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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 28, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> is going to feel like fall, maybe not today but later in the week some cooler temperatures and rain heading our way. and rain heading our way. >> big speeches with pres. obama today will take you there just a >> ben: that return home this morning but the influence of his visit in new york will be felt for some time. >> when the woman who helped two
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sentencing this morning. >> it is of five am monday morning, september 28. october. october just a few days away. mike woods is here. nice weekend. >> mike: yesterday was cool but not too bad. we we had our fair share of summer for sure. i broke out the genes. it was starting to get that way. here is what we have with high temps yesterday. 71 degrees at central park. we had a lot of clouds around and that is back to normal, maybe a hair below. sixty-nine in montauk, 72 is is what you made it to in sussex.
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with 66 degrees at central park. 60 degrees is your temperature in sussex and i slip. there is more clout covered outside which blocked at many people's' view of the super blood moon last night. some of us got in on that. here's what happened with temperature changes, some significantly warmer than 24 hours ago. it's 8 warmer and isolate. this will be the theme of the day. more clout cover, warmer clout cover, warmer temps will make a comeback today. winds will be coming in from the east and northeast and will switch to the south. that brings back some moisture
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it will bring us some showers which could come down with a good amount of rain, we we are well behind on rainfall for the year. that means some good things for us here. here is the future cast, at the next day and a half not too bad. increasing cloud cover may be a quick light shower or sprinkle. tomorrow morning the shower chances pickup and a few spots of rain scattered around the tri- states. rain chances pickup later in the day and it is on top of us on wednesday. they'll be showers and storms possible on wednesday. today, mostly cloudy and very warm. high temperature of 79
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. 78 is for your high tomorrow and then went on wednesday. showers and storms which will last into thursday morning. let's talk with ines and look at the traffic. >> ines: the parkway is closed. all lanes closed on the belt parkway between coney island. things fine on the staten island expressway. the fdr drive and southbound side and northbound coming towards us is moving fine. we still have the un general assembly going on, the perimeter of the closure date is extended. fdr up to seventh avenue and closures. the buses could be delays and
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diversions. crossing the gwb you are fine, no problems problems on the upper and lower level. trains are running on are close to schedule. >> ben: pres. obama, amortized today. he is getting ready to address the united nations this morning. >> juliet: he also has a meeting with putin is scheduled later in the day. >> reporter: good morning. pres. obama is starting the week with a lot of news expected to come out of the united nations. a speech by the president and then he sits down with russia's president as he confronts test tensions between the two. >> eyes will be on the general assembly at the united nations. watching to see what comes of the public addresses and
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high-profile public meeting. today president obama will give assembly. his speech is expected to be a broader examination of issues. >> here, today, we put those myths to rest. >> reporter: sunday the president addressed a smaller contingent calling on global leaders to commit to a 15 year plan. it calls for maternal action so maternal death during childbirth decreases. it also calls for these like ebola and aids to be greatly reduced. >> kids are one mosquito bite away from dying. the world must act. >> reporter: on the presence to
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russians president, who to. the most anticipated sitdown obama will have this week. the meeting requested by prudent will be the first face-to-face in nearly a year. it comes as relations have deteriorated in part because of russia's military support of the isis regime. the area surrounding the un will continue to be a presence on a traffic nightmare. street closures will remain in effect for the rest of the week. one more thing of note, the two men this is the second time they have met since the united states and cuba restore diplomatic relations last year. that is the latest from the united nations. >> thank you tresa. 5:07 a.m.
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new jersey. it is the first time they return to high school sends their quarterback died. he died on friday after being hid in a game. a gofundme page has collected more than $40000 have been raised for the family. officials have not caused what causes death. >> 3-year-old destiny and his two-year-old sister vanished after a court order visit with police failed to say she re- failed to return them on saturday. there are lasting on the corner of pennsylvania and sutter avenue in brownsville. please call crimestoppers.
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has reached a plea deal after admitting she gave hacksaw's and other materials to the two that escaped prisoner. she she said she enjoyed the attention the two gave her. the two were on the run for three weeks. matt was killed and sweat was wounded and recaptured. >> ben: pope francis is back and wrote this morning, he left about nine hours ago. his trip touch hundreds of thousands of people. >> his trip left a lasting impression on those people. robert is with us today. >> reporter: good morning. the pope is back safely in rome. upon landing he tweeted his thanks to the american people. st. patrick's is still glowing from his visit as are many of us who were lucky to cover it. through the window of his plane
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states one last time. vp joe joe biden and his wife jill saw him off. the american people fell in love with the holy father during his visit. from the sounds of it, he fell love with them. the pope spent his final day in the u.s. celebrated mass along and franklin parkway in philadelphia. >> this has to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be this close to the pope. >> reporter: earlier he met with prisoners, family members, and staff of the correctional facility. he tackled the painful abuse scandal that was in the church. the pope held a closed-door meeting with abuse victims and expressed his pain for what they experience.
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visit reinvigorated the crowds. those we spoke to sounded especially moved. >> he inspired us to come to st. patrick's cathedral. we are both roman catholic at mass this morning. we feel feel very good and revitalized by him. >> i ask you to pray for me. god bless america. >> reporter: on friday after that mass, i was fortunate enough to meet the holy father. these are are some photographs taken by his official photographer. i was able to greet the pope, i asked him for prayers, and, and i promise to pray for him too. you may remember throughout his visit he frequently requested
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i will have more on what was an incredible evening including how i got to madison square garden and everything in between. that 5:30 a.m. now back to you. >> unbelievable. i can't can't wait to hear that story. >> ben: thank you robert. more to come. carly p arena had a close call at the curtain, look at this. >> mike is looking at the forecast. >> mike: clouds rolling in town yesterday. today will be similar with lots of clouds, but it will be very warm today with highs close to 80 degrees. if you want to keep a track of the rain we have a live
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interactive radar on the weather app at fox 5 ny weather. we'll be right back. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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people of the coffee drinking world, that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> ben: a super blood moon lit up the sky last night. a a combination of two celestial events.
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appears larger than normal and it was also a lunar eclipse. that that is when the earth's shadow covers the moon and the moon takes on a reddish tint. the sky watchers in our area it was only a partial escape's. last. 1982. it will not happen again until 2033. >> juliet: pretty cool. it's 5:16 a.m. right now let's take a look at the forecast. are you allowed to complain if it's not a nice forecast? >> ben: by the way i did win. i have not collected yet. it looks like we'll have something to complain about in a few days. spee3. >> mike: here's the thing we should be happy. we need the rainfall. today the rain threat is not that big.
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seventy-one is the average high today. right now we are at 66 degrees with partly cloudy skies. you have mostly cloudy skies at central park right now. other temps in the area, 58 in bridgeport, 57 in montauk. three to 8 miles an hour for the wind. that brought us some issues around the rip current along the jersey shore. we have a partly to mostly parties sky around the tri-state region. in about two days will have the cold front and it will increase moisture and shower chances will pick up. mostly cloudy skies and a quick
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sprinkle. it is going to drag through on wednesday with a wet day on wednesday. mostly cloudy today with a few sprinkles. high temps about 79. light rain with cloudy skies tonight. the rain won't be going good for us until late tuesday and wednesday. then another shower chance on saturday. let's bring a nine as. >> ines: the belt parkway. the problem a traffic trailer struck a guard rail. it was carrie carrie pipes that fell over the railway.
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so the road is closed there. garden state parkway in new jersey, southbound after exit 432 lanes lanes are blocked with an accident. long island expressway no problems west or east bound. at the act alexander hamilton bridge and george washington bridge there's no problem. westbound side looks good. the trains are running on are close to scribe joe. street cleaning rules are in effect today. >> ben: a company is voluntarily sidelining its vehicles after one of their to her vehicle's crest into a charter bus. that was filled with international college students. five died in that crash. ride the ducks international originally refurbished the boat. they recommended the ride the
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two years ago. those repairs did not happen. >> this driver has to be in a lot of pain. he. he crashed into a canal in utah. his legs pinned in the wreckage of his car. this video is captured by an officer's a body camera. he was airlifted to a local hospital and is in stable condition. both of his like suffer compound fractures. the man claimed he dozed off. >> ben: carly fiorina had her. take a look. the incident happened in san antonio yesterday. she was speaking at the national owner conference. luckily no one was hurt. it's pretty incredible because it looks like it was pretty close.
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the former ceo of hewlett-packard was able to finish her speech. >> drama in the race for the republican candidate, ben carson has caught up with donald trump in the polls. carson now has 20% support among voters nationwide, that is just one point below trump. the arena and rubio are tied for third with 11% each. >> ben: the growing problem of identity theft. a new report shows us how bad it is. >> we will be right back.
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>> ben: we are back. 17.6 million americans were victims of identity theft last year. that is 7% of the entire u.s. adult population. according to a new government report nearly 9 million of report nearly 9 million of them had credit card numbers stolen. two thirds of all victims had
5:24 am
actual monetary losses. >> volkswagen was warned against using illegal admission tricks years ago. this is according to a report in germany. they weren't them not to use the software back in 2007. volkswagen last week admitted they use the software on 11 million vehicle since 2008. the company has promised to provide a free fix. >> ben: the summer slam will be held in brooklyn next year. the wwe event will take place the next two summers. in addition they will host the monday night raw and an xp event on consecutive nights. moviegoers might want to celebrate halloween a little area as transylvania to scares away the competition.
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>> come on you know how i sing. >> the animated vampire flick took in 47.5 million in its debut weekend. that broke the same weekend that was set by the first hotel transylvania. coming in second is the intern taking in just over $18 million. rounding out the top five is a black mass in fifth place. >> ben: any desire to see any of those? >> the intern i was thinking of same but the interns have not been so good. >> ben: top stories when we come
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>> ben: looks a little cloudy and somewhat warm day out there. we can can see what we have not
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at least tomorrow, rain. >> pres. obama is getting ready to address the united nations assembly this morning. he has another important meeting today will have the latest. >> ben: women with early-stage breast cancer can skip the chemotherapy and does not increase their odds of beating the disease. >> mary diblasio is getting ready to release a plan later today. >> ben: did you have a nice weekend. >> i did. i was out and about. what about you. >> ben: did you hit the fleamarket.
5:30 am
i said i was shamed into giving up my shorts were a pair of jeans. there is still a lot of guys out there. it's all guys, nobody wants to give up shorts. >> your legs don't get cold. >> mike: i was wearing shorts yesterday too. here is what is going on. some changes out there weatherwise. clouds may come back yesterday. showers not a big problem but now clouds are around and temps are going up. sixty-six at central park, 58 degrees in bridge port, 67 degrees in montauk. some cloudy skies here and there. more clouds coming throughout the day. the threat of rainfall is minimal.
5:31 am
the afternoon if you got anything. eventually you'll see moisture over the southeast state they will be working their way through the tri-state region and that combination will set us up for a wet day on wednesday. temps will be warm making it up to 79 degrees for a high. 78 degrees tomorrow and increase shower chances. wednesday more showers and thursday and then a break on friday. let's bring in ines and see where our backups are. >> ines: not looking good for monday. looking parkway all lanes closed by coney island. the tractor trailer struck the over pass. in new jersey garden state
5:32 am
but after exit 143 there was an accident. long island traffic is moving fine in both directions. westchester is doing fine, you can see a buildup on there some type of metal debris on the roadway. a lot of flat tires there. as you are approaching the superstructure is you are fine. looks like they closed everything down because i'm not seen any traffic on the side of the bridge. the trains are running on or close to schedule. >> ben: thank you very much. it is a big day at the united nations. general assembly is in session. president obama will address the general assembly at 10:00 a.m.
5:33 am
>> juliet: he will also have a meeting with glad amir put in later today. tresa tresa joins us live this morning from the united nations. >> reporter: good morning. all eyes are on the united nations today. people are watching what world leaders say in their public addresses and also it comes from a high profile sit down. president obama will take center stage today, he was in kingstown yesterday and spoke to a smaller contingent of leaders. he asked other nations to come together for the good of those horse drug lane. he is expected to elaborate on that today. he also has a 15 year plan to reduce poverty, preventable preventable disease and the treatment of women worldwide. >> many children are just one mosquito bite away from death. that is a moral outrage. that is a profound injustice. it is literally a matter of life
5:34 am
must act. >> reporter: the president will also come face-to-face today with russia's president, glad where prudent. the two haven't haven't seen each other in one year. the sitdown was requested by nothing is off the table, they do they do expect to talk at length about ukraine and syria. because of all the action here today and this week, this area is a traffic nightmare. avoided at all costs. it is a frozen zone. from 42nd st. to to 52nd, the fdr, first, second, third is the wide perimeter you should avoid. we'll be putting information on the website so check their. make sure you have an alternate route in place.
5:35 am
back to you. >> ben: the traffic continues. mayor diblasio is stepping up his fight to prevent homelessness. he will announce a plan to reduce homelessness. he will hire more lawyers to help families fight eviction. it's cost-effective to keep people in their homes instead of in shelters the. >> community colleges could be free of governor, had his way. stalking to the white house about providing free tuition. new york has the highest tuition in the nation. president obama announced the plan to give free tuition but states have to pick up 25% of the cost. , wants to offer an additional $500 million. >> ben: pope francis arrived
5:36 am
he spent a few days in new york city. >> he touched many people here including our very own robert moses. robert i'm glad i saw you this morning what a story you have to tell. >> reporter: very lucky. first of all, st. patrick's is still going this morning from the pope's visit. many people who came to church yesterday say they felt and bigger rated by the pope's visit. the holy father had a busy last day in philadelphia. he celebrated mass with nearly 1 million people. he. he visited inmates inside a correctional facility. he held a closed-door meeting of victims of abuse and he gave us a fond farewell yesterday. many have been touched by his visit including me.
5:37 am
i was able to meet him following mass at madison square garden. it was a night i will remember always. >> as pope francis process to the altar he was close enough for me and my camera to touch. i was fortunate to be invited to the mass by a silversmith and longtime friend of the father. he made the chalice this pope used to celebrate mass. there he was holding it up for the world to see. the chalice was made of melted silver jewelry that people from all across the u.s. donated so the pope held a part of each in his hand. [applause]. all of his work and more than a decade of friendship culminated in that moment. he and the rest of us stood and applauded for a long time to
5:38 am
show our appreciation to the holy father. as soon as the pope walk past me a guard with us to a private room. and there he was the holy father gray show gracious. i asked that he prayed for my loved ones and i said i would pray for him too. one of his guards handed me a set of grocery beads. then we left the room and let him greet a few other people. we saw him one more time in the back of his fiat. a bit of a smile was clearly visible as i stood and took this photo just a few feet away. then he left for the night. they had given him the gift of the chalice and gave me a gift for which i will never be able to adequately thinking. the picture you saw my meeting the pope were taken by his
5:39 am
i can't say thanks enough, he allowed me to savor the moment without having to worry about capturing it. that is the latest live from st. pats this morning. back to you. >> how many messages have you gotten about this on social media from friends, near and far? >> reporter: a lot. my phone went nuts when the story aired last night. i can't emphasize enough how lucky i was because adrian, the silversmith could have invited anyone. i was lucky enough to be along for an amazing night. i was able to embrace him a few times in that room. i had to see the pictures the next day to actually believe this happened. >> ben: one minute or two that you will remember for a lifetime.
5:40 am
very nice. robert moses it is beaming after an incredible weekend. >> that is a story he will tell his children and grandchildren. >> ben: when he first said he met the pope i thought maybe he walked by and blessed him. then i saw the pictures and was like wow. my quizzes here. good morning. >> mike: that is really cool. here is what we have out there. mostly cloudy skies and unseasonably warm temperatures coming at you today. temps of both normal by about 8 degrees or so. we'll have more summerlike temperatures. then wet weather making a comeback somewhat tomorrow and more so on wednesday.
5:41 am
next weekend we have a little of this and that. we'll show you that in a second. it 66 degrees in central park, 67 in sussex, a partly cloudy sky right now. clouds will thicken up as moisture continues to build up. the high-pressure is losing its grip. eventually showers and better chance of rain late tuesday and into wednesday and thursday. friday looks nice and sunny for you. the fox 5 weather app is available at the google play store in the itunes store. let's see what's going on with the traffic before the belt parkway is a tractor trailer struck the guard whale and shut
5:42 am
there are delays. it is shut down eastbound between coney island and knapp street. two lanes were blocked but that is cleared away. on the bronx parkway the 233rd street southbound side no problem. northbound is quiet. expect delays around westchester and the super's structure, there is metal debris on the road from a truck. one link could be closed here. a bit of a small delay here. there's a bit of a slowdown next to the superstructure. the un general assembly is going on so their closures around there that you want to avoid. it's a larger perimeter than usual fdr drive and seventh
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57th street. stay tuned, good day new york will be right back. see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today. >> monday morning, september 20. 5:46 a.m.
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women who are with breast cancer could avoid chemotherapy. their scene if they can respond instead. >> they're looking at how bobby christina brown died but she was found face down in a bathtub in she died in in july. >> ben: more than 70000 people took part in the stephen filler tunnel to towers run. he left his truck and ran to the brooklyn battery tunnel to the trade center. they help collect $50 million for programs. after recent. >> after receiving outpouring in love with the family of yogi berra has decided to televise his funeral.
5:47 am
10:00 a.m. and the yes network. the funeral will be held at montclair. on sunday, october 4 from noon to 5:00 o'clock will be a memorial. >> ben: duke is here this morning. great week for baseball not so much for football. >> duke: this is reality in the nfl. plan a team he thought was terrible and they come in and philadelphia came into town and beat up on the undefeated jets. they really beat up on the jets. the jets had a chance to win it. he said it was the dumbest playing football history, i don't know about that but he is
5:48 am
touchdown and it would be 24-0. jets had another chance after a turnover but patrick gives it right back. eagles hold on, 2424-17 is the final score. jets were in it at the end. and 89-yard touchdown on the part returned just killed them. miami is having a brutal year. yankees are trying to clinch a playoff spot. here's another great outing and here in the six they got out of it jm and a double play.
5:49 am
they continue to - -dash met back in cincinnati. there on the mound there was a smart move. giving up one run in six innings, striking out nine. mets had no problem scoring runs yesterday. they look good. a two run homer in the second. mets when 8-1. here's a fly ball and matt
5:50 am
he gave up five runs the phillies went on to win it 5 - -dash. >> ben: a lot of people say he can be toxic in the locker room. >> duke: when i covered the yankees and red sox series, he's impossible to talk to. but he was good. but he can be polarize. 22-year-old fired up by around and that makes him the youngest winner ever to win five times in a season. on top of that he's earning more than 12 million in prize money, and 10 million bonus from fedex.
5:51 am
announce his retirement on wednesday. >> ben: we don't mind it here actually. >> mike: good morning. clouds roll into town yesterday, clouds are hanging with us but you'll get some sun two. sixty-six in central park, 63 in allentown. partly to mostly cloudy skies in the tri-state. this sun will come up in an hour or so. more clouds building in as time goes on. no worries with rain today may be small shower chances are possible but it will be a while. the cold front is barely visible right now coming in from the northern plains states in upper midwest. they will work to bring us a
5:52 am
high temp gets up to a 79 degrees today. some folks will appreciate that. i've 78 degrees tomorrow. wednesday looks like showers and storms throughout the day. on saturday another chance of showers. we need the rain. we'll take it when we can get it. let's bring in ines. >> ines: street cleaning rules are suspended today. meters are in effect. putnam county no major problems. there is a stall blocking alain. let's look at the belt parkway here the headlights here are not moving right now. all lanes close, a tractor trailer struck a guard rail.
5:53 am
island and knapp street. tappan zee bridge expect delays. there are a lot of headlights westchester bound. stay to them. good day day new york will be right back
5:54 am
>> welcome back and entertainment news this morning a mantle claim she was drugged at a justin bieber party. >> ben: she said she felt lightheaded and after drinking a glass of vodka and lemonade. every poorly happen at bieber's listening party in melbourne australia. the owners said they have reviewed footage from the event, her cup is visible the entire time, the drink was never touch. it was a star-studded festival in central park over the weekend. >> the fourth animal featured beyonce , pearl jam, 60000 people attended the show for a great cause. they pledged to take part in the global poverty project which aims to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. brings. brings awareness about climate
5:55 am
change and educational resources. we are few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 o'clock hour. >> ben: and a big change in how we use credit cards, that story,
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