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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  October 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the rain is continuing and the wind is continuing out of the northeast. that has caused the flooding in that video we were just seeing. that will continue tomorrow. the threat of rain continues. it's been coming down heavily. notice how chilly it was today. ernie: it's getting colder. 40s. nick: it's 49. we may have just dropped to another low. the low is 48. 57, 48. that's the split. way below average. most of the rain has been during this timeframe. we've had .6 of an inch. the average high is 79. we won't be back that way until next week. 48 right now. the rain continues. northeast wind strong and gusty. pressure is up there and rising because the big area of high pressure is building down from new england and colliding with that area of stalled front
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we're in the middle, which is what's causing our problems. middle 50s across the area. that was it. now the 40s have appeared. islip, bridgeport, towards islip, jersey shore and newark as well and we're continuing to see that northeast wind, 10, 20, 25, gusting over 30 miles an hour. the gusts could reach 40 or greater in miles an hour across the jersey shore and maybe the eastern end of long island. that's where the concern is for also some coastal flooding. this is the coastal flood advisory in light green across the city, long island, southern connecticut. that's going until tomorrow. this is the coastal flood warning. jersey shore is getting hit the hardest with that northeasterly wind. next high tide cycle comes in past midnight. it will be later than that for the back bays in new jersey. keep that in mind for a round of potential flooding tonight and tomorrow during tomorrow's high tide cycle.
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because of the gusts over 40 miles an hour. here's a good soaking on fox 5 sky guardian. a lot of rain covering up the city. this sliver of pretty heavy rain coming up the turnpike. that's going to be extending northward. i'll put this in motion on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. you can see it all advancing northward. the wider view is going to show a gap here. that will get in here later tonight. this will head up across long island. more rain to the south. we're not going to be out of this tomorrow. a little light rain in the morning. then it will become drizzle or spotty showers as the system moves along. it's this front stuck to the south. notice the moisture trail. there's the high pressure to the north and that strong northeasterly wind will continue into tomorrow. it's rain or drizzle tomorrow. staying only in the low to middle 50s again. clouds will hang tough into tomorrow night as the futurecast will show the improvement not really starting to take place until sunday. clouds for sunday. i think in the afternoon, the sun may start to peek out. a little brightening at that
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in early next week. there's joaquin. it's a category 3, 125-mile-an-hour winds, moving to the north at 7. take a look at the track. we have confirmed it's heading out to sea. it will pass between the united states and bermuda and keep moving along and diminishing in intensity. fortunate for us. rain tonight. windy and chilly, in the 40s. light rain or drizzle tomorrow, middle 50s. on the seven day, we'll look for sun by sunday afternoon. breezy, 60. better monday, 67. and 70 or greater tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. nice recovery at that point. ernie: maybe we'll be lucky all winter with these storms. nick: i wouldn't say that. but i think it will be a milder than average fall through december. ernie: okay. thanks, nick. just want to remind everybody that you can stay up to date on the weekend's weather on the fox 5 ny weather app. you can get the latest forecasts and live radar right where you are. just search for fox 5 ny weather in the itunes store or google
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>> in other news, one day after that deadly shooting massacre at a community college in oregon, we're learning more about the gunman's failed military background. the army says christopher harper mercer flunked out of basic training in 2008 and was later discharged. nine people were killed and others badly wounded when mercer went on his rampage yesterday in the community college there. earlier today, president obama renewed his call for better gun control laws. >> here's what you need to do. you have to make sure that anybody who you are voting for is on the right side of this issue. and if they're not, even if they're great on other stuff, for a couple of election cycles, you've got to vote against them. >> mercer had multiple weapons, body armor and ammunition before he was shot by police. those who died ranged from 18 to 67.
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that the pope met with kentucky county clerk kim davis. davis became famous after being jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing a religious objection. the vatican says their meeting wasn't something the pope sought and should not be seen as an endorsement of her views. >> now to our feature story about sports gambling. $93 billion will be illegally bet on pro and college football games this season. this is a huge business. there's a strong debate over legalizing it. jen lahmers begins our in-depth look at the issue for us. >> reporter: last november, nba commissioner adam silver sent shockwaves through the sports industry when he called for the legalization of sports betting. in an op-ed, he wrote i believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated. nfl commissioner roger goodell
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doubled down saying the nfl will never support making sports gambling legal. but a new report from the american gaming association shows that despite a long time federal ban, sports betting has become a massive industry. >> you look at the industry in the entirety, if you include sports betting in the united states, overseas, the legal activities, including daily and full season fantasy sports, the market is humongous. >> reporter: in the nfl and college football alone, people will wager a whopping $95 billion. wagered illegally. you would think the leagues would be all in, but there's a centuries old fear getting in the way. >> when eight men with the white
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been the threat of every sports league. >> reporter: the threat, with the federal ban, will continue until the leagues figure out how to profit with the fans. most sports betting analysts agree with the popularity of fantasy leagues and draft kings and fan duel, things will change legal. back to you. ernie: thank you very much for that. joining me now is daniel aetna, a sports law partner. thanks for being here. it's a big subject. we know that new jersey has been trying to get this passed for some time with no luck. do you think it will happen? >> i think it's inevitable that sports gambling will become legalized as was alluded to in the lead-in piece. nba commissioner silver last november in an editorial estimated the illegal gambling market to be $400 million. it could be a tremendous source
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of revenue generation. the states are constantly trying to find ways -- ernie: that's true. sagging budget. they can tax on something that's being done illegally. it is legal in nevada and has been for a while. how is that working out? >> in nevada, there's tangible benefits from having legalized gambling. there's no state income tax. nevada residents receive significant property tax rebates. they're able to implement programs for seniors and other types of needy groups out there and in large part attributable to the revenue stream that sports wagering drives, along with blackjack. ernie: there's a stigma attached to it, that it would be immoral and dangerous and so forth. let me ask you this. if this goes through, let's say we legalize gambling across the country, what's it going to be like? what do you envision? >> well, i think first of all, one of the things to remember is
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right now the nba and leagues are in favor of legalizing gambling. they want to have it on a uniform basis across the country. however, it's not going to be a total panacea. for example, right now if you go to your bookie and place a bet, you usually have a week or perhaps a little longer to settle. i could be running a negative in my account with my bookie early in the week and then let's say this sunday, you know, i put a large wager down on the jets and they win, suddenly i'm positive. i don't think that's going to be available under a legalized gambling regime. that will be one of the things that needs to be thought through. ernie: there's a lot to think about. senator mccain is calling for hearings to talk about that. let's see what happens. daniel, thank you very much. >> thank you so much for having me. ernie: thanks for your comments. thank you so much. all right. well, new york has some of the finest restaurants in the world. we know that.
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hold their own in a very competitive environment. they're carving out a niche of their own, focusing on serving just one thing. christal young will show us how it's working for them. >> and we hope you'll come back next week as we look at whether colleges are doing enough to ease the burden of debt on their students. with billions in the bank, why aren't some schools doing more? that's coming up on monday. then we'll focus on politics and a look at the presidential campaign. why are some people rising in the polls and could there be a late shakeup that changes the race? we'll talk about that. very interesting on wednesday at 6:00.
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ernie: welcome back. new york is a big place where you can get just about anything you want. you know it. some restaurants decided the best way to stand out isn't to offer big complicated menus, but it's to do one thing and do it well. christal young shows some of new york's singular sensations. watch this.
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cheese. you can choose from 11 different kinds like spinach and fig. this is a former mechanical engineer who knew if you build it, they will come. >> i came up with the random wouldn't it be great if there and cheese. we couldn't shake it. >> the meatball shop specializes in meatballs. there are tons of varieties. i'm about to try maple bacon. let's give it a whirl. wow. the owner is taking his love of cheese and sandwiches straight to the bank. he started with one shop, now he has six. >> what attracted me to the concept was the opportunity to get creative with sandwiches. it's quality ingredients made from scratch. that's what we do.
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regular customers and a few who came from north carolina. >> we just got off the plane. this is the first place we came. it's so good. >> reporter: at rice to riches, rice pudding rules and everything is shaped like a grain of rice. check out these fun signs. 21 flavors means there's something for everyone. the owner was inspired by shops during a trip to italy. >> came to new york and came up with the idea of doing something in that vein but offering rice pudding. >> at the macaroon, the sweet treat takes center teenage, but what is a macaroon? >> it's two shells of meringue made with almonds filled with butter cream, ganache, whatever you can invent. >> reporter: while you can purchase just one, a box of six is standard. ernie: we can always count on you to bring goodies back. these are the macaroons? >> reporter: yes. you must try one.
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hold one up for the camera. how cute is that? they made those just for us. >> they say fox 5 on there. ernie: are they really good? >> so good, you'll want to eat all of them. you can't have just one. ernie: these are delicious. >> reporter: you can personalize them. you know, they're a couple of bucks for just one. they really are a treat. but they're so worth it. the place was packed. ernie: the whole idea of coming up with one item, whether it's macaroons, rice pudding, grilled cheese and so forth, they're doing well? >> they're doing really well. every owner is expanding, opening more. the meatball shop now have seven. the owner of melt told me they're opening in the mall of americas. they have four locations. ernie: this is a french company? >> reporter: a woman from france said i knew americans loved macaroons. there weren't enough places that had them. ernie: i'm going to eat this after the show.
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thank you. christal young. >> chances are you've moved a few times. that's what i'm asking about tonight. watch this. have you ever gone back to your old neighborhood to visit? what about you? have you visited the old neighborhood? see what people had to say. first, russ will talk about the playoff-bound yankees. i want to give him a macaroon. >> reporter: go for it. ernie: macaroons for everybody.
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>> to be back here with my guys in new york, it feels good. ernie: yeah, man. it took a few tries, but the yankees got to pop the cork on the champagne bottles. russ is joining us. a win is a win, right? russ: when you watched last night and even hearing about it today, the struggles of the past couple of weeks seem to be far away. listen, they got into the post-season last night with a win over the red sox. they were able to do it at home at yankee stadium. they didn't back in. and to me, the most amazing thing when you think about it, listen, they still struggled to the finish line. ernie, the yankees are going into the post-season for the 52nd time in history. ernie: what a track record.
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russ: next closest are the dodgers at 28. it's either 28 or maybe this will be 29. think about that. 52 times. no one is even close. they are, if you will, the flagship team, not just in baseball, really in north american sports. ernie: you've got to be in it to win it. how is it going to shape up? russ: we don't know. the yankees don't know who they're going to be playing yet. in all probability, i think the wildcard game will be played tuesday night at yankee stadium. that is still not a definite. but that said, it's a one game shootout. listen, i love to see the yankees win in advance, but i don't see -- if they have to play the blue jays in the next round, i don't see them being very successful. they just don't have enough oomph to get it done. ernie: weekend football. you have the jets traveling across the pond. russ: they're playing in england.
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i've got to tell you, you know, that is a tough, tough trip. i made the first trip when the giants played the dolphins, who the jets are playing. it's a long, tough trip. the first trip, the giants were like guinea pigs with the dolphins. nobody knew what to do. they had to be involved in the functions. ernie: how about the packing involved? russ: let me tell you about the packing involved. i'm not joking here. they took all kinds of electrical equipment, but the jets packed 350 rolls of toilet paper. ernie: come on. come on. russ: 350 rolls of toilet paper simply because they don't like the toilet paper in england because it's thinner. i've got to tell you, i was in england, worked for me, pal. ernie: use a whole roll every time. all right. who says you can't go home again? have you ever gone back to your old neighborhood?
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ernie: your answers are comin
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ernie: let's check this one out. have you ever gone back to your old neighborhood? >> sometimes i have. ernie: what's it like? are you surprised? >> not really. i mean, you get little goosebumps because of the nostalgia. some things have changed. i'm from bay ridge, brooklyn. that was 60 years ago, 63 years ago. ernie: but you go back to check it out? >> maybe once every two or three years, yeah. >> oh, yeah. my mother lives in our old neighborhood. we always go. ernie: how does it feel when you're there? >> it's nice. brings back memories. >> i like to see what's happening, how they're building it up. i'm from jericho.
6:26 pm
ernie: do you like what you see? >> i do. ernie: do you ever go back to your old neighborhood to visit? >> not as often as i should. i grew up in east flatbush in brooklyn. i miss it tremendously. but that's where my roots are. ernie: got to go back. >> i'll go this weekend. >> with the kids and my job -- ernie: it's hard to do. >> very hard to do. i don't have the time. ernie: sometimes you'll take the kids. >> one of these days. >> i'm still in the old neighborhood. ernie: you're still there. you don't have to go anywhere. >> that's how much i love it. so you're happy staying where you were? >> yes. it's a warm feeling. it feels like home. ernie: you're always visiting. >> yes. ernie: keep enjoying it. >> thank you. pleasure meeting you. ernie: pleasure, too. bye-bye. all right. always remember your roots, right? that's right now what's happening. we'll say goodnight. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos in studio 5 and our control room.
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thank you for being a part of our broadcast. wave to us, john. he's going to go visit his neighborhood today. going back to athens. russ: that's a long trip. >> reporter: going to take a
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