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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 29, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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5 news this is "good day early call". ben: another outbreak of legionnaires' disease, seven new pieces have been reported. we will you where they're located. >> travel troubles for passengers heading john ireland lives the plane's landing gear catch fire after having others it issues in the sky. we will do you what went wrong. >> a security scare at jfk airport on the tarmac after the pope leaves. pontiff. juliet huddy. >> i am ben simmoneau on tuesday morning september 29th, thank you for joining us. "good day early call". >> a couple sprinkles as we head into work this morning.
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ben: i did not get hit with any but i saw the sidewalks, windshields, all little wet. >> you can see the committee, the dew points of come up quite a bit. they feel we are getting fired up for some rain, we need it, we are creating is behind in rain for the year but looks like we have a lot coming up for us, things of changed from what we had yesterday, 73 degrees, very warm start central park, 72 and newark, 70 in allentown, 69 in bridgeport, temperatures of warmer, dew points da ibm mainly around 65 to 70 degree range which you see more typically in the summer. you feel the humidity but temperatures are not going to be out of control summit won't be aggressive but you will feel the moisture in the air, 66 in islip in montauk, load up with moister plenty of clouds out there and
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showers or sprinkles that have come for brutality, rain won't the big issue, but trust me it is about to be by later tonight and the next several days, lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico, southeastern states and will feed right up into the frontal boundary which will press through the tristate region and several waves of low pressure will follow and we have another tropical system to consider but looks like it will hang primarily out in the atlantic waters. here is what we have today, lot of clouds, peaks of sunshine, shower chances out there. as the day goes on to become more and more so but later on tonight into this evening into tonight we will see heavier showers and storms, high temperature up to the the degrees, tomorrow you will see a high of 73, that looks and renal disorders of thing, a washout and you need to rush in.
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look at the. we are eight inches of rain. >> let's get it in inch at a time. >> we will never make it. this is playing catch-up. some people are rejoicing, a kind of like the rain. anyway, let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on, you like a little rain. the roads are nasty, streets, sidewalks. >> you know anita card wash. the harlem river drive north down the ramp to the george washington bridge all lanes are closed because of construction, the rest of your commute looking great, no problems in new jersey, some extracts and -- construction and adjourn by itself bound, don't expect any delays, let's take a look your commute this morning, looking good. >> we are due for some rainy days. new york city health officials are looking into seven new cases of legionnaires' disease.
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located in the bronx, robert moses has the latest. >> reporter: test results on cooling towers in the morris park section of the bronx are still pending. that is where seven people between the ages of 45 and 75 with underlying medical conditions have been sickened with legionnaires'. all seven rain hospitalized. these are anxious times for those who lived in morris park. >> i'm concerned, i have a young child with the weak immune system. >> i am upset. can't imagine it being in this neighborhood. >> the health department learned of the seven cases between september 21st, and sept. 27. according to the health commissioner three of the seven people live in more is par, via the four visitor work year. the health department has not pinpointed the source of the cluster. >> the geographic requested and let the rest of the cooling towers. >> these pieces are not linked to this summer's outbreak that killed 12 and sickened a
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hundred. a cooling tower at the opera house hotel on east 149th street cause that outbreak. symptoms of legionnaires' include fever, chills, headache, body can difficulty breathing. doctors say the experience those systems get checked. >> with anyone who has medical problems like asthma or emphysema they should get seen earlier on because it can turn into something more serious in those pieces. york. >> the new warranty with the umbilical cord still attached is found dead outside from rare earth but -- the university heights section. it happened at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. of mom is being questioned by authorities. no arrests have been the soul are. the nypd is investigating. ben: more details and that high school quarterback, the medical examiner's office says have been married died from massive internal bleeding due to a
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game. he had walked off the field but collapse a short time later and at the hospital would awake will be held tomorrow followed by funeral thursday. >> us care for passengers heading out of the country, a flight was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing at 7:30 last night. hydraulic problems were to blame. the flaps weren't working and landing gear doors would not close with the touch down was faster than normal and he breaking cause the left rear brake to catch fire. crews put out the flames quickly, passengers were safely removed and taken to the terminal bud port authority buses. no injuries were reported. ben: a former new york city firefighter armed with breached security in manhattan to meet the pope. authorities revealing saturday night 39-year-old chris drove his black suv onto the tarmac, he did not realize pope francis
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had left for philadelphia hours earlier but he joined two different you in diplomatic convoys. a port authority officer stopped him and when police searched his car they felt hollow that doubled as and marijuana. his lawyer says his client did not want to hurt the pope, just wanted his blessing. >> my client had a very tragic loss in his family of the niece who died of a form of cancer. i am sure my client would have liked a special frere for her from the pope. eight he was trying to quote negative the pope his business card and wants to talk to world leaders to effectuate change. pope francis was never in danger given he was 100 miles away in philadelphia. chris is being held on a half-million dollars bond and is due back in court on oct. 13. >> president obama is getting ready to head back to the united
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nations this morning. ben: he is scheduled to visit with raul castro. teresa priolo has more on today's events. >> reporter: a meeting between two leaders whose countries have been about for decades, president obama will sit down with raul castro. their first formal face-to-face since diplomatic relations were restored in july. on the agenda resolving the laundry list of long-held grudges, grievances that castro laid out in detail during his first-ever address to the general assembly monday. >> when people are compensated for the human and economic damage. >> reporter: the goal to normalize relations. cuba claims the united states oppose it trillion dollars in damages, it once guantanamo bay back and 53-year-old embargo to be that the. today's meeting marks the second tense sitdown president obama will have this week and yesterday he met with vladimir putin, their first formal face-to-face in almost a year.
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the tense talks lasted 90 minutes. the two. uncovered controversial ground including the crisis in ukraine and syria but they could not come to any firm agreement. russia is a strong supporter of bashar al-assad, the united states feels he is a tyrant who must go. the meeting followed dueling speeches to the general assembly. >> when a dictator slaughter's tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. it read human suffering on an order of magnitude that affects us all. >> we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government and its armed forces fighting terrorism face-to-face. >> teresa priolo, "good day new york". >> and capitol hill the senate is expected to approve a temporary spending bill that would head off a partial government shutdown. this legislation does not
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include canceling federal funding of planned parenthood but mitch mcconnell says the bill is, quote, the only viable way forward in the short term. the measure would keep the government stores open through december 11th. >> donald trump is touting a massive tax reform plan that would reduce taxes for millions of americans as well as corporations. he is proposing no federal taxes at all to the single individuals to make less than $25,000 a year or married couples to make less than $50,000 a year. >> reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and the very rich, in other words dari: cost me a fortune. >> reporter: trump's plan gets rid of the marriage penalty and that tax and lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% and he would eliminate a loophole that allows hedge fund is to pay lower taxes than individuals.
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leading scholars, economists and tax experts and they all loved it. >> he is very rich just in case you were wondering, he is very rich. still ahead this morning on "good day early call" some badly needed rain is heading our way, mike woods tells us when it will get here and how much we could be getting. >> could there be light on mars? the answer could be in the
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>> meteorologist: welcome back, we have a change is coming at us once again, all of cloud cover yesterday but we did get some sunshine too, nice warm temperatures, today will be warm but cloud cover will win out on a little more so, 70 degrees, very mild, the dewpoint back to 68 degrees, emitted be at 84%, the air is loaded with ministers of showers the do get going will put down a lot of rain, we will be talking about localized flooding around a good amount of the tristate region for the next several days. other temperatures in the tristate 72 newark, 70 in bridgeport and montauk, 64 and monticello, 68 in poughkeepsie, showers, not picking up a lot but there have been a few passing sprinkles and/or light showers which we were looking at is becoming most are scattered up the hudson valley, a human
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few of come over the city but we expect more rainfall to squeeze through here in the next several days, lot of moisture, tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico, southeastern states and the cold front will act as the mechanism to squeeze out a lot of what we will have in the tristate region over the next few days and what king is a tropical storm, winds at 40 miles an hour, this is forecast to strengthen a little bit but the main effect of the storm will be the fact that it is going to increase surf along the eastern seaboard especially the saudis and seaboard and some of that moisture will feed into what we have in the tristate over the next several days. the cold front approaching, the future guests as by 6:00 showers are breaking up more so to the northwest come as the night goes on the rain gets to be especially a lower hudson valley and some over is this city. all the way through 7:00 tomorrow morning, doesn't apply it wants to clear the area completely. it may ease as the day goes on
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short break there is a bed and it looks like there will be a pushback of more rain as we head into friday into the weekend unfortunately sellout breaks will be fairly short-lived a lot of wet weather coming at us, high temperature 80 degrees, heavier showers and storms come at you in the latter half of the day and overnight hours, 73 is your high tomorrow with rain all day, morning showers thursday and more rain, heavy stuff friday into saturday and even sunday featuring rainfall so a lot going on out there in terms of rain over the next few days. live interactive radar, at the apple itunes store, google play store, where that rain is very specifically all the way to the street level. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on this week, started out yesterday. ines: we have the u.n. general assembly going on, president obama still in town, the commute looking good, but accounting of
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fine, 78287 nothing to report, let's take a look at your commute on a long island expressway, no problems eastbound or west bound. if you are taking the george washington bridge inbound upper lower doing fine as well as the lincoln and holland tunnel, street cleaning rules suspended today, meters remain in effect. >> seattle for companies of the roads washington state suspended rides of ducks in seattle after deadly the crash, one of its debt to bose swerve into an oncoming charter bus filled with international students from a seattle college. five people died in the crash, dozens more were injured, federal investigators said the boy did not have an axle repaired that had been recommended two years ago. >> there's a move to the cyberticket scalpers out of business when counted tickets go on sale, they can be hard to get because seiters the best taubers by most of them using automated programs similar to dialing software that can snatch up the
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senator charles schumer is preparing a bill called the boss act which is short for a better online ticket sales. if it passes anyone caught using it to purchase tickets would be hit with at $1 million fine. >> a big discovery on mars, scientists say they have evidence of water flowing on the red planet. kerry: what could that mean for future space exploration? >> ladies and gentlemen, the journey to mars just got a whole lot more fascinating. since the mid 1970s, nasa centers election the minister mensa samaras and the red planet's service to learn more about that world. 40 years of data collection resulted in monday's announcement of perhaps the most important discovery made outside of her that that is here. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> water means living creatures might want to live on mars and could live there still. >> indeed assault and to get the chemistry of life going and the one thing we know that works is water.
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>> reporter: columbia university professor of astronomy researches water in the universe. >> if we find live somewhere else in the solar system that has a lot of implications towards what we understand about life on earth. >> nasa's long purpose on mars because of all the planets in our universe is most similar to ours. >> with warm salt pcs, freshwater lakes. >> some time in the last 3 billion years something happened on march. >> mars suffered a major climate change and lost its surface water. >> torso nasa thought. every spring scientists observe streaks of something appearing on the surface of the red planet. those streaks grew larger in the summer and disappeared in the fall. nasa wanted of the water might cause that streaking but needed prove using a process called spectroscopy scientists involved the interaction between light and materials on our that there is, that town hydrated salt in the streak syndicating presence of liquid water and a surface more habitable and human once
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life on mars in the past, present and future. >> soon i hope we will send humans to the red planet to explore. >> i am at king, fox 5 news. >> reporter: select a collision in the cardinals outfielder, scary stuff, one player, duke has the latest. >> sportsnet the region up next, "good day early call" is coming
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> meteorologist: let's take another look at what is happening with a radar. we worry about been for the morning commute, spotty showers, sprinkles passing through, that is when you're dealing with here, we have that of the lower hudson valley into the interior sections of connecticut mainly sections well north of the tristate. we have seen a little bit of it but it is not a big deal just yet but there will be more rain later in the day so don't go out without your umbrella because you will need it later on. right now it is 73 central park, succeeding poughkeepsie and islip, 70 in bridgeport, montauk, dew points are all higher around 65 to 70 degrees, the air is loaded with moisture so when showers get going they really could put down a lot of water. a few things going on.
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low pressure over the gulf of mexico is driving up more moisture into this front that will come in and when they collide able squeeze out a good amount of water. during the day not a lot going on but by this evening into tonight's showers and storms picking up, the heaviest rain to the northwest and you can see it times the rain is coming down over orange county over toward putnam county, tonight into cold front will boundary hangs up here, doesn't get out of here quickly so we will be stuck with showers as we go from wednesday into thursday morning and maybe some peaks of sunshine later on. high temperature 80 degrees, 73 to mark a look and all the wet weather the next 6 to 7 days, six days with rainfall on just about every day for us, we are behind but not going to be the
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ben: a lot of sports on tv this time of year. >> the yankees, at pitch tomorrow against boston and barring any major problems, we will star the american league wild-card game next tuesday. he has been out since september 18th when he strained his right hamstring running on a bunt against the nets. through yesterday dealing with down balls, says he feels good, ready to get back to work, play out a snag last night, by the boston red sox, chase headley at low plate here, it is a shot to left field, jackie bradley's jr. makes a leaping catch right there at the warning track and then the yanks, schneider is going to return but a favor. he is going to dive and go out. right there, red sox take it
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down 5-1 and the bronx win tonight if they needs of the things to happen, they will wrap up the first this season since 2010, the first american league team to win 10,000 games. pretty impressive. the mets are in philadelphia tonight and won't be able to face the nationals, jonathan kaplan at the end of the year because he has been suspended. and they got into a fight in the dugout with brian harper. we have seen this before, washington's gm called the actions unacceptable. bought four games for that, starting thursday and also three games in baltimore, which grace harper called tired so effectively papillon is out for the rest of the season. here's the interesting part. major league pitcher and spot -- fox was contributor it polled 12 major league players saying the guys he talked to are siding with apple bond, needs to show the game, running bawls out and
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it is interesting how people inside the game think about that. ben: we were talking about that downstairs and is very interesting. kerry: joking is never the answer. antwan: pittsburgh's jaw shares and fly as the dissenter, watch the cardinals outfielder, he is out but down for several minutes. is head it peter's need, st. louis says he suffered a bruised head, stay in hospital overnight for observation, going to blank the pirates' 3-0, jets getting ready to head to london. you could hire sleep specialist here, they arrive friday for sunday's game against the miami dolphins and for the giants and their fans the return is here, victor cruz will be back, pittsburgh wide receiver has been on the sidelines for the past two months with the cat injury, he posted of any as
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