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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 24, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from knox fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. a beautiful day for the pope! he's coming late this afternoon. >> and for us today. good day, new york. i'm rosanna scotto, thursday, september 24th. >> the voice of greg kelly. let's take a look at the pope in washington d.c. the guy is a hit! did you see what he did with that 5-year-old girl? >> i know. today. we are ready, but he's got a big first. >> yeah. and he's going to make history, becoming the first pope to address a joint meeting of a session of congress. the president welcomes the pope in just a little while. >> that was yesterday morning. >> yeah. >> all right, he's got lots of stops, and it's going to be huge. he arrives at jfk, then up to st. patrick's.
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tomorrow the big mass at madison square garden. >> by the way, he doesn't get here until about 5:00 today, but streets are going to be intermittently closed starting about 10:00 this morning, and it's going to get worse especially tomorrow. >> our plan is to hitch a ride, and it might look something like this. welcome to the popemobile. pope francis? >> hi, holy father. >> this is from madam due code's, the great wax museum on 42nd street. this thing -- i'm sorry -- >> the statue, this figure -- >> the replica of the pope is magnificent. the detail -- >> do you think we're ever going to get up close and personal to the holy father -- >> you'll be tackled. >> wow. >> it would be amazing. can you take a look at the face? go ahead. >> no, it's so life like. even the shape. are we allowed to touch? i heene, i know the ring, we've got to kiss the ring, but are we allowed to --
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>> go for it. what does it feel like? >> nice. i feel like that might be sack religious. >> tickets to the mass tomorrow, three of them. >> the sacreligious part would be scalping them. >> you thought about it morning, and then i tackled it. >> how much would they go for? we're not selling them. we'll be there. it's going to be, hopefully, a joyous, ton occasion for everybody in new york, but it's also going to be a pain in the neck at the same time. >> yeah, to get around town. people are coming down the street taking pictures. it looks like the holy father. this is the first time, i think, madame tussaud's is unveiling this replica of the holy father. >> and check out the pope microphone. this is a nissan. not everything is 100% accurate, but it's a neat car. >> i dare you to high-five the holy father.
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>> i'm not going to mess with this thing. eric, thank you very much for providing this. how are you? >> we're great. thank you for the opportunity. >> how long did it take to create this? >> this figure took about three to four months to complete. >> by the way, i mean, it seems like it's completely accurate hair. >> yeah, absolutely are. the studio team takes a lot of passion in what they're doing. this is probably the best figure i've ever seen. >> how much is it worst, just curious, is there a dollar figure? >> we spend a few hundred thousand dollars. >> a few hundred thousand dollars. >> well, you got this one right. madam sue sawld's, on 42nd street and one in the u.k. right? >> that's that's correct we have 19 across the globe. >> is it okay if we give a group hug? >> absolutely. >> are you serious? >> oh, yeah. we encourage people to get up close and personal. [laughter] >> this will be the only time we come close enough to the holy
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tower to give him a bear hug. what do you think? and a high-five. >> with a certain quiet dignity around the holy father. [laughter] >> all right. this is so cool. we're going to talk more to you coming up in a little bit, eric, right? >> look forward to it. >> thanks for being here. thanks for the pope. mike woods, it's your turn. >> convert are bl, that's the way to go through the city here. greg and rosanna, everyone, good morning. we've got another start to the day. temps are on their way back up. 64 at central park right now, 56 in newark, 50 in allentown, 46 in monticello and montauk's checked in at 63 with a mainly clear sky around the tristate region. lots of sunshine to be had this morning. you can see that on the radar and satellite, also looks like nothing's here. mainly clear skies here in the tristate region. where are the clouds? to the south and west of it, but it's the clouds to the south that i'm more focused on. that area of low pressure looks like what's going to be
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happening is it's going to try to work its way up into the tristate region, so it takes quite a while for that to happen. like yesterday, high pressure still this control, and it's going to keep our skies mainly clear host of the day. now, as we head into tomorrow, some of those clouds start working back up with that area of low pressure still hanging together and even intensifying as it makes its move into the carolinas here. they've got a lot of clouds and some showers in the mid-atlantic region, but for us here in the tristate, we're still waiting for that rain to arrive. that probably is only going to come for some of us. here's what's happening. that area of low pressure is struggling because highs just to the north of it and trying to hold tight. we'll get some cloud cover into saturday and then shower chances try to roll into the tristate, but it may be over the southern sections of new jersey or eastern long island if that low pressure continues to track up to the north and east at the same time. doesn't look like everybody's going to get that rainfall, in fact, more than likely most of
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us do not get it. up to 75 by midday and a high of 80 later on this afternoon, and as we go through the next seven days, 75 tomorrow, 73 on saturday. there's your shower chance coming through late sunday into monday. cooler temps over the weekend too but, still, all these temps are at or above normal. let's brick in ines rosales and see where our big backups are build being right now. good morning. >> we do have a couple of problems, first, street cleaning rules are suspended, meters remain in effect. problems on the lie coming in from nassau county, there's a stall blocking a lane. you're fine on the whitestone and the willing to's neck bridge and then just dealing with normal delays in queens. belts parkway, eastbound slow between the verrazano bridge and the parkway. take a look at the commute, as far as the staten island expressway asking see, everything's moving fine.
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as far as the george washington bridge, upper level right now is about a 20-25 minute delay, 20 on the lower level. 495, very sunny out there, 20 minutes heading inbound the holland tunnel, it's about a 5-10 minute delay. >> all right. father. i know he's going to be in d.c. today, but just a few hours from now he'll be be in new york. >> he'll give a big speech and, yes, this afternoon he arrives, and it's going to be huge, huge. these are highlights from yesterday at the white house, huge ceremony there. big speech on capitol hill today. but it comes to new york at about 5:00, and then everything changings. let's go to robert moses, he joins us from outside of st. patrick's, i think, robert. >> yes, that's where he is. >> greg and rosanna, good morning to you. we're about five blocks or so north of st. pat's at 65th and fifth. and you were talking about how
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this visit is huge? well, the pences lining fifth -- fences lining fifth avenue are huge, eight feet tall, and they're sturdy. they're not going anywhere. traffic is moving fine southbound here on fifth avenue. however, at 10:00 this morning this stretch of the avenue will close to traffic until after the prayer service at st. pat's concludes tonight. we have been talking about this visit ad nauseam, finally the big day is here. pope francis departs joint base andrews. upon landing at kennedy airport at five this afternoon, a large greeting party will welcome him. the mayor and about 200 impoverish ared people will be part of that welcoming party. mayor de blasio says the pope's visit is a reminder of serving those who need it most. >> a lot of us are trying to answer his call to action on
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issues like income inequality, on poverty, on climate change using the tools we have locally to do all we can do to create a more just society. >> the holy father climbs aboard a helicopter at 5:15 this afternoon and flies to a downtown hell port from. be there uptown in a motorcade. he's expected to transfer into the popemobile a few blocks north of st. pat's and slowly make the trip down fifth avenue. once he arrives at the cathedral, the mayor, the governor, and the rector will greet him. i spoke to monsignor richie about what that greeting welcome welcome -- will be like. >> the pope will enter st. pat's and then preside over a prayer service. he's expected to pray and deliver remarks in spanish. pope francis will see a
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beautifully restored st. pat's, over $175 million used to fix and is beautify the cathedral. the holy father retires to the papal residence on the upper east side. tomorrow another buzzy day -- busy day awaits. and as we come back live, a sky fox hd shot of st. patrick's cathedral about five blocks to our south. this is the only thing on the pope's agenda today. as i said, it's important he gets a good night's sleep because after today he that a very busy day tomorrow not only with stops at the u.n. and the 9/11 memorial and museum, but also that big mass at the garden. that is the latest live from just north of st. pat's this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much. so he's coming here, but first, he's got that big, full day in washington, d.c. >> yes. he's going to address congress. yesterday the pope had a jam-packed day in d.c.
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it started with the white house, ended with the cannonnizinging of a new sate is at catholic university -- new saint at catholic university. >> pope francis had a very busy first full day in the u.s.. mass i have crowds -- massive crowds visited the pope. he used his worldwide last form to address several issues including climate change. >> pope francis arrived at the white house wednesday and was greeted by president obama and the first lady. that was followed by a private heating with the president and this brief -- meeting with the president and this brief photo op to. the pope also made time seen here petting the obamas' dogs, bo and sunny. 15,000 people gathered on the back lawn of the white house to hear the pontiff speak. one of the topics was immigration, calling himself the son of an immigrant family.
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this country which was lastly built by such harmony. >> the pope also spoke about economic inequality and the urgency for world leaders to address climate change. >> climate change is a problem. we can no longer be less to our future generation. >> your humility, your embrace of simplicity and the gentleness of your words and the generous the city of your spirit -- generosity of your sirte, we see a living example of jesus' teaching. [cheers and applause] >> crowds lined the street ares of washington to catch a glimpse of the 78-year-old leader of the catholic church. one of the more memorable scenes of the day, a little girl slipped through the security barricade. at first shying away there security, but when the pope waved her over, a bodyguard brought her to the car. the pope kissed and be hugged her.
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the pope's first full day in the also included a mass where he made history with the first cap nonnization on -- canonization on u.s. soil, elevating junipero serra to saint hood. california. and the pontiff has another busy day. he'll become the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress, then he will share a meal with the homeless before making his way to new york city. scheduled to arrive at jfk airport at 5:00. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks a lot. it's going to be a hassel. it's going to be joyous to, but you've seen the preparations throughout the city for this big event. >> fences are going up, garbage pails are being hauled away for safety reasons, so are mailboxes. >> i guess they're concerned an explosive device could be dumped this one of these things along the hotter decade? is that it? -- motorcade?
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what it means for regular new yorkers as they go throughout their day. >> teresa priolo, what's going on? >> good morning, everyone. as far as your everyday new yorker is concerned, they certainly can't use 72nd street. mayor thoroughfare on the upper east side, and they can't use it because of the papal residence. you have your towards in place, your barriers in lace, your police standing by insuring that nothing goes wrong here. they are telling us that security is at an all-time high. >> very busy street. [laughter] very excited. >> the excitement is building on east 72nd street outside the residence of the apostolic nuncio. the street is shut down, barricades in place, local, state, federal law enforcement keeping a watchful eye on the area surrounding the incredibly special upper east side townhouse. >> i don't like feeling like i'm
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in the danger zone. >> but this militarized scene off of madison avenue just a fraction of the security measures in lace city wide. thousands of police, military and counterterrorism personnel operating under the secret service are are in place and ready for the pontiff's arrival tonight, his trip coinciding with the general nations assembly and prompting the most complex security job in new york city history requiring the deployment of an additional 6,000 police officers, 1700 vehicles and 40 miles of protective barriers. along fifth avenue and central park, a special fence erected by the secret service. the barrier will attempt to divide the crowds, keeping the pope's well wishers from those new yorkers on the move. the hole by father's visiting lasting 39 hours and 40 minute this is. it require ares a layered security approach made up of the things you're meant to see and those you won't.
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outside of his home away from home, a superflutie of nuns calling on highest power or to keep pope francis safe. pope francis happens to be the third pope who will stay at the papal residence on the upper east side, it was a home donated by the grant family. the connection there, grant's widow was actually the founder of a jesuit institution here on the upper east side. one other thing that we want to mention to you, this location, the papal residence, is such an important part of the pope's visit that early this morning the mayor, the police commissioner and other top brass from the nypd came out to brief reporters here and give them a little bit of information about their security situation. they wouldn't talk to us, but we did try. we are monitoring the situation for both of you. also we want to let our viewers know they are telling us there
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has been no change in the city. back to both of you in the studio. >> teresa, thank you. what about traveling? >> i would leave your car at home, please. you know me, i like to get around by a car. it's not the day to do it. it's going to be tough navigating around the city, tomorrow i think they're saying closed. >> if you don't have to come into the city, don't come in. watch it on tv. let's get the details from liz dahlem who's outside madison square garden. >> it's going to be packed in this area, just like any typical morning, right? but that, triple it, quadruple it, a lot of crowds in this area ahead of the pope's visit, and that's really going to be the scenario across the city. you know what? the train is absolutely going to be the best way to go. driving around is not going to be an option, so mass transit agencies are upping the ante and adding her trains to the schedules.
7:18 am
let's walk you through the next couple of days. the long island railroad adding eight extra penn station-bound trains ahead of the mass, metro north adding an additional three trains on all of its lines heading into the city, the hudson is, harlem and new haven lines. and the path is going to be running extra service to the world trade center station which will remain open. i want to get to some of the road closures. on friday you can expect areas near the u.n., the 9/11 memorial museum and 112th street and harlem near the school the pope will be visiting to also have some major delays and closures as well as central park west. now back out here live outside of penn station and msg, road closures are going to go into effect around noon on friday. mayor de blasio edgerring people to work d urging people to work from home, governor chris christie declaring a state of university in new jersey that
7:19 am
will allow the national guard to step this and move traffic need be if things do get out of hand. back to both of you in the studio. >> thank you very much. we're heavy, we're going to get to the weather. it's going to be a nice day. >> download fox 5ny news app. greg and i are going to be at the maas at msg. you know what? i downloaded periscope yesterday, so i think i'm going to, if i can, periscope behind the scenes. >> during church? >> during the pre-papal match. >> it's a way to take us in live. >> let's put our cell phones down during church. >> yes, totally. >> what's going on, buddy? >> looks gorgeous for the entire visit are, especially the first couple of days, today and tomorrow. high telephones getting up to about -- hemps getting up to about 80 today, a little cooler tomorrow but still not bad. this morning it's 64 at central park, 58 in bridge forth and 56 in newark. clear skies.
7:20 am
just like yesterday, that's the area of low pressure which will eventually try to wring showers but not until next week. today sunny and warm, high certain up to 80, not even humid. high of 75 tomorrow, more clouds and cool temps over the weekend with a small shower chance early monday. let's bring in ines and see what's going on out there. >> normal delays, but at the same time traffic lighter than normal. a lot of schools are off, street cleaning suspended because of religious services. fifth avenue, they have reopened that. they're going to close it again at 10:00 over by 48th, 49th street. after 10:00 it will remain closed until 9 p.m. avoid these areas after 10:00 this morning. the fdr drive, so the pope's coming at 5:00, closures from 63rd street, st. patrick's
7:21 am
much that whole perimeter, you want to avoid that. this will affect a lot of buses. the subways, they're not planning to shut down any stations, but if there are overcrowding conditions, they will have to do that. so if you don't need to travel in that area, stay away from that. another area you want to stay away from today, this afternoon, 72 thened street -- 72nd street between fifth avenue and madison avenue along with 73rd or and 71st street. when the pope is in residence, they will add to those closures. ai avoid those after 10:00, everything should be opened by at that time president we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast.
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>> a tragedy here to the holy city of mecca. the hajj is on, and more than 300 people died in a stampede. >> yeah. hundreds her were injured, around two million people are taking part in this year's hajj pilgrimage. this comes less than two weeks after a crane came crashing down on a mosque in mecca killing at least 111 people. all right, this ore news police have made an arrest in the murder of a livery cab driver in the bronx. >> it was early monday morning when that cab driver was shot, next las sanchez has been
7:24 am
charged with the burden of barry menado, the driver, found shot morning. they believe it was some sort of fare dispute that led to the murder. sanchez is also charged with aggravated manslaughter. this started the week and capped off a deadly weekend. we had eight murdered last weekend including that one. >> police seize a huge amount of k2 in the bronx, confiscating synthetic marijuana. they say they found the drugs in a garage on pop to lahr rave -- poplar avenue in the east bronx. >> this is dangerous stuff. it was the direct result of a bust made earlier this month by the nypd. packets are worth as much as $10 million on the street. >> we've got something going viral. a squirrel, nuts for milk shakes, is making a move on the pizza rat. >> we all had fun with that. now, let's face be it, a squirrel is about 50 times cuter
7:25 am
than a rat. >> you think so? i don't think so. you think squirrels -- oh. >> i do, actually. with that big, bushy tail. that's cute. now he dives head first into the cup, watch this. come on. >> let's see. >> there we go. he's about to go this head first. >> wow. they can open up a top, huh? [laughter] >> personally, the pizza -- >> there it is. >> the pizza thing was more amiewgz, although this guy's cuter. let's face it, rats are rats, and squirrels are squirrels. >> squirrels are rats with big tails. >> no. they eat chestnuts, and rats are eat ash gang. >> we have them at our house. >> your house? >> yeah n brooklyn. >> happens sometimes. >> every now and then. >> all right. it's a beautiful day.
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>> all right. the pope's going to be at the world trade center, the 9/11 memorial -- >> tomorrow, yeah.
7:28 am
the holy father's coming just when we're having are, like, the most heavenly weather. would you not describe this as a beautiful day, tomorrow? >> does look nice. and look who's in the house? pope francis. welcome to good day new york. >> well, sort of. that's okay, you can continue. >> that's all right. >> that's a technician from madam sue toads, the wax museum. they've got 19 throughout the world and, boy, oh, boy, this is magnificent. >> it is so lifelike. when are you going to get so up close and personal to the holy father like that? >> he's very expensive, this version. this one worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. >> wouldn't it be fun if we put him back in the car and you and i rode around town with a statue of the holy father? >> it would be fun be, possibly newsworthy, possibly criminal. >> mike, what do you think? we haven't offended anybody, have we? >> i don't think so, but, you know, could be kind of risky.
7:29 am
respect. >> did you call him a figurine? >> what is it, a statue? >> figure. >> dummy? no, it's not a dumb hawaii. i'm not going to say dummy. >> figure. >> okay, wax figure. [laughter] >> you're right about that. >> anyway. all right, he looks cool. i'm going to take a picture. >> of course you are. anyway, beautiful outside to. we've got the weather cooperating with everyone, sunny skies, and it looks picture perfect the next couple days. over the weekend it starts to turn a little bit with. sunny skies, 64 degrees, and temps are about where they should be this time of the year. winds coming in from the north/northeast at central park at about 9 miles per hour. they've'sed up a little kit been they've eased up a little bit with. 56 in pittsburgh, 51 this syracuse and, again, a mainly clear sky in the tristate region, and you know what? things look good. it's basically an exact repeat of what we had yesterday with high pressure in control.
7:30 am
cast and show you this point forward. this area of low pressure continues to hang out and kind of drift toward the carolina coastline, bringing in lots of clouds and showers there today into tomorrow. but then as we go enter tomorrow into saturday -- from tomorrow into saturday, high pressure starts to lose its grip. it looks like it could bring some showers but primarily over south jersey and eastern long island. but that should be about it. it's not until early next week. high temp today goes up to 80 with mainly sunny skies. tomorrow's high, 75. 73 on saturday, and there's a quick shower chance coming through late sunday into early monday. let's get over to ines rosales and see how things are shaping up with your commute this morning. >> well, right now problems in brook lib. the belts parkway eastbound, tractor-trailer struck the overpass. this is by bay parkway. tractor-trailer's off to the shoulder, but you do have delays
7:31 am
eastbound by exit 13 watch out for ab accident blocking a lane. fdr drive k7 9 -- 79th street, no problems. a little stop and go here and there but not bad of a ride. as far as the cross bronx goes, coming up the gwb you do have traffic a little sluggish towards jerome avenue. no problems exiting off the deegan eastbound. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. it was early last year, the super bowl, a major national security event right here. it wasn't just the game, there was basically two or three weeks of activity. >> yeah. there was a lot of activity, a lot of excitement and enthusiasm and, of course a lot of security around something like that. >> there was actually one guy, the chief organizer for that in charge of the whole thing, guess what? he's in charge of arranging the pope's visit, has been since february. his name is al kelly. the cardinal a while back asked
7:32 am
him to chair the papal visit to new york city and, boy, is his plate full. al kelly, welcome back to good day new york. >> good to see you guys. >> how did this come about? did you and cardinal dolan sit down over a bowl of pasta and talk things out? >> i was lucky enough to meet the cardinal early in his tenure, and we've become good friends. he called me up around christmas time and asked me to have a couple beers with him. [laughter] he told me that the holy father was coming and asked me if i would help him organize it. yes? [laughter] >> i don't know. my wife said thinks i was. >> but did you want to take on -- it's a big undertaking. >> it's very exciting. this is a he is to havic thing -- historic thing for the city. i love to be able to help the city bring something like this to life. >> what has been the hardest part of getting ready for the visit? >> the fact that he's here for hours of available time.
7:33 am
and to try to decide what he was going to do and how to expose him to as many people as possible has been a tremendous challenge. >> what about organizing all the various activities? i mean, who, you know, organizes the pre-papal mass, the mass, the v events at the world trade center? >> well, it takes an army. i've been lucky enough to bring in some people who worked with me on the super bowl as well as people in the arch diocese who worked on the pope's visit back in 2008. we hired some professional folks, and generally at each site we have ally you are the jibbingal expert -- liturgical expert who tends to be a priest. much like any kind of symphony, i'm trying to make sure all the parts know what they're doing, but i'm relying on a lot of experts who are pros and do a fantastic job. >> and you've been talking to the vatican, i assume, as well.
7:34 am
vie -- variety of people. >> he will. the reality is that this pope is very, very popular. one of the things that makes it historic, this is probably the only time francis will ever be in new york, if you think about it. the reality is if he comes back to the united states, he'll probably go somewhere else, and he is going to be 79 in december. that is part of what makes it historic. one of the great challenges is the fact that we have very small amount of time, and is we're going to try to show him as much of the new yorkers as we can largely through these parades that we'll do tonight up fifth avenue and tomorrow night in central park. >> let me ask you something, you're the man with the tickets, right? have people been hitting you up for tickets? >> it's interesting. we have had people call us and say i love this pope, people say he's caused me to reflect on my faith, and then the toughest one is hope. we have gotten thousands of letters from the poor, the
7:35 am
whom want a booster shot from pope francis to help them. and trying to make as many of those people happy and make tickets available for them for some of these events has been difficult. >> there is no price tag on these tickets, by the way, which is good. any reports of folks getting ahad of these things -- ahold of these things and trying to make a buck on 'em? >> of course. thatthat's the entrepreneurial pitter of new yorkers, i guess. for? >> you know what? we've had great cooperation on craig's list, and we're trying to knock these things off. the reality of people wanting to exploit this is horrible. and, you know, a papal event is a very special type of thing, and all of these events are free, and for people to try to exploit that is something we're trying to stop at every turn. we've had phenomenal cooperation from secret service and nypd. those folks are absolute pros. >> let me ask you something, you did all the hard work. do you get a chance to meet the holy father?
7:36 am
i'll be very involved and very up close at a number of these events. but, you know, that's not really my objective. my objective is to do -- show off the city, show off our catholic church, hope our cardinal, archbishop, and if i immediate the holy father along the way, fantastic. but i'll certainly be close to him at these events the course of the next 24 hours. >> how are are you around the house? [laughter] >> i haven't been around the house very much in the last couple of weeks. >> are you in charge of, like, garbage disposal? what are your chores around the house? >> unfortunately, over the last few weeks i've had no responsibilities. but hopefully my wife would say that we have a good, shared partnership of work around the house. i'm good at grilling out and try to do that a couple nights and try to help with the dinners. >> barbecuing. >> barbecuing, yeah. >> al kelly, good luck, man. hey, it's not over. >> good to be with you, guys. thank you very much. >> a lot of fun. all right.
7:37 am
that gave more information. greg, what are you going to do with those tickets? >> these are hot tickets. they will be handled responsibly. >> good. 7:38. look at what's happening on fifth avenue already. >> not happening. >> well, traffic is moving already, but at 10:00, i everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios has it with the fastest internet and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement.
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>> welcome back, everyone. well, we've got another beautiful day coming up. 45 degrees right now in poughkeepsie, 43 only in sussex and allentown, you're checked in at 46. 64, flip those numbers around for you, central park. a great start to the day. winds are pretty light, a little bit more out to the east coming through at around 5-7 miles per hour, but many locations reporting the winds calm at this hour. clear sky around the tristate region, that means lots of sunshine, and we're going to keep it sunny throughout the day. you see this mess down to the south of us? don't worry about it, it's going to stay down there the next couple of days. today's skies heading up to 80 degrees by 3 p.m., back down to a low tonight of 62 in the city similar to this morning.
7:40 am
sunny skies with a high of 75. cooler and cloudier over the weekend, there's a shower chance late sunday, early monday and temps warming back up to around 08 by wednesday of next -- 80 by wednesday of next week. visit the apple itunes store and google play store, search fox 5ny weather and download for free right now. got a little birth day shoutout to yatanya, it's her birthday. big fan of gdny and hw, that's me -- mw, that's me. >> oh. [laughter] >> good day, new york. >> you're making me think. also you know what, mike? we have big tans down the street, jose, he and his wife from yonkers. good morning to them. they're big fans of the show. let's talk about traffic. this morning a lot of normal delays here at the bqe, the lie, all traffic moving slow. let's talk about the pope visit because a lot of people are
7:41 am
asking me what they need to avoid. fifth avenue by 49th street, everything roadway opened. at 10:00, fifth avenue will be closed pretty much throughout the st. patrick's cathedral area. you'll have that closure set up by st. patrick's cathedral between 47th and 55th street, between tiffth and madison avenue, and they will add to those after 10:00. so you want to avoid this. subways will be running, but if there's overcrowding, they may shut down some of the stations. this is one of the spots you want to avoid. also 72nd street, avoid that til saturday, already closed between madison and fifth avenue along with 73rd and 75th street. if you're planning to travel that, you have 66th street, that will be closed more on friday. everywhere always buses that normally use those will be diverted up to 79th street, ask
7:42 am
as far as trains go right now, they're moving fine. extra service will be provided. >> what are those bright red things again on your map there? can we see that one her time? >> they're dots. they're just showing where the streets are closed. >> okay. they look like mini fires. everything's cool? traffic hot spots, gotcha. >> let's talk yankees with duke. >> this toronto last night, this game was a wig one for the yanks. they were just two and a half games behind going in, but the yanks needed to start hitting. before the start of the game last night this toronto, the blue jays and yankees honored the great yogi berra, the hall of famer and ten-time world series winner. he died, of course, on tuesday. he was 90 years old. in the top of the seventh, blue jays up by 1. then in the bottom of the frame, russ are el martin hammers a three-run homer to left. i actually thought it was strike three right beforehand and
7:43 am
should have been out but, nonetheless, the umpire didn't call it, and russell martin gets to swing the bat again. tron toe's lead now four that have games. and yesterday joe girardi, who knew yogi berra very, very well, took some time out to remember the hall of famer. >> when i think of yogi, i think it's, when god created man, i think yogi was an example. i mean, he was a guy that on saturdays in spring training would say i've got to cut out a little early, i've got to go to church. i can't be late. he was a great husband, a great family man who just wanted what was best for his family and his kids, took care of them. >> very well said. a towering tribute to yogi last night. the empire state building lit up in pinstripes to honor the yankee great. derek jeter had this to say, quote: to me, he was a dear friend and mentor.
7:44 am
i believe his finest quality was how he treated everyone with sincerity and kindness, end quote. and last night in the yankee dugout, the yankee line-up card with yogi's image on it, the yanks wearing the number 8 on their sleeve the rest of the season. now to the mets, it was another rough night this time against the braves, and they went into this one, you know what? just -- they're not playing well. >> matt harvey's fault. [laughter] keep going. >> he actually pitched pretty well sunday night but, nonetheless, they are 3-6 on this nine-game home stand. not good. all right, this was very nice as well. the mets honored yogi before the game as well. he managed the 1973 you gotta believe mets, they ended up winning the pennant. >> his first name was lawrence,
7:45 am
>> liewrns petering berra. >> rosanna, what a privilege it was for you to meet him and hang with him. in 2008. i know. i really, i felt honored to be in his presence. he was such a nice man, and he's got such a beautiful family. >> very, yeah, really. >> they carry on his spirit. >> braves and met, top of the seventh, friedman launches one deep to right, curtis granderson misplays it, two runs scored, and that's going to tie the game up. we go to the ninth, freeman, he wasn't really supposed to be playing. he's got a sore right wrist. terry collins says he's going to fire the scout that told him about that. braves shocked the mets 6-3. they still have a six and a half game in the national league east, the magic number down to five, that's because washington can't get out of their own way. as bad as the mets have been playing, washington's worse.
7:46 am
well, that puts things in perspective. >> i heard another yogi-ism. i'll never forget what's his [laughter] >> that's something we would say too. >> all right. let's take a look outside. we're on with our tickets, so cool. >> all right. it's a gorgeous day. good day's coming right we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in
7:47 am
philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
7:48 am
>> the second time? >> i know. all right. >> rosanna and i were just talking about, wow, when you go to st. patrick's, it's uplifting. it's also a bit of an event. >> yeah, well, today is the mass at st. patrick's -- >> oh, you see across the street they kind of said, hey, clear out. media's got to be down the block. >> if you've got somewhere to go on fifth avenue, hurry up and do it, because at 10:00, this is going to be closed. >> one time i was at church, and they said can you accept the offerings -- >> wow you, did that? [laughter] and then it was one of those days where they do it twice. >> oh, the second -- usually the second one is for, like, catholic charities or schools. >> or even just something finish so it was interesting. >> it was good.
7:49 am
all right, we're all excited because the holy father's going to be in town today, and there's >> oh. empire was on tv last night. anna gilligan has more. >> yes, empire came back last night for season two, and here scenes. >> the episode opened with a free lucius concert and rally, that was cookie dressed up there as a gorilla. they bring up police brutality in ferguson during that part of the show. chris rock makes an appearance be as a fellow inmate, and he has a bad history with cookie. and boo boo, can kitty, is now doing cookie's bidding. >> take your little sweater off and let me see that sexy body. >> now these two are working together, and that's marisa tomei who's playing a --
7:50 am
episode? >> yeah, lots of cameos. and there's going to be a lot of guest stars. and it's interesting, lucius lyon is still kind of running things from behind bars, and there's a shocking end from the episode, i'm not going to give it away. catch up so you can though what's going on went it comes back next wednesday on 9. and the daily show returns on monday with its new host, trevor noah, jon stewart's successor. here he is on the show with jon when he was still host. his lineup has been announced, and it's a wit rem thinks sent of how stephen colbert started. he has a hollywood star, a ceo and a politician. kevin hart, then he'll have are whitney wolf on tuesday and on wednesday republican presidential candidate chris christie. should be interesting to see how he changes the show. and giselle bundchen is
7:51 am
own, and it's retailing for $700. it's going to be a coffee table book which celebrates her 20 years in the fashion industry. the book will, quote, shed light on how and why she has become one of the greatest models of all time. >> giselle's coming out with a book featuring pictures of her? >> giselle, yes. >> congratulations. >> it's going to be a very exclusive book, only a thousand copies are going to be sold, and they'll each with signed by her. she has been featured in 450 fashion shows and been on the cover of more than a thousand -- >> i get my supermodels confused oh there. there's tom brady. >> her husband. >> they look good together. >> save up your money if you want that. >> how much is it? >> $700. and there's only a thousand of them. >> that's crazy. we already know what she looks like, you know what i mean? how about these tickets to the mass? rosanna scotto, thank you. unfortunately, some people are scalping them. >> no. i think you'll go straight to
7:52 am
hell if you do that. >> my goodness. hopefully, there's forgiveness even for -- >> oh, yes. you may be right about that. >> let's take a look at the pope, shall we? so realistic, the version we have here. >> a figure of the pope that is going to be on display add madam due codes today. i believe this is the unveiling right here on good day new york. it is so lifelike. >> they've been working on this thing for months, it cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. >> we have a facebook fan, shall we? nancy castro, thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox 5, this y facebook page. all right, new york, beautiful day out.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> all right. "good day new york," thursday september 24th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, i'm greg kelly. the pope is coming in a big way, later today. guess what. he will have really nice weather in new york about 5:00 this afternoon. >> he will see a mix of sun and clouds. mike woods has the heavenly forecast. the pope is scheduled to land at kennedy at 5:00 tonight. >> he was a hit in america. the scene in washington, d.c. yesterday, the five-year-old
7:56 am
girl broke through security. they were pulling her back but brought her to the pope. >> bishop demarcio from brooklyn-queens, will be among those greeting the pope at jfk. he is here. we'll talk to him in a few minutes. hill. subjects. the environment, climate control, climate change, immigration. it will be interesting, who applauds, when they applaud. they're looking at this quite closely. republicans, democrats, everybody loves the pope but not everybody is on board with parts of his message. or how to achieve what he wants. >> meantime, massive security underway in our area. the next several days the pope and president, leaders from around the world will pass through new york city. thousands of police, military, counterterrorism personnel already getting together, working to keep all of us safe. >> all right. hi, everybody. we are really excited, number
7:57 am
we'll go to the mass tomorrow. >> the prepapal mass at madison privilege. we're grateful. this is really neat. we have a wax figure of the pope right here in good day fork. let's see some folks stop that, andre. that is little much. >> looks life look. everybody is taking pictures. andre. this is quite a item they have been working several months. it costs hundreds of thousand of dollars. we've seen wax figures and some are you know. >> the expression is on his face looks real, right? >> yeah. >> we were outside in the car with the figure. people were taking photos. stopping on the street to take photos. >> he has the wax figure people, madame tussaud. they have his own popemobile. they have arranged one.
7:58 am
>> next few days if we're lucky enough we'll see the popemobile. mike woods, weather looks good to stand on the street. >> i was on the corner of 67 and third. already locking up trafficwise, near the studios. here we go, folks. get ready for it. it is buell as far as the weather is concerned. we have sunny skies. i can't ask much more than this. cool, comfortable conditions. another gorgeous day on the way. just like yesterday with sunny skies and comfortable temps. highs getting up close to 80 degrees. a few more clouds come into town a little bit cooler temperatures. still very nice for you tomorrow as well. let's show you what we have with our temp as it stands. 64 degrees. central park. 52 degrees in monticello. a little bit of wind from the northeast at three to 10 miles an hour. not a huge deal at all. comfortable day. not much to see on radar and satellite locally. let's back it out to see what is
7:59 am
going on. high pressure is in control. keeping fair skies in the tri-state. clouds and some showers will try to work their way up into the tri-state. they will not do the best jobs. as far as any relief from this drought, we have moderate drought here. soon. sunny skies heading up to 84. dry. high temp5 tomorrow. 73 on saturday. more clouds build in sunday and monday. small showers chance. that is by no means a drought buster. temperatures at or above normal throughout the seven-day forecast. let's get over to inez rosales. very busy next day half. >> rough for the evening rush hour. morning commute, not too bad. seeing a lot of normal delays. parkway 280, delays north bound and southbound.
8:00 am
little extra volume on eastbound. jackie robinson parkway heading towards grand central parkway a slow ride. go to the cameras. check out long island. lye by the jericho turnpike moving fine. george washington bridge let's go to the camera shot, the upper level about the 30 minute delay. lower level 20 minutes. 495, take a look nice and clear coming off route 3 and turnpike. holland tunnel, 10 to 15. trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much. traffic is building here, the holy father is still in washington, d.c. today. he has a lot going on there. lots of people, thousands upon thousands of people are outside the papal residence in d.c. along the streets. hoping to get a glimpse of him. >> a live picture of the we mall. he will be moving from massachusetts avenue, if you're corner. he will go to capitol hill and make that address to a joint
8:01 am
session of congress. the speaker, speaker boehner, the one who cries sometimes. >> he will cry today. that has to be so moving to meet the holy father. >> he invited pope before. the two previous declined, opportunity to speak at joint session. pope francis has taken him up on it. >> pope francis is expected to arif here at jfk 5:00 tonight. first up at st. patricks cathedral. >> he is coming to the new york. go to st. patricks cathedral where robert moses is. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're four or five blocks north from st. pats. this eight foot tall fence this is on both sides of fifth avenue so on other side people go about their day. on this side, those who go through special security screening have front row seat as
8:02 am
pope presumably goes by here. fifth avenue, traffic is moving fine. it is open now. not for long. 10:00 a.m. fifth avenue will close to vehicular traffic until tonight's prayer service is over at st. pats. this day is long time in coming but finally here. after another busy day in washington pope francis departs joint base andrews. upon landing at kennedy airport at 5:00 this afternoon a large and diverse greeting party will welcome him. the mayor and the bishop from the brooklyn diocese will be part of the party. the mayor says the pope's visit is importance reminder of serving those who need it most. >> a lot of us have answering his call to income inequality, climate change, doing tools we have locally to do all we can do to create a more just society. >> reporter: the holy father
8:03 am
flies upon a helicopter at 5:15 and flies to the downtown heliport where cardinal timothy dolan will meet him. he foes uptown to the st. patricks cathedral in motorcade. he will slowly make the trip south on fifth avenue greetings onlookers as he goes. the once he arrives the mayor, governor, rector of the cathedral. i spoke to the monsignor what that freeding will be like. >> i will be a little nervous. i speak spanish. i intend to talk to him in spanish as we come up the steps. >> reporter: the pope will walk up the steps and sound the center aisle and perform a prayer service. he is expected to deliver remarks in spanish. he will see a beautifully restored st. pats. the arch die ohio sees, spent $175 million. once the prayer service is concluded he will retire to the
8:04 am
papal residence on upper east side. he will need a good night's sleep because tomorrow another sy day awaits. you see the eight-foot hyphens and just in front of it are those barricades. those standing along fifth avenue will be sandwiched in between the fence and those barricades as the pope goes by. so yes, it will be a tight squeeze but everyone is hoping that they get a glimpse and perhaps a wave from the holy father. one of the people most excited from his visit is timothy cardinal dolan. cardinal dolan says he can't wait to take the pope around this great city. that is the latest, live from fifth avenue this morning. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> robert, thanks a lot. >> we have to be on our best behavior with the holy father in town. that means ditching the cars. leave cars at home. walk, take the subway. it will be tough getting around. >> sure it is. >> why aggravate yourself? >> this will be a joyous occasion. if you can't get into one of the
8:05 am
events it is covered wall-to-wall on television. let's go to liz dahlem outside of madison square garden with more details. good morning, liz. >> reporter: as you know, there will be multiple frozen zones across the city. the trains will be best way to get around. mass transit agencies are adding extra trains to help move crowds throughout the city. but we spoke to some commuters this morning who say, yes, the streets will be crowded. we know the trains will be packed but they don't mind one bit. >> i don't really mind it. i feel like it is a big event. it doesn't happen often. so i think that, for this one time weekend he is here doesn't really matter. >> sure we'll have a handle on it. we have a great police department in the city. so they will add another train or two if they have to. great to have the pope in town. >> reporter: long island railroad is adding eight extra penn station-bound trains friday night ahead of the papal mass at madison square garden. metro-north will run three
8:06 am
additional manhattan bound trains on hudson, harlem and new haven lines. extra service for path and world trade center center will stay open. we'll see frozen zones set up around the city. at midnight streets near st. patrick's cathedral shut down in stages 4and 57 between madison and sixth avenue will be off limits. area near the paying pal anyone ceo residence will be close. papal nuncio. it will close around areas central park which is. msg, 9/11 memorial and museum, lady queen of angels school around 112th street. streets around madison square garden close around 12 tomorrow. so commuting during the evening rush could be a live bit difficult. mayor de blasio urging new yorkers to work from home if they can make that happen. live outside of penn station this morning. greg, rosanna, back inside to you.
8:07 am
>> we're joined by nicholas demarcio. basilica of st. james in brooklyn and st. joseph in prospect heights. he was in washington, d.c. yesterday with the holy father. he will be greeting him. >> he is having fin so far. >> he is happy, smiling greeting crowds. >> today at jfk you greet him the holy father. >> cardinal dolan and myself. >> what will you say and how will you say? speak italian or spanish. >> speak in italian. welcome periphery of new york. outer boroughs, you know how it is. >> you're in charge of diocese in brooklyn and queens. >> that's right. >> it could be a little touchy here this afternoon. the address before a joint session of congress. he is talking about the environment. talking about immigration. we love the pope but not everybody agrees with the solutions to these problems. >> it is like your father. sometimes you don't agree with your father. you love them but don't always agree with everything he says. i think the holy father is going to challenge everybody, because
8:08 am
all the issues he is speaking about are important. not everybody sees him the same way but they're important issues. nobody can say they're not important. the take on him is something that is unique to everybody, but, i think he will challenge everybody. >> so, bishop, i know that the holy father is going to be visiting a school, a catholic school in east harlem. what does this mean for catholic schools everywhere? because over the years, i mean so many people want to go there. sadly some of them come from struggling families homes and they don't have the money to spend on catholic education, even though catholic education, i mean graduation is tremendous. >> right. >> you know we hear so much about charter schools and core curriculum and all the other schools but catholic schools really know how to educate young people yet they have been on the stay alive. >> it's true. we recently just got our stores from the latest tests. we beat the state. we beat the city.
8:09 am
have the funds to be able to maintain a lot of schools. schools. queens. we think we can sustain them into the future. we do a lot of fund-raising to subsidize those who can not afford the catholic education. we want to keep our schools filled. we need help. we need government help. we're saving the city a lot of morn any. we do think we deserve, and help. >> i would like to go to foodage from washington, d.c. and one more time and warm welcome he received there. will be like that here but bigger. not terribly long ago in our nation's history, being catholic was seen as something of a liability or a political liability. john f. kennedy had to go out of his way to say he would defy the pope if challenged. we have something like in the paper today, 33% of the congress catholics. vice president of the united
8:10 am
there was a time where it was a problem in politics to be catholic, that right, bishop. >> that's exactly right. not easy today to be a good catholic, somebody following all the things the church teaches. >> gets complicated. >> very complicated. >> what do you call a catholic from column a to column b. >> cafeteria catholic. >> we talked about papal infallibility. he is the pope. therefore he can't make a mistake? >> only in matters of faith and morals. >> only in matters of faith and morals. he spends a lot of time talking about faith and morals. >> morals is a wide -- >> i love him, i don't think his observations about climate change are on point. i disagree with that. >> you could say that i don't believe everything he said or don't understand everything he said or has it been scientifically proved, that's it. you don't have to be believe in climate change. that has to be proven.
8:11 am
they still haven't proven it. >> i think he is on to something. >> we have issues, clearly. >> have you mapped out, written out what you will say to the holy father? >> in my mind, i have no script. it will come very quick at the airport. >> you want to give us a little taste this morning? do it in italian if you want to. >> [speaking italian] periphery. he loves periphery. on outskirts of everything, especially people on the outskirts. >> you basically said, welcome to new york. >> that's it. >> you speak italian. >> you're a professional you can go deeper than that. >> we'll talk to him, yes. >> this is very exciting. do you think his being here will kind of re-energize catholics in the area? >> i think so. everybody is excited. people really want to see him. he bring as message of truth. that is what the whole idea of what the holy father is. he is our guarantier of truth.
8:12 am
guarantier of unity. yesterday he spoke to the bishops of the united states in st. matthews cathedral in washington. that was his message, unity. bring the people together. serve the people, especially those most in need. clearly emphasizing that in thinks themes. >> everybody keeps telling us he is very hum bell. there will be no big dinners. when pope benedict was in town he would have big dinners every night, 50 people, 50 bishops and cardinals,. >> let's not -- >> i hear the holy father wants a simple meal every night. >> i think so. i don't think pope benedict had all the people. >> that is what i read. >> you make it sound like living large at -- >> so i mean there were dippers with some people. i mean, 25, 30 would be maximum. i've been there. you can't put anymore than that. >> right but i heard the holy father is not -- >> he downplays that. that is not his thing. >> this is not his thing either. replica --
8:13 am
>> i saw it. >> what do you think, bishop? you were up close. >> if the pope saw it would not be happy when he heard the price tag. >> that's true, yeah. well, anyway, it does delight people. we thank you, bishop. thank you very much. >> good luck today. >> yes, thank you. >> we have a note that we want you to slip into the holy father's pocket if you like. >> okay. >> thank you. it is just come on "good day new york". >> tomorrow morning, early. >> exactly. anyway. >> you're ridiculous. >> on that note before i get myself in trouble, thank you again. mike, take it away. >> all right. show you what we have, our yesterday. we have sunny skies again. central bark 64 degrees. dewpoint at 48 degrees. comfortable throughout the northeast. 54 in syracuse as well as burlington with mainly clear sky here. a lot of sunshine coming to you today. it looks like it is going to be basically another blast of sunshine for you today. feeling like we're in the dead
8:14 am
of summer. we're not in the dead of summer. high temp up to 80 degrees. pretty warm this time of year. not a record. that's what we're going for. 75 is the high tomorrow. with a few high clouds in the area. more clouds move through the tri-state region as we head into the weekend with cooler temps, highs in lower 70s. small chance of showers later on monday. fox ny weather app, google play and itunes store. pick it up for free. it is a you will good stuff. say happy birthday to this guy. that is tristan, his birthday today from his loving family. looking good, slugger. let's bring in ines at this point to see what is going on. >> yes. mike, so, of course the pope, everyone is concerned about, how this will affect the commute. talk about this evening. commute is doing fine. we're seeing traffic lighter than normal even in the city. things. fifth avenue at the moment, all
8:15 am
lanes are open at 9:00 p.m. this 49th street here. traffic opened because of rush hour, 10:00 a.m., from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., they will shut down fifth avenue one of many roads they will close if they haven't closed it already. zones you want to avoid. cathedral. fifth avenue between 4and 55th street. close you ares between fifth and mad san avenue. avoid the entire area if i can. if there is overcrowding could happen they will have to shut down the stations. pedestrian traffic, not only vehicular traffic but, street closures you have to worry about. 72nd already closed along with 73rd and 71st between fifth and madison. that is where the pope residency. that will remain close until definitely 66th street. they may add to the closures. all about people. fdr drive, closures at 63rd street and south ferry station when the pope is moving. once at locations it is fine.
8:16 am
you have to avoid those locations at 5:00 and 10:00. driving into the city, lincoln tunnel, no delays heading inbound. you have the delays at gwb. holland tunnel minor delays. looks like a lot of people are avoiding things. they may come later. may not go to work but come into town later. a lot of people were planning on coming in. >> ines, thank you. good wishes from 131 harlem, girard. >> gino, all right. look at this. " empire" season two started. time. we'll meet beshear greg. >> he give us a sneak-peek at the new season. [ cheers and applause ] is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich,
8:17 am
stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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why fios? ultimately, that's why. right now, get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month, guaranteed for two years. plus get $350 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. >> oh, reminds me. quick flag review, anybody? >> i thought maybe you forgot about it today. >> all right. just stand by. the, not only is the pope in town but united nations general assembly. can anybody name this flag?
8:20 am
there are a lot of green, yellow. gabo, africa. i know this one. >> what is it? think. ding, ding, ding. this is really cool app. namibia. crossing my fingers. somebody getting ready for final exam. >> last one. >> i think it is a south american country but i can't name it. central american country. guatemala. shaking your head in disgust. >> take. >> you'll. >> shaking my head. rett's get down to fox means business. lauren simonetti. >> wonderful about what is going on in the city. >> so-called, this head of volkswagen, had to go. you called it. >> didn't exactly have to be financial whiz to know this guy was done but -- >> happened sooner than some might have expected.
8:21 am
but ceo of volkswagen, by the way volkswagen is such a powerhouse in germany, its home country. the ceo's name is martin winterkorn. he has stepped down or pushed out by the board, whatever you want to call it. obviously they need a change in general. a change top often helps when you're dealing with crisis like this. pr crisis. you know issue with volkswagen cars, audi, et cetera. diesel engines, the company accused, admitting to rigging, the engine, software used in the engine to cheat the emissions test to show they don't pollute as much as they actually do. this story has gotten so intense and so broad being reported in "the daily telegraph" right now that german government officials knew about this going on for months but knew nothing about it. they turned a blind eye. another european group reportedly said other automakers are guilty for the same thing. those automakers include gm,
8:22 am
include a third automaker, mercedes. so, you have to look at the widespread implications for this. it is expensive. $18 billion potentially in federal fines. volkswagen setting aside at least 7 billion. class action lawsuits coming in. customers and owners with audis and volkswagen karzaiing this is worth so much less now, buy it back from me or give me compensation. class action lawsuits. criminal investigations this is huge nightmare. the question, how many other automakers were guilty. >> i didn't know diesel is big thing for cars. >> 20% of the volkswagen cars affected or 20% of their sales are diesel but cars affected only diesel cars 2009 on. >> silver lining, greg. update your car. a lot of people want to sell their beetles. you might want to upgrade. >> only one pump at gas station has diesel. thank you very much, lauren. right? >> what? >> your beetle --
8:23 am
>> he doesn't have a beetle. he has a honda. >> 2003 honda. going strong. going we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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>> stay with me. first i thought it was top of the world trade center. it is not. i think that is the sherry netherland hotel, yes it is, rosanna. at the foot of fifth avenue and central park south. >> i thought it was going to church because we're playing the song, go to church. >> say hi, to wendy at the doubles club. >> wendy. yes. >> in the basement of that building right next to the apple store is this really cool -- >> exclusive. >> club bitype of place i'm not a member. just a guest occasionally. weren't did i will take care of you. >> welcome back to "good day new york." hope you enjoying this beautiful day.
8:27 am
>> he is coming at 5:00. pope comes and everything will feel differently in the city for maybe day 1/2. >> usually i will be ranting about traffic how i'm inconvenienced. i don't know, something come over me. what do you think? >> normally you do rant. you were ranting 20 minutes ago but subsided. >> has nothing to do with the traffic. mike. i can't complain about the weather because the weather is fantastic. >> like a little extension of summer here. we'll see how long that goes. >> by the way, we have yellow memo today. isn't it strange? >> different versions. you have the tie. >> jacket. >> mike not wearing anything yellow. >> he got the shirt. anna with the yellow dress on. >> hard to get your mind around. >> anything yellow on? >> no, i don't. >> not at all. >> my brain hurts, so cosmically >> it happens. >> whatever. >> we're in sync.
8:28 am
lots of yellow in the sky. sunshine, that's what it is. sunshine coming up for you here today. see what the averages are. i want to know. 73 is average high. 58 is the average low. we're above normal again, above average with the temps. we talked down to 6, okay? not too far off the normal low temp and average high for today,3. we'll blast that out. record high for today is 89. we're capable get up to 90. that will not happen today but warmer than normal. 62 in bridgeport. 65 degrees in montauk. barely anything going on when it comes to cloud coverage around the tri-state region. we have another sunny day coming to you. looks like we keep it sunny for the majority of the day actually even into tomorrow it will be mainly sunny. high pressure is holding tight. this is the futurecast, what the computer models did are saying for us here.
8:29 am
saying, bringing in lots of clouds and showers up through the carolinas into the mid-atlantic region. high pressure trying to block it out. saturday and sunday, shower chances pick up a little bit, going into sunday and monday, doesn't look like much rain will be produced because high pressure will try to keep it down to the south for the most part here. so sunny skies today, heading up to 75 by lunchtime. high emit up to 80. 78 for the ride home with mainly sunny skies at that time. still lots of sunshine today again into tomorrow but more clouds rolling in later. high 75 for you tomorrow. 73 on sat day and 72 on sunday. it will be cloudy with showers in south new jersey and long island. ines will give you a look what is happening with our commute. good morning, ines. >> good morning, mike. traffic lighter than normal out
8:30 am
you do have slow spots on route 80. look at parkway. normally red northbound and southbound by the essex toll plaza. not the situation. b.q.e. is jammed from queens boulevard heading towards the manhattan bridge. that is because of accident. lye norm delays, heading north down on the parkway. keeping eye on traffic because of pope on manhattan. fifth avenue by 49th street. there is red light. everyone is stopped. they will close this at 10:00 a.m., from 10:00 till 9:00 p.m., closed fifth avenue. show you perimeter closures planned. fifth avenue. go to the maps that will be shut down between 55th and 4th street -- 47th street, between fifth and madison. they could add closures. depends on crowds and how many people come out to the area. subways are running. as far as stations being closed that is not planned but if there is overcrowding we will close
8:31 am
buses and detours. 77 -- 72nd is closed. that will be diverted to the79th street transfers. this is closed until saturday 8:00 in the morning. another area you want to avoid. traffic lighter than normal with the lincoln full nell, no delays driving into the city. gwb 30 minute delay on upper level. 20 on the lower. extra service is being provided for the pope's visit. >> you will love this. getting east to west side of manhattan. >> what is it? >> blade the helicopter service, is doing a special service, $99 to get from you the east to the west side, back to the east side during morning an evening rush. >> really? >> sounds like a publicity stunt. how many can they really take, a helicopter from the east side to the west side? thank you, ines. go live to washington, d.c., throngs of people gathered to see the big man. >> they're out there again this morning.
8:32 am
this is a live look outside the papal residency. >> actually this right here is the national mall. oh, boy, look at that now they're gathered, rosanna, he will be giving a speech to a joint session of congress outside the capitol. they have those big jumbotron television sets. >> yeah. >> hey, our turn later today. he gets here about 5:00. >> so the pontiff had a big day yesterday. it is going to be a big day in washington. then of course here in new york. kerry drew is following it all for us this morning. what do you know, kerry. >> reporter: greg and rosanna good morning to both of you. pope francis has another big day scheduled in d.c. before he travels to new york city. yesterday massive crowds greeted the pope as he toured the nation's capitol. the pontiff spoke about several issues including climate change. pope francis arrived at the white house wednesday and was greeted by president obama and the first lady. that was followed by a private meeting with the president and this brief photo-op. the pope also made time for
8:33 am
petting the obamas dogs bo and sunny. 15,000 people gathered on the back lawn of the white house to hear the pontiff speak. one of the topics was immigration, calling himself the son of an immigrant family. >> i'm happy to be a guest in this country which wasly built by -- >> the spoke also spoke about economic inequality and urgency for world leaders to address climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generations. >> your humility, your embrace of simplicity, and gentleness of your words, and generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of jesus's teachings. [cheering]
8:34 am
streets of washington to catch a glimpse of the 78-year-old leader of the catholic church, one of more memorable scenes of the day, a little girl slipped through the security barricades. at first shying away from security but when the pope waved her over, a bodyguard picked her up and brought her to the car. the pope kissed and hugged her. the pope's first full day in the u.s. also included a mass where he made history with the first cannonnization on u.s. soil. the pope elevated junipero sara, to st. hood. -- sainthood. a 18th century missionary, spread catholicism to california. he will then share a meal with the homeless before making his way to new york city. the pope will arrive at jfk tonight at 5:00. he will hold an evening prayer service as we all know at st. patrick's cathedral at 6:45. back to you. >> he will meet with all kinds
8:35 am
of people including these kids. >> yeah, they are perfect. they're professing their singing skills. they are going to get a personal visit from pope francis. >> all right. listen to their singing. okay. they're not too loud. >> that is the praying part. the pontiff will stop by our lady of queen of angels in harlem tomorrow. 24 students from four different catholic schools in the area will perform a song for him. >> we met some of the kids earlier. they get to talk to him. they have little questions they like to ask. they are interesting questions. >> i have to say they are well-thought out questions. they will present him with gift. >> that is michael. he wants to know if the pope carry as cell phone and why he decided to become a priest as young man. >> they have a book of prayers for the pontiff. that is their gift to him. >> pope will make an appearance, an extensive one in central park. what if you were planning to get
8:36 am
married in central park this weekend? >> michael patricia are expected to have a reception in the boathouse on friday right when the pope is making the his way through park. they booked venue two years ago before the plans were finalized. families and guests will have to take shuttle buses to the park and get there quick. >> we can get in as long as the pope's not there. but once we're in that's it. once he comes through, no one else can get in. >> oh, boy. the couple says the boathouse is very helpful trying to accommodate them best way they can. >> boathouse is spectacular. remember when we rented the rowboats? >> great time. it is so pretty. anyway we wish them all the best. usually so nervous about getting married. not only worried about getting married but getting guests there. >> why are people so worried? >> big commitment. >> having second thoughts to the very end? >> in marks maybe.
8:37 am
we wish them luck. >> till death do you part is big, heavy thought. >> it is permanent. permanent. hey, trump tower by the way. look at that. it is kind of an interesting building. we don't talk about the architectural features that [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother? another episode? definitely. we all use it differently. same way?
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whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> okay. something to potentially think about. sometime next year, when you travel, we all know you have to
8:40 am
present i.d. when you travel. >> right, sometimes within the united states you can use your driver's license. >> a new york state driver's license starting next year may not be good enough to travel. i will read from the "new york post" here. the empire state driver's licenses are among those in four states that will no longer cut it for clearing airport security under tightened measures that will go into effect sometime next year. the state dmv asked for extension from the u.s. department of homeland security to comply with something called the real i.d. act of 2005, which calls for extra measures in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. if you look at sometimes identification, the passport, there is a great deal of paper. >> right. >> apparently new york state we're not quite there yet. >> you're kidding me? i'm surprised by that we're in same boat as louisiana, minnesota, new hampshire i'm hearing. >> four states out of 50. so we are a little bit behind. now a passport is the sufficient
8:41 am
to serve as i.d. under the new restrictions. however they don't go into effect until sometime next year. we may get extension. the old school driver's license may work for a bit. >> secure in the city is tight as ever seen it. they're removing garbage pails and mailbox. >> i would like know about the garbage pail removal and post boxes. why are they afraid of that? >> afraid of somebody putting explosive devices. >> that is the reason. >> theresa priolo is there on east side. >> reporter: it is safety concern. they want to make sure all objects are moved out of the way and streets and sidewalks are clear as possible. 72nd street it is business as usual then it is not. 72nd street in front of the papal residence is shut down but as you can see traffic is moving on madison avenue. this entire area is swarming with police officers.
8:42 am
they have it covered at every angle as security is at all-time high. >> very busy street. very excited. >> reporter: the excitement is building on east 72nd street outside of the official residence of the apostolic nuncio, the pope's home the next few days. streets are shut down, barricades are in place. local, state, federal law enforcement keeping eye on area watching tony but incredible special upper east side townhouse. >> i don't like feeling like i'm in the danger zone. >> reporter: but this militarized scene off of madison avenue a fraction of security measures in place citywide. thousands of police, military, counterterrorism personnel operating under the secret service are in place and ready for the pontiff's arrival tonight. his trip alone coinciding with the united nations general assembly and preceding president obama's visit is prompting the most complex security job in new york city history. a trifold operation requiring
8:43 am
the deployment of additional 6,000 police officers, 1700 vehicles and 40 miles of protective barriers. along fifth avenue and central park, a special fence erected by secret service. the barrier attempts to divide the crowds, keeping well-wishers from new yorkers on the move. pontiff's visit lasting 39 hours and 40 minutes. it requires a layered security approach made up of things you're meant to see and those you won't. if that is not enough, outside of his home away from home on the upper east side, a super fluidity of nuns calling on highest power. [praying] to keep pope francis safe. the papal residence is such an important part of the pope's visit there. is so much security that this morning the mayor and police commissioner came here to address the media. they told me they wouldn't speak with us directly but live on tv i attempted to at least ask them a few questions about the
8:44 am
if in fact the there are any known threats against new york or pope that our viewers need to be aware of. they would not speak to me on camera for perhaps their own reasons which seemingly don't seem to have anything to do with our viewers but as far as our viewers are concerned, greg, rosanna, can tell you from listening to them and hearing what they had to say the situation here is unchanged. that i ithe latest from outside the papal residence. back to both of you in the studio. >> thank you. we've been through this before. we had popes here before, right, we handle it. we'll handle it this time. this time though, i never had a ticket to an event. >> i know. isn't that great? meanwhile, don't forget if you don't have a ticket for event, we have you covered. we'll have all coverage head to toe on fox 5 and download the fox ny news app on phone. >> thank you, rosanna for scoring these tickets. thank you. >> you owe me a thousand dollars.
8:45 am
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>> this is happening right now in washington, d.c. moments ago the pope left his temporary residence and he is meeting the capitol hill. >> he is taking notes. shaking hands. even taking a few pictures. all right, we got you covered. father. meantime we have some gilligan. >> hi, everybody. "empire" returned last night for season two. with lucius in jail he is able to stop his family from throwing him out of "empire." take a look. >> we had a deal. >> i met with lucius this morning and made a better deal. >> not supposed to speak with her. >> lucius manages to double-cross the family, keeping his power in jail, showing up to the boardroom from jail. gifts.
8:49 am
last year flowers. she knows she is in danger. lucius lyon seems to be in jail with chris rock. will not give you any spoilers. catch up. there is major twist the at end. we also got some good music. jamal is running empire despite his family trying to double-cross him. that is affecting his music. take a listen. i'm going to keep it, you won't get what's mine >> so much happened last night. this is just the beginning. sure you loved it if you saw it. if you haven't catch up, we'll go through it every week. it is back, "empire," that is on wednesday night on fox 5. >> he will be later here on "good day new york." >> talented cool guy. >> hakeem. >> let's go live back to washington, d.c. the pope is on
8:50 am
the move, about to get into the popemobile and head to capitol hill. this is happening right now. he just left his temporary home there. >> he is really spending a lot of time with the crowd, you know. >> he loves people. people love him. maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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>> good day fan of the hour brought to you by mazda. driving matters. >> thank you. now let's go back live to washington, d.c. where we have the pope on the move. live look at capitol. wow, look at that. >> just a few thousand of his close friends will be there. they're waiting for him. >> that looks like presidential inauguration. the pope is in the little fee graduate.
8:54 am
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