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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 1, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> from fox 5 news is time for more "good day new york". greg: get ready for joaquin. rosanna: we don't know what we are going to get and i think at this point we have to wait for monday when it is right on top of us because we have recharge showing different paths and everything like that. greg: we are older people. that is a little plaza by west street, in my neighborhood, swinging the cameras are around, you see that building? one of the things i love about new york, that building is more than 100 years old. right across the street you have a building that is two years old. rosanna: the building we just
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athletic club. in there. greg: home of the heisman trophy. rosanna: it used to be only boys went there. used to go there saturday. went there on saturday, once a month, every two months, they let the sisters come come in and i was didn't feel that will, had a bad stomachache, really bad stomachache, tried every which way to get myself up and going but i was in a lot of pain. day. very upset and meant i would never go swimming in another few months. rosanna: one of the few things you reported an illness that was not psychosomatic. you will see the world trade center, the new world trade center is a little further up
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we can. we can report that the observatory, we have great food up there. rosanna: the views of there on a nice day. mike: is not the building on the tree up there. rosanna: agree not:00 hour coming. we're going to check with mike woods first for the weather. greg: hurricane joaquin. >> meteorologist: we're keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin with it. at 8:00 this morning, winds at 120 miles an hour, category 3 storm, major hurricane moving to the west southwest at 5 miles an hour, maximum sustained winds 120, wind gusts, that is what is going on with it that. this has nothing to do with it, these are coastal flood advisories for the tristate
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region, at high tide times we will see tides 1.5 feet above normal meaning minor coastal flooding out there, gale warnings are going to be in effect and some huge waves out there at 5 to eight feet around the coastal areas. the reason why we have that persistent northeast wind piling up those what is kicking up the waves, winds at this point add 7 to 17 m.p.h. will continue to propagate that wave action here, if you are heading out into the waters don't think about it because these are not good conditions, temperatures a lot cooler, 58 central park, 55 in belmar, 56 in newark, generally mid to a perfect ins where we stand the we will warm-up only a little bit as opposed to yesterday. we have a lot of clouds and a few showers mainly of central and southern sections, through the rest of the tristate region so the bulk of the rainfall will be to the southeast in offshore waters, there will be a little bit of wet weather coming on by
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security umbrellas or keep one close by because you will probably need it throughout the day but you can bring the small and because the renaming the too intent force to around too long. let's focus on what is going on with joaquin which is a major hurricane at this point. here is the forecast track. according to the national hurricane center what we expect from this point forward is for it to go to the south into the bahamas briefly before swinging up to the north and to the west as time goes on. the latest forecast track still keeping it coming into the tristate region sometime early next week as a tropical storm. it does at one point get to category 3 or 4 storm in the next couple days but then it begins as a heads this way, once you get north of north carolina water temperatures come down, too cool to support tropical systems which is why the weakening happened but even so it would have a lot of wind and rain if it sticks with that track the the overall trend for this storm has been for it to start to head out to see so if indeed that trend continues then we're going to see heading out
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to sea and not making landfall but still bring a decent amount of wind in the region. according to the forecast model are computer forecast model bringing in a decent amount of wind and rain over the next couple days. that is this all out frontal boundary, there is the storm center with joaquin. according to this forecast model it wants to go out to see. if that is the key is we don't have to deal with it and we will just have wind and rain associated with a frontal boundary on top of us. hopefully that will be the case but we have to have patience and wait a few more days before we know what is up with the storm. lots of clouds, high temperatures 62, mostly cloudy, windy and school tonight, still the possibility of light rain around the area tonight but i don't think there's much going on with that. as we go through the next seven days 62 today, b.c. a few passing showers, 53 is your high tomorrow with the wind and rain in the area and more showers saturday and sunday and monday. this time frame right ear sunday into monday, this could have
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some effect from joaquin. we have to wait and see what we get out of it and we will see joaquin approaching. forecast models are trending toward taking that storm out to see so hopefully that will be the case the stick with us on fox 5 and we will give you the details with at storm as it gets closer to us but hopefully again it stays off shore. we could use the rain but we don't want to deal with anything more than that. we have and there's an anniversary shout out to our friend linda and jack, 38th anniversary and they are happy, linda said she was married to this guy all over again. happy anniversary to you linda and jack. hope you have a fantastic day out there still keep up the good work whatever you are doing you are doing right. that is your forecast. walking, we are keeping an eye on things but not time to freak out but definitely be prepared. greg: we are looking at belmar, new jersey, taking this
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the beach, this is where the weather strikes first. i hope it is nothing like sandy. remember i mean? rosanna: people ? rosanna: peoplerene ? rosanna: people? rosanna: people are still recovering from sandy greg: after a long struggle their home, their home is better than ever. now we are listening to a little bit in the background, is that it? simon and garfunkel, mrs. robinson. greg: paul simon and art garfunkel, legendary performers, songwriter, singer, and musician. rosanna: next grammys hits. greg: he is performing at carnegie hall, are garfunkel, we are privileged to have you on the couch, welcome to "good day new york". >> thank you so much. rosanna: i only have eyes for
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>> you are a beautiful woman. nice to sit here. rosanna: we are honored to have you here. ben affleck fan of yours and you year. >> i have a 10-year-old and this keeps me going. i have a beautiful -- my wife catherine is stable and we are together all these years, it is great. of man has a woman in his corner. rosanna: he wished she came into your life a littler the year? >> i do. i had some scattered years before i met him. but i had a career. you are full of yourself when you have all those hit records. it takes awhile to get out of your own way and went to the giver and give new life and have children. rosanna: the people that surrounded youth that into that. >> yes. there is money to be made if we keep going.
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this is what hurt michael jackson i think. people feed off of your continuance and it is not good for the person. greg: there is a global obsession with you guys will will happen at saturday night at carnegie hall? are garfunkel live at carnegie hall. great gig by the way. what is going to happen? >> your very kind to mention. i will do an hour-and-a-half show. it is a very empty, less is more, taken to the extreme. might get tired player and i will fill the hall. there will be 17 songs, maybe 19, we will do half simon and garfunkel hits, half of my own, things you never heard me sing. i will do our randy newman song, she is real emotional girl she wears her heart on her sleeve i will bring on a very special guests. i wonder if i should mention.
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your son. theresa: that 10-year-old. >> i have a 24-year-old. greg: he has been on our show. rosanna: he has a fantastic voice. greg: what is his name? >> arthur jr.. i stumbled because he changes his name. rosanna: he came here under a different name. trying to remember what name he used. >> 24 years old they move around. greg: kids are always trying something new. it all started in queens. >> i am not queens guy, joel avenue. greg: how did you and paul meet? >> we come from the same area, he was tweet the blocks away from me. in sixth grade, keep an eye, there's the other kid in the neighborhood, i want to know him and he would look at me and go there is the singer in the neighborhood, always liked the singer. greg: turned on musically, and turned on how? >> live wire. cooking. hot. vision beyond the neighborhood.
9:11 am
rosanna: were you a good student? >> i was. i was ridiculously bookish. rosanna: there go the lyrics, that is how i get writing music. >> i am literary, i am poetic, went to columbia college. did too much homework. rosanna: you are having fun now. i mentioned because it was in the newspaper this week, your song sound of silence with all inspired a marine lieutenant serving in vietnam in 1966. the wall street journal did a profile, the impact that song had on my dad and millions of others. >> times very touched, my friend cut it out and sent it to me, my dad talking about a personal connection he made with me, great. i just do good work and try to be a decent artist on that little may shifting call microphone and i know that on the other side of the mic it reverberates all over the world in some many different ways. is a god the position to be in.
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rosanna: you have been all over the world. didn't you just perform in london? >> i did seven shows in england and captain of with the royal albert hall. what a great venue. error is nothing like that except carnegie hall. greg: any successful rock to a group? barista engine, we would be remiss in not asking. >> attention? greg: what is going on with you and all? >> don't see much. we are very different characters. we have things in common, we are musical and we blend well and when we get together with his guitar and little bubble comes over us and we become rehearsal nuts and i am the first to admit it is a sweet sound, light years enjoy it. we are family men, we raise our families, and in manhattan, he is in connecticut, i don't see much. rosanna: do you think you'll ever get back together musically again? >> i was going to ask you the same question. rosanna: everybody hopes for happy ending.
9:13 am
i hope for happy ending. greg: i think it will be an ecstatic ending, carnegie hall. are you ready to sing for us here on "good day new york"? >> yes. rosanna: fantastic, art garfunkel live in a little bit. how about some donuts? before using you are going to see an unrehearsed version of the honeymooners. get this, it is the 60 year anniversary of the honeymooners on cbs we are celebrating here, julie randolph who played trixie will actually be on the phone with us but the honeymooners have been around a long time. rosanna: my favorite line from the honeymooners lee >> not on the spot right now.
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>> jackie gleason. the honeymooners. the starnes art carney. audrey meadows.
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>> oh and by the way -- >> the greatest show ever made in my opinion and jerry seinfeld's opinion, the honeymooners. it started with the sketch on the jackie gleason show and they made 39 perfect episodes of television. jackie gleason, audrey meadows as his long-suffering wife alice and art carney as ed norton and joyce randolph as tricksy, the couple upstairs. upstairs? you used the phone to call upstairs? it is roughly the 60th anniversary of the network did you. the cbs network debut of the honeymooners and we're going to talk to joel randolph in just a moment the we were wondering what would happen if you were alice and i was ralph and mike was morton. what would that look like?
9:18 am
[knock on doors] >> how are you? >> hi, honey. >> i got something for us, something huge. huge. huge. >> you're going on a diet? >> no. i got two tickets to see "good day new york," "good day new york," two tickets, we are going to go, meet greg kelly, always wanted to be greg kelly. >> greg kelly? i thought rosanna scotto was the person who made that show. >> are you nuts or something? we got to go. are you ready? >> ready. i am always ready. >> today is the day. >> really? i thought we weren't doing anything. >> your mother. >> i can't go today. i can't go today. my mother is coming all the way from bensonhurst. >> where is that? new zealand or something? got two tickets to a big show. >> take norton with you. >> all right, not a bad idea. norton!
9:19 am
what are you doing, trying to give me a heart attack or something? do you want to go see "good day new york" and the great chili? >> greg kelly? wait a minute, greg kelly? i mean, wait. i am not worthy. >> shut up. the want to go to the show or not? >> yes. i am not worthy. >> you know what? there was, i did always want to meet mike woods. >> are you nuts or something? are you crazy? >> mike woods. >> if you can't go i will bring tricksy, tricksy norton the >> take trixie. >> where are you a? >> let's end this skid. >> that is what it looks like with zero rehearsal but there were some moments. we love the honeymooners, hopefully that came through and joining us on the phone right now legendary actress who played tricksy, joyce randolph. can you hear us? >> yes, i hear you. it is very funny.
9:20 am
rosanna: sorry if we did not play this correctly the way you guys did, you guys were geniuses. do you ever look overs these shows? >> sure, i watch them. greg: an honor to talk to you. by the way, where are you? i have always been fascinated, you had some roots in pennsylvania. where are you right now? >> i live on central park west in new york city. rosanna: how you feeling these days? >> i am 90 now, pretty good for that. i have had a cold and for throat which is why i am not in studio with you. i am okay. rosanna: when you think about it, 60 years ago the honeymooners was on the air, does it seem that long? >> no. it has gone by very quickly. i can't believe it is 60 years. greg: tel as how you got the part, how it happened? was it an audition? did you have to meet with jackie gleason?
9:21 am
>> no, he didn't hire people, he did but he didn't audition. i was on the show doing a cloris commercial and then we had to repeat the commercial on jackie's other show because it was cavalcade of stars, and joe cates was casting zen and he called up and said could you repeat that cloris its commercial which we did end then he said the writers have written a serious skin. you have got to come in and audition for the writers and i did and the writers hired me this skit, jackie had co-written by be the, up one rehearsal, we did it and it sort of laid there
9:22 am
like a lump on the show and evidently jackie liked that because they're rich cases on the phone again and asked have i seen this new thing called the honeymooners, no, we don't even have a television. rosanna: you didn't even have a television? that is so funny. >> this was a long time ago. greg: i want to show our viewers we haven't heard you on the show yet. we got a little clip, this is from the time where routes and add to a television commercial the first this happens. >> you have to smoke that cigar? >> please, is the only link left with the old me. >> i know where they are. >> is norton home? >> go downstairs! >> what are you supposed to be?
9:23 am
another case of people coughing away. >> what are you doing? >> taking this thing off. >> i will just have to get alice to help me. is she at home? >> use down there. >> sunday you are going to ask me to do something for you. >> i am asking you right now. leave the premises. greg: those guys, what class. greg: 7 it was chauvinist back then. it was funny back then. >> yes it was. rosanna: do you have a favorite line from all the shows you did? >> i don't know. i loved it all and if i was able to stay on for more isn't five lines that became my favorite show. greg: do me a favor, stand by because we have two die-hard fans from something called ralph which i believe stands for the royal association for the longevity and preservation of the honeymooners, let's bring in bob and pete, you started the organization.
9:24 am
rosanna: how long ago did you started? >> 1984 and julius was that our first convention and every convention there after and she has a been a diehard supporters of everything we tried to do. greg: what happens at these conventions? >> costume contests, people come in, racoon uniforms, one guy, two guys came, remember the episode where routes had income tax problem and ross said he won stomach. rosanna: or the worse in its clock lewis >> we had to disguise as a horse:00 on the side. greg: how do you feel about these long time, hard-core extremely committed fans? >> i love bob and pete and all the fans. it is awesome. to meet joyce? >> joyce was the first of the big four that we met and she was a sweetheart, she supported everything we did. we eventually met art and audrey
9:25 am
and jackie and all the supporting players, even are easily, his pipsqueak friend george, joyce was the first lady of ralph. >> why aren't these episodes, why do they need to be preserved? what about the missile classic to you? >> if you want to define americana the honeymooners is it, great writing, the acting as magic, the beatles were magic, the honeymooners cast and crew were magic. the lines were funny, the guest stars were great, jackie gleason was a comic genius and so was art carney. greg: at one point, tricksy, an interesting name, a court proceeding and and is surprise or shocked to find out your first name is phil. can you give us of a little background on thelma norton? >> there was the background, just all of a sudden happened in this court scene and i had to tell my real name and i said thelma and art says thelma?
9:26 am
it was a cute scene. greg: he didn't know the real name of his wife. rosanna: all of you get along? >> of course. rosanna: there's never any one person got bigger? >> no. jackie was it. we were all friends and everything. greg: it is a privilege. so after -- did you get married when you were on the honeymooners? >> yes i did. greg: and you raise a family successfully? >> i have a 55-year-old son who is marvelous. greg: of privilege and i am a little overwhelmed and flabbergasted talking to you. rosanna: is anything coming the we should know about? >> there is a fantastic face book page of the honeymooners fans, the anniversary is tonight at 8:00. >> what anniversary is tonight? >> sixty-fifth anniversary of
9:27 am
greg: the show was a sketch on the glassy -- jackie gleason ratio. where did you live when those 39 were created? >> in manhattan, on eighth avenue. >> the actual episodes were created at the delphi theater
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>> i just wanted to be nice to me. >> yes, dear. we're looking at michael, also seen in glee more recently. let's take a listen. the project we're really excited about on the left, survivors remorse, the show was created by mike o'malley. it is a television show about
9:32 am
basketball, great stuff, welcome to "good day". >> good to be here, good to be hanging at out with art garfunkel. he has me starstruck. rosanna: he is over there, i am on before art garfunkel. >> one of the great voices of all time. rosanna: you are in your second season. >> episode 6, ten episode quarter, new show on stars in our second season, really excited, lebron james and tom warner of the boston red sox, producers of the show, it is a great show about i don't know if i can say so, great show about a young man who gets a big basketball contract and so many athletes lose that money, how does a guy who grew up in a port town become a big basketball star and not lose the money? how does he take care of people? does he take care of his family, how does he stay on the straight and narrow?
9:33 am
rosanna: lebron make make the camille and issue? >> acting in train wreck, he caught the acting bug and as executive producer week said would you come act in the show and he is in an episode in three weeks in a great scene, a card playing scene and he is hilarius. he did the show five days after the playoffs ended so he finish the championship and is just such a good guy and very at ease. greg: by the way you got some nerve wearing that hat. >> wait a minute, wild card. how many wild cards are there now? rosanna: help me on this one. >> i find 5 and 6-year-old kids with yankee hats and it must be so hard that you never remember the yankees' winning a championship. greg: you are going to get punched in the nose if you keep it up.
9:34 am
let's see a clip please. it the glick. >> he murdered ben: it. >> that is a deer. >> i eat than the. we make a rug. >> where did you get a gun? vast shot? >> what for? >> they have low prices guaranteed. >> this is not the forest. >> you're shooting bucks in the head. rosanna: it looks funny. >> mike is hilarious. jesse usher, eric and ash, ron rico league players reggie and they are fabulous cast. dave: 27 friday nights and 9:30. greg: good luck with the show. i wish the boston red sox the very worst. the very worst. please >> three championships in the last year, the one from new york will watch the show. i.t. was in new york for ten years. greg: you should go hang out
9:35 am
with bill deblasio on the way out. >> go patriots! greg: it is getting ugly. art garfunkel is next. i will take care of this situation.
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rosanna: the magical sounds of art garfunkel right here on "good day new york," we are thrilled to have him here. remember when he was in central park did you remember the big concert they had? >> 1981, highlight of my career. greg: 7 you remember that? and what stood out? what stood out? >> there was a girl in fourteenth row. rosanna: were you there? rosanna: i would love to have been there. >> what stood out, the job -- greg: going to be roading in a moment. >> to be on stage and play for half a million people is to want to be very graphic and bold in your gestures, to be nick dagger and move around but i knew as the camera, they were making a tv show and a camera is fixed on every nuance that you'd do,
9:38 am
every rays of the eyebrow reality. greg: you can see art garfinkel saturday night, at will be there as well. here. what will you perform this morning? >> perfect moment from an album of mine ten years ago, everything west be noticed, too and i wrote, perfect moment. greg: i will give this back to you. art garfunkel, everyone. >> i love everything is. this is something to me.
9:39 am
said a word or two and noticed you and i could not look away there we were in a perfect moment a perfect moment in time for a moment you were mine su later ron the first time
9:40 am
9:41 am
si rosanna: that was perfect. greg: hauntingly beautiful, my goodness. rosanna: it doesn't get any better than that. you did a nice job. greg: art garfunkel. what was invested in that song? >> some moments jump out at you. you are standing in line and she makes i contact with you and it is stunning and you never forget. greg: now they are all on their dan cellphones, no one is looking at anybody. rosanna: i.t. is looking at tweets the that i can't believe you had art garfunkel. >> tricky to say my name, isn't it? greg: how do you say it?
9:42 am
greg: do me a favor, hit ms. robinson again as we talk a the will bit about the graduate. used to locate with benjamin braddock interrupting that wedding at the end of the movie? >> it was in the script, don't know what else to do. greg: the boldness to do what he did and somehow he is still 5 hero. >> it is a movie, the climax of the movie. greg: we will see you at carnegie hill. rosanna: tickets are still available, special performances, we think we know. >> thank you. rosanna: we appreciate it. all in one show, we have looters
9:43 am
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la-la-la-la-la. >> no longer choose to participate in this discussion, thank you. >> you are no longer needed. without need the >> with all due respect you are the suspect's wifely >> i'm the world's foremost forensic anthropologist of you need me to examine those bones which has to do with my husband. removed. respond. his life may depend on it. >> bones is back.
9:45 am
greg: this show has been on tv as long as law and order, is great tv. rosanna: is so much fun. agents? >> kind of coming and shake things up which is a very different position from when i was doing 24 because i get to -- you want to be accessible and likable but you can really shaken up a little bit. we kind of go at it a little bit which is fun. greg: seemed like it contentious -- contentious relationship. how many episodes are you in? >> i don't know yet but we started with two and i had a great time. everyone is so much fun. they have been doing it for such a long time that they have a great rhythm and it is nice to come on when there is a good
9:46 am
greg: what happens, where is he in the show the big guy? >> a come back, is a great reset because i if think with what happens in these first chose to make it airs tonight, it allows them to come back into their work field which is great and they just had a baby on the show and have two kids and are juggling that and now they have to deal with sort of coming out of this, he disappears, you don't know where he is, my character feels like he is a suspect. greg: how did you research the do you hang out with at the i agents? >> i had gone to do a lot of that kind of research. i did in sea i s for a little bit so i got to do a lot of that, the gun work you do, i am on set, let me check the gun.
9:47 am
every now and then? with your they are blanks or whatever. to you? professional and fantastic. it is my own nervousness. greg: bruce lee's son, that stuff happens. >> you never. greg: how did you start in the business? >> i started on sesame street. greg: are you serious? >> i was born and raised in manhattan. my mom was a single mom raising two girls and someone came up to us and said you want to be on sesame street? i did point three years at age 6. rosanna: what did you do? >> i sang songs. greg: you met mr. hooper. you got it. you remember when big bird tried to show everyone snuffleuppagus? >> imagine going to school, used
9:48 am
was so big he would come down on these wires. rosanna: do you have are favorite sesame street, going that is weird, why is that song in my head? >> no. i remembered learning how to count with all of those muppets and 9 is such a big thing again, it is back so it is full circle. greg: so cool, gordon, how about bob? mr. hooper? >> you know a lot of them. >> i met maria once. rosanna: you met david borealis as well and he is in bonds at a:00 on fox 5, nice to have you here, congratulations. greg: check this out. hooters in the house.
9:49 am
we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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rosanna: it is all about you. thanks for staying nice things about us on a face book page. greg: is appropriate that i say -- rosanna: to the moon, ralph! greg: the girls from hooters here, hello, ladies. rosanna: shall we meet meghan? she is on the cover of the hooters magazine. >> thank you so much. so many beautiful women. i won ms. hooters international pageant, i am ambassador. brain ambassador. greg: we know you have great wings and very friendly staff. can we need the rest of the girls? >> i'm in lovely from sarasota,
9:51 am
>> sable from fort lauderdale, fla.. >> i represent new york city, manhattan. i am in the hooters manhattan 33 and 7st. well. carolina. >> i am from england. they have one in england. isn't you have chips. and they still call them fries? >> they still call them fries. >> britney spears from north carolina. >> afton scott from tampa, fla.. >> i am from north tampa, fla.. >> rosanna scotto, from here. >> okay. what do we need to know about the food? anything interesting going on? >> always delicious. we have our classic wings. greg: we know how is, let's look at the pictures.
9:52 am
start with a girl from north carolina. >> i am actually right here. greg: very nice. new york city, one month i you? >> october. >> $1 from every -- rosanna: when they are trying to do. >> does into the fight against breast cancer. you see here a dollar from each center, budweiser, our featured drinks, bracelet, a lot of ways you can -- >> donate and make a difference. dave: 1 guys go to hooters they go to give back. >> are you abreast of wink man? >> i do -- >> sides too, you sell that at the restaurant but it is admirable you are raising money for breast cancer so thanks for coming on "good day" and talking
9:53 am
you get one of these calendars for $1. greg: thank you so much, thank you, girls, 8 guys get out of line at the store let me know. >> you enjoy us tonight at 6:30 tonight and join us for thought reveal of the calendar and support the fight against breast cancer. rosanna: what a show, thanks for watching, have a "good day," new york. >> "good day new york" isn't over, connected great stories and people engage fox 5's facebook, twitter and youtube pages, go to for news, stories you care about brought to you by raymore and are you getting the internet speed you need? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you cannot stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mom? we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? now you don't have to. with time warner cable, you get speeds from 3 megs, all the way up to ultra-fast 300 megs. with no data cap. no long term contract. even wifi you can use at home and on the go.
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