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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  September 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hi, everybody. he's here, and so far so good, huh? >> so far so good. lots of excitement in the air. >> folks waking up just a few blocks from where we are, hi,
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friday, september 25th, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. heavenly weather for the pope, it's going to be a busy day, and the weather will cooperate. mike has the details. >> when the pope arrived and drove through the streets of new york city it was chaotic, turbulent but beautiful, and the final stretch down fifth avenue, he got in the popemobile, there's something very, very special about him. >> i have to tell you, there were a lot of friends of mine who e-mailed their video as they saw him go by, it was very exciting. anyway, the pope celebrated mass last night at st. patrick's cathedral and, boy, oh, boy, did it look beautiful. newly renovated. today he has a very busy schedule, and we have team coverage every step of the way. >> again, joyous but a little chaotic, and we've got street closures and street -- all kinds of problems and issues. but we can deal with it.
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again, a beautiful occasion. united nations, he'll be there, he'll be in harlem, he'll be at the 9/11 museum memorial. >> and don't forget madison square garden because, well, mass. >> we are so blessed, i think it's appropriate to say, we have got tickets. hi, everybody, did you get to see the pope? it really was special. i love these moments, it brings us all together, right? >> it was amazing because so many people lined the streets, it was beautiful. not just along fifth avenue. friends of mine saying there were people several people deep on first avenue in the 60s to see the pontiff go by. >> they flew right by the statue of liberty and, anyway, i like moments like this whether you saw it in person or on tv, something special is going on. it's the number one story in the country right now. >> it's great because everybody
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a moment, and it's kind of like a little spiritual renewal. >> speaking of problems, we got swept away in the exuberance of the papal visit, how could we celebrate it in a unique, good day style? [laughter] so we created our own popemobile with the wax figure from madam madam madame tussauds, and then we drove around the block. a lot of people thought this was a real deal pope. >> and especially since we had monsignor franco in the car with us, and he works for the holy see. [laughter] >> people really got into it. i saw one person, you know, fell off their bike. >> it was insane. people were running to take pictures, they were alauding. >> the people found out about it. realized -- [laughter] you. they wanted to hug -- >> it was misplaced adulation
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seeking on my part. >> exuberance. >> the police actually found out about this ask had a phone call or two. >> then they realized we weren't behind this, and we kind of embraced the idea of seeing this wax figure of the pope. >> all right. so is you can see it, by the way. look at that cute little kid. >> ah, it was really sweet. meanwhile, i'm excited. i'm part of the re-papal fess -- prepapal festivities. >> it's a big deal. we'll be there at madison square garden. yeah, there's a cool concert before the mass. much to do today, mike woods -- >> i get your autograph right now? >> no. hopefully, if i don't mess it up -- >> that's good. and you're both going to be there? >> yes. he's my partner in crime. >> we're not coming within a mile of the pope be, don't worry. >> still be cool to be there. anyways, happy friday, everyone.
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different in terms of your weather, just some high clouds but still a lot of sunshine. temps not bad, just not as warm as the last couple of days. right now we've got 64 degrees at central park, 62 belmar, winds moving in from the those. we still have them going around 3-12 miles per hour, but they're pretty consistent from the northeast. makes it feel cool kerr, but other than that not a big deal. again, some more cloud cover, mainly high clouds, a little bit of mid cloudiness too but we don't have think rain issues for a while. this area of low pressure is going to try to force up that moisture, but the high pressure's a little stronger so, therefore, we're keeping the rain out until next week. today's high temp, 75. tomorrow we make it up to 72, 72 also on sunday, and that's when that area of low pressure tries to nudge some showers through
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soggy. now we're going to get you to ines, she's got a lot to tell you about getting around. >> at the same time, i am noticing traffic a lot lighter than normal. street cleaning rules are suspended, religious effect. watch out for an accident on the saw mill southbound, that's blocking a lane. it's off to the shoulder off you come off the tappan zee bridge westbound, rockland side. your new jersey commute, 08 and 287, doing pretty good. let's go to queens. the lie eastbound, watch out for delays as you approach francis lewis boulevard, left lane is blocked because of an accident. delays eastbound there. and also yesterday the lin was really flowing i was hearing from a lot of people, sun glare could be an issues. let's go to brooklyn, the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge, normal delays
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lincoln tunnel lighter than normal, a lot lighter, no delays inbound. the holland tunnel, it's about a five minute delay. you do have a little bit of a delay on the gwb, 15-20 on the upper level, lower level 5-10. trains are doing good, everything on or close. >> yesterday in the popemobile through the streets of new york city, did you notice? there was actually a cameraman in the popemobile -- >> it was a little shaky right outside st. patrick's cathedral, right? >> yes, it was. i think that camera are guy behind him is from the vatican. >> makes perfect sense. >> all right. so let's take a live look now at -- >> the papal residence on 72nd street, because that's where the holy father is. now, what we've learned is that he usually gets up at about 4:30 in the morning, and he prays about two hours. now, at this papal residence -- which i got a chance to go through last week -- >> again, 72nd between madison
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>> yeah. on the same floor as where the pontiff is staying, there is a beautiful chapel. it's all wood and tiffany glass, and it was actually originally put there by the former mayor of city, hugh grant. >> must have been a long time ago. well, the pope is this our neighborhood, and it's exciting, but he'll be moving throughout the city, harlem, downtown, harden. let's go to our reporter -- madison square garden. let's go to teresa priolo outside. >> hey, good morning, everyone. it's kind of tough to see what's happening here because of the incredible police presence shutting down 72nd street and madison, but that is the papal residence just right behind that tree where you see the flag hanging. we are being told the pope is having breakfast this morning with some wealthy charitable families from manhattan, from new york city, so there is apparently some sort of private
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the pope has a very, very busy day, so let's hope he got a good night's sleep here on the upper east side. when he so muched down yesterday, he did so in quite a fashion, and he quickly proved why he is so adored. the an arrival that was simply divine. welcomed by thousands of adoring faithful. accompanied by archbishop timothy cardinal dolan and greeted by the governor, senator and mayor, the open entered st. patrick's and sudden isenly stopped to bask in its mag think sense. he was then officially deemed a new yorker by cardinal dolan. >> once you enter through those famous door cans on fifth avenue, you became an official new yorker. [laughter] [applause] >> as he greeted the crowd, pope francis paid particular attention to the young, the old
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and the disabled. throughout the vespers, his holiness used his homily to encourage a life of service to the disadvantaged. he also did what has not been done in some time, he thanked the women of the church. >> what would the church be without you, women of strength, fighters? with that spirit of courage to you, religious women, sisters and mothers of this people, i wish to say thank you. >> the arrival of the holy father has been anticipated for months. at his touchdown at jf the k, some -- jfk, some 200 people greeted him with cheers, flags and presents which made the pope laugh. his presence alone a blessing. >> he kissed me on the fore forehead and he gave me a held. >> i said mucho gusto to him, and he said it back. >> his now infamous fiat arriving before 9:00, and he's
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to rise before dawn before he starts a jam packed day. another live look here on the upper east side at the papal residence. again, completely locked down. we do hope we will be able to get even the slightest glimpse of the holy father this morning although it seems unlikely because we are so far back. he's expected to leave between 7:45 and 8:00 and he heads to the united nations for that 8:30 address. >> boy, kind of cool. he's right there. thank you very much, teresa. >> well, the pontiff has a busy day, and you know he's not one to shy away controversial issues. >> he's speaking at the united nations here in new york city. robert moses has a review. >> greg and rosanna, good morning to you. the pope is due here at 8:30 this morning. he'll spend about two and a half hours in meetings, and then his
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visit culminates in that half hour address which begins at about 10:20. he is the leader of 1.2 billion catholics around the world, but he has captivated many millions more than that. this morning pope francis becomes the fourth pope to address the united nations. the holy father is expected to discuss climate change, immigration and the need for peace. his friend be, monsignor franco, says his holiness has great respect for the u.n. >> he would like to speak as much as he could to give this kind of a message so that the whole world might in some way change for the better. >> pope francis is expected to address some of the same issues he discussed yesterday before a joint session of congress. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see! >> the pope could for the abolishment of the death penalty, he discussed the need to protect the planet, and he said immigrants are a key part of our society.
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>> we, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners because most of us -- [applause] because most of us were once foreigners. >> while he doesn't explicitly talk about abortion, he made his opposition clear when he cited the golden rule. >> the golden rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development. [applause] >> members of congress interrupted the pope frequently with applause and standing ovations. it was an emotional day for house speaker john boehner who dabbed tears from his eyes. [cheers and applause] after his address to congress, the holy father walked out onto the speaker's balcony to thunld rouse applause. >> thank you. thank you very much and god
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bless america. [cheers and applause] >> and this morning, this is a live look at first avenue right around 46th street. first avenue, as you can see, is closed to traffic. this area becoming more and more fortified as we near the pope's arrival. again, he is due here at about 8:30, will spend about two and a half hours here and then head downtown to the 9/11 museum. day awaits. that is the latest live from the u.n. this morning, back to you. >> that looks pretty intense around you. everybody -- lots of press. okay, thank you. >> all right. >> a lot of people today around town, huh in. >> also msg, lots of traffic. the pontiff is going downtown, uptown, midtown, you name it. ines has been telling us all morning it's going to be tough to get around. lots of people, i think, are
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taking it with great stride, i have to say. >> we're all rolling with the punches. but the big mass will be tonight at harden. let's go to -- at madison square garden. let's go to liz dahlem. >> i know you're going to be heading down here in a couple of hours, and the excitement is certainly starting to build amongst members of the media, for sure. we're excited to get a glimpse of the crowds heading in, but i want to show you the security preps going into play right now. we just saw a big group of police and secret service members walking in and out of penn station, that has been happening all morning as well as k-9 units and this is going into pope's visit. we have to tell you two things that commuters need to keep in mind if they're heading to penn station. it are remain open during the mass, but only two entrances will be accessible, the one on 34th and seventh avenue and the second one right on seventh avenue at 32nd street. there are a lot of road closures
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in place, and you can expect this area to be pretty crowded the rest of the day. some of the streets around madison square garden will be locked down. 31st to 34th street between sixth and eighth avenues, long island railroad is adding eight extra penn station-bound trains this evening. other pockets to the city will have significant closures due to the pope's agenda. streets around the united nations, the 9/11 memorial and museum, 112th street this harlem where the pope will be visiting a school and the area of central park west. new yorkers know the city could be tough to get around -- >> i'm not coming here tonight. brooklyn. >> why? >> because i want to get home. i don't want to be stuck here. >> are you nervous at all about the congestion -- >> i'm a little nervous about it. i'm meeting a friend, because i have another ticket, and she's
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other than that, you know, i'm just so happy to see him. i think he's like jesus. >> i loved talking to that last woman. she's going to be heading to central park today. and i'm sure we're going to hear a lot more stories. the mass begins at 6:00, and anybody inside who was there during the mass will have to stay in place a half hour after the pope leaves for security reasons, so this area should be really busy all throughout the night. we're live outside of madison square garden, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> i know. we got our tickets, liz. how are you figuring -- have you figured out how you're getting there? >> the logistics of it? i though the security is intense, but -- >> it's. >> we're going to let people in. we apologize for that commotion we caused on the upper east side with an imitation pope. >> well, it's a wax figure that was basically, you know, debuted here on good day new york,
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madame tussauds, and it was so lifelike, and people came running from everywhere. >> it took a while. we actually went around the block twice. the first time, no big deal. curiosity. the third time, worderline riot -- borderline riot. >> a bit of a commotion. some people thought it was the real deal -- this was ridiculous. >> you had nothing -- why were you hugging everyone? >> i was trying to exploit it. i was riding the wave. i saw mike woods get in on the action -- >> i fell for your trick. i fell for your trick, huh? >> oh, we saw mike out there too. >> yeah, exactly. i started taking video, and i was like, oh, i got dupe asked. actually, i went to dinner last night, i think they saw you, they were like, no, we got a picture, they were in the back of the convertible murano. [laughter]
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anyway, fun times. welcome to the pope. the papal visit looks pretty good weather wise. sunny skies, high clouds out there, weather's nice and comfortabling and, yeah, if you want to ride in a convertible, this is a pretty good day for you. high temp of 75 degrees. other temps in the area, 64 in central ark, 52 in monticello, 63 in montauk. we do have, again, more high clouds in the area but not the rainmakers. they're well to the south of us back down near the carolinas. there's an area of low pressure that's driving all this and that will continue to do the same thing. for us it means high clouds for the next couple of days, today and tomorrow, but then the clouds thicken up, and we will see shower chances next week. tomorrow we make it up to 72 with a mainly sunny sky. more clouds on sunday, and there's your best shower chance coming late sunday into monday. okay, let's get over to ines rosales, and she's got all sorts of information.
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sounds like a lot of folks took the warning and maybe stayed home. >> they're expecting 80,000 people in central park -- >> here we go. >> yeah. bronx parkway southbound, there's an accident, you have that lane blocked blocked and long island expressway expect delays approaching utopia, there's a crash there westbound side normal delays heading towards queens boulevard. francis lewis boulevard, you have the left lane blocked eastbound. let's talk about the pope closures and what to avoid. if you're heading into that area to see the pope, you do have to plan ahead. if your trying to avoid, first, we have him at the papal residence, 72nd street closed until saturday, 8:00. between fifth avenue and madison avenue, that's the perimeter of the closure between 73st and 74 -- 7 19th and 74th. when he's not there, they'll reopen madison avenue and let traffic through.
7:21 am
his way to the united nations. first avenue will be closed between 42nd and 48th along with the fdr drive. 9/11 memorial, already closures are in lace, as you get closer to 11, you'll have west street closed south of murray until 1:00. madison square garden, as liz mentioned, you have closures there. 12 p.m., more closures will be in place, and then central park south of 79th street along with central park west will be closed throughout the night pretty much along with the 55th street transfers. >> good morning, holy fracture. he is -- holy father. he's waking up right now -- >> he's up already. >> here's the window of the upper east side townhouse. >> for co selling 18 homes? easy. four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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>> hi, let's go outside, shall we? the pope is in our neighborhood. he's on 72nd street right now. five blocks from here. >> fantastic. >> isn't that cool? >> yes. one of the places the pontiff is going to be going is the national 9/11 memorial and museum. >> he'll be all over town, yes, and he will be downtown. let's go to juliet huddy, she's this a building overlooking the whole zone? >> we have a great, great view from the w hotel downtown in low arer manhattan.
7:24 am
we're on the 31st floor, we have a balcony situation. if you see some arms and backs getting into the shot, it's tight quarters here. we have a perfect view of the reflecting pools in the 9/11 memorial itself. this is where the activity is really going to be around 11:0. the pope will arrive at 11:30, but just about 8:00, just about a half hour from now, guests will be allowed to start coming into the memorial gardens and museum. these are 9/11 responders, family members who have died on 9/11 and afterwards. the folks will start to come into the 9/11 memorial museum at about 10:30. 11:30, again, the pope should arrive. pope francis' arrival, he will go to the south reflecting pool and reflect for a moment. he will then make his way into the foundation hall, and then he will conduct this sewer faither is moan think -- interfaith
7:25 am
all different feints, muslims, there are, of course, critics. but, you know, today is a day that reflect ares who pope francis is, a man who wants to bridge the gap between faiths, a man who wants people of opposite faiths or of differing faiths to not change their faith, but to just trust in other faiths. that is really the key message that he's trying to impart here. earlier this morning i spoke with a woman named monica. monica lost her husband, michael, on 9/11. he was in the south tower. he was 37 years old. she immediately started working on a memorial, and it was called september's mission. she says her mission was completed, she ended up having a big hand in creating the 9/11 memorial that you see today. i talked with her a little bit earlier, and here's what she had to say. >> i'm just so blessed to be able to be here and honored to be able to greet our holiness and thank him for just being here. and my daughters, what a legacy
7:26 am
for them. one day they'll understand the power of being able to shake our holiest, our holy pope's hand. there's no words for that. >> and i'm looking, actually, through here. i see monica and her daughters. they're watching the monitor that we have on in the lounge here, and they are just so excited today. her daughters are megan and madison, adorable little girls that get to peep the pope today. back to you. >> looks like you have a great view. pope benedict was at ground zero -- >> the last time when he was here, i was at yankee stadium
7:27 am
we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of
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>> oh, what a beautiful day. cardinal dolan just got to the papal residence. >> you're looking live at 72nd street between madison and fifth. that's where the pope is staying. welcome again to new york city, your holiness. hope he's having a great time. >> yeah. he may leave in about 15 minutes, so we're keeping an eye on things for you. >> the people love him, we love him. let's take a live look at the united nations. we believe this is his first stop.
7:29 am
he'll give a major address. the world's media is waiting for him outside. >> it's going to be a or very exciting day for him. >> do we want to do a quick flag review? >> oh, no, no. no. >> no? let's see if we can name one of them. >> sorry, 7:31. >> i spy -- >> i spy mike woods. >> i spot -- >> mike woods! >> guatemala. >> okay, ines -- >> it was guatemala. blue, blue, white with a big bird. >> okay, he got it. >> he's trying to schmooze ines. >> no, not really. >> i know, i know. [laughter] >> what's up, buddy? >> it looks good. high clouds around the tristate region, but you know what? they aren't giving you any rain. let's take a look at what's going on, what to expect here today. sun and high clouds, so it's a little bit different than yesterday and a little bit cooler too. cooler temperatures do make a comeback as we head into the weekend, and your next chance of
7:30 am
rain isn't this sunday night, into monday. closing in on eight inches behind in terms of rainfall. we need it, but it's not happening yet. a lot of clouds rolling up from the south, but the rainmakers are staying down to the south, and high pressure's going to block that rain out for the area here today. take a look at the future cast, look at what the computer models are are saying. sorry, north carolina, you've got rain, showers coming through basically all day long as that area of low pressure's parked over you. even as we head into tomorrow, stilling soggy and even on sunday, looks like that low pressure's hanging about. it tries to scoot some of these showers up into our area sometime sunday night into monday, but even then i'm not impressed with what i see. this is by no means a drought buster coming at us next week. today sunny skies, high temp of 75. 72 is your high tomorrow as well as sunday and and better chance of showers comes through on monday, and then a little warm
7:31 am
up, highs back up to 80 on tuesday. let's bring in ines -- was he right on the flag? triangle something blue and a bird? >> yeah, there's a bird. there's a big bird in between. [laughter] street cleaning rules are suspended today, meters remain in effect. the bronx borough parkway southbound as you approach palmdale because of an accident blocking a lane. new jersey commute, no problems, i i am noticing traffic lighter than normal. problems on the long island expressway in queens eastbound here by utopia parkway, accident pushed off to the shoulder. you still have delays there eastbound. westbound side normal delays approaching queens boulevard. as for the hudson river crossing, lincoln tunnel, take a look, no delays traveling inbound. if you want to take the holland tunnel, no delay either. same goes for the george washington bridge, lower level it's about a 5-10 delay, but not a bad ride.
7:32 am
as far as the trains, metro north, lirr, new jersey path trains running on or close to normal. limited service between presidents street and beverly. greg and rosanne are that. >> thank you very much. yesterday millions struggling to get a glimpse of the pope, but it was beautiful as he drove through the street is or was driven through the streets of new york city. now, he'll be be meeting a lot of people face to face. of course, the governor, church hierarchy, very important people -- >> of course, 9/11 families. >> and, rosanna, people from every walk of life really. >> yeah. >> people here perhaps without documentation, immigrants, people from car washes, little kids, school kids too. >> yeah. he's going to meet with some cat rick school -- catholic school kids, but he's also in the same building going to meet with immigrants. and the man who knows a lot about this is monsignor kevin sullivan of catholic charities of new york.
7:33 am
his group is organizing the event at the school later today. nice to have you wuss, monsignor. >> thank you so much, thanks, greg. >> catholic charities deals with immigration issues day in, day out. >> we do. we do. and what the pope is so gracious, he said when i come to new york, i want to meet those immigrants or refugees that catholic charities is helping this so many different ways. so we're going to have 150 immigrants and refugees from throughout the new york metropolitan area who are just
7:34 am
interact with the >> i'm going ask him if he misses his family in rome.
7:35 am
family in argentina as well. >> i'm going to ask him why did he become a priest, so that he could become the pope? >> i'm going to ask him to always be free to come back to our school. >> i like that idea. >> these are great kids. >> monsignor, the kids, obviously, well prepared. and also catholic charities put together this beautiful message for the pontiff, recorded messages from people of every denomination, right? >> yes. we put up a web site because not everybody can see the pope. we called it charity has no boundaries, and we invited people throughout the country to just give their welcome. and we had governors, we had mayors, we had politicians, we had celebrities who were doing it. and we had ordinary people who just said welcome, holy father -- >> how do we make sure the pope downloads that video? >> well, we're going to give him a copy of it when he comes to east harlem today along with the stories of the people who were in the room. >> what are some of the problems that you deal with on a day-to-day basis with catholic
7:36 am
charities? because i know that you try to help people with legal issues stay in this country. >> right. well, what we do is real simple. we try to make sure people have a nutritious meal, they have a place to live, we try to make sure they have the skills and get a job that they can stay in the country, that they take advantage of the law here. and with immigrants, we do it with everybody we do it. that's what pope francis is going to meet today. he's going to meet the kids -- the first group he's going to meet are kids from central america who have been given a soccer ball and a soccer jersey. [laughter] >> you can't argue with that, that's beautiful. how you doing as far as tickets? i hear that there are still tickets available -- >> what? garden? effect? >> greg, can i get one for you? >> i've got three right here, but i'm working on another one. by all the security. there could be an opportunity to go if you really want to. >> i don't know if there are any
7:37 am
much making a commitment -- >> for the day. >> of the day, because of security to be there early. so i don't know if there are tickets left -- >> monsignor, thank you very much. >> what's the web site if people want to donate and continue the good works that you do? >> go to charity has no boundaries, the catholic charities web site. >> thank you so much is. thank you. >> thank you. and say hi to the pope, wow. >> will do. >> i know, wow. this is going to be good. today not only is the pontiff in town, but so is the iphone 6s is it? >> yep, the new iphone is out. we're going to get one -- actually, it's on its way to
7:38 am
we'll have [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, everyone. look at this gorgeous sunrise from fire island. thank you to robin ward, our pal here on good day new york, and it's going to be a beautiful day with high clouds in the area. 61 in islip and 52 in sussex. here's the high clouds that are rolled into town, not producing rainfall, but the clouds will filter out the sub. the rain -- the sun. the rain is staying to the south of us. high clouds out there, not quite as warm, high temp in the city
7:39 am
only day with rain out there is monday of next week, so just a few showers passing through at that time. the fox 5ny weather app is at the apple itunes store and google play store, download it for free. let's bring in ines and get a look at what it's like to get around out there. >> avoid certain areas. at the moment, 72nd street, fifth avenue, madison, 71st, that's the perimeter you want to avoid, and then the 9/11 memorial, closures are already set up, but there'll be more closer to 11:00. west street will be closed southbound between murray and the brooklyn battery underpass. northbound expect more closures. madison square garden after 12 p.m., you'll have her closures. right now it's just 30 and 33st street -- 33st street. -- 31st street. the 65th transfer is included, that is closed until 7 p.m. along with central park west and fifth avenue buses will be
7:40 am
up to the 79th street transfers. a lot of diversions with the buses local and express. >> let's check in on that pope real quick, huh? live look outside his temporary residence on the upper east side. plenty of cops -- >> right. >> no pope yet. >> we know cardinal dolan just went inside the residence about ten minutes ago. as soon as the pontiff leaves, we will bring it to you right away. in the meantime, apple's got a big announcement. >> all right. which one is the new phone? huh? we've got the -- >> the new iphone 6s. >> you tell? >> let me see. i can tell because one is dirty -- >> one is new. >> that would be mine. >> yes. >> and, quite frankly, well, number one, the first thing, the first difference is the security code. it's mandatory. it used to be four digits was the default? >> yeah. >> it's six. six.
7:41 am
the guy told me the code. >> another thing i have to try to remember. adam is with at&t, and he's manhattan sales director. nice to have you with us, adam. >> thank you. >> beside the six-digit code, what else is new about the iphone 6? >> a lot of great new features. so first thing's first, the a9 chip which is up to 70% faster than the a8. >> oh. so, what, you'll get your e-mails faster? >> similar to the way a computer works. faster processing, getting you through everything much quicker. live photographs -- photographs? >> greg, do you want to take a picture? >> what have we got here? >> it'll capture just a little bit before and just a little bit after. >> all right. rosanna's posing for a picture, okay? hi. and i'm taking a picture now. okay, now you say it's live. so i go back into photos, there's a nice picture, now what i do i do? >> if you just press down on the
7:42 am
screen -- >> >> on the screen, okay. now hold the press? >> yes, sir. >> thousand what? >> there you go. and right after. >> oh, that's cool. >> oh. that could be incriminating, by the way. >> right, exactly. >> all right. this? >> so you had mentioned the code before, also the thumbprint right now -- >> the thumbprint. >> it works a lot quicker. >> i have to say, you know, i put my thumbprint on the iphone 6, and i don't know what anymore. >> i will help you recalibrate. >> you will? okay. >> let's face it, it's slightly better. it's not a revolutionary new phone. this is a 6s, it's not a 7. is it really waiting in line for? >> there's a lot of great new features. also the camera went from a 8 to a 12 mega pixel. >> i've waited online before. >> honestly, think it's just honest.
7:43 am
every year how do they take the game to the next level. i think right now if you take a look at the selfie frenzy, the front camera goes from a 1.2 megapixel to a 5 megapixel -- >> i have to tell you, yesterday there was one shot somebody god, even had their cell phones out taking pictures of the pontiff. everybody. it was like a sea of cell phones. >> sometimes that makes me sad. i think we should maybe take in the moment before we try to document -- >> yes and no. you have to document. one more thing. how much does it cost, and what's the trade-in stuff that's going on? >> right now we have several options including at&t next. so for around $21.67 you could walk away with the phone right now -- >> how much? >> $21.67. >> a month, for how long? >> 12, 18 or how 24, or you have a two-year agreement for 199. >> that can be very complex sometimes. it's like buying a house. you look like a straight shooter. >> yes, sir, i am.
7:44 am
>> adam with at&t. coming up, we are taking a look outside the papal residence. the pope should be on the move shortly, and we will bring that
7:45 am
alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that' s cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it' s more than a card. it' s the gear that gets it done. >> do you think the pope likes coldplay? [laughter] >> i think so. >> you think so?
7:46 am
music today at madison square garden. gloriaest fan going to sing. >> live look, 72nd street. a sea of police. boy, they're not fooling around. that's where the pope is staying. he's still there. 72nd between madison and fifth. >> now, are there a lot of people hanging around -- >> yeah, they have guns. >> no, besides them. the if you turn the camera the other way, are there people on the streets? >> show us around, let's see. >> yeah, let's see. >> security people, reporters -- >> oh, you know what? >> what? >> if you want to see the pope, this would probably be the lace to go see the pope, because usually you're 10, 20 people deep. >> i don't know, hon. >> no, you don't think so? >> i see a lot of barricades. >> they're saying, no, the cameraman or camerawoman is saying no. [laughter] >> now, this is from yesterday. there's like an embedded cameraman with the pope. he stands right there in the popemobile. he'll be doing this today throughout the city, especially >> yeah.
7:47 am
his way through central park. only people with tickets will be allowed to line up along the route. fox 5's carrie drew has more. all right, carrie, what's happening? >> good morning, greg and rosanna. the pope will be here in central park later on today, and preparations are well underway. behind me you've probably never seen the entrance to central park looking quite like this, this is the entrance near columbus circle, and you can see all of these security checkpoints, and there's also a large police presence in the area. there's an eight-foot-tall black fence along the western edge of the park running from 59th to 81st street is. so check-in will begin at 11:00 this morning, it'll continue until 3:30. guests are being told to arrive early because security could take a while. pope francis will travel via horde decade at 5 p.m., and it'll happen before his madison square garden mass at 6:00. the procession will take place on central park's west drive
7:48 am
between 72nd and 60th street. a ticket and a valid id is required for entrance. now, from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m., central park will be completely closed to the public from 81st street south to 59th street and from central park west all the way to fifth avenue. ticketed guests only will have access to these areas. earlier i caught up with a woman who won a lucky ticket in a lottery back on september 10th. she traveled to the city from farmingdale, long island, and could not be more excited. what is it like to be here on this historic day? >> no words. no words can describe how i feel. i mean, the holy father be, and i think it's the greatest chance that i have to see him. hopefully, if i'm close enough it would be amazing if i could touch him or whatever, but as long as i see him and receive his blessing, it'll be the best. >> a live look once again at the
7:49 am
security checkpoint here at the entrance to central ark. check-in begins at 11:00 this morning. if you are coming here, you should know you're allowed to wring water, a that can and a camera, however, selfie sticks are not allowed so, unfortunately, no selfies with the pope. also this is a standing-only event, no blankets and no chairs allowed. that's the latest live from columbus circle, back to you. >> no selfie sticks, but you can bring your arm. that's the original -- >> we borrow yours? it's very long. anyway, lots going on and yesterday lots going on here in town. >> all right. let's take a live look again, please, at his temporary residence on 72nd street. we're waiting for his -- >> oh, wait a second. >> could it be happening now? >> wait. there's a little activity going on there. >> and i've seen that man a with the pope before. >> is that -- wait a second, go back. is that joe -- >> looks like joe, but i don't think it is. >> no, it's not joe. >> all right. this is a man who's very tight with the pope. >> well, you know, the upon
7:50 am
stiff travels not only with his doctor, he travels with the swiss guard, he travels with his personal cardinals and bishops. there is, like, an entourage. but it looks like a lot of activity -- >> a big one. and also did you see all the vehicles yesterday in that motorcade? and look at the heavily-armed police. all right. looks like he's quite secure. we're going to keep our camera on that. split the screen if we can, talk a little bit about his arrival yesterday at jfk airport. it was joyous. it was somewhat limited. it wasn't like you had tens of thousands of people, because it was controlled. >> this was at jfk, there's the bishop, and also in that crowd is the monsignor who was there with some school children from brooklyn -- >> i just saw him move in. [laughter] i just saw -- there you are. [laughter] and here he is on our desk, monsignor, welcome to good day. what was that like yesterday? >> it was amazing, it really was. it was awesome. >> what did you say to the
7:51 am
>> i said welcome welcome to brooklyn, with my own accent. >> you were in queens. >> well -- the brooklyn diocese. thank you. [laughter] the brooklyn diocese incorporates brooklyn and queens, but it was fantastic. you know, it really wasn't a big event planned, but when the children presented him with a gift and a spiritual bouquet, he then went over to the greet the people, and that was our hope and expectation. >> i heard he really liked meeting the kids, but he also liked getting the bobblehead. >> yes. >> somebody gave him a bobblehead of the pope? >> the little pope dolls, they had a contest to write a letter to the pope and what they were going to be doing. >> so after you said welcome to brooklyn, what did he say? i've been asking everybody, what did the pope say? >> he looks at you and and says god bless you. >> oh, that's nice. >> meeting people constantly. >> yes, yes. so many people. and then he went over to see a number of people with special needs and people who were sick, children who were suffering from
7:52 am
serious diseases and illnesses. it was wonderful. >> monsignor, please, stay with us. let's take one her peek at his side. >> and daniel rodriguez, thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook p i'm sigourney weaver, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world... like our state parks. the adirondacks are my favorite. for hiking, fishing, camping, you name it. niagara falls is the oldest
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state park, but visiting it never gets old. the readers of a national newspaper voted letchworth the #1 state park in america. watkins glen, #3. new york state parks are a gift. plan your vacation at there's something for everyone. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of
7:54 am
>> for fox 5 news. this is "good day new york." >> it's a good day, new york. friday september 25th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly. the pope is a few blocks from us right now on upper east side.
7:55 am
he will make his way to united nations later for a big address to the general assembly. again the arrival yesterday was joyous. went off really without a hitch. people are thrilled. the whole city is talking about it. >> meanwhile security very tight on the papal rest den on upper east side. we're keeping an eye on things for you. we think the pontiff will leave shortly. he spent the night there. he will head to the united nations where he heads about an hour from now. >> coming down through the street of new york city, the cheers the love was, electric, nuclear. >> it really was. you could really feel excitement. it was very emotional to hear people cheering as the pontiff went by in the pope mobile. >> we mentioned the united nations. yesterday he addresses congress. the u.n. general assembly today. he is not afraid to go there. climate change, refugees,
7:56 am
immigration crisis. climate change. visiting the school. 9/11 museum. >> it will be a very busy day. don't forget madison square garden. there will be a prepapal mass. i'm honored one of the people participating in the prepapal mass. >> i'm honored to be one of the people sitting down. >> you actually have tickets. will you lose them before the mass? that is what i'm concerned about with you. >> since when. of course not. take a look one more time. it was great. the whole country is talking about it right now. that is what i love. one of those moments that bring us all together. >> it really is. it was exciting. you could hear cheering of people blocks away from where it was happening. it was very electric i have to say. >> you could tell he was coming when you heard the cheers. now, it was, this is real deal. unlike that farce that we pulled
7:57 am
figure from madame tussauds. we were into this. madame tussaud contacted us. put the figure in the car and went for a ride. >> i'm shocked how much that wax figure cost and we were driving around with it, not being strapped down or anything. it was rocking from side to side. >> most people knew it was imitation pope. a handful thought it was real deal. >> you really embraced the crowd. look at you. >> yeah. this was nonsense. foolishness. but anyway, some people called the police, like does anybody know the pope is on 67th street now. >> in a convertible? >> anyway, yeah. that was our tribute. homage to the pontiff. that is probably closest we get to him. >> madison square garden. >> be in his presence, breathing same air. mike woods. weather.
7:58 am
nice and sunny. it. >> it was a great say to celebrate all religions. a lot of people celebrating of jewish faith, muslim faith. we have the pontiff here. >> everyone united. we love it. anyhow, it is friday. we have beautiful weather for rest of the day and the week. the weekend. looks pretty good. tips are coming down a little bit. even so our temps are still normal. 65 degrees, high clouds in the area. most folks are saying, now what he mostly sunny. makes it be cooler and not too bad. i think most folks are appreciative of the with out today. 60 in allentown. monticello checking in at 62. 64 degrees in montauk. not much going on. clouds, yes, they're here. they're not producing anything far rain is concerned. the sun penetrates through the
7:59 am
high cirrus clouds we have with us. don't worry about it. we have decent cloud cover but it will block out sun rays. here is where the showers are. if you're in north carolina they're getting soaked today. it has been zogby a while. it is drifting up into virginia, southern half of virginia. it looks like it wants to come this way but because the ridge of high pressure is sitting there blocking things out our temps will stay dry. high temp 75 degrees. tomorrow you see high of 72. same thing for you sunday. on monday there is chance of some showers here but should be light stuff. anyway, bring you on over to ines rosales. plenty to talk about getting around the tri-state. good morning. >> a few things. street rules are suspended meters are. lie westbound, accident blocking lane on eastbound side things are fine.
8:00 am
things okay on the express wray. we're bradley avenue, but normal delays there. guanas doing fine towards the b.q.e. this accident approaching utopia parkway. still delays eastbound. westbound delays approaching queens boulevard. hudson river crossings lighter than normal. lincoln tunnel, no delays. no delays with the holland or george washington bridge. upper and lower levels doing fine. as far trains, troh north harlem line and expect delays because of a car on the tracks. everything else unking on or schedule. rosanna greg. >> we're awaiting pope's next movement. we're expecting him to leave his temporary residence on 72nd street basically any minute.
8:01 am
he should get to the u.n. half hour. there is the camera, a camera that usually follows the pontiff. he likes to get there a little earlier to stop along the way to shake a few hands. theresa priolo is right there. does it look like more activity than before? >> good morning, rose rosier, good morning, everyone. we have our ice on 72nd and madison. a lot of activity. a lot of traffic on madison, perhaps by the time pope comes out maybe traffic would be shut down. in the last few minutes we have seen a number of black suvs show up. people in military gear. guns drawn. papal pool camera is perched atop a satellite truck across the street. i think that is the pope's translator potentially just
8:02 am
a few more people coming out now. so we are anxiously awaiting the pope's departure from the papal residence. here he is. he is coming right now, greg and rosanna. he is walking out. you can see his white garb walking across the street. almost into the sidewalk, coming into the middle of the street where the fiat is blocked in obviously by these black suvs there. you tee sop of his white cap as he moves. they will head west on 72nd street. then down fifth avenue, to make their way eventually over to the u.n. robert moses should be seeing him in 15 minutes time. it is very exciting here. i will tell you what is quite interesting. not a lot of onlookers showing up hire. perhaps because they're not allowed to be here sips this is such a secure zone with some police and military personnel, local, state, federal law enforcement. we were expecting people to show up to get a glimpse of the pope.
8:03 am
but that hasn't happened this. is mostly police presence. still a treat for them and certainly for us. we're excited to see the pope emerge from the papal residence. greg, rosanna, i step out of the way so you can see things. >> that is terrific. we saw him leave along with you. you saw him with your own eyes. this is not a time for the public at least on this portion of 72nd street. >> in d.c., they had people closer to the papal residence. here they got them pretty far away. >> different setup here. the street, more property. they had a front yard. >> i'm sure they were invited guests that were screened. >> so pope francis on the move. yep, there he goes. >> in meantime, the pontiff is not one to shy away from controversial political eschews. he took some on yesterday as he address ad joint meeting of congress. >> we'll stay on these images for a little bit longer. fifth avenue.
8:04 am
how would you get to the u.n. from 72 understandnd and madison? >> you could do a number of different ways. go down 57th street, right? >> go down fifth to 42nd street. hang a left. that would take you there. shoot over to the fdr. that is an option. >> there are a number of ways to get around. >> they have a plan. it is all mapped out. streets are blocked off. >> we don't have to worry about that thank goodness. >> looks like he will take the fdr? >> yes. looks like it is closed. >> at least a portion of it. >> look, 73rd. >> south of 9th street. that shot is 73rd. >> those are police cars. if you look closely these, cameras from 1910. >> they need to be cleaned like your cell phone case. >> important thing, pope francis on the move. has a big speech at united nation. >> will talk about all different things. robert moses outside of the u.n. this morning.
8:05 am
robert. the pontiff is on the way. >> reporter: greg, rosanna, i have my camera at the ready to capture any images because in addition to covering this story, we have to savor it. face it. this is historic moment in the annals of this city. we're expecting the pope to come down first avenue, if you know anything about first avenue, you know it runs north. we're expecting him to come south on first avenue and then enter the u.n. around 42nd street or so for the meetings that he has this morning. so he will be here all told, for about 2 1/2 hours. due here in 15 minutes or so. his half-hour speech to the general assembly commences promptly at 10:20. that is the culmination of his visit here. he is only fourth pope to address the general assembly during a trip to the united states. we're expecting him to strike some important themes. for one, immigration. also, we are expecting that he
8:06 am
will discuss climate change. today he is talking to world leaders. yesterday he talked to national leaders. during extraordinary session of congress, a joint session of congress. actually brought speaker john boehner to tears at points yesterday. we're expecting his speech today to strike some of the same tones. he spoke yesterday about immigration. he said immigrant are a key part of our society. >> i say this to you as a son of immigrants. knowing that some of you are also desend ants of immigrants. [applause] >> another live look this morning as we look up first avenue. we're expecting the pope to come toward us at some point. a tremendous security presence down here. i've seen not only nypd but secret service presence as well.
8:07 am
and so, this area is becoming more and more fortified as the minutes by. as soon as we see his holiness we'll let you know. greg and rosanna back to you. >> robert, heads up, there is chance he comes south on first avenue. he is taking fdr. look both way. >> do you think he will drive right into the united nations? >> reporter: the plan is for him to enter the central entrance which again is just about two blocks to our south there, sort of a tent that is up. we expect he will go in there. unclear which side he will come from. when i spoke to police a few minutes ago their indication he would come from the north. but that is, that is pending of course. >> subject to change. all right. thanks, robert. we'll stay on this a little bit. next stop madison square garden. >> it will be tough getting around town today, no doubt about it. i think we're already for it.
8:08 am
embracing this spiritual reawakening that is happening in new york city. liz dahlem is outside of madison square garden where lots of roads are closed already this morning getting ready ft. pope's mass later this afternoon. hello, liz. >> reporter: that is very true. good morning, greg and rosanna. a lot of those road closures have been place for hours. we have heads up for commuters heading home right around when the mass starts. a lot people ask if penn station will close. the answer is no. only two entrances will be accessible. 34th and 7th avenue and second on 37th avenue and second street. again, howard rosencrans -- rosanna a lot of roads were closed off around midnight. some streets on madison square garden will be locked down ahead of the papal mass. long island railroad is adding
8:09 am
eight extra penn station bound trains this evening to move people to the mass. other pockets of the city will have significant closures due to the pope's agenda. 9/11 misdemeanor moral museum, 112th street and harlem where the pope is visit a school and area of central park west. new yorkers know the city could be tough to get around. >> i'm not coming here tonight. i'm going home straight to brooklyn. not even going to try to get near here. >> why? >> if i want to get home i don't want to get stuck here. >> reporter: are you nervous about the congestion? >> i'm meeting a friend, i have another ticket. she is coming with me. other than i'm so happy to see him. i think he is like jesus on earth. >> reporter: secret service go inside of the garden already. the doors will open at 2:00. the mass will begin at 6:00. for those attending like you greg and rosanna, you have to stay in your seats 30 minutes
8:10 am
security measure to make sure the pope gets out okay. area should be crowded for the next 12 hours, 15 hours. it will be pretty like a zoo over here. sipped things back over to you. >> thank you very much. >> i think we can wait 30 minutes or so, right? not every day the pontiff is there and -- >> 30 minutes? you have to be there three hours. >> you have to be there at 2:00. but prepapal mass starts at three. >> doors open at 2:00. guests must arrive by 3:30. the mass starts at 6:30. three hours. >> there is celebration beforehand, greg, is what i'm saying. >> like a rock concert. >> gloria estefan. jennifer hudson. broadway stars. >> ricky martin? >> no ricky martin. >> love to hear ricky martin. heard he would show up. the pope is on the move from upper east side to midtown. on his way to united nations. addressing a joint session of the general assembly. all right.
8:11 am
here he is is yesterday. >> yesterday at jfk airport where the monsignor with bishop demarzio, schoolchildren greeted the him at airport. nice to have you back. the pontiff is at move. >> yes he is. everyone is so excited. brooklyn was ecstatic yesterday when he arrived at queens at airport. children, he went over to greet all the people. it was very exciting. it really was. we're getting ready for the mass this evening. >> that is beautiful, monsignor, jamie. a personal friend of pope francis, somebody knows him on one-to-one personal basis. they go back many years, adrian poloros sorry about the last name. >> how do you say it. >> in spanish you can say paloros.
8:12 am
>> tell us how you met pope francis. >> i worked with the the diocese and i used to restore some pieces and you see him on the sidewalks. so, we have to prepare the challis for benedict the 11th. and he, he join us and he introduced us at the vatican protocol to deliver the challenge last to the pope. >> we like to know more about pope francis. monsignor, stay with us. we're awaiting his arrival at united nations. actually, is something happening? stay with us. looks like motorcade is pulling up from the north, ines. >> there you go. >> he is not in the popemobile. he is in the little fiat. >> he is in the fiat. we see escalades go by. do you think he is in escalade? >> we saw him get into the small car. >> right?
8:13 am
nope. >> look -- >> there are a lost dignitaries. >> saw a a fiat. go by. >> in between the little suvs. that is so funny. >> looks like he has a few more blocks to go. >> we have you covered here on tv, and fox 5. log on to fox 5 search for it in the it [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty.
8:14 am
all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. >> we are back on "good day new york."
8:15 am
into the united nations. inside the united nations there is a room where he is welcoming in there. >> the secretary-general. no cardinal dolan in the background there with the red skullcap on. and there's the nuncio who is basically the embassy, vatican >> here in new york. >> here in new york. >> his trusty interpreter. >> ha is who the holy father is staying with, the bishop. >> technically monsignor jamie, the pope is considered a head of state. the vatican is a country. >> right. representative u.n. is here in manhattan and delegate to the united states is here in washington. >> can i ask you, posing for pictures obviously, nothing being said, why is the vatican flag not in front of the united nations every day?
8:16 am
>> i didn't mean to stump you. >> i'm, it is a non-government organization. >> they don't vote. >> they don't vote. >> like smallest country. >> has nothing to do with it. non-voting member. >> the pontiff looks very, very serious this morning. what do you think? we've seen him embracing children and stuff. at mass. soon as he begins to celebrate mass he is serious. usually always embracing, smiling. >> with some children there. >> lights up when meets kids. >> he really does. >> we want to bring in adrian, were you married by the pope. >> yes, i was. >> adrian, our new friend goes years. he performed the pope, actual wedding ceremony. >> actually, yes i did. he baptized my daughter. he blessed my worship.
8:17 am
he used to come over just to have a mate. it is like a green chinese tea. >> that is funny. he doesn't drink coffee? he drinks tea. >> you have hot water an drink it from a straw. >> really, interesting. where did this take place, adrian? >> in the a city in buenos ares. he used to be, well he used to deliver mass at the church. >> watching arrival of the pope at united nations inside of the building, reading from "the new york times" here, it will be the largest gathering of presidents and prime ministers ever at the united nations. some of them will assemble here under one roof for the first time in years. their job will be to wrestle with global crises they stubbornly disagree on. that's true. day in and day out. what do we know about the pope's message today? >> i'm sure it will have to do continue on his message to congress. the golden rule. treat others as you would want to be treated.
8:18 am
the dignity of the individual person and we have obligation towards one another. >> do you think he will do the address in spanish? we heard him address in english a few times. >> i would think this address would probably would be in in spanish. >> this is the first time a pope will address a large gatheringof world leaders conned -- according to ban ki-moon. before the meeting where ambitious goals are set to be adopted begin according to "new york times." >> i notice, jamie, the pontiff is very on time. do you know that. a few minutes here or there might be because of air traffic but for the most part he is not keeping people waiting for limine has enough people that really make sure he is on time also. >> all kids -- >> excited they're on television. >> they might be excited to see the pontiff.
8:19 am
>> they're looking at tv. they're waving. they know they're on tv. >> also looks like many of them have signs. >> that kid is excited to see the pope but excited to see us on tv. >> is he related to you? there are signs there. there are notes. which is very nice but i heard when you come to msg, not allowed to take any signs with you, by the way. they have some things that are off limits. here he comes. pope francis joined by secretary ban ki-moon. of course a hoard of cameramen. >> monsignor jamie, how is the possibility tiff feeling? any word? there were reports in cuba that his sciatica was bothering him? >> that is what we heard. he seems to do okay. his meals are very light. he doesn't like to eat heavy. he follows, strict diet. the no too much red meat. >> i heard no pasta. >> no pasta. he likes rice. >> you mentioned, that he
8:20 am
seemed, rosanna, a bit serious at the united nations except when the children approached him. again from the "new york times." lifting the poor is a signature issue for francis yet he could give world leaders a tongue-lashing today for ravaging the environment, failing to protect people from mass atrocities and rejecting refugees who show up at their borders. he is going to tackle real issues. he might be doing it in very blunt fashion. >> the refugee problem is really quite serious. we've been seeing the devastating pictures of families trying to make it to safer places. >> adrian, again you're a personal friend of his holiness which is remarkable. actually now we're your new friend, he takes his obviously his official duties very seriously. what is he like off-duty, if there is ever off-duty for his holiness? >> when we just sit down and chat.
8:21 am
because what i see, the image what he gives, sometimes people he is still being a priest. thing. >> you mentioned those chats. what do you chat about? >> he loves music. he loves to know about who you are, your problems, your day-to-day problems. >> he conducted your wedding? south america. >> let me ask you something. how has the pontiff changed from his role in argentina, to being the spiritual leader to 1.8 billion catholics? >> right after you handle that i would like to know a little bit about your wife who looks beautiful. >> let's first talk about -- >> thank you. >> first talk about how he has changed. i heard he had quite a change. >> he is used to living in the plaza. now he lives in the vatican. he is still the same. he is still a priest. most beautiful thing. >> humble, always been very humble? >> he is very straight and simple.
8:22 am
by the way for example, as you call to the archdiocese in the would walk you out to the door to say good-bye. >> adrian, do me a favor stay with us. monsignor, stay with us. we'll be b that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess.
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>> all right. let's bring you up to speed. the pope, pope francis, is inside the united nations of the last we saw he was with the u.n. general secretary ban ki-moon in his office. >> right. >> he is expected to address the general assembly a little later this morning. a lot of folks there. >> i'm sure these are insited guests or personnel from the united nations. we saw some young children there earlier, who carrying like little cards. looked like they had notes they wanted to give the pontiff. >> so far today is mostly business. yesterday was so celebratory as he arrived at the airport. >> right now, this morning, only 8:30, greg. >> i understand. listen this is about getting
8:25 am
pope from one place to another. popemobile. this is about logistics so far. >> he will be a all over town. he will be at the united nations. memorial. he will be uptown at east harlem in a school. will be at central park and madison square garden. >> here he is is this morning leaving east 72nd street. this is not an area where the public could easily see him. he is surrounded in a armed cocoon. heavily armed police officers. security they told us would be very tight. we see that first-hand here. >> by the way i hear the pontiff is taking all the meals at the papal residence. so there might be, after one or two of the stops, he might be heading back for lunch at the papal residence. >> this is his arrival, about 20 minutes ago at the united nations. they have a contingent of children -- i want to remind folks we have expert analysis and observations coming from our
8:26 am
we have monsignor james. thank you very much for being with us. >> with the brooklyn diocese of brooklyn and queens. he was at airport yesterday to greet the pontiff. >> jamie, a silversmith and good personal friend of the pope francis. they do back more than a year. pope baptized him. >> married him by the way. >> john gary, religious authority and expert on pope francis. book,. >> the radical pope's challenge to the american catholic church. >> what do you think will happen with today's speech at u.n.? >> i think he hits core themes he talked about throughout his papacy, inequality, sustainable development, putting people at center of the economy. it is inspiring message but no doubt challenging one. he wants to shake up the status quo. >> everyone talks about he is radical and progressive but limited by cannon law, right? i think he tries to push the
8:27 am
boundaries a little bit you outside of them. >> this pope defies boxes. you can't put him in left or right or idealogical sense. he is radical sense going back to the root of the gospel. wants people at center of the conversation. conventions. last shall be first, first shall be last. that is radical good message of the gospel. i think that is what he is putting forward. >> adrian, only person i know had personal chats about sports, music weather. >> around tea. >> with pope francis. you mentioned music. what kind of music does he like? >> he loves classic. and tango music. >> really? does he like to dance? young, yeah. >> he was a bouncer, right? jamie is this true he had quite a storied background. >> i was watching a documentary on him. in his early years he was bouncer.
8:28 am
he really liked to dance. he almost got married. was serious with a girl. that is, he was in confession the at time he felt that he had a calling that he wanted to become a priest. >> john, back to you, how would you define the francis effect? what is it? i know, i kind of feel it but i don't know if i can articulate it. >> something in the air. no, he is getting people to look at the church inra different way. unfortunately in recent years, people look at the church kind of a, someone wag as finger. i think he is reaching out of hand. he smiles. he has a sense of humor. i think he is welcoming people in. he want as church with open doors. i think that is part of it. i think he is shakeing up political debates focusing on inequality and climate change. >> john, i was wondering in your research what was the pivotal moment where he decided he was going to commit his life to god? >> he had a very powerful experience as young man.
8:29 am
felt the need to go to confession. he said after the experience he felt the tug of the priesthood. it was kind of a epiphany for him. very dramatic experience for him. >> live pictures for him. we believe the pope is in ban ki-moon's office right now. that is the last we saw him. we're outside down the hall it looks like. monsignor jamie, you know, we love the pope. francis effect is great but if i'm not mistaken there is some grumbling in certain quarters of catholic church about perceived loosening up of standards. >> that's true. some of the conservatives would question, you know his welcoming of homosexuality and lessening the annulment process and thinks like that you know but he's, i remember when we were in world youth day in rio and he ended by saying to the young people go out and make a mess. he wants to stir the pot.
8:30 am
it is counter cult trillion. -- counter cultural. the gospel is at core of pastoral ministry. >> is he aware in the united states there is little backlash to all that has gone on with the priests and sexual abuse and people not going to church as much as they used to? >> he is very much aware of everything that is going on. i know yesterday at st. patrick's cathedral, thanked religious sisters for the work that they have done especially in education and all the work they do for the church but he also addressed the priests and everyone said, first we have to be very gracious and show gratitude to god for our blessings. we have to show the joy of the gospel through our work. we have to work hard. that should be our satisfaction and joy, not look for worldly pleasures. knows what is out there. he knows what is happening with the church and he is a man that really wants to turn things around.
8:31 am
>> we can enjoy a few worldly pleasures along the way though, right, please? >> yesterday he said pleasure time should be, spend time in prayer but also doing work, working hard. that should be our fulfillment in life. working hard and bringing out the gospel to people. >> mon senior jamie, adrian, john, stand by. we'll take a quick break. we'll be back here with pope francis here in new york city. he is at the united nations right now. we got you covered.
8:32 am
>> pope francis, day two, his first full day in new york city. he is inside of the united nations right now. we saw his arrival about maybe half hour ago. very exciting that he is here and this pope is popular, big time. >> he really is. we have with us "good day new york," john gary, wrote interesting book, francis effect. radical pope's challenge to the american catholic church. >> adrian a personal friend of pope francis. go back more than a decade. pope francis baptized his children and actually conducting wedding ceremony.
8:33 am
and monsignor jamie, one of our favorites here in new york. >> in the commercial break we were talking to adrian, because adrian has a personal relationship with pope francis in argentina and i love some of the things that he told you. i love when i mentioned something to you about a miracle. tell us that story. >> well, sometimes with the people is looking for something, for solution, he used to say if you want see a miracle, be the miracle. >> interesting. >> that's beautiful. >> that's gorgeous. >> did you know, adrian, i want john's take on this, transformational pope? benedict was not transformational. he continued tradition. francis? does this come as surprise to you? >> no. because i they are seeing what i saw, every day what is for the people most impressive.
8:34 am
still being a priest. >> that is him inside united nations. >> but he is still a priest. >> that is ban ki-moon, secretary-general. >> for another round of pictures >> he doesn't like pictures. >> he doesn't like pictures? what did he say? >> well, you will see on him, he is facing probably looking at the floor or waiting to be finished, he does that, because he is knows it is necessary. he is the pope. he smiles with the people. he smiles when he sees people, what he loves. but just protocol pictures, he looks down to the floor. >> adrian, you told us funny baptism. you went to, he was, you were a >> no. he was cardinal. >> he was your cardinal. >> yeah. >> you went to him to baptize your daughter? >> yes. yes.
8:35 am
what i was saying is, it is most executive person when i meet him in my life. he always takes, be a solutions. i came up with a person wants to rome. he was already a pope. elena, a friend of mind, she is 38 years old. there is chance to be baptized. >> right. >> and he just said, okay, tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. be over here. >> when he was pope? >> yes. that was in with almost 20 bishops. amazing pictures. i couldn't believe it because i was his, you say, godfather. >> godfather, yeah. >> i have been by her side and saw the pope and 20 more bishops with him. yeah. she was crying so much. she never will forget about that moment.
8:36 am
>> he sounds so cool by the way. as he checks out artwork in the conference room in the united nations. this is the past protocol when u.n. >> adrian, i'm wondering, what do you have pontiff on speed dial? how did you get word to him in baptized? >> no. i'm there when he calls me. i can not go there -- >> he still calls you? >> yes, from time to time. >> does he text? >> no. that is very casual question. they asked if he has cell phone. he has no cell phone. he has no personal email. >> he canceled his own newspaper subscription right after he was elected which is amazing. >> let's look what is happening at u.n. he is signing i'm not sure if that is the guest book or what they have there. he will be addressing the u.n. general assembly, the biggest gathering of world leaders i
8:37 am
reports to see this pope? anybody have any idea what he is doing? >> looks like it is guest book. >> the guest book? hopefully we'll get -- >> hopefully he give as personal message too. john, you were mentioning when he was made the pontiff he went back to argentina. didn't he pay bills he owed. >> where he was staying at vatican guest house where he still continues to live. he is the first pope not to live in the apostolic house. that is first sign there was something different. he paid his own bill. called and canceled his newspaper subscription. amazing to watch. >> he by the phone. with the guy sells newspapers, don't send anymore because i'm leaving. buenos aires. i'm in rome. >> okay, father. >> he is 78 years old, but regular guy for most of his life. this international fame came
8:38 am
about over past 2 1/2 years. he is in his 70s. knows what it is like to be regular person. >> he rode the subway. he didn't expect to be pope. he had his retirement apartment picked out before he came to rome for election. he was surprised. >> i heard the last time around, when benedict was elected, that actually francis came in second. >> it is true. he was not a complete dark horse. >> exactly. >> i don't think he saw himself as pope, right? he is the first jess wit pope in history. jesuit. he said the church needs to be out in the streets getting bruised and broken and getting his hands dirty. that is very different image. >> the pope is about to leave the big room. >> another photo-op. on that note we take a break.
8:39 am
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>> the pope, pope francis, making his way from various offices at the united nations. this is all in run-up to his big speech before the general assembly. >> we're hearing they will take him to conference room where he will have glass of water and just relax. we were talking to adrian, who, you were at the cathedral yesterday? >> yes i did. >> does the pontiff know you are in town? >> yes he knows that. >> what happened at cathedral? >> actually he didn't know where i was, he saw me leaving the cathedral, he look to the left and he saw me. he stopped by, started chatting for almost two minutes. >> what did he, what did he say to you? >> what are you doing here? i was listening to your message, father. i was holding a daughter of a
8:43 am
he came over to her and he kiss her and tap her. like that. >> not slap, just touched her cheek. >> no, no, of course, sorry for my english. he of course gave me a hug. nice to see you. with him, you know, we are proud of him. >> amazing with all the people there that he spotted you in the crowd. >> but there, if you look at images of that moment, you will see him he is so nice. that is my treasure, you know. because i feel the affection. just that real smile, who tells me, i love you, my son. >> that is beautiful. >> again if you're just joining us, adrian goes back with the pope more than 10 years. we're looking at highlights from last night's vesper service at st. patrick's. >> yes. >> we also have with us monsignor jamie and john gary,
8:44 am
author of the francis effect which we're now feeling, we heard about it globally. >> this is where he comes over to you? >> right there. >> look at this. >> catching up with an old friend. >> yeah. >> that is amazing. he is the peep's pope. >> that is a priest. >> he is a pastor at heart. >> that is the right word. >> what do you for living, adrian. >> i'm silversmith you work with metals? >> i design specialty pieces. because i used, i work like in the 19th century. >> john you live in new york city? >> i live in washington, d.c. >> big crowds in washington, d.c. big crowds in new york city. was it kind of amazing to you, to see, i don't know, thousands, millions of people out on the street? >> 2 was amazing. i was at white house when he was greeted. i had a chance to see him speak
8:45 am
to congress. not often washington feels like sacred space. there was definitely feeling in the air we were graced by someone's presence, reminded us something very essentially about being human. he reached beyond sort of partisanship and brought people together there. is certainly pushback to his message. i think him as individual he attracts people because of his humility and grounding in the gospel which is quite amazing to watch. >> we heard the people, when in friends of a pope, this pope benedict, john paul ii, there is energy you can sense, you can feel. jamie, you've been in the presence. >> yes. especially rome and world youth day, three million people. everywhere he goes in the square, people are yearning and searching, they want to hear that message. they want a blessing. they want to be touched in some way. >> once again the pope at the
8:46 am
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8:47 am
>> the united nations.
8:48 am
first of two speeches today. let's listen? >> men and women who are in many ways the backbone of this situation. i thank you for your welcome. and i am grateful for all that you have done to prepare for my visit. i would ask you all to to offer greetings to members of your families and to your colleagues who could not be with us today.
8:49 am
[applause] the vast majority of the walk here is not of the kind that makes the news. behind the scenes, daily efforts make possible many of the diplomatic, cultural and economic and political initiatives of the united nations. which are so important for permitting the hopes and expectation of the peoples who may may be here. you are experienced workers,
8:50 am
translators, cleaners and cooks, personnel. thank you for all you do. your quiet and devoted walk, not only going view to the betterment of the united is. it also has significance for you personally, for how we walk expresses our dignity, and the kind of persons we are. many of you have come to this city from countries the world over, as such, you are a
8:51 am
microcosms of the people which this organization represents and seeks to serve. like so many other people worldwide, you are concerned about your childrens welfare and education. you worry about the future of the planet. and what kind of a world we will leave for future generations. but today, and every day, i would ask each of you whatever
8:52 am
capacity to care for one another
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