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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  October 2, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: plenty of rain through the day and it will get wetter as we head into the evening hours. mike woods has the details in the forecast and ines rosales looking at the roads. looking at the roads. >> everyone looking at hurricane walking, category 4 is it barrels through the bahamas and wilson head in our direction. mike is tracking the storm at has a latest on where is going. ben: ten people dead, a mass shooting at an oregon college, what we're learning about the gunman. liz: find the money for the mta, talking about funding $1 billion for repair work.
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good morning. i am liz dahlem in for juliet huddy was off today. ben: i am ben simmoneau. it is october 2nd. a lot going on, a lot of whether news especially, we're looking at hurricane joaquin, the track seems to be shifting east. mike woods, new information comes down at 5:00. ben: it is basically here right now, still keeping it well out to see which is a good thing for us. the trend was not looking good but here is what we have with the current status, still category 4 storm, maximum sustained winds at 130 miles per hour, gusts of 161, that is a potent storm sitting and spinning, i can only imagine the damage being done in the central hamas because that has the not slow-moving storm, looks like they have to deal with it for a while longer but it shows signs of lifting to the north. coastal flooding, we have those issues here and this has nothing to do with joaquin, this is a stall of frontal boundary is
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with slow pressure around the keeping northwest wind going, u.s. coastal flooding issues and also flood possibilities with coastal flooding as well as rain coming in to town or is here. it has been raining for a while since yesterday afternoon and most of the tristate region. some folks not doing bad, northwestern sections of new jersey, extreme northern tier, you are not looking at much light to moderate rain, but everyone else is, rains coming from the northeast at 10 to 20 m.p.h. but that persistent wind piles of water in coastal areas and the wave action at 5 to eight feet at least will continue today so that will be a problem in coastal areas. you have 54 at belmar, 53 central park, 55 in montauk, cloudy skies, a lot of what weather, light to moderate rain, we don't have thundershowers out there but it will be soaking cold day coming at us as showers continue to make their way
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through the morning commute and heavier showers with this area of low pressure as courting more tropical moisture this way and again it has nothing to do with joaquin, it is completely separate system. is a category 4 storm still forecasts to make its way north and at one point it looks like it was going to move northwest, now the track is taking it further and further offshore and with that being the case we are not even going to get in on the win from this thing, it will send a lot of wave action at the beaches those things will get rough but as far as an actual impact from the storm in terms of wind and/or rain it doesn't look like a problem. we have to watch it because forecasts can go back and forth but the trend has been taking it out to see which is good for us. plenty of rain coming today, i temperature 56 degrees, it will feel like you're in the pacific northwest, same tomorrow, still pretty windy, this has nothing to do with joaquin, still rainy and wet saturday and sunday and
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things improve monday which is about a time where joaquin would have potentially made landfall, but now it looks like it is allowed to see. that is good news. let's bring in ines and see what happens as we step out the door, a lot of what roadways the majority of the tristate. ines: dealing with problems, accidents out there, let's start at a bronx parkway approaching across county, one lane blocked with an accident, airports already have delays, la guardia and jfk an hour delay on a rival, roads in queens doing fine, same for the roads in new jersey and newark airport also has an hour delay reported on a rival. fdr drive southbound at 96th street, two lanes blocked with an accident in the construction zone, traffic backed up to 106th street, northbound things are fine not affected with this, george washington bridge, upper lower level looks good, no problems, lincoln and holland good, trains on or close.
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liz: heavy wind and rain expected today and more problems anticipated from hurricane joaquin, bill deblasio cancel the trip to washington d.c.. ben: kerry drew is on long beach with a look at how they are getting ready for the storm. >> reporter: heavy rains are picking up and winds picking up in this city of long beach, this area was devastated by superstores and the three years ago and officials are not taking chances when it comes to joaquin. we are on the beach in long beach and we pushed down and you can see groups spent most of the day building those sand walls, temporary sand walls that are billed as a precaution to prevent motion from reaching the boardwalk, coastal communities are preparing for flooding, heavy winds and beach erosion joaquin might bring, dozens of vehicles can travel through high waters, humvees with rafts and
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rescue vehicles that floats and a stockpile of water, meals ready-to-eat, authorities are advising public to gas up their cars and have an evacuation in place. even if joaquin does not directly hit this area long islanders should still be ready to deal with flooding. >> six inches of rain, anticipated here, in every scenario so far, that will definitely caused coastal flooding. >> reporter: taking a live look at the boardwalk this morning i was standing in this very spot almost three years ago the morning before sandy hit except that boardwalk is no longer here, it was destroyed by the storm. is $42 million new boardwalk was completed a year after sandy and his mate of sustainable hard wood and concrete designed to withstand any kind of major storm. we are waiting and watching for joaquin in long beach, dealing with some rain and the wind is picking up as well, we will keep you updated throughout the
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that is the latest from long beach. ben: thank you, bill deblasio is not taking chances either. or preparations underway across new york city, lights and generators being put in position, rescue squads getting ready, using lessons learned from hurricane sandy almost three years ago. the city has activating its emergency operations center. >> we won't be surprised because we have gone through painful past experiences and we are talking today, on thursday about something that will have its earliest impact sunday and ben: the mayor says residents should know what flood zone they live in and should prepare a go back just in case. liz: folks in jersey are worried about the storm and have to deal with whatever joaquin brings their way. ben: chris christie declared a state of emergency, teresa priolo live with the latest
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>> reporter: good morning, incredibly windy here with the rain pretty much going sideways, don't know if you can see, it might be difficult but the rain is expected to intensify throughout the day. when i was joining in from belmar we are talking about the 1-2 punch everyone was anticipating. now it seems instead of a 1-2 budget will just be one sucker punch and that is happening here at the jersey shore. forget about walking and let's talk about what is expected to come in over the next 24 hours or 36 hours, they are expecting a good amount of rain and incredibly high wind and when you live in a coastal community that typically translates into coastal flooding. people in sea bright they know all too well what that is like as well as other places around this shore, belmar, spring lake, point pleasant areas, they dealt with during superstorm sandy at expected deal with it today. as far as this is concerned little bit of unique situations
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with beaches as well as the day, they're putting their emergency preparations into place and that is happening around us short, not only building their sound barriers where they can but also making sure they have sand bags, utilities have been mobilized to make sure they're checklists are in place, local communities dimming of the same, some short communities actors sandy built extensive and significant dune system is. others have not largely because it is a court battle between state and local municipalities and properties not wanting to ruin the beaches and their take a listen to the governor talking about what is needed to prepare for this in coming storm. >> there will be winds up to 85 miles an hour in the southern part of the state. in addition to the rain which we expect to be 5 to six inches, those are nor'easter tight conditions and everyone needs to be prepared for that. our citizens in those four setting counties that preparation needs to start now. for folks in the other 17
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counties in this state, we need you to stay tuned, we are prepared and we need you to prepare and not panic. >> reporter: it seems that is exactly what people are doing. okay, those winds create massive storm surges creating high waves, that will affect the shore communities. around rest of the region they are dealing with downed power lines and trees and things like that. prep as best you can and wait out the rain and at that point after the storm passes we will joaquin. that is the latest this morning, back to both of you. ben: teresa priolo, thank you very much, we have another big story, ten people are dead, seven injured following the shooting yesterday at a community college in oregon. of violence breaking out yesterday morning. liz: as this community tries to cope we are learning new
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information about the gunman. >> devastating at an oregon college campus as a man armed with four guns that fire on a classroom full of students. >> we need love and compassion and will take a long time. >> reporter: people are in mourning following the mass shooting, police say the violence which erupted thursday morning could have been worse. >> we know we have at least we to heroic officers who responded into the building within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. >> reporter: the gunmen who demanded his victim's state their religion before firing has been identified as chris harper mercer. >> people running in every direction. i ran, everyone was running everywhere. >> shocked is all i can say. has been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. >> reporter: police could be seen surging the suspect's apartment looking for clues as to what may have led to the violence.
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>> my daughter personally heard confrontation going on which worried her enough to want to go upstairs and ask what was going on. >> reporter: in the wake of the tragedy president obama is calling for stricter gun laws saying it is not enough to offer prayers for the victim. >> it does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted some place else in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> it is not clear where or how the suspect got the guns involved in the shooting. meantime the college will be closed until monday. in los angeles, fox news. >> lot more to come. taking on the top list ladies in times where bill deblasio has a plan he would like to tax them. ben: might keeping track of the forecast. >> meteorologist: not the most comfortable they. lot of rain out there but it is on a light to moderate side, won't amount to a lot but it will be windy out there, coastal
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ben: special event in the west village, the late the night walk to commemorate touched by cancer. mike woods and ines rosales raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society's mission to cure blood cancer. very nice, how was it? >> we had good time. it was nasty. liz: get a little lantern, very nice, more pictures coming up. >> meteorologist: everyone out there to raise awareness and they came out regardless to raise a ton of money. it was windy and wet. oh wait, we forgot -- liz: it was really windy.
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thanks for joining us out there. brave the rain out there, it was nasty like it is this morning. let's show you what is up out there, rain has been coming against the coast, light to moderate rain for just about everyone exhibition northern tier so parts of orange county not getting it, dutchess, ulster, they are all pretty dry but we will have a pretty broad they out there windy as well, winds causing problems in terms of coastal flooding so that is why you have waves on long island sound, jersey shore, everywhere, coastal flooding happening as well as rain causing problems in terms of areas not associated with the beach areas of land areas having problems with rain that has been persistent for a while, should be on a light to moderate side the kids coming at us so we have rain at central park, 53 degrees, this is one of those days it looks like it will be raining throughout the day and tomorrow more than coming through with this area of low
5:18 am
plenty of wet weather out there, there's joaquin, category 4 hurricane, major hurricane with maximum sustained winds, 135 miles per hour, it is moving to hour. you see the forecast track, caught up in the jet stream, moves to the northeast as time goes on and out to see. see our doesn't even come close was according to the forecast track from the hurricane center. we need to watch it closely but as it stands right now doesn't even look like we get 90 conditions but it will send a lot of wave action. future cast showing you what rainfall. we are stuck with rain throughout the day and you will be cool at the same time. tomorrow perhaps even worse and it breaks up as we head in to sunday but it will be windy, coastal flooding issues will be the biggest problem out there so keep that in mind. i temperaturewise, here we are, mid 50s, windy wet weather gets
5:19 am
better by monday next week, we still -- stay with us. let's bring in ines and see what is going on, you get a taste of what it was like. ines: it helps a lot. windy conditions causing delays at the airport and problems on a road, the bronx parkway south bound as you approach cross county parkway two lanes blocked with an accident, tractor-trailer truck overpass, queens doing fine, nassau county and long island doing fine, line or in state and 7 still looks good, queens doing okay. let's look at route 80 in new jersey problems here, madison avenue exit 58 northbound, it is a dark shot, traffic, this is traffic moving slow, flashing lights, tractor-trailer jackknifes though only one lane open, as for the cross bronx, looks like bit is the domino
5:20 am
hamilton bridge, major deegan underneath sailing. >> funding this city's mass-transit, the mayor wants to give the mta and extra $1 billion for repairs and upgrades on top of the city's $667 million pledge. the mta is raising funds for a massive, five year, the ebullient dollar capital plan. this comes with the strong condition, the mayor would like albany to give the city more of a say in what projects get funded. >> task force appointed by bill deblasio to clean up times square has released its recommendations. the highlight is a proposal to break up the crossroads of the world into three zones, one from pedestrian traffic, a second for special events and appeared for those painted ladies and costumed characters. another proposal would give the transportation department the ability to regulate the pedestrian plazas. bill deblasio created the task force following complaints and in some cases violent incidents
5:21 am
characters in times square. ben: the same task force would like performers to hand over their money, recommending the characters pay taxes on their tips. good luck with that the city hall spokesman told the posted is a business it should be treated like any other business under the current tax code, tips from performances are taxable but money received from occasional panhandling is not. my question is the difference. we have much more to come. staples is changing one of its holiday policies. happier. doing.
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ti-hua: mobile facing out data breach, the wireless providers as personal information was stolen from 15 million customers including social security and addresses, this has me concerned, hackers told that information from the credit reporting agency which has information on all of us which works with t mobile applying for
5:25 am
financing our credit checks, the breach will apply for customers who applied for the service between september of 2013 and the middle of last month. >> a lot of people. staples says it will close its borders on thanksgiving so its employees can be with their families. the first major retailer to announce clothing plans for all day bucking the trend of staying open for extra sales. staples says it will offer online lead deals on turkey day but it will open at 6:00 a.m. the next morning, black friday. >> there could be a new wearable apple product in works. really? a smart ring? these are renderings if this ever comes to fruition we need something like we considered here. these% to the patent and trademark office, would have a touch screen mounted on its hands would be linked to a larger device like an iphone, users would wear on their index
5:26 am
your index finger so you have the movement. just a patent for now so no word whether it will become a reality. care to demonstrate that? >> i saw that last night, right here. >> do we need that? >> we don't need any of it. >> you see those already girls at the baseball game getting ripped apart by the announcers. ben: taking millions of selfys. speaking of baseball, frankly i don't know why you would want to, champagne bottles. >> team is auctioning off the ball rolls using last saturday's locker room celebration clinching the national league east, $100, a clerk goes for $15, they were bottles of a spanish sparkling wine that retails for $12. ben: how do we know that these are actually the balls?
5:27 am
la date stamping them? i could just buy a bottle and emptying out for $100. may be is the skeptical side of me. it is friday. top stories when we come back. liz: "good day" will be right back. re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure.
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hey... o.k. ll do. grown aroma of folgers. up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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>> from fox 5 news is "good day wake-up". washout? a good opportunity to do some things inside, maybe all little fall cleaning. mike woods has the complete forecast, trying to be optimistic. a lot of movies. did not ines say you couldn't do that? tracking the current, kind of an nor'easter going on but not really. we will talk about that. >> watching joaquin as the storm grows and strengthens and heads in our direction but are we going to get a direct hit? ben: good news when it comes to
5:30 am
shooting at the down lowest in years. arnold: as celebration, the post-season spot, the next question is where will they be playing? >> good morning, i am ben simmoneau. liz: i am liz dahlem, it is 5:30 on friday october 2nd, thanks for joining us. >> some friends texted me, they were like what is going on with this hurricane to give people woke up yesterday morning like oh. >> meteorologist: as soon as we pay attention is less of a problem. the thing to do in a situation like this is make sure you are set up in case it comes because it is a long way out, forecast track and change a lot and it did. the thing is is still quite a ways out, it could change again but more likely it will not because the general trend is to shift out to see. that is good for us, we don't need a direct hit, some rain
5:31 am
fall like we have this morning, light to moderate rain, it is miserable outside but we need the rain falling and we will get that through the day, look at these winds from the northeast at 10 to 25 miles per hour, that is piling up the waters in coastal areas and wind and rain combination with temperatures sitting at 53, pretty raw out there throughout the tristate, still a lot less rain in the northern tier of the tristate and northwest new jersey but still it is not going to be a pretty day, the stalled out frontal boundary, eventually this area of low pressure will ride along that and enhance showers through the day today and over the next several days we have to deal with the windy raw weather and we have to talk about joaquin which is a category 4 storm but it is forecast according to the national hurricane center to hang off shore and head out to sea as it stands right now, at one point looks like it was coming to the carolinas and the atlantic region the trends is in to the east meaning that is where it should head and hopefully we don't have to deal
5:32 am
we don't move much, we go from 56 degrees, showers throughout the day, same thing tomorrow, at points the rain will be heavy, localized flooding could be a problem but coastal flooding is the bigger issue with what is going on over the next few days, nothing to do with joaquin. let's see what we have as you step out the door and it is a wet roads. >> meteorologist: problems for sure. ines: attracted drama struck the overpass as you process cross county, things are fine on staten island, no problems on the expressway towards the verrazzano into brooklyn moving fine, new jersey to our cameras, route 80 west bound expect delays by madison avenue exit 58, traffic moving slowly left lane, center lanes blocked with this activity, directors reject night so you have those lanes blocked. east bound your fight, upper and lower level manhattan bound looks good as well as trains, everything on or close.
5:33 am
ben: thank you, today's storm combined with threat of rain from joaquin has new yorkers a big concern. >> meteorologist: they're reminded of the damage by superstorm sandy. kerry drew is live from long beach, long island with a look at how people dealing with this rain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are dealing with white rain in long beach but the wind is picking up. for many people superstorm sandy is fresh in their minds. happened three years ago, just under three years ago. a lot of people remember that and officials are not taking any chances when it comes to whatever walking might bring. we are on the beach in long beach. if we pushed in you will see crews yesterday spent the day working on those sand walls down there as a precaution, they build those walls to prevent the ocean from reaching the boardwalk, coastal communities are preparing for whatever flooding, strong winds and beach erosion might come from joaquin.
5:34 am
vehicles at the ready that can travel through high waters and humvees with rafts and rescue vehicles that can float. stockpile of water and meals ready to eat to distribute if necessary. authority is are advising the public to gas up their cars that had an evacuation plan in place, nassau county executive says even if joaquin does not directly hit this area long islanders should be ready to deal with flooding. >> six inches of rain anticipated here, in every scenario so far that will definitely cause coastal flooding. >> live look at the boardwalk in the city of long beach, i was standing in this location three years ago the morning before city except that boardwalk is not here any longer, it was totally destroyed by the storm, $42 million new boardwalk was completed a year after sandy, made of sustainable hard wood
5:35 am
deal with major storms, also the retaining wall underneath the boardwalk which is meant to prevent the ocean from coming through to see streets. steve malone said it best, we are in prepare mode, preparing for a worst-case scenario and praying that it does not unfolds, a light rain in long beach, a heavy wind, it definitely starting to pick up and we are preparing for the worst to come in the hours ahead. that is the latest from long beach. back to you. liz: chris christie has declared a state of emergency. ben: he canceled campaign events state. teresa priolo is there, with a look at the preparations underway. i see a large amount of sand behind you. >> reporter: can you hear the wind in my microphones this morning? don't know if that is coming through.
5:36 am
incredibly win the and that is a big problem here. that has to do with storm surge and the ways they will experiencing, speaking to the coastal flooding in places like sea bright, they do all the time and they are anticipating that will happen for this storm. one thing that might help things out are in fact the sand barriers, they were not here yesterday but they are here today, this is their first best last line of defense because there is not much between the beach, water and the homes that are here. we are not just seeing this year in sea bright but along the jersey shore. yesterday, when i joined you from belmar yesterday and coastal towns, really attempting to do what they can to put themselves in the best possible position to be able to weather the storm, draining the nearby lakes, making sure the reservoirs at low levels so they can absorb any rain that comes our way.
5:37 am
what we understand from talking to mike and other people is is not really the rain that is the wind that will provide the biggest challenge for everybody. chris christie did declare a state of emergency, this is him telling people to prepare. take a listen. >> there are going to be winds up to 85 miles an hour in the southern part of the state in addition to the rain which we expect to meet five to six inches, those are nor'easter tight conditions and everyone needs to be prepared for that for citizens in those four 7 counties, that preparation needs to start now. for folks in the other 17 counties we need you to stay tuned. we are prepared and need you to prepare and not panic. >> if you live in a coastal town, coastal flooding is your major concern until saturday morning, if you live in other parts of the state, where it is quite pretty but a lot of trees and things like that, downed
5:38 am
power lines or downed trees will be remain issue. we are hoping for a bit of a reprieve sometime sunday and we will worry about what of joaquin potentially has in store for us or maybe nothing but let's get through this major storm and worry about everything else. that is the feeling here. ben: thanks very much. several people are recovering from injuries following the deadly shooting at a community college in oregon but the gunman being identified as chris parker mercer opened fire yesterday morning leaving at least nine dad and seven injured. the suspected shooter was killed during a shootout with police. one survivor said the gunmen demanded his victim's state their religion before he started shooting. liz: around of charges from the fraternity pledge, a living young men charged in the death of michael dang. fraternity members blindfolded
5:39 am
him, forcing to wear heavy backpack and repeatedly tackled him part of a hazing ritual known as glass ceiling. 26 people have been charged and police say they expect to arrest 37 men in total, five are facing murder charges. ben: mike woods has a lot going on, good news on joaquin. >> meteorologist: walking, things look good but what we have today, miserable outside but we need the rainfall, light to moderate rain filtered into the tristate region. most of us getting it, not the northern tier war northwest new jersey or the poconos the cloudy skies and cool temperatures. cloudy, cool day with rain, strong northeast wind, if coastal flooding will be the biggest issue year, as localized flooding in terms of rainfall but coastal flooding will be the bigger deal, windy and raw with showers early, high surface, coastal flooding the problem tomorrow as we head -- syncing these up monday when joaquin is passing by but looks like it
5:40 am
will be out to see which means we don't have to deal with much at all here. the weather apps has a live interactive ray r. check it out at the apple itunes store and google play store, there for 40 and radar can show you what is going on with rain and let you know if it is affecting your neighborhood. good morning to debbie, who is always checking us out, good morning, hope you have a fantastic day. the huge fan. didn't even carry was windy or cold. she takes that like a smile. see that sunshine? very happy. ines: airports have late arrivals, one hour at la guardia and jfk, at newark airport also has an hour delay reporting on arrival, 78 and 280 the parkway, you should be fine, but roadways, sending state parkway
5:41 am
team, nothing going on. people taking it slow below the speed limit west bound but that is a good thing, eastbound fine. as for the george washington bridge upper and lower level doing fine, same for 495 towards the lincoln tunnel, you see the camera moving around. that is the issue. holland tunnel doing fine. ben: is only 53 degrees. this is when we enter sweater weather territory. liz: the wind is wetter weather. be much more to come, the mets, progresso, ingredients like bacon
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ben: amateur video capture reported russian air strikes targeting opponents of bashar al-assad. pentagon officials urging russian military to focus its airstrikes in syria on islamic state fighters. liz: new york city police dropped last year to their lowest levels since 1971 but according to the nypd annual firearms discharge report cox fired their weapons 79 times last year, down 4 from 2013. ben: health officials attended a town hall meeting in east bronx to address the latest batch of legionnaires' disease cases.
5:45 am
15 cooling towers in the mars park neighborhood tested positive for legionella bacteria and are being disinfected the one person died, dozen second in the latest cluster. liz: champagne was flowing and abroad, yankees got a 10,000th when and going to thes for the first time and three seasons. ben: they did with a long ball, that was carlos beltran getting the score, started with a deep solo homer to right. greg bird will have another one out of the park and not long after that, robert snyder. the yankees beat the red sox 4-1 so let the celebrating began. >> an exciting day for us especially being able to score in the game. >> other stuff i went through in 14, talked about how bark those days were. to come back this year and be part of such a special team and we truly are a family.
5:46 am
>> it is a good feeling. to work so hard the whole summer to spring and to be here at the end feels good. ben: yankees will play the wild card game tuesday, masahiro tanaka will take the mound. mets reliever will pitch in the playoffs even though he has been suspended for three games. liz: he buzzed the fastball, the bench was cleared. terry collins ejected from the game before that, three players were hit by pitches, the suspension is only for regular-season games and carry over to next year if an appeal fails. ben: the phillies had a three game sweep, long and the good that we do run shot putting them up by two. a solo shot, a philadelphia will win, the mets head home and will post the nationals.
5:47 am
it was rainy last night. wednesday's game, expected to take the field. liz: a big disappointment for giants fans, victor cruz will not sit up for sunday's game against the bills, he was excited about returning, posted a video online that he is back, but the coach said during feel right. he has been sidelined with a calf injury since august so when will he return? no timetable was announced. we have been talking about this this morning, selfy obsess already girls were caught on camera at the diamondbacks game the other night. ben: they burn on unnoticed by the television announcers, have a look. >> better angle. check it. did that come out locate issue >> that is the best one that i have seen today. >> every girl in the picture is locked into her phone.
5:48 am
every single one is filed in. welcome to parenting in 2015. >> this is those sad i actually think liz: not just girls but boys that age too. they are not living in the moment, not talking to each other, their taxes to chain one another, taking selfys, posting to instagram but look up. any more. they just want to enjoy the moment for the sake of opposing it later on facebook or twitter. the girls from the authority, that clip goes on for two more minutes. the girls had fun. guys, pay attention. actually, ines, mike does do this. we do see -- liz: she is adjusting. ben: when i say the worst timing that in the most positive way
5:49 am
possible. >> meteorologist: they make us do it. ben: audrey is the queen of selfys but i use that advantage because she runs a selfy school, tells you how to get the best angles, the lighting. >> meteorologist: she has but other apps to be a fight yourself. ben: when did she call it? she makes it look like photoshop. >> meteorologist: we could do a whole episode on photo shop. is our rock star. follow her. what is going on? >> meteorologist: having a little fun. it is so nasty outside, duck this nasty weather going on, flooding, and this has nothing to deal with joaquin, this is just the storm that is upon us, stalled of frontal boundary with low pressure kind of like the nor'easter, not really a nor'easter but behaves the same way cold waters piling up with
5:50 am
coastal flooding issue is and the rain problems so coastal flooding and flood watches in effect in parts of the tristate region because of that persistent rain adding up to problems and we do need the rain fall. the winds coming from the northwest generally at 10 to 20 miles an hour, that is a windy conditions, temperatures coles, 53 at central park, same thing in islip and bridgeport and temperatures struggle to move because we will keep the northeast wind going and the rain as well. so far up to the northwest it hasn't been bad in terms of wet weather but we will see it continue to go on as time goes on and we should see showers moving to the northwest and this has nothing to do with joaquin. let's take a look at the future cast, the frontal boundary sits with us with waves of low pressure along it, we will keep it pretty wet and windy at the same time. hard to break out of it but later sunday we will do so. there is joaquin, forecast track
5:51 am
from the hurricane center keeps it well offshore. we don't get in on the wind action, certainly don't get the rain. high temperatures today the next couple days pretty raw, highs in the 50s, windy as well and finally see drier skies by monday which is when we could have seen joaquin. doesn't look like that is happening right now as it stands. let's bring in ines. ines: we have some problems, bronx parkway south bound, cross county parkway, two lanes blocked with an accident, la guardia came out with a new update arrival, 65 to 90 minutes, not even 7:00, departure 30 to 45 minutes because of wind conditions, jfk and newark reporting an hour delay on a rival. call ahead because it is not looking good. route 80 in new jersey, expect delays as you pass exit 58 madison avenue, the flashing
5:52 am
getting through, tractor dramas jackknifed so right and center lanes blocked, east bound you are fine, trains doing good it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease an mkz hybrid for $299 a month
5:53 am
ben: we are back at 5:55. anna: lines continue to blur between entertainment and politics. new york times reporting hillary clinton is going to be on saturday night live this week and. the democratic hopeful has been making a lot of late night appearances as a way to show
5:54 am
voters are lighter side. they all are. erica payne would not confirm the report she will be on as at all. up here on the show in 2008 when amy polar was one of the many clinton impersonators. jennifer lawrence is weighing in on the republican front runner, she told entertainment weekly, quote, if donald trump becomes president that will be the end of the world. she says reality television has reached the point where even the presidential election might just be for entertainment and she went on to say, quote, that is who i was representing the country, someone politically incorrect. that will be just perfect. sophia says the expectancy of blushing bride when she walks down the aisle with modern family actress told people magazine she wants to look sexy honor wedding day, none of this natural nonsense saying, quote, i am 43, don't need to look like a virgin when i get married, she won't read the traditional -- that most women do. once women had 40 they shouldn't put their hair up again until
5:55 am
that has annoyed a lot of people on line. ben: why is that? anna: i don't know. ben: she is allowed to have her opinion. anna: people get worked up about all kinds of things. she is to tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend on november 22nd in florida. the new england coast this is not the only one battling supernatural forces, variety is reporting sony pictures is developing an animated version of the classic film. ivan reitman who directed the original in 1984 is reportedly producing the animated version. no word when we might see it but the ghostbusters read. will hit theaters in july. ben: she is allowed to say when she wants. ben: i think people don't want to feel you lose your hotness when you hit 40, you can still rock the looks. anna: she looks gorgeous
5:56 am
whatever she does. ben: thank you. we have much more to come, a couple minutes away from the top of the 6:00 hour. liz: "good day wake-up" i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or
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