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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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inch from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: is so sad, covering breaking news, remembering yankee legend you they bara. she died last night. we have a story for you coming. greg: pope francis is in washington d.c. getting ready to meet people and the president. it builds in new york. juliet: a judge overturned the city's-on styrofoam including cups, plates and take out containers, the mayor is not happy about this. top story coming up. i'm juliet huddy.
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ben: i am ben simmoneau, it is wednesday morning, thank you for being with us. mediocre day yesterday, a little gray and cannot wait. some rain the tween needed. juliet: this is an important day. >> meteorologist: first day of fall. just began ten minutes ago. tried to stand it. kind of but ms.. but a good idea. it seems to make sense of is we could try it. it is a a little -- happy fall everyone. let's get you going out the door to see what is happening with the weather, feels more like fall, high temperatures yesterday came in hair below normal, 71 your high temperature, average high as 72, just a hair, 72 top down at allentown, 69 in sussex, 3 degrees in monticello, this morning starting off cooling in
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same as yesterday, 62 degrees is what we have in central park, 46 in sussex, 45 in monticello, 62 in montauk, winds from the northeast coal little later this morning coming in at three to ten m.p.h. some places calm at this hour but it will be another cool start to the day, should be warmer in the afternoon, more sunshine coming up with high pressure in control, the temperatures back to 79 later this afternoon. tomorrow we hit 79, cooler temperatures come back into the weekend, chances of rain over the weekend looking slimmer, more like they would be to the south or east on long island. let's bring in ines rosales, early on the wednesday morning commute. ines: let's start with alternate side suspended today for religious observances, moving that, rather, as far as you're
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way, no major problems on the turnpike, guidance they parkway, exit 109 an accident in the local lanes, westchester fine crossing the tappan zee bridge. let's look at the long island expressway by jericho turnpike no problems eastbound or westbound if you are taking across bronx, go to those cameras by the alexander hamilton bridge both directions very quiet ride, no problems at all, trains on or close to schedule. ben: we are remembering the loss of you the bear a who died at the age of 90. >> duke castiglione got to know him. duke: i remember he was one of my dad's favorite players, i wasn't on, we're talking an american icon, won three mvps, ten world series and he was a
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guns and rockets off the coast of omaha beach on d-day and the and the berra -- yogi berra, manager with the mets and yankees. he and george steinberg had a falling out after he was fired after 16 games beginning in the 1985 season, legendary baseball player, legendary manager, legendary american and won three em 3ds. ben: the end of an era for the yankees a immunization for world series teams in the 50s and 60s, the passing of a generation. duke: when you think of old-timers' day you think about yogi berra end of the great
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caught on larsen's perfect game in the 1956 world series. so much about yogi, if you didn't know anything about baseball you knew about him. makes so much sense on every level. is parents were italian immigrants, they grew up on a hill in st. louis signing with the yankees and a very young age, got the name yogi because he would set on the on deck circle with his legs crossed like doing the yoga. ben: i didn't know that. much more coming throughout the morning. in the meantime to the other big story the pope has arrived in the united states getting ready for a busy day today. juliet: at 9:15 he will meet with president obama at the white house, they will be
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translated in a room. = master bishops at st. matthew's cathedral at 11:30 and 4:40 celebrating at canonization mass for an 18th-century spanish missionary. the first ever in america. ben: yesterday's essentials yet first, first lady and daughters were the first to greet the pope after his plane landed at andrews air force base, the president did not do this especially if you are not residents of a foreign country. it was only because the two turned a round and got an air force one to go somewhere else. this does not happen, the vice president as well. speak to the highest of the visit. more on all the preparation. >> reporter: raptors applause
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and chants greeted his holiness as he stepped in, pope francis warmly welcomed by the first family and tens and thousands of the adoring faithful. and an address to congress. than it is our turn. >> pretty celebratory, and saved. >> reporter: the nypd reiterating the pope's visits, presenting the most complex security operation this city has ever experienced. >> pope francis will be here for 39 hours and 40 minutes and dollar around him including the president of the united states, 169 other world leaders, you have that movement and latest security. >> reporter: 6,000 officers are being utilized, and to that 1700 vehicles, 2 sixth and scored on runs protecting 150 points of state and the vote. portable barrier, trucks and cement blockades are being put into place in that event the secret service is building a
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special fence along fifth avenue to protect those who want to see the pope and those hoping this is business as usual. >> the offense is behind the people who are screened to see his holiness. >> reporter: the nypd is concerned about those who might want to harm the hope based on principle as those who want to maximize their impact at crowded area but the commissioner says the pope's visit to new york was designed with safety in mind which is why is events are ticketed and for the most part in confined environments. spectators and their belongings can be carefully monitored. teresa priolo, "good day new york". ben: even log on to, you can search for the apps at the itunes apps store. >> the day of atonement is considered the holiest day of the year, you are seeing more
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emanuel on the upper east side, yom kippur is observed by fasting and praying for atonement, those observing the they started the sundown last night and will not eat or drink until sundown tonight. ben: the ban on styrofoam containers was crushed, the judge overturned it saying there's no evidence the material cannot be recycled but the city maintains foam cups plays contain is stained by food and beverages cannot be recycled and clogging landfills. the attorney that won the lawsuit said the restaurant action alliance would like to find another solution. >> a comprehensive, reduce the amount of waste for landfills. and that is a win/win for everybody. >> it is reviewing its options to keep the ban with a ruling, these products cause real
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environmental harm. >> temperatures climbing, the first day of all. >> we continue remembrance. back in a mo that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, fall is here and it feels like it this
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we have some warm temperatures this afternoon but this morning is cool, 62 degrees in central park with chris guys, dew points, committees that 61%, we need to rain but it is not happening yet. 63 in philadelphia, 62 in d.c. 48 in syracuse, not much happening in the northeast, fairly quiet weather conditions over all, clouds from yesterday made it look like it is raining through the day, didn't really happen, we have a few sprinkles and a light quick shower, clear skies in the tristate region, clouds we did have from yesterday are starting to move on as high pressure noses in and takes over for a few days which will allow more sunshine through the daytime hours, and eating a decent amount,s above normal for a little while, that area of low pressure in the southeast atlantic water will not go away. high pressure wins out for awhile so it looks like the area
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say in a few days but with high pressure in control, clear skies, lots of sunshine today into tomorrow, looking good sunny or mostly sunny skies on both of those days with high temperatures at 79 degrees for both of those days as well. which is six or 0 degrees warmer it than normal so we are heading up to 73 by noon and 79 your high temperature with plenty of sun expected throughout, winds backing down too they, tomorrow we make it to 79 for a high with mostly sunny skies, a 73 friday, more clouds this weekend, high temperature in the low 70s, shower chances out there but pretty minimal, mainly overs south jersey and long island especially eastern long island but not a lot going on with rainfall out there. the weather apps as daily and hourly forecast, download the apps at google play store or apple itunes store, it
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let's bring in ines and see what is happening with our commute nice and early. ines: hoping for an easy day, street cleaning rules suspended, meters remain in effect, no problems on the law, white stone or frogs neck bridge, new jersey along 78, 287, and the staten island expressway, eastbound traffic west bound, very quiet. gwb upper lower-level fine, lincoln and holland back to you. ben: chris christie telling the leader to shape up or ship out. the republican presidential candidate criticized for his own struggles with weight, brigadier-general that he has 90 days to lose some pounds. will for anyone shout hypocrite, there is reason for the warning, christie's that the washington post the general has been
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reprimanded by the pentagon for his weight and dodging fitness tests. the general is working on that problem, chris christie himself underwent stomach band surgery in 2013. juliet: joining us in studio is curtis sliwa. >> you made that story up jammu, the big rotund belly, with another big belly got to shape up or ship out? i notice he didn't recommend the surgery that rex ryan, coach of the bills and the jets recommended to chris christie because it didn't work and. look at chris christie. juliet: he has lost a little weight. >> of not been able to rebuild the board's -- the boardwalk in new jersey because it would have to have new specs, the guy is huge.
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juliet: the name calling, we are a society of name-calling. very ugly. >> this is before your time, fact and skinny, and -- juliet: laurel and hardy. let's talk about yogi berra. >> obviously is roman catholic but i am sitting shivah. i learned my best for acted phrases, my scooter reasons, malaprops, the web botulinus the english-language, monday and wednesday and friday, from yogi berra. he was the 9 athletes. he really is a major-league baseball player. he hit bad balls. if you are a pitcher and throw a ball on the outside, i remember best about yog)est remember best about yogi berra, he played left field, two people don't realize, it wasn't just a catcher. the famous scene of the polish
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won for the pittsburgh pirates hits a home run over the already covered walls, pittsburgh boat pirate to win the world series, and yogi berra watched the ball go over the wall. ben: he didn't hold anything against the mets, the yankees and the mets. >> he was doing the double dutch. now you reminded me of something. juliet: let's hold ourselves back from anything negative. >> phil whinge was grading the harmonica on the team bus and a yankees were sticking and he let them have it, it turned the season all-around from bills out a buyer who lost, a little bit of nostalgia at their. because i am the author of the super sports spectacular.
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should have stayed in cuba. juliet: you are the only person in this city to have this attitude. >> what has he got? >> you think he is in fallible. i am a catholic. you don't see me -- >> you say he gets capitalism, and much money -- >> how many families have they taken in from syria? 2? that is the country, the vatican, a bass fell one painting, they could but syria. >> glad you have a good evening. >> like a scratched. >> drone attacks. >> which juliet and happy birthday, she will be out of the world trade center. >> take me out on a birthday date?
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>> want to know what you are given. curtis sliwa, host of the "the curtis and kuby show". you are welcome to give me some money. ben: pays a lot of checks every month. juliet: this guy is amazing.
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juliet: have very sad morning for new york. for baseball fans. duke: i remember first meeting yogi berra at 26 years old and old timers, just to see the players around when they went to spring training. and the baseball community, and a great yogi berra passed away at the age of 90. the all-time great players, and
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no more worlds series ben ten world series. it is not over until the is over. these made so much sense, also a veteran having served in world war ii listed at the age of 18, served in the navy, 300 yards, off the coast of the day firing guns and german defenses on omaha beach, several accommodations for his bravery, important for the yankees in little falls in jersey, no question he will be missed, an american icon and american hero and the legend. his beloved yankees and toronto started the behind the blue jays carlos beltran with a play, solo home run, 17 and the yanks showed a 3-2. we go to the bottom of the ninth, andrew miller closing
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things out drove a solo home run, a game of three, top of the tent, greg bird the rookie, rips his home run here, three run home run to the right got yankees win-6-4, the american east lead, the jets 2-1/2 games, the mets lost, the braves' 6-2, the mets lost five of their last seven games arion fitzpatrick will remain starter for the jets, gino smith healthy enough to play after breaking his jaw last month. yesterday, ryan is the starting quarterback, we have good chemistry and everything else, gino understands that, and the quarterback, we go forth, and the preseason, playing well, playing well, the jets were winning, and automatically retained the that. new york liberty headed to these
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first time in five is the shot clock running down. of 15 footer, a second batch of the game to make it a three point game with 20 seconds left, washington had one final chance that it was blocked, five seconds left, the 79-74 win. so many things about yogi berra to remember about spring training, he being out on the field and the players, different generations, former emt great affront office people, current players, everybody loved him. and he made you at ease around him, 26-year-old nervous kid, trying to interview him. what a life. >> new york legend undoubtedly. >> american hero too. he was given several awards for his bravery.
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