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tv   Chasing News  WNYW  October 1, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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now on chasing news. >> earlier today we had tropical storm walking, now we have hurricane walk king had in our way. >> it's been three years since the hurricane came our way causing billings of damage now at the three year anniversary it's heading for new jersey. hurricane joaquin cannot be heading at a worse time. week. i'll be meeting with the mayor to see how we will prepare for these possibly elevated sea meteorologist tell us what is going to happen. >> welcome to chasing news, we
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different models and then another model which has a going out of state. >> that is the european model. usually one model out of 32, it's not going to cause a state pot. it's that crazy left turn that sandy made a cut that before anybody else. then we have to posit that even though everybody else's saying there's going to be a landfall somewhere along the atlantic coast and maybe carolinas, we can't go 100% confidence 100% confidence on that forecast yet. hurricane sandy but then super storm sandy what is the difference. >> so hurricane is a tropical system with wind speeds over 70 miles per hour super storm was because the alliteration there. >> was a science behind meteorology. >> it's tricky, we are asked
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underestimated it two days ago. now it could be a hurricane too. >> are we not overestimating now? unless they call a state of emergency i'm not worried about it. >> that it's a good point there still a lot of time for this forecast to resolve. >> let's just say one of us here on staff is flying out of the airport, what are the chances of that. >> it still looks okay friday will be our first round of the heavy rain. it's ahead of the storm itself. the bigger totals south and west. >> are right dan the meteorologist thank you. >> as you know the youth sports community has suffered a
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at warren hills high school student passed away after the game. today he was being honored and mourned and there is a viewing taking place between noon and nine. there is expecting 10000 people. what struck me is here's a kid who is 17 years old. everybody you talk to has nothing but great, glowing, positive things to say. on say. on the other side how many 17 -year-olds get people out by the tens of thousands to come to their funeral. it occurred to me that even in 17 years this kid had a life well lived. to honor him we sent veronica and hank out to the viewing today in washington township. veronica, you are on the ground and you are teaming in to pay your respects to this young man. >> thanks bill. i am outside of the state's discovery church
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where were friends and family have gathered to pay their respect after the untimely passing of 17-year-old evan murray. he was a senior at warren hills high school. he was an honor student and varsity pitcher, varsity basketball player, and varsity quarterback. he died unexpectedly after a football injury on friday night. hits eighth-grade health and physical teacher, on his way in the press had an opportunity to speak with him about how he is feeling today and his memories of evan. >> evan was a great kid, caring kids. >> it's been reported that murray took several hits at the game. he was helped off the field and taken by ambulance to the that night. >> when my daughter texted me that we lost our quarterback,
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that he died. while ages went from a concussion to death. >> and ought topsy has since determined that murray's death was caused by internal bleeding due to laceration of the spleen. his funeral service will be held on thursday. in lieu of flowers the evan murray scholarship fund. we will have that page. our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends, family, that's all. >> now have hank's been on the ground since early this morning, he is talking to folks that are there and getting a feel for how people are doing in coping with this tragic loss. >> washington avenue is quite today. half of washington township was up at church today think about to evan murray, the young man
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he came into the men shop with his mom the last year. >> it's a small town, when you have a small town is very close knit. people often know one another. when something like this tragic accident happens, everybody feels it. >> you can see across the street like signs in front of the warren county pharmacy. >> he was such a good kid. we knew people from other communities from playing football, not just from our community but from surrounding community. >> they recalled other tough times where the community has come together through the years. a few kids killed in a carrack a few years ago. a state trooper shot in the line of duty. school is out tomorrow so those who know evan, his classmates, teammates, friends, can attend his funeral without any conflict.
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18 strong. >> we are now joined by therapist liz mandel. we've been talking today about the impact a lot like this has on family, friends cap, the young man leaves a girl from behind and community that is looking for answer. thanks for joining us on chasing you. >> thank you. >> what is going through the minds and emotions of these kids who have now lost a close friend. >> shock, utter shock and disbelief. there is a void left in these people's hearts, minds, they are very disoriented. they're experiencing challenges and a sense of reality because one day you have someone in your life and the next day they are gone. people have to really ban together and give each other and a lot of support during this time. >> what is your professional
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girlfriend. i know there has been a lot of facebook posts out there, she wanted to marry him. it is absolutely heart wrenching. what you see from a perspective of how she is dealing with in coping with it question. >> it's similar to a fear of abandonment. she has essentially been abandoned by him. so these emotions that she will feel as she goes through the grief process is going to be anger. bring in counselors to the school. >> it is very important for people, on repressed grief can manifest in things such as depression, substance abuse, withdraw, withdraw from school and friends, isolation. so it is very important for people to bring their feelings
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feel united with each other. >> the hardest thing the parents to deal with their loss of a child, specially so so young. what you think they're dealing with right now with the funeral being on thursday. what is their process going to be like going forward. >> this is a very challenging case because he was an only child. they. they are losing the only child that they have. they are kind of like reverse orphans. they need to use each other's ties and bond with evan's friends so they can get a sense with parental support during this time. they can't just turn off their
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>> thanks liz, i appreciate your perspective. >> friends and family at the wake are in their respect today. we want to think that first responders, firefighters, police officers that are helping today run smoothly. at the local. at the local fire department around the corner volunteers have set up beverages, anything really to help out. then been there all day. >> the tragic untimely death of high school football star, evan murray has had a profound impact on this community of washington county township. i came up to pay my respect, i'm a dad of a kid who plays youth sports. it hits home and i know it hit home for a lot of parents out there. if your son or daughter play sports and it can be dangerous. it is so tragic to deal with the death of a kid at the wrong time he. no parent should have to deal with that. the emotional devastation is palpable as i walk through the church. just to see all the flowers
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arranged with the number 18, the slideshow, the pictures the pictures of him and his parents as a little boy. it's an incredibly emotional event. seventeen years that this young man lived on earth, and incredible impact to have this outpouring of emotion and support. our thoughts and and prayers are with him and his family, his friends, his classmates, his teammates, and everybody who participates in youth sports and has kids. this has had an incredible impact on everyone. our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. >> this was taken over this city. it gets a little bit better every time but i think what is happened here. maybe it is time. >> it so much is old is new again. >> another day in the life of being a chaser. we report the news. we do it differently, because
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>> your chasing a story about custody, custody when it comes to international borders and parents taking their kids to another country outside the u.s.
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commissioner about finder kids. they know about child abduction all too well. they are victims. they are, first they told me that heartbreaking story of his son. he hasn't seen him in three years. >> he was supposed to come back and she said she's not coming back. she's not going to allow them to come back either. >> and on the other father told me about his horrible, it's been two years since he has seen his painful daughter. >> my daughter is four years old. she was removed from the united states, her mother is a u.s. citizen. india is the number one country in the world for child abductions. according to the state department from 2007 to 2014 there were hundred 70 child
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of duction. to sign on requires children who are wrongfully taken or taken to another country that is not a country of their citizenship must be promptly returned to that country. in this case, all of these children who were taken are u.s. children. >> isn't there something or an agreement that they have with visas, you can't just go stay in a foreign country forever. >> absolutely. that would be on the parents. that u.s. citizen parent would leave they have adopted of ducted these parent children. these children are in full parental custody. one is born in new jersey, one was born in new york. but if the mother never comes back they may not be able to.
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>> they been incredibly back. >> absolutely they are in contact with congress and try to get children brought back to their parents. if they had to go back and do it in the right way. let them leave, apply apply for citizenship in india but these are abductions and they are going to lobby for their rights. >> this is taken over the city at the restaurant. i went inside and towards the back there is a class. tang going but not being
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their role should be. i spoke to jack who teaches tango. >> you have to give up. go to dance with someone. you have to let go of your life. you have to be in the presence. you have to be committed to the person you are embracing and accept them. >> one of the challenges he had as a gay man was that he would get kicked out of places that you want to dance with other men. >> i remember in the late '90s been asked to please leave or please stop dancing with this man because were not comfortable with that. that would never happen today. >> the lesbian who is teaching the class had a similar experience where she was also kicked out of places because she wanted to only dance with women. >> i can dance anywhere right now, i feel good about that. it gets better every time but i think a lot has happened here. maybe it's time. >> then they created rainbow tango. they contango where you can feel comfortable where man can ask
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another woman or a woman can ask another woman to dance. he was the first man to meet at the world tango championship. i asked why did you choose the. >> this is first time in world championship where they have same-sex tango. so he decided to wear the heels. >> tango has its origins, outside of those brothels is meant dancing with men who are tango. it was an evolution where it now tango is what it is today. >> is started with men and men.
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>> your chasing a story about a former mob guy who turned his life around for a little dog. >> james giuliani is not your typical animal rescue volunteer. he spent 20 years of his life involved with the mob. he has a pet grooming business. >> how did you first get
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>> there is a kid named fat george. he was a high school buddy. >> go away. >> going a mob guy a days day and anna days day out. >> drugs every day, women every day. that was the was the gangster lifestyle. robbing, selling drugs. >> selling illegal cigarettes. >> so how did he go from drugs to alcohol and present to rescuing animals and running a grooming business. >> its thanks to a little dock he found in the street ten years ago named bruno. >> when he died that's when i had my turning point. >> he wanted to help more animals on the street.
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so he has done that for the past ten years. when driving around town with his dog, which are the size of horses almost, he will stumble stumbleupon dogs in the street. he puts them in the car and brings them to the brooklyn veterinary. the animals are checked out and prepped for adoption. if they are unadoptable he personally keeps them in a shelter he created. the shelter is currently home to 44 animals and he nicknamed it misfit island. they run free and enjoy. if you want to hear more about it he has a book out called dog fella. >> so let me get this straight.
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spent time in prison, now makes money helping dogs. you know what i think. is the capitalist of the week. >> he doesn't make money on it. >> remember in high school football star evan murray. >> let's come together to honor his unforgettable life. >> he was incredible. >> we are there as the town says goodbye to a baby!| mom! i love that we're spending
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