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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is the day wake up. >> 5:00 tuesday morning, going to deal warm and humid day. can you feel light emitted be? the rain is on the way and it is going to rain for like a fortnight it looks like. mike woods has the full forecast coming. mike woods has the full forecast coming. kerry: the outbreak was over but there are seven new cases of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. live report coming. ben: firm handshake, he was treated like a criminal and the question, now the teen who brought:00 to school that was mistaken for a hoax bomb is the toast of new york city. kerry: a lot more in a moment.
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i am kerry drew, juliet huddy has the day of. ben: it is tuesday september 29th, thanks for joining us, mike woods is here, warm start this morning and there's a lot of rain heading our way. kerry: for a fortnight as if that is a common word people use. >> your seven day forecast it is filled with rain. >> meteorologist: let's go for a deluge. >> trying to get people -- kerry: got my atkinson here. >> you have to say something interesting. good job fair. kerry: he did say for night. ben: does look like we have a lot of wet weather coming our way. this is what we have right now, take a matt at the sky guardian 3d with a few scattered showers passing through northern new jersey, a few scattered light showers through the lower hudson
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passed by. not a big deal we have out there just yet, however later today we're going to have heavier showers coming abruzzo be ready for it. temperatures mild, 68 at belmar, 73 central park, 69 in bridgeport, 70 in montauk, dewpoint 65 to 70 for most of us in the tristate, that means there has got plenty of moisture to work with once the front gets to town, an area of low pressure with that, all the ingredients to bring down some pretty solid showers, the heaviest will be to the northwest, right now things don't look bad, tropical storm to keep an eye on, joaquin. showers take time to get going, the heavier stuff until later this evening, 6:00 to 8:00
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mainly to the northwest. the overnight hours that rain really comes down here at times especially at the lower hudson valley, you will have some problems out there, flash flood watches going into effect for the extreme northern tier of the tristate, that rain will come down in the neighborhood of at least an inch or so per hour and look like it will go on not only for one day but two, three, four days we will have some showers in the area bought by thursday morning it wants to break up but does not clear the area, rain will make come back shortly thereafter. decent amount of range next few days, today mainly for the latter half of the day, high temperature make it 80 degrees so still on a warm and sticky side with showers coming on by. tomorrow range throughout the day, high of 73 mainly morning showers thursday and friday heavier rain with wind, wind is also going to be a problem through this upcoming weekend so
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sorts of norplant. let's bring in -- >> i have a couple books i need to read. >> you don't read it. ben: i do read. the coffee table. it is on the coffee table. i see it. here's what is going on with the commute, watch out for construction closing baja ride driver and to the george washington bridge, that wrapup soon as far as your commute in new jersey, union and the essex county doing fine. let's take a look at how things are moving on the staten island expressway by victory boulevard doing and a both directions as far as george washington bridge is concerned driving into the city upper and lower level doing fine, lincoln and holland were good but as far as trains of the would the start, street cleaning rules are suspended once again, meters are in effect. mike does read books. people calling him, he can't sit
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>> a little frosty over there in the traffic center. we are learning more this morning about seven new cases of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. >> there reportedly not related to the outbreak we had over the summer. robert moses is live this morning from the mars park section of the bronx with more on this story. >> reporter: we don't know specifically where these seven people live but we know they are all tied together by this neighborhood, morris park neighborhood. they either live here, work here or visit here. we also know that no two of those people live in the same building. we fought this disease had been vanquished but once again it has reared its ugly head. this morning test results on cooling towers in the morris park section of the bronx a still pending where seven people between 45, and 75 with underlying medical conditions have been sickened with legionnaires'.
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these are anxious times for those who live in morris park. >> i have a young child with a weak immune system, you never know what happened. >> i am upset, can't imagine it being in this neighborhood. >> the health department learned of the seven cases between september 21st and september 27th for a. three of the seven people lived in morris park, the other four visited or work here. the health department still has not been pointed those force of the cluster. >> at the moment they are geographically close and which led us to the cooling towers. >> the latest cases are not linked to this summer at the outbreak until 12 and sickened the hundred. a cooling tower at opera house hotel on east 149th street caused that outbreak. in terms of legionnaires' include fever, chills, headache, body aches and difficulty breathing. doctors say if you are experiencing those symptoms get checked. >> for anyone with medical problems like asthma or emphysema they should get seen
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into something more serious in those cases. >> reporter: we mentioned tests on those cooling towers in morris park, test results are expected some time this week so at that point we will have a better sense of a source of this cluster. that is the latest from the morris park section of the bronx. ben: robert moses, thank you, sad story out of the bronx, a newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached was found dead outside a bronx apartment building. the newborn girl was dropped out of a window at was 1 eighty-third street in the university heights section of the bronx at 2:40 yesterday afternoon. the mother is being questioned, no arrests have been made. the nypd is investigating. kerry: more details on the death of a high school quarterback in new jersey. the medical examiner's office says evan murray died of a ruptured spleen after he was hit
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on the field during a game friday night. it happened at warren hills high school. he had walked off the field but collapsed a short time later and died at the hospital. a wake will be held tomorrow followed by a funeral thursday. ben: a scare at jfk airport, a flight heading for ireland was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing at 7:30 last night. hydraulic problems were blamed. the flaps were not working and the landing gear doors were not close. the plane touched down faster than normal and heavy braking caused the left rear brakes to catch fire. crews extinguished it, passengers were safely removed and taken to the terminal by port authority bus is. no injuries were reported. president obama is getting ready to share a united nations gathering of world leaders on counterterrorism today. kerry: this comes one day after a meeting with vladimir putin who does not agree with president obama on the topic.
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morning from the u.n. with more. >> reporter: consider what you have to do on your own to do list, all the things you want to accomplish, now consider the president obama today is going to be meeting with the president of cuba sharing the leader's summit on how to handle situation with isis and countering terrorism. you'll be holding high-level talks on what to do about syria and the migrant crisis that has followed, a lot on the agenda today and the topic of syria dominated all the developments out of the u.n. yesterday. a meeting between two leaders whose countries have been an odds for decades. president obama will sit down with raul castro. their first formal face-to-face since diplomatic relations were restored in july. on the agenda, resolving the laundry list of long-held grudges, grievances casserole made out in detail during his first-ever address to the general assembly monday. >> translator: when our people are compensated for the point at
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the issue and and economic damage. >> reporter: the goal to normalize relations with cuba claims united states those in the month when the one trillion dollars in damages with it wants guantanamo bay attack and the 53 year embargo to be lifted. today's meeting marks the second can sit down president obama will have this need we. last week he met with vladimir putin, their first formal face-to-face in almost a year. the tense talks lasted 90 minutes. the two men covered controversial ground including the crisis in ukraine and syria but they could not come to any firm agreements with russia is a strong supporter of bashar al-assad, the united states feels bashar al-assad is a fireman who must go. the meeting followed dueling speeches to the general assembly. >> when the dictators waters
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that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. >> translator: it is a mistake not to cooperate with syrian forces fighting terrorism face-to-face. >> reporter: one other major development to come out of the united nations, russia's president said they would consider joining the air strikes against syria, they are thinking about it. today at 10:30 leader at summit will kick off, the president will be leading it. halfway through the vice president will takeover, the president continues on with his busy schedule. that is the latest outside the u.n. back to both of you. ben: on capitol hill, the senate is expected to head a government tea party as opposed the legislation because it does not include canceling federal funding of planned parenthood. the majority leader mitch
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mcconnell says the bill was, quote, the only viable way possible in the short term is the measure would give the government doors open through december 11th. we have much more still to come including the so-called terror plot in new york. kerry: might keeping track of the forecast, there's rain on the way. >> rain on the way, a few spots of showers popping through so far, showers and thunderstorms rolling through the area, start of temperature very mild, 72, you end up close to 80. weather apps has live interactive radar which comes in handy, track those showers and storms coming into and out of your neighborhood, comes in handy, download for free at the google play store, apple itunes store and put it to work, we will be right back. hand-crafted...layer by layer.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. ben: new york city could see more flooding similar to what happened after superstorm sandy, a new report yesterday blames global warming, major flooding could happen once every 25 years, once every 2500 years. three years ago next month and the flooded the subway and traffic tunnels, the storm surge briefs the sea wall in lower
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manhattan, $50 billion worth of damage. kerry: almost three e years. ben: mike woods, hopefully a much quieter fall. >> meteorologist: so far hurricane season has not been that tremendous in the tristate region, very little action out there but we have something to keep an eye on. right now let's look at live radar, sky guardian showing lighter showers mainly of the lower hudson valley. other then that sprinkles in long island, not a big deal at all but we expect more of that rain to pick up as time goes on. 72 isn't for par, mostly cloudy skies and we have seen light sprinkles through town but that is about it. other temperatures very mild, 60s to 70s, poughkeepsie 68, 64 in monticello, 65 in sussex, 70 in montauk, mostly cloudy skies, lighter showers mostly in new
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york and the southeast region some scattered lighter showers, dutchess, ulster, sullivan county seeing a little bit of it but a lot more to come, low pressure out of the gulf of mexico helping to force up that moisture, they had a lot of what weather over the carolinas and se in this cold front coming in and those two working together are going to bring a good amount of rain here which is a good thing because we're eight inches behind in rain for the year. this is what we were talking about. and other tropical system, joaquin asmac mm-hmm sustained winds of 42 miles an hour, gusts up to 52, let's look at the forecast track for that from the national hurricane center. it doesn't make actual landfall but it does get close to the coastline, doesn't look like it will undergo a lot of strengthening, but even making a move like that will provide us with a lot more moisture into the weekend, notice the last time stamp is at 2:00 sunday
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morning off the coast of the carolinas, still interacting with us, given us a lot of tropical moisture and potential for more rain. the forecast for the weekend features a lot of rain and wind at the same time. it will take awhile for most showers to get going, just bodies of daring the day. the rain really picks up later tonight into tomorrow or, running into flooding issue is especially to the north, cloudy and smiled with showers and storms, lows from 65 to 69, tomorrow 73 for high, and all the rain event which does go in to relieve thursday. a little sunshine, there's the wind and rain, some of that influence coming from that tropical system walking over the weekend too said that will make it pretty sloppy out there, this is a catch-up week in terms of rain fall. let's bring in ines rosales, we
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ines: we need it. your commute this morning, a delight, no problems on long island expressway, if you are traveling on the freeway some construction southbound on the freeway as you approach 287, a very fan that you are fine for the tappan zee bridge, let's look at the commute this morning on the bronx river parkway by 230 third street very quiet, is out and get work done no problems, cross bronx looks good this morning on the alexander hamilton bridge of of the gwb east bound and west bound and the deegan underneath no problems of bound. ben: thank you very much, and tears yesterday from the former prison worker who helped two killers escape from a supermax prison in upstate new york, joel s. mitchell wept in court yesterday when she heard her sentence. people spend seven years behind bars herself. michel helped richard matt and david sweat break out of prison in early june by giving them hacksaw blades and other tools.
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matt was killed by border regions bqe three weeks on the run, sweat was wounded and recaptured a few days later. kerry: a victory for robert menendez. a federal judge threw out four bribery count and the corruption case against men and as, the 22 count indictment charges menendez with allegedly accepting a one million dollars in gifts and donations in exchange for political favors. the trial is expected to be delayed by several months due to appeal to the judge's running. ben: a texas student who carried at -- and arrested for carrying a hoax bomb visited city hall. is a digital clock landed him in handcuffs earlier this month. since then he received a huge outpouring of support including an invitation to visit the white house from president obama. yesterday he toward city hall who met with bill deblasio during the visit who mohammed told him to, quote, ecb doing what you are doing the deal summit with public advocate
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>> chris christie says he will not become look at a bilberries is the gasoline tax unless other taxes are cut. he is open to raising the gas tax but only alongside other cuts. he did not say specifically which taxes would be cut but the mention of new jersey's estate and inheritance taxes the democrats oppose phasing out the estate tax with an three to five years, the gas tax is low, $0.14 a gallon, the second lowest in the country behind alaska which explains prices are so cheap.
5:25 am
workers over the next eight weeks. the company says it is an effort to lower prices to stay competitive, the cuts following damaging investigation which found customers being overcharged at some old foods locations in the city. >> national coffee day, the job not celebrating, they already are, and duncan doughnuts, crispy cream, all offering cuts of coffee, with just a quarter, starbucks not operated, for every bag purchased in its stores it will plant a new coffee 3. >> 20% off. >> every coffee for a buck, or whenever. the international oil all of fame is ready to induct some new members.
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>> among the finalists include twister, a teenage mutant ninja turtles, american girl dolls and another classic game, battleship. that is your vote this year? finalists are chosen by historians at the strong museum in rochester, two will be selected for induction on november 5th joining the 53 toys currently in the hall with classics like barbie, g.i. joe and the frisbee. >> if i was betting i would say it would be twister and battleship. >> how do compare that? >> twisters classic. has been around forever. kerry: barbie isn't there, i don't know if i would call twister of coin. should be in the game hall of fame. ben: top stories when we come back.
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one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. >> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". ben: badly needed rain is heading our way and is going to reinforce perhaps a fortnight. looks like a long time, at least a week, maybe two.
5:30 am
get your hand how much we can expect. kerry: legionnaires' disease has been found in the bronx, seven cheese is have been reported this time. where they're located. ben: s karen the tarmac at jfk airport after the pope leaves. what a night of wielding man wanted to give the pontiff. >> kim fields is heading back to screen on reality tv. what show she is going to be on. ben: i am ben simmoneau. kerry: i am kerry drew in for juliet. ben: i was as -- ben: i didn't want to mispronounce anything. ben: she was checking. what?
5:31 am
ben: she just called you old. there are a lot of shows i watched in reruns, i missed that one. kerry: ben: you were 40 when the facts of life. ben: i watched some older shows. ben: i can identify with your generation. the original run. 80s. >> meteorologist: i like the way ben shows how he stands with his sister when it came on. i get the picture. some showers out there up the lower hudson valley, we are going to see the rain pick up in intensity, it will be coming down, they have a flash flood watch in the tristate in the northern tier.
5:32 am
temperatures of the wise 64 monticello, 72 at central park, a lot of clouds outside and less sunshine than we saw yesterday, rainfall coming at you. high temperature make up to 80 degrees but the rain will come down this evening into tonight, tomorrow is a washout. let's bring in ines. use of a fact of life. do not embarrass yourself. blair, i don't remember. ines: the other show. different strokes on the same -- let's talk about the commute, problems on the verrazano bridge, an accident or an ounce, one lane blocked, commute in new jersey doing fine on any tee, 287. let's go to our cameras, mike is trying to recover. of dri looks good, 79th street south bound northbound, trains off to a good street, they're
5:33 am
back in effect tomorrow, meters remain in effect. ben: we thought of legionnaires' outbreak was over but apparently not, new york city health officials are looking into it seven cases of legionnaires'. kerry: they are located in the morris park section, robert moses is live with all the details. >> reporter: test results on the cooling towers in the morris park section of the bronx still pending this morning, we expect those to come at some point. these are anxious moments for those people who live here. the health department learned of these seven new legionnaires' cases from september 21st and 27th, the seven people diagnosed are hospitalized between the ages of 45 and 75 and all have underlying medical conditions common with legionnaires' disease, we are told three live in this neighborhood, the morris
5:34 am
link between these seven cases, none of the seven people live in the same building for example. the source of this cluster is still a lot mystery. if you feel sick, with flu like symptoms, seek medical help right away. >> the symptoms are pretty vague, most nicole like symptoms or flu like symptoms, he might have had a core running nose, g i symptoms like diarrhea pretty vague but anyone has medical problems like asthma or emphysema should get seen earlier on because they can turn into something more serious in those cases. >> reporter: the latest cluster we are told is not linked to the outbreak from this past summer that killed 12 people and sickened more than a hundred. that outbreak was linked to a cooling tower at opera house hotel on east 149th street in the bronx.
5:35 am
that is the latest live from morris park this morning. ben: robert moses, thank you very much. a former new york city firefighter armed with hunting knife breached security at jfk airport in an attempt to meet the pope. authorities revealing on saturday night, 39-year-old chris drove his black suv onto the tarmac, did not realize pope francis had left for philadelphia hours before. but he joined two different diplomatic convoys, a port authority of the stopped him and when police searched his car at a town hall a point bullets and marijuana. his lawyer said his client did not want to hurt the pope, just wanted his blessing. >> my client had a very tragic loss in his family of the niece who died of a form of cancer. i am sure my client would have liked a special prayer for her from the pope.
5:36 am
was, quote, trying to give the pope his business card and wants to talk to world leaders to affect >> reporter:. pope francis was never in any danger, he was 100 miles away in philadelphia. chris is held on half a million dollars bond and is due back in court on oct. 13. >> president obama is getting ready to head back to the united nations this morning. >> is scheduled to meet with raul castro. un. >> reporter: two big things on the agenda today, a global summit on countering terrorism, the other the chat with the cuban president. let's start with the president obama's meeting with cuban president raul castro, due to take place at 9:45 this morning and the first formal face-to-face between the leaders since diplomatic relations were restored in july. it comes as both nations hope to
5:37 am
normalize relations back at this point castro is demanding guantanamo bay be returned to cuba, and that the u.s. repay $1.1 trillion on what it calls damages, also the central theme of the speech he gave yesterday, his first in front of the general assembly. that talk follows the tense talk monday president obama had with russian president vladimir putin, the sitdown lasted 90 minutes and was described as tense but constructive. the two abutting heads what to do with syriac and bashar al-assad's regime. these were central themes in both speeches in front of the general assembly yesterday. take a quick lesson. >> when it dictators slaughterss tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. it breeds human suffering on an order of magnitude that affects us all. >> translator: is an enormous
5:38 am
with the syrian government and its armed forces. fighting terrorism face-to-face. >> reporter: president obama talked about what russia needs to do with ukraine, the point of his speech as well. as far as today is concerned the summit takes place at 10:30 this morning and will be chaired by the president and then we are told that some point president obama > big announcement from nasa yesterday. one of the most important discoveries outside this planet. kerry: scientists say they found a wooden water on mars, sometime in the last three years, several major climate change and lofted surface water. despite that the surface of mars is more habitable than once
5:39 am
thought and that means there's a possibility of life, the past, present and future. >> we find live somewhere else in the solar system there are a lot of implications towards what we understand about life on earth. >>th i hope we will send humans to the red planet to explore. >> scientists use a process called spectroscopy to find the presence of liquid water on lower red planet. ben: would you want to go there? kerry: i would not. there are people -- ben: it is really far away and you would be all alone. i don't know. any interest? your the meteorology science guy. >> meteorologist: the answer is no. you guys have a good time over there. pretty shore all the other conditions, radiations that
5:40 am
let's show you what is going on. we are in the tropics with all this rain coming through, not only today and tomorrow, we have green shaded counties, flood watch is going into effect right now in the northern tier but i expect, the whole thing, some pretty solid rain to come to was pretty soon. right now cloudy skies, a few sprinkles over the northern tier, a few come through this the but nothing significant rainfall coming up. 71 at newark and allentown, 64 and monticello, the dew points are high, a lot of moisture to squeeze out and the cold front will do that. and pump up the water production which we need, well behind for the year, eight inches, and it
5:41 am
today the chance of rain through the morning and afternoon and see how it picks up from noon to 3, beyond 9:00, a guarantee of rainfall through the tristate, 73 tomorrow, and the rain and wind picked up and hang in saturday too. you know what you could do? put the weather apps to work here, live interactive radar, this will be blowing up. and weather alerts if you have flash flooding happening in the area, download google play, apple itunes. you don't have an already? let's talk about the commute, traffic in the bronx, flying cross bronx, noon throughway and hutch, conn. looking good, some delays by exit 9, minor slowdown
5:42 am
let's take a look at route 80 by madison avenue, no problems towards 287, morris county west bound, no issues he's down, long island expressway let's go to the cameras by the grand central parkway, traffic moving good, picking up in volume but everything at the speed limit west bound on the east downside you are fine if you're taking that with. through the interchange south bound and northbound. kerry: thank you, lot more still ahead including the fight the ended of the season for one nationals player. we what can i get for you? cream and two sugars, please? two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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ben: tuesday morning september 29th sticking headlines, a newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached was found dead outside an apartment building in the university heights section of the bronx, no arrests have been made and the nypd is investigating. kerry: donald trump is revealing his tax reform plan, proposing no federal taxes at all for single people making less than $25,000 you're married couples to make less than $50,000 a year together. ben: mixed martial arts fighting to get into new york, the only state that does not allow the caged fights, the organization that oversees those for all the
5:44 am
fighting championship filed a lawsuit yesterday saying new york's law preventing the fight is unconstitutional. kerry: if on farewell to yogi berra. his funeral will be held today for family and close friends, will be held in new jersey where he and his wife were longtime members. the service will be televised on but yes network beginning at 10:00 a.m.. ben: i believe cardinal dolan will take part in that service. do, good morning. ben: good news for the yankees, up tomorrow against boston barring major problems, the team will set the american league wild-card game next tuesday. he has been out since september 18th when he strained his hamstring against the mets. through yesterday, feels good, ready to get back to work. there was a bit of a flag last night due to great games on the
5:45 am
be extra bases but jackie makes a great leading catch. returning to favor, he is going to -- we will show this one more time. we will show it three times. the yankees lose 5-1, their first post-season trip since 2012 on hold, could become of the first american league team to win, at philadelphia tonight they won't face the nationals, jonathan babylon has been suspended, he will not be available for this series, this is wise and degas and a fight in the dugout with bryce harper, the actions were called unacceptable. that is pretty obvious. four games for that suspension starts thursday, three games for
5:46 am
throwing at baltimore done for the rest of the season. the interesting part, former major league pitcher, fox contributor, the story and opposed to they wrote an article, major league baseball players, the guys he talked to in the majors showing the game, running out ground balls, veterans more respect. football the jets are getting ready to head to london, they arrive friday for sunday's game against the miami dolphins. the giants and their fans returned this year, victor cruz says he is back, popular wide receiver has been on the sidelines with a calf injury, on. report, saying he is 100 percentage of all goes well he will make his long-awaited return sunday against the bills. wnba at the garden in game 3 of the eastern conference finals winner-take-all game for free and finally yesterday the honor of playing in the new york drug enforcement task force annual
5:47 am
medical costs incurred for the treatment of family members, taskforce officers, civilian support personnel as well. my group, keith connolly, keith player eddie, kevin connolly, best dressed guy and the gulf course, dress like ricky fallon, dry cleans his close before he goes out there and the man who carried special agent might don replate at the country club and we finished it re-enter, 9 under 1 the tournament, tough course but at 12:30 it was nice out, right by jfk and nassau county and its started pouring, we were just telling mike. things happen. isolated shower. ben: you were in the isolated one.
5:48 am
duke: at 12:57 before we teed off it was gorgeous. ben: it was one of those days it looked like it was going to rain any moment and it came to nothing. duke: was like the addams family. actually i did not play well yesterday so it probably didn't. ben: mike woods, what is going on? >> meteorologist: it is not so isolated. pretty much everyone is getting especially to the northwest, in effect is already happening. we have 72 at central park, 70 one at newark, allentown so far, the rain we have seen in the tristate region has been on the lighter side, very brief showers were sprinkles coming through. look at the dew points, 65 plus which is what we have across the tristate regional lot of moisture in the air, lot of moisture content, when it gets to bigger showers will put back down a lot of water at the same
5:49 am
here is what we have, mainly the lower hudson valley, a little bit over the city, more to the west of us where the cold front is and that will break its way into the tristate region and bring us pretty messy set up starting later today through the day tomorrow and days to come, we have shower opportunities out there so keen that in mind. i temperatureswise 73 to 80 for a high, humid and the same time with showers and storms in the afternoon and evening, tomorrow rain throughout the day, morning showers thursday, more rain and wind friday, saturday. let's see what we have as we hit the roads out there, not too what yet. juliet: let's start with staten island the verrazzano bridge, broken bounden accident blocking a lane, at the lower level , as far as your commute on long island doing fine, some accounting of problems on the lie or southern state parkway, problems in the bronx in the cross bronx, let's start with
5:50 am
the thruway, no problems for the tappan zee bridge south bound for northbound, let's talk about the cross bronx, a little tough to see but this is castle hill avenue, white lights, red lights bunch up together, there is an accident south bound westbound on the cross bronx, two lanes are blocked commies down causing rubbernecking delays you see the delay across the bronx river parkway. taking the lincoln tunnel in down doing fine, harlem looks good and that gwb, upper level as well. street cleaning rules are suspended once again, meters remain in effect. ben: there it is again, much more still to come. from the fact of life to reality
5:51 am
kim fields is ben: anna gilligan is here. anna: starting with a story about paul walker, his 16-year-old daughter from the late fast and furious that pursuing porsche, the suit filed, she claims her father was still alive when his porsche carrera crashed and burst into flames north of los angeles in
5:52 am
2013 and claims numerous design defects trapped in the passenger seat where he burned alive and alleges the vehicle had a history of instability and control issues. the facts of life, the adl, kim fields has officially joined the cast of real housewives of atlanta, best known for her role on the 1980 s sitcom of a fact of life, joins cynthia bailey, major parts and porche of williams and looks like there will be a lot of drama. >> hello, ball, hollywood royals the year. >> we were not born when you were famous because i didn't know who you were. anna: didn't know who she was. the real housewives of the atlanta returns in november. the trailer, tandy is pregnant and they have been trying for a long time. a long-running simpson's secret
5:53 am
in an interview, executive producer hinted mr. burns's mild-mannered assistant slithers will finally revealed he is gay. the show dropped hints about his sexual outing before and he kissed mr. burns in the second before what was thought to be the apocalypse. the announcement will be over two episodes that reported the air in march. justin bieber is sending out a personal message to his fans who constantly swarm him for photos and the attention. >> if i'm walking somewhere or riding somewhere and you guys are asking to take a photo, if i don't respond, if i continued to walk the likelihood is i don't want to take a photo and that moment. anna: maybe we could up on that. he did record a series of videos on snap chat leading to fans to respect his privacy. he says he will usually stop for a picture of fans as him and the right way. ben: what is the right way?
5:54 am
anna: i guess the way that
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