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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 1, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: you walk out the door this morning and noticed a big difference. it is normal for this time of year. liz: does not feel normal to us yet. ben: september was warm, some might say it is cold, i will might say it is cold, i will backtrack and say it is not really cold but it is chilly. mike woods as the forecast, temperatures not out of the 60s day. liz: hurricane joaquin grows closer, the path still uncertain but a lot of people concerned because it could affect our area. ben: one person has died in the second legionnaires' outbreak in
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being held tonight to address concerns. liz: con agra -- congress lets the zadroka act expire, what happens to the first responders to need it so badly. good morning. i am liz dahlem in for juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau, it is october 1st, we arrived and it is a busy october weatherwise. some scattered rain out there but joaquin is what we are talking about. radar. so far the sky guardian live radar picking up on a few showers over central sections of new jersey drifting to the north, there will be showers primarily to the southeast of the city but don't be surprised if you get caught in a passing shower, does not look significantly wet today but as we go into the next couple days it will get nasty. 56, a a little cool especially for a lot of folks's taste because we have not seen
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temperatures like this in a while, 55 new work, 57 in bridgeport, the actual average low is 55 degrees and is even cooler and we have right now, we are used to the warm stuff, winds coming from the northeast and significant too, pretty windy day, 8 to 18 miles per hour, that will cause problems in terms of coastal flood advisories up around most of the tristate. here is the radar and satellite, you conceive of sure we have a frontal boundary stalled out and as long as it hangs clothes by we are at risk for not only cloudy skies but showers that will be popping up around it so doesn't look like a watch out but we will see some passing showers from time to time. there is joaquin, this is changed over the last 24 hours, yesterday was still a tropical storm, now is a category 3 hurricane still drifting toward the central bob hamas and has been undergoing strengthening and we have to wait and see what
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it is a category 3 storm, major hurricane and forecast of head toward the central bomb hamas, look up forecast track, started a little while ago but could be, category 4. that is what the hurricane center is expecting near the bahamas the ford stars jihad to the north and then the northeast. yesterday the hurricane center had it making landfall near newport news near the belmar peninsula saturday night, now it has it drifting over a little more toward the tristate and then it would be more like late sunday night into monday morning. at that time as a tropical storm with winds of 60 miles an hour so wind speeds would be down body as a lot of wind and rain regardless, not like at sandy deal with. comparing it to sandy. doesn't look like that but it bears watching, the forecast track rather uncertain. what we have out there, a few scattered showers, high
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60s, we are going to see i have 62 later this afternoon, tomorrow will be cooler with a high of 53, more wet and windy weather over the weekend with joaquin closing in on us but still a chance it could head out to see so we will watch this and get your preparations done right now. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. a few patchy showers here and there. ines: traffic moving fine long island, no problem sussex county or the northern state parkway if you're traveling in new jersey looking good, route 3, parkway 287, everything very quiet this morning, let's look at your commute out side, those tail lights moving fine, no problem northbound of of the verrazzano bridge, george washington bridge construction wrapped up on the lower levels of all lanes are reopen, no delays on the upper level towards the lincoln tunnel, no issues on 495. trains are running on or close
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rules are in effect today. >> strong memories of superstorm sandy have chokes preparing for hurricane joaquin. liz: damage and still be seen from sandy and a vivid reminder has folks preparing for the worst, teresa priolo has the latest from belmar. >> i can't believe it, to prepare for the hurricane again. we survived sandy and now we are not looking forward to this. >> reporter: not again. it has been three years in superstorm sandy board down on the jersey shore town of belmar and yet it is too soon to think about the possibility that another hurricane could be heading this way but that is the spot these residents find themselves in this morning. >> stock up on canned goods, batteries, candles. >> reporter: bulldozers piling sand barriers, pumps during beautiful lake como, bringing the water as low as it will go.
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a category 3 storm last night despite the fact joaquin is still hundreds of miles away with an uncertain path, residents here are not taking chances. >> i don't think you have to go crazy but make sure you have water, flashlights, things like that, sandbags if you need the. >> the cost would not be so much for the town but the president plans to rebuild their homes after sandy, spent tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild and stay in our community. >> reporter: this storm could produce brittle wind and heavy surf, inland flooding and beach erosion. for now we will all wait and watch joaquin's every move, teresa priolo, "good day new york". reports from belmar coming throughout the morning, new york city also preparing for hurricane joaquin, a rockaway peninsula was hit hard by superstorm sandy three years ago and a subsequent fire, now walls are being put up from 127th
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dunes' being built up to 106th street, the city is spending $20 billion on hurricane preparedness in the wake of sandy, the city will be safer this time around. liz: one that is linked to legionnaires' disease in the bronx, 12 people have been sickened by the cluster which is centered in the morris park neighborhood. city officials say 15 of 35 cooling towers tested over the weekend came back with positive results from legionella bacteria including the opera einstein college of medicine hospital. one person we talked to said her brother was just admitted with symptoms. >> the same symptoms so hopefully, i am scared to death, he is the only one i have left in my life. >> eddie, fever, muscle aches, joel, difficulty breathing, flu like symptoms, you should seek care.
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towers on east tremont avenue, cavalry hospital, albert einstein campus on eastchester road, there may be a town hall meeting tonight in the bronx at 8:00 p.m. to talk about that issue. >> lot of questions this morning after congress let the zadroka act expire. >> if you suffered illnesses like pulmonary disease and cancer, you will still be able to get health care but what about the future? robert moses joins us live from lower manhattan. >> reporter: hard to imagine on a day like today when the air is so crisp and clear but in the days after 9/11 this area was the toxic stew and first responders paid the price. the zadroka act provided much-needed help for their medical care but now that help has gone away. for the 70,000 first responders who raise the ground zero and inhale the toxic air after 9/11
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today is the scary day. >> if they take this away lot of people going to die. >> reporter: this is the zadroka act which provides treatment for those with 9/11 related ailments. expired at midnight. nothing changes immediately administrators of the program say it could face programs by february and begin shutting down by next summer. that would be devastating for people like ray pfeiffer, retired firefighter who is battling stage 4 cancer and relies on a program. >> do i take this bill for $9,000 or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> reporter: kingston joel brand told colleagues on the senate floor that they need to act. >> if congress doesn't act now how many first responders and their families a going to suffer medically and financially because we didn't do our job and reauthorize the program? >> reporter: lawmakers have not made the zadroka act permanent because they want the ability to
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sure it is working properly but proponents say the act must be made permanent because 9/11 illnesses may not manifest themselves for years. the uniformed fire officers association which represents many first responders is calling on congress to renew the act. >> we always felt this is a non-political issue, not a democratic or republican issue. it is and american issue and for politics as usual to continue in washington regarding this legislation, it is a shame. >> reporter: a common sentiment being expressed this morning, bill deblasio released a statement saying congress should stop putting politics ahead of the health of these heroes. that is the latest live from lower manhattan. back to you. ben: thank you. the times square taskforce has spoken and we are learning some of what is in store for the
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future of that neighborhood and of course the top was ladies who have been in the news of late. some of the recommendations include limiting street fears in the area at a more police and evaluating traffic. the plan to separate times square into three zones to control the topless ladies that so far none of the recommendations will actually get rid of the topless women. the taskforces expected to make its full list of recommendations public later today. there will be a solution in time for to be 25 degrees and the women will be gone. we have much more still to come including russia and linked hackers trying to get into hillary clinton's e-mail server more than once. we will tell you where they success for? liz: might is keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: cloudy skies around the tristate, a few showers popping up here and there mainly to the southeast. it is a lot cooler, cloudy skies, we start at 56, we only end up in the lower 60s earlier this afternoon, though fox 5
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video will fly of the hurricane illustrating the growth of the storm which is an upgraded to a category 3, 120 mile an hour winds, mike is tracking it, new information coming in, joaquin is building up speed, it has gotten stronger over the last 24 hours, rain falling as much as two to five inches and hour. mike woods is following it for us and you are saying the new track, the trend is east. >> meteorologist: pulling it to the east, the hope would be that it would take it to the east like the euro, going to the east, we are in pretty good shape. eastern trend right now brings it right over us. that is why we have to watch this very closely. this has nothing to do with joaquin, this is the persistent onshore wind, northeast wind that brought up coastal flooding we had in effect for the tristate region.
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at times of high tide, tied the foot and a half above normal. coastal flood advisories in effect for the entire tristate region at times of high tide and wave heights in the range of 5 to 8 feet. it will be rough at the beaches, sat out of the water, mostly cloudy skies at central park, 56 degrees, the is the bit of a shocker but temperature 56 is something we have not seen in a long time but still back to normal, average low on this date is 55 so that is cool but we will cool down a little more, some showers developing to the south, get the umbrellas ready, probably want to have them handy, not looking at a rainy solid day of rain but there will be patchy showers, most of the heavier stuff will stay to the southeast but got to watch that and be prepared because waves of low pressure look like they will drift through and keep some showers in the forecasts. walking is now a category 3 hurricane forecast to become a category 4, you see what it does very briefly towards the bahamas, spaghetti models are
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all over the place the unofficial track with the national hurricane center brings it right toward us there the next week, we're talking sunday night in to monday, it does week and a decent amount to a strong tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour but it would still bring a good amount of wind and the rain with that as well perhaps by five or ten inches of we have to watch closely, that is not mentally next week. what we have right now cloudy skies with a stalled front will boundary, a keating-hour effort with us through the day into tomorrow, your chances of rain tomorrow hiccup as the moisture is forced back into the tristate region and as we go into saturday and sunday rain chances system gets closer to us. we hope it stays off shore but be prepared for it to make landfall early next week. we have a lot of clouds out there today, shower chances out there, high temperatures 62 to date, tomorrow highs at 53, breezy today, windy tomorrow through the weekend, rain
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chances through the weekend with joaquin getting close it was, fine-tuning the forecast as time goes on cystic with us, we will give you the latest as well. want to say happy birthday, good news out there as well. that is not rebecca, happy that is all right. happy birthday, that was our weather producer, where is that? looks like greece, that is miami. thanks for watching. liz: joaquin, a lot on her hands. ines: let's talk about traffic, the commute, putnam county no problem 84, 684, your commute in new jersey if you are traveling on the parkway heading northbound looking good. let's take a look at route 80 by
5:19 am
fine no problems on the west bound side. as for the trains metro-north, long island railroad, pass trains on or close. ben: some good news starting this morning for those taking the staten island ferry, the ferry will now run every half-hour around-the-clock even on holidays, four new weekday trips between 1:00 in each direction and three more weekend departures between 6:00 a.m. in each direction and is free. liz: commuters to use new jersey transit can expect to pay more this morning because the fare hike is in effect, commuters faced 9% increase on bus and rail service, the fifth hike since 2002. officials say revenues needed for the $16 million budget gap. and $40 million in budget cuts early this year.
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ben: from russia with love the hillary clinton e-mail drama continues, now there are some tides, hackers in the former soviet union. liz: kerry drew joins us with more headlines on the campaign trail. >> reporter: first controversy, attempted to gain access to hillary clinton's private e-mail account at least five times when she was secretary of state. the infected e-mails were sent four hours over the morning of aug. third 2011 and were disguised as speeding tickets from new york. erica payne says there's no evidence to suggest she replied to the e-mails or tried to open the attachment. the news comes as dozens more of her e-mails were released by the state department with this controversy has been she moved a private e-mail server out of her chapa kuala home instead of a secured government server. polls on the republican side of the rays are showing donald trump maintaining a solid lead. suffolk univ. usa today poll
5:21 am
found 23% of voters backing donald trump with ben carson and carly fiorina coming in ad 13%. marco rubio is fourth at 9%, former florida governor jeb bush has dropped to fifth place with only 8% of the vote in that poll. speaking of ben carson it seems he is raking in the dough. the neurosurgeon has raised $20 million in the past three months to fuel his bid. that brings his total cash call to $31 million, his campaign saying he has drawn 6 ended thousand dollars in donations in all 50 states since he launched his campaign. definitely getting interesting. ben: the first democratic debate in a couple weeks, thank you. we here have a lot more to come, change in credit cards takes effect on this october 1st but there's a good chance you might not see it. this is only one time. liz: it might take awhile to
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ben: magnetic strips on the back of your credit and debit cards are obsolete. don't worry, you will still be able to use them but businesses are required to install machines that accept a more secure chip enables card. if they do not they will be fully responsible for fraudulent charges. >> october 1st deadline has been considered the end all be all, get your act together or get out but in fact did is a light deadline, retailers that taking it as a deadline to start getting the infrastructure together. ben: i have not gotten a chip on my debit card. may be the banks need to get their act together with only a quarter of retailers nationwide will have the new payment systems and running by this morning. liz: target is price matching 30
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: it is a cool day out there, october 1st, some more rain heading our way and an interesting weekend shaping up, mike woods has the complete forecasts. liz: hurricane joaquin strengthens 2 category 3 hurricane overnight and it is going stronger. mike has the latest on the course the storm is taking and how it could impact those. ben: sad day at one new jersey high school getting ready for a final farewell to a star high school quarterback who died after being injured in a game last friday night. liz: anna gilligan has a recap of last night's the peseta them higher. have you been watching? ben: i have but it is hard to watch it on schedule. liz: i haven't done d b r. ben: we will walk off, you click it.
5:29 am
liz: i am liz dahlem in for juliet huddy, it is 5:30 on october 1st. ben: it was a pretty warm september but the month changes and so does the weather. >> meteorologist: the normal low as 55 degrees so we have 56. warmer than normal, we had that warm of a september, the warmest september we have on record ever in the tristate so there you have it. more details on that. definitely cooler and stamp around the tristate, 55 at newark, 57 in allentown at belmar, 48 in monticello, winds from the northeast at 8 to 16 miles per hour so a breezy day at odd there, not windy and winds will be a problem for a while, a frontal boundary that was drifting off shore is stalling out and do will wiggle
5:30 am
right along it to pull it back toward the land area so you see showers, the gap over central new jersey looks like they will be coming to as for the morning commute so i would say carried the umbrella with you because there will be a risk of showers as we go forward through the day and we watch for joaquin which is a category 3 storm at this point in time. this is a category 3 storm at this stage it may strengthen more so over the next couple days but by the time it gets here it to weaken considerably. high temperatures 62 with showers out there, high of 53 tomorrow, 60 saturday, windy over the weekend with the influence of joaquin. if it does not make a direct hit, more on that. good morning. >> the commute is much better than yesterday, westchester moving fire across the tappan zee bridge, no problems on a for westchester side, new jersey, the it coming with no issues, let's look at thruway rock
5:31 am
inside here, by the garden state parkway, headlights, traffic moving okay, let's go to the george washington bridge upper level moving fine, minor delays at the toll plaza, same for the lower level, lincoln and holland no delays to report and trains on or close. ben: folks on the jersey shore getting ready in case hurricane joaquin decides to head to our area. liz: superstorm sandy has an taking nothing for granted. teresa priolo joins us with more on what is being done there. >> reporter: good morning. all quiet here in belmar this morning, a few people exercising on the boardwalk, that is all about change in a few days. the beach behind me looks quite serene and peaceful this morning but over the next few days a huge sand barrier will be built here up and down belmar from belmar to spring lake throughout the coastal towns to prepare
5:32 am
>> i can't believe it. it -- to prepare for another hurricane again. we survived sandy and now we are not looking forward to this. >> reporter: not again. it has been three years in superstorm sandy board down on the jersey shore town of belmar and it is too soon to think about the possibility that another hurricane could be heading this way but that is exactly the spot these residents find themselves in this morning. >> stock up on canned goods, batteries, candles. >> reporter: bulldozers than much of wednesday piling sand barriers, pumps are draining beautiful lake, situated between belmar and spring lake bringing water as low as it will go. 30 joaquin strengthened to a category 3 storm last night, despite the fact joaquin is still hundreds of miles away with an uncertain path residents here are not taking chances. >> i don't think you have to go crazy but make sure you have water, flashlights, things like
5:33 am
>> the cost will not be so much to the town and residents to rebuild their homes after sandy, spent tens of not hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild and stay in our community. >> reporter: like sandy this storm could produce brittle winced at heavy surf, inland flooding and beach erosion but for now we will all just wait and watch joaquin's every move. what happens from this point forward especially if you live around here? they will be watching to see what decisions officials make. i can tell you we are hearing from officials in belmar that they will likely make a decision on what to do about these towns and whether or not a state of emergency will be declared likely on friday, maybe friday, early saturday morning, they are watching the forecast like we are. that is the latest from belmar, back to you. ben: teresa priolo, thank you, funeral services will be held for a star high school quarterback who collapsed after
5:34 am
evening. authority say 17-year-old evan mary died from massive internal bleeding caused by a lacerated spleen, the funeral is being held at 11:00 at phase discovery church in washington township. the video feed of the funeral will be shown in the warren hills regional high school auditorium and gymnasium. liz: kids are promising to renew a federal health-care program for september 11th responders because congress let it expire at midnight. >> lawmakers are divided about the cost of the des nudas -- zadroka act and are worried about what to do about it. robert moses is in lower manhattan. >> reporter: good morning. hard to imagine this morning when it is so peaceful and calm here but 14 years ago this was hell on earth and there was a toxics do down here that so many first responders breathed and of course that's due made them sick.
5:35 am
as the clock struck midnight, the zadroka act which provides medical treatment and monitoring 70,000, first responders expired, there is no immediate change in the care they receive but those who operate this program say the money will begin running low in february and the program could begin shutting down by next summer. that would be devastating for the zeroth police officers and firefighters who would have to choose between expensive treatment that they need and providing food and other necessities for their families. senator john rand paul on her senate colleagues to renew the act and a first responder and advocate for those who got sick after 9/11 echoed her sentiments. >> the true spirit of the human being is to help those less you don't need to be the pope to know the we should be helping each other. >> reporter: part of the problem is if this program were to be
5:36 am
dismantled, doctors and nurses who are part of it would find other employment and so finding additional and new dr.s and nurses to restart the program could take a very long time and could disrupt medical care it that these people need so desperately. that is the latest from lower manhattan. liz: thank you so much. new york city's first lady making a push to raise awareness about domestic violence. part of a new campaign being run by chase and the mayor's office for national domestic violence month. all the banks, atms will carry messages urging victims to get help and provide a number to call, making domestic violence and mental health initiatives significant policy issues. ben: let's get back to mike woods tracking of the forecast in the short-term and long-term keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin. >> reporter: walking looks like
5:37 am
it is going to be a big event on us this week. right now coastal flood advisories are around the tristate, we had that persistent northeast wind coming for ready to 18 miles an hour piling up the waters of times of high tide, you will see the tide of 1-and-a-half above normal and in coastal areas we fight anywhere from 5 to eight feet so that is not good news and this has nothing to do with joaquin. central park cloudy skies at this point, here is joaquin as a category 3 storm. the national hurricane center taking any of the bahamas and turks and caicos, strengthened the to a category 4 before it makes that hook up to the north and then the northwest and unfortunately the latest forecast track takes it right toward us in the tristate drebin next week, sometime around tuesday through monday into tuesday, but there are different solutions with different forecast models but that is what they're going with at this time, we have to keep you up to date
5:38 am
and say go ahead and get set up, be prepared, high-temperature 62 today, clouds with showers here and there, same thing tomorrow with a cooler day, high of 53, wind and rain picking up as joaquin a make landfall somewhere near the tristate. there's a chance it could head to the east but we have to wait and see. the weather apps has live interactive radar, download at the apple place to work for free, let's bring in ines and see what is going on as we head over to the commute. >> this is affecting the airport, la guardia airport telling us there's a 30 minute delay so call ahead, same for jfk, roads doing good for the most part, newark airport, 60 minutes inbound, new jersey commute looking fine. let's take a look at the long island expressway by willis avenue, if you're traveling in the bronx let's go to the camera shot, across from sunny alexander hamilton bridge smooth sailing, no issues on the deegan.
5:39 am
their formats fans as one of their best players that might be responsible for the turnaround is hit by a pitch. we tell you how he is doing this morning.
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ben: the first day of october, checking headlines for you nypd officers will have to report
5:42 am
says the new rule will be announced by police commissioner bratton today after several high-profile police confrontations. liz: one death has been linked to the latest cluster of legionnaires' disease in the bronx, 12 people have been sickened by the cluster which is in the morris park neighborhood. ben: synthetic marijuana is now illegal in new york city, lawmakers passed legislation banning it from being manufactured or sold in the five borrows, it is illegal in new york state but manufacturers were able to get around the law by changing the mix of chemical additives that are used. >> kit and general on face charges on a fatal car crash in malibu. there is enough evidence to get a conviction. in february general's as you the rear ended the two cars, one was pushed into oncoming traffic killing the driver. investigators later determined jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed, jenner could have
5:43 am
faced up to year in jail. ben: duke was off yesterday. we noticed that, a lot of vacation but it was a big day. pretty good, i have to say. duke: muscle fitness yesterday. this was tough. ben: you have been training for this for a couple months. duke: since the beginning of may i have been dieting and stream so it was the most nervous i have been in a long time probably since my first day on the air in new york, it really was with i grew up reading a magazine and it is something i always wanted to do so when the opportunity presented itself. ben: did they give you full body make it? liz: no. duke: that is cocoanut oil. liz: when can we see it? duke: will be in that issue with iraq on the cover. one come out late november.
5:44 am
it was a lot more physical and the lot harder work. liz: looks like you could handle it. duke: the yankees face of the red sox, first start since straining the hamstring running bases against the mets. travis shot at the plate ripping the three run homer to right, fifteenth of the year, boston does a 3-0, not a great start for met here to not the tied at four, a solo home run, 30 third of the year, yanks go up 5-4. in the 11th, two run shot, second of the game, red sox win 9-5 the yanks waiting to clinch wild-card spot. blue jays with their first title in 22 years with their 15-2 route of baltimore in the first game of a doubleheader yesterday. the. days brought an appropriate conclusion to the unstoppable two month run. the blue jays and that's prove
5:45 am
themselves so much at the deadline is amazing. speaking of the mets, steven matts was scratched before the game last night between the mets and phillies, he won't pitch tonight either. the reason he has a muscle spasm in the right side of his back. top of the first mets come up swinging first, murphy rips a three run homer to right, 14th of the year, later in the inning a big-time player. a two run homer, mets take a 5-0 lead. this is scary. the hands buyup pitch, mets fans, he would leave the game with x-rays negative, a bruise in the fingers, everyone scared when that happens, the mets will retaliate, they exchanged words
5:46 am
the game, mets still one game up with the dodgers. football the jets leave for london tonight, that is where they will face the dolphins sunday, that in sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.. as for the giants victor cruz was expected to play this weekend but his return seemingly on hold. i head coach said cruz was unable to practice yesterday after feeling some discomfort, wide receiver participated in some individual drills but had to shut it down before the team practice. >> extended injury, i know it is not surgery but i keep telling him and telling myself, it is a long season and we know when we get them back there will be great things to see. duke: he has not played in the game since the season ending injury last october against the eagles. that was a tough injury and i know he is disappointed.
5:47 am
liz: thank you so much. ben: mike has a present for you, there it is. liz: look at that. >> meteorologist: you know you want it. ben: go ahead. are you ready? there you go. duke: donuts are on me, powell. >> meteorologist: no one stuck to their dirty pause in it yet. here is what we have with of radar, showers over central sections of new jersey, mainly light stuff but there will be a few pockets of heavier rain from time to time. here is one of looks like the temperatures, 56 and for part, 55 and newark, 52 in poughkeepsie, 48 in monticello, back to normal with those temperatures, wind and coming from the northeast at 8 to 17 miles an hour so that is a good amount of wind and winds will
5:48 am
pick up over the days to come, a stall of frontal boundary, we will keep gray skies with passing showers in the tristate region, nothing to do with joaquin which is way down in obama as in the atlantic waters and it will dip down toward the bahamas and turks and caicos. the forecast tracks are all over the place, the one the national hurricane center goes with is the one that takes a right of the middle and that is the one that unfortunately takes it to was in the tristate and that is more like monday in tuesday. it does weaken to a tropical storm with winds around 60 miles an hour at that time but one forecast model that has been consistent, the euro keeps it out to see. we will see which verifies but that's what that future cast and see what the computer models are saying, basically keeps us in america with cloudy skies and some showers into tomorrow, quote temperatures as well but that tropical system according to this one looks like it wants to pull it out to sea as well and so we say go ahead and prepare yourself for the
5:49 am
possibility of a tropical system in the area early next week, but we may get lucky and see this head out to see. we will wait and see but this particular future cast does look like it is trending toward see. stick with us and we will give you the latest information but right now it is a very strong hurricane, a major hurricane forecaster strengthen more so but it will probably max out and start to weaken. scattered showers, high temperatures 62 degrees, tomorrow i am 53, with some went out there too, wind and rain stick through the weekend but we may have to deal with joaquin but at this point in time we are going to make everybody aware it is out there, correct yourself as best as possible but also understand some of the models don't bring it to us at all. let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have as we head out the door. antwan: windy conditions causing delays at the airport, 30 minutes at la guardia, 30 at jfk, long island commuter in queens picking up here as you
5:50 am
approach queens boulevard west bound, newark by the way, that airport has a 60 minute delay on a rival, got to call ahead, garden state parkway doing fine, no problems on 28478, the law on long island south oyster bay road, traffic inching along all lanes are closed, some debris still, looks like a tractor spilled on the roadway so you have delays westbound. on these downside you are fine. as for the trains doing great, everything on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules in effect. liz: a lot more coming the.
5:51 am
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lucius is released from prison in of thrones movie is not in the works after the u.k. daily start tabloid quoted him saying there would be of movie and just that he wouldn't be involved but he took his personal lives journal blog to say that is completely false and no one is working on any movie right now. ben: i am glad because the show is so good was the need a movie? >> i just want the show to go on forever and ever. rumors that it will stop after season 7 will crush me. ben: you will run out of people sooner or later. anna: can always come back as white walkers.
5:55 am
together a blockbuster concert to celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers which will include beyonce, j z, prince, a, nicki minaj, a little wayne and many other performers, tickets for title subscribers go on sale, widely available friday, proceeds from the shows the the for october 20th to go to charity. grease is going live on fox 5 and production has cast one of the pink ladies. ben: there is. anna: you love that song bond the desk. iconic pink lady joins juliet half as sandy, palmer as marty, grease live will air at
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