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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 2, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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>> as far as we are concerned rain will be the major issue. bergen county and the like, they will be dealing with downed trees and power lines and things like that. at the end of the day, we are just hoping that this is the worst of it and we make it to saturday. there is concern, but they are also worth on june used to dealing with bad weather. >> thank you so much. mayor defazio is not taking any chances.
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the city is activating if emergency activation center as well. >> we will not be surprised here. we're talking today on thursday about something that will have its earliest impacts on sunday and monday. ben: residents should know what flood zone they live in ma should prepare a go bag just in case. long beach was hit hard by hurricane sandy two years ago this month. kerry drew is live among the boardwalk. >> reporter: good morning. long beach, just one of the coastal communities on long island that was devastated by super storm sandy. now, they are getting ready to deal with joaquin. the wind has picked up throughout the morning.
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the big concern is coastal flooding. behind me, you will see santa claus. they are temporary. they were put up just as a precaution to prevent the ocean from reaching the boardwalk. also dealing with strong wind. please note that peach erosion is a concern. there is also a stockpile of water and mrd. they can distribute them if needed. authorities are advising the public to gas up their cars and out and evacuation plan in place. even if joaquin does not directly at our area, long islanders should be ready to deal with flooding. >> any hurricane that comes
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through, i am not sticking >> we do not want to go through sandy again. >> we are taking a live look at the boardwalk this morning. this is entirely reconstructive after sandy. $42 million project that was completed about one year after sandy. the local portal, you will see that there is this retaining wall. preventing the oceanfront coming in and flooding the city streets. prepare for the worst. we are praying for the best. just a light rain here on long island. we are expecting the rain to get worse and more intense throughout the day. ben: kerry drew on long beach. thank you very much.
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coming throughout the morning. oregon. a terrible shooting yesterday. a candlelight vigil. liz: 10 people dead and seven injured. the shooter was identified as chris mercer who was shot dead by police. the gunmen demanded that the victims state their religion before he started shooting. president obama is outraged at another school shooting. >> we have become known to this. we have talked about this after
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tucson, after aurora,. >> it is not clear where or how the suspect got the guns used in the shooting. ben: 6:11 a.m. a lot more still to come. including the new afghan called >> interesting. ben: i think mike gets two stars for this weekend. just for the weather. mike: cleaning. that sounds fun. ben: i have a kid coming. we have a lot of cleaning to do. mike: another cloudy, broad day out there. the wind and rain will continue. the wind will be a good deal. cool temperatures. it will not be comfortable. we need the rain.
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ben: we are back.
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it is now 50. how long has it been this cold? >> it has been a loyal. mike: 52 degrees on april 10. ben: i will direct my questions to samantha. thank you. she was prepared. mike: yes. showing his pilot side. let's show you what is up out there. we have some showers still coming through the tri-state. then wants his pen back. ben: what happened? mike: see. he lives with the bull, if you get the horns.
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not a huge deal. this is what happens when you have a computer in front of you. why don't you ask your. giant phone there. when was the last time it was 52 degrees. the rain is not all that heavy. the rain will be pretty persistent. places that do tend to flood out will probably do so. fifty-two in central park. same thing in islip. bridgeport, also 52 degrees. the wind coming in from the northeast at 10-25 miles per hour is persistent. the waves are piling up. the water is, too. the frontal boundary is pretty much on top of us. we are dealing with brain over
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the light to moderate side. an area of low pressure to the west of us that will enhance the showers and storms. p ready for it this work with her to stick around for a while. the futurecast shows more and more wet weather. here's the forecast track with joaquin. keeping it well offshore. the only thing we see out of it is an increase in the surf type. when and rain at this point is not a problem. tender for you on sunday. a lot better by monday. just wet roadways and a few problems.
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overpass. just a little delay on the l.i.e. you are fine on the l.i.e. in northern state parkway. let's go to our cameras. expect delays. only the left lane open. tractor-trailer jackknife. on the eastbound side, looks good. upper-level starting to pick up in volume. about a 10 minute delay. as for 495, already packed up. you can see all the red light there. and bound, some rubbernecking delays. inbound towards the city, still five-10. ben: thank you very much. a lot of intrigue around this
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backpedaling. whether he was actually set up. the vatican is now saying this morning "the popes meeting is not considered a --." >> the pope has been a long objections. davis was killed from -- davis was jailed for refusing to give gay people there twice since. ben: eight crash has left eight people dead. the plane is similar to this one. the taliban and claims they shot down the plane. officials said they have high confidence that no enemy fire was involved.
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this crash happened last night in the eastern part of the country. liz: pill cosby could face charges. officials say los angeles is reviewing allegations. not even at l.a. at the time. about 50 women say cosby sexually assaulted him over the years. a new app lets you rate your friends. it is kind of crazy. you give your friend a one star rating, expect a defendant or something. ben: like yelp, but for people.
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whole new level. >> food, hotels and movies. now people. it is stirring up a very animated today. >> i do not want to be rated. you just comment on that. >> carfax for people. you can find out who is a limit. find out who is really worth it. >> i think it would provoke bullying in our society, which is a problem. >> hoping to determine the character of people they have encountered. people like christina warren are worried. >> it is absolutely awful. one of the worst ideas. we already have facebook.
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think of them online. >> reporter: warren is not alone. a spirited conversation on twitter. could all of this attention leads to a successful business? >> i think it is getting a lot of buzz right now. i think a lot of people would be hesitant to sign up for the service. >> it is tender to foster positivity. once it is launched in november, we will see how people are really rating people. fox5 news. ben: i think i will pass on that app. >> yeah, i think so. ben: a new study that links how tall you are and your risk of getting cancer. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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and reach for the one you deserve. >> 6:25 a.m. friday morning healthwatch. taller people may have a higher risk of developing cancer. >> a new study developing out of stockholm. a woman's risk of cancer went up by 18%. they are now trying to figure out why this association is this in hopes of coming up with better treat it. ben: at tens of thousands of new codes to list all sorts of
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then to help quickly identify warning signs. it is also supposed to help insurance companies and reduce fraud. some of the new codes are strangely specific. prolonged stay in a weight lift environment. that would be nobody except for the astronauts. injured in a prison swimming pool. there are now near 70000 coats. >> i think i understand. oh, my goodness. ben: top stories, weather and traffic when we come back. >> if you are a t-mobile customer, your personal information may have been
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>> continuing to track hurricane joaquin's path. right now, it looks like it may miss us. ben: hoping for the best. preparing for the worst. a state of emergency has now been declared in new jersey. liz: police and in the city are on the hunt for a man that built up another man in midtown while yelling gay slurs at him. ben: the yankees win. the 10000th victory. liz: got to protect those eyes
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ben: it is not a pleasant experience if you do not have protection, actually. good morning. friday morning. liz: mike woods taking a look at the forecast for us. mike: a stalled out frontal boundary hanging out on top of us. it is not pretty. we need the rain fall. it is cool, windy, roth. a lot of showers on the moderate side. making your way inland, it is not bad at all. most of us are seeing a decent amount of rain. fifty-two in central park. there is a stalled out frontal boundary. a lot of moisture coming to us. more on that coming up later on
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it is going to stay windy, wet and raw. none of this has anything to do with joaquin. it will be heading offshore by monday and tuesday. partly cloudy, but mainly clear skies. let's bring in ines. we know it is wet outside, but it could be worse. ines: we do have some accidents. two lanes are blocked. tractor-trailer struck the overpass. long island, no problems. nassau county, doing fine. normal delays as you approach glencoe road. jfk has an hour delay. newark airport posting an hour delay on arrivals. usually they do not post delays
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get a jump start. let's go to our cameras. tractor-trailer jackknifed. leaving only the left lane open. you have a delay there. eastbound side, you are fine. twenty minute delay on the upper. ten-15 lower. it is windy out there with the camera shaking. holland tunnel, five-10. liz: communities all over the area of preparing for the big storm coming our way. ben: especially the jersey shore. let's go to to resell priolo. >> reporter: morning. cold, wet. it is windy out here. certainly not the beach conditions we tend to enjoy it.
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some towns along the jersey shore have already experienced some plotting. we are hearing that this funding will likely be caused by the very rough seas anti-wind. this was yesterday afternoon. this is it. not one of those towns that has the tube system in place. they are hoping that this in some way helps with the flow of water. here they are preparing with sandbags. they are making sure that they have all of their proper protection.
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and power lines. telling all new jersey people to make sure that that you have your own plan in place. >> preparation needs to start now. for the folks in the other counties, we need you to stay tuned. we will be able to create you information you need to make the preparations that you need to make for yourself and your family. you need to understand that we are prepared and not panic. >> fingers crossed from seabright this morning. ben: thank you very much. war preparations underway on
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sand dunes are being built up. liz: . drew joins us. >> coastal flooding. this morning, there is some activity here on the beach. you can see crews hard at work. the sand walls are being used as per caution here. coastal communities. expecting heavy rain in this area. nassau county has dozens of vehicles that can travel through high waters. authorities are advising the public to gas up their cars and get an evacuation plan in place. even if joaquin does not directly hit our area, we should
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>> a battery powered radio. flashlights. first aid kit. make sure you have enough water and food for at least three days. >> a live look out here on the beach. building up the temporary sand walls. just a light rain falling at this point. wind is coming on and off from the ocean. we are expecting that to worsen throughout the day. the boardwalk, entirely new. the materials used to build this boardwalk are said to withstand major storms. waiting and watching. we will bring you updates
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throughout the morning. liz: police need your help attack. ben: just before 7:00 o'clock wednesday evening. the attacker hurled anti-gay slurs while punching and kicking a male victim in the face. >> if you have any information that can help police, please call crime stoppers at 18577 tips. cooling towers are now being disinfected in an effort to stop the spread of legionnaires the meeting comes after 15 out of 35 cooling towers tested positive for bacteria. one person died and 12 war have been sickened. all had three existing health problems. fox means business.
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simonetti was some not so great news for t-mobile customers. >> reporter: experiencing the hack attack. t-mobile customers, 15 million of them, were affected. this actually happens for two years. t-mobile. check your credit card statements. check your balances. you may even want to pull a credit card report. in addressing this, experiences we will give you two years of free credit monitoring. that is through experience. they were hacked.
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when they don't offer free services, they charge you $15 a month. pretty ironic. liz: and two years. a long period of time. thank you, lauren. ben: if you are not sure where to find fox business in your area, simply log onto fox / channel finder. mike: for us, things look kind of raw. today, cloudy, cool. rain. coastal flooding. a lot of surf on top of that. tomorrow, more or less the same thing. coastal flooding continues to be a problem. as we headed to monday, that is joaquin. likely to track well offshore.
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keep that in mind. a quick look at the commute this morning. a wet one. ines: it is windy. airports, there are delays. traffic moving fine. i love the lace on the gowanus. a jackknifed tractor-trailer. madison avenue. only the left lane open. traffic is moving fine. trains are doing great this morning. the ronkonkoma branch. vehicle on the tracks. some of the train slowed down. everything else running on or close. ben: thank you very much. still ahead on good day. tv wars still adding up.
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ben: friday morning. october 2. ten people have died, seven others injured following a shooting at a community college yesterday. the gunmen identified as chris harper mercer. he asked victims their religion
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liz: saying no to apple tv. amazon insists it is to avoid customer confusion. ben: kind of pack peddling this morning. the popes meeting with kim davis is not for her position. calling it a human right. some theories out there saying that maybe the pope never really >> a setup that he was not even aware of. liz: we have your sport headlines for you. win. going to the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. >> carlos else ran.
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of the park. let the celebrating begin. >> today was an exciting day for us. >> talking about how dark those days are. coming back and being part of such a special team. we truly are a family. nick: to be here at the end feels good. >> a wild-card game. tanaka is expected to take the mound. pitching in the playoffs. liz: on wednesday, against the
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phillies, bust a fastball by a head. three players had actually already been hit by pitches. the extension is only for a regular-season game. it will carry over to next year. a three game sweep. a two run shot. nobody -- that put the phillies up by two. philadelphia wins three. the mets backup the turnpike. hit by a pitch and wednesday game. is expected to take the field for this final series. liz: victor cruz will not suit up for sunday's game against the bills. crews just did not feel right. a calf injury since mid-august.
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no timeline has been released. our forecast ready for the morning commute. mike: wendy and rob. we need some of the rainfall. that is what happens when the wind disgusting. they are coming in from the northeast at 10-20 miles per hour. some places to new jersey have flood watches in effect. the coastal flooding issues outside. a raw day out there. pretty persistent. there probably will be a
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and area of low pressure. enhancing things. they have been giving drenched big time. some of that will work its way to the tri-state region. joaquin. a category four hurricane. 130 plus miles per hour. out to sea, not even coming to the coastal locations. tropical storm force wind. that is the forecast track as it stands right now. it could change. more likely to stay out to see. temperatures hanging in the low to mid 50s. same thing for you tomorrow. probably the worst day.
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it's a little bit better on sunday. right now, we will have to watch joaquin. the fox5 weather app at the itunes and google play store. letting you know what is going on. >> that will be helpful over the weekend. liz: for a long time, scientists thought dinosaurs died out after a massive asteroid. both events occurred within 50000 years of each other. did you like our dinosaur video here? the volcanic activity involved with the asteroid activity.
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ines: welcome back. 6:54 a.m. avoid approaching the cross county. two lanes are blocked. klein coles wrote. traveling on staten island, eggs are looking good. a lot of delays already. they sure you call ahead. long island railroad, just a heads up with the ronkonkoma branch, delays of 10 minutes because of an earlier incident. ben: anna gilligan is back. anna: good morning. some sports fans are blaming taylor swift for their teams
6:49 am
padlock, playoff time. promising seasons. started losing games after her concert. ben: i think the nationals are just looking for excuses. sorry, guys. anna: hollywood generally leaves left, politically. remaining tightlipped about donald trump. now, jennifer lawrence is the one leading the way. that will be the end of the world. reality television has now reached -- a presidential election made just before presentation.
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check out this video. this video is done by the slow guys. what it would be like to serve jell-o. the video was posted yesterday. so far the video has gotten over 3 million views. >> i can't tell if this is enticing or disgusting. jell-o i only associate with being sick. ben: thank you. let's get back over to mike. a lot of nasty weather. liz: a busy weekend weatherwise. that is for sure.
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mike: hugging the coast line all throughout long island. it has not made a whole lot of progress. dutchess, ulster, sullivan county. even of the lower hudson valley. not that that. this area of low pressure will drive it up to the north. when the weather, that is the next few days. ben: .does that does it for us on this friday morning. >> have a great weekend,
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greg: "good day new york." good news. no hurricanes. rosanna: joaquin. greg: it will still be wet. good morning. i am greg kelly. rosanna: iem rosanna scotto. a little bit of rain. wind. mike woods has all that we can expect. greg: all right. still bracing for the storm. we have been for a wild.
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