be perfectly beautiful. hey, by the way, enjoy getting around town right now because the next few days, yes. you're going to need a prayer to get around town. >> well, don't give the pope the hard time your give the president. >> how would i do that?
7:26 am
why would i do that? and by the way, when is the president coming to town? >> good question, but he's
7:27 am
maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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>> and hundreds and hundreds of
7:29 am
cop cars, it looks like. huh? what's going on? >> i bet you it's a drill can. you know, they've been doing a lot of drills around time for the holy father when he gets in town this week, so i would not be surprised if they're just doing some kind of practice, greg. you should know this. >> right now they're just parked. hey, jim, show us where this is in relation to the rest of the city, please. as we enjoy that hauntingly biewfg music. >> i love this music. >> jim, you're kind of slow with that camera. come on, show us the rest of the -- where are we, huh? that looks like brooklyn. >> that is the brooklyn army terminal. >> jim, action news in manhattan right now. go, look! there you go. [laughter] all right. see where they are now? >> see -- >> he moves the camera like he's afraid he's going to break it. >> well, because he's this tune with the music, greg. this is hauntingly beautiful music, and it's a little slower,
7:30 am
so jim's taking his time this morning. what do you think? maybe you should listen to it and sit down. >> i do like this music, by the way. another really exciting thing coming up on fox news, fox 5, the knew lin rouge dancers are here from paris. >> you know what? they don't usually come here. oh! >> they're getting ready, by the way. this is not their official performance. they're just working out the kinks -- >> they're going to do the can for -- can, can for us. >> anyway, well, good day, new york, to you. nice to have you with us. 7:30 in the morning. actually, 7:31 in the morning. oh, they're laying the french music now. >> they're getting intense. >> okay, mike, so it's a little chilly out will today. >> it's a little cool outside. we got a taste of fall, came in on sunday and saw it yesterday, but fall's almost here officially. >> now it sounds like a football team's getting ready.
7:31 am
i don't know how i'm going to keep him concentrated. >> i though. slow him down. first of all, weather wise today we've got cooler temperatures the last couple of days, kind of adjusting ourselves as we get ready to go into fall officially, that starts tomorrow at 4:21 in the morning. let's take a look at what's coming up, show you what's happening around the tristate region. right now some cloudier skies around the tristate region, and we're going to keep it mostly cloudy through the day today. this is the future cast, and we've got mostly cloudy skies but no real showers. if anything, a few sprinkles up to the northwest. as we head into tomorrow, we are going to see clearer skies as the tristate region. so it'll clear our skies, a lot of sunshine and is warmer temps thursday. but then as we head in toward the weekend, the clouds start making a comeback again, and some showers may pop through here at that time too. today mostly cloudy sky is, high
7:32 am
temp of 74, tomorrow we make it up to 80 for a high. 78 is your thursday high, 75 on friday and there's your best shower chance out there is on sunday at this point in time. all right, now let's get you over to ines and see what she's got with our tuesday morning hello, ines. >> keeping an eye on 84 in putnam county, tractor-trailer caught fire and shut down the roadway, now it's the only the right lane that's open -- excuse me be, left lane's open, right lane is closed. by exit 19, you have at least a three mile delay. there was an earlier accident on the grand central parkway as you approach be bqe, that's cleared away and traffic just slow. the bqe westbound does have delays between queens boulevard heading towards meeker morgan avenue because of a stall there. union and essex county looking good. let's take a look at the northern state parkway, this is by deer park avenue. here's the eastbound side, westbound side. westbound, it starts slowing
7:33 am
down as you approach the bend here. there's an accident in the area, so watch out for it. brooklyn bridge on the bqe, normal delays. as far as trains, metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and the path trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> now, ines knows all about complain about traffic. >> you sure do, but not this time because the pope is causing the traffic. >> right. >> not really the pope, it's the hype that surrounds the pope. and understandably so. we've got to keep him safe. there'll be street closures, inconveniences, but still a joyous occasion. >> fox 5's carrie drew joins us from the upper east side with concerns about your mail and electronic devices. traffic's not the only thing we have to worry about. carry. >> other inconveniences as well. good morning to you. we're here on the corner of 72nd street and fifth avenue, just about a half a block from where the pope will be staying while he's in new york city, and
7:34 am
preparations are well underway. the nypd has these concrete barriers piled up here at the corner of the block and also at the entrance to central park, you can see the metal barriers already lining the route that the pope will take when he travels through central park. but there will also be inconveniences you may not realize in addition to all of the traffic and street closures we're going to be experiencing. mail delivery may be affected. fedex is saying customers may experience delays while the postal service has actually removed collection boxes in many locations where the pope will be coming through. also on the technology front, there could be digital gridlock especially during the pontiff's trip through central park as everybody will be reaching for their phones. >> you've got the height of technology and connectivity, and one of the most popular popes we've seen in a long time. if he does something where everybody goes that's amazing and all phones go out at once and they either start streaming
7:35 am
share a moment of video and they all do it at the same time, well, you'll see. everybody's cell service on all those towers will just drop. >> so to help deal with that, major cell providers like verizon are wringing in additional resources to central park like towers on wheels. also in terms of transportation, mayor de blasio said yesterday we should not rule out subway closures while the pope is in town. the mayor says the secret service and nypd will be making those decisions. right thousand it looks like mass transit is the way to go especially upper east side, midtown, even downtown, everything will certainly be major traffic gridlock throughout the city. that's the latest this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> but it'll be friday. it'll be nice. >> okay. >> take some of the sting out of it. all right. quick look live outside if we can, please. >> are you practicing your flags? >> yeah. you know what? as we look live at the united
7:36 am
nations, of course, the whole world's coming. let's start, shall we? rosanna, i'm stumped. i don't know it. >> let's see. >> anybody? any? lie brother ya. oh, boy. this could be -- lithuania. >> oh, that was on the tip of my [laughter] yes. but -- ooh. laos. i'm not -- >> lebanon. that was good. >> all right, hey. ooh. middle east country. >> obviously. >> i'm going to go with saudi arabia, but don't quote me. okay, go ahead, quote me. >> very nice. all right, last one. >> shoot, i have no idea. romania. sorry to all our romania viewers.
7:37 am
good day's coming right back. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> oh! >> oh, they're putting the flags up, greg. >> live right now at the united nations, the security team out there raising the flags.
7:38 am
>> by the way, they're going to raise the vatican flag on friday. they're not going to do it with much fanfare, but it is unusual that the vatican flag is actually up there. >> i see -- it's hard to recognize the flag. i think the last one might have been russia. rosanna and i, let's split the screen. we want to know our stuff. >> we've been studying. >> what have we got here? oh, i think i ceja may ca, east timor. oh, we've got so much studying to do. split it, if you can. no idea. could be a lot of countries, right? >> i know. >> luxembourg. oh, boy. >> i feel like we had this yesterday. >> moldova. >> no, i don't think we had that yesterday. >> shoot. liechtenstein? >> what is it, like 148 flags are up there at the u.n.? >> malta. >> how many member states are there? plus a couple that are not members. >> right. >> it's close to 200 countries
7:39 am
in the world. ooh. nope. >> we have so much to learn. >> let's take it live one more time outside. that's a daily ritual, by the way. they do it not just when the full assembly is in town. >> but the general assembly is in town. it's 7:42. lots of people you'll see around town that will be here for ceremonies to hear the holy father -- >> new zealand. new new zealand. all right, what else? >> all right, mike. so sprinkles in the area. >> some sprinkles, that's about it. cloudy skies, little bit of a cool -- it's penny mcgovern's 89th birth day. happy birth day to us -- can to you, peggy. last day of summer, 59 is your average low, we dropped down to 62, and looks like we're going to have fairly average temperatures coming up for us in the tristate region today.
7:40 am
56 in sussex, 63 this belmar and 55 in poughkeepsie. a lot of clouds out there. maybe a few sprinkles up to the northwest. that's it. but the cloudy skies, they're hanging for the majority of the day. might break up toward the end of it all but, yeah, a lot of clouds being sent up. the stalled-out frontal boundary, high pressure's building in, and it's going to edge those clouds out starting tomorrow, but today the clouds are winning out more so for you. a mostly cloudy sky by 70 at midday, high of 74, and as we go through the next seven days, high of 80 tomorrow. 78's your high tomorrow -- thursday, i should say, and then 75 friday and another chance of showers coming through on sunday and, according to some models, that could be a decent amount of rain, but still a long ways out. fox 5 weather app is at the apple itunes store and google play store with a live interactive radar, just search
7:41 am
sexer -- search fox 5ny weather. ines rosales, a lot of folks are paying close attention to what you've got to do. >> you know what? tomorrow's -- >> that does help us out. >> that will help out a lot of schools are off. that. long island, things are moving pretty good. normal delays on the lie approaching vets highway. if you're traveling in new ride. delays at 202 and littleton road. cameras, outside your commute here on staten island, the expressway by bradley avenue looks good, no problems heading towards the verrazano bridge. george washington bridge, let's check that traffic on the upper level. it's about a 40 minute delay inbound, lower level 30. as far as the lincoln tunnel dose, 45 minutes. the holland tunnel 20.
7:42 am
there's a stalled amtrak train, so there's a 20 minute delay in and out of new york penn station. the rest of the trains are running on or close. back to you. >> all right, thank you so much. so are you and duke talking push-ups -- >> thank you, rosanna. i did beat -- >> we have a video. >> you challenged me to a contest, i took you up -- >> even the boss said hi push-ups are better. >> but the people said greg won. >> we'll show the video. >> go through the professional stuff, then the amateurs. >> all right. monday night football last night, jets and colts, and i have to tell you, i am very impressed by the job todd bowles has done. this team looks so much more prepared, so much more disciplined than they did under rex. playmakers on both sides of the ball. they looked great. first quarter, no score. second and 18. andrew luck looked uncomfortable the whole game, and todd bowles'
7:43 am
defense, i mean, you know, he did this in arizona, and he's doing it here. making the quarterback uncomfortable. they hit andrew luck a bunch of times. ensuing jets' possession, finds eric decker over the middle, jets take the early 7-0 lead. third quarter, darrelle revis, this is why they got him. picks off andrew can luck. two fumble recoveries, one interception. the jets had five takeaways the first two games, and that's something they didn't do last year, create turnovers. >> fourth quarter, 10-7, it's get ago little close or but the brandon marshall. i mean, he is a difference maker. muscles his way into the end zone. jets led 17-7, and they win it season. >> great quarterbacks have bad games but, you know, defensively i thought they came out and stuck to the game plan and did a
7:44 am
the guys made plays. >> the news not all good though. eric decker who had a big game, eight passes, 97 yards and a touchdown, had to leaf the game with a knee injury. this is where he hurt it. he thinks it's just a sprained pcl. he will have an mri. he landed goofy, he said. those are his words. i think he's so much more comfortable in that number two receiver position spot. last year he was the number one guy, you know? he just, he looks -- he's also healthy. he looks like -- >> well, is he okay after the goofy fall? >> well, he thinks he's going to be all right. doesn't think he'll have to have surgery. >> did the doctor say this was goofy? >> was that oicial diagnosis? no, that's what he said, goofy. by the way, the jets, 2-0, have the eagles -- who looked terrible this weekend -- this sunday. so they could be 3-0 by the end of this coming sunday. yankees open up a three-game set
7:45 am
pick things up bottom of the first. justin smoke at the pleapt, other the head of the right fielder, california loss beltran. two-run score. jays win it 4-2. jack yanks now three and a half games behind first place toronto. now to the mets, even's still talking about matt harvey being pulled from sunday night's games after just five innings, five dominant innings. 77 pitches? he, of course, left the game because of the innings limit, and the wheels fell off because mets' bullpen imploded. nobody happy about the innings limit including terry collins. >> after five innings last night was i disturbed? you're damn right i was disturbed. but that's what it is. and so i did it for the good of matt, hopefully, and for the good of the organization in the future. there's not an injury, that he is okay and that he's going to come back. if it keeps us from winning the pennant, i'm not going to be very happy about it, but it is
7:46 am
>> go out on a limb here and say terry collins does not like the innings limit. that's just a guess. >> nobody does. this guy, harvey, he's got -- you know how i feel about this. >> i actually agree with you. i don't agree with you on the push-up contest, but i agree with you on this one. michael conforto, his eighth career major league home run. 4-0, the final score increasing the mets' lead to six and a half and their magic number now just seven. so that is a look at sports. >> duke, you're in pretty decent shape, but you're not the strongest guy at fox 5. let's go to the videotape. look at somebody nailing those push-ups. >> your not going all the way down. i'm going all the way down. >> that's ridiculous, duke. you're not being fair -- rosanna, what do you think? >> the viewest said greg kelly won. >> what did the boss say? >> the boss is not neutral. rosanna thought the push-ups
7:47 am
were fine. >> i thought you did them very well. >> the score was 37-27. i beat duke by ten -- >> weigh in @dukecastiglione. @rosanna scotto. >> you can try to turn this over to the mob -- >> look. my push-ups were correct, my form was correct. you know what? >> duke, you lost, and anybody watching, that's great thing. the evidence is for all to see. >> you know what? there's always another competition between you two. let's end this one. all right, good day. let's take a break. 7:50. hey, vincent, who works for that moving company, thank you so much for saying hello. he says he watches good day all the time. >> put in a good word for me, vincent, because she's really annoyed with me. she's had it up to here with the
7:48 am
all righ it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
7:49 am
>> hey, anna gill began. >> hi, good morning. >> ryan reynolds is in the news. he was on our show a few weeks ago. >> we know him. he's super famous. >> nice guy. >> that's what you always hear
7:50 am
about him, he was very upset when a friend, he says, took a picture of his baby and tried to sell it to tabloids. he opened up about it, and basically he said it was like a death, he was totally shocked, but he had to break up with this friend that he had known since childhood when he found out he was trying to sell the picture of his nine month old baby. that is him with his wife, blake lively. this is one of the downsides of being famous, for sure. and in other news brian williams is finally returning to work after his suspension from nbc for embellishing stories. this is footage of him in iraq. if you remember, he was suspended in february over claims he was in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire. that turned out not to be true. and once he left, an internal investigation found out that he had some other inconsistencies in his stories. >> good luck to brian williams, back on msnbc. what else?
7:51 am
>> ross car winners robert deniro and anne hathaway walked the red carpet here in new york city yesterday. this the movie, deniro discovers that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be, and he becomes an intern for hathaway. mariah carey showed up at the premiere with her rumored new boyfriend, james packer, and apparently anne hathaway's a huge fan. here she is reacting to mariah carey being right behind her. >> it's fine, it's fine. i'm going to meet her. i just love her. is she in the background? okay. [laughter] >> wow. [laughter] >> she was very excited about mariah carey there. >> to the movie any good? -- is the movie think good? >> it looks cute. >> i want to see it. >> i want to see it too. >> i'm going to go see it tonight, actually. to go to. >> very nice. >> you're probably on the list. e-mail. >> andrew hasn't been e-mailing me the way he used to.
7:52 am
>> oh. did you do something to andrew? >> no comment. >> interesting. >> what else is going on? >> i heard it's like if you like it's complicated -- >> which i loved. >> and those kind of romantic comedies. >> you see one of those movies for free, you're like, ooh, you're supposed to like it. >> so that's what it is -- unbiased? >> he's never mentioned a word to me, so who knows? what else, anna? >> that's it. >> you done? >> yeah. >> all right. [laughter] >> we've got nothing else to add. >> okay, sounds good. >> thank you. we'll see you later. >> facebook fan of the hour? >> i think we do. >> oh, leah, thank you very much for southerning us on -- supporting us on good day new york. >> yeah, fox 5ny facebook page. all you have to do is say something nice s. that too difficult to ask? >> good question, rosanna. [laughter]
7:53 am
m. fox 5 news this is "good day new york". >> two days to the pope. rosanna: thanks for joining us. highs in the low 70s, a little chilly, possibility of rain, tomorrow looking good, much warmer, mike woods has your extended forecasts. rosanna: pope francis saying
7:54 am
he will be there and go to washington d.c. today, we see him thursday, friday, then he is out of here saturday. it will be intense but oakley very joyous. rosanna: three people arrested after a large group of high school students got into a brawl outside the barkley center. one of the teenagers went to the hospital and was stabbed in the stomach. that person will be okay. greg: governor scott walker looked like he could be the next president of the united states but turned out to be one of the first to drop out of the race. he is no longer recommended date and get is responsible? largely donald trump's a lot of his thunder. rosanna: pizza on the go for this little rodent. everyone is talking about pizza or act, the hash tag. greg: where do they get? rosanna: he forgot his pizza. buys the way he didn't like the pizza. let it and decided to go to
7:55 am
subway. greg: had no cheese, no socks and denies cutting of bugs. rosanna: takes an acquired taste to light cold pizza. greg: especially when it is the dragon of the street is the pope is coming, going to be a big deal. let's take a quick peek, we know, do we have that? rosanna: st. patrick's cathedral on fifth avenue. greg: what is flying over there? the flag of the vatican. they are flying it over the united nations. rosanna: the first time friday they will raise the flag and a holy father will speak friday. >> with been trying to bunt on these flags. that is kind of wild, it is mozambique. i learned two minutes ago. something scandinavian, can't get more specific, norway, they
7:56 am
this is dominica, little island nation. one more, hopefully we know it, oh tough. let's sheet. mongolia. by thursday we are going to know these things cold. definitely. rosanna: we leave you cold for sure. rosanna: how is your psychology -- flag knowledge? >> meteorologist: not as good as yours? rosanna: it goes in one ear and out the other. why can't i retain that? greg: you know ukraine very well. we are going to see what you can do with these. >> meteorologist: not easy. rosanna: last full day of summer. >> meteorologist: airtran vision to fall and it is definitely feeling like outside. some clouds, cooler temperatures here too, yesterday and even
7:57 am
sunday we had cooler temperatures but sunshine today, don't even have that. goodbye, summer, fall will come a you will feel the especially, let's look at the maps and keep in mind we have the papal visit coming up, might as well get you the forecast and let you know what is going on, thursday comes into town, gorgeous day with sunny skies, warm temperatures, pushback this summer thursday, tomorrow and thursday look summerlike, a few more clouds coming for you friday, it will be dry and cooler at that time but all together looks like a decent stretch of whether coming up during the people visit. here is what temperatures look like this morning. 56 in sussex, 63 central park, 64 in montauk, 61 in islip, bridgeport with mostly cloudy skies in the area, winds from the northeast at 3 to 13 miles
7:58 am
per hour, for most of us, it increases the risk and recurrence in long island, just keep that in mind, and we have mostly cloudy skies. and to the northwest to the northwest periphery of the tristate region. may be a sprinkle around the rest of the tristate, looks like a cloudy cooler day. high temperatures in the low to mid 7s. high pressure starts to force its way to the south bringing fair skies, more sunshine tomorrow along with warmer temperatures, today we have mostly cloudy skies, 70 by noon, high of 74 and as we go through the next 7 days 74 today, 80 tomorrow, nice bump up in temperatures, 78 thursday, 75 friday and next good chance sunday, looks interesting at
7:59 am
let's bring in ines rosales, the papal visit tomorrow. tomorrow is the break. then president obama is somewhere in between. let's talk about today. a few problems out there, five mild delay on route 84 east bound tractor-trailer caught fire, they shut down the road led by exit 19, one lane closed, one lane open the bronx, an accident on deegan, and in new jersey expect delays by 2 east bound traffic jam approaching exit 14, because of an accident, one lane closed, some rubbernecking delays on the west downside. let's look at the long island expressway over by jericho turnpike moving fine west bound and eastbound and trains, problems with new jersey transit a stalled amtrak train, 20 minute delay in and out of penn station, trains on or close.
8:00 am
rosanna: the holy father coming to america today, he will be in d.c.. greg: he is saying mass in cuba. live picture from cuba. this is happening right now. rosanna: where he is the? i don't see him. greg: there he is. turn up the volume. [speaking spanish] greg: i wish i spoke spanish. he told us speaking of the virgin mary. rosanna: fall holy father will speak in spanish. when he addresses congress he will be in english. he is not comfortable with the english language but he knows it is important not to have his words translated. he has been crafting practicing his speech over and over again
8:01 am
to say it in english. i believe today or tomorrow. >> live pictures from cuba. he will be on a plane heading to washington d.c.. the airport. let's hear from the pope for a moment. [speaking spanish] >> pope francis says the gospel we have just heard tells us something about something about what the lord does every time he visits us. recalls us out of our house. these are images the pope says which we are asked to contemplate over and over again.
8:02 am
>> we will hear a lot from him in the next few days, teresa priolo outside st. patrick's cathedral. >> live in midtown. >> to see the pope at st. patrick's cathedral saying evening mass on thursday evening, and evening -- doors are open, people come and go this morning, we are very excited for the pontiff to arrive in new york city, we are inching closer by the day and as we talked to city leaders they tell us making sure security plans are in place. pope francis is on the move again waking up in q. but this morning, preparing for a roughly three our trip to the nation's capital this afternoon but folks in d.c. have been preparing for him for weeks if not months.
8:03 am
thousands will converge on washington in the next 48 hours to get a glimpse of the holy father. is jam packed agenda includes a meeting with president obama and a speech in front of congress. >> i think we are ready. >> reporter: in new york the mayor is reminding yorkers that despite the unprecedented security operation involving keeping a pope safe at the same time the un general assembly is in session, state and local and federal law enforcement are in sync and freddie. >> no one is nervously everyone is focused, they have the resources they need, equipment, personnel, a great deal of confidence. >> reporter: remember gridlock will be an all-time high with rolling street closures, temporary mass-transit shutdowns and all sorts of the tours and delays, there's no way around and especially friday. after pope francis addresses the u.n. he will visit the 9/11 memorial and then head uptown to harlem to a school at 4:00 a
8:04 am
celebrate mass at madison square garden, all this in 36 hours time but a special time for many new yorkers. >> is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. he is an inspiration to us and the catholic schools in staten island please >> i personally am doing some intense prayer because i have said holy father comes as the past rant evangelist and the apostle, and spiritual and moral renewal. >> one thing you notice, looking at the vatican flag outside st. patrick's cathedral, this will be high above the un outside the un with other state flags, friday morning, the first time ever the vatican flags no-fly the palestinian flag, the only two non state flags that will be flying during the un general
8:05 am
assembly. >> security for the pope is better than it used to be. in 2013 he was in rio and crowds swarmed his popemobile, everything is flying in this footage. in a few moments you will see thousands upon thousands of people rushing, check it out, intense. for those of us watching i remember it well, the pope says he was never scared, nobody meant him harm here but tens of thousands of people wanting to touch you can be dangerous. >> not only at a making sure the pope is safe and 170 world leaders in town for the u.n. general counsel, their medicaid as well, police officers will be here on the street. >> those motorcades will not be rushed like the popes.
8:06 am
rosanna: all the information on, check out our apps, search on the apple store. >> a guy who owned a marriage keynote shelley -- cherry company in brooklyn committed suicide as authorities were moving in on his marijuana operation. he did in the factory. he committed suicide as investigators were in the process of rating the company on a separate environmental charge. he had pot growing in there. rosanna: he worried they would find a hidden door to the basement, would plead guilty to one count of marijuana possession as well as a charge that stems from illegal dumping of waste water into the sewer. they will pay an $1.2 million settlement but what i read in the paper was law enforcement did not want to push this
8:07 am
they take care of so many families in the neighborhood. greg: they will stay in business. also we have this big rumble outside barkleys and. as they say just like the rabbit, the pizza has gone viral. rosanna: it was posted to community activists's facebook page, the fight broke out at 3:30 in the afternoon, 16-year-old student was stabbed in the stomach but the police officer was mayst. the papers this week 3 people were a arrested, the teenager was stabbed, thank goodness treated for non life-threatening injuries. to talk about teen violence and what needs to be done, lots of controversy because a lot of kids are there instead of trying to break up the fight they
8:08 am
videotaped it instead. greg: of donald trump were not running for president scott walker probably still would be. he dropped out of the race yesterday. the governor of wisconsin, political experts say basically he was a victim of donald trump, donald trump stole a lot of his thunder and he is now an ex candidate. probably fun while last cannot so much. rosanna: misery loves company, he is urging his candidates to drop out as well. robert moses is following all this. what is he thinking? >> his rationale he says he wants the party to coalesce around a couple people who could potentially dethrone the front runner donald trump. scott walker lack support, he lacked money. what does his exit mean for the other candidates? not much because walker didn't have enough supporters to shift to other candidates to make a big difference one way or the other. the field even without scott
8:09 am
>> i will spend my campaign immediately. >> scott walker urged other candidates who are struggling in the polls to follow suit sell an alternative to donald trump can rise. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front runner. >> reporter: that front runner donald trump tweeted i got to know scott walker well, he is a nice person and has a great future. even with walker out, donald trump has many people nipping at his heels. interview that aired last night on fox news channel one of his challengers, ben carson double down on his comments he would not support a muslim for president. >> if someone has a muslim background and they are willing to reject those tenets and accept the way of life the we
8:10 am
please our constitution above their religion, then of course they will be considered infidels and heretics. but at least i would then be quite willing to support them. >> another of donald trump's main challengers carly fiorina showed her lighter side during an interview with jimmy fallon. she compared donald trump to vladimir putin. >> the two have a lot in common actually. we will leave it at that. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz also made an appearance on the late-night talk show circuit with steven colbert. steven colbert asked if there's a question he should ask donald trump when donald trump appears on his show tonight. >> i would ask if he would consider donating $1 billion to our campaign. >> reporter: as republicans did it out hillary clinton got some news in the form of the cnn poll which shows current leading bernie sanders by 18 points,
8:11 am
she had in a previous cnn poll earlier this month. >> donald trump pulte on with steven colbert tonight. i suspect we will have some good material to ponder in 24 hours. rosanna: we will see in the morning. greg: what else? rosanna: michael graham is expected to surrender to authorities today. he is beginning a eight month federal prison sentence. greg: pleaded guilty to tax fraud and this stems from how he managed and what he reported from a private business, restaurant he owned before he went to congress. he was -- campaign finance abuse allegations. they never found anything, never prosecuted him for that. i heard geraldo on the radio going on and on about how this
8:12 am
is so unfair, this is widely practiced in the restaurant business, you would never see someone like this going to jail or being prosecuted, generally a civil matter, he thinks he was railroaded and this prosecution might have been tainted. he is going to prison. where will he turn his time? rosanna: in pennsylvania. mike woods, how are things looking outside? >> meteorologist: things are looking soupy outside. kind of cloudy and cool out side, 63 degrees at central park with mostly cloudy skies here north northeast winds moving through at 12 m.p.h. dew points and humidity levels on the lower side so that is not too bad. other temperatures in the region 55 in burlington, bank or, maine, 39 degrees, seem in syracuse and 50 degrees in pittsburgh. a lot of clouds in our area and a few showers we have been keeping an eye on, this is sky
8:13 am
the northwest periphery of the tristate region, lot of this not making it to the ground because the air has been fairly dry and that is what we expect, mostly cloudy skies with sprinkles, little tiny bit of late rain here and there but that is it, we don't have anything big enough to kick up more significant showers coming for now. high pressure in tomorrow brings more sunshine so nearly shower sprinkle, high temperatures 74 in the city, 75 in outlying suburbs, mostly cloudy sky today, tonight clearing skies, lows dropping from 50 to 60 and through the next seven days of high of 74 today but 80 tomorrow, 78 thursday and a little pull down into the weekend, looks like the best chance of showers coming so keep that in mind, weather apps at the apple itunes store and google play store, live interactive radar. you can but the interactive radar to work when rain comes to
8:14 am
let's bring in ines rosales and bad. >> let's start with staten towards the verrazzano bridge back to bradley avenue on the brooklyn side, always low as you travel inbound, queens same stuff. we had earlier accident on the bqe but that has been cleared away. the westbound lie normal delays approaching queens boulevard. we have a problem in new jersey, route 280 looking at here the exit toward first street when you go to university hospital the traffic jam these down, an accident by exit 14, two lanes blocked causing this to tie up on 280, george washington bridge if you are driving into the city on the upper level traffic jams, 45 minutes inbound, lower level has a 30 minute delay, that is 45 minutes, holland tunnel, the lincoln, holland tunnel 20, 25. new jersey trains in and out of
8:15 am
penn station a 20 minute delay because of a stalled amtrak train. greg: kareem abdul-jabbar. rosanna: legendary hall of fame. this guy is also very involved in the literary world. greg: has a new new fall -- novel. i am a fan of his acting [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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8:18 am
right in the apron, daniel machine. rosanna: the automated it ha greg: lauren simonetti has a business report. >> hillary clinton send a tweet at 10:00 in the morning and this is what it said, price gouging like this, specialty drug market is outrageous and she included a link to a new york times article talking about this one drug used to treat life-threatening parasitic infections and that issue where the price gouging comes into effect the drug used to cost $13.50, it has gone up 5,000% to $750. she is calling that gouging, she is against it and she says later today she will unveil her plant
8:19 am
for the drug industry and the health-care sector so we will watch for those but in the meantime that tweet killed the stock market. and nasdaq was up one point because so many biotech stocks that trade on it got clobbered. goes to show you politics affect wall street, hillary clinton and what she said about drugs is the key example. rosanna: we were talking about it in our meeting. greg: $13.50 bill going up to $500. there's a crazy economic argument that i didn't understand. it seems not right. rosanna: back to being somewhat affordable, kills costs so much. thank you so much, lauren simonetti, we appreciate it. greg: the pope loves children, he loves all of us but especially kids.
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:22 am
rosanna: it is 8:30 in the morning. greg cannot concentrate. greg: can you? bonjour, ladies. welcome to new york. these are straight from paris, the dancers, for a very special performance here. rosanna: it is a legendary place in paris, they are not usually "good day new york." greg: did you forget your clothes? these are something else. your names... rosanna: so can can?
8:23 am
right? >> yes. rosanna: yes, we can can. greg: how about a little music. frenish. a cabernet. rosanna: yes. greg: you are over the women? rosanna: they are lovely. greg: there we go. you have about 80 friends with you too? rosanna: the school children from -- greg: please, please. rosanna: our lady queen of angels. who are these people? they are like, well, they are getting quite a lesson. greg: hi, mike. mike: good morning, looking forward to show.
8:24 am
one of the days it is cool outside again. we have temperatures this morning dropping down to the 50s and 60s and cool throughout the day as well. to the maps, yeah, kind of a run down here. we have got a quick look at situation. we have seen 1.91 inches of rain and that is below for the month of september. since january 1st, under 29 inches of rain and that is 7 inches below the normal. we have to play catch up with that rain soon before we fall too far behind. so far the reservoirs are not so bad. rain, well, we don't have much going on. just a little stuff you have to the northwest. we are going to see better chances headed to the weekend.
8:25 am
but not today. right now, 63 central park. 62 newark as well as islip. 64 degrees in montauk. got the wind coming in from the hour. a little breezy. but not as windy as yesterday and the day before. the low pressure down to south is trying to bring up the moisture. high pressure for the next couple of days, tomorrow and thursday. more sun coming back to us in the tristate region along with warmer temperatures too. we should be taking the highs back up to the upper 70s to around 80 degrees for a couple of days before the low pressure is starting to develop and the southeast states and bringing us a chance of rain headed to sunday. today mostly cloudy.
8:26 am
tomorrow 80. best chances of rain on sunday. now to ines rosales. 19. a lane is closed because of a tractor trailer fire. major deegan, a crash. westbound. westbound an accident, a lane is blocked and affecting the eastbound side. rubber necking delays. 59th street bridge, upper, lower, normal delays headed to manhattan. hov lanes are fine. the trains, new jersey 20 minute delays. street cleaning rules in effect. they are suspended tomorrow. >> greg: and how the pope is
8:27 am
coming, you know what, the pope likes to meet with children. he does it all over the word and making a point of it and when he gets here, he's going to madison harlem. rosanna: yes, and the kids are going to go crazy. third and fourth graders are meet wlg the holy father. we are lucky to have some of the kids here today and the principle. >> a bunch of kids. >> and the chief operating officer. >> thank you so much. end. catch this, pal. hope? >> when i meet him, i'm going to ask him if he's having fun as baseball. how about you?
8:28 am
well. >> how about you? >> why did he become a priest so he could become the pope? >> allison? >> i'm going to ask pope francis if being the leader is a hard job or a fun job. >> nicholas? >> i'm going to ask him if he has some kind of flip phone or something, and like, if like he how -- rosanna: thank you. greg: what's your question?
8:29 am
>> ask him to come back to our school. >> greg: you are great kids. joann, how did this come about? >> i believe it came about from a committee that made a choice. i also believe that the holy spirit had something to do with it. it is great for the community and especially for the lady queen of angels. rosanna: this is important for the catholic schools in the area, sadly a lot of them have closed down and a lot of people can't afford to go to these schools and a lot of imgrants are going to these schools. >> well, honestly, i don't think ever a more optimistic moment. there is a lot of people that are doubling down to make sure that the schools are continuing come. >> what time is the pope coming? >> 4:00, pope time. >> we are expecting 4:00 and how
8:30 am
>> about an hour. >> okay, are you serving him anything? >> no, there is plenty of offers for serving food. information. >> what are you going to give him, a mug, a poster? >> all the schools put together a book of spiritual bouquet of prayers and promises. >> talk about the partnership. >> it is efforts to innovate and find ways to support catholic education. they have turned the control and remaining within reach to immigrant families and disadvantaged students and families in the communitys that we serve.
8:31 am
>> give this back to pedro, how >> give this back to pedro, how do you like wearing a tie to school every day? >> i don't like wearing a tie, but i wear it because it is the school rule. >> you are the one asking him about becoming a priest? >> alison, are you going to ask the pope anything about or tell him about your family, anything interesting about your family he might want to know? >> i'm thinking he might want to know that my family is praying for him. that because he might miss his family a lot, becoming the pope is a hard job because you actually don't get to see your family that much. rosanna: that is true. the world is your family. nicholas, what does catholic education mean to you and your family, do you like going to catholic school?
8:32 am
rosanna: are you in trouble a lot? >> no. rosanna: that is good. do you have nuns there? >> yes, sisters we go with during the mass at the school. greg: they can be tough. sister ann meant business. rosanna: i have to say things, or sister calls me up. greg: a question, let's pretend that the pope is delayed and stops in front of channel 5 studios and wants to see rosanna, what would you ask the pope? rosanna: i would ask the pope for a special blessing for all of us, we need extra help in our lives. greg: that is nice. and getting us to heaven. rosanna: that is a tall order. greg: well, listen, have fun. enjoy it, this is history. you kids and adults are in the
8:33 am
middle of it. rosanna: anybody nervous? >> i am. greg: well, don't faint. >> no. rosanna: do you curtesy or bow? >> greg: yes, what is the protocol. kathy kathy, what is the protocol? >> i don't know. joann has to school me. rosanna: we had to curtesy beginning and end at the academy. greg: for what? rosanna: protocol to start the day. >> yes, it is a hand shake. just a hand shake. rosanna: all right. thank you so much. good luck, kids. >> thank you. rosanna: say hello to holy father for us. greg: thank you all. rosanna: "good day" is coming
8:34 am
kareem abdul is coming up. greg: when the pope is here in central park, there is a horse show at the same time. rosanna: yes, georgiana bloomberg will be here.
8:35 am
former ma rosanna: oh boy.
8:36 am
of it. have you? greg: we'll see. rosanna: what else? greg: he's slightly worse than the delivery guy from dominos. you smirk tensely. rosanna: well. greg: just how i like my pizza. [laughter] rosanna: you are not supposed to laugh at your own jokes. juliet huddy? juliet: difficult to hear the jokes. sorry. static. piss sa rat hailed from the subways of new york city, the east village, the first avenue subway station. perhaps it is because of his bravery negotiating the steps on
8:37 am
gnawing on a slice of pizza that surpassed the five second rule, or the might, the little arms and legs or paws or whatever they are called on a rat, so strong, to forceful it almost seemed like he's carrying pizza slices as easily as mike woods carries taxi cabs on a saturday night. simply new york city is the coolest city in the world and the furry friend is a metaphor listen. >> we are carrying too much, we have too much to do, and we have too far to do it. he's an inspiration to everyone. do your best, but do your best with what you have. >> will we see the pizza rat again? well, i don't know. and the squirrel of union city,
8:38 am
new jersey and nibbling on a sliz of pizza while negotiating the electrical wires by my home. or the popularity will fade when over shadowed by the little ben simmoneau wearing a turkey hat on thanksgiving. again, i'm keeping an eye out for the pizza rat. i don't know, maybe he's discoveried by hollywood and he's in los angeles. we are live in the east village. back to you. greg: i want that rat dad, i decided. rosanna: the rat eyes are bigger than his stomach. how about that? greg: as a joke? [laughter] rosanna: yes. coming up on "good day.".. greg: bit off more than he could chew. rosanna: "good day" is coming
8:39 am
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rosanna: look at anna. she must be cold in the studio. anna: i look under dressed but i am not, this is from screen queens. i got this sweatshirt. first, in touch weekly is saying that brad and jolie are expanding the family from 8 to 9. they are in the process of adopting a 7th chide from war torn syria. the met three orphan brothers while there, and wanted to adopt all of them. they are in the process of adopting one child, that is according to the magazine and could take four or five months. assistant principal at south hampton shocking the teachers
8:43 am
he appeared in a racy video. take a look. greg: they go away for the weekend and they get together and have a wild time in her house. anna: right. jr and trey song this is her hit best friend and the assistant principal and husband leaving the home for the weekend. >> she should know better then get involved with something unpredictable. >> if my principal i would go to school more. that is cool. rosanna: i love that kid. greg: in the song, jr is basically bragging about how much he can drink and how many threesomes he can have. had i known of of the content or
8:44 am
the lyrics, i wouldn't have participated. listen, i hope she doesn't get fired for this. she's not taking off her clothes. rosanna: she didn't do the homework. anna: you would think you would find out about the content. greg: well, come on. anna: scream queens is taking place on a college campus. this is fictional. the show is premiering tonight. girls are dying to join the sore rorty. >> a lot of good people on the show. greg: no one is wearing the shet shirt either. anna: i'm ahead of the curve.
8:45 am
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rosanna: kathleen, it is all about you. oh, yeah. this 9:00 hour is crazy. thank you for being the facebook fan of the hour. these are the dancers from the
8:49 am
rosanna: we are going to hear
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rosanna: paris. it is so beautiful. it is looking cloudy there right now. greg: a live look from paris, france. we are celebrating france. moulon rogue. here is the cafe scene. rosanna: yes, for the first time in a 126 years of existence the performers are here and performing in new york city and
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