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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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inch from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". >> get ready for a raw, cold friday, temperatures and the 50s. summer is gone for good i guess. mike woods breaks it down, flood watches, warnings in effect and we still have that hurricane out there. >> keeping a close eye on joaquin as it heads in our direction but will we get a direct hit? ben: champagne celebration is being teased clinch a spot, the next question is where will they be playing? tuesday in the wild card game but who will lay play against? it determines who gets to go on
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teams get in but only one gets to move forward. good morning, i am ben simmoneau. liz: i am liz dahlem in for juliet huddy on october 2nd. i think we are finally saying goodbye to warm temperatures making the transition to fall for sure. ben: we were spoiled by september. it was pretty warm, warmers and august. liz: warmest september on record. >> meteorologist: last couple days, 15s, doesn't look like is happening today. ben: what about joaquin? >> meteorologist: that is the main weather story, still a category 4 storm maximum sustained winds at 130 miles per hour, gusts of 155, that is a big one, largest we obscene in atlantic waters for quite a while still meandering around in the bahamas, right over them. those folks are dealing with that for quite a while. we will give you more details and a second and show you what
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is happening. this has nothing to do with joaquin but we have coastal flood watches and flood watches in effect in the tristate depending where you are but is a messy set up, coastal flood advisories, at times of high tide, flooding issues will be one of our big things largely because of a northeast wind, this has nothing to do with joaquin, it is a stall out front boundary that gives us northeast wind, with all this rain and cool temperatures out there too, 53 central park, in montauk, and we are on the colder side of the frontal boundary, and afternoon and evening made a come back. on a lighter side but steady rain coming to us. a lot more moisture, and we keep
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need to focus on joaquin. it is forecast to weaken, more details where it will be going but still looks at this point like it is going to hang out to see, things look better in the tristate, keep an eye on things, at least it looks at this point we don't have to deal with a direct hit. temperatureswise 56 for a high today, 57, pretty wet over the next three days and starts to back down as we head into the next workweeks but we're still watching joaquin but doesn't look as bad as it did a couple days ago. let's bring in ines. even without joaquin, it is wet around the tristate. here we go with that. >> meteorologist: haven't heard about flooding. the wind and everything, the tappan zee bridge with 45 mile per hour speed restriction, things are fine westchester, long island, suffolk county, y. northern state, southern states
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let slicken new jersey, route 80 by 202 traffic towards this eastbound moving fine, no problems in the westbound direction towards barackof l.a. area. let's go to grand central la guardia airport both directions, wet roads you see on cameras, traffic moving fine, not bad on this early friday morning, trains on or close, street cleaning rules in effect. ben: parts of new jersey expect to get pounded with wind and reboot. liz: chris christie declared a state of new jersey, we could see major flooding. >> reporter: to be totally honest i heard about this storm coming in a couple hours ago and keeping my eye on it. >> is not hurricane joaquin to be worried about but heavy nor'easter light rain for the next couple days, flood warnings have been issued a band down the jersey coast.
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in some areas it has become. i tied in union beach is taking over the main road in and out of town. state of emergency has been declared by the governor. >> winds up to 85 miles an hour, southern part of the stay. in addition to the brain which we expect to be 5 to 6 inches, those are nor'easter conditions and everyone needs to be prepared for that. >> reporter: prepared for the first punch being landed now, street flooding is encroaching on some areas, homes destroyed by s&p still in the process of being rebuilt, the concern is floodwaters could wipe them out. >> with all of a high rain we are going to get and the flooding we are going to get we are worried about the soil being soft and the homes falling over. >> reporter: weather on soil or sand, cutting down powerful waves that could come. local officials as concerned about the rainfall over the next few days as what hurricane joaquin may or may not bring
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>> we are moving our vehicles over washington street making sure we protect our vehicles and encouraging residents, to get prepared and making ensure it is home. >> moving cost higher ground one of two concerns, officials say it flood conditions do come they are prepared to order mandatory evacuation. >> new york city bracing for this nasty weather. joaquin looks like it will be less frightening, officials are taking lessons learned after sandy to hard. >> reporter: making sure coastal areas are protected. dan bowen has more from brooklyn. >> good news, new information shows a lessening threat from hurricane joaquin to new york city and the east coast but city officials say it is too early to know just where the storm will go. with hurricane joaquin's path
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still uncertain new york city is activating its emergency operations center and mayor bill deblasio is urging residents to take precautions. >> the hurricane appears to be moving offshore but let me emphasize we can't rule out any possibility at this point, too early to tell for sure. >> reporter: the official position various equipment like lights and generators in vulnerable locations and readying rescue squads insisting they have learned lessons from hurricane sandy. >> we won't be surprised here. we have gone through a painful past experience, and we are talking today on thursday about something that will have its earliest impact sunday and monday. >> reporter: officials taking steps to get ready, but complicating all these preparations with or without an impact from hurricane joaquin as separate storm is expected to drench the tristate over the weekend beating to coastal flooding. >> no matter what we do, fdr drive, things like that, they are going to flood but we deal
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with in quickly. >> reporter: with the new threat is clear scars of past storms are visible, sandbags outside brooklyn, warner and used, they have been here since hurricane sandy. >> actors sandy inevitably in the future of the same thing will happen and hopefully it is not soon. >> reporter: mayor bill deblasio is surging residents to know what flood zone they live in and prepare something just in case. dan bowen, fox 5 news. liz: the horrible mass shooting, a candle light vigil held for the victims at a college in oregon. ben: ten are dead, seven injured following the shooting in southwestern oregon. the shooter was identified as chris harper mercer who was shot to death by police. president obama was outraged
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them out another mass shooting. sharon crowley has the tragic details. >> gunshots right now, even the classroom on the southeast side. >> reporter: chilling words as law enforcement response to oregon's community college campus and come face-to-face with a mass murderer. >> the first 911 calls came at 10:38 this morning. all law enforcement in the area responded immediately to the campus. the active shooter was engage by law enforcement and later confirmed to be deceased. >> i look out the window and a couple girls running, sprinting away from the building and i heard screaming. >> reporter: surviving students of the 20 mad gunman walked into her classroom, shot her teacher and demand everyone get on the floor. then started asking people to stand up, state their religion and opened fire again. the college president says they
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immediately went into lock down. >> i feel awful. to witness the families that were waiting for the students, to see all of the hugs and trauma that has gone on, more people were hurt than just the ones that were shot. >> reporter: this community is 180 miles south of portland. the governor of oregon has ordered state flags to be flown at half staff. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. we are holding of the community of douglas county in our hearts today. >> it cannot be this easy for someone who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on again. >> reporter: president obama scolded congress for not passing stronger gun-control laws. >> god bless the memory of those who were killed. >> the task force appointed by bill deblasio to clean up times square has increased recommendations.
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the highlight will break up the crossroads of the world in 2 three zones. one for pedestrian traffic, another for a special events and a third for those painted ladies and costumed characters. another proposal, to regulate the pedestrian plazas. bill deblasio created a task force following complaints and violent incidents with colorful characters. >> lot of celebrating in the bronx, for the first time and three seasons. they beat the red sox, the american league wild-card at the stadium. one game plan of basically where it it will be decided this weekend as masahiro tanaka will take the mound that whoever wins the wild card game goes on to the division leader in the broadcast. >> good for them. and exciting time to be in new york city.
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>> mets and yankees. >> still ahead on "good day early call" will weekend be a complete washout? mike woods as your forecast as a tractor came walking.
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>> meteorologist: welcome back, it is for a viable we have another rock star to the day in this won't be pretty, gray and cold and wet around the tristate, not everyone is in on a reaction. as you look at this radar north of western sections of new jersey around sussex and warren county little drier at this point and northern tier jaworski in the wet weather right now but there's a pretty good chance you will see those showers as we get into the day. a lot of folks the sleeping through this. here is what is going on with the northeast wind, it is cranked up to the northeast at 22 miles per hour at newark, 9 central park, anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour is what we have and that is why we have coastal flooding issue is, waters the pilot and hitting the shore. coastal flooding out there and we will have a rain coming down at the same time as it adds to our flooding issues inland areas. 53, pretty chilly stuff compared to what we had a couple days ago when highs were close to 80 or
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80 plus, 53 for temperatures the central part, and islip, 54 at newark and belmar, sane, cloudy skies, pretty uniform temperatures and rain coming at you has been doing so since yesterday afternoon and plenty more to the south of us so we are stuck with this rain for one of a majority of the day as the stalled out frontal boundary hangs on top of us and that is where showers focus, they drop out of the area briefly but now it looks like it is on top of us and we have to deal with it and then there is joaquin. we will talk about that. here is what we see with future cast bringing more rain as we get into the day, the fact that light to moderate rain is with us all day long into tomorrow starts to break up later for you and showery on sunday and is out of here, that is one storm, this
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and to the north, it becomes a category 2 storm. and it is just off shore, and we are looking at tropical storm force winds in the tristate, it will be out to see is what it looks like at this point in time. temperatures between 53 and 56, and it is out of here by monday. and to download free, let's print in ines. it will be wet outside so even without a big storm we have our problems. ines: the commute is off to a good start unless you are flying out today to rivals in la guardia, jfk has an hour delay, roads doing fine in queens, no major issues on the lie, construction set up on the jackie robinson park way past the van with and grand central,
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delay with them, the rest of your commute in new jersey doing fine on 78 and 280, let's look at your commute outside. on fdr drive construction going on by 96th street. expect delays southbound. george washington bridge driving into the city no problems, upper level traffic moving fine, lower-level you have that closed for construction continuing to go on until 5:00 a.m.. 495 towards the lincoln tunnel looks great as well as the holland. ben: it is sweater weather. report by the inspector general as the nypd fails to deal with excessive force cases looking at 179 civilian complaints against police over four year period, concluding even when excessive force was proven the officers were not disciplined and found a lack of proper training and officers ready used the escalation techniques. >> this report is not our final
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statement on this complex issue. we will continue to dig deeper particular me if the nypd involve practices in this area. ben: he outlined his the reforms which include retraining officers in the escalation techniques and the new tracking system to measure physical force used by and against officers. liz: joining us in studio is bqe to develop, posted at the 27. what do you think of this report coming out? >> >> the cop takes my head and
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watch out, it's the curb, and they smashed my head. i have been a human being added to the nypd 76 times but this report. ben: what did they best you for? >> assault and battery, inhaling and exhaling sometimes, it would be better to be room temperature. i got to tell you our cops have laid back, already getting very passive, pounding doughnuts and busting their shoes in the car instead of getting out, this will give them another reason to be more passive. the administration of both mayors, cop konrad bill deblasio. ben: he is your mayor too. bill deblasio would like to tax the costumed characters and des nudas, he says there are businesses in the city that should be subjected business taxes. >> this is his answer after waiting months, blue-ribbon task
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force, i am sure they are studying real hard. democrats' tax you from the cradle to grave so now we have a memory tax. maybe we will have an implant tax, a breast reduction tax. it is all about the memories. maybe if you are deep cup -- you will be able to collect taxes, they are all illegal aliens, everybody knows that. ben: we don't know that. >> the guys, come on, get rid of them. they need to be ousted. ben: what will get rid of them is the winter weather. they won't -- >> you are so hopelessly wrong. >> one was the last time you saw -- you go in the third week of january, find me at des nudas. >> some of the mammary glands will attract even more customers and probably get an even more tips.
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you know nothing about these things. by the way, raise the roof, n.y. mets fans, carlos beltran, all of you, numbers 7, against the dodgers, the yankees on the way to another world series victory. yankees win, yankees win. ben: they have to win the wild-card round. >> our heritage, mets fans, 69, a month of sundays, for us another world series win, there are not enough fingers on the hands of yankees fans to carry all the world series rings. ben: we will see what happens. we have to discuss the that. >> your team is the philadelphia phillies. where did they finish this year? ben: yes -- noon to 3 monday
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through friday 770 wabc. have an excellent weekend. >> it will be lousy. >> tony romo get suspended, how long the team will be without their pitcher.
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>> meteorologist: we have, which start friday morning, not everyone is on a reaction but with the democracy we over the tristate not for you in sussex county, the northern tier of the tristate not looking so wet but there will be more rain working its way in so be prepared for all wet day, high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. as far as what to expect through the weekend more wet weather, cloudy today, cool with rain, northwest winds worse in terms of coastal conditions, joaquin looks like it is going to head out to see, we will watch it closely, right now it is not looking like it is coming our way. thank goodness for that. ben: we like that. juliet: champagne flowing in the bronx, the yankees get their 10,000 food wind and going to in the playoffs in three seasons.
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against boston, carlos beltran get the score with the solar homer right. another one of the park, and robyn snider, yankees beat the red sox, let the celebrating begin. >> an exciting day for us especially scoring game. >> other stuff i went through in 14, i talk about how dark those days were, to come back this year and be part of such a special team, special guys, and truly are family and have a great family here. >> to work so hard, summer to spring, to be here at the end feels good. >> the yankees will have the wild card game, masahiro tanaka will take the mound. the playoffs, he has been suspended for three games. >> wednesday against the
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