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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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steve: excellent stuff. we appreciate it. we're joined by special guests. monsignor, introduce us to who we have. >> we have two wonderful young ladies, i have to say. they're so excited. dari: i wonder why. >> tonight they are going to welcome the holy father to his papal residence, to his own residence. 72nd street, we have amelia, who is 18 and anna who is 11 from st. augustine's school. steve: tell us how excited are you. >> i'm really excited. steve: how did you come about and how did you learn about it? what's going through your head? >> i don't know. i'm just really excited. that's all i can say. dari: we understand that you're going to be presenting flowers, yes? >> yes. dari: what color are the flowers? >> i have no idea. dari: you haven't seen them?
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dari: we should say the one little thing we know is there's a relation between you and the monsignor? these are your grand-nieces. >> yes. i'm very proud of them. dari: this is a wonderful opportunity. steve: how special for you to introduce them to the pope. >> i could tell them that we have some beautiful flowers. we have yellow, white and red are the colors of the flowers that you will give to the holy father to welcome. how are you going to say it? dari: how do you -- how will you greet the pope? >> my mom told me to say to the pope welcome to new york, your holiness. steve: sounds good to me. your mom did a good job. >> and she's going to say it in italian. dari: would you like to do a practice session? wonderful. thank you.
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>> okay. [speaking italian] dari: that's beautiful. steve: if you can do it on live tv, you can do it in person. dari: piece of cake after that. monsignor, they're absolutely lovely lovely. >> they're wonderful. they deserve it. this is a great honor, something they'll remember. this was an opportunity -- i did not propose. i have to say this. my office decided. he said, well, i would like to have emilia and anna to bring the flowers when the holy father -- steve: looking at that, we have a split screen. it appears that the pope is in the fiat. >> isn't that beautiful? steve: amazing sight. he's off the helicopter and is going to make his way through manhattan uptown to st. patrick's. dari: that means your time is going to come very soon, very
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shortly you'll have that opportunity, that special memorable opportunity. steve: you aced it on live tv. if you can do it here, you can do it in person, no problem. dari: we're so grateful you took the time to stop into our studios and say hello and tell us about your experience. you'll have to come back after and tell us how it was. >> okay. dari: and bring the pictures. i'm sure your mom and dad, who are off camera, are going to take pictures. steve: enjoy. we're going to leave you for a moment as we take a look at the pope in his famous fiat heading to st. patrick cathedral. our coverage will continue as this momentous trip from the pope continues. we're going to keep going. if you're looking at this shot, he is in the passenger side back seat if you're trying to sneak a peek of that as we all are as heliport. at some point, it's our
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understanding as this car makes its way up fifth avenue, he switches out for the popemobile, happens. that's something you can look for so he can make a more grand approach to st. patrick's as he gets there and is getting ready for vespers which will take place at 6:45. about 40 minutes from there until being inside the church. dari: and as we are watching the fiat stop there, waiting for clearance, ines has an update on traffic. you stepped off the air. you actually got an update. a very important update. let us know what the traffic conditions are now in the city. >> that's right. you see him getting ready to leave the south street heliport. they shut down the fdr. all lanes are closed northbound between the battery park underpass heading to 96th street. he'll be exiting at 66th.
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on the west side of manhattan. once he heads off 66th, they'll reopen everything. you'll deal with those delays. he'll make his way to sixth avenue. steve: very good. thank you. let's get back up to st. patrick's. that's where arthur chi'en is live outside as we watch the pope getting ready to leave the heliport. what's the husband? >> reporter: -- what's the buzz outside the church? >> reporter: we'll show you. it's very rocky out here. we're able to catch individuals coming in. police commissioner bratton was here earlier to inspect the preparations and just following up on what ines was saying, two or three minutes before the helicopter landed, the decision was made to close down several streets, including madison avenue, fifth avenue has been closed for the better part of seven or eight hours, if not
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even before he was wheels down, the streets are clear to make sure they could come to this destination without any problems. the procession will begin and go slowly from 57th street and fifth avenue down to where we are, st. patrick's cathedral. but these streets are closed down to 47th for security reasons. the peripheral side streets are closed from madison over to 6th avenue. there are an additional 6,000 police officers on today. this is just the beginning of the first test of the security apparatus they've been planning. tomorrow will be the test when he has a very busy schedule in new york from beginning to end. as you've seen, not just through washington, but here, thousands along the streets. all in place are here to greet
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to arrive before 6:45. all of his schedule is very strictly scripted, but law enforcement very well aware when it comes to this pope, he wants to get in as much of his time as possible. there are parts of it that will be very spontaneous. you see governor cuomo here as well. this is from paul's camera. the three of them in place and two becoming friends. they had their own layer of security when they go out. add on top of that the holy father's security, and out here you have a secret service run show that involves federal agencies as well as local agencies to make sure he's safe. the point you made is one that should be repeated. the holy father wants to be accessible and not have this much fanfare, but they want to make sure he's safe. steve: thank you. lots of great theatre taking place watching the mayor, the governor interacting.
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this is what's taking place inside as we speak. dari: this is a live shot of inside st. patrick's cathedral, which will be where the vespers service takes place. monsignor, talk about the service briefly. >> this is really a prayer service. it's all prayers. it's part of what we say every -- it's an hour of prayers. we have one in the early morning and like at 10:00, and then we have the prayer service during the day and then at night, in the evening, we have vespers. it's not a long prayer. dari: about 45 minutes? >> about 45 minutes. because the pope is going to say something, is going to talk. dari: absolutely. that's the main event.
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you're going to stick around for the next hour, we're hoping. in the meantime, we're going to go to break and leave you with this picture. new york's governor cuomo, new york city mayor de blasio and somewhere in the mix next to them is united states senator chuck schumer. they're all awaiting this special arrival as pope francis comes to new york city.
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-- get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad.
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but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid.
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>> good evening. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the historic visit to new york city. >> pope francis has arrived. we're awaiting his arrival for tonight's prayer service. >> we're going to take a look at what's going on. let's see -- i think we're planned so well. everything is going so well. when you think about the energy and the level, linda schmidt is there and knows preparations have been underway. it will go like clockwork. >> reporter: absolutely. it's been like clockwork since he arrived. the first trip to the u.s. in new york, we're used to this. we have the nypd. we have the feds. we have the secret service. we've got everybody that you can think of.
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they had a lot of experience. we deal with this all the time. this is nothing new. this is kind of a breeze for them. but i want to cut away to the shot. in front of st. patrick's, we have governor cuomo and senator schumer. they will be arriving pope francis. he will be arriving at a quarter to 7:00 tonight. but the avenue here, fifth avenue, has been closed down between 47th and 57th for many hours. starting at noontime, thousands of people started lining up behind police barricades. these are people with tickets who are going to be able to see the pope in the popemobile come down fifth avenue. there are two groups that i've been talking about this afternoon. one is a group of high school teenagers from two schools. one on the west side and one in the west village.
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one is a jesuit high school for boys, xavier high school. the other is notre dame high school for girls. paul, i'm going to have you push over to the students there. as you know, pope francis is a jesuit priest. the boys are from the jesuit high school. they are hoping that when the pope arrives, that when he gets out of the popemobile and sees them on the steps as he's going through the bronze doors to st. patrick's, they're going to be cheering and waving. that he will come over and shake hands and bless them. which i have a strong feeling that's going to happen because he's so spontaneous. he loves children, he loves people and likes to be close to them. you've heard it over and over and over. another that is going to be greeting him, let's show some of the construction workers. you know that st. patrick's underwent a $175 million
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just in time for the pope's arrival. there's 250 workers that are standing here. they're waving at us. some are waving at us right now. they are also going to be greeting the pope when he arrives. the pope really enjoys good, hard work. everything that these people have been doing for the past few patrick's. it is a vesper service tonight. for lack of a better term, it's a prayer service, not mass, not holy communion. the pope will stay it in spanish. as you know, the pope can speak many languages, spanish, italian, english, latin. he understands german. all right. okay. i am told that we have the motorcade that is coming up the fdr and that is the pope's motorcade.
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he will be arriving at 6:45. also in my shot, i have part of the advance motorcade that is now coming down fifth avenue here. there are few police vehicles that are coming down. they've got the black suv's. the lights are flashing. and i guess this is just to give everybody the heads-up that the pope is on his way. back to you. >> he is on his way. that's for sure. yes, you know, when you think about how he travels, keeps it very simple. in the fiat and the popemobile. it's a jeep wrangler. this is the way he loves to travel. >> quite a motorcade moving through fdr drive. there's the popemobile. so many surrounding him. we've been talking so much about how the security is not only so tight, but they have been rehearsing for a long time to get every last detail correct. absolutely.
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the fbi, the secret service, the nypd. they even include a fighter jet over the city. there's a lot of protection here. they've done their job well. i know that it's exciting because, you know, this is not just a catholic event, but i've been talking to people who say i happen to be whatever. jewish. i happen to be protestant. it's something that everyone is feeling because there is a genuine leadership here and a message of compassion and inclusion. and that's very, very important to so many people. >> it's an historic event. we saw earlier in washington, d.c., whatever your political affiliation is, people were thrilled to be in the presence of the pope to hear his powerful messages, to see him smiling and mistaking hands. that's one thing everyone talks about is the broad smile where among his people. that's where he wants to be. steve: you're right. as we see him when he was
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when he came down the steps, he walks with a sense of purpose. you can see that. he smiles at everyone. he has a warm glow because he has a sense of purpose. it's interesting he put in his retirement papers. he was ready to stop. then here we are. he's the pope. his personality has blossomed. you hear stories about that. that's what we're seeing. pope francis likes to live simply. but there's nothing simple about where he will be staying. >> sharon crowley live on the upper east side with more from the residence. >> reporter: we're on 72nd street between madison and fifth, being kept across the street from where the pope will stay. the yellow vatican flag is hanging outside the townhouse there, donated to the archdiocese of new york in 1975. it was home to one of the mayors of new york in the 1890s, hugh grant. then his relatives donated it to the archdiocese.
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the 78-year-old pontiff will be needing rest after addressing congress this morning and flying here and after the service at st. patrick's. there's excitement building here, especially when we saw the popemobile, the reconfigured jeep show up and park across the street from where he'll be staying as well as the famous fiat. we saw people starting to gather here as well as police. there are many fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope maybe as he goes to bed sometime this evening. we talked with a few of them a short time ago. here's what they had to say. why do you want to see the pope? >> i watched the joint meeting of congress this morning. i was amazed by the power of his speech. >> he's an impressive character. seeing the popemobile was good enough for me. i like what he says. he's accessible.
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>> i came around 12, and i'm not planning to leave. >> reporter: we've talked so much about how pope francis is a simple man, encouraging all of us to help the poor, open hearted to the immigrants in this country, and reportedly he doesn't want any kind of fancy dinner here tonight when he returns from vespers. just a simple gathering. he only asked for water and bananas in his room tonight. he wakes every morning at 4:30 in the morning for prayer. he's been -- already had quite a busy day for anyone, especially someone who is 78. he appears to be in good health. i can tell you people along here at 72nd and madison are hoping that he's done what he did in washington and what we hope he does on fifth avenue as he goes towards st. patrick's cathedral, which is get out and share their
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everybody is hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of him coming or going from this residence. he's being hosted by the vatican representatives to the u.n. as well as a number of other dignitaries that are lucky enough to get to meet him tonight. so i will send it back to the studio and we'll let you know if there's any major developments. >> thank you, sharon. she was talking about the townhouse. this was the home of new york's youngest mayor, hugh grant, not the actor. i understand there's a chapel in there from the same people who worked on st. patrick's cathedral. >> we're going to arthur chi'en live now. the motorcade is arriving. tell us what you can see. >> reporter: so many people are coming around. we have several people out front. i want to talk about security.
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commissioner bratton came to look around the altar area to make things were up to his standards. on saturday the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson inspecting st. patrick's cathedral and the united nations nations. this is how important this visit is right now. 57th closed to 46th in preparation of the motorcade arriving at some point. he will transfer from the fiat we saw him get at the heliport into what we call the popemobile. we will hear -- you will not be able to hear us speak without hearing the crowd when he was on fifth avenue. this area is in lockdown until the holy father arrives. expected at 6:45. he will be here until 7:45 before returning to his residence where you saw sharon.
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this is unprecedented security for the city. an extra 6,000 police officers on as well as different layers of federal law enforcement to make sure everything goes off as planned and there aren't any surprises that the holy father isn't responsible for. >> thank you for that. >> incredible stuff going on in new york. earlier today the pope addressed american lawmakers in washington, d.c. he will be delivering a message to world leaders tomorrow. >> let's go to dan bowens with the united nations for a look ahead as to what he is expected to say. >> this area completely shut down. but some business goes on as usual. you can see a new york city street sweeper doing its business along first avenue. we've got to make sure everything is looking good for the pontiff when he arrives tomorrow morning. we can only assume that famous fiat will deliver the holy father to the united nations during his first full day in new york city.
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he will deliver a speech inside the united nations general assembly tomorrow morning. he is described as someone whose presence can break down barriers, whether political or cultural or otherwise. tomorrow his worldly presence and appeal will be tested during that speech here tomorrow. the pontiff will be giving the speech during the 70th anniversary of the united nations, this as the range of intense geopolitical issues will be on the agenda, including the middle east crisis, new efforts to stop extreme poverty and tackling climate change. the pontiff is not expected to take a political position or present ideas as a technical expert, but he will speak as a pastor and prophet. vatican officials have kept silent on the contents of the speech. we know pope francis is a strong advocate for action when it comes to dealing with climate change. in june he released a papal
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he's spoken about the importance of showing compassion towards refugees of the syrian crisis. he may discuss the need to cut global military spending to deal with world conflicts. he spoke about that this morning. take a listen. >> redirect our steps until we have the most effective for the environmental deterioration caused by human activity. i am convinced that we can make a difference i'm sure. >> given what's at stake with everything going on tomorrow, the united nations is not based on religion, but given what's at stake, given the divine direction, some people may be looking for divine direction from the pontiff.
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his speech tomorrow at 8:30 in the morng ing. back to you. >> joining us is monsignor franco again. good to have you here. we've covered a lot of popes. 2008 with pope benefit ticket. pope john paul ii. and 1979 when we had coverage. >> i have to tell you, i go back to my first experience with a pope coming. that was historic. that was the 4th of october, 1965, during the council, the pope leaves the ecumenical council, 2500 bishops, to do what? to come and address the united nations. that was an historic moment when he said the war never again. he had the shortest trip to the united states. he arrived at 8:00 in the morning and he left at 11:00 p.m. >> quick visit. bishop sheen was covering the
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event. it was unbelievable. that was a great experience. francis is bringing us down to earth. he gives us here on earth -- gets us to do as much as we can for the people around us. he's always aiming at eternity. that's the beautiful thing he said to bishops in washington, d.c. >> you spend time with him. you know where the message is coming from. >> i know him. when you mentioned the fiat, you said you should see the beautiful museum in the vatican, the beautiful cars of the previous pontiffs. we won't need that much room to have the fia tchlt t , he's very simple, down to earth. he's very deep.
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remember this. whatever he has inside, he's going to bring it without and share it with the people like us normal people. >> we've heard stories about his personality has changed, that he was quieter, more subdued. this is all blossoming. >> he is taking so much energy from the people that he deals with. they could be heads of state and the most humble people. he loves children. look at this. i was looking at the schedule of tomorrow. i'll be at the u.n. naturally. i have seen the beginning, as soon as he arrives, two children. then you have children. at the end, you have children, also, at the united nations. what i mean is he loves children. but he loves the elderly, too.
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the way he talks to the elderly. knowing that he is not a child any anymore. on the 17th of december, he'll be 79. >> i know. >> look at the energy he has shown so far in cuba, here. he'll do the same thing tomorrow. >> he has so much energy, which everybody is feeling. everyone asks when he leaves, when he's gone, will that last? will that have an effect? >> you must be kidding. i feel whatever he has dealt with, especially -- this is the 10th journey in such a short time. the 10th pilgrimage of a pope. he was elected march of 2013. just think of it. he's gone to different places around the world. and he will make the difference in the world. as i said before, i feel that
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he's embracing the world, like


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