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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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he went and took their hands. he hugged some of them, touched them, embraced them, all the humility, all the things we have come to know about this pope, he exhibited here. we could hear the scene on the inside. he was asking who's brave enough to sing for me and encouraging them. he mentioned martin luther king and i have a dream and the importance of that speech and why it should resonate with the children. about 95 percent of the students who make up our lady queen of angels school are latino and african-american. these are immigrants as francis is. that's one of the things that's talked about. i want to go to carl to stay on the fiat. it is about to pull out of here. you are looking live east 112th between second and third avenue. pope francis has just completed his visit with our lady queen of angels school. he met with 24 kids as well as other city, state, federal dignitaries in there as well. keep your eye on the fiat. we're hoping the buses that
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escorting the motorcade will allow for some room. this fiat is the most popular >> reporter: you can say that for sure. earlier i saw his handlers load up the flowers and the gifts given to him by the children of the immigrants. here they go, going down 112th right now, waving goodbye. he's waving to the nypd officers out here. and just like that, he -- >> reporter: listen to the crowd. >> reporter: they're going crazy. you can bet that he is gone, but long time. when he got here, he was not supposed to spend so much time outside with the children. it's amazing to see him go up and down the line of children, fives. >> the hugs he got from them, the shaking of the hands of the people that made up the archdiocese education board. when he first pulled in on east
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112th street, the kids were you. it was amazing to hear, just the reaction, the nypd commissioner was here, a number of high ranking officials were here. the rest of the motorcade is pulling out. >> reporter: this pope travels with quite the entourage. nypd vehicle after vehicle, secret service vehicles, motorcycles, ambulances, fire trucks. they're all following him everywhere. >> they talk about the coordination between the local, the state, the secret service, all the law enforcement members that have taken care of making sure the events have gone off without a hitch. there can be turf wars in situations like this. you had the secret service, the fbi, nypd, who's used to pulling off events of this magnitude. when you've got someone of an iconic status like this, everybody worked together. >> reporter: absolutely. we're going to send it back to you. i want to show you this cross is a souvenir that was given out to
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pope francis meeting with immigrants and refugees. they get a keepsake as well as all the memories they'll take with them. we'll throw it back to you inside as he heads to central park. steve: the pope is on the move. it's 5:00, a friday, not a typical day. a lot of people knew to prepare for the traffic issues. let's get over to ines and see what awaits as the pope moves through central park into msg. >> a lot of people decided to stay home, which helped traffic. they shut down the fdr drive. here's 111th street. let's go to the other camera and show you 96th street. they closed down 96th street. you can jump on to the fdr drive from here. what they've been doing, we're not told. we have to follow where the closures go. it's last minute. looks like he'll go back the way he went up towards harlem.
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he will go on 96th, on to the fdr drive, get on 96th. that's what he's been doing. on 66th street, he'll go over to fifth avenue towards central park and start the procession. with the motorcades, they've been sending a couple of police cars and he goes through. it's been a quick ride. the way he's going to go about it, he's at 72nd street. he'll be back there later. you'll go on fifth avenue. 66th is closed. they shut down central park west. a lot of crowds are there. that's where everything is going to happen. a lot of closures and delays through the area. got to stay away from that. and we have madison square garden. but in moments he should be going across the fdr drive. let me pull up that camera and see where he came. this is this morning's commute. hold on. let me pull up that camera really quick and see if he went by. no. they still have everything closed. he should be making his way soon. we see extra activity there.
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there. dari: i wanted to review that. the pope will be coming down the drive, cutting across 66th? >> yes. towards fifth avenue. dari: entering? >> probably make a left and go -- all the crowds are by columbus circle. dari: and that's where our zachary has been spending the day around columbus circle as the folks are waiting for the pope to arrive. >> everybody is asking the same question. where's the pope? when's he going to arrive? what route is he taking? usually it's from the onlookers, the thousands who don't have tickets, who want to be a part of -- i've got one for you. do you know when the pope is coming in? >> no. >> reporter: you've been asking me all day. >> yeah. nobody knows. >> reporter: nobody knows. nobody knows. but the pope is on the way. it's actually the people, the people out here who are making this event exactly what it is. i'm going to step out of the way
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and have you take a peek. that is the end point. for the folks fortunate enough to win the lottery, those are the metal detectors. must be a dozen or so. you can see the folks waiting up in line to get into central park. the pope is on his way down right now. that is a line that started just on the north side of columbus circle and snaked around about four to six city blocks over there. we were right in the thick of it this morning. for a lot of the folks, it started bright and early. for one woman i talked to, she jumped on the train at 5:30 this chance. it was about mid-afternoon, she didn't have a ticket. >> anybody got extra tickets? >> i'm here to see the pope hopefully. away a ticket. i wasn't there quick enough. the closest i'm going to get. this is it.
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>> reporter: it's an eclectic group out here. the energy is over the top. it's really a beautiful thing to be a part of, as we know. the pope is on his way. back to you in the studio. dari: zachary, you know, we're actually looking at a split screen. we see a live shot of the popemobile. the pope will be transitioning from the fiat into that. one of the things i found that was interesting and i got the feeling, that all the people that you were seeing and speaking to, it seemed like it wasn't just catholics that were really excited to see the pope. seems like there's this electric energy throughout all new yorkers. perhaps zachary can't see me. in any case, here comes the motorcade. steve: here's the motorcade.
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this is moving through the park or... okay. that's the first part of the motorcade. this is a pool camera we have set up. you can see the popemobile in the park right now. dari: this is probably part of the advance team. >> long advance. dari: we're hearing that he just got off the fdr drive. he'll be coming west via 66th street and then entering the park crossing through 65th street and then coming through by close to where zachary is and entering the park there. 80,000-plus people are expected to see the pope. one thing monsignor franco is with us and father ruiz, the ticket issue was incredible. these were free tickets. people were going nuts for them. let's not talk about the bad aspect of it, the fact that -- steve: monsignor is don't get me started. dari: 80,000 people.
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>> you have no idea how many -- dari: we're looking at the fdr drive. >> -- how many people i have received requests. my office. so many questions saying we want to see the pope. we want to be with the pope. even if it's far away from the pope. as long as we see him. that kind of a personal interest in the holy father. this is something that really makes me understand how people would like to share something. i was so moved this morning, before the speech of the holy father father. the ambassador of serbia came to me. he's a wonderful man and i know him rather well. he said monsignor, we're so proud in serbia. i said about the holy father is here? he said, no. but the fiat is made in serbia. dari: all right.
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>> that goes to show. almost sharing -- dari: everybody -- everybody has a part in this. that's something we talked about last night. we did a story about even when he was passing through manhattan, people were standing out and people lucky enough to get a shot of him, were so excited. you saw him three times steve: three times. right outside the station. it's quite a sight. dari: it's not guaranteeds he'll get out and bless you or hug you, but seeing that energy of the pope -- steve: it was powerful. >> you were asking about that's not a question about being catholic. it's a question of being a human being, new yorkers, because he's in new york. people came from connecticut, from all over to see him. dari: father ruiz, you're a teacher. talk about this energy that he seems to give everybody. >> i know that countless numbers
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of students at st. john's university are watching this. i know they're going to be watching the broadcast of the mass at madison square garden, and some of them were privileged enough to get tickets to the various papal events. they are so excited by this. they're so energized by this. they feel this connection with him him. and he feels a connection with ordinary folks, too. my real suspicion is that if he had really had his way in terms of getting around new york city these last couple of days, he would have taken the lexington avenue line. dari: the train. steve: can't do that because of modern security concerns. i agree on that by all accounts. >> there was a beautiful joke about john paul ii. he was like a man of the people himself. the joke went that one day he said to the driver, he said, listen, i would like to drive in new york. so the driver said, well, we can't. well, i will drive. naturally, he went his way, the polish way.
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so he was kind of going fast. so they stopped him. the police stopped him. steve: the pope. >> the pope. they stopped the pope. dari: i love this live picture. this is the popemobile. we see another advance team. steve: this might be the pope. dari: i was going to check with ines. steve: i do believe you can see the suv's. dari: the door is opening. let's watch this transition. it's worth staying with. steve: you can see all the security as they make the transition for the final park. this is one of the highlights of the trip for a lot of people. dari: okay. ines is confirming for us, she's the traffic guru, the traffic ph.d., that this indeed is the pope's motorcade. so in a moment we're going to see that fiat pull up and we're going to be looking for the flag, the vatican flag, the
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american flag. >> and scv 1. >> he has an suv with the vatican flag and he's behind it. steve: the black fiat. >> they're checking over the popemobile as they would. heavy, heavy security. taking a good last look at it before the pope goes in. soon he'll be ready to greet those 80,000-plus people stationed -- steve: looks like a police motorcade. the motorcycle officers. this is when you know he's getting really top, at the top left portion of the screen. yep. this should be the final approach approach. >> i'm glad our authorities are making sure that the pope remains safe during his journey to the united states. this is entirely unlike the way he gets around traveling in rome. dari: father ruiz, it's been so heavy on everyone's heart. it is very, very good to see
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>> personally i do not believe that he -- >> that's the flag. he should be behind it. dari: ines is reporting for us. >> you see the one coming up with the flag. he's behind that one. steve: here he comes. we've got to wait for him to get out of the famous fiat. there he is in the middle of the screen. there's the fiat. he's always in the back seat passenger side or he has been since he's been here. that's what we can expect to see as they pull up behind the jeep popemobile. steve: you can see the security going into hyper drive. this is a touchy moment for them as they make the transition. keep them out you can hear the security guys saying. dari: we'll see in a moment him
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steve: there he is. he's in the popemobile now. any moment now, the ticketed event through central park, the highly coveted tickets that people tried to win in a lottery, some people paid a lot of money for, that is about to get underway. dari: we have a nice picture there of all the people that are waiting for him. they're waiting to see what we're able to see with our shot. is that cardinal dolan? he's in the popemobile? he will be riding with him? >> the bishop of the place where the cardinal -- dari: there he is. >> -- where he visits, he's always with him. dari: all right. >> so he's the cardinal archbishop of new york, so he's there. dari: he'll make his ride through central park and then going to head to madison square garden because this evening,
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steve: start moving, they gave the order. dari: -- roughly 18,000 people. steve: madison square garden. the bottom half of central park is completely unlockdown south of 72nd street and the route he's taking is -- will take him by the finish line of the new york marathon. if that looks familiar or you're trying to figure out where in the park they are, that's where they're about to head as they make their way south. steve: this is quite the sight. it gives you a great idea of the security apparatus that surrounding the pope in new york city. and as father ruiz mentioned, this would not be the way the pope would like to travel, but this is what they have to do to keep him safe here. >> at the same time, he's insisted on traveling on an open sided popemobile. dari: that's why it's so difficult to cover him.
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new york city has never had a security detail to this level in its history. this is unprecedented. because of the fact that, you know, he doesn't want to do the bulletproof thing. >> and the heads of state are here. let's not forget the general assembly. started at the general assembly and the u.n. and they all wanted to be here for the holy father. dari: of course. >> our president is coming tomorrow. dari: it's interesting to see the security detail all swarmed around him, which brings me to ask monsignor, when he was doing this in d.c., the little girl famously broke through the crowd. we don't know if that's going to happen today. >> it might happen here. dari: we don't -- could he get out if he wanted to? he can do whatever he wants? >> even -- steve: you can hear the roar of the crowd as they see him coming around the corner.
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>> sometimes the security, complaints about this, especially vatican security, because dr. gianni, the head of the security system, we don't know what to expect because he's always -- that's what he did in washington. he asked the doctor to go and get the little girl. possibly he's going to do something. steve: this would be the moment when we could see something go on script right here. this is around 72nd street on the west side of the park, not far from the strawberry fields. beatles fans. that's where they're making that curve as they go south. >> look at all the crowds. dari: that is -- it's amazing. let us not forget that this is
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have been waiting for. these tickets went out. how long ago did they go out? we talked about that, monsignor. steve: it wasn't that long ago. >> not long ago. we tried to wait until almost, you know, kind of a decent time so to speak before, but they did not issue the tickets until we were sure more or less of the route route, even though it was the last minute. steve: let's just listen in and hear the crowd right now. you can hear -- >> it's beautiful. steve: -- they are going nuts for the pope.
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[cheering] [cheering] dari: our picture was a little scrambled. you can see and feel the electricity as the pope is coming through central park. we were saying some 80,000 people out there to greet the pope. you know, i have to be honest with you and not to say anything against our lovely city d.c., but this feels more electric and prominent. >> definitely. i have to tell you this, some of
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bishops in washington, d.c., because he met the bishops in the cathedral of st. matthew. they complained about the organization. thank god in new york, so far we have had perfect organization. dari: it does not look like anybody is going to break through. steve: i'm looking at how many men in suits there are on each side of the popemobile. dari: this is right out of a movie. >> at the same time, the secret providing protection for the president of the united states, particularly in washington, d.c. even there, the security people were trying to get little sophie away from the holy father. he spotted her and insisted that the security bring her to him. steve: this is going to be a pretty special juncture in the procession, the sheeps meadow off to his right, the beautiful field in central park. what a spectacular day to be there. temperatures in the lower 70s, late september.
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doesn't get more quintessential new york, early fall day. you can see the people on the stands in each direction. amazing. people as far as the eye can see. dari: this is really just an in -- the crowds are so thick. steve: we're having technical issues. think of how many people are there with their cell phones. coverage there already spotty. throw in 80,000 people trying to take pictures and post them to instagram and social media. i guess a little glitch here or there is to be expected. what a powerful sight. dari: i wouldn't be surprised if it was all jammed. like this to happen. this is unique. that's why they want to take pictures. they want to be possible to have a glimpse of the holy father. look how deep with the crowd there. dari: and how deep the detail is. look at all of that security
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this is a glimpse of a moment for these people. it was enough to wait hours and hours. >> that's incredible. these people have been there since 5:00 this morning. they were happy to be there. 80,000, as you said. >> this is a pope who has wanted to be in touch with as many people as possible. so before his pilgrimage, before he began in journey to cuba and the united states, he mentioned regret that he wouldn't be able to meet more people. he arranged some video conferencing audiences with audiences in chicago, in los angeles, in mcallen, texas, and shortly before his visit to cuba, he had a brief visit with five young people in the united states and five young people in cuba. so his personal outreach is one that's technologically savvy, too. >> he wanted to be close to the other places where he could not go.
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time he might decide to go to chicago, definitely, or los angeles. steve: thank you, monday signor monsignor. that's columbus circle. you can see everybody rushing. that's where the procession is heading. they're getting closer by the minute. zachary is there, standing by outside. he can give us an idea of what's going on. clearly we know there's excitement there as everyone who rushes to try to get a glimpse as the pope exits, which is going to happen soon. sounds like zachary is ready for us. it's getting hectic. what's your perspective on things? long. it's been quite the scene. as i mentioned a few times already, there's been thousands and thousands of people who didn't have tickets to get in who have been hanging out. my photographer is going to pan over to columbus circle. you see all these people. they didn't have lottery tickets, but they've all been asking where's the pope?
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when when's he coming? will we get a chance to see him? i'm not sure what happened. i saw the entrance gates cleared and just minutes after that a horde of people rushed over that direction. central park south. now. the canopies ahead of us here are where those -- where the metal detectors are. i can hear in the distance beyond that in the park lots of cheering. you mentioned the camera phones and the excitement. you're getting a good taste of it right now. we're here in columbus circle, folks have been asking and wanting to know, wanting to just get a piece of this, a piece of today to capture the moment, to tell a friend, to share it, to put it in their memory book. i think that for a lot of these folks, this is as close as they're going to get. by the looks of things, you see folks running by here.
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they're excited. they think they're going to touch hands, see the pope, whatever they can do. they just want to get as close as they can. for a society that's so divided, it is really, really unbelievable to me to see the unique blend of people out here, whether it's race or political views or even socioeconomic. you see everybody out here today today. you are experiencing something here in new york city that is very, very rare and very special all at the same time. my photographer is continuing to push this crowd. you see people are running, people are thinking this is their chance. again, these are the folks that did not have tickets to get inside the park. the police have conceded to the facts that this crowd is going to run around, certainly on central park south.
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i'm looking now to my left at columbus circle and there's no vehicle able to get around there either. but it is a special moment out here in columbus circle. people are super excited and really, really relishing this moment. i'm going to send it back to you you. steve: this is a relevant moment. as he mentioned, he is moving from a ticketed event inside central park, back out to society at large. this is certainly probably a tense moment for those people who are protecting him as you can see. he's about to exit the popemobile. he's down the southern part of central park as he gets ready to head to msg to make the final approach for his mass tonight. he's accompanied by cardinal dolan. he's getting back inside the fiat, which we've come to know and love during his visit in new york. and let's get your perspective. another incredibly powerful
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>> it's an incredibly powerful image that's evocative in terms of its setting in central park, of the enormous crowds that saw jesus and followed after jesus, simply to be in his presence. they might not have heard him or touched him, but they wanted to know that they were where he was. that's the same kind of electricity. that's the same kind of enormous energy that's surrounding the visit of pope francis to new york city. dari: monsignor, when i see what he has just been through, we watched him after he came out of the residence and went to the school and went through central park and now he's going to msg, i think about the people keep him going, but i remember last night he requested bananas and water. >> he loves bananas. dari: any time to eat? >> this is the point. the only time that he had a quote-unquote, decent meal was
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today, lunchtime, about 1:00, more or less, when he finished from 9/11 ceremony, he came to the residence and had something to eat with only his strict entourage. that was it. but no official dinners. just like -- let me tell you. at the time of benedict, the last time the pope was here, was 2008. that was benedict the xvi, we dari: right. obviously their styles are very different. i don't mean to cut you off. we're watching the fiat exit central park. there will be lots and lots of closures. he is now going to be in mainstream manhattan. we want to check in with ines to give us a sense of his route. >> they're going to be out there for a while. the fdr drive, they have it closed. why they didn't reopen it to let know.
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they're going to let him back on the fdr. once he's done with the central park procession, he'll go on the fdr drive. this is by 71st street. everyone is getting off at 96th. this is backed up to the triborough bridge. looks like he'll be getting off at 34th. let's go to the other cameras. i saw the traffic cameras out there. we have a lot of crowds of people. let me get out of the way. look at that crowd. that's lexington avenue and 34th street where you have everyone lined up. all streets are closed. i'm going to show you madison avenue as you make your way toward the garden. still more crowds out there. they're moving the camera around. 6th avenue and 34th, take a look at that crowd. he's going to make his way towards 34th and then on 8th, i noticed a few more people lined up and going around 31st. already a frozen zone around the garden. dari: he's going to be -- it's going to take a while for him to
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get down there. things -- there will be a lot of frozen zones for a while. >> from central park heading east towards the fdr drive. you could say from the 70s down to 30, 31st, 30th. steve: they move quick because the roads are closed. he gets where he's going. >> you'd think he's going to move quick. dari: it's 5:32 on a friday. this is rush hour. people are working. >> everybody is right here. dari: thank you. we're going to take a brief departure from the pope and his travels. we want to go back up to our lady queen of the angels school and antwan lewis who has a special friend with him. >> reporter: i do. good evening to everyone here. we are here at our lady queen of angels school, east harlem. the pope was meeting with students inside. francis was one of those
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students inside when the pope came in. he's 6-1/2. >> i don't go to this school. >> reporter: what was it like inside? >> it was pretty fun. and it was pretty long. i got to use the ipad and iphone a lot. >> reporter: tell me about the special thing you're holding and the meaning it has. >> a necklace that is a special necklace that the pope -- >> reporter: it has his image on it. what was he like? what was he what you were expecting? expecting? >> he was pretty quiet. i couldn't see him -- i couldn't hear -- i could only hear him a little bit on the microphone. >> reporter: that was cool? >> yeah. >> reporter: what did you say to your mom? you talked about it. was your mommy excited?
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>> she was way more excited than i was. >> reporter: it will hit you later. you understand this is history? >> i don't understand that part of it. >> reporter: tell everybody how old you are. >> six and one-quarter. so nice to meet you. so nice to talk to your mom. she's taking pictures. what took place, just between 3:50, 4:00, he met with 24 students who make up four catholic schools that were selected by the pope to come here because he wanted to meet with students to talk to them, particularly ones that had like a background similar to his. as far as the students that go here, most are latino and african-american. they don't come from means, if you will, challenges similar to what francis grew up. the pope talked to the archdiocese about meeting the students, getting together and talking. he was greeted by kids outside. they were chanting. it was electric out here. once the pope got out and came in, he spent time talking to
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each of the students. no one rushed him. no one tried to say we need to get outside. we need to move along. none of that. it was all respectful and quaint. once inside, after talking to the students, he received some gifts and met with people with the catholic charities of new york city. a number of them had ailments, were blind or visually impaired or hearing impaired. he targeted those people. he wanted to talk to them. that's been part of his mission, taking care of the immigrants, taking care of those who are not as able bodied as you and i. he received gifts from the workers upstate who built the chair, the altar that he'll be sitting in on the altar. he received gifts. he got a hard hat. he also received a cross. this is a smaller version of it. stacey delikat, my colleague, showed you this earlier. it was a smaller version presented to him of it.
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this is it as far as a replica. he met with the people and then he moved out of here very quickly and went on down to central park. so one quick last look at what's going on just over your head, we're giving you a look at the front of it. this is aftermath or after-pope. sense of normalcy. those who were hanging around living in the moment of what happened, what took place. making. we all get to see. the pope very humble, showing extreme humility. have. i'm going to send it back to you. thank you so much. you look very, very sharp. thank you for being on our show. want to say goodbye to everybody? >> bye. steve: six and a quarter-year-old. dari: the one quarter was very important. steve: linda schmidt is outside of madison square garden where the pope is on route as we speak. >> reporter: the little girl he was talking to was adorable. this area here right now on lockdown because the pope should
5:37 pm
be here momentarily. when we were at st. pat's yesterday, the anticipation is building and everybody is so excited. this area right now is on lockdown. you can't see anybody behind us. that's because they're not allowing the public to walk up and down 33rd street. this is the street that the pope will be driving up. he's not doing the driving. he'll be in the fiat. this is the street he'll be driving up. he'll be entering into madison square garden. we don't know if he's going to be coming down 7th avenue, which runs south, or if they're going to open up 8th avenue, which runs north, but he will then come south. we're not sure yet. i'm guessing at this point he's going to come down 7th avenue. he should be here momentarily. i have to tell you two things. no. 1, security down here, super, super intense, just like yesterday at st. patrick's cathedral. we just saw a security plane fly overhead and two fighter jets. that happened about five to
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eight minutes ago. in addition to that, we're all sitting around here, beautiful day, not a bit of precipitation, and my cameraman roy looks up in the sky and what does he see? a rainbow. a rainbow. if that isn't a symbol to welcome the holy father to madison square garden, i don't know what is. it's not shaped like this, how you normally see a rainbow. it's shaped like a smile, like this. unbelievable. this mass tonight will be starting at 6:00. there are 20,000 people inside madison square garden right now. they had to be in their seats by 3:30. and then there's another 5,500 people who will be able to watch the mass tonight from a monitor in a theatre here at madison square garden. they couldn't get into the garden itself, but they're able to watch on a monitor at the theatre here. but some extraordinarily lucky people. thousands of people are lining
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both 7th avenue and 8th avenue, waiting for just a sight, a glimpse of pope francis as he drives down one of these avenues here to go into msg. now, i wanted to tell you a couple of things about the mass tonight. i'm going to keep on looking over my shoulder because i want signs here. one thing, the chalice that the pope is going to be using tonight, was made for him by a friend. it's made from old scrappy pieces of either broken or discarded silver jewelry. in addition to that, in the center of the chalice is a map of the united states of america. the symbol of this, the purpose of it is so that when the pope is holding the chalice, he is holding the entire country in his hands at the same time, which is a beautiful, beautiful symbol. something else that's very unique to this pope and we've been talking about immigration because we know how important
5:40 pm
chair he's going to be sitting in during mass was made by local day laborers, immigrants in port chester and westchester county. i did the story about the men who had been selected. cardinal dolan intentionally picked immigrants to build not only the pope's chair, but the altar and the lectern because he wanted to keep with the philosophical belief of this jesuit pope, that immigration, it's so important. it's important to show them your respect, to extend an open heart and extend your arm and hand to them. and respect them. and respect their contributions to any society, whether it's here in this country or any country around the world. so that's something that is so unique. so you're going to be seeing that chair tonight. it was made out of oak. it's absolutely gorgeous. it's very simple.
5:41 pm
parts of it are stained mahogany. the vatican was very particular in asking that there be nothing fancy, nothing fancy, nothing ornate, no carvings, no symbols, nothing on the chair. it is just very simple. so when you're watching the mass tonight, take a really good look at that. local day laborers made that. and they took a lot of pride in it as well. when i was talking to them in august, they said that they felt so honored that they could be a part of this historical holy celebration. so i think actually i'm seeing more lights and some of the black suv's moving down 3rd avenue. i'm not sure. a lot of reporters here. everybody is looking around. but we're not seeing anything yet. not seeing a sign of the pope yet. we don't hear the crowds roaring. once you hear them start to scream and clap and yell, you
5:42 pm
something else about the service tonight tonight, the linens on the altar were made by hispanic women in westchester county, immigrants. the altar and the lectern were made by young men who are at a school. they were in the school because they were placed there by the family court system. so these -- okay. all right. i'm being told we're seeing the motorcade right now on lex and what? lex and 34th? lex and 34th i'm told. thank you, pete. the motorcade is headed to us. he's on lex and 34th. we are at 33rd and 8th. we should be seeing the pope in just a few minutes. again, just getting back to those young men, the boys in the school who made the lectern and the altar, again, by hand. it took them about a month to make it.
5:43 pm
they took such pride in it. cardinal dolan was intentional in selecting them because he wanted to give them the opportunity to show the good much pope francis would appreciate that. i'm hearing some sirens, but i don't see the vehicle yet. back to you. dari: linda, thank you. ines has been giving us up to date information. he's coming up on 6th avenue and 34th streets we're being told. we're seeing the motorcycles you see in the shot there. linda, i don't know if you can hear me as we're waiting for -- >> reporter: the -- i can hear you. dari: but what a touching story about the chalice and the map of the united states so the pope will be holding the country in his hands. >> reporter: the symbolization is beautiful. it touches your heart. when i read that, i was, like, oh -- i put my hand on my chest.
5:44 pm
that is so loving and so embracing. that's just who this human being is. and he really is the right man at the right time, not just for the catholic church, but for the world, but for the entire world. i'm going to go ahead. roy is going to pan the camera. we can see these are the advance team, the motorcycles, nypd motorcycles. they're ahead of the motorcade. there are some suv's that are behind them, but they pulled into madison square garden. so this may end up being the closest that we get to the pope today. i don't think he'll be driving right by us today. yesterday when we were in front of st. patrick's, he pulled up in the popemobile right in front of us. we had a great shot of him, great view. here's the motorcade. this is it.
5:45 pm
one by one the suv's are coming in. and it's hard to hear the crowds. i can tell on 7th avenue, there are hundreds of people, jut up on 7th avenue and 33rd street that i can see from here that are behind me. here's the pope, just gave a wave in the fiat as he just went into madison square garden. so you have all of these big suv and then you have the small fiat the pope was in. it snuck right in there. it almost got by most of us. but the pope did wave. at least the folks on 7th avenue, they had an opportunity to get a look at the pope. now he's going inside. the service starts at 6:00. this will be a two-hour mass. it will be over about 8:00. everybody who is inside, there's about 20,000 people inside, they are going to have to remain in their seats for about a half
5:46 pm
until after the pope has left. that's for security reasons. penn station, you know, penn station is behind me, that is staying open tonight, even through the mass. so you've got the lirr running, you've got amtrak running, you've got new jersey transit running. i'm not seeing a lot of people go into penn station, on this side of 33rd street. penn station is remaining open. dari: linda, thank you so much. that was a wonderful picture we were able to catch. thank you for taking us through the pope going into the garden. we're looking at a live shot of madison square garden where dan bowens has been all day as they've been prepping. tonight. they had to go in at 2:00 this afternoon. afternoon. tight. there will be 20,000 worshippers inside madison square garden.
5:47 pm
i can tell you the mood right now is joyous, unforgettable right now inside madison square garden. the banners of the local sports teams still hang in the rafters above, but down below, it is a sanctuary. it is going to be a special evening. the final public event for the pontiff during his first trip to the united states, his first trip to new york city. i want to set the stage down below where there would normally be a basketball court or the hockey rink, that's where the stage is set up. you can see there are 30 rows of seating on the area where the court would normally be. they're spaced wide apart. that's the area when pope francis arrives inside madison square garden. he will ride in a golf cart, ride up the aisles, down the aisles, up the aisles, down the aisles, and greet everyone here inside. setting the scene for you, the sanctuary, three aisles that are all covered in white carpeting. on the front of the stage, there are long stemmed white roses and a canopy above.
5:48 pm
everyone inside will be able to get a seat. they will carry the celebration of the mass when it starts. it reads francis, our pope, a journey of faith through the heart of new york 2015. the mass, as we know, is the formal worship of catholicism and is the most important sacred act of worship in the catholic church. tickets were not for sale. instead, every parish in the archdiocese was given an allotment of tickets and that number is different based on the size of the church. many churches held lotteries. that was the only way people got tickets. only a few u ew dozen for many of the churches. listen to people who were lucky enough to score tickets through this lottery. take a listen. >> for me anytime you go to mass, it's about reflection. having the pope here, this pope in particular, as progressive as he is, has such a good message that i hope really changes the face of the church and the direction of the church. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
5:49 pm
he means a lot to us, to the world, and he brings peace. >> reporter: the joyful liturgy celebrated for the preservation of peace and justice. you can hear the crowd getting on their feet. unclear what's happening. mayor de blasio has just entered madison square garden. he's -- dari: dan -- steve: that's not why they're cheering. we can see the pope riding in. he's on a golf cart of some sort with cardinal dolan. >> reporter: there he is. yes. dari: we know you're far, far up. yep. there he is. >> reporter: we're in one of the renovated areas above pope francis entering madison square garden. he's going to go up and down the aisle. that's where the basketball court would normally be. people snapping photos and the
5:50 pm
cardinal dolan. steve: let's take this moment in as the pope -- >> reporter: there are 30 rows on the basketball court -- steve: sorry, dan. we've got a delay issue. let's watch this and let this breathe as the pope makes his entrance into madison square garden. dari: accepting flowers. dari: monsignor, i think he's liking this ride better than central park because he's closer to the people. >> i do have to say that i'm surprised that he did not stop the popemobile. dari: that's because they were not -- >> that's an incredible thing. i was kind of thinking that
5:51 pm
perhaps -- but he's too tired. this schedule is unbelievable. and speaking of crowds, big crowds in washington, big crowds here, too, but, you know, this is a man that was received by 7 million people in manila, in the philippines and 5 million in seoul. steve: it's important to keep in mind the fact that this is still his first trip to new york ever in his entire life. this is what he's doing during it. it has to be overwhelming even for the pope. >> naturally. dari: the united states. hasn't been here before. for the country. >> ever. ever. dari: this is incredible. he's going to go through the rows as dan he was saying. talk about -- i know you touched on it before about what he's doing here. >> reporter: they've spaced the rows so the golf cart can go up and down.
5:52 pm
there are 30 rows on the basketball court. pope francis coming back toward the front. a woman touching him on the shoulder. he's waving to her. everyone grabbing their phones taking pictures of what they can do. as we know, this is truly a special moment for new york, a special moment for the united states. this the pontiff's first trip to manhattan and not a moment was wasted. from the moment he landed at jfk to the speech at the united nations, the service at the u.n., the visit to the school this afternoon, there has not been a moment that has been wasted. he's coming around a second time time. he's taking his time. he's not in a rush to start. it's supposed to start at 6:45, lasting an hour and a half. one other note, the confession
5:53 pm
stands are not just -- they're for pontiff merchandise, pins, christmas ornaments, rosaries, some as expensive as $175. when the event is over, the pope will be blessing all of these items. you've seen plenty of people picking those up. this is a special moment where he's going through the center of these two rows, about 30 rows deep on both sides. taking a moment. no rush. a small child is being carried over, touching her forehead,
5:54 pm
>> reporter: the papal chairs will not be extravagant. for a man revered for his simplicity, the chair was constructed of birch and oak plywood, built by four men who are laborers, workers out of port chester. both are non-profit groups that help immigrants. the altar is from humble beginnings. it is made of oak veneer plywood made by through students at a school for at risk youth in lincolndale, new york. the papal vehicle has driven through several aisles. it's gone back.
5:55 pm
brief pause before the start of the mass this evening. steve: dan, you know, i'd like to talk about -- one quick moment here. right now? who's witnessing this? who are the people we're seeing in the seats? >> these are people who got tickets through their parishes, tickets distributed as equitably as possible, the celebration of the mass, the central act of worship of roman catholics. it's going to be celebrated by priests and bishops. they will be joining the holy father in celebrating that most central feature of the way in which we offer praise and thanks to god by doing as jesus taught us to do at the last supper. this is why the chalice is so important. the decoration of the chalice doesn't especially matter. what matters is what's in the chalice. it's wine that becomes, as roman
5:56 pm
catholics believe, together with the consecrated bread, the body and blood of christ, the real presence of christ. steve: what a beautiful sight this is. i'm just taking this in. monsignor, what goes through your mind? >> an incredible way of understanding how people actually would like to worship with him, to do anything for him and worshipping is the peak of our celebration. without this, we would not exist. it remains the fact that this man would like to be embraced by all. it's not a question only of catholics. this is the main point. he's bringing a message to the world. he has gone beyond. not talking about the crowd of the catholics, but most probably
5:57 pm
audience used to be 40 percent catholic, 30 percent jewish and 30 percent protestant. he's embracing everyone. everyone is embraced. and this crowd here you will find people who are not catholics, who wanted to be there, however. you know, christians and perhaps jewish people definitely. steve: sure. dari: well, i mean, to that point point, he's reached out to everyone, has always reached out to everyone. we saw that this morning at the u.n., but also at the 9/11 memorial in which they had an interfaith service, which was so beautiful, interreligious prayer service. you saw all the different people standing up there from different faiths. he really wants the world to come together, whether it's the language you speak, the faith, the culture. that is something that we see.
5:58 pm
i think that's one of the reasons why so many people are able to embrace him. >> he's reminding us we are human beings. we're all creatures of one god. and naturally, that god wants us to be saved into eternity. that's another thing he mentioned to the bishops in washington, d.c. he said, listen, we have to do as much as we can on earth. but our goal should be eternity. he really insisted on this. i think this is so important for us to understand. and that's his message. not only to the people there at madison square garden, but to the world. look at this morning. i never saw the hall of the united nations, the general assembly, so filled to capacity. there was no way. there were some many applauses. not only that, but this was the first time that a pope opened
5:59 pm
the general assembly session, the 70th -- dari: that's right. the anniversary. it's something to remember. how many people actually speak at the general assembly, then go to the 9/11 memorial, hold a prayer service there, and then go to a school, go through central park and then are going to hold a mass in front of 18,000-plus people. dan bowens, who's been there all day, is still there. dan, we just saw a picture of what -- a shot of what looked like to be a choir. i don't know if you have any information about the music that's going to be there tonight, who may be singing, but perhaps you could give us a little information. >> reporter: i can tell you the pre-mass event that started earlier was also a magical moment. we saw gloria estefan, jennifer hudson, harry connick, jr., all


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