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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 1, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". ben: all eyes on hurricane joaquin, it has strengthened to a category 3 hurricane overnight. it is taking aim perhaps at the east coast, somewhere, we're not sure. a lot of tracks, a lot of possibilities, could impact the area over the weekend, stay tuned. para a congress fails to pass an extension of a law that provides medical treatment for 9/11 first responders. we will tell you what it means for tens of thousands of people affected. >> topless women and costumed characters will remain in times square for now, how the city plans on dealing with them.
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i am ben simmoneau. liz: i am liz dahlem in for juliet. ben: nice to have you here. we have an interesting weather situation shaping up, it is cold out there, feels nice actually. >> meteorologist: it is cold. on the brisk side. the window was open last night and it is a lot cooler but everybody is focused on what is going on with this storm. more on that in the second. let's get you out the door. it is a lot cooler out this morning, we were in the lower 70s, 57 is your temperature at central park and new work, 59 in isis, 61 in montauk, 48 in monticello, temperatures are definitely cooler for this time of year this is normal, we just haven't seen that in quite awhile, winds fairly significant coming from the northeast-8 to
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17 miles per hour, that is a decent amount of wind which makes it feel even cooler and we have to get used to this win, it will be with us for awhile to come, we are in a slump in terms of cloud cover and rainfall, looks like things a shift onshore along with a frontal boundary which is stalling out but it will wiglets way back toward us in the tristate and more or less set on top of us for awhile which sets us up for plenty of rain that has nothing to do with joaquin which is a very well-defined storm, now category 3 storm, as just mentioned, maximum sustained winds at 120 m.p.h. but just what to 145 to 1 cit the. we will show you the forecast track, it could strengthen to a category 4, we saw that from the national hurricane center for brief while before it makes its approach toward the eastern seaboard. right now the hurricane center still has the forecast landfall
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somewhere near newport news near virginia early next week, it does weaken as it picks its approach but could make landfall as a corey got 1 hurricane. vivid does come to that location but there are many forecast tracks the ticket to the locations, one brings a on top of us later on early next week, one takes it out to see so we are still fine-tuning that forecast. today's showers, not much going on with rainfall. most of it in the offshore waters, temperatures limited in the lower 60s but the wind and rain, we will this have to keep it in the forecast for this upcoming weekend, i temperatures definitely on the cool side the next couple days especially tomorrow with highs in the lower 50s, that you could call cold even for this time of year. is a is just back to normal. let's bring in ines. normal low temperatures. we were never there, where we
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we are starting normal, does glad it is not raining, traffic off to a good start the westchester is fine off of the tappan zee bridge, no problems on 78 or 287. let's take a look at your commute outside on the long island expressway here over by westberry road, if you are taking the trains, problems with the constraints this morning we had the vase, a 15 minute delay between journal square and 33 via hoboken, street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you, that weather news the big story, the jersey shore is getting ready as hurricane joaquin heads potentially toward the east coast. >> teresa priolo looks at how the memory of superstorm sandy has some preparing. >> i can't believe it, to prepare for the hurricane again. survived sandy and not looking forward to this.
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years in superstores and the board down on the jersey shore town of belmar and yet it is too soon to think of possibility that another hurricane could be heading this way but that is exactly the saudis residents find themselves in this morning. >> stock up on canned goods, batteries, candles. >> pas bling sanders, this area situated between belmar and spring lake bringing the water as low as it will go. hurricane joaquin strengthen to category 3 storm last night despite the fact that it is still hundreds of miles away with an uncertain path residents here are not taking any chances. >> you enter to go crazy and make sure you have water, flashlights, things like that, sandbags if you need them. >> the cost would not be so much to the sound residents to rebuild their homes after sandy, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild and state in our community. >> like sandy this storm could
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produce brittle winds and heavy surf, inland flooding and beach erosion but for now we will all just wait and watch joaquin's every move. teresa priolo, "good day new york". liz: definitely concerns down the air. a renewal of federal health programs for september eleventh first responders because congress let it expand at midnight. if the lawmakers are concerned whether it should be made permanent. robert moses has more for us. >> reporter: for the more than 70,000 first responders to raise the ground zero and in pale but toxic air after 9/11 today is a scary day. >> if they take this away a lot of people going to die. >> reporter: medical monitoring and treatment for those related with 9/11 elements expired and midnight and the nothing changes immediately administrators of the program say it could face problems by february and may begin shutting down by next summer.
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people like ray a. pfeiffer, a retired firefighter battling stage 4 cancer and relying on the program. >> to i take this bill for $9,000 or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> reporter: kristin j. lo and told her colleagues yesterday on the senate floor than they need to act. >> if congress doesn't act now how many more first responders and their families are going to suffer? medically and financially? because we didn't do our job and 3 authorise this program? >> reporter: lawmakers have not made the zadroka act permanent because they want to review it periodically to make sure it is working properly but proponents say the act must be made permanent because 9/11 illnesses main not manifest themselves for years with the uniformed fire officers association which represents many first responders is calling on congress to renew the act. >> we always felt in the 9/11 community that this is a non
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political issue, not a democratic republic and issue, for politics as usual to continue in washington regarding this legislation is the shame. >> reporter: robert moses, "good day new york". ben: one that has been linked to the latest cluster of legionnaires' disease in the bronx, 12 other people have been sickened by that cluster which is centered in but mars park neighborhood. city officials say 15 of 30 cooling towers tested over the weekend came back with positive results for legionella bacteria including the albert einstein college of medicine hospital. one person says her brother was just admitted there for symptoms. >> the same symptoms so hopefully i am scared to death, he is the only one i have left in my life. >> reddick, a fever, cough, muscle aches, jill, difficulty breathing, flu like symptoms, you should seek care. >> reporter: other contaminated
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hours at chase bank and lehman heights high school, bronx state psychiatric on waters place, calvary hospital and two about einstein's campuses on eastchester road. liz: funeral services will be held for a high school quarterback who collapsed after taking a hit on the playing field in new jersey friday. authorities a 17-year-old 7 mary died of internal bleeding caused by a lacerated spleen. in washington township, a video feed of the funeral will be shown in the war and hills regional high school auditorium and jim. >> reporter: times where task force, in store for the future of that neighborhood and top moseley's. the recommendations include limiting street fairs in the air and adding more police to evaluating traffic, also plan to separate times square to three zones in order to control the topless ladies that so far none of the recommendations will get rid of the topless women.
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the taskforces expected to make a full list of recommendations public later on today. liz: there is a school in brooklyn so overcrowded and wants to rezone the neighborhood so students can head to another school nearby. ben: that is not going so well for a no-win situation for both schools. thackeray has the story from park slope. >> reporter: in a pack sanatorium in brooklyn, the stakes are high, at the root of it all quality public education for youngsters. >> in reference to the psa issue we know about the overcrowding but we also know about all but high schools in the edition. >> a new proposal would take students from an overcrowded affluent school and have been joined a majority black school across from the projects. >> because of the school.
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here is the problem, there are 751 kids attending a school for 524. that is 143% of capacity. they are witness stand overcrowding, on the flip side, 307 is just over half full at 58%. >> everything they're doing is reasoning and all very reactive. >> reporter: and pack the numbers and you find a mixture of race and class dynamics. >> we should have some say so. >> you don't feel you have a voice? >> no. i believe this is already done. it is a done deal. but tales end, that is how they do white communities. >> i don't mind it, just don't forget the kids, don't rezone. >> is there a fear that might happen? >> yes. >> reporter: they have mandarin, violin courses, a thriving pre k program, they see black people in leadership, they are happy.
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the psa but not everyone's kids. >> we shouldn't have to choose where we live to have our children have a good education in the united states of america. >> reporter: zachary quiche, fox 5 news. liz: still ahead on "good day early call" it is a windy and cold day, more rain is heading our way, mike woods has your complete forecast. ben: do you ride new jersey transit the to bring some extra change today, a new fare hike in
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>> meteorologist: here is what we are faced with as we get into the next several days. first thing going on we have coastal flooding issue is popping up around the tristate meanly and long island, coastal the sound and along the coast through connecticut and back toward new york as well because of the persistent onshore wind coming for mes northeast piling up especially at times of high tide, 1-1/2 feet above normal tied at times with high tide causing minor coastal flooding so look out for that along the jersey shore that will probably be a problem as well, advisory's we have out there today looks like more probable becoming in the days to come, temperatures cooler for sure, mostly cloudy skies, 57 degrees, not much
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happening with green but not to say we are in the clear, there will be patchy light showers to the northeast, other temperatures, 61 in montauk, 59 in islip and cloud cover, a few spots of green trying to get going in central new jersey drifting to the north. we can't rule out rainfall altogether but there will be spotty light showers mostly to the southeast the really everyone is at risk, frontal boundary stalled out, that will keep us at risk for more showers as we get into the day and joaquin is now category 3 hurricane, it started as category 1 but now is forecast to strengthen to a category 4 as it heads for the central bahamas and hooking up to the north and it really depends on which forecast model you are looking at to determine where is going to go but as it stands right now, this one continues to take it out to be see, that will be the best case scenario, this one takes a tour bus in the tristate
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and that seems to be with the national hurricane center is going with right now but you can see the other models bringing it into the carolinas so there's a lot of uncertainty but it is a category 3 storm at this point and they are splitting the difference and taking it for the tristate, that would be early next week so that is why we have to watch this closely over the next several days especially of the weekend, get your perhaps done so you are not panicking at the end in case the storm does come our way. what does look like it will be coming our way, gray skies with a little rain, today the rain makes a pushback here and we will see more rainfall in the tristate as we make our way through friday and over the weekend, whether or not we have storm on top of as we will wait and see, i am 62 today, 53 tomorrow, windy and wet through the weekend, keeping out on joaquin as we go through the weekend. we could look at the fox 5 weather apps, take a look at it, the apple itunes store and google play store with live
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for free right now. let's bring in ines and see what is going on with the commute. ines: not looking good, the turnpike some construction going on, northbound south of the garden state parkway, it is set up with one lane closed, no significant delays, conn 95 northbound both directions looking good, the expressway, everything okay, let's go to those cameras by bradley avenue no problems towards the verrazzano bridge, as for the long island expressway, the cameras by the grand central parkway in queens, no issues westbound, at west bound dandies down, george washington bridge lower level closed for construction, upper level, not affecting the commute, no delays on the gwb, lincoln or holland, trains on or close to schism, earlier maintenance has been completed, back on.
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>> it costs more to use new jersey transit, be ready to pay more because the latest fare hike is in effect, commuters face a 9% increase on all bus and rail service, the fifth hike since 2002. the added revenue is needed to close a 60 million budget gap, it made $40 million in budget cuts this year. >> amtrak as well, writers will be charged to baggage the, $20 for any kerri on or personal item that is overweight, you will be allowed two personal items the weight 25 lbs. and we did carry on bags up to 50 pounds but anything heavier than that you will pay a little extra. and track to improve space and safety for writers not to make a profit you can avoid those seats by checking your bags before hopping on board. ben: the multibillion-dollar business personal-care products as a dirty little secret. liz: a little microbe found in toothpaste, bought a watch and
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other products can hurt the environment. sharon crowley shows us how officials are trying to get companies to clean up their act. >> this product contains this many micro beads. >> reporter: the attorney general wants to ban micro beads in new york state, smaller than a grain of sand, microbial are in personal-care products we use every day like basic foliage and toothpaste, environmentalists say when we watch those products down the drain bacon end up in our water supply. >> the thing about micro beads that makes them so dangerous is they serve as little toxic sponges. when they get in the waterways they absorb toxins, fish eat them. >> reporter: bill has stalled in the state legislature that would ban micro beads statewide but the movement has picked up steam in new york city. city councilman introduced similar legislation to ban the sale of products containing microbe leads in new york city. >> the problem is these micro
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beads are made from plastic. much more importantly, when new yorkers use these products to wash their face or brush their teeth the microbial godown the drain and right into our waterways. >> reporter: sharon crowley, fox 5 news. ben: still had a scare for mets fans as one of the best players gets hit by a pitch, what is going on this morning.
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>> meteorologist: all eyes are on joaquin, it is now category 3 hurricane with winds of 120 miles per hour, has a lot of folks very concerned, you should be concerned around the bahamas, the turks and caicos. the eastern seaboard got to watch it because the storm is strengthening. oftentimes these storms get their maximum strength and then wind back down before they head in our direction. hopefully that will be the case with joaquin but got to watch a ballistics is to your high today, cool, damp, tomorrows same thing, windy and wet all the way through this upcoming weekend, some of this may be the influence of walking if we don't
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take a direct hit itself but we will keep an eye on it. over to you. duke: a big start last night, he was on the mound for the yankees facing the red sox, this starts since training that hamstring, top of the first dramas shot at the plate for the red sox, ripping a homer to right, the dean of the year, boston goes up 3-0 and bottom of the 6, game tied, a rod rips the solo home run, the yanks go up 5-4. later in but eleventh, two run homer, second shot of the game, and the yanks still waiting to clinch the wild card spot. the toronto blue jays pushing their first a.l. east title in 22 years with their 15-2 route of baltimore in the first game of the doubleheader, the blue jays brought an appropriate
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two month run, they really improved. steven matts was scratched before the mets at phillies, won't pitch tonight either. the reason is a muscle spasm on the right side of his back. top of the first inning mets came up skinning. daniel murphy rips a three run homer, his fourteenth and later in the inning, blasted free to run homer, mets take a 5-0 lead at this is scary, top of the third, at the plate, he gets hit by a pitch right there and would have to leave the game, they are calling it a bruce. mets fans, cameron, coming out, terry collins would be ejected from the game. phillies 7-5, mets and dodgers. the jets go to london this evening where they will face
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victor cruz was expected to play this weekend but his return is seemingly on hold. head coach said he was unable to participate in full practice yesterday after discomfort in his calf, wide receiver pat dissipated in individual drills but had to shut it down before the team phase of practice. >> i know it is not surgery or any thing but it is a long season and went there are great things to see. >> cruises not played in the game since the standing and injury last october. finally yesterday may have noticed i wasn't here. finally did it, had my muscles shoot for my photo shoot for muscle fitness.
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