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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> ben: it's starting to feel like fall out there. warmer then it's been. mike has the full forecast. >> liza: more questions than answers after brooklyn building explosion this weekend. crews continue to work for a missing person in the rubble. >> ben: nyu student who is in north korea since april has been freed. he was studying here when he took a semester off to travel abroad. >> liza: the flooding in south
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carolina so severe that caskets are floating away. at least three people have been killed. >> ben: good at morning everybody. >> liza: good morning it is 6:00 a.m. i'm in for juliet. it's been a nice weekend i relaxed. >> ben: good weekend for that. the weather cooperated for the relaxing part. it was cold on saturday but it wasn't a washout. you can still you could still get outside. and get some things done. >> mike: i did a little shopping myself unexpectedly. i needed a winter coat. it felt like it over the weekend. here's what we have with the october since the first, an inch and a half of rain which is above normal but we are still behind for the year.
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about six 1/4 inches behind. the good news is even though we are behind the reservoirs are doing just fine. there's a more water in the reservoirs then what's typical this time of year. it's 53 in central park right now, partly to mostly cloudy sky. wins around 30 miles per hour. other times in the region 52 in philly, 54 in d.c., 50 boston. a few clouds. it's not out of the question to see a quick little shower wrong long islands but you have mostly to partly cloudy skies there. rain doesn't look to be a big problem for us. this is on the outer bands of walking which is still a category one hurricane. the low pressure over the southeastern states is bringing a lot of rain there. for us high pressure is blocking things out. it states quite today with partly cloudy skies, tomorrow
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out even in the southern states. over to peter rain in the carolinas. today 60 by midday anaheim 65. wednesday. shower chance on friday. let's bring in ines. >> ines: here's what's going on. street cleaning rules are suspended today and tomorrow, meters remain in effect. airports have delays. newark, an hour on arrival. no problems on the parkway or route 3. on the parkway or ruth three. arrivals at laguardia are 30 minutes, and jfk. there is an accident as you approach queens boulevard. we'll go to next and on the l ie.
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in the meantime exit 18 eagle avenue is no problems. let's go to the long island expressway camera or by grand central parkway. a little extra volume the normal. from normal delays in an earlier accident over by woodhaven boulevard. on the eastbound side you're fine. l train has a mechanical problem problem so a family bound trains are terminating. long island railroad riders expect delays there is a broken rail. they said delays are possible. everything else is running on or close. spee2 the. >> ben: the search continues for a woman who is missing after saturday's building explosion in brooklyn. >> liza: robert joins us live. >> reporter: good morning i'm told by fighters have very limited access to that building so i had to use a device known as a grappler. it's a piece of machinery that allows them to go into the building mechanically grab the debris and sort through it on
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you see back there. found nearby, also her cell phone pinged a tower near here. here. so far there's been no sign of her. this morning authorities are still looking for a missing second floor tenant. according to the council men relative identified her as the 48-year-old francisco, they said to her car was found nearby. the fire commissioners that a tenant did connect disconnect a high-end stove which may have caused the blast. it's unclear if she is that tenant. a 64-year-old person died in the explosion on saturday afternoon. 13 people people were injured, most injuries were minor. nearly 50 people were displaced from their homes. the red cross has been helping. a search dog can be seen coming through the rubble yesterday. firefighters were delayed getting them because of concerns that would collapse and compound the tragedy.
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the blast was so strong it blew off the front of the building, allowing for an on obstructed view of the debris inside. >> i talked to us most men from a fire department and he said the search is continuing this morning. one piece of good news, if we can call any of this good news, the explosion occurred on saturday. the significance is this is a heavily jewish areas so many people were observing the sabbath at the time. have a not been the case, presumably there could have been more pedestrian traffic going by the building and more injuries or perhaps more fatalities. that is the latest. back to you. spee1 thank you robert. the police are police are investigating the death of a found in chelsea. >> ben: her name is kiersten,
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yesterday on 223 west 16th street. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. she had been out partying saturday night with friends, surveillance video shows two men carrying her down caring her down the stairs of that building to the lobby. the post one was questioned and released without charge. her husband was also interviewed, investigators do not believe he was involved. an autopsy is pending. a developing story we been watching this morning and nyu student has been set free from north korea. spee1 he was arrested after entering the country illegally and have been tainted ever sense. this morning he was released from south korea officials. he has not been able to contact his family for months. he was attending nyu when he decided to travel abroad. >> ben: drs. without borders is leaving afghanistan after a deadly explosion killed 22 people. the bombing hit hospital complex on saturday, defense secretary
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is promising a full u.s. investigation as to whether u.s. aircraft were responsible for that. afghan officials had requested support when they came under fire. there not not sure what destroyed the hospital. >> liza: crews will continue door to door searches this morning in south carolina after several feet of water fell this weekend. >> ben: flawed waters allowed coffins to float from loose soil. >> liza: seven people were dead along the east coast the governor says flooding like this is unheard of. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years.
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that's how big this is. >> liza: in the states capital of columbia memory are without drinking water due to several make breaks. >> ben: we have marta, including hillary clinton unveiling gun control issues. >> liza: mike is here with a check of the weather. >> mike: good morning we have a partly sunny sky coming to today. the sun is not just yet but it will be and will have a little of this in a little of that. it will be breezy at times. normal high today 68 degrees. we won't quite get there but will get up to 65 or so. daily and hourly forecast are broken down for you on the fox 5 ny weather app. downloaded at at the apple itunes stores and google play store. we'll be right back. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good.
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>> ben: we are back. 6:12 a.m. >> liz: is going to be a perfect morning for a run may be. spee2 nice october day. work it's going to be a good one. spee3. >> mike: we had rain to deal >> ben: we needed it. >> mike: we got about an inch and a half. it helps but it doesn't take us
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out of the deficit. the reservoir is in good shape. we could still use more rain. here's what to expect this week, today breezy, northeast when coming through it will bring up the serve. we'll keep keep an eye on the title flooding. tights could run one and a half to 2 feet above normal. fall weather back in the area with warmer temperatures tomorrow. upper 60s and low 70s for a while. most this week will be dry. friday will be showers passing by. 51 degrees at newark, allentown at 47 degrees, 51 at bridgeport. northeast winds coming at seven-13 miles per hour. it makes for breezy conditions. i stepped outside to get coffee. it's a little cool in the breeze.
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a few clouds in the area, showers and offshore waters nothing that made it to the land area. maybe a quick a quick sprinkle on the east end of long island. here's the hurricane walking turning away offshore. it is taking the track well to the east of the tri- states. high pressure is blocking out everything else. the wave action from that storm. we could have a quick little sprinkle, main rain for the east coast will be around the area of low pressure which is still sitting in south carolina. by tomorrow it moves on. they need they need to dry out big time. high pressure will provide for some dry conditions. late in the week will have a cold front coming through and that will be the best opportunity for rate. on friday. today partly cloudy skies, 65 for high, breezy. tomorrow 71 for a high which is above tomorrow 71 for a high which is above normal time. seventy-three on wednesday, 68
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on friday. a cold front comes through on friday. next week and looking good again. highs in the upper 60s close to where we should be. let's bring in ines and see how things are changing with the commute. >> ines: good morning michael. westchester is doing fine. no problems on the tappan zee bridge. let's go to our cameras and take a look outside. traffic is building a little by eagle avenue but moving okay westbound. the vanwyk at the interchange, traffic looks looks good there. south and north bound. northbound you can see from the grand central parkway, this is traffic from the vanwyk. there is an accident by hillside avenue blocking the right lane. lincoln tunnel inbound is a ten to 15 minute delay, starting to build volume. minor deletes on the holland bridge.
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problems. >> ben: small community college in oregon mourning the loss of nine people shot and killed last week. they will reopen today but only to provide counseling to those in need. >> liz: classes will resume until next week. the community of oregon is coming together in the wake of the loss. church service were held to honor the victims. nine people were shot and nine were injured before the gunman killed himself. just days after the shooting clinton is set to unveil several new gun-control proposals today. >> ben: teresa joins us now with more on this plus lighter news >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton will avail her plan today in a campaign stop in hampshire. her her campaign said the bold proposals are aimed at stopping the next massac here. they came days after hillary
6:17 am
counter the nra. less than one week after an oregon person killed nine people clinton is wanting to make it tougher to buy a weapon in the united states. this is coming in the wake of these comments. >> what is wrong with us that we can't stand up to the nra, the gun laws and the gun manufacturers. this is not just tragic, we don't just need to pray for people, we need to act. we need to build a movement. its inferior rating. the proposal hopes are cause for crackdown on guns sold on the internet and gun shows. she wants to require fold background checks even a private sales. it is something she is willing to take executive action on. she also wants to make sure gun dealers and manufacturers are held accountable for negligence
6:18 am
when crimes are committed. it's also hot topic for donald trump. he's an nra member and supporter of the second amendment meant. he believes background checks for mental illness. >> i can make the case that if there is guns in hands of then his fear people would've been injured. >> there was no mention of it on saturday night live, although hillary clinton test on another topic. >> it really is great to support gay marriage. >> i could've supported it sooner. >> will you did it pretty soon. >> that hair is absolutely on point. we'll see today how the issue of
6:19 am
the latest nbc news poll that was taken before last thursday's massacre shows trump holds of sizable lead but it is shrinking. fiorini is gaining ground in new hampshire, bank person is on his heels in iowa. in the democratic race clinton maintains a lead in iowa but burning sanders holds a hampshire. that's the latest from here. >> liz: the university in philadelphia are on a letter this morning. >> ben: it's posted on internet message site. federal authorities says the threat does not mention what kind of violence would happen at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. and on specified university near philly. the university of philadelphia, and two others that our alerts to its students. it was posted on social media. colleges are telling students to watch out for and report any suspicious people or packages. we have more to come this morning include the possibility of a pill that could replace exercise. my not be as far-fetched as you think.
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researchers from art looking at after exercise. their goal goal is to re-create the changes using drugs. the repetitive motion of working out is still years away and no pill could re-create all the changes at once. they're hoping to do the most important ones. the findings are in the latest issue. spee2 a popular vacation activity, zip lining may be fun but it is landing more people in the emergency room. a new review of er visits found nearly 17,000 people nearly 17000 people were treated for injuries between 1997 and 2012. most of those came in the last four years. it's the first look at the zip line injuries at authors of this review say it highlights the need for better regulations. the review appears in the american journal of emergency medicine. >> liz: and a man digging in his
6:24 am
he thought at first he on earth of fence post but instead it was part of a pelvis from an ancient woolly mammoth that lived up to 15000 years ago. paleontologist x debated about 20% of the skeleton. they believe humans may have killed the animal and stash the meat to come to come back later. this is really amazing. i heard them say that they're hoping the farmer would donate the remains to a museum. pretty cool stuff. >> ben: we'll see what happens. 6:24 am. top stories, weather and top stories, weather and traffic when we come back. >> liz: america apparel has filed for bankruptcy. we will
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>> from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". >> liz: hurricane walking is a near memory as a passes the atlantic. we are expecting a sunny day with highs in the 60s. >> ben: cruiser sifting through the debris of a building that exploded over the weekend. they're trying to find a woman who is missing. >> liz: nyu student has been freed. he was studying here when he took a semester off to travel abroad. >> ben: hillary clinton is set to unveil several new gun-control proposals today. this comes days after the shooting massacre at a community college eat in oregon. 6:28 a.m. >> liz: i'm at liz in juliet. it is monday morning. >> ben: we had a mixed bag weatherwise this weekend. it cleared up by yesterday afternoon.
6:28 am
today will be a nice day. >> mike: you have to get out there and take advantage of the sun. especially after all that other stuff. spee1. >> liz: the five-day look so much better now. >> mike: that's all gone, were left over with residual backs from walking passing off shore. that's high surf. heights of advisors are posted for the south facing short long island. wave heights will be around six-8 feet. tides are about a foot to a foot and a half high. this is what wave heights look like right now. it's around 8 feet up to 11 feet and the south end of new jersey. that some big wave action coming in from hurricane joaquin. it will be a breezy day out there. fifty-three at central park.
6:29 am
satellite. partly to mostly cloudy skies. rain is not a big deal. deal. a few blips of rain showing up. we could get it a few sprinkles. for the most part i'm not worried about rain today. here is walking, heading, heading northeast around 16 miles per hour. an area of low pressure stirred the pot and kept it soggy and it still is in south carolina. on believable flooding still happening with that area of low pressure. here's the storm, it looks like walking heads to the east, northeast. it doesn't back wave action. right now still a category one storm. temp wise, will have a high of 65 degrees today.
6:30 am
drop into the lower 50s. tomorrow it will be a sunny and beautiful day. high temp 71 tomorrow, 73 on wednesday. a next on wednesday. a next chance of rain on friday late in the day. let's talk to ines at the commute. >> ines: good morning. first problem on the l ie there is an accident with one lane blocked. the vanwyk is a slow ride. there's an accident by hillside avenue. airports. la guardia 30 minutes on arrival. one hour at jfk, newark has a 25 minutes late posted. roads in new roads in new jersey are doing fine. let's go to our cameras. eagle avenue is no problems, with the trains just a heads up they didn't specify how much of a delay but delays are possible according with the l branch. there is a broken rail and the area. everything.
6:31 am
>> liz: thank you list ynez. the search is on for a woman who is missing following a building explosion in brooklyn. >> ben: let's go to fox 5 , robert moses with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. and smell of smoke envelops this neighborhood. a huge pile of rubble is behind me on 13th avenue. there is no sign of this woman who lived on the second floor. this morning authorities are still looking for a missing second floor tenant. according to councilman brad, they identified her as 48-year-old francisco. her car was found nearby. the fire commissioner had said a tenant disconnected a gas line from a high-end stove when moving out of the building which may have caused the blast. it's unclear if she is that tenant. a 64-year-old died in the explosion saturday afternoon. according to the fire department, 13 people were injured.
6:32 am
nearly 50 people were displaced from the homes. the red cross has been helping them. a search dog come through the rubble yesterday. firefighters were delay getting into the building is of concerns it would collapse and compound the tragedy. the blast was so strong it blew off the front of the building, allowing for for an unobstructed view of the debris inside. because of firefighters have had limited access to the building they have used a machine known as a grappler to pull the tree out of the building and search through it on the street below. i've been in touch with the fire department and they still have not found that missing woman. we will keep you updated. that is the latest. back to you. >> ben: thank you robert. time now, 6:33 a.m. fox means businesses.
6:33 am
>> liz: joining us is adam shapiro. the money money to use. >> good morning. >> ben: were talking american apparel going bankrupt. >> they filed this morning. this was expected. you have 130 stores, they are once they king of teen apparel. teens grow up and other teens are fickle. they've had trouble the last five years. remember we were talking in december with the ceo of the company. he got thrown out by the board of directors and there's posting of pictures of employees and women that were quite inappropriate. he is gone. the problem was trying to turn the company all around. the bankruptcy clears the debt, wipes out the shareholders. they get it clean shot and only have one third of the debt prior
6:34 am
to the filing. the key is no layoffs it to the patent. 130 stores will remain open. >> ben: we usually see lawrence and menotti but we know she's getting close. >> while it would not be my business to share the news but i got a call this morning asking me to come in this morning. if there is a pitcher to share we will send it your way. >> liz: thank you so much adam. >> ben: you can find foxbusiness on foxbusiness/channel finder. changes are coming to how disney charges visitors to admission and its parks in california. the wall street journal reports they are considering switching demand. it would give vizard financial perks to people visiting in the off-season.
6:35 am
of weather. it would cost more on weekends and holidays. one annual pass costs over $1000. it comes with more options of discounts of food and souvenirs. spee1 getting access to your money in the bank is getting more expensive. the wall street journal reports atm fees have hit a record high. a survey found out-of-network fees have topped $5 in new york cases. that's that's a 21% increase in the last five years. it's been blamed on regulators pushing to reduce overdraft and credit card fees. pepsi is launching a new promotion tied to the back to
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>> ben: i did. >> ben: that scene was from back to future part two. it's supposed to be october 21, 2015 which is the day he traveled to 30 years in the future. it was made in the mid- 80s. i think the second movie was 88 or 89. october 21, that day the soda maker will launch a limited issue bottle like that scene in the movie. they are only make 6500 of the bottles filled with pepsi made with real sugar. they will be sold on myford $20.15. >> liz: a little pricey. >> ben: i think it's cool. i love that trilogy as a kid. the third one, let's be honest. >> liz: the third one wasn't the best, the first first ones are usually the best.
6:37 am
>> ben: michael have you seen them. >> mike: i have but it's been so long i could probably see them all over again. we had some movie days out there over the last week. over over the weekend, at least saturday was cloudy. things are different today. breezy conditions, proudly cloudy sky. high surf around the advisory around the tri-state. minor coastal flooding happening at times of high tide later this afternoon. we have another nice fall weather coming at us today, warmer temperatures today. even more so tomorrow the next day. most of this week will be on the dry side until friday. late friday there'll be another front coming through and more showers. now let's get you over to ines
6:38 am
backups on the road. who is keeping an eye on some backups on the road. a few problems. street cleaning roles are suspended today and tomorrow for religious reasons. were okay on the expressway, just a few delays on the ridge heading to brooklyn. let's go to our cameras, the george washington bridge. starting to get busy upper level is 50 minute delay, lower level x if you're taken the lincoln or holland tunnel it's ten to 15 minutes each. let's look at sports. >> duke: but the yankees and the mets struggling here down the stretch. does that matter for the yankees as they had in to the finals. >> ben: the latest entertainment
6:39 am
ticket scam if you're looking for yankees tickets. >> liz: we will be right back
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>> monday morning checking investigating the death of a dermatologist, mother three. she was found unresponsive yesterday after morning in the vestibule of the building. so made. >> liz: they have gone door-to-door searches in south carolina. the governor calls at the worse the area has seen in 1000 years. at least seven people have died along the east coast. >> ben: drs. without border doctors without border will leave northern afghanistan after this weekend's deadly explosion killed 22 people in a hospital there. the u.s. secretary is promising a full investigation as to whether u.s. aircraft were responsible for that explosion. and another tribute to yogi berra. >> liz: yogi berra museum in little falls held a public memorial. their son larry was on hand, he shared stories about his father, yogi died yogi died
6:41 am
he was 90 years old. the mets and yanks are in the playoffs. fans are happy but fans are saying beware of ticket scans. >> ben: build target and try to sell counterfeit tickets. or try to sell previously sold tickets with avoided barcode. buying tickets directly from the team may be impossible. if you have to go through a retailer alloys after the approve of purchase and whether the ticket broker is a good online reputation. spee1 that will be a hot ticket to get for sure. >> anna: does it how well you're playing to given. >> ben: the giants are hot. they come in september on fire and then they win the world series. >> anna: i hear people say well the yankees in 2000 were three and 15 down the stretch. that team had won the world series
6:42 am
the previous two years. then veterans who knew how to do it. the mets and yankees are in the postseason. the yankees, this game was never close in baltimore. the baltimore pouted yankees. there is a 46th and 47th home run. he was a home run title, yankees get swept in baltimore. they are not playing well. houston also lost so the yankees will host the wild card game against the astros tomorrow night. >> there's nothing like playing at home. it's going to be fun.
6:43 am
>> well tuesday is a new day. we will wake up tomorrow it's a new day and we are where we want to be. we are in the playoffs. i think the guys feel good about that and they'll be ready tuesday. >> duke: the mets trying to finish off the season on a high note. the game was scoreless, then the 26th home run and the only one of the game mets when one-nothing. they asked about advice for young players who have not been to the playoffs. >> height have fun, enjoy it. this is the moment you have look forward to and you get to be a part of. you played a hundred 62 games prior to this point so there's no reason to change anything. >> ben: he will be on "good day new york" at 9:15 a.m. this morning. they are young team, fewer
6:44 am
distractions on the road. the dodgers spent a lot of money, they have not been good in the postseason the last two years. a lot of pressure on them. now to football. jets going in there by week with a record of three-one. they played well yesterday in london. firemen ad lib. the cheers. there's a 3-yard touchdown and a hundred 66 rushing. later in the first half the quarterback connects with decker , tenure touchdown pass. they would hold on to beat the dolphins 27-14. here's the head coach. >> it feels good going into the break.
6:45 am
the second quarter with a good note. i was proud of how they play from that standpoint. >> duke: jets in buffalo yesterday. 21 yards yards but the giants at nine-three. eli hooks up with ruben randolph. he had a nice game against washington and he stepped up. 11-yard touchdown pass. giants are up 16-three. buffalo had 17 penalties yesterday. there is another fourth-quarter collapse, there is a 51-yard touchdown pass. giants win 44 - 10. they are now. they are now two and two of the year. >> we knew was going to be a
6:46 am
great job in the first half. defense did a great chapter at the game. special teams, we didn't get the big break on field position but we did our job on special teams as well. >> the big challenge after the first few games and we lost and weren't able to come back. we weren't playing as well the fourth quarter. they challenge us and we have to elevate our level of play in the fourth quarter. we've done the last two weeks. >> duke: giants fan will love this. it went to overtime. he has a clear path to the end zone, 80-yard touchdown pass. saints win 26 - 20. a dallas a dallas lost, good news for the giants.
6:47 am
week matchup. and then they could go in for into. i bet they could five into if they beat dallas. by the way for the million dallas fans when i don't show dallas highlights, just showed him. we don't live in dallas though. there a lot of people my age who grew up cowboy fan. they were on tv all the time. >> liz: the batmobile is coming to gotham. >> ben: one of the cars used in the 60s will arrive at the new york historical society of upper west side this morning. that's pretty cool. it will. it will be showcased in the lobby called superheroes in gotham. that exhibition opens up in on friday. >> liz: mike was check on the forecast. >> mike: we are in good shape better than last week. we could've could've used a little
6:48 am
bit more. we did all right. here's what we have with attempts this morning. 53 in central park, 51 a new, 51 a new york, 39 in monticello. not quite that frost range. we have frosty temperatures north of the tri- states. they will help things along with the fall color too. let's take a look at the wins. seven-30 miles per hour. as you head up to the north and west partly cloudy skies. looks like another dry and quiet one. high pressures and control. the shower should not be a problem. there is a wave action coming in from walking. next chance of showers is here on friday at the front passes by. daily and hourly updates are available on the fox 5 ny
6:49 am
>> liz: the latest entertainment news is next. >> ben: the grateful dead and john mayor giving away tickets for the show next month. we will tell you how to get some, coming right back. good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment.
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>> welcome back, right now the airports have delays. street cleaning roles are suspended today for religious observances. meters remain in the affect. and our 50 minute delay at jfk. there is a a problem in front of newark airport. car lines there's an accident and the right lane is blocked. expect delays. stick with the with the truck lanes. trains are doing good except if you're taking the long island railroad. there is a broken rail. everything everything else is running on or close. >> ben: anna gilligan is back.
6:52 am
have good news. you could possibly win tickets to see members of the grateful that and john mayor perform at madison square garden. you can enter to win today through thursday on the debt and company's website. they will give away 10000 tickets, 5000 people each getting two. performing will be john mayer and others, they're not selling tickets for the tickets. there urging people to donate to the robin hood foundation which helps fight poverty in new york city. the show will be on november 7 on msg. the last transformer movies have not gotten good reviews. but they will make for more over the next ten years because their big money makers. they made the announcement that there will be a transformers five, six, seven, seven, eight over the next ten years. they will continue to work with paramount pictures.
6:53 am
were looking at transformers age of extinction which made over $1 billion. the early ones, people love them. wrigley scots epic martian touchdown in theaters over the weekend bringing in $55 million. >> are you okay. >> , okay. >> anna: it has gotten great reviews. matt damon was an astronaut left for dead in mars and has to survive by himself while also finding a way to contact earth. moviegoers are once again a pulled in by the gravitational pull of space adventures. it is getting oscar buzz for the director wrigley scott. >> ben: i kinda want to see it. >> liz: i think it's were seen
6:54 am
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greg: all right. hello. welcome back. it is monday. the fifth of october. i am greg kelly. rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. highs will be in the mid- 60s.
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