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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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dari: with millions of youtube views, rap fans puts her on the forefront of a new movement in hip-hop. >> what is the future of women in hip-hop? is it just beyond a sexy backdrop, lisa evers with answers. >> females buy more hip-hop music than guys do, but the super sexy images and disrespectful language may be hurting girls and women's selfests selfest esteem. a up and coming female rapper is
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rihanna hijacked b word, and made it her own in this hip song, and nicki minaj's hip-hop ability is beyond question. this. >> i was a female at the end of the day, i was never into skirts, and dresses and purses, i wore my hair down, it was not much of a change, my big change, i am more comfortable now. >> reporter: her skills earned her many fans but what made her video go viral came from cone controversy. posting on his facebook page, she doesn't need a record deal,
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>> i was bugged by it, but once i got people hitting me up, i was like wow. >> reporter: young ma viewed that as a positive and never looked back, her new song brooklyn popping is gaining traction. >> i am ready for whatever, i'm here. i'm going to bring it through doors. >> reporter: it takes a lot for women to succeed in hip-hop, said founder. >> women unfortunately had to sell their looks, their body into some degree. and also be tremendously talented. >> reporter: the beating of hip-hop and the
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their images, affects women's idea of themselves. >> they are denigrating of women, and whether that is a male rapper or female rapper. >> i want to see more in the game, i time we had a couple of artists at the same time, you know, you had the brat, as time goes by you will see more artists come and get appreciated more for what they do. that is a problem, like old boy's club like. come on we need more women in here. >> reporter: he is about to start tour. as for females, there are many mc's waiting for their big break. the options for the ladies continue to grow.
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dari: well bahamas is now bracing for hurricane joaquin, it has been upgraded to category 2, winds of 105 miles an hour is expected to hit the the bahamas with rain, wind. >> that storm predicted to head up east coast of the u.s., beaches getting ready. nick is joining us now. nick: it will move northward, we have up to 105 miles per hour wind, outer rain bans just hitting now, winds are, position, 470 miles east-southeast of miami, it is getting stronger, east of central bahamas islands, winds could exceed 115 mile an hour in strength, i think it may go to a category 4. go.
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to north carolina, virginia chesapeake bay area or out to sea. most models bring in westward, notice we're in a cone of potential target. a model, has it stays offshore. it's not you know too early to think about some plans, particularly the jersey shore. problem to our area, we still expect effects here with rain and wind in particular second half of week, we have another sim, couple showers tonight, not much, a coastal flood advisory in long island. and 6 aisle to 6 a.m. friday, a coastal flood watch later tomorrow that goes to saturday. we'll see potentially some flooding at the time of high tide with that push of easterly wind. on the future cast, rain gets in but not so much until later
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tomorrow afternoon, and later friday, heavy at times. continue to saturday. looks like a wet forecast ahead, right into early next week. dari: all right. let's hope that european model is right. >> one death has been linked to the the latest cluster of legionnaire's disease in the bronx, dan bowen with how health officials are watching the new cases. >> reporter: there are cooling towers here that are contaminated with legion el -- bacteria they are being cleaned, the mayor said now is not the time to panic, this is more limited than the one we saw in the south bronx in summer, city leaders arriving in a enior center in morris park. in time for the nightly game of bingo.
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>> we had in the last day over last week plus, 13 people in the broader morris park area considered legionnaire's. >> reporter: why health commissioner is urging residents in this area of the bronx to visit a doctor right away if they have flu-like symptoms, 15 out of 35 cooling towers tested over the week came back withed it results. >> this is awful, someone has to know what is going on here, why all of a sudden, the cooling towers are breaking out. >> reporter: they are not far from each other, chase bank andly man high school -- lehman high school, and two of albert
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>> they have to do better maintenance, public safety comes first. >> reporter: some of the buildings have multiple towers. her brother of admitted to albert einstein college of medicine hospital earlier. >> he is in with the same symptoms, i am scared to death. >> reporter: all 13 people who fallen ill, including the one person who pass away have what is describe as underlying medal conditions -- medical conditions, there have not been new cases since september 21. back to you. >> thank you, dan, since hittic marijuana -- synthetic marijuana is now illegal in the city, lawmakers ban its from being manufactured or sold anywhere in the 5 boroughs.
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in the bronx. >> it is chemicals that are sprayed different types, that have been instances with rat poison was found in the k2 packages could it out right poison that is why people are being hospitalized almost immediately, some people are losing their lives. >> the law, by changing mix of comal admits they use. dari: 9/11 first responders are still trying to push congress to pass a permanent extension for critical healthy care funding. it runs out at midnight, that is when the act is set to expire, measure provides healthcare, and financial support to tens of thousand of first responders, who suffer from 9/11 related illnesses. now if congress does not rescue the program, it will only have enough money to last through summer. >> kanye west, he is still
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>> all right, why kim kardashian said hay is serious -- said we is being serious. dari: are you a balloter. -- blotter . >> another episode of after empire. simone boyce will have a tour of taraji's closet. first here is tonight's new york minute. >> i am bee anna james, and i am kirsten, they have been taking their pathed passion for fashion, fitness and photography on the road all summer long as part of tri-state area ford dealers where to now sweepstakes, you might catch them tweeting about their adventures as they pack their gear. >> i love that once you get out
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of the stay, you find so much nature to love, and there is so much culture in these states. >> you can find out more about bianca, jade and kir stein the their web site. >> if you like exploring you can enter the where to now sweepstakes for a chance to win a week get away or a two yearlies on a ford explorer,
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steve: there is a school in brooklyn so overcrowded, that department of education wants to rezone the neighborhood. dari: that plan is not going over well with parents who say this is a no win for both schools, zachary with the story. >> reporter: in a pack auditorium. in brooklyn, the stakes are
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ster steres. we know about the overcrowding, we also know about the under served schools and under utilized school. >> reporter: it would take students from overcrowded school, and have them join a majority black school across the from projects. >> we moved mere but of the school. >> reporter: this is patrick is wedding her kids go to pcircumstance 8, but. >> -- they are at 143% of capacity. on flip side, other school is half full at 50%. >> they are rezoning. >> reporter: you find a mixture of race and class dynamics. >> we should have a say so. >> reporter: you don't feel you have a voice. >> no, i believe that is already done.
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this is done deal. that is the way they do black communities. >> i don't mind it, but don't forget about our kids, don't rezone, then kick our kids out. >> reporter: is there a fear that might happen. >> yes. >> reporter: they have mand mandarin, chess and violent courses, they have a thrives prek program. not everyone's kids would be grandfathered in. >> we should not have to choose where we live to have our children have a good education. >> reporter: fox 5 news. steve: caitlyn jenner will not face criminal charges in a fatal car crash over year this year, her suv rear ended two cars, one was pushed into oncoming traffic killing the driver.
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traveling at an unsafe speed, jail. dari: during an appearance on the el ep ellen show, kim kardashian said that her husband kanye west was not kidding when he said he would run for president in 2020. >> he is serious, i know that you know, he is if he puts his mind to something he will do his best. dari: kim said if elected kanye would be excited about redecorating the white house. steve: first things first. dari: category 2. nick: likely to be a category 3 or a 4, it has to go over warm water. steve: and 5 the worse. nick: right, category 2 now, 105, when it gets over 110 if is a category 3, that will probably
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happenner later on. what does this many for us? nothing short-term, but something to watch for sunday to monday issue but leading up to it a combination of tropical moisture coming up bringing rain, wind, and potential coastal flooding. sunday, monday will be a time frame for hurricane joaquin. if it comes up this far. 79 and skate sca 68 today cooling down fast. more to come, 64 now, humy tie about 63% or show, a little bit of a break in hume ity tonight. it is breezy, cloudy, standard pressure is rising. fox 5 sky guardian, not much hooping at the moment. can't rule out a couple of showers overnight.
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tomorrow night in particular to friday, we will get the rain in the forecast. 74 at poughkeepsie, 79 in jersey shore, and 70s across long island, now trend, 50s north and west, poughkeepsie to sullivan county at 55. 65 in newark, mid to lower 60s across long island, we're down 10 degrees from 24 hours ago. north wind is busy. so hear comes moisture creeping northward. that will fill back westward add time goes on. that front will go stationary to the east. and circulation from ca-- joaquin, this will set up for potential rain and wind.
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talking latest on joaquin see the eye right there then it disappears track moving to the bahamas, and make that right turn northward, a category 3. at some point, we'll see where it guess from here. 150 mile an hour plus hurricane off south carolina coast, does it make a turn? that would be huge see relief, but we can't let our guard down, with it track, we're on this side of the hurricane, that means wind, rain, coastal flooding,en to let your guard down -- don't let your guard down yet.
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that is future cast with the rain coming in. some rain friday could be heavy at times. that the last through saturday, a few showers tonight, clouds, lower 50, tomorrow clouds, ryan, and late in day, about 60 tomorrow, no higher than 55 on friday, more rain saturday, 60, sunday, monday would be rape from joaquin, and still showery tuesday at 70, trying out wednesday. stay tuned, you can too that by checking in tomorrow morning with mike woods on "good day new york." and >> good deal. >> got it thank you. >> are you one of those people, that blots the grease from your pizza? it could save pizza lovers more
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dari: well sports is next. >> i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker, southbound right lane closed. from 10 until 3 for constructed.
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. russ: what is that expression, you can't count your chickens before they hatch, i guess you
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football giant victor cruz back in the lineup, but not until he is healthy. they thought he was healthy but in practice, he fell something in his strained calf. that has kept him sidelines that was that. he was done for the day. without speaking to reporter but his teammates did talk, his attitude is, next man up. >> we have to go out and win a game, it hurts he will not be there but someone has to step up. that is our mentality, someone has to step up and play well, we have to win games we have to win now. >> we have enough talent in this room to make plays. >> i would not call it a let down, we were expecting him in the play, but, i mean it is just one of those things, if it's not right, it's not right.
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extent of the injury, but i keep telling myself, if is a language a long season. russ: hopefully, they will see great things sooner rather than later, in baseball, business, same deal for yankees in bronx as for last night, magic number still at 2. but, for second night, yankees fell back, very early, trailing 3-0 after one, but bottom 6, yanks, tied at 4, alex rodriguez made it 5-4, but now bottom of 9 be they are tie at 5. down in philadelphia, phillies lead mets 6 to 5, that is it for a quick one in sports. steve: that is it for news portion. dari: the party is about to start, stay tuned, scratch is in
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the house, getting us ready for
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this is a story about doers, the artificial heart, electric guitars and rockets to the moon. it's the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. doers built this country. the dams and the railroads. john henry was a steel drivin' man hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. and all this doin' takes energy -no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do...
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>> make mistakes. behind the scenes look inside of cookie's closet. >> this is fall 2016. >> fabulous fashions fresh off the runway. >> he has been call one of the greatest dj's of all-time. he is here live, dj scratch is in the house.
10:30 pm
>> all the oh, my gosh moments you just watched. see dari, steve and simon react to the show. who is that. >> whyz where do we begin, a jaw dropping episode. sharon carpenter is with us. steve: if you look familiar, you saw her in past hour, she was in the episode, which is incredible. >> thank you. it was so much fun. steve: start with that, our wrap
10:31 pm
show, tonight. >> actually was a lot of the persons in the pilot. >> welcome back to wardrobe on chicago set of empire, they will give me a tour of cook's closet. steve: all right, we'll get to that in a minute. that is the payoff, stay with us. >> i've been talking about this. >> yeah. dari: what wouldn't want to go in cook's closet. >> he is one of the greatest dj's on the planet be so many people have been influenced by him, we're going to have the great privilege of learning more from the incredible dj scratch. steve: the highlight clip from the episode.
10:32 pm
>> so you want to talk. steve: you saw us watching the episode with our special guest, tell us about being on set and a journalist. >> it was amazing bee on set, this was a big interview for jamal, viewer saw him perform this intimate performance, and how amazing he is as a musician, he opened up about things he never spoke about before, his relationship with michael, last season he did not want to speak about that. and then also he is running empire right now. he gave us insight to how difficult it is to juggle, balance, make music, running
10:33 pm
this record label. and all while his dad is in jail. with personal family stuff. steve: huge. >> the show. you get tea reverend right. >> british, of course. >> and spilling the tea makes gossip or breaking news now. steve: to our second clip from the viewing party. >> at this moment. everything that is suspicious man hollister in high hand. >> that was it. ooh. ludicrous. >> he is mean. he has a chip on his shoulder. >> i kept waiting like last week with chris rock, waiting for him. steve: he neff broke character.
10:34 pm
>> a great actor. >> live that empire is switching things up, last week, you said chris rock, a very unexpected pole same with ludacris. >> absolutely. let's go to our third best moment. yeah, the bare bones. steve: that is them recording in prison storage closet. >> using any means necessary to get the track out there. using what they have. steve: reminisce sense of drip drop.
10:35 pm
i love seeing terrence or lucious perform, he lights up. >> it is really terrence's voice. >> not bad. >> what kind -- >> sure, all right. >> sounded good in real life too. >> the surprise shocker at the end that we all reacted to. >> i think i have seen enough. this court finds that mr. lyon poses no flight risk, and rules to release him. >> your honor, this is a travesty, the people will not stand by. steve: we learned something very important about the legal system there, if you hand a folder full of naked pictures of a judge you
10:36 pm
>> kelly had a cameo as well and she plays a mother, i think she plays lucious' mom, she said, i'm excited to share leah walker's story. >> back to that clip, he is out. >> right. >> he is out. next week we'll see what he is like. >> true, he will take the empire back. >> more drama. >> okay, the thing that we've been alluding to since last week. we can't get enough of this, she will be on cover of vogue, empire fans, want to go inside of cookie's closet. >> we sense simon on that mission we look inside, and a look at all of looks we'll see for the season. >> all right. plan. >> no your ears are not lying to you. that is a classic. >> amazing.
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>> dj scratch, mixing hottest tunes, of all-time, hottest tunes of tonight. >> i'm telling you. >> get up. >> let it out. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind. a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most.
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>> beat it boo boo kitty, i'm working with veronica now. >> this place reminds me of a free clinic. >> welcome back. >> dj scratch is joining us. we're here now, simon is joining us, talking style, the big part of the success of empire. >> this is amazing, cookie's fashion is incredible. if you thought she looked so good last season, costume designer, let me raid wardrobe department on set in chicago. >> welcome to
10:40 pm
chicago set of empire, where designer is giving me a tour of cookie's closet, do you just do whatever you want? >> for the most part, yeah, surprisingly i do, we have so many different people to dress. and styles and types of character. >> a taste of her style for season 2. >> we're staying true to cook that's everyone loves. she is working with artists. we have cookie's econnic getting out of jail dress. >> these are a lot of first season and some pilot looks, i brought her up to speed for this
10:41 pm
this latino, in jeremy scott, this is fall 2016, we got our hands on it in june. this is a great moment in the season. what cookie wears to dinner. we do color, this gucci dress she wears in third episode. this i love, a gold suit, her sell vice moment. >> -- her elvis moment. >> can i put on that jacket real quick. i cannot resist my metallics, a perfect fit, i feel like i am channeling cook's energy. >> what would she say. >> i would do that.
10:42 pm
just snap. >> i was surprise they let you try it on. >> i just put it out there, he brought is back to me, i was happy about that. >> did you give it back. >> jury is still out. >> you deputy have a say in -- you didn't have a say in that. >> can't get enough of lyon family drama. >> more to come, what we're hearing about a possible empire spinoff, into we're join by dj scratch with us, how he became one of the most reported dj's in the world. oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p
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>> it is a market able concept. >> she made a wheel whole career. >> we're back, welcome back, we're here with someone who knows everything about music, partnership. thank you, we're so happy to have you here. >> thank you in it is an honor. >> we love your hip-hop back story, a great story about you on road with run-dmc. and give us that. >> he introduced me to epmd, he took care of me on the road, because i had a child on the way, i did not have a hotel, i
10:45 pm
issue he got double bed so i could sleep while in europe, he would let me call homer day from europe to see if my son was born. >> that is beautiful, you are known all over the world, you still travel everywhere. >> i just got back from japan and miami. >> so many people credit you as an inspiration, to look to, who did you look to. >> jam master jay, first dj to -- grand grandmaster flash. >> you are fame use for your record collect, you don't seem annoyed by digital revolution. >> i use digital and i use vinyl as well, 12 inch vinyl or 45, whatever the format it doesn't
10:46 pm
>> we should let you do it. >> show us. >> i will show you something. >> a master at work. >> i am going to step back. lean back
10:47 pm
going back back, back back >> wow. >> incredible. make a promise for us, come back around halloween, bring friday the 13 back. >> i have the mask. >> jace an. jason. >> i'm going to save it for halloween. >> that is a amazing. >> we appreciate you being here, we'll be right back with a look at already talk of a spinoff. >> right, if you can't get enough of this empire. there is a lot more. "after empire" will be right
10:48 pm
s behind >> you think you are on top now, our little dynasty is going to
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>> empire is such a huge hit, a spinoff is reportedly in the works, ratings for last week's seen two premier so ep prissive, reports that talks are heating up, network melee out ground work for a spinoff for a show to air next fall. >> we know that empire fans love to tweet during the show. hash tag empire was number one topic. looking at what people said. >> all right, one said empire was outstanding tonight, i got my light, lucious is free, and the war between him and cookie is going to get ugly there ludacris a part in the show. he needs to let that go.
10:50 pm
show tonight issue auditions for hakeem's girl group, a lots of tweets about becky-g. the happiest day of my life, follow me queen. >> a lot of people like the name cookie, and hakeem picked for the record label, dynasty dope name. a lot of people think that reminds then of the soap stars joan colins. >> people wondering about kelly kelly's character. just send out a tweet, kelly is playing lucious' mom, we will keep an eye on that for you. >> catch the "after empire" recap on fox 5 youtube page could we will post it on-line after the show airs on the west coast, that is it for empire tonight.
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>> but, joining us once again, we're so grateful to our dj scratch, play us out. dj . friday 13th i'm gonna play it safe i'ma gonna play jason. the name is big daddy, yes big not little here's your walking papers oh, yeah
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