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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 1, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: ra. "good day new york." thursday, october 1. things seem to be going by very quickly. greg: 31 days past september. it is cooler. we have that big hurricane in the south right now. liz: fantastic. we are keeping an eye on joaquin. getting stronger. getting the beach is ready just in case. i do not know. look at the european models. i think we will be safe. european models predicted sandy
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and our neck of the what's. i am not talking about -- i'm talking about the radar models. you have a one track mind. greg: legionnaires disease in the bronx. a fatal crisis in the summer. now we have this. a fatality in the fall. rosanna: the bill that provides medical treatment to first responders is expiring. it does not mean that benefits will be cut off immediately. greg: one person in a faraway state won the powerball. $310 million. michigan. someone out there in michigan. rosanna.
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it is fall. october. the store on the corner. rosanna: how much did you pay for these? greg: i have not exactly pay for them yet. credit card. ten minutes ago. thank you very much. i gave one to mike. rosanna: do not carve them yet. greg: around halloween, we will carve them up. mike: they keep a long time if you do not disturb it. rosanna: we are disturbed. happy out over, everybody. not quite as formidable as what we were looking at yesterday. let's take a look at what is going on. here is the latest with hurricane joaquin.
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last update was 5:00 o'clock. maximum sustained winds at 125 miles per hour. that is a major hurricane. heading to the west, southwest that five files per hour. it will probably fax out in the next day or so. the question is whether or not it makes landfall. one of the model scoop it out to see the whole time. anyhow, we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect today. that has nothing to do with the story. the persistent wind. you will have tied it about 1 foot and a half above normal. minor coastal flooding out there. there are some showers. mainly right here over the central sections of new jersey. close enough to us that we will
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see some scattered showers out there as we go through the day today. tomorrow, it gets windy. friday, saturday, sunday and monday. we could have the impact of joaquin. we will have to watch that one closely here. let's bring in ines. ines: we're we are not dealing with flooding or wet roadways. central avenue, and accident blocking a lane. other then that, the roads, north jersey, heading southbound, northbound, everything looking good. thirty minutes on arrivals at laguardia. jfk, 30 minutes. one they bought within accident in the bronx. let's take a look at the long island expressway. traffic flow west power.
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cross bronx and the major deegan, both have problems this morning. slow as you approach the where. tractor-trailer their stuff. the ddn, been working on and accident for an hour. trains are doing great this morning. everything running on or close. greg: hurricane joaquin. york. it is a possibility. they are getting serious on the jersey shore. rosanna: they are not taking any chances. jersey. is it raining over there? >> reporter: not only is it raining, the wind has really picked up. good morning.
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preparing for a one-to punch. major rain causing flooding concerns here. also, the possibility of hurricane joaquin. they are activating their emergency plans. all for what may come. >> i cannot believe it. preparing for the hurricane again. we survive sandy. now, we are not looking forward to this. >> reporter: three here since super storm sandy. it is still too soon to think about the possibility that another hurricane could be headed this way. that is exactly the spot these residents find themselves in this morning. >> canned goods, batteries, candles.
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beautiful lake cuomo. bring in the water as low as it will go. hurricane joaquin strengthened to a category for last night. residents here are not taking any chances. >> i do not think we have to go crazy. just make sure that we have water, flashlights. sandbags, if you need them. >> tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: this storm could produce brutal wind. for now, we will all just wait and watch joaquin's every move. they will really monitor the
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of's days. the governor's office is also development. back to both of you. greg: your umbrella does not look like it is for this world. rosanna: you look like mary poppins. >> reporter: i just said that to my crew. good thing i did not pay for it. rosanna: several cars on fire at a car auction lot. greg: fairfield new jersey. looks like, yeah-- rosanna: there are some flames there. >> the cause of the fire is not known at this time.
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over 20 vehicles have been burned. this is at an auto auction in fairfield. one of the pupils still in fire. the firefighters had to go around card by card -- car by car. there were some people moving some of the vehicles that were not on fire out of the way. there is one vehicle still on fire. the fire department has most of the other fires distinguished. the cause of the fire is still unknown. rosanna: one death is still being linked to the latest cluster of legionnaires disease in the bronx. greg: one death so far. what is happening here?
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bronx. obviously a lot of questions and concerns in the prompts about the latest outbreak of legionnaires disease. dead. it is sent here. a cooling tower here is one of 15 in the area that tested positive over the weekend. >> my brother has the same symptoms. i am scared to death. >> difficulty breathing.
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you should seek care. >> reporter: there will be a town hall meeting tonight. located on bronx tale avenue. other news to report this morning. the bacteria has also been found on long island. the health department, the school district, rather, the cooling towers have been disinfected. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: thank you very much. rosanna: those that use new jersey transit can expect to pay more. sadly enough. there will be more of a fare hike here. greg: 9%. the added revenue is needed to close a 60 million budget gap. $40 million in budget cuts earlier this year.
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the times square tax force has spoken. what is in store for the future of the neighborhood. and the women in that our. the topless ladies. greg: limiting street fairs in the area. they did not have that many street fairs to begin with. at one point, there was talk of a plan to get rid of the fist ram plaza. that is not happening. we will know for sure later today.
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greg: one person one is up in michigan. rosanna: bought at a gas station. know anybody in three rivers? nobody has come forward yet. the second biggest this year. $560 million prize. greg: be careful with that money. it has been known to ruin lives. mike: still tracking the storm. seeing what the temperatures are doing. definitely a lot cooler. a lot of clouds around town. few showers around the jersey shore. a few passing lighter showers. we are at risk, especially in
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along it. that will pull back to us here. the other pic story, of course, joaquin. a category three storm. strengthening a bit in the overnight hours. it is moving to the west. 5 miles an hour. we will have to see what happens. these are kind of all over the place. landfall early next week in the eastern seaboard. the latest one is right over us monday into tuesday. the forecast tracks have been trending more and more to the east. that one has consistently been offshore. hopefully, that will be the case. by the time he gets it gets here, it looks like wind speed
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here is what we have with the futurecast. cool temperatures as we are on the cool side of that front. go ahead and be prepared for tropical weather. high temperature today is 62. sixty-four you on saturday. happy birthday to emily. six years old. a huge fan. ines: very cute. happy birthday, emily. staten island expressway. formal delays. a slow ride headed into brooklyn this morning. take a look at your commute on your likely. let's go to the george
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forty minute delay on the upper level. forty on the upper. thirty on the lower. lincoln double, 45 minute inbound. greg and rosanna. rosanna: all right. thank you so much. we have a musical legend. greg: listen to this song. rosanna: i love this song. greg: hauntingly beautiful. art garfunkel. performing live for us. native new yorker. at carnegie hall this weekend. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. greg: check it out. that building is more than 100 years old. it used to be a doctor's administration building. now it is a restaurant. rosanna: really? greg: yes. if you swing around there, you will see the world trade center and things like that. there is lower manhattan.
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rosanna: we used to go to the town club. greg: home of the heisman trophy. they went co-op, rosanna. rosanna: welcome to "good day new york." russia has launched airstrikes. questioning who they really are targeting. greg: this is getting messy. attacks aimed at islamic state officials. they believe that the strikes are hitting civilian targets. the syrian resident, those groups are supported by the u.s. a big mess over there. russia said that it would help. they appear to be intent. rosanna: hillary clinton's
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state department. the infected e-mails were sent on the morning of august 3. disguised as speeding tickets from new york. that is while she was secretary of state. greg: spam. virus inside. rosanna: private e-mail server. we have allowed hackers access to her files. her campaign says that there is no evidence to suggest she replied. even this private server could not secure her from hackers. greg: that republican in california said something very embarrassing.
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caitlyn jenner. she had a horrible car accident a while back. rosanna: she will not face any charges now. prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to get a there was talk that maybe kaitlyn was smoking a cigarette. on her phone. i guess that none of that panned out. her suv rear-ended two cars. one was pushed into oncoming traffic killing the woman that was driving that car. it. greg: o.j. simpson. wife. before he was actually taken into custody, this is a video of his more recent trouble. remember that rocco. slow speed chase. rosanna: we were on heirs for
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greg: robert kardashian, the late robert kardashian, father of kim kardashian found oj in his daughter's bedroom. just finished making a suicide tape. rosanna: accused. he says that mr. kardashian convinced oj not to kill himself because he said that is where my daughter sleeps. chase. he wasn't kim kardashian's bedroom. greg: we were worried that he was going to kill himself.
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oj is in prison in nevada. rosanna: completely different charges. he was found not guilty. if you want to buy an apartment in manhattan, you better have big bucks. greg: the median price is $1 million. $999,000 to be exact. rosanna: round it up. greg: media and means half the apartments are above 1 million half below. rosanna: a new record. high demand and low availability. that is behind the increase. buyers have to act fast. greg: they are going up to meet
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the demand. i am still renting. rosanna: one of the first silver dollar point ever to be mentioned by the united states just sold for nearly $5 million at an auction. this is a flowing hair silver dollar. it was minted in 1874. it remained in the family for 170 years. part of the d brent. sold last night. greg: what to do with these coins once you get them? rosanna: $26 billion. greg: good for them. let's take a look outside.
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rain may be headed our way. rosanna: planes have taken off. really when did this morning. greg: yes. yes. i am going to get my app. that tells you where all the planes are coming and going. i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know! phone and all your stuff. good idea. it's off. oh my internet is so slow when
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>> apparently this morning there were some delays at the airport, the wind was a problem >> not too bad especially for this time of the morning. >> here we negotiation greg. >> yeah, he's going. you can find yourself driving as fast as the plane, you know what i mean? >> it seems like it. >> you've done it? think you can win? >> let's see if we can figure out where this guy's going.
7:29 am
come on. sometimes there's a slight delay. >> no. got four engines, right? he's going somewhere far away. anybody else have anything to [laughter] >> no, i'm listening to the music, actually. i'm ignoring everything that you say. all right, good. going. >> i don't know. who sang this song anyway? >> i don't know, what was -- >> the late, great john denver. >> john denver's doing that song. see, that's not the version i do you know that version? >> we lost john denver in a plane crash. cool guy. >> i know. >> rocky mountain high. i actually interviewed him in colorado. >> did you really? >> yeah, it was really cool. >> i heard he didn't have to go to the mountains to get high sometimes, you know what i mean? >> could have fooled me. >> think we're talking about the same thing. >> all right, anyway.
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it's an okay day so far, right? >> mike woods, what's up? >> october 1st, or we're ready for it. we've got our pumpkins, we're all set, and, yeah, looks like weather wise we're doing okay. temps that are cooler, i know it's a bit of a shock, but these cooler temps are where we should be this time of the year. anyhow, cooler temps and some rain out there too. let's take a look at the maps and give you a breakdown of what to expect from this point forward. joaquin, everyone's got that joaquin on their mind. maximum sustained winds at 120 miles per hour with gusts up to 150, it's moving at the west/southwest at 5 miles per hour. where it goes exactly still remains to be seen. but we still have to watch it very closely here in the tristate. 56 in central park, 55 in newark, 57 in bringport and
7:31 am
from the northeast at around 3 to as much as 15 miles per hour. we're going to call it breezy today, but it will be straight up windy in the next couple days. we've got the cold front stall id out -- stalled out offshore, but some of those showers have worked into the tristate region too, so look out for the possibility for at least a little bit of rain hanging in the area. storm. the forecast track takes it near the bahamas and hooks it right back up to the north, it may strengthen to a category four. it's already a major hurricane. but after that it starts to weaken as it makes its approach toward the eastern seaboard. right now the forecast track as of 5:00 this morning still brought it to us here in the tristate early next week, but the forecast models are pulling it more and more offshore, the next update from the hurricane
7:32 am
center comes in about a half hour. today's going to be cloudy and cool, high temp up to about 62. tomorrow we'll make it up to 53 only for a high and more showers as we go into the weekend. windy and wet, coastal flooding could be a big problem for us here. that's the main thing right now. let's bring in ines and take a peek at what's going on. the weather's more cooperative today. still a problem here and there. >> we're not dealing with flooding this morning or wet roadways. we do have delays at the airports because of wind. arrival delays at laguardia, 30 minutes at jfk same 30, newark arrivals, 60 minutes ahead. there was an earlier accident on the throgs neck, so stick with the whitestone as an alternate. a couple of problems on long island. first, an accident on the southern state parkway westbound by 110, then two accidents on the lie. one by the northern state
7:33 am
parkway, that's exit 42 on the westbound side and past that you still have delays. i have the southern state parkway on camera. police activity, it's right behind the trees, so this is the 110 onramp. there was a paramedic, but you do see traffic slow westbound. cross bronx, let's go to that camera shot, there was a crash on the deegan cleared away. they're moving so much better right now. we still have this tractor-trailer on the cross bronx between the major deegan ramp and the cross bronx so you have delays on the upper level of the george washington bridge. trains are looking great this morning. greg and rosanna. >> thank you. >> september 11th first respond user have a lot of questions this morning after congress leapt the act expire -- let the act expire. >> designed to cover illnesses that first responders are suffering to this day. it seemed like a no-brainer that we still need it in effect, but it's not for the moment.
7:34 am
robert moses has more. why did this happen? >> greg and rosanna, good morning to you. basically, it's politics as usual in washington. so much has changed here in a revitalized lower man hat p tan, but more these first responders, their reality has not changed. they ran here, toward danger, with abandon. and now they feel like their government has abandoned them. for the more than 70,000 fist responders who -- first responders who raced to ground zero and inhaled the toxic air after 9/11, today is a scary day. >> if they take this away, a lot of people are going to die. >> this is the act which provides med mall monitoring and treatment for -- medical monitoring and treatment for those with ailments. it expired at midnight. administrators say it could face problems by february and may begin shutting down by next summer. that would be devastating for people like ray pfeiffer, a retired fdny firefighter who is
7:35 am
battling stage four cancer and relies on the program. >> do i take this pill for $9,000, or do i pay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> new york senator kirsten gillibrand told her colleagues yesterday on the senate floor that they need to act. >> if congress doesn't need to act now, how many more first responders and their families are going to suffer medically and financially because we didn't do our job and reauthorize this program? >> lawmakers have not made the sa degree georgia act purple significant because they want to have the ability to review it periodically to make sure it's working properly. but proponents say the act must be made permanent because 9/11 illnesses may not manifest themselves for years. the uniformed fire officers association, a union that represents many first responders, is calling on congress to renew the act. >> we have always felt in the 9/11 community that this is a nonpolitical issue, it's an american issue. and for politics as usual to
7:36 am
continue in washington regarding this legislation, it's, it's a shame. >> mayor de blasio has called on congress to stop putting politics ahead of the health of these heroic first responders. it's important to note if this program gets dismantled, it can't get restarted very quickly at all, and here's why i say that. the doctors and nurses who are providing this care will seek other employment, and then more doctors will have to be found to restart that program. that will take a whole lot of time, time that these first responders don't have. that is the latest life from lower manhattan, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> so the pope when he was here in america, he did meet with that controversial kim davis, the kentucky clerk who won't issue marriage clienses to same-sex couples. >> her attorney mentioned it yesterday, kim davis, and now it's confirmed. she was famously jailed for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples.
7:37 am
her lawyer announced tuesday that the meeting with the pontiff happened while he was in d.c. and lasted less than 15 minutes. supposedly, the pontiff called her brave. the vatican initially did not confirm the meeting when the story first broke but now they are. >> well, you know, the pope very popular, and one of the reasons why he's so popular, he seems more open and tolerant, and certainly on these kinds of issues, so it did raise some eyebrows that he sat down with this woman. hey, we're both catholics, we have no problem -- but you'll see some editorials today that pope's decision. >> you know, some of his homilies and stuff like that, it seemed like he was open to families being of different shapes and sizes. so this is kind of perplexing. >> famously said who am i to judge. >> right. governor cuomo. yeah, he's reportedly been named the godfather of -- >> billy joel's new daughter.
7:38 am
page six is reporting that governor cuomo and billy joel, his wife alexis and daughter alexa ray and others gathered for a dinner tuesday night to celebrate della's christening. she was born in august, so they had a christening, huh? because billy joel -- isn't he jewish? >> i don't know about that. i don't know. hey, by the way, what to -- >> maybe his wife is catholic. >> what what do you do when you're the golf father? >> you have to renounce satan. >> i knew that from the godfather. >> and you have to be a good role model, i believe, and give nice presents for birthdays and stuff like that. >> i think we both have to bone up on our catechism and theology. what to you say?
7:39 am
let's listen to "the piano it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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>> wow. look at this, greg. >> what? >> nasa release ared a 3-d video fly-by of hurricane joaquin. >> oh, man. >> this is what joaquin looks
7:41 am
like in 3-d. >> yeah, usually we see it flat -- >> this illustrates the growth of the storm which has now been upgraded to a category three hurricane. it was created using information gathered by two satellites, one that tracks rainfall, the other that monitors clouds. joaquin is said to be building up speed and getting stronger. we're keeping an eye on things. you know, who knees whether -- who knows whether it's going to hit our area, but we've got to play it sigh, right, mike? >> some of the forecast tracks brought it just to our south, the latest ones bring it right over us, but the trend is moving more and more to the east. hopefully, we don't have a land-falling storm. but we'll have to wait and see on that one. the next update is due in the next 15 minutes or so. these are coastal flood advisories that are up for all around the tristate. especially at times of high tide, you're going to have the waters piling up. tides are going to run about a foot and a half above normal because of this persistent
7:42 am
northeast wind. it's coming through at around 6-15 miles per hour. this is also what's causing the delays at the airports. minor delays, but delays nonetheless. 56, central park, 57 in islip and bridgeport, 59 in montauk with a few showers hugging the coastline here. south. some of that will hold together and swing through us in the tristate, so keep an umbrella close by. joaquin. joaquin right there as a category three storm. winds of 120 miles per hour. at latest check, forecast to come up the eastern seaboard, and again, some of the forecast tracks take it into the mid-atlantic region, some of us in the tristate around monday, tuesday, some take it out to sea. we've got to be prepared in case it does come our way, right now still just bears watching. high of 62 today, a few scattered showers throughout the day, high of 53 tomorrow, 60 on saturday. coastal flooding issues could be
7:43 am
a problem, but we've got to watch the exact track of joaquin. still a long bays out so -- a long ways out so things could and will change. download the fox 5ny weather app. want to say happy birthday to dominique, she's turning 10 years old. happy birthday to you. let's bring in ines. >> good morning, mike. problems on long island, the southern state parkway westbound off to the shoulder an accident by 110 there. then the lie, there was an accident by bagatell road, that's been cleared, but there are still delays and there's another accident by exit 142, one of the exits for the northern state parkway. new jersey commute, things are great this morning on 78 and 280. the parkway pretty good. normally we have red by 280, not the situation this morning. bqe, actually, let's look at the
7:44 am
expressway by victory boulevard, fine westbound and eastbound. no delays as you get closer to the verrazano bridge by clove road, things start to slow down. the bqe, normal delays. qwb, 40 -- gwb, 40 minutes on the upper, 30 minute delay on the lower. the turnpike at least 45 minutes. the holland tunnel, 15-20. as far as the trains, running on or close, no problems with that. >> all right. it was a nail biter last night, that yankee game. >> duke, i missed it. what happened? >> went to extra inningsing. tanaka on the mound as they faced the red sox. his first start since straining that hamstring running the the bases against the mets. travis shaw to play for the red sox, rips a three-run homer to the right, boston goes up 3-0. bottom of the sixth, game tied at 4, a-rod rips his 33rd home run of the year.
7:45 am
in the 11th, two-run blast, second of the game. red sox win 9-5. yanks still waiting to clinch that wildcard berth. toronto blue are jays clipping their -- clinching their first title with a 15-2 rout of baltimore yesterday. blue jays brought an appropriate conclusion to their unstoppable two month run. now to the mets, steven mats was originally scheduled to pitch but was pushed back, he had a muscle spasm in the right side of his back. all right, last night against the phillies, mets come out swinging. daniel murphy rips a three-run homer to right, his 14th of the year. then later in the inning, michael conforto, the rookie is going to be the star player. two-run homer. here's where it gets scary, access we december at the
7:46 am
plate -- access we dis, he gets hit on the hand. he would have to leave the game. mets fans so scared about this. they're calling it a bruised finger, everyone breathing a sigh of relief. you know what was going next. they exchange words and both benches would come out. robles and terry collins ejected from this game. mets still one game up on the dodgers. football, the jets leave for london tonight, that's where they'll face the miami dolphins on sunday. that game, 9:30 a.m. our time. as far as the giants go, victor cruz was expected to play this weekend, but his return is on hold. or sealingly so -- seemingly so. tom coughlin said he was unable to go after feeling discomfortable in his calf. he participated in some individual drills but had to shut it down before the team phase. i caught up with prince amukamara yesterday in the locker room, he talked about it.
7:47 am
nothing, but i just keep telling him and myself, it's a long season, and we'll know when we get him back there's going to be great things to see. >> you know, you feel really bad for victor. he's worked so hard to come back from that knee injury, now he has a calf. hopefully, he'll be out there soon. hey, you don't want to miss miss this coming up, rick nash of your new york rangers will be live and in studio. the rangers, of course, open up their season next wednesday in chicago. 350eu78ly, yesterday you may have noticed i wasn't here: greg, i'm sure you noticed. >> yes, we miss you. >> i had my shoot for muscle and fitness yesterday. we were at the studios downtown. it was a lot of fun. i have to admit, i haven't been this nervous since my first day on air in new york -- >> you didn't look nervous, duke. >> you look pretty comfortable and in love with yours. [laughter] -- with yourself. >> duke, i didn't think what was underneath that suit.
7:48 am
>> it was a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. but, you know, it was a lot of fun, and i want to thank everybody involved and, you know, it was a good time. >> duke. >> duke, you know, all that muscle is cosmetic, clearly. >> he did not have on a muscle suit. [laughter] >> cosmetic in that i'm still stronger than you. [laughter] >> yes. but my push-ups are real. we confirmed this yesterday -- we confirmed this yesterday. >> well, duke -- it was a lot of fun. and the issue should come out in december. it looks that way. >> muscle and fitness? >> yes. it was a lot of fun. >> wow. very nice. congratulations. did you have a hamburger after that shoot? i would have had a slice of pizza. >> i had three slices of pizza and a little dessert. >> i actually saw duke once kiss his bicep like that. it was amazing. [laughter] >> good day's coming right back. >> you know what i'm talking about, right?
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> that boat just is going out to sea, rosanna. >> hey, yeah. you know what? i see that. got a lot of cargo on it. you know who was on the staten island ferry the other day?
7:52 am
>> leo dicaprio, yes, apparently, he was on the ferry. models? >> they said he had a hoodie, he didn't want to be a spectacle and take pictures. he just wanted to enjoy -- >> the three great things of the ferry. free and, and -- >> and if you want to, you can >> right. >> i was going to say, you guys talk about that enough, i bet he's a good day watcher. >> it's a possibility. >> he got the situation from good day new york. >> anna gilligan, good morning. >> hi. streaming service title is putting together a huge concert to celebrate reaching one million subscribers. it will include beyonce, jay-z, prince -- >> prince? >> yes. >> nicki minaj, lille wayne is -- lil' wayne and a bunch of other performers. tickets will be -- >> what's title again? >> it's a streaming service. it's a rival of spotify. >> it's jay-z packed.
7:53 am
>> spotify, i know. >> he actually has been an avid tweeter correcting facts about the kind of stories that they aren't doing well, but they reached a million subscribers, and this is their celebration. all proceeds from the concert will go to charity. >> very nice. and the plot thickened on empire last night. if you don't know that happened, cover your ears for the next 30 seconds, there will be some spoil ors. so very surprising by the end of the episode, lucius lyon is released from prison on bail. didn't think this would happen. this was after his medication was being withheld by a prosecutor trying to get him to snitch, so he teams up with a new lawyer who gets him some special treatment and gets him out of jail by blackmailing the judge as can only happen on empire. now, ludacris is a guest star as a prison guard who has it out for lucius, and cookie can't seem to agree on what the new
7:54 am
label will be like. see what happens next next wednesday at 9 here on fox 5. and greece is going live right here -- grease is going live right here on fox. carly ray jepsen has been tapped to star at one of the pink ladies. >> she'll be singing a different tune when jepsen plays pink lady frenchie. >> remember this song from five years ago? so call me maybe. >> she's, like, 30 years old and really into that lawnmower boy. >> yeah. this is the original grease, of course, but the remake will include julianne hough as sandy, keke palmer. grease live will air january 31st on fox. >> how's olivia newton john doing? what's new with her? >> i think she's good. we have jay charles as our fan
7:55 am
of the hour. >> good day, thank you, jay. what else? >> well, good day's coming right back. we're getting ready. art garfunkel's going to be here. >> very cool. and it's the 60th anniversary of the honeymooners. we're going to talk to trixie, joyce randolph -- >> we are? >> and rumor has it, you're
7:56 am
>> and who's going to be my mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set. what movie? i'm shooting a movie about laundry. leave slow internet behind.
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a movie about laundry? yeah the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest wi-fi available when you need it the most. get out of the past. get fios. >> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hi, everybody, welcome. it's the beginning of october, october 1st on this thursday.
7:58 am
hi, everybody, i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. nice to have you with us this morning. cloudy skies, cool temperatures and windy out there. temperatures could be very calm before -- [inaudible] mike woods is following the path of hurricane joaquin, and we'll let you know the latest on the radar. >> well, we are getting ready for it, particularly on the jersey shore. they are battening down the hatches, rosanna. >> yes. >> this could be a big deal if it strikes us. >> by the way, now it's moving through the bahamas. there. one death has been linked to the latest cluster of legionnaire's disease in the bronx. from it. all of them reportedly had underlying health problems. now we're hearing maybe some problems on long island. we have the latest for you. >> okay, times square. what are we going to do about the naked ladies and the can costumed characters? a task force has been debating and considering various proposals to potentially fix the situation? if it actually needs a fix. they're making those
7:59 am
recommendations public today. >> okay. >> and we're also extremely excited. who likes the honeymooners? i know it's an old show, right? ralph, alice. here's a little bit of what we're talking about. >> to the moon. [laughter] >> oh, and by the way, ralph -- >> aha! [laughter] aha! by the way, huh? i know there had to be a by the way in here someplace. >> it was very funny except when he threatened to hit her. >> she never seemed at all worried that he was going to hit her. she was always so calm and cool. >> they're arguing, by the way, about getting a television set. [laughter] a television set. ralph was waiting for 3-d tv -- >> they didn't even have a proper retinge rater, remember? they had the icebox. >> hey, today we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of, i guess, the network debut of the
8:00 am
we are actually going to be talking with joyce randolph who played trixie. >> i think she's the last remaining -- >> she is. we lost jackie gleason back in the '80s, and joyce lives in manhattan, and it'll be a thrill for me to chat with her. >> totally. and i think maybe we'll dress up for the occasion too. >> okay. >> [audio difficulty] an homage to the honeymooners, right? >> mike, if you wore a vest, i think you'd be a decent norton. >> you think? am i getting recruited? what do you say, pal? >> pal of mine. >> sure, i think i could do it. channel my inner fred flintstone. >> there's a little bit of that, more like barney rubble. >> okay. >> i don't want to take you away from looking at the radar maps. >> i'm still waiting for the latest information on to joaquin.
8:01 am
some -- mod dells are doing -- models are doing different things. right now it's looking kind of encouraging, like it might go out to sea, that would be excellent news. we could use the rain, but we don't want a direct hit from that storm. now, we have coastal flood advisories, they're in effect with basically the stalled-out frontal boundaries that's offshore giving us that persistent northeast wind, and that's why at times of high tide, you're going to have flooding issues. you've got gale warning especially and high surf advisories also here in the tristate, that's all ahead of the storm. this has nothing to do with joaquin. winds.coming in from the northeast at around 5-15 miles per hour. showers, not a huge deal, but we see some light stuff mainly over new jersey kind of drifting up to the north. expect you could see some light showers passing on by, the wind at the same time because it is windy out there. here is joaquin.
8:02 am
storm, forecast to become a category four as it dips down toward the bahamas briefly and starts heading to the north and then to the north and east. i mean, the latest forecast track still so far, as of 5:00 this morning, still waiting for the latest update, still brings it to us in the tristate region. that would basically bring it right over us. wind speeds are down though by the time it gets here early on tuesday, down to around 60 miles per hour. but it still will carry a lot of rain. the general trend for that storm has been moving to the east. the further it goes to the east, looks like we would not take a direct hit if it heads out into the atlantic waters. that's why we have got to stay tuned and be prepared. high temp up to 62 with passing showers today. high of 53 tomorrow. still windy throughout the weekend with some showers scattered throughout the weekend too, and then hopefully dry canner skies tuesday, wednesday.
8:03 am
depends on what's going on with joaquin. let's get you over to ines rosales. she's not as busy as yesterday. >> we're not dealing with any flooding, wet roadways, but we still have problems. route 23, watch out for an accident there blocking a lane. queens, you do have delays on the airports, 30 minutes arrival at laguardia and jarks fk, 60 at newark. bqe approaching the constitutional bridge, slow. there was an earlier accident on long island, that's been cleared away. westbound side moving better. get ready to hit the brakes parkway. as far as the cross bronx, on the alexander hamilton bridge, looks like we have a stalled tractor-trailer, so traffic slow approaching jerome avenue. we do have delays approaching the major deegan.
8:04 am
running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> all right. well, we're keeping an eye on joaquin. is it going to hit us? what about the jersey shoresome people don't want to take any chances, you know? we've been through sandy. >> all right. we heard from mike, but so what are we actually doing to get ready for this thing? teresa priolo is live in bell march, new jersey, with more. >> good morning, everyone. standing here on the boardwalk, they are impervious to the wind and the rain, and they are really just preparing for whatever may come this weekend and into early next week. one of the main things that's happening here is this major sand barrier built by the army corps of engineers, they brought in this sand. there are a lot of storm preps going on, this is one of them all for what might come. >> i can't believe it. you know, to just get to prepare for the hurricane again.
8:05 am
[audio difficulty] now we're not looking forward to >> not again. it's been three years since superstorm sandy bore down on the jersey shore town of belmar, and yet it's still too soon to think about the possibility that another hurricane could be headed this way. but that is exactly the spot these residents find themselves in this morning. >> stock up on canned goods, batteries, candles. >> bulldozers spent much of wednesday piling sand barriers. pumps are draining beautiful lake como, bringing the water as low as it will go. hurricane joaquin strengthened to a category three storm last night. despite the fact that joaquin is still hundreds of miles away with an uncertain path, residents here aren't taking any chances. >> i don't think you have to go crazy, but just make sure you have water, flashlights, things like that, sandbags if you need them. >> the cost wouldn't be so much to the town but the residents who rebuilt their home after
8:06 am
hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild and stay 234 our community. >> and this storm could produce brutal winds and heavy surf, inland flooding and beach erosion. for now we will all just wait and watch joaquin's every move. and belmar is in a unique position. they need these sand dunes because there's no vegetation like there is, for example, down in spring lake where every dunes already set up, a lot of vegetation, and the homes are pushed back a little bit. if you remember back to superstorm sandy, they were spared just a little bit where belmar was not. the governor of the state of new jersey, chris christie, well, he's running for president so he's been in iowa and new hampshire. he's expected to go to new hampshire tonight, but, of course, that all depends on what today brings with this storm. that's the latest from belma russian this morning, back to both of you. >> thank you very much. now to the legionnaire's situation in the bronx, we have our first fatality from this latest cluster of legionnaire cases. >> yeah.
8:07 am
12 other people have gotten sick by this cluster which is centered in the -- [audio difficulty] town hall meeting is going to be held there tonight. fox 5's carrie drew joins us from the bronx. who's going to be at that town hall meeting tonight, carrie? >> health officials will be there, greg and rosanna. can they'll be answering questions about this latest cluster, and no doubt people here in the bronx have a lot of questions about what's going on. health officials confirming that one person has died as a result of this latest legionnaire's outbreak in the bronx. all of those people do have underlying medical conditions, they range between the ages of 45 and 75 years old to. this latest cluster is center inside the mars park section of the bronx. a cooling tower here is one of 15 that tested positive for the legionella bacteria over the weekend. the city health department ordered these sites to clean and
8:08 am
disinfect the towers immediately. health officials say this cluster of legionnaire's is not related to the outbreak that killed 12 people in the south bronx over the summer. fox 5 caught up with one person who said her brother was admitted here to this hospital with symptoms. >> my brother's, you know, he's in here with the same symptoms. so, hopefully, i'm scared to death. he's the only one i have left in my life. >> headache, fever, cough, muscle aches, chills, difficulty breathing, flu-like symptoms. you should seek care. >> and, again, there will be a town hall meeting tonight on this topic. residents can attend and get their questions answered. that will take place at 8:00 at maestro's caterers. something else we want to report this morning, legionella bacteria has also been found on long island. cooling towers at too high schools in smithtown have tested positive for the legionella bacteria, the school district
8:09 am
releasing a statement saying that those cooling towers have been disinfected. that's the latest live from the bronx this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> all right. synthetic marijuana, also known as k2 or spice, is now illegal here in the city, thank goodness. >> officially illegal. we know that this stuff is extremely dangerous. city council, well, they made it a law. it cannot be manufactured or sold in the five boroughs. >> this ban comes a week after the nypd made its second major k2 bust in the bronx. the drug has also been linked to a recent spike in emergency room visits. >> is chemicals that are sprayed, different types of chemicals, there have been instances where rat poison was found inside of these k2 packages. so it is outright poison, and that is why we are seeing people be hospitalized almost immediately, and some people are losing their lives over it.
8:10 am
>> just so you know, k2 was already illegal in the state, but manufacturers constantly changed the mix of chemical additives that are used. >> so a legend in law enforcement, detective jost 77. he was instrumental in capturing david berkovitz, the infamous son of sam killer. >> yeah. he was also involved in the 1978 left tan sa heist and lots of organized crime cases including john gotti and paul cast llano. perhaps most notably, he tracked the son of sam serial killer's movements. steven lang portrayed him in a great series called the bronx is burning about the yankees, about the son of sam and detective coffey. >> he died on sunday of lung cancer, he was 77. >> and a real gentleman. >> yeah, we knew him. anyway, now we have the latest poll numbers for the republicans in the race for president, greg. >> donald trump is still on top
8:11 am
by a sizable margin. for a while it looked like people were catching up. >> this is a new suffolk university slb "usa today" poll. donald trump is maintaining a solid lead with 23% of the voters backing him. dr. ben carson and carly fiorina coming in at 13%. that's a significant jump for them. >> jeb bush is in, like, fifth place. there's marco rubio. he's showing signs of life -- in he's in fourth place. >> time is running out. i mean, we've got three months, then it's january. in january is when the iowa caucuses take place. >> right. >> so i know it feels like the election is a long way away, november of 2016. >> yeah. >> nope. they really -- this is crunch time. >> well, our mayor's thinking about the iowa caucuses. in fact, he's coming under fire from members of his own party, because the new york post is reporting that city democrats, at least some of them, are angry that the mayor is going to take trips to iowa and hold a town hall meeting there in that
8:12 am
presidents. >> next month. >> yeah, next month. he is not -- keep in mind, he has not had an official be town hall meeting in new york city -- >> and he's not going to be at the one in the bronx with the legionnaire's disease, but he's going to go to iowa. >> right. so no up to hall meetings that he's become since he became mayor of new york city. gayle brewier is giving him a hard time, your friend from staten island. >> assemblyman matt that tone. he's been very outspoken. he says it's kind of outrageous since the mayor has not come out and supported hillary clinton -- >> that's right. he's being high maines nance about that. -- maintenance. >> in the meantime, we are psyched that trixie from the honeymooners will be here in a little bit. mike woods will play ed norton for his amusement. >> you've got the t-shirt -- >> it's part of my regular --
8:13 am
>> part of his regular wardrobe. >> you need a hat. >> all i need to do is be goofy. oh, i got that too. all right, hey! what do you think? >> try to talk -- no, no, no. >> you look like frank sinatra. >> wear it over your head. >> okay. it's a good thing this thing's small, buzz i've got a big -- because i've got a big head. >> you said it. >> hey. all right, let's show you what's going on with the weather here, get you going out the door. we've got some serious weather here, at least potential for it. a little what to expect starting tomorrow. tomorrow we're looking at cloudy, windy, cool weather. this doesn't have anything to do with hurricane joaquin, but we are going to see that stalled-out frontal boundary keeping us cloudy with scattered showers and wind that piles up the water on shore. coastal flooding could be a problem, gale warnings in the offshore waters and, of course,
8:14 am
waive heights are going tock up there -- to be up there through the weekend. saturday looks like morning showers with, again, coastal flood watch for most of the tristate. and by the time we get to late sunday, that's when we're really tracking joaquin which is right now a category three hurricane. could weaken as we head in toward the weekend as it comes into cooler waters and adverse conditions for hurricanes altogether, but we will have to wait and see. the forecast track has been moving back and forth a little bit, so with that trend we definitely have some uncertainty with where it's going to go. 57 degrees, cloudy skies out at central park. not much going on with the rain over the city, most of it has been to the south of us, but we do see showers work working their way to the north, so keep the umbrellas around if you're in the city or beyond because there's a likelihood you'll run into rain thiess for a brief while. -- at least for a brief while. the forecast track from the hurricane center still keeps joaquin offshore, down in the
8:15 am
bahamas for a while, but it eventually tries to bring it up this way, in this general direction. most of the forecast models do, are starting to trend further offshore. hopefully, it doesn't make landfall at all, but it it's still a long ways out. with the trend heading out to sea, that's a good sign that, hopefully, that is what it will do. 53 tomorrow, windy and wet on both of those days. the wettest days coming at us over the weekend. as it stands right now, again, this still could be changing, so stay with us, we'll give you the latest information. by the way, the fox 5ny weather app is at the itunes and google play stores. all right, let's bring in ines and see what we have as we hit the roads this morning. >> good morning, mike. right now traffic this morning, chester doing okay. standard delays on the tappan zee bridge. no issues on the westchester side on the bronx road parkway.
8:16 am
eastbound. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the fdr drive by 79th street southbound heading towards the queensboro bridge, no problems on the northbound side. the george washington bridge, right now it's a 40 minute delay on the upper level, there was an earlier stalled tractor-trailer on the cross bronx,45 minute with the lincoln tunnel. jr. j trains heading towards broad street, they're terminating at myrtle avenue and the m trains are terminating at second avenue. van wyck, always slow southbound heading towards the airport. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much, ines. hey, somebody won the power ballast night. >> one person, more than $300 million. not near us. up in michigan. they bought it at a gas straight. >> this three rivers, michigan. do you know where that is? >> no. >> well, the winner hasn't come forward yet.
8:17 am
the jackpot is the second biggest this year. back in february players in north carolina, puerto rico and texas submit a $564 million -- split a $54664 million -- 564 million. maybe it's a corporation where they all pool their money. >> yeah. and hopefully everybody joined. there's always one guy that didn't, and we do a story on 'em -- >> yeah. >> all right, hopefully, it doesn't ruin lives. sometimes all that money so suddenly, it can be a problem. let's go outside as we listen to -- or see, art garfunkel of simon and garfunkel. music legend coming to good day, new york. >> art garfunkel going to
8:18 am
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. >> a bulldozer. when i was a kid, i fantasized about driving a bulldozer. >> that's such a boy thing. >> it is. ton ca toys. man, oh, man, will you help my
8:21 am
fantasy come true? you want to help me fulfill a fantasy, this is the one that's [laughter] >> i gotcha. i was thinking the same thing. [laughter] an easy one. by the way, don't you remember? you were on the bulldozer when we were filling the potholes. >> that was a steam roller. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> not a huge difference, but you're right. but that was, like -- you >> all right. >> you couldn't move a boulder. >> we'll see what we can do. joaquin. let's get down to business, fox means business. >> lauren simonetti. >> 84 days until christmas and already, starting today, target is letting you fine the same item elsewhere, and they will match that price for you. but they're expanding it online in a big way. about 30 different web sites,, jcpenney,, walmart, some of the retailers with web sites that target is saying, all right, you've got that same item, we will match it for you.
8:22 am
they're also giving customers two weeks to find the price, that item with a lower price elsewhere, and then they will give you some of your money back if it's the exact same thing. >> that's awesome. >> it is. >> i mean, a hassle in a good way. >> i know. you've got to do your legwork and home work. >> all right, lauren, thank you. >> i'm okay. thank you for asking. >> okay. catch lauren every morning on the fox business network. i think she starts at five a.m. >> that's an intense schedule. good luck, lauren. all right, a couple things. we're celebrating the honeymooners on good day new york. ralph, alice and trixie. joyce randolph will be joining us. also simon and garfunkel, art garfunkel will be here. >> so cool. >> he's live at carnegie hall this weekend. >> good day's coming right back. >> the honeymooners with the
8:23 am
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>> one of those classic songs. >> listening to simon and garfunkel, he has an important stop with "good day new york". rosanna: we are glad to have him here this morning. greg: let's look outside. what else is going on, everyone is worried about joaquin, of very cool name for a storm. rosanna: people are recovering after sandy. they have not gotten into their homes, they have been bungled and tossed around in bureaucratic red tape. we don't see another city in our area or joaquin. greg: that is not going to happen.
8:26 am
>> meteorologist: we have to watch it. the bring it over as in the tristate region but the general trend takes it off shore. >> what is the difference between the european version and our vision? >> meteorologist: there are different parameters, one was developed in europe and one here, hours took a little longer to come on board with the latest technology. greg: let's go with the american version. >> meteorologist: the american version brought it over us. the european version says it is heading out to see. >> i did not know we had a european version of weather and an american version of the weather. >> meteorologist: it is the way the models are developed. greg: what do we need to know it? rosanna: when are you going to know for sure? >> meteorologist: monday. when it is on top of us. actually the european did a great job with sandy, with other tropical systems the last week it didn't do anything with
8:27 am
winter storms, said we going to get it and we didn't. this time looks like a blend of the two is what to go for but eager way the general trend takes the storm further offshore. we like that trend. here is what we have as it stands right now. as of the:00 this morning we're looking at joaquin emt in strength as a category 3 storm with winds of 120 miles an hour, gusts of 145, 150 moving west southwest at 5 miles per hour. not much change with the storm from the previous the day. our temperatures this morning definitely cool, 67 in central park, 55 in newark, 52 in poughkeepsie, 40s in monticello, winds from the northeast at 6 to 16 miles per hour, sometimes gusting higher and 18 miles an hour in newark. the persistent northeast wind-into the waters around coastal areas, coastal flooding could be a problem as well as an increase in the wave height from five to eight feet, a joel orting is going into effect.
8:28 am
joaquin, that has to do with a frontal boundary parked offshore and low pressure along the frontal boundary. looks like a wave might be writing up this way now that might bring more scattered showers as we head into the afternoon but there is walking down year in the bahamas newark turks and caicos, a category 3 storm, could strengthen little more as it did so for the bahamas but only briefly, then it starts to head to the north and to east, that is the latest forecast track with the hurricane center but we have to take into consideration the date in the models that will be taking place through the morning and afternoon. the general trend has been pushing a more to the east village of the kids heading to the east doesn't make landfall in the u.s. at all but could bring wind and rain as we head into early next week. lighter showers, temperature 62 degrees, tomorrow 53 for a high, stays wet of the weekend and windy, eat with us and we will give you the latest, the forecast track is all over the
8:29 am
this young lady is valentinea, happy birthday and isabella, happy third birthday to you, looking so good this morning and last but not least, happy birthday, looks like she will be a pretty princess. greg: she is a dancer. rosanna: i think so. ines: traffic no flooding to worry about, several problems out there, westbound approaching meadowbrook watch out for an accident, the lie had an accident approaching jericho turnpike turns away with their. in queens if you are taking a flight here we have delays, arrivals at la guardia and jfk 30 minutes, if you're taking work 60 minutes, lie normal delays approaching queens boulevard west bound jackie robinson parkway towards grand central, you have traffic there, let's look at route 80, by 202 traffic towards us eastbound towards 280 moving fine on the
8:30 am
west down side, metro-north, long island rail road, new jersey transit and pass trains on or close. greg: dark clouds, walking could be heading our direction. we cancelled some weekend plans. that boat trip doesn't seem like a great idea. rosanna: we were supposed to go tomorrow night and didn't want to be stuck in the region and wind on a boat. greg: hopefully this is a false alarm or it misses does but got to be ready. greg: rosanna: airports, delays at the airports, we have you covered, we will let you know if anything changes, we are getting a better look at what times square might look like if new plans are put into effect to corral those topless women and costumed characters whose sometimes clogged up this reads. greg: taskforces was formed to come up with solutions or recommendations about what to do about all this, do something, do
8:31 am
nothing, what is the solution, we are not sure. let's go to our reporter on the scene, liz dahlem. what is happening? >> reporter: the times square task force met yesterday and have decided that the top less ladies and those costumed characters are not going anywhere anytime soon but one significant change, there will be more police officers patrolling this area. commissioner bratton says that number will go from 46 officers to 107, more isn't double, this plan but also split into different activities. the idea was to ban those topless women and characters from asking people to take characters for tips the times square is considered a street and because of first amendment issues commercial activities and performers cannot be banned from this area. commissioner bratton originally suggested tearing up the plazas altogether but the mayor created
8:32 am
a task force to come up with other solutions and it seems the times square alliance is pretty happy with what they have come up with, they sent us a statement saying, quote, we are pleased the administration has endorsed and supported key elements of the community's plan but it seems everyone is fairly happy with the recommendations that have been made. another one is the city would like to give the department of transportation control of these areas, these plazas specifically, they are in charge of the street so apparently this panel will be meeting today for their final plan said there are more details as they become available. in times square, back over to you. rosanna: we were chatting with art garfunkel. greg: in the house.
8:33 am
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8:36 am
did. through a different prism now. he hooks up with that girl, the mother. rosanna: that doesn't happen anymore. greg: and get involved with the daughter. remember how he treated her on the first date, took her to a strip club. rosanna: imus traumatized by that. greg: never figured out why. rosanna: come over here. and you had to write the music for this show. this is so cool. greg: join us for a moment. greg: a sound check. we will talk to you and i want to know the behind-the-scenes. greg: dustin hoffman got involved with that duran and interrupting the wedding. he is an actor. what was the kid's and in the movie? who can remember?
8:37 am
>> benjamin braddock. greg: come meet again. have you thought about your future? >> you are made an impression. still -- rosanna: still moving and we want to sing along with it. mike: looking at the jersey shore. where did you go to high school? >> forest hills high school. rosanna: we will talk to art and he will perform in the 9:00 hour. we have some news we want to talk about, kidman jenner apparently not going to face criminal charges in the fatal car crash that happened in malibu earlier this year. greg: there was not enough evidence to get a confession. is suv rear ended two cars, one put into oncoming traffic and killing the driver. investigators determined to gender had an unsafe speed the could have a serious time in jail. transformation. rosanna: might have been going
8:38 am
through the transformation but we burned away from it. vatican officials are now confirming pope francis did meet with that woman from kentucky, that clerk in davis. the pope met with her when he week. greg: kim davis went to jail for refusing to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples which is part of her job as a clerk of the closet in kentucky. some are taken aback, the pope has won over a lot of people with his seemingly more open, tolerant. rosanna: inclusive. greg: but she is a divisive figure and they did have a closed door meeting while the was here. some editorials taking issue with the pope's decision to have this meeting. rosanna: you know andrew cuomo as governor of new york but he
8:39 am
billy joel's daughter's godfather. greg: i saw that they were friends. rosanna: probably a long time, make anybody the godfather because you pick somebody who if anything happens to you will takeover raising your child. she is beautiful. this is billy joel's wife on the left end apparently tuesday night theyand apparently tuesday night they were celebrating the christening. greg: we are going to check the weather one more time, potentially going to be nasty. rosanna: the milliner's ago in
8:40 am
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dari: that was fun. rosanna: remember when we were
8:42 am
on the big jumboron? s greg: we are going to go to more games this season, we had a blast and the rangers had a great season. we will be back. duke castiglione, hockey is coming precip. duke: with us from the new york rangers we welcome break in-. welcome, you guys open up this season next wednesday on the road in chicago taking on the defending stanley cup champions. what can we expect from the rangers? >> hopefully a lot from last year. we left with good momentum in the playoffs but couldn't get the job done. of we will take the next set next year. duke: 42 goals up from 46 the year before. you really seem to be clicking, what changed for you last year? what was the biggest difference? >> being healthy all year and good chemistry, we had a good line last year and hopefully we
8:43 am
can continue this year. duke: un your wife had a baby boy, how has that changed you? you guys have a grueling schedule. all the way through june, and how the balance being a dad at the i s level. >> the best thing in the world, have a lot more respect for my wife and mom and what they go through, she is the anchor of the family. it is very special. >> it changes their approach, putting things in perspective, and that is my baby at home. >> you went through the same thing. it does put things in perspective, you have a bad day
8:44 am
find out what matters and it comes down to family first. >> you go all the way to game 7 of the eastern conference finals and this to tampa bay. how eager are you to get back, and the back of this year. >> two years ago it was tough when we lost l.a. with his temper in game 7 at home. i think we've learned we have momentum winning game 6 in tampa, we learn from that big time and our window is right now. we have to win. duke: some exciting things going on with team building at west point. what is the chemistry like on this team? do you guys things you are ready to start the season? >> it will be a good week of practice, exhibition games went well, had a goal last night. this is really important to get
8:45 am
come together as a team and a core group together to combine and do some things like that. >> tell us about the first nhl line, this looks really cool and i and stand there will be yet full-size zamboni outside the nhl fired by reebok at 47th and 6and you are going to be there. >> it is special to be a party to a company like this, launching new toys, the original six ended is kind of fun. i am always looking for different ways to play as mclaren and i don't think there is much better than to play with something like this. >> you will be there in your family will be there. >> kind of our family event. later at the nhl store there will be a big zamboni, taking photographss and having fun and if you look at the toys there is some fun things for all ages if
8:46 am
little kid the love the game. >> good luck. greg: a couple questions. rosanna: you have all your real teeth? >> i do surprisingly. greg: how many fights have you been in? >> probably ten or so. greg: worst penalty ever got, how many minutes in the penalty box? >> well over 10 a few times. rosanna: who were you looking to take down this season? >> i don't know. i am known for scoring goals but i will miss the islanders. got to be careful. greg: going to get into hockey. nice guy. all complete report.
8:47 am
30 seconds, officially a civil war. >> one last thing. i have to tell you before you hear it. with the company. >> they can't agree on the new thing, it is unclear how much lion dynasty can compete with empire. in prison the medicine is withheld for the prosecutor to make him cooperate. ludicrous is a guest star, lucius's nemesis and recording a new song in prison about his predicament. >> his son gets and throw in the hole by ludicrous into the hole
8:48 am
in prison will be a long one. >> i could kill you right now. wouldn't be no consequences, just another day. >> this new lawyer lucius meets, assets of the recording session, leaks about the ray releasing music from inside and blackmails the judge to get lucius' out on bail. now he is a free man. the lion family and civil war will heat up, see what happens next wednesday on empire on fox 5 and hbo is distancing itself from a controversy surrounding its new west world show, deadline reported yesterday is that westworld extras to sign an agreement that they would agree to appear fully nude and touch the private parts of their extras and a lot of other scenarios that go beyond what they are asked to do. >> how do you sign up for this
8:49 am
robbie over there wants to know, not me. >> it is coming out in 2016 based on a michael crichton novel. greg: he did jurassic park. >> the actors' union got word of this sense of the rights of the extra flights needed to be outlined clearly, they can leave the set at any time, there can be a closed set, they shouldn't be taking still photography at what is going on. rosanna: they are k with the general question? >> wasn't the issue of the genital touching but they had to know all their rights lose the right issue and leave if you are uncomfortable when you realize when you got yourself into. hbo's spoke out, entertainment weekly the document was created by an outside company and that it, quote, contain situations we do not require of any actor. we will see what these consist of when wes world premieres in 2016. greg: kind of, thanks a lot. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york," are garfunkel is
8:50 am
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