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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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>> every day for you and your families, and i ask, you, please to pray for me. >> pope francis heading hope after his 6 day visit to america, imantwan lewis. christina: i am christina park. pope francis ending his 6 day trip to the u.s., including stops in washington d.c., new york city, and philadelphia. antwan: stacy delikat is here, she has been covering him throughout day. >> reporter: what a day, what a week. incredible today, he got a big send off from philadelphia.
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the trip with a mass. and thanked everyone for making the trip so efficient. a final wave on u.s. soil, and pope francis' historic tour came to a close. he boarded to rome just before 8:00, after ascend off by -- send off by vice president joe biden. the pontiff's 6 day u.s. visit cull mated this evening with a mega-mass, with a world meeting of families, 800,000 people packed in to pray. pope francis called this a miracle in today's world. in the day, the pontiff met with 100 inmates at a philadelphia jay, some accused of murder or rape, and he held a close door meeting with 5 victims of child sex abuse. >> god weeps for the sexual abuse of children.
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one last ride in his popemobile. he stopped to kiss children on the head as he weaved. >> he is all about love. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be this close to the pope. >> reporter: one last address, during which he thanked everyone, and said his visit to ground zero was the highlight of the trip. >> i was very moved to stand with my brothers, and sisters of other religions at ground zero. >> reporter: the pope saying while his visit to the u.s. was short, it was meaningful. >> it has been a day of great, you.
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god bless america. antwan: wow. >> we can only pope pope will get some rest he earned it, his 6 day visit was so impressive how smoothly it went. and we have to hand it to law enforcement for keeping everything moving and everyone safe during the week,. christina: it worked out, and now you can see it. antwan: you know waving, so much. >> thank you. antwan: holy father touched the lives of millions of his followers, of u.s., including here in new york, tens of thousands lined city streets to get a look at the pontiff, thousands more celebrated mass with him at madison square garden. today, the faithful poured out
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>> he inspired to us come to st. patrick's. >> be kind to others all of time. >> we're roman catholic going to mass this morning and feel good, and revitalize by him. antwan: followers say that the holy father may have left but his message remains. christina: one of more memorable moments was his mass at msg on friday night. antwan: our reporter shares his story of meeting the pontiff. >> reporter: as pope francis processed to the altar. he was the close enough for me and my camera to touch. i was fortunate to be invited to the mass by a rianne a master silver smith, and friend of the holy father, he made the chalise that his holiness used for the mass. there he was, holding it up for
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the world to see. the chalise was made of milted silver jewelry that people from the u.s. donated. so the pope held a part of each in his hand. it was emotional and unforgettable, his work, and more than a decade of friendship, culminating in that moment, he and the rest of us stood and applauded for a long time showing our appreciation for the holy father. almost as soon as the pope walked past me, a guard irk whisked us to a private room, there he was, the holy father, ever of humble and ever gracious, i shook his hand, and a hugged him, i asked him to pray for us, and i wished him safe travels, one of his guards handed me a sit of rose rosary beads, we saw him
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of his fiat, a light, lit his face, a bit of a smile was visible as i took this photo, then he left, to turn in for the night, the pope was given the gift of the chalise, he gave me a gift for which i will never be able to adequately thank him, robert moses, "fox 5 news." christina: wrow, you can head on our web site for latest on pope francis' historic visit to america. antwan: a developing story to tell you about, a scary scene at a campaign stop for carly fiorina. the cur ans that were -- cartons used as -- curtains used as a backdrop came crashing down, in san antonio today. she was speaking when the curtains gave way, no one was hurt. and carly fiorina returned to answers questioning afterward. christina: president obama is
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trip to united nations and democratic fund-raiser, he will stay in new york overnight, and tomorrow morning address the u.n., general assembly, that day, he will meet with russian president putin to talk about russian activity in ukraine and syria. antwan: rising hip-hop star fetty wap is out of the hospital today after crashing his motorcycle in new jersey, he crashed head to a car, injuring himself, and the driver of the vehicle. it happened a day after the release of his debut album, his music success story inspiring locals to reach there are their dreams. >> everyone in the city to be honest, i look up to him, he gave a lot to the young people. the vision you could do anything you want if you put your mind to it. antwan: fetty wap it supposed to perform in new york city tuesday night, and kickoff a promo tour.
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collected more than $38,000 and counting for family of a high school quarterback from new jersey who died after being hit on the field. he took a hit, a short time later high collapsed and died. officials have not said what caused his death, they're trying to raise $50,000 for funeral costs and medical bills issue his wake is wednesday, and his funeral thursday. antwan: senator schumer wants to update regulation on eyeglass prescriptions. to create more competition in the stay that would lower eyeglass prices, he wants them to require eyecare providers to give prescription information to consumers, to have them verify that information through a third party seller within a reasonable aim of time. -- aim of time.
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people took part in 14 annual tunnel to towers run, they start at brooklyn battery tunnel and traveled will through lower manhattan across the world trade center, this honored those who died trying to help people on september 11, the 5k run and walk follows last footsteps of hero firefighters steven cellar who luft left his truck and ran through the tunnel to the towers, he died while rescues people in the attacks. antwan: coming up the race for the republican presidential nomination is heating up. christina: we'll tell you which candidate is closing the gap to donald trump. antwan: we introduce you to jumbo size food at metlife stadium. >> hello samantha. samantha: the skies are clear, chegg out the total eclipses
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right now, more clouds with a chance of rain coming our way on tuesday, how is it duke. duke: coming up on "sports extra" present by toyota, the mets and the yankees. and looking for to post season with ken davidoff, baseball columnist for the new york post, and we talk jets and giants with former jet steve weatherford,
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antwan: donald trump's front-runner status could be a thing of the past. christina: ben carson is catching up. the polls show carson with a 20% support lead among republican primary voters nationwide, that just one point below trump, and carly fiorina, and marco rubio tied for third, each with 11%. antwan: a rare, sight in the skies tonight, a look at total super moon lunar eclipse happening right now, the moon is making its closest approach to earth.
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christina: this coincides with a full lunar eclipse, called a blood moon, the moon with a coppery red color, because of the light bouncing off of the earth. antwan: it looks reddish right there. christina: it is. 2033 is when you may see it again. antwan: samantha augeri is here, how long can we see this. samantha: you have another hour. i am getting tweets and messages people saying we see it, skies are briefly cleared out, we're stuck here in the studio, but when we are done we should be able to get out, and catch a glimpse. certainly a neat sight in the sky. total eclipse until 11:23, skies right now, partly cloud to mostly clear, but clouds will build in overnight. and into tomorrow morning.
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central park we're 66 with extra crowds -- clouds, and anestly east clearly wind. not as breezy as it hat been, winds will be out of the south and east, bringing in warmer air. on satellite radar, thicker clouds are over the ocean ocean, and southwest in parts of northeastern pennsylvania, creeping into new jersey, the city, long island to connecticut. high pressure overhead, is keeping us looking really good for the weekend, we had scattered cloud, still no wet weather, we need it, we're in a moderate drought, we have a chance of rain familiaring in for upcoming week -- a chance of rain coming in for the up coming week. an area of lope lep off of the carolinas, it is fizzling out and weaken ag a little bit, there is a low over the gulf that is bringing in moisture. coal front northwest approaching
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and track it in our direction by tuesday night, and to wednesday. we're in a moderate drought for the month, we're almost two inches below normal, with regards to rainfall since january 1st, 8 inches below normal, we need a good soaking, overnight, clouds coming back in tomorrow morning it is mainly cloudy with dots of green, a small chance of a sprinkle. not much. the cold front will approach as we head 2 suss die, there is -- head 2 tuesday, there is your chance of next needed rain. recapping tonight, mostly cloudy, we got a break in the clouds now, perfect timing for the total eclipse. temperatures will be approaching 80s, the same thing for tuesday. showers coming in i think just
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late in the day, so much of the day is looking all right. overnight to wednesday morning we get rain, than clear out, we get cool, nice, fall weather, temperatures in 60s to next weekend. iing is when we leave here first thing you do look up in the sky check out the eclipse. christina: thank you. antwan: if you went to jets game today you most likely left with a sour taste in your mouth, but it has nothing to to with the food. christina: next time you head to see gangrene, bring your apptize, sharon crowley with super size food options on game day. >> reporter: i am here with eric, the executive chef here at metlife stadium, we're starting with a giant jumbo pretzel. do we need a giant pretzel. >> we'll call it a jumbo jet prez
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>> we put your beer cheese sauce. >> reporter: what is that. >> a souped up cheese whiz. >> reporter: if are you counting calories right now, stop, they came up with jumbo ideas with, they super size some jet fan favorite, hold on to your arteries, he not done yet with this $30 jumbo prez zell. >> ground chroizo . >> reporter: how about a two food long jumbo sausage, to feed about 7 jets fans in one setting, it costs $60. >> triple layers. >> sauce am on amage on sausage, he will bring had here, put cheese sauce on that. >> reporter: you need cheese on two types of meat.
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makes sense. >> reporter: come to the stadium with an empty stomach. >> for the brunch crowd. a chorizo patty, another pound. >> reporter: what inspired you to make jumbo jets food for the fans. >> the jets wanted to do it. >> reporter: the best part, the taste test. you eat this with your hands, here it goes. >> bigger, bigger. >> reporter: bon appetit, sharon crowley, "fox 5 news." antwan: there has to be an easier way to have a stroke. christina: only live once. antwan: one man's fear of drivers turns dangerous.
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out his lighter and decided to burn it. >> but he ends up starting a fire, you saw, fortunately he grab a extinguisher and put out the flames, no one was hurt, his car was barely damaged. antwan: get to follow that. all right, coming up on "sports extra" present by toyota a big show, we look at the mets and yankees. look forward to post season with ken davidoff, baseball columnnist for "new york post." >> and weatherford in studio talking about jets and giantses, a big show. antwan: also a special guest, over there hello, duke's father is here. duke: my dad is here. antwan: making sure you do it right. christina: there you go. duke: he paid for courses in college.
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you need to know about tomorrow's commute. >> i am ines rosales with the toyota traffic tracker route 84 both direct from exit 13 to poughkeepsie, various lanes will be closed this week for construction from 10:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. meters remain in effect.
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samantha: these are viewer photos, people are getting photos leak that right now -- like that right now, we'll have until about 45 more minutes to watch it. christina: clear night you can see it, that is it for us tonight, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis, with samantha augeri, and duke castiglione, remember to wake up to "good day new york" tomorrow morning. christina: but "sports extra"
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