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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 2, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> we have coverage of hurricane joaquin. >> the big problem they will need to watch out for is the coastal flooding. >> the governor declared a state of an emergency. >> we need you to prepare and not panic. >> when it rains and floods here so they are getting ready port. >> but they are not ready for, that's the problem. >> a few hours after watching the conclusion of popes francis visit to the u.s., thieves struck at st. joseph catholic church. vandals vandals destroyed the inside, smash candles, and forced open donation boxes. >> no hymen, no diamond. people call it call it revolting,
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get rob, men don't discuss on what they want. >> we should focus much on virginity. >> that's a sign of the time. >> we have teen chaser coverage of impending storm which is now hurricane joaquin. we have tamra talk about preparedness, brenneke you are with the governor today. i want to start with dan from new jersey won a 1.5. dan you are a meteorologist and have been covering this thing. i have sick of talking about it because it has been building all week. what happened to mark. >> this has been an incredible storm to follow. uncertainty for the fact that we haven't been able to tell whether the storm will make a left or right. the models have done a poor job of trying to determine how strong it is going to get. it is a powerful storm right now. >> it's headed up the east coast, i saw one model going out
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then a model making up the east us. at this point it's a category three hurricane with high winds. >> you like that model don't you build? it's starting to trend in an eastward direction. bow to see directed. let's not get too excited too quickly. i think this dorm is still prone to clipping the seaboard. it is going to lose a lot of its pressure. it won't be a category three for very long. the problem we will have to watch out for is the coastal flooding threat. even if that storm is a couple hundred miles from shore we could still see the swell and the big waves and floods coming. >> okay. thank you for joining us. >> veronica you will was the governor today. they were talking about how new
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the storm. >> as you said, the governor governor declared a state of emergency starting this morning. when the governor spoke about this, he talked about the first thing to be prepare for is the flooding over the next two days. >> you need to understand that we are prepared, and we need you to prepare and not panic. >> he also, just let the people know he would be here he has canceled all of his public events for his campaign up until tuesday. he is prepared to cancel more if necessary. >> why did he call the state of emergency today. >> the state of emergency because of the flooding expected. so that's where he separated the two things that were expecting to happen. he spoke about the people are prepared.
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>> his poll numbers should also rise. >> he said he didn't even know where the police was. >> fleece was the best thing that happened. it was # lucky please. >> camera you are in hoboken were preparations for the storm that is coming are underway. >> the governor hasn't announced a state of emergency for new jersey. hurricane walking has been picking up momentum and it could reach a category four by tomorrow morning. i'm standing hoboken right now as you can see i'm at the lowest level, near the city where it meets the hudson river. water floods into the city during super storm stanley. i talked at the mayor to to find out how they are preparing for the storm. >> the city is working on getting prepared. moving our
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is ready. making sure core team is ready. >> so after hurricane sandy they had $230 billion for billion dollars for infrastructure to make the city more resilient. that things like water pumps, to pump water when the city floods. inside is a pump, under ground they pump water from up there work it's really flooded and they pump it back into the hudson river's. one is being used, one is not. >> said i have one pump. >> how many do they think they need. >> one pump that was online during hurricane sandy only took five days to get rid of the water. in comparison after i read, it took two weeks. >> you have $230 $30 million. that's a lot of money. it's been three years, the city could be underwater again, they have one pump. what have they been doing over the past three years?
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planning these projects. >> let me guess, was there a logo, was logo, with their consulting to mark. >> it appears that it was a bureaucratic red tape. the reality reality is the city it's been prepared for flooding when the hurricane hits or not. when it rains it floods here so they're getting ready for it. >> but they are not ready for that's the problem. here's the question. as don zimmer, have they taken the time to draft her remark when the storm hits as to properly grain blamed governor christie. >> i've asked what's been taking so long. they said they been in meetings every day since hurricane sandy hit. they been trying to get the structure in place. >> that the point to be in a municipal leader. people are gonna have their homes flooded they're counting on the first responders and then they start pointing the finger at individual first responders. it has to roll uphill. there somebody in charge, they have the money to do it. what happened to the money?
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how many people were there that were strategizing and walking away with hundreds of dollars an hour to give advice on a pump that has never been put in place? >> high-speed chase. >> the police are looking for this woman who went missing on wednesday from her brooklyn apartment. she's 45 and last seen at her apartment in grand avenue around two am. she is she is a thin build, pipe at 11, light brown please call crime stoppers. >> just two hours after the was here after watching the conclusion of pope francis visit, the strike. they destroyed the inside of this avenue. poor,/candles, allegedly forced open donation boxes. culprit, no distractions distractions yet.
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>> signs up throughout town for the fire department to many of the stores express sorrow at the loss of a kid who was an honor roll student as well as a three sport varsity athlete. they waited today pull 90 minute before the service began, friends, family, teammates and others stood in line in the washington township to say one final goodbye to evan murray. the funeral topped a week of morning for washington township. 17-year-old evan had evan had been the starting quarterback for worn hills high school football team. he died after a football game last week and he had assess and bleeding to a lacerated spleen. as his casket rolled away from the church to take his the body
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to the final rest, funerals gores hugged one another and walked to their their cars. school was out today for the occasion warn hills will take the field again this weekend, not on on friday night but on saturday at and what is certain to be a very emotional contest. >> their stratum tragedy when man and his wife got into a crash. he was driving his wife on route 25 when he accidentally slammed head-on into a transit bus. the accident claimed his wife. luckily she sustained nonlife threatening injuries. they celebrated their wedding on sunday. our thoughts our thoughts and prayers are with her.
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well known as a died wednesday at age 21. he was president of the wreckers university democrats and the democratic committee. he died at home and the cause of death is not known. we'll send out our prayers to the family and be keep you posted on when the funeral arrangements will be i will leave you with this, what is france posted. if all people were at work as hard as you and were as generous as you. >> no hymen, no diamond. people call it insulting, feminist our rh. >> women thing seem to expect. >> we shouldn't focus of much on virginity, and guys are realistic. >> i think that is just wrong. >> i got to get the bread and milk.
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i gotta get the bread and milk. >> another day the latter being a chaser. we report the news but we do it
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[ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there.
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>> he took the reins this week and governor christie first presidential candidate that he had a chance to interview. they're pretty serious they talked about a lot of issue that seem to matter to governor christie christie including immigration, social security, his # dr c campaign. but they had a little fun when he referred to his interaction with obama. >> i remember remember one time you print touch president obama. , you touch president obama like this. and the point is some people in your party haven't lived that down. can you change change that. >> will i hug tim's i can change that. >> no heimann, no diamond. that blew up on the internet after a facebook group was greeted with that same name. >> there been on twitter with this no heimann no diamond.
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people have said it's revolting. upset by this. i want to speak with someone who might understand why this was created in the first place. so i spoke to dean over skype. he is part of the coalition for men and he is also immense right activist. >> there's a lot of women who expect that if they have a lot of commitment to things in their man. whether he's tall, rich, or handsome. our culture doesn't. our culture doesn't discuss what the men want. i see this # more of expressing frustration more than i truly must have the virgin bride. >> they focus of much on virginity it's not so much about that. guys are realistic but it's more about the fixation and society have with the diamond. the bling. >> if you look at history, what does the ring represent. it represents the man's ability to buy things and do things for the
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woman. we are still keeping that part of the feminist contrast but were not seeing what men are getting out of it. i see that in young men especially. >> he spoke to the. >> so i told totally understand that men are working for women. are you kidding me. >> i just see this short side of it that is not the most important criteria for marriage. if you are married it's about so much more than that. i don't know who said this but if that marriage is bad you know is only a part of it. >> i do think there's something
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romantic about it. not to get into the details but scientifically they clearly have no idea what they're talking about. as we all know you can also destroy your hymen or break your hymen at a young age. >> i think that's just wrong. >> i think they're just making it convenient to rhyme. >> get your dancing shoes on because i'm on the trendiest morning happy hour. it's called a breaker. it's a dance party starting at 6:00 a.m., involving a dj, smoke machine and some very interesting dancers. it was founded in the basement of a local restaurant. >> we had art nightlife and not really community driven.
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it's no longer a, and are taking place it as far as amsterdam. you can see around 400 people are inside dancing like there's no tomorrow. >> like anybody can do this at any point. >> part two, animal costumes, hate leggings, jewelry that lights up. nothing appears to be off limits except alcohol. >> people say they want to start the day in a different way. i want to dance for music and be
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when it began. >> if you're interested you can go to the basement page titled the breaker. be warned it cost about $35 for three hours. >> i think that actually helps pay for the place. but i asked if there is their main job and they said yes it is their main job. >> have you ever had coffee from bucks. >> there is coffee there, coconut water. it's funny to see a fully stocked bar at a nightclub and coconut water. >> it started as a reaction to the nightlife. people started saying let's see if it'll work. they invited 300 people in a hundred 50 people showed up. >> it is crazy to be walking out of there and you see neighbors
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and waking up. they're looking at it like what's going on in their. >> october is a big month for awareness. were talking about violence against children. >> you look at places like syria where people are starving, this is nonsense. mom this is hugely important. i can get a good signal? anyway, you were saying. it's a tragic love story. i love tragedy. what is that noise? what? i'm on set.
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>> give a story about some guys are trying to do some good in the world. >> that's right. the polished man, october we all know is a big month for
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another organization called why gap is raising awareness about violence against children. the campaign calls on men specifically. one male to raise fun for one of five kids worldwide world experience of violence before the age of 18. the ceo was inspired by a young girl on his service trip to cambodia. >> i was touched by their story. >> they say 90% of the violence against children is committed by men. they set men let stand up, get involved and be a positive role role model. today there bunching for the first time in the us. you you can paint one of your nails, take a picture and post on
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social media and post it with # polish man. >> fisherman 50000 men pain and raised $1 million. >> they get that the the money to places like shelter and trauma centers across the globe. >> most of the kids are in countries that have been security, war, this has nothing to do with an individual man and the way he acts against a kid. it is a false narrative because they are enduring what is it what is going on in the world. you look at places like syria and africa where kids are starving, this is nonsense. >> what it does is it bring that home to if there's a guy at home after high school and sees the painted nail it's something to ask and bring awareness.
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it may not be the only problem but it is a real problem. >> it is not solved by a man pinning a nail and ignoring this global issue of people being killed, raped and persecuted across the globe. >> i've seen men with their nails painted and it did spark communication. brings up a conversation and people who don't think about any cause at all maybe they'll think about it. >> it was supposed to be the best at their life. >> until they got spit up by their cater. >> don't worry were going to make sure they get their dream
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